The Bettors Box MLB Betting Podcast June 10, 2019


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It's only a game on till you bet it Monday. Thursday format here with better box giving this a second try here because blog talk radio decided to hold this afternoon's audio hostage. So I apologize for the late release of today's show. Some, you may get a duplicate of the show if you subscribe on apple podcasts or whatever I tunes is now so do politics for that. But wanted to rerecord this try to get it out here for you today, since they're doing whatever the hell it is that they're doing over there in any event, Monday, mail bag, we'll start us off today at skating tripods on Twitter or Adam at bang book dotcom via Email. If you want to subscribe to the notes for the show or if you have any questions for the Monday mailbag by MLB, pissing tips, updated on the daily over banged the book dotcom NBA finals previews from Admiral algebra for as long as that's series goes and one more time on Wednesday with Parker Michaels for game seven of the blues. Bruins Stanley Cup finals Tuesday. We'll chat with Brad powers about the upcoming college football season. We'll talk about some of the lines that are already out there season win totals, how to set up Paul ratings how to prepare for the year stuff like that. Wednesday will chat US open with Brian blessing another edition of the better Spock will come your way on Thursday. All right. Our format here for today's show will start with Monday mailbag got a couple of questions with that. Then we'll go beyond the box score down the lines recap line moves from this past week and give you pick for Monday night. And then we'll go ahead and talk about some serious coming up here this week. So again, I apologize. Four blog talk radio. Doing shenanigans trying to get this out to you as quickly as possible here Monday. Mailbag to questions from Tyler via Email says with the daily MLB picks is there a reason you straight away from doing your half unit one unit excetera three unit place. Now, you just make them all three units. I know you were stuck for the beginning of the year, but it seems like the plays you semi like or have a lean. We're in the past. You can put a one unit play on. You're not even doing anymore and stay away. I think this is hurting you a good amount. Because those picks up been doing pretty well on guys. We're looking to fade and sort of betting them you're staying away only doing three unit plays. Instead, you're a lot more knowledgeable than me in this area. So I figured I would get your opinion on it, or maybe try to help you out if you were chasing and try to get you back to basics. I'm not chasing. These are three per cent plays. They are not three unit plays. One percent is not a unit for me. My plays are three percent plays that is my unit size. So I am not chasing. I. I am not betting more than I was early on in the season. I've simply taking away the liens the one and two percent place. Why is that because I came to the conscious decision that if it's not good enough to be bet for my, my usual full about why am I playing it? Why is it good enough at that point to put money on at all? So instead of doing all these liens in these one percent plays simplifying streamlining playing only the things that are worth playing for the full amount. These have always been three percent place. So I'm not chasing with three unit plays. I'm not trying to catch up on the early season. Losses of never something you wanna do. Never something that I would advocate. These are three per cent plays and all plays are three percent now because I'm not doing the liens because like I said, it's not good enough to be a full-fledged pick, then what's the point? Why would I do that? You'll especially early on in the year with a question you know, crisis of confidence in some respects, you know, if you're just kind of reaching out there saying, well, I kinda like this, you can get yourself in trouble a lot that way you wanna be on plays where you say, I like this. I'm playing this. So that's why it's only three percent plays again not three unit plays. I cannot stress that enough. They are not three unit plays. I am not chasing. I'm not trying to catch up on early season losses playing three percent plays. As I have all along with the things that qualify as picks Singapore to the questionnaire from Tyler. So if you could talk about bankroll managing and bigger or smaller plays, and how to limit yourself on a daily basis. Look, we're not calculating are exact edges with the picks and tips article if you're doing that you're going to have variances in bedsides size because you're going to use a fraction of the Kelly criterion. You're going to have a model or some other system that converts into an actual winning percentage is you compare your winning percentage by converting that to align to what's out there in the marketplace, and you bet accordingly based on that edge because we're not doing that. I advocate a flat betting strategy, which is three percent here this year and again going with three percent going with the flat bedding because it was largely arbitrary for me to say, well, this is a lien, or