Ep 198 | Man Sues the NFL Over Raunchy Halftime | The Chad Prather Show


Hey happy Monday. It's party. Tom Go to another episode. The Chad pray the show flat into the Nether regions with the puppet master mark at the helm of the mothership. You know what we're doing here today. You a bunch of lion dog faced pony soldiers. Yes yes we're GONNA talk about the left. They can't get out of their own way. Iowa caucuses a nightmare. They're headed in the new New Hampshire. Who knows what's going on? People Are Dying Corona virus all kinds of craziness going on around the world. WE'RE GONNA get into it today. I promise you you WANNA stay tuned to this entire episode. So we've got tons of stuff coming up GONNA have a lot of fun with it. Listen I need you to go to watch Chad Dot com all the fun stuff. Is there go over there you can subscribe to the blaze. You can get the podcast you can and get our merchant get podcasts. I really would like to see more people wearing the y'all elitist are dumb t shirts out there. 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And then Cooper waiting are going to music show in Tombaugh Texas. That's GonNa be fun. That's home Sunday night. So we got to make it a whole valentines weekend. Folks that's in my nether regions Originally Tombaugh really well conroe Tombo always WANNA take a tomboy as being south of you've not it's up near northwest can't DC the queen of the Ethiopians and the puppet master Martin. You guys have a good weekend. Good good you look. Refreshed rushed. Yeah it was good. Yeah love you guys men a Michigan. I'm gone we have fantastic shows. Party fell in our in Flora Illinois. Great Sam influence in the world is floor Illinois. Well I can tell you. It's two hours east of Saint. Louis because that's the route we took we drove literally literally the cornfields. Yeah see people you know. It's funny the misconception. And most of you know this. You're listening you're watching this the misconception is you think of Illinois Chicago go right Chicago Springfield all that stuff. Listen there are just good. Common folks out there True Patriotic Americans out there that have great values and you have these places that just get overwhelmed by these population centers. New York's the same way. New York State is good folks out there in California is the same way they just get a bad rap because of the big cities. They're a bunch of lion dog face Pony Soldiers Joseph. This deal Joe Biden slot in Baden lateral poles. Joe Is done. I think Joe is like I think is going through the motions males to be done. I think it's always been that way. They're they're going to be big surprises in twenty twenty. I'm telling you what you see now is not what you're going to see come November and just trust me on that just just I look. I could be wrong. I've been wrong but I still think there's a there's an angle there maybe Michelle Obama. Maybe Hillary Clinton who knows who knows what's going to happen but Joe can't quit calling people fat and challenging people to push ups and running races and what we need is our buddy navy seal l.. Clint Emerson just to go up there. And say okay. Let's do some push ups and turn loose on about three hundred of them you notice. He's always gotTA touch people to and grab their shirt grabner shirl role. I'd slap the shit out of him. I don't want you don't grab me like that. I think he's doing that on purpose. I think the whole thing in With the Iowa Caucus I think that's a Bernie. Sanders actually did that himself. He's his some of his people probably win in there and messed up the vote count on purpose. You're talking about but I do know this. I think that Bernie. I think Bernie's getting screwed in a bad. What do you think he is? Because that's what he wants you to think right. Now that's what I'm saying Auto Bernie you think it's a part of a bigger picture part of the kind of power not in the DNC. The DNC doesn't want Bernie. They don't want Bernie else else. Bernie's camps got you believe in that okay away at work right the Bernie Sanders has no control over so Varney fixture fixture shit. He doesn't he doesn't they. Don't like him they don't like him seeing. I'm with you. I Still Michelle Obama like their weekend to a bunch of Democrats and they're like no no she would and that's the only thanks because why would you want to move back into the White House and deal with all of that because again. The OBAMAS didn't want to be politicians. They wanted to be celebrities. Okay so now. You're you're a celebrity and I think if she was running she'd be losing weight and I'm not being mean I'm just saying she's gaining weight right because he pictures ever right now. She's gained some weight. 