Scary Mommy Navigates Tough Times, and Jessica Alba Shares Her New Skincare Line


I mean i sometimes even wear bathing cap. Could i gotta keep this expensive bathing. Hold on hold on time out. You wear a bathing. I have an old fashioned bathing cap that aware when i'm going to go under the water okay little flowers on it. You just rocks my world scary scary. Mommy speaks hey everyone welcome to scary. Mommy speaks the show for women who are owning motherhood and all it's glory pain and play cleats. I'm ashley and i'm kerry and if you're new to scary mommy we're the number one source of info and entertainment for moms across the country. We tell it like it is no sugar coating and no impossibly perfect standards. This is the real deal <hes> high big week big big big milestone helmi okay we moved luna out of our room and into her her own room slash hallway slash bedroom slash office. That's a lot of slashes well. We live in new york so the two bedroom and the second bedrooms got to be a lot of things anyway. I really leeann disappointing that was going to be hard because i've gotten really used to like looking over and seeing her sleeping and are you coast. Were you co sleeping so she was in a crib that was i was like right next to my face and she started doing this really cute thing where she would like wake up and wave it was just like so cute but for the last week and a half i have not been sleeping. I mean you know this. I told you this yeah so this weekend. We put her in the hallway and she's been sleeping like a baby. She has a baby. She's leaving and i've been like vividly dreaming again. I haven't been dreaming and the first night she was in there. I had like these crazy dreams like oh. This is what draws what real sleep is yeah. I mean honestly we would have done it sooner but our hallway full of crap now so yeah yeah yeah yeah okay. So how was your weak ass. <hes> my week was fine. <hes> it's been interesting interesting so we've been trying to potty train sebastian for some time now but so we bought him like the little potty we it's super q we keep it in the downstairs bathroom often which is where we are most of the time and he'll sit on it with his pants and his pull ups on but he has no interest in like taking his pants off so we finally got him to take his pants off. He we write him. An elmo goes potty book. He did a p._c._p. In the potty we gave him a lollipop but he won't do it again. He i was just that what s like if i pull his pants down he's crying and then i feel really bad like i'm doing. I'm violating him and say which i really don't wanna do you were like their stories about traumatizing your kid with potty training late really yeah. I'm not gonna read those stories so i'm gonna. I'm gonna do this scary. Mommy's listening please. If you have have recommendations about potty training boys specifically i would love any boy tips. <hes> i know about the cheerio they aim for the cheerio. I know all that any other the new information please send it our way at speaks at scary mommy dot com. I need all the help. I can get okay so we have a great show up ahead. We've got some postpartum pride in our crushing at crown segment. I really love that one. I can't wait to hand out this week's crown and also on the table to bathe aid or not today we are discussing whether our kids need a bath after they've taken a dip in a chlorine filled pool. <hes> does that include two p or not p chlorine leaned fills pool. If i'm in it it's definitely p honesty but i'm about to pee my pants though because we have a huge interview coming so huge the biggest all right our guest today is the one and only jessica alba. She's giving us the low down on her soothing. Therapy line of skin product addicts not just for sweet baby skin for everyone. It's great stuff and you don't wanna miss that but i have i got the thing for you a body scrub that you will go nuts for you know. I love a good body. It's coffee body scrub in indulgent creme brulee or invigorating meant and it's by s._d. I love coffee. Ed rub it all over my body so that sounds amazing. What is b. A. s. t. a. weird coffee shop downtown no but i like where your head is b. S. d. creates gates organic plant based cruelty free products that work with what your mama already gave lia my insecurities well no in fact be i._s._d. Products addicts will make you feel great. They're lotions washes and scribes celebrate and nurse all bodies so you can show the world who you are and be confident in your own skin carry. I'm i'm in your fan. I get it. Do i have to go downtown. Nope all you have to do is go on shop dot scary mommy dot com and don't forget to put in codes speaks fifteen for fifteen percent off <music> so actually you probably know by now that i can make almost anything funny. I one of my strongest points is that i a terrible situation. That's happened to me. I can somehow find the humor in <hes> but this is fascinating seatbelts. This is some heavy news as we have this weekend so our listeners are moms and i think it's an important conversation that we're all having anyway. There have been horrific. Nick mass shootings in el paso and then in dayton ohio and then