this is a stronger lean. I didn't have a defining factor. It was just sort of well. I feel like I don't like this enough wasn't calculating what my exact edge is. So there's really no equity in that regard in my estimation to be doing one two and three percent place if I like it. It's a play. It's three percent period flat betting with that style, of course by flat betting. It's a little bit different when you talk about baseball money, line sport because obviously, you're going to have, you know, minus one twenty five on one game plus one twenty five hundred other game something like that to win three percent on favorites or totals with juice and three percent on underdogs or anything with plus money is what I'm doing here. Keep in mind that look even when somebody sells a game of the year play. Yes, it's a sales ploy for the most part. But let's say your biggest edge over the course of a season as what maybe three and a half to four percent off the line. Something like that. A lot of your plays. You will have a one or two percentage at most, if you feel like it's off from the Mark. You'd think about a minus one fifty if you think that line should be minus one eighty five. That's a five percent edge based on the number that you've calculated it's thirty five cents worth of juice. It feels like it should be bigger than that. What it isn't. And also, if you estimate that play, Devon blind probability of sixty five percent. You gotta figure it's gonna lose thirty five percent of the time. So you don't wanna step out all that far on those plays that you perceive to have really big edges. So if you want to from your bankroll bet bigger, and bet smaller, that's fine. But keep in mind, you do not know what your actual edges unless you're using some sort of model calculating something in that regard. So, like I said, you know, I just felt that it was an arbitrary thing for me saying, well, this is one percent. This is two percent. This is three percent. So I just whittle it down. I looked at what I was doing with the car looked at a lot of the one percenters that were coming through, or the two percenters that weren't coming through, and saying, if I don't have enough confidence. To make this a full on play. Why am I playing? And that's one of the differences for me because I'm not calculating my exact edge. So again, for a lot of people that's going to largely be arbitrary. You'll you're not going to have enough convictions. You're gonna say, well, I'm going to bet a half unit here. If you wanna do that, that's fine. That's not really what I wanted to do here with the picks for the article, and the things I talk about here on bang book radio. If you want to do that by all means, go ahead. But again, you have to understand what it is that you want to achieve in this industry. Do you want to become a professional edit while you're probably going to need to put something together where you can calculate your at your exact edge, and then Betty quarterly, do you wanna use it as a supplement and handicapped games and flat? Bet do that. If you wanna use it as a second income, you're going to dig a little bit more seriously. If you wanna do it for fun. Well, then you're probably already doing it in the manner that you should, so that's very important here. It's always good to have a refresher on these types of things that you have to understand that your edges are generally pretty small compared to what the market line is, whether you're calculating them or not. So you really don't wanna step out a whole lot. If there's something you feel like is an absolute must. Then yeah, maybe you go up a little bit. But for the most part, egg flat flat-batting would be a good strategy for a lot of novice, betters that are out there, you know, focus on getting out in front of the market focus on beating the numbers that look for those opportunities where you can help yourself, but, you know, if you're just willy nilly increasing your plays or decreasing, you're increasing your bet size or decreasing your bet size why you don't know what your exact edges? So that's why I'm just doing with this three percent flat system here now to the point where you know, get if I don't have enough conviction to make a full on play on it. What's the point? This wasn't a mailbag question. But I do want to talk about this real quickly here in terms of openers. You know, we've had a couple of winners cancelled because of openers and pitching changes in a couple of losers cancelled that way as well. But I just want to mention here that, while they can't be official place for the spreadsheet because once the picks article goes out, that's it, it's done for the day. That is what it is. If there are openers if there are pitching changes. Those are great no action in the spreadsheet, but for the most part, now, maybe for first five overs, or something like that, you know, something that would kind of alter, my thinking some, but for full game totals and full side plays the opener doesn't really have that substantial of an impact on my thoughts getting keep in mind as I talked about last Thursday second time for a second plate appearance against reliever to seventy seven average