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I'd had three cups cups of black rifle coffee and you lion dog faced pony soldier. y'All latest down. I saw these guys can't get out of their own way. P Buddha Jewish. Did you see somebody texted me this morning said why are more people talking about the fact that Pete Buddha judges gay and I said well I don't really care. I don't think I again whether America's ready for a gay the president or I I've said this over and over the world's not right because they don't respect that we don't. We don't know that we hadn't had already had a GAY president the valley. I'm talking about openly gay and I love what he was in Indiana. Yeah and he was doing his little deal and he was talking all. These African Americans is black folks and they're like Oh no you terra. And he was like yeah did and they were like no you. Do you think you'll get vote. He goes. I'm not asking for your vote as she will. You Ain't GonNa get it down man. I made a meam on instagram. Everybody's go to watch chat on Instagram at checkout me. Made of just him eating this gets into his food. I like food I thought it was. I understand glanced at it and I thought you to take it a bunch of pictures of me eating and I was like I actually thought about you when I was making that means because you eat very similar they do hands on. I'd lead like eating when you get a run away from you like it like. Yeah hopefully down. The other day we were sitting in the airport we were in the American. American lounge admirals club. We were sitting there and I had to go get my headphones. This lady was crunching her food. And I was like every person the world eating nuts and carrots at the same time in this room with their mouths open and he's so smacking being late and smacking. I can't stand either one of them. I was sitting next to him and he text me which I looked at it and I put my phone back down and he said something about her crunching much of. Why didn't have a response to because I was doing one the thin and he's like don't you ever read your text? I said I did read it. Slap this walnut. I'd do the same thing on a plane. If somebody I I will ask somebody to please stop. Yes or if or put headphones on did you see where Buddha judge introduced his husband as the future. First I gentlemen of the United States. Did you select. He didn't say my wife say that did you guys. I see the had like a prescription pharmaceutical commercial for HIV. Where the guys are sitting there and they kiss each take that trump trump is appointed people who are members of the LGBT rank community to have very important positions? He stood on the stage holding a rainbow flag flag. He doesn't care trump doesn't care and I'm like he looks like y'all are the ones that are taking it. So Oh you got slow digest. said he didn't set out to be gay. President he said I didn't set out to beat the GAY president. But certainly seeing what this means is really meaningful and really powerful That's what he told. Meet the press yesterday so he says You gotta deal with but I would not have been able to Be reelected the way I did in. Mike Pence's Indiana if people were not able to look past that every time somebody seeks to break a barrier pundits. Try to make it about electability So anyway I mean it's it's weird to me like where did Budaj come from all of a sudden boomy. They say he won Iowa. Yeah can't tell me this deal. Isn't this this APP called shadow APP APP first of all. It's called the shadow. Are you kidding me. Are you kidding me right. There just reeks of corruption in the Shade Shady Shady. Oh the shadow knows. Very shadows tend to be a little shady. Let's America. There is corruption at the highest. I ass- levels. We already know the DNC as we already know look the two thousand sixteen DNC bought and paid for. We know that from Donna Brazile. It is a proven. In fact. She came out. Everybody knows that the DNC was broke. They had no money. Hillary Clinton had to come in and pay it off. She had to buy them out. So they gave denomination Donna. Brazile had to call Bernie Sanders on the phone and say look. Here's what's going to happen. We're going to give this thing to Hillary. And he couldn't chew with Holywood of his cousin. She Win could but she beat Donald Trump yes tribute hooker. Well then good bye support. And now you have all these Bernie Bros.. Out there and the Bernie Bros.. Are Just pissed pissed off like there come hell or high water. They're ready to go to war. They're ready to go to war for which I don't understand. Look Burn your socialist. So why don't you just take your votes. Vivian up and share them with all the other candidates. That's how socialism works. But did you notice. That Bernie is now coming out and he's tweeting about. How billionaires this