only a few days prior to these was in gilroy california as well at the garlic festival yup this this is just too much. <hes> these shootings are all so so difficult for me to wrap my head around as i'm sure for everybody. It has a human being there horrifying. I think thinking about these things started happening before. I was a mother and they were horrible affected me but i think now that i'm a mother i have discussions with matt all the time about it. I would talk about it a lot and i just ended up crying and being like this is the world's our son is in and this is our reality. I almost didn't have kids. It was very serious question. Yeah you know apparently you at the walmart. <hes> in el paso was extra crowded the weekend that weekend because parents were trying to prepare their kids <hes> for the coming school year i mean can you even imagine going back to school shopping. No which was my favorite thing to do. Oh the best the best thing in the world and then now it's not safe to do so. They're even there's. There's i saw somewhere that on <unk> school's back to school lists like what you should buy. They some of them have included bulletproof backpacks which who even knew that was a thing hit or that kids should have to even wrap their brain around that <hes> some of the people. This is truly truly devastating to me. Some of the people wounded in el. Paso also avoided did seeking medical attention because they were not u._s. Citizens and they feared they would be deported which adds a whole other layer to this horrible horrible situation scary. Mommy reported that hope border institute a border refugee assistance fund is offering assistance to el paso immigrants in need of care so i just wanna say if anyone out here is listening to this and didn't know about this and you know somebody who needs assistance. Please please go check out. Hope border institute. Those glimmers of kindness is the thing that i think that we have to hold onto and that it's so helpful to hear when your brain gene is just trying to process something so overwhelmingly large and tragic and horrible <hes> we need to focus on on at least a little bit of the positive at all yeah and not to go in the opposite direction but there was that harley bittersweet story of jordan and andre on chanda who gave their lives <hes> to shield their their infant's on and left behind two other children now and then just a point about the dayton shooting <hes> you know the dayton shooting at lisa's as as i understand it it was in a busy bar district and it just starting to feel oh like i mean not starting at pro. It's been feeling like this for a little while <hes> that you just can't go to any public place. I mean my mother. My mother says to me. She's like don't i. I don't want you to go to concerts. I my also my mother when i have said oh you know matt and i are going to a concert tonight. Always i are reality is i don't go in a public place and not look for the quickest way to x._m. That's the opposite of freedom. This is not what this is not what our country was founded on. <hes> so here are a few comments on jordan andre story. Heather says this is is a headline. I expect from syria or afghanistan. Not the u._s. shouldn't be in any headline really know. Christie says i'm sorry to hear that their children will have to grow up parentless and for all the other families having to bury their loved ones. This has just got to stop. What will it take for lawmakers to wake up and do something beautiful family destroyed. You know what it's gonna take. It's gonna take take a politicians not accepting money from lobbyists the unfortunate reality. Is that <hes> whatever whatever situation we've gotten to in in our country the person that doesn't accept the money then there's some there's someone behind them or or they'll just replace that candidate with another candidate that that will i it's. I i think even has to go even deeper. I don't even know i don't even know how deep but it starts for sure there i mean i just think i think if you have a candidate. Who's not willing to accept that money. Yes they can be replaced but all of us come behind. I mean you know we've also seen that. There's voting fraud. We've seen other countries tree's getting involved in our voting system. This is such it's so it's like a seven layer dip that i just don't want. It's just crazy that we have some tainted needed lettuce and the entire country yeah polls lettuce yes. Did you see that tweet yup or the measles epidemic which we had episode about that but that there was there is law made within weeks of a measles outbreak about how now schools are making it. Just it's just crazy that needles and lettuce lettuce literally. I think lettuce is the most effective tweet for me but let's get back to the comments. <hes> winnie says no more our thoughts and prayers. Go out to the families. Find your moral and ethical balls and act. I can't even put my actual feelings into this comment. I mean i hear you winnie <hes> for me. Hearing about small actions i can take is helpful and i want to mention <hes>. I posted this on instagram. You can <hes> taxed the number six four four three three. You