street forty five on base forty four slugging third time through to ninety six three sixty four four ninety six. Openers by and large are required because the guy that you want to start isn't good enough. He's not going to turn that lineup over a third time. You don't want him to be coming out of the game in the fourth inning. And then you have to scramble for relievers. So you hope that you can work that guy a little bit deeper into the game. Well, most of the time that guy's just not very good. And we're handicapping based on balk relievers now when we do see these opener situation. So even though these aren't official place with a spreadsheet probably still plays that I'm going to look at here again. Keep in mind the scoring by inning this year. Third sixth eighth seventh fourth and then the first inning. So the first thing not really having nearly as much of an impact this year as it had in previous seasons. So get not official place for the spreadsheet, but just keep in mind that it is a game that I'm probably still interested in our. Let's go beyond the boxer here. Let's talk about the Tampa Bay rays taking three out of four from the Boston Red Sox double opener for the raise essentially game two of that double header went with an opener. Second reliever then bulk reliever Austin Pruitt who want giving them five and a third and that one, but the Red Sox in the series. Only scored nine runs in four games. There were five for thirty six with a runner in scoring position. Struck out thirty seven times walked ten times. The Red Sox only hit one home run in the series was in the eighth inning off. Ryan Yarbrough third time through the order, and they only had eight doubles and this is what the rays can do to you the raise are one of the most adept organizations in baseball at limiting hard contact against. And that's one of the reasons why they've had so much success on the pitching side here this season, is that they don't allow those extra base hits only nine of them here in this four-game series against very, very good Boston Red Sox team. So keep that in mind with Tampa Bay if they're playing teams that generally hit for a high slugging percentage, they're probably going to cut that down after facing a team that doesn't hit for a high slugging percentage. They're probably going to keep that low. So maybe missed the boat would have been here with the raise in this series. But something I will be following up on here as we go forward. One quick thing I do want to mention Yanni Torino sent Ryan Yarborough both very good in their starts in this series. Yarborough been terrific. He came back from triple A in twenty seven games since Tyler glass now, went on the DL. They've used ten openers Ryan Stanton has been that guy nine times hunter would was that guy wants as well. But Torino send Yarbrough three starts a piece over those twenty seven games. So the razor kind of moving away from the opener a little bit. Obviously, Blake Snell and Charlie Morton. Don't need them Trina and Yarbrough doing just fine now. We'll see glass now back, probably in July, but in some pretty interesting development that more teams are going to the opener now and the razor starting to shy away from it some. So that's a pretty interesting development here. And something I think is worth keeping in mind with Tampa Bay in the short term the Indians, took on a three from the Yankees and they showed. Some great fighting game three they were down five nothing early. And as you look at this team this offense is gradually coming together. Oscar Marcotte Obama at the top of the order, put up good numbers, Jordan. Luke blow middle of the order bat. Now, he's almost single-handedly help them with their platoon splits against lefties, and Daniel Johnson's coming up very soon, four Leona smarten, he'll likely get DFA or put on the, the I L or something like that. They know Johnson hitting very well at triple A right now, Indians, are getting more athletic were tools -i, or does the guy with speed loop blow had is catching the game the other day. He's hitting for some power Johnson's and athlete. They're getting a lot more interesting on the offense of side of things. And the pitching factory is still in full swing. Zach police act with a great game here in this series slider percentage up to twenty one point six percent and that start steady increase over his three starts, so the Indians really looking to deepen that arsenal with a good fastball with plus command A, plus changeup. Please cyclists take a guy that's listening either belongs here. And, you know, he's had three starts against some pretty decent lineup so far, I would Boston and the Anki is also faced the White Sox. So maybe there's still a little bit evalu- on him as we go forward. But that value may be gobbled up pretty quickly without he's looked here so far. She'd beaver did see regression game three ER as north of four may have missed the boat on that one but did give up five runs. Didn't make it out of the second inning. But talking about that actual regression for him, seems like it's kind of coming to fruition here with a couple of rough starts recently, and you'll get the Yankees, and now Domingo