and billionaires nares that it used to be about millionaires until he became right and switch enemies are the billionaires? Oh my lord talking about not getting out of your own White Bernice. And he's flying on his private jet. But did you see Elizabeth Warren. Get off the jet the other day and she notices that someone is filming her so she hides behind her staffer offer and will not be seeing all the way to the thing she's and did she. Goes into the diner in New Hampshire. And she's doing her little point in. Oh aw like she's somebody's aunt. Connie that came in. and Oh oh you're eating Turkey with your teeth and no one care. Nobody cared nobody cared. Nobody would give her the time of day. They sitting there like. Oh God is she gonNa come to our booth and talk. We don't want to talk to her sister. Crazy crazy lady is offer no no. We don't want her hockey's in the room. Get out get her out. Oh Oh my Lord have mercy. This is nonsense Natalie. There's a lot of it. 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Go to Bambi A.. B. A. M. B. E. dot com slash Chad right now to schedule your free. HR audit that's Bam dot com slash Chad spelled back. Thanks to the B. E. DOT com slash check. Come on let it now. I love Buddha. J- I don't want to be a GAY president. Well you are. Aw Gay Right. We'll see if you become president. I don't think anyone cares whether he is or not. I don't think is the Bernie Bros.. Care though Oh America we don't care I don't WanNa see it. It's kind of gross. But I don't want to see a man and woman is neither that would need to see a whole bunch Asia. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa Watch you in Joe's of Megan out down it's now and you know it's awesome. JV Oh no. Don't I don't WanNa see I just sent it down. Why don't drop a video of you and Joseph Kissing? Do it come on do it do you. You know how many guys out there watching this show like. Oh Yeah send it to me neither lady I secured him his. Yeah so on some very colorful messages. Joy Your podcast Chad. AETHER I get a couple to deny Korea. This lady must drink and I don't even respond to. How many pictures do you get? I don't get any Nobu picture so by send you their boobs. nope I I and I really don't want them. Nobody really wants CBS' Dick Pic. Nobody will see that. Nobody will see boobs. I we don't WanNa see you naked. We don't and and I get them every now and then people just Bam there this as why my SNAPCHAT IS DOC gypsy. I don't ever snapchat because man. Yeah it's scary. You never know what you're going to open it up to mark you just don't know I don't see anybody naked. And especially Ashley must like. I don't really know I don't know but one brook shields at Blue Lagoon. Goon I'm hot but no like marge this fair in. I don't know okay. I don't WanNA see Nancy Pelosi. Let's see Nancy. Pelosi US fake boobs. Have you seen him no. But she's got fake boobs. I can just tell the way they sit mature S. I can just tell us tell the way they sit there and obviously with that much plastic surgery you know. She's got she's she's had the work done from the waist up my daughter. Yeah it doesn't wrong with it. GOING AHEAD CAMBRIA improves should be improved and make should make how about that. What if Israel as long as it's real now son somebody to yard Birds Sean? And I we're doing our yard birds. We were eating chicken. Anna up pulled out the breasts and I said Oh nipple. Somebody's like come on Chad. Keep it clean. I was like all my nipples or clean their oil clean so anyway vulgar Yeah everybody thinks we're we're not vulgar. It's crazy speaking of the gay stuff where we really worked really. Well yeah this is. This isn't about the gay stuff but this weekend. I didn't event and There I was actually surrounded by a bunch of people who were gay no. They voted for this left democratic. And we we got along. It was great. There was one gal there that I had a moment where she just is. All about empowering women now. She's very spiritually in tune. In says she she talks to like the leaves and the leaves talked to her and spiritual domain not knocking. It don't understand it but I'm not I'm not cut. I did make a comment. We were talking about voting for Hillary or trump. I said I would never voted for Hillary number one number two. I definitely wouldn't voted for her because she's a woman. I really thought her head was going to fall off her neck when she whipped it around and looked at me. She's like what do you mean. You're not going to vote for her. Because she's a woman I I said. Well no that's what I mean. I'm not going to vote for her because just because she's a woman I don't care that she's a woman you would have thought I ripped off her fingernail like she should we. We need a woman president. That's