The Good Pirate


Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries. I'm your host crumb today. I'm continuing my investigation into the myths and mysteries surrounding pirates in one individual in particular because not all pirates were that evil that raped and pillaged their way up various villages along the coast. One such individual who was a pirate was Francis Drake. He was born in fifteen forty. Two by fifteen seventy six. He was the queen's favor and was directed to sail to a secret location one. She only disclosed to her inner circle. The difficulty in determining the location isn't honest return after circumnavigating the world upon his arrival back in England the coin hat all his maps and shipped logs locked up to this day. Few of these documents have been released despite. This history has revealed that Spain had blocked. Most of the trade routes England had used and she had found one end of the fabled northwest passage and the drake was to establish the other end meanwhile amateur to story and Robert Ward thinks. Drake was on a secret mission to find the northwest passage. And that's why he was sailing so far up the west coast. The idea is drake sailed up the coast. Until he found something he thought was the northwest passage perhaps Strait of Juan de Fuca but drake's bad located not far from point Reyes California and fourteen other sides claimed to be where in fifteen seventy nine drake spent sixty eight days now. He spent those sixty eight days because he needed a place to make repairs. Which involves something called careening? This is where the ship was pulled completely out of the water so that our whole be made free of worms barnacles the location of California's raise for the sixty eight day. Stay and repair of the ship are based on the area code. Drakes Bay fit in maps description of the bay where he stayed and a page from a ship's log that listed the side as thirty eight degrees north latitude and a brass plaque. The description of Indians found there but the plaque was declared a fake in nineteen thirty six and the fact that the Indians lived off. Acorns was never mentioned. And that the shape of the Bay but Oregon's whale cove also fits the shape of the bay on the map but the Indians were described as living in huts that were partially below ground. When the University of Oregon Examining area in the cove they found that just as described on the page of the ship slog the remnants of a native American hut partly underground near the side. Number of English coins were found that dated back to just before. Drake set sail. Also there was a document a firsthand description based on the observation of eight of his crew. That stated that they had stopped at forty four degrees north latitude. It would seem that a all the sites that claim to be were drake spent that summer of sixty eight days. Only the organ location forty four degrees north latitude which is exactly well. Co has the most real physical evidence of his visit. If you're driving up the Oregon coast be sure to stop at the town of Depot. Bake and enjoy the small town hospitality. Drive another mile and a half to whale cove and try to imagine what it was like for Sir Francis. Drake back in fifteen seventy nine but the debate. Over the location of Drake's North American stop rages on and despite evidence pointing at Oregon's well only put to rest when England releases all drake's maps and logs from his trip around the World Sir Francis Drake in Oregon's wilco was produced here at night owl sound studio and brought to you by internationally recognized psychic and medium Sharon our author of the Book Life Eternal. Love immortal the you can get Sharon. Bauer medium DOT COM and buy books of fiction and adventurer life on the chat kit chrome dot com. Where you could always get a book for free. We'll be talking more about pirates in the next few podcast leading up to the end of the week. Starting June first. I'll spend the entire month on ghost towns. Did you know that Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state in the country? This is kid crop. Thanks for listening.

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