can text checks writing a check to that number again at six four four three three <hes> that will automatically send you a link that takes you to the everytown website every town in you know they're in the same as moms demand action russian and it basically you put in your information and it sends <hes> an email to your local representatives and mitch mcconnell and tells them that you want to take action on this and i don't know about everybody else out there but i feel helpless and i feel powerless. You know something that <hes> scary scary mommy's been doing. It's really helpful at least for me. <hes> is there. They're offering some ways in which to try to even start varta conversation <hes> with your children about some of these topics that are even hard for us to talk about with each other. Let alone you talking about with your kids. There was a mom's blamed video with some tips about how to talk to your kids about scary subjects and the one thing i know and i've heard that is suggested is to have <hes> kids get involved by writing to first responders and this can be a great way to help them process their feelings in a a proactive way and on the first responders hand have them <hes> get some deep appreciation yeah children that's and that's that also teaches your children kindness and it teaches them to kind of funnel that that helplessness into a positive way and i think that is so important <hes> it also says says at limiting our exposure to news coverage is also a great tip for kids and adults. We all need to a break to regroup and check emotionally and mentally <hes> talking kemah kids and giving them space to air their concerns is also important. You know you and i are not at that point right now because our children are so small they you know. I don't think they even even understand what's happening <hes> but it is scary i mean i can't i i haven't i'm still trying to process that. We live in this world. I don't even know how to talk to my son about it but i would like to mention that very famous. Mr rogers quote look for the helpers yeah whenever something he said something along the lines i'm <hes> i don't know it verbatim but his mother used to tell him that every time there was tragedy she would say look for the helpers and if that's not the most beautiful thing in the world i don't know what i love that quote ashley and you know <hes> i think moving forward into something something that is more uplifting <hes>. Let's move towards our crushing at crown. It's time for us trashing it crown rush. The <hes>. I'm so excited to hand out are crushing at crown today. It is so well deserved. If you don't already know every week we had out of crown to a mom who is crushing it. It's all about strong parenting moments and this week it goes to jasmine martin a mama five who posted on her instagram picture of herself three months postpartum so in the caption of her instagram picture jasmine says i just posted my baby's three-month picture yesterday but why not my own. This is me three months postpartum. I could've sucked my stomach and but for what that wouldn't be real. She goes on to talk about the shame she was feeling for not getting her body back right after having a baby and how she's been exercising a and really hasn't lost a pound and how that has her in tears upset about it. Yeah you know what i found interesting was that she mentioned that people were messaging her pretending to check in and then just like throwing in a pitch about like losing their young or i'm sorry joining their team. I guess like their fitness. T._m.'s off losing weight and i wanna lose their team. Yeah honestly i would too. I'm guessing these were not friends but you know actual social media people. She's a popular blog called raising the martin's. Can you imagine getting all these comments from strangers out your kind of naked body. I mean i wasn't naked but she was exposed. Yeah no then she says. Has this which i loved. I am getting my body back. Yeah you heard it right. I'm getting my body back from the media from the magazines from the people in my inbox telling me i can lose weight and a week on their our products most of all. I'm getting my body back for my own inner critic and that last part that's the most important is the inner critic because all you know all those other influences. Come join us kind of form that inner critic but that's the one that you have to fight the hardest. She's so strong and inspiring and that is why she gets the crown this week and we weren't the only ones who who were inspired by her. Her post resonated with so many women here are some of the comments susannah says you look beautiful and your messages spot on perfect catherine author and says i saw this instantly thought that woman is so stunning you are fiercely courageous since as you're glowing with positively keep up the good work it shows on your face beautiful marquess simply said amen you know it's not too often that all the commentators come together to like. Hold the hands and support one another and i this. This is very moving. I love this. I think we place so much emphasis on our kids milestones like i did the monthly picture picture. I