what she said I said why. Why do we need a woman? President should answer. She well she did because women are Nice Sir and I know she's ever been married to one. Let me tell you something see they. Didn't it create the word bitch for men. Create the Word Bitch or witch for men. They didn't they created it for women. You know what you know why the Bible says it Hell Hath No fury like like a woman. Scorned Street is better. Better to live on your roof than in the home of a contentious woman says there you know what it says that because Y'all arrive man nicer my best already taking vote for her because she's a woman if she's qualified yeah. We just haven't seen that yet. We haven't seen that yet and if you know this or somebody that or somebody that like okay. My problem with Hillary Clinton was not that Hillary was a woman right. I believe that Hillary Clinton is corrupt. I believe she's part of the political problem. She's the system. I believe leave not only in corruption. I don't think she's a nice person at all. I don't think anybody that's ever been close to Hillary. Clinton would even assume and they could certainly tell you. She's not on a nice person and beyond that beyond that she has flip flopped on her issue so many jobs back to the gay thing she was totally against gay marriage and now that she's running for president. She's four gay marriage you know. So you have those instances like that. It's just that she. She eliminated herself and it did had zero to do with her gender. Well it hurts my heart and there are people out there who will be voting whistle nine win. Here's how you should have countered her and I'm not saying that you didn't count or her properly. But here's what you said Said Okay. So let's say let's say that in four years you're going to have a legitimate pete. Budaj edge versus Nikki Haley. You're gonNA vote Nikki Haley because she's a woman right because she's nicer right. We went up but see. That's not what she means at all church not what she means at all a It's nonsense hey I'll tell you what's not. Nonsense tack. 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Take my fifteen Bernie wants a partial re canvass of the Iowa caucus you lion lion dog faced pony soldier. They didn't like it. They want to recount. I mean the thing about this whole Iowa deal which just funny to me is. They had three years. They had three years. They've been so focused on collusion and Muller and Ukraine and and so many stormy Daniels and Michael Noddy. And all these crazy crazy things. They've forgot to plan for their own election. Will they. It was anathema. was created to do all this right and where was. This APP created. Well it was created by people who were former Clinton campaign. They should've had it made in. China had that APP done their apps really good collecting data number so great at it but they had to do it. Yeah they did say something to. I saw some people from Iowa kind of came after you after we talked about this this this they did. This has nothing to do with Iowa and as state yeah. I saw a little bit of that. People don't talk about I and I'm not talking about the party in Iowa Caucus. It has nothing to do and I said you know you want to elect these people people who are going to fight terrorists when they can't even win an election in a state that is known for core in quite frankly I think it has a lot more to do with way more people than just the Democratic Party in the Iowa Iowa in the state of Iowa this is way bigger. I Love Iowa we do shows and Dubuque Damore and we've got great friends in Iowa we love going Iowa's fun great state now. I'm not talking about the state I'm not talking about the people of the state I'm talking about this caucus nonsense which is just crazy and it comes down to the DNC. They can't do it. I don't know man I. It's going to be a mess. We'll see what happens in New Hampshire. We'll see what happens is it goes along But Bernie's GonNa get robbed again and look I feel sorry for Bernie in that that regard. I don't believe in a single thing that comes outta Bernie's mouth now don't agree with him one bit. He wants a single payer healthcare system. He wants socialism he can throw Democrat Democrat in front of it. All he wants to. But it's still socialism he has no idea what it's gonNa cost to do. Free Education and free Medicare. He doesn't know what that is. Is One of the Democrats going to start going after after each other like trying to take each other down. They're not GONNA do that. They're not no. I mean no more than what you've seen already say they got. We game comes to that. There are no more than like the hardest thing you're going to see is what you saw the little transpire transpired between Bernie and Elizabeth. When