her mom's on the I L has a hip injury. CC's Tabatha just he doesn't look right to commands not there so many injuries for the Yankees team, both ofensive, Lii, and div era. And in the lineup it's been a rough year for them and kudos to them for being in the position that they're in because of the depth that they've created organizationally, but now her mind to the I l you know, low see. Has been on the I L, there were just running out of arms there, one or not bodies there. Didn't get Dallas Tikal. He winds up going to the Braves. So watch the Anki here as that lineup gets healthier. They may become a lot orbit over team in particular at home with their offense really hasn't lived up to its usual level here. So far this season and also wrote offenses haven't lived up to their usual levels either. Speaking of New York on somebody the other team. Here's a Mets they'd take two out of three from the Rockies. Maybe the Mets are coming along a little bit. Jacob degrom six good innings from him. They didn't strike out against Tonio Suns at Tele but we're able to generate enough offense did find a way to lose that game despite six innings and ten K's from degrom Stephen mats with ten strikeouts on a again that we were on on Saturday and Noah Syndergaard seven innings one hit if the Mets get any kind of offense this starting rotation rounding back into form Thors looking better wheelers again a little bit more consistent. We're getting pretty good on the starting pitcher side obvious. We'll see what Jason Vargas doesn't Yankee Stadium tonight. But when you look at the Colorado Rockies here, I'm amazed at their above five hundred. They've got nothing from Kyle Freeland provide Marquez's strolled again at home. John gray has been a little bit better sends itala is what he is a pitch to contact kinda guy Tyler Anderson's been hurt. Jeff Hoffman's giving them virtually nothing. I'm surprised this rocky teams over five hundred. Maybe that's a good. Sign going forward. I'm not sure I don't know how sustainable this current pace. Looking at met standpoint guy thoughts their offense has had poor luck on high Blas should be team kind of coming around here sooner rather than later, maybe this series was the start of it for them. What an embarrassing series for the Toronto Blue Jays swept by the Diamondbacks out, scored twenty two to four facing Merrill, Kelly's Zack Grank then Robbie Ray and the young kids for this team aren't really getting it done when grow junior to forty eight average street thirteen I'm based four forty five slugging. That's not terrible. Not really, where you would expect him to be a Kvant Busia one fifty eight average three nineteen. I'm based thirty seven slugging weirdness. Correal. Junior's been pretty good. But it's just a low on base percentage lineup Randall Gritshuk looks terrible. The Blue Jays. Just by the, the worst team in baseball the lineup is awful. The rotation is really taking a step back with Marcus Stroman falling off Trent Thornton, just can't put it all together. The bullpens. Particularly good. They might be the worst team in baseball. And they may be a pure straight fade candidate here, you know, obviously, the raptors taking over the city right now. I don't think it was gonna come around to the Blue Jays here at any point this summer. So they may be a straight fan team. I will see if we get some decent prices, particularly to fade them, there at Rogers centre, where other offenses are just going to be better than them. It's a good offensive ballpark, but other offenses are just going to outshine them up there north of the border. Nationals and Padres. What their four games Patrick Corbin little iffy and game one walked five Padres. Drew seven walks in that first game. They only drew three walks the rest of the way in this series. I'll talk about that more in a minute. Sean Doolittle with the blown save and game to then sure, Zor in Strasbourg just dominate the Padres. And that right handed heavy lineup in the last two games. The nationals very easily could have swept the series. You know, Corbin was a little bit erratic with the control nationals got four runs in that one. Weren't just wasn't enough. They lost five to four. Then the do little blown save their on the cost, you know, they've got so much talent net rotation so much talent in that lineup there on the cusp, they've been playing much, much better here of late will see what they do at the White Sox, and this little abbreviated series. But the nationals are right there. They just they need something else. I don't know if it's Craig kimbrel, or if it's something else, but they just need something to spark that bullpen. Give them a little bit of. Confidence in terms of protecting leads, I, they'll be right there to, you know, maybe make a run here in the National League east. Finally, the cubs swept, the cardinals the John Lester fade continued, but Jack Flaherty was terrible. So what would the wrong thing there was looking at the cardinals for that game on Saturday didn't get there? The first five overcame very easy. So John Lester still in pitch. Well, but made the I made the wrong call their with the first five or with the cardinals instead of