keep forgetting the word. That's like the only thing i've done. I haven't kept to be book. That's been kind of my way of doing it major props to this woman. I think what she did is amazing and this is why on sebastian's second birthday i made sure to celebrate myself just a little bit in my head macabre yali being that moment it was flake. I'm so happy that he's too but also go me right kept a being alive yes he's well adjusted and like he might be a maniac act but he's okay. We're okay. I mean who's to say your not amini one hundred percent totally it makes total sense. I'm like tearing up right now. Just anticipating eating what i'm gonna say so you know. I really cried. I cried seeing this meme. Because the day i saw them was also the day like right before that i had gone to my therapist and my entire session was about how see see how i'm having a really hard time with my post-partum body and what i said to my therapist was like i want my confidence back. I wanna feel good about myself. Regardless of the weight like yes. I'd love to also lose the weight but most importantly like you said. I just just one like my mojo. I just want my confidence back. Whether i'm the weight that i am now or whether i'm the weight anywhere in between now and what i was before so i really really felt for this. I mean i was like thank you for this. I have this really vivid memory. <hes> years ago of watching like entertainment tonight or one of those kinds of shows us entertainment news shows and they were talking about heidi clue and how she had just had a baby and i think like a month later was walking the victoria's toria secret fashion show. I hope she was not being herself because i was still paying myself walking every i mean maybe she had a little. I think he ing the peeing issue. I definitely would walk down a victorious ago. Rodway fuck no sorry. I think that word applies here absolutely absolutely not i would not do it. I wouldn't do it right now <hes> but i was such a lasting memory in my head that i remember it all these as years later because of that before you were pregnant. This was years ago. This had to be at least ten years ago played in your head as you are yeah. I remember telling matt hey. What do you think about me getting a like while. I'm in the hospital recovering. Just getting tommy talk right like what do you feel about that and he was like well. If you really wanna do and then i thought about. I don't really want to do surgery but one hundred percent. It was a real thought in my head. I really wanted to bounce back as quickly as possible because i thought that's honor like i feel like women. Hold that as a badge edge of honor like i just bounced back yes. There's no bouncing. No there is even if there is great. That's amazing good for you and i'm happy for you and i <unk> at truly good for you know no malice but it's unfair for us for all of us women to sit here and think that that is what we have after you you'll pretty or good or accepted by society and that's the issue and should just have like more realistic expectations of each other. Yes i love dressing my son. I just got him the cutest being by scuttle bomb. I love a bean. I've been putting the cutest outfits by scuttled on luna. I'm dressing in her for as long as i can until she puts up a plate. You know if you buy scuttle bum clothing. Your kid will never put up a fight. They have dresses leggings onesies shirts you name it. They've got it. You're right. They have a ton of variety. I mean i would like to wear clothing. They have this little retro rainbow romper that i wish i could squeeze into as you can't well. I'm pretty sure i'm not a site six months anymore. Sixteen state okay good point anyway. Where can we get more scuttle bump clothing. My friends having her baby's first birthday party and i just want to get just the right outfit. Just go to shop dot scary. Mom dot com the scary. Mommy shop has everything you need from clothing hair and skin care products and even my favorite wine get that scary mommy swag. I'm getting it right now in these rainbow dummies so cute and the heather gray sleeper. I wanna be a b b again man. I need those hashtag pants. Oh and don't forget to put in the code speaks fifteen eighteen for fifteen percent off. Are you ready for this. We have with us jessica sokaia alba. You know her as an actress but she is doing so much more than that yes. She is gonna talk to us about her. New soothing therapy skin product line plus she he is so inspiring as a mom in our conversation. We're focusing on skin products which she started because their kids have eczema as moms so many of us struggle with that i do my child child is already have some skin stops into so let's get right to it. Let's do it. I'm jessica alba and i'm a scary mommy. Thank you so much for joining us on scary. Mommy speaks jessica and having me we've been dying to talk to you. I have an eight month old and the two year old so taking care of our kids like a huge priority for rest. Obviously so what exactly makes your eggs malign different than anything else well. The eggs malign that we're launching is different because it doesn't have steroids aids