I think he just called me a liar on national TV going to get into that right now so if if Alito civil lawyer that on the video Tom Stiers I ah star? I don't want to get in the middle of it but I just want to say hi Bernie. Okay good okay. Good people I love it. They're morons grants there moron. Come on man I mean just watch him. People can't get out of their own way. You see the picture of trump with the spray tan and white around his face and thank. This is not that hard people. This is not that hard food to just make yourself presentable in public and I don't know I'm like what are we doing and I don't care what I don't. Trump can paint his face. Whatever you want? As long as he's Pro American he does think. I just don't think these people on the left are pro America. I don't think they are. I don't think they're pro. America Qena Data. Some are wrong. Do you think that anyone on the left. I think Tulsi Gabbard is. Yeah I would. That's a very safest bank. He is but they're not getting any time to it. Knows from there yeah. I just think that they're out for themselves. I really do believe that. I can't see like I think Bernie Sanders truly believes what he's saying and I think he's doing it out of some sense of patriotism but it's just a bad philosophy this there have you seen Bloomberg's ads. Oh Yeah Oh yeah somebody. In Bloomberg's camp is on acid. They're taking LSD and coming out with this stuff. I mean I. But they're rolling any the you know he's got he's got money. I mean it's just I don't like did you see the the gingerbread cookie when dancing on trump shelter feeder burn it or whatever I I don't know what am I watching. You want to smoke dope and do this. But I don't know but I WANNA get into two more stored three speaking now that you say about the fake drugs being sold in driving the tourists. I guess you got. It is a fake drug problem. Government officials are worried. It's going to drive tourists away. I I didn't know that was the thing you can go to Lisbon because people WANNA go somewhere they get real drugs. I guess somewhere you get faked drawings on fake no I. I never crossed my mind Well I never went on a drug vacation in no but I think I would know pretty quick if I took something and it was. I know people a bit like leave here and go to states where it's legal and use it. They're they're talking about. Has she sure cocaine. Heroin like Real L. Drugs. They're yeah they're talking about like the real staff hard-core maybe you know. Look like I don't I I'm not a weed smoker because because I'm not saying I've never smoked I've smoked weed but we can say that we could say that I've done it in states where it's legal. How about that? There's my disclaimer. I've I've done it I don't like it. It's not my thing it brings it makes me lazy makes brings you damage. It's just not my thing and no fist. Anybody that does does I look. I look I'm from. I'm honestly Kinda for marijuana legalization forever. Always sort of have been If you're going to do something you're gonNA abuse is it but blah blah absolutely. Think there anybody. That's smoke sweets already doing it. Yeah they're not all going to legalize it and then everybody. Nobody start doing it. When I was growing up my mom drank? She was like liquor. It wasn't good but when she was high it was fine. Yeah taking her high over drunk any day. Megan cool snacks at the end of the day. I'm too honest right like I'll tell people like Bill Clinton Dude. Ah I did inhale. Of course you did a held it in a really loved the more you get off. That's what I'm talking about about. I mean I'm just too too honest about stuff but I'm not running for anybody's public opinion. Polls I've got asked I've talked about it. It's very public. I've got a past. I've got a history. I ain't no saint right now. I do my best. But Jacob Council Juicy Drugs a Florida teacher tried to get eight balls balls delivered to the school Florida woman. Florida person. It was in Florida teacher taught at the elementary school. Forty three years old. I've heard the link cocaine and stuff is that. Oh I see if the headline I saw eight ball of math. Yeah she left class to go. Get it Yeah don't don't do that folks so much as an eight laws it like the when they say that. Are you talking about like a pool ball size five dollars. I think method pretty cheap You get you get mad and that's why it's so prevalent. Is You know by and large you can get. You can get a quick high for pretty cheap teeth on a fall out your skin crap. He's a first grade teacher. Spokesperson for the First Coast News says it's always disappointing and disturbing when an educator is implicated in this type of activity. How does that happening? How often are they being implicated? And whenever the