the first five over Kyle Hendricks terrific on Sunday night. Shoved once again, with a thing that really stands out to me about the cubs here and, you know, this is something that we all know about. But just to see it kinda quantified this offense is ridiculous. I on Sunday after Sunday's game everybody in the lineup except for Kyle Hendricks three thirty nine or higher on base percentage. Jason Heyward, the lowest slugging percentage at four twenty, there's very little margin for error when you face this cubs lineup these days, very, very strong offensive team got to keep that in mind. Again, they're going to draw out of walks. They're gonna hit for some power Rizzo at Schwab or banning leadoff here in this series, lot of talent here in this lineup to say the least and you know win. They face bad pitching. They should be able to hit it. And right now the cardinals don't have very good fishing in that starting rotation. And flirty surprises me that he's been as bad as he has. We'll see if he's able to right the ship here over the summer, but he is he's really been a disappointment so far this season. Let's talk about runners in scoring position here. Let's sort of look for some positive and negative regression candidates in terms of those key run-scoring situations. So we start with the teams that have the most played appearances with a runner in scoring position. They are Red Sox with six eighty eight. Now, I'm also going to go through their Wilga and Babb ranks weighted on base average and batting average on balls in play as we roll through here and I'll touch on some of the teams that are positive or negative outliers based on what I'm seeing here, the metrics, so. The Red Sox. Get six eighty eight. It's the most plate appearances with Iran throw position, their seventeenth wilda eleventh in Bab, Rangers six sixty eight second job and fourth and Batum. So they've been very, very good when they've had those chances, the raise sixty six their eighteenth nobo- sixtieth and Bob the Diamondbacks, six sixty two v and wolves thirteenth and Bab now this is a team that has walked at a much much higher rate with square position than they have with the basis empty. So they've been very aggressive with the basis empty trying to hit their way on bass. They've been more patient with runners scoring position. I don't think a number of top five wilda is sustainable for them offensively. I are something of a regression candidate. So maybe Diamondbacks unders or just outright looking to fade them, as I think they're running the score position, numbers will normalize a little bit here over the next one, a while the Astros, six fifty nine but they are nineteenth job and twenty nine. Nice in Bab as they get healthy, this offense, should step it up a couple more clicks, I do think that the Astros are a positive progression candidate with runners position. Similarly the the angels as well. Six hundred fifty eight plate appearances with a runner in Saran position twentieth in wilda thirtieth in batting average on balls in play. So they've had very little batted ball lock in those high leverage situations. So the angels positive aggression candidate as well. And we've probably seen the market latch onto this a little bit as angels of taking a lot of money here recently dodgers, six hundred fifty five their eleventh, ova, fourteenth and Bab, Rockies six thirty three their third and Wilbur and second in Babb chorus field, certainly playing a role there. The Braves six thirty two number plate appearances twenty fifth and nobody twenty second Babb. The Braves are positive progression candidate to me as well, national, six twenty eight four th and wool, but twelfth and Bab maybe a little bit of a negative aggression. Candidate there because they're getting a lot of extra base hits and things with Bennett squirt position. Maybe that does level off a little bit. The Mets also six twenty eight fourteenth of wobble. Nice and Bob and the pirates six twenty eight twenty second job about twenty fifth in Benepe. So as far as the most plate appearance, I think the Diamondbacks, or a negative aggression candidate to smaller degree the nationals the positive aggression, Kennedy the Astros, angels and the Braves. Now it's the group with the fewest plate appearances with a runner in scoring position the Padres with four sixty one they have forty three fewer plate appearances with a man scoring position than anybody else in baseball largely because they don't walk, and they strike out a ton. So they guys on I don't move them and they don't really get those free baserunners what they are twelfth and Moba. They're just also twenty third in Batam. So the Padres again long term sustainability concerns for me about their offense. And about their pitching. As I've mentioned many times over the Blue Jays five, oh, four twenty seven mobile nineteenth and Bob the Marlins five thirty one twenty nine hundred Wilbur but tenth in Babs. So they're a little bit of a regression candidate. I think they don't hit for very much power. They've had some luck with balls getting through, but I wouldn't expect that to continue with their offense of personnel, the reds, five hundred and thirty five