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805: Build THIS and THEY Will Come


This episode is being brought to you. You buy a great friends over at Yappy while it may be a funny name. This is some pretty serious software. My great friend Gina. Dorfman has done something. I'm great with this company. If you are like most tissue where a lot of hats every day brings a new challenge in the practice for managing teams to treating patients. It's it's easy to fall off track when we're trying to manage our dental practices Yuppie helps you stay focused on what needs attention. And automates the busy. You work and not to mention a wide variety of products to fit your needs from paperless forums automated appointment reminders and recall to Intra Office messaging suggest review generation and most recently online scheduling. Our friends at Yappy have a special offer just for the listeners. The dental podcast. You can save two hundred hundred dollars off signing up. Just two YUPPIE APP dot com slash Dionisi for more details. That's Yappy Y. A.. P. I A P P dot com forward slash D sl for more details the dental preneurs. podcast okay doctor. It's time to put down that hand piece. You're listening to the show dedicated to Helping dentists get their lives back. It's time to decrease your stress increase your profitability and regain your passion now introducing your host. Dr Mark Costas Kostas. Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the PODCAST. I'm your host. Dr Mark Cost Us. How are you all doing out there today? I hope your two thousand twenty is going fantastically so far. The twenty five degree chilly morning here in Prescott Arizona but the days have been getting up to the near Sixty S I love sitting here in my podcast studio watching. The sunrise is getting a jump. Start on the rest of the world. Personally I Have some work to do here. And then I see a full day of clinical dentistry which I always look forward to doing especially after getting a great morning and getting all four of my four futures checked off offer day. So how are you guys doing as far as your New Year's resolutions are you allowing for focused time and all four of your four futures mind meaning muscle and money. Hopefully so we're going to be covering that subject matter a lot in upcoming episodes today in this episode going to be talking about what we call the threes and the little I guess strategy that I use and remembering these threes helps tremendously with building report and trust in a very short period of time Enclosing treatment plans even complex and Largely treatment plans and building interpersonal relationships. Within your own life so I hope that You guys get a little bit of value from this short episode the threes. And we'll talk to you guys very soon. The Wonderful Day departmental assessment forms. This is the the monthly performance reviews that I was talking about. Scale of one to five live they rate themselves you rate them. You take these assessments separately and you compare notes. You'd be surprised how many times people give themselves a five and you give them a one or they give themselves a one and you give them a five. This is a calibration exercise. It takes fifteen minutes. You compare para notes where you're not agreeing. It's a great time to air any anything that's bothering them. So that things don't build up this. This is a drama eliminator. Well a drama decreases nothing eliminates drama and a dental office. This is a drama decrease. Because you ask them them at the end. How's everything going? How can I? How can I support you more? What resources are you lacking? And they had the opportunity to say it not in a group setting one one on one while you were doing. Their Performance Review this eliminates things building up so this is for the front office agreed patients nations in a professional and cheerful manner based on standardized script. One two five. I confirm appointments. According to standardize script scale of one to five I answer the phone. According to standardise script up with high energy and enthusiasm one to five a prepare new patient charts if applicable or check patients in as applicable. I call prescriptions in the Pharmacy Pharmacy. I show empathy and concern when talking to patients edify the doctor and staff to patients whenever possible scale of zero to five. Whatever you want on there whatever your core values they can be? They could be reflected in their edification. I'm GONNA leave you guys on edification. I keep on saying an ugly guys. One more thing edification threes. When we're when we're doing anything in the dental practice we want to come to every interaction with our patients with energy with empathy and with edification? Okay this is a really big thing. When we're talking about phone scales? We just had our phone skills treating a whole whole day of phone skills and scheduling trading. It was awesome but I always start off with the threes energy empathy edification edification. Okay Energy. That goes without saying gotTa have energy the Highest Energy Overdo it. And if you're an introvert do it anyway. Go outside Your Comfort Comfort Zone. Make it happen. Every interaction with positive energy empathy. How many times have you heard? And I don't know if you guys record your incoming phone calls. Oh Yeah I'm