whenever the female teachers features are sleeping with the students that the female teachers are always out they are. They're always pretty and not say this happens anymore. Four I have guy friends who slept with teachers. I really Dave. I know somebody who slept with a teacher on everybody. Everybody nobody knows somebody that way. There's no not no I'm not. I'm just just saying she heard about it from a different school. I heard it from a friend. You heard it from a friend Sean. Hostile to try to you know sleep does happen more often. And here's something for the pious folk out there There's minister this planning to sue the NFL over the CROTCH. Grabbing the halftime show you know J. Lo and Shakira. This is me just statements. This guy he said he's at I think this is a minister. There's a preacher and pass the salt ministries Asks Assault Dave Dobbin. Myer all right. This is high. uh-huh is Ohio. He says I think we ought to go sit down in a courtroom and present this as evidence of how whoever is keeping me evidence of how whoever is keeping me from getting into the Kingdom of the day. First of all. I could prove you wrong using just scripture all right. That's a bad that's a bad case. You're trying to don't do it like I get. You can use the Bible and talk about her at all ultimately the fault falls on you. he says I turned on the TV to watch the football and They penetrated the sanctity of my home. so she grabbed her crotch. I just thought she tapped well. L. E. tapped the bean hood girls stay horn born. Just oh man. PG thirteen what he'd do buddy you take take your television you put it in the front yard. Shoot it with a shotgun there you go and then you get into the Kingdom of Heaven. That's I don't remember that it's not it's not in there but you know here's the thing buddy don't don't build your Don't build your house on this sand. Okay because the winds are going to come and it's GonNa wash it all away build it on a solid Alad Rock. That's all you gotta do and promise you Fox Ain't putting the solid rock out there. They're just not if you're watching. You Watch the halftime show. I'm just telling you just plan for the rest of your life Dave. Pass the salt but tell everybody that the halftime show is going to be debaucherous. There's just going to be that's what you're going to see If you if you want to truly live that way get rid of your computer. Get rid of the Internet. Get rid of your smartphone. Get rid of all these things and just be Amish mennonite whatever. Just pull the radio out of your truck and just go on dry ride down the road and in a cart in make your own little wooden buggies horses and do those things and just forget get the rest of the world is out there. Just forget it. I mean if the world is coming you and you are capable of being in the world without being of the world. Then just get out of the world won't do it because you're so you're so heavenly minded. You're no earthly revelation. Talked about this. Anyway we knew it was coming. I mean you know it. They never know anybody that had a TV that they kept like in a closet or something. They didn't want anybody else to know. They had it but they watch TV. I I can remember speaking at a church longtime ago longtime ago and I made a comment about the things that people watching and put in front and I mentioned a couple of shows does it were popular at the time and this lady comes out and she goes well. I'll just have you know the my daughter. She doesn't watch those things I I don't care here right like I didn't. I don't care if you could do it you can do it whatever but I mean I'm not going to sue the NFL. Because I can't handle Jaylo gyrating. I didn't watch the game. Okay what for eight hundred sixty seven trillion dollars so much eight hundred sixty seven trillion. That's what he's soon that'll get his church search into heaven that's a Lotta money bought cover at. Yeah they can buy comet take them to another planet where there ain't no sin no temptation and they can wash a little green men diddle themselves on in whatever teach them how to play football Nad Sanders Bernie's brother Y'all have all seen him mid mid-century Delaine around and the sea world trainers aren't gonNA ride dolphins anymore. The theme parks was probably one of your friends at talks. You the trees. There's an auction out there for a Dream Hunt with Donald trump junior. It's a seven thousand. Now that's it it. I actually saw that. I'm surprised twenty-seven dodger your man. He's an outdoorsman. People don't realize he's legit on that you know and obviously people are gonNA be pissed. It's going to spark outrage from animal. Rights groups killed the last t rex. I saw the mean. No not wanNA t he wrecks. It was It was a triceratops okay