Washington lawmakers to consider restrictions on police tactics


Members of the national guard and the washington state patrol or keeping. Watch over the state capital in olympia. Today this is. The opening day of the new legislative session gets underway and as kyw's rail reports one of the first bills to be hurt this week will address police tactics house bill. Ten fifty four would ban police. From using tear-gas and colds neck restraints it would also restrict vehicle pursuits and the use of unleashed police dogs to apprehend someone representative jesse johnson of federal ways sponsoring. The measure was bill will set a baseline standard for except little tactics. That can be used but again it goes back to. How do we make sure that. There's an accountability and transparency in the process in the officers can do their job and community feels say. He spoke at a preview held by the washington. Black lives matter alliance. His bill is one of several proposals to change police. Regulations and oversight statewide. The alliance says the bills are the outgrowth of last. Summer's protests for racial justice. Amy radel k. u. o. w. news.

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