point appearances seventh in. Woah, and I in bam, they are a very interesting case study in cluster luck they've been awful with the basis empty and they've been exceptional with men in scoring position. So you would think that these two extremes would kind of meet in the middle somewhere where they would get better getting guys on base. But drop off at cashing it on those chances. So we'll see what happens with the reds, you're going forward. I could be negative regression candidate with bending scoring position but they should get more of those chances as the season goes along. So even with negative progression. More chances more opportunities. They may stay at the level that they're at. But just because they have more chances not because they're having as much success giants five thirty eight twenty six over twenty four th and Bab Orioles five sixty one twenty fourth and twenty eighth as five sixty six twenty first and eighteenth White Sox five hundred sixty nine they're twenty third, Wilbert and eighth in batting average of balls in play. So they're just not hitting for any power in those runs in score position situations. But they are getting some hits, maybe that does change as things warm up a little bit on the south side there. Chicago cardinals five sixty seven fifteenth, Moba seventh and Bab and the Indians. Five eighty seven twenty eighth. It will, but twenty-first and Bab their positive Russian candidate as well, simply because the quality of their lineup is increasing here. Is they get some of those call ups, and hopefully if Jose Ramirez ever figures it out. So again, the regression candidates there for the fewest plate appearances the reds. Our one, the Padres could be one as well from a power standpoint. I do think the Indians do get a little bit better in that split down the lines get some dating back to the weekend on Friday. We saw a big Cole hamels, fade market on the cardinals there against the left. Enter and hamels didn't work out for the market as the cubs to care business. They're very heavy money on Tyler male and the reds against the Phillies fate of Zach f when there, I would say fade on the Phillies coming back off a road trip as well. So, you know, the reds great pitching this year. But it was another one of those games when they hitting just didn't match up the nationals, and Eric Feddie took money against the Padres, and Nick, Margaret vicious that was the nationals taking money against lefties, I would expect to see this a lot as they do have a top five offense in that split. Heavy raise money came in on Friday, Yanni Torino's against Rick Porcelli. Oh. Fade of poor Selo. I don't think the markets really in love with Torino's, who is something of. Agression candidate. There's probably more just fade of Rick Portillo. They're angels and injure heating took a lot of money on Friday gets Marco Gonzales, and the Mariners. I thought that line got too high Gonzales though is a straight fade candidate in the marketplace right now. He's had some pretty bad starts of late Veloce decrease the Mariners or a train wreck as we all know people expect the angels to get better. They've taken a lot of money kind of a perfect storm situation there in that one Saturday. We saw Zack Davies money coming against Jordan Lyles stored Lyles now on the injured list that was released here this afternoon. We'll see what happens with zek Davies the next time he's not facing Jordan Lyles second straight start that he was Davies a big Russian Canada. I expect the market to bet against him here next weekend when he's back on the mound. Very, very heavy max sure. Money against the San Diego Padres, and Eric lower, not as the prize. Sure. Zor, dominates righties potteries, right handed heavy nationals against the lefty and lower again that was one where we were on a derivative. Play off the first five run line that one did come in for us. We did see some double header line moves based on lineups pitching matchups, etc. Last year was very profitable angle early in the season to play the team that lost game one. Well this year the team that lost game on only six and six in game two. So not really anything actionable coming out of that here, so far this season saw on Sunday was money, come in on Jeff Hoffman and the Colorado Rockies that did not work out against Noah Syndergaard and the Mets, another pirates fade on Sunday, the market doesn't like this team. They are a pathetic and win-loss outlier. They are a team that you really don't wanna back unless you feel you absolutely have to if some of their prices wind up getting too big. But right now there's not much confidence in Pittsburgh in the investment community. So some heavy money on Kyle Hendricks against Adam Wainwright on Sunday. Not a big surprise there. Wake snowing and word to Rodriguez squared off on Sunday. Both guys have taken a lot of money here so far this season. Little bit of a move on. On Snell and the raise in that one. But I would expect both of those guys to take money in their respective next starts, whether or not facing each other saw some heavy money on Frankie montage as well for the as against drew smiley. And the Rangers, you know as against the lefty, it's