killed last transfers tops Dream Hunt. Yeah people are losing their minds. It's it's a nightmare for Yeah okay well to win a hunt with him then I wanna go. Yeah Bernie he's not going to release his post heart attack medical records. Okay I like whatever he says. He's in good health okay accordia confirming there are good help. We've released such documents dot Canada because Canada has audited auditor. Spot on honey. You're in his late at night practicing thank you very few. She praised And we don't want him to us but we don't want him to win the easier. She should praying for Bernie in his heart. I pray aim for her. I am very nice person. I'm a Catholic and I believe it. Pray for everyone who you WanNa pray for somebody. We need to pray for ourselves. So that corona virus. It's come and man grown avars. Now my buddy. Brian Kovic you get on his instagram. And I'm telling you man he's deepens you put stuff out there. Yeah I don't know that it's verifiable but he's talking like lots like their berry in a lot of information they're out. There should be the key as long as they're still bearing them. Tom Say burying information. Oh I thought they're saying they're saying they're burying information I know you're all about the burn. Burn embodies in the street. Then we really start because we don't know what's going on in China we can't know but I'd say this because people are so afraid of it and by the way there's like two hundred more infected did on that big J- Japanese cruise ship Princess Cruise. And they won't let anybody off and so these people were holed up in their state rooms on the cruise ship and they interviewed one person. WHO said well? I mean we're here. What are we going to do about it? I mean they won't let us off the boat. The boat's quarantine. They're just sitting out there on the water I on a cruise hanging ain't getting on a cruise is first of all you had that deal. What two years ago that people just started overflowing and they just bad and they got stuck out there with no power but Reverend Sun Yung Nunes some young moon the Unification Church in there in Korea South Korea. They they do mass mass weddings. Yeah Yeah they've done that forever. Happening this Friday at Waterberg. I'm dead serious unification agers though. No no we're getting married at Waterberg on Friday but there were six thousand couples from sixty four countries the got married they tied the Knot Eh. The Mass Unification Church wedding some of them weren't face masks. You may now kiss the brought. Fu Buddy no way man Yeah Yeah So. They're getting married. They're doing it quick because they think that they're going to get the virus in The yeah so who knows what to believe on that deal Neil viruses. We established last week. It's been around forever. It's just a cold virus. I mean it's just a cold. Whatever you WANNA call it I mean it it? Just it's is this is different strain but there ain't no protests in Hong Kong. I'm tell you that anybody out there. Protesting is it a biological weapon. Candice you think a biological weapon. You think it's something that they they mobilized and used against their own people. You just said it. They're not protesting anywhere protests. Should that mother right down and Yeah with from China by the way we're asking not to come to the wedding. They walk by the Chinese buffet. They with a big Joe spray bottle of Corona virus. Have you seen some of the clips of these people getting drug out of their homes and being drug out of their apartments and the fumigation migration things that are going down the street. Like you know how these mosquito trump. Yes you grew up in the south man we saw everywhere but see those mosquito trucks that are coming down the road and they're just the government Malam. You could smell those trucks. Come and you'd be out there playing man and I'll say smells trucks. Somebody's spraying for mosquitoes. Get right I mean that's the and that's the deal that's what it looks like. People are running down the street spraying that stuff and they got people being deloused or whatever they come come off the airplane and put people in boxes and transport them as weird stuff going on. I'm telling you get on my Buddy Brian Cole. Page get on get on his instagram. She grammar check out. He's serious about him and he's like there's things aren't being said that's right. I think I agree with him. I haven't read it yet. There's things that aren't being sad but who who knows man who knows. I don't know scary. Stuff can assist the world. We live in but Birdie is going to save a soul I. I don't know how much it's GonNa cost what. What is we're going to get it done? Bernie Bernie Bernie brothers Bernie Bernie Bernie and Buddha Judge Bernie. Buddha judge way think