looking for a new dentist and I don't have current dentist right now. I broke my tooth lower right and I think there's a nerve join or something. It's really really painful fact. I haven't slept for two days. It's the worst pain that I've ever had. I'd rather do this than give birth okay. Let's see House House Next Friday look for you. Know Energy no empathy. We are around the so much. It's that we forget that this is a really big deal for our patients. We become cold to it. You have to remind yourself energy empathy edification what is edification. And what do we mean. Part of your core. Values should be edification of everybody on your team. We call them. Trust transfers not transitions and not handoffs because we are literally transferring. Trust from the front desk person. WHO's the only person to talk to this patient before they've built trust their transferring that trust to the back office person? Who's never met the patient before that person is going to transfer trust to you? The doctor there are friends in common along. The way edification is very important. We have the opportunity to do it all the time in our dental practices on my God I need to come in. This tooth is killing me. I'm terrified of Dennis. I haven't been for twenty years in fact the last time I went into a dental office. The Guy put a knee on my chest to take the tooth out. How many times you've heard the knee on the chest thing is that really true? was there a whole generation of dentists that put their neon chess. There must have been. Have you ever tried to take a tooth out with a neon chest. You don't get more leverage. I don't believe you you're wrong but anyway perfect opportunity to say Mrs Jones. I totally get it. I had a knee on my chest when I was sixteen years old when I was getting my wisdom teeth taken out great news Dr Cost Awesome. In fact he took my wisdom teeth out the other day and I didn't didn't even feel the shot. He is the best. Most gentle provider heated a crown on my mom the other day all of our patients love him so much. He is the most incredible doctor. He's awesome okay. Well great and when. I'm leaving the room. I'm GonNa leave you Mrs Jones in the Capable Hands of Janice Janice here because she makes the most incredible temporaries in fact. I don't even make temporaries anymore because embarrassed the way mine look compared to Genesis. And after that we're going to make an appointment for you. Suzy are awesome hygienist. She has people that traveled from California to Arizona to get their teeth cleaned cleaned by her because she is amazing. Every single person at every single opportunity in your office needs to be edifying. Everybody else on your team team members and here. If you don't believe that you work for the best doctor in your area you should get another job with the best doctor in your area doctors if you don't believe you have the best team and the best hygienist that means that you haven't given them the resources to get better or you're settling for second best in this episode is being brought to you by the fourth annual voices Dentistry Summit Summit over four years ago. Dr Alemi Dr Jason Lips Gum and I got together because we're trying to figure out a way to meet eat each other fellow podcasters and our audiences all in one place so it was at that point that the voices of dentistry was born the first one it was in Nashville. And we've been in Scottsdale ever since she's guys. This is the Pitney of an anti conference with some of the most groundbreaking innovative and fun. That's the big word. Fun podcasters and presenters in the dental profession. So come come. You're showing your hosts and fellow podcasters Allen Mead Dr Jason Lipscomb of the Del Hacks podcast Dr Justin Moody from the dentist. Implants in worms. podcast in yours truly Dr Marcus from the dental podcast. Additionally I think we have one of the strongest lineups invoices dentistry history. Check out. This list of presenters. Dr Mike Dr Josh Austin Dr August de Oliviera. alliston McDonald's Reese Harper Amy Morgan Oregon Dr Gina Dorfman Kira Dent the clinical hacks. Dr Kevin Fryer Doctor Mack Jones. Dr Zach Myers so for those who have never attended this conference. Unlike you've ever experienced all of your favorite podcasts recording live in our podcasters lounge you'll be able to the hop on your favorite podcast. You'll be able to watch your favorite podcasters interview experts live. It's superfund so there there's more networking working and mixing than at any other meeting and just a fun. Collaborative and relaxed environment. The date is January twenty fourth and twenty fifth at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort and villas in Scottsdale on just go to voices of Dentistry Dot Com and pick up your twenty percent off registration while supplies last and they will go at voices of Dentistry Dot Com for twenty percent off. Can't wait to see you in Scottsdale Dale and that wraps it up for another episode of the Dental podcast look forward to reconnecting on the next episode. Thank you so much for joining us today on the dental for Noor podcast checkout true dental success dot com for for recaps of every show a schedule of our live events free video tutorials and a whole host of practice building resources.

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