been a profitable angle for a lot of people anytime they face a lefty. They're taking money Monday. We saw some money coming on the cardinals and Michael walk. Get sandy Alkan Tara up on a twenty cent line move when that line peaked. I I'm considering the Marlins for the first five there in that one walk just not pitching well this season. But the cardinal's off that sweep against the cubs. They were very invested very motivated when they lost series to the cubs. The first time went and beat the Phillies and the next game. We'll see if they do the same thing here in this one. Very, very heavy raise money on Monday. The as with lots of travel trouble. They had damage to the plane couldn't take off head to bring in a new plane couldn't fit all the cargo on it and overnight all their stuff to Tampa Bay. So. You know rough day for, for Oakland to say the least I like the raise minus one and a half tonight. Continent, plus money price. It was minus one ten. When I first recorded on fortunately, obviously with the long talk radio holding the show hostage not much value in that for you at this point in time because you'll probably hear this as I games being played, or maybe after it's been played. So I apologize for that. I was awesome Tanaka money. Come on. The Yankees gets Jason Vargas. But you know again my apologies here for the late show in the late release time of the show. I will say if you do get this late, I do, like the dodgers on the first five run line minus Hafer run, looking to fade Griffin canning on taking on a much better light than most of the ones that he's faced so far, this season did have success fading him against Oakland last time out. We'll see if that happens again here, but dodgers, minus Hafer, Ron on the first five or online, the official play here. I was about four hours until that game goes off aren't. So let's look at the week ahead here. Let's start with. That as raised series could be some long term hangover on this trip for Oakland. Tanner Anderson tonight against Charlie Morton, Mike fires against it opener on Tuesday likely Ryan Stanek than probably Jalen beaks with Jalen beaks being the bulk reliever. Anna left handed guy, maybe that's an over opportunity for us there on Tuesday night. And then you've got Brett Anderson and to determine on Wednesday. I Johnny Torino's probably gets the straight start there in that one four Tampa Bay. But these are some tough spots for the as long trip. Four games in forty eight hours in Texas with that double header. So could be some sort of hangover here in Tampa. I would not be surprised not only if they lose this series but if they get swept in this series so raise series price definitely worth looking into. But of course, that's serious pretty much starting as you get the show here. Dodgers in the angels. Jin Ryu Griffin, canning tonight kept on my ADA Felix pain you on Tuesday would expect an opener for painting. But paint is a guy that sucks. A lot of hard contact lot of fly balls. Not great against the dodgers. So the dodgers into pretty good spots here in this series. The comes in the Rockies. The cubs out at course field taking that great offense on the road. You Darvish her mind Marquez on Monday. Jose Qatada Peter Lambert on Tuesday Lambert made his debut at Wrigley field pitched very well. Now he gets the same cubs team again but gets them in his first career start. At course field. That's a very scary spot for Colorado on Tuesday. Then Cole hamels, Antonio sons Attala on Wednesday do like the cubs here in this series come series price looks good. We'll see if I do have a plan them on Tuesday. We'll see what that line looks like go against Lambert. But they a couple of tough spots here for the for the Rockies in this series. Finally, the brewers in the Astros. You got Freddie pearls Brad peacock on Tuesday, Brandon Woodruff just Berliner on Wednesday. Look, I'm probably going to take a shot of the brewers on Wednesday. Justin Verlander low Bab. Hi. Left on base percentage, high home run rate brewers. Do hit some home runs. Brandon murderous been very, very strong of late very good against righties writing heavy Astros lineup. I'll probably wind up on the brewers on Wednesday hoping for something in the plus one sixty five plus one seventy ranch ending higher than that as golden and lower than that. I'll dig deeper and the handicapped, but probably do like the brewers there for that game on Wednesday. But a fun little to gamer here to very progressive organizations. It's always fun for me with teams like that get together on Tuesday will chat with Brad powers about college football on Wednesday. We'll chat with Brian blessing about the US open Thursday, another edition of the betters box. So very, very busy week here on bang book radio. Now for me, they can so much for listening, everybody and remember that you'll never strike out when you're in the betters box. Right now. You can get both sprints unlimited plan and the all new Samsung. Galaxy S ten included for just thirty five dollars per month for line for five lines. All you need is approved credit and in eighteen month lease no trade in required. 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