Kansas. They hate Bernie. Don't they the the the the establishment hates him. Yeah I mean crazier things have happened. So we'll see the establishments lost control. What a Democrat even is anymore? Oh IT IS A. It's earning no. There's not a single Democrat running for president pershing building. I agree with Chad something. Something's going to happen. Ask Ask they got some something up their sleeve GONNA be bad. Well they can't win. They can't win honestly they got they got to pull some. They're not GonNa win this way with what's happening right now there's has no chance It's IT'S A it's a it's a show man they gotta pull some tricks We'll see what's going to happen. I don't know why you let your toes out now. Oh My my total it. Good Policy Toe that hangs over the Sandal dragging your brain your big toe where its there. My grandmother always said very one with the Bossie toe a little bit longer. It's there the same Chad. No they're not abet. You'VE I. Crackdown with a with a look. That one I'm GonNa take picture right there right there. That's so put them flat on the ground long so mad because my middle auto as long as you're well it's flipping you off because you're jerk for saying that you know my feet are cute. They're not boomerang ugly. No I know people have booting feet eight feet you say boomerang you go like the movie bullies police GW. He's really Hong. Gather up toes. Yeah you'll talk to a podiatrist he would tell you. The Jews Tall said. I'll house post a picture that no don't do that. You'll wind up like Sarah Gonzales on. WAIKIKI ASKAR SIR has an entire following on Wiki uh-huh. Oh there's okay much money they offer that you're on it now. I bet you're on. They're not about my feet. Aren't ugly ugly. Oh what are what is it people with a foot fetish. Oh foot thing they they they take pictures they zoom in on where they get pictures like public public pictures online and on the feet and post them like. Here's Sara Gonzalez feet. Oh and I love there but his feet on wikipedia Misamis later later he's doing. I'm not now massage my wife's feet and that's the end of the day. She got to put some socks on. Jade isn't gross out. I mean not as inert you know. She's she's professional. She's she's not grossed out by he's is you and sometimes your gross. She didn't have jacked up feet. She got a Momma's fee ever looking. You ever look at your spouse and be like oh like you don't have kids look like their parents. Everybody has feet that look like one of the parents okay. True isn't jade's mom's feet. I mean it's always wear you see. Girls got a daddy's feet. The I've seen that got Harry. Totals and everything. Yeah like paint a whole name. The whole nail. Don't just stop when it grows out. He ain't nothing but that one last little piece of home they're grown out and it's like can you just reach down there with a little bit of witch Hazel. Take off just a little something just just go ahead buffet with a cotton ball. Yeah Tetris that all know wear it all the way through the wintertime. I will because it because I'm cheap but also I wear boots most of the time. Nobody can see my dogs if the bargain. They look good. Look good they look Steve. Loves fee YOU GOTTA go into the thunder chicken chicken right. They're not every you know what I see his feet feet clean. ooh What yardbirds. Watch Chad Dot com going to be a Corpus Christi Texas. Yes that's right Saturday night. The American Bank Center Wash Chat Dot Com. Got All the information going to be a Tom. Tom Baltics is me goop away from to awesome. Get all the merchant. Need lots of fun stuff. Check out the BOD GAZ merges with a lot of fun and go to blaze. TV DOT COM slash Chad and sign up for a year subscription of blaze TV. Were all there together. It's all about free. Speech is all about giving you not only entertainment. which is what we try to do right here but the information mation you need? It's all about opinions. But you got really smart people on this network. People like Ali stuck and Sara Gonzalez and Laurentian and and some dude named Beck and bowling. And there's some great folks that are out there and then you got you know the court gestures like me and crowder. Stew Burger has his new show studios. America that's coming out. got a birthday like tomorrow. I wrote on his birthday card. I said I don't know who you are but happy birthday. I don't know which one you are. But happy birthday gray array chewing the fat with Jeff Fisher. It's good there's good stuff man. We have fun here. Good family good family right there. Boom all right. We're GONNA get Outta here as candice. cringes we'll see you tomorrow night. We'll special guest. Charlie Kirk got potato takes time back home.

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