and it and it also doesn't have a petro based chemicals which a lot of the things that doctors and dermatologists recommend for people who have eczema flare upstate have steroids on a lot of them have petroleum these ingredients so arts don't have either is this line appropriate for dry skin as well yeah you can use it for scan adults babies elderly anyone that has dry skin or dry patchy skin. There's a wash and a bone. We also have the gently nourishing online which is nice as well 'cause. My son has these like really large patches of dry skin on his thighs and so we use the gently nourishing the lotion actually has a good twenty four hour moisture <hes> claim yeah we did testing and to be able to have like more plant based ingredients. Lo hsien with with the twin it really is quite groundbreaking and we get to do in our lab right down the hall my office. That's my tank so i go in there and i. I'm playing a lot lots trying different fragrances different things <hes> essential oils of course nothing synthetic and i'm always like adding. Mike and i'm like what if he had a little mike and i do. I do play a lot in the lab in your opinion how often moisturizing our baby's skin every day in your own skin to yes. We suit every day though okay so just go. Where can we find the new line and in general the honest products you can find everything honest dot com and you can also find our products with our retail partners like amazon and target. Thank you so much for all this information on this thing therapy line. I'm like very excited to use it. I know i can't wait to get my hands on that long because literally my hands are super dry. Ah we love hearing what you guys have to say. Every time you call and it feels like we're talking to real oh people and not just each other so we wanna know which summer blockbuster best describes your sex life lessons. It'd be good so please leave a voicemail at at six four six three six zero zero one eight nine to be featured on our podcast. Do you wanna know what mine is. What it stars your favorite person my sex life life would be the fast and so there was a team that got a lot of traction. It was originally posted by close to classy see and it says give a kid a bath. They'll be clean for a day. Give them a pool and they'll be clean all summer. People really took this seriously. I read it and then i was like <hes> hello and then i remembered that my kid hasn't bathed in five days. That's an ill. I know that's right. It's hard week. I e the sebastian every day. That's i i had high aspirations. Do that just doesn't happen. People took this really seriously. I mean true. I read it and was like you but then i remembered that my child hasn't been five days so so growth. You were doing a lot of traveling. Bedtime was all messed up like you know. How often do you usually be there. Every two days i give her like a little a little. I'll wash wash your crotch. Watcher failed tops and bottoms with the baby white but not like a full immersion well. She's still at the age where she's not filthy all the time sebastian's disgusting gusting between like his own bodily stuff. He now does this thing where he runs over and spits food into your hand. He's like he's got crawl over. He's just like a dirty law. There's just way dirty. Blast knees thirty feet in their little fingers is always so black the ear cheese and we've talked about orgy such ear wax so much iraq. What is that for. Why does that happen. Oh i don't understand anyway. I'm itchy thinking about all <music> dirt all this chlorine. It's like an o._c._d. Nightmare up in here here are reader comments. Nancy said honestly this is cringe-worthy where they yet anti a swimming pool is not equivalent to a shower. It doesn't involve soap scrubbing renting shampooing swim but jeepers creepers have a shower it to love that she's jeepers creepers cre- <hes> bailey says also a soapy slipping slide totally counts as if you rinse off the grass and mud at the end. I do think that that's a a very valid point. You put soap in their slippers. Doesn't everyone know firstly. I've never actually put together a slip inside but from what is open there because it's bubble from what i've heard you always is put soap or is it oil. I it so something to make it slick. No put something else. I never put soap in any way. Okay you know what billy if you put soap good for you and i agree. Tiffany says eighties and nineties kids lived by this rule best time yeah but we didn't have car seats and we barely made it through anyway. Yeah yeah pretty much. Megan says poole lake hose water balloon slip inside with five kids blitz in my house. Sometimes you just gotta let go you do you bill oh kid list. I like headless. Still an thanks meghan. Kristen says my philosophy is soap and water or chlorine. Pick one and i'm happy hour wealthy <hes> i._d. We know people actually do this. This is a really good comment section about korean considering where we're talking about. Jessica alba's eggs maligned because that is what i would get yeah if i was not washing after the poll sebastian if i don't give him a bath right after <hes> his swim class he always his exit right behind. His arms gets really really bad. I mean all of this is just making me skeeve h._a. Rashy pleurisy makes my hair. I'm a blonde so chlorine well. I used to be applauded him now. You're blonde yeah but not naturally naturally it makes my hair turn green so i'm like an immediate shower after the pool or sometimes even wear bathing cap. Could i gotta keep. Does you know expensive bathing cap. Hold on hold on time out. You wear a beating. I have an old fashioned bathing cap that i wear when i'm going to go under the water does is it okay. It has little flowers on it. You just rocked my world firstly. You'll love those old baby caps with the flowers on its that makes this robber one not the fabric one but it looks like i'm in one of those old fashioned like synchronized swimming movies. I cannot express how much joy joy this visual confession time cashew. It's time for confessions every week. We tell our deepest darkest secrets to literally everybody literally. Why why don't you start my friend. Kerry okay okay so for the first time in my whole life. I wish that my dog dog was not here. Let me explain before everyone starts sending me hate mail yeah. He's my baby and i treat them as such as my first kid. I always say that so. He has had this disease for like the last four four years. He's on lots of medication. That's very expensive. He has to go to the vet all the time for blood tests anyway baby. No one expected him to live this long so when they put him on all this medication medication they're like this is so he gets another year with you but no one expected them live four years so the medicine is now the thing that's kind of killing him which we knew you but it's making him kind of crazy. He's picking fights with my mom's dogs and he is food aggressive and he started rallying in nipping at luna. Oh now now. I literally don't know what to do. I've been like crying about this for so long. I i've been thinking like i just hope. He passes soon so that it's like peaceful. We don't have to worry about at this. I just feel like a horrible person for saying that about my best friend it just i'm really afraid that something is going to happen and i'm going to have to make a really ah terrible decision. I mean here's here's the thing this is a really hard situation. I understand it. I'm a dog lover. Also i have my babies and that's a that's shitty situation. Being this is hard. I don't really think there's a win. <hes> you're ready for my get ready listener. I refuse to let fashion. Watch pepe pig or thomas because i hate british television. I love british till i. I hate it so much. I just don't like get. I don't get it. I don't get their sense of humor. I was gonna say you don't like british. Sons inc member also the pace is a little bit slow and then like pepper is so rude. No i hate kyw you can you is such a wide. I don't even know what that is such a whiner. I'm glad you brought some levity to the year four and now it's your turn scary. Mommy's tell us this your deepest and darkest except you got to do it anonymously unlike us scaring mommy dot com as a page for completely anonymous confessions go on it. You've always wanted to say so your feel liberated. Here are some of our favorites this week with our dramatized voice of a finding out kofi note even pop makes my stomach burn get all gase in bloated been drinking solely watering tons better but damn i wanna cry. No shit yeah also. I can't relate to being sad about not having soda. If i found out i couldn't drink like if i had had an ulcer and i couldn't drink non. Stop regardless of what oh is this just about like farting or just like clarity. I see and bloated. I mean forty going to stop me from from anything. I'm pretty sure my best sex is behind me and it wasn't even all that good. That's a shame yeah. This sweden hurts. I mean even my best sex is all behind me. Least it was freaking amazing but i hope it's not all behind me. I mean i i don't we'll have the enthusiasm i used to have to. You have the enthusiasm about anything exactly last night. My husband and i were having sex thanks and as soon as he came to power. Our neighborhood was knocked out. I love this why he must feel really good. I know they're gonna keep like using that joker girls that thing for the rest of their lives good for them. Somebody like you go. I don't know why he has all right mama. Thank you so much for joining us. Today we had the best time if you love the show rate and review us on apple podcast because it helps other moms find us and if you want more scary mommy be sure to subscribe described scary mommy cease wherever you get your podcast and if you want more regular scary mommy check out our articles and videos on scary mommy dot com follow us on facebook twitter instagram degrom and snapchat gary. Mommy speaks is some spider production. This episode was produced by dorothy. Abrahams and julie cacus edited by dorothy abrahams and recorded a mix by western advisor special. Thanks to san bellingham angelina powers at vinyl mix. Don't forget we want to hear from you so e mail. Your comments speaks at scary. Mommy dot com scary mummy speaks.

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