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IT'S HERE! EOS REX Could Be Game Over For Dapp Platforms


The whole ready then guys. Welcome back to the cryptovest. With me. Your host, Chris Coney. The voice sounds bad. Today, doesn't it must be healing up? So today's episode gold. It's here use Rex could be game over for that platforms is that title hype. Maybe ten percents that means not you percent no hype. So let me present the information to UC can decide for yourself. Let's do the actionable slash practical fast. And then we'll get into the Broadview of what's behind all that. So if you have any account if you have some ills tokens in that account, if you have your account setup with ledger or scatter, and you want to completely automate the process of renting out, you'll sped tokens. Folsom income hair is a very simple standardized process to follow step. One would be to go to EOS titan dot com. Then click on Rex then click on Logan with scatter or ledger. The Nick step east to make sure you voting for thirty blow produces that's one of the requirements for using Rex alternatively. You can just accept the option that appears here to use the voting proxy. I already have manually voted for thirty but produces so I click the skip button. Then you just type in how many of your tokens you want to rent out. This is a wizard, and it shows you the total balance of your tokens based on what state they're in. So you just type in the number that you wanna lend you click on land else then signed the transaction scatter alleged and you can then click on the manage tab on titan. If you want to monitor all the numbers doesn't that? It's all automated after that all your innings, ultimately reinvested hand painting your Northolt. So if you do is get yield. Follow that process. Leave it. Then have you wanna get your tokens back out again, stop lending? You just come back. Click on sell wrecks, and then type in how many wanna pull out in. That's it Brady easy. The only limitation here is that. When you first loan your ears tokens. There's a five day maturing period until you can start lending in the withdraw them. But that's pretty pretty inconsequential considering in a five day loan. No, so strenuous see is. Of course, there are many other ways to access the wrecks, and Linda, yo tokens bear in mind. This is a one too many full Matt I am but bait in here, I am one passan providing information to a large group of people. So when I put together a process has to be universal. So this gives you when everyone baseline, then if you wanna get fence you can do that on your own but getting fence is not necessary in order to start. Adding this is like the bed bones minimum. Way to get ending in the simplest way possible. Today's episode is supported by the ES bet referral program. O's bet is a proven fair blockchain based gaming app where you'll always in control of your funds Ito's is quite rare because it has an official. I game ING license in curious, Al. And every time you play a game on ios bet. U N bet tokens as loyalty reward. And those bet tokens than end you dividends on all future gaming revenues. So by playing the games, you ought to medically become an ONA now while ios bet is built on the yearbook. Jane, they've set up side. You don't even need any else account in order to play. Heels bet take all the complex voi- just few now by signing up to play using my referral link. You'll also help to support the show financially and make the production of cryptocurrency content sustainable, so head on over to the cryptovest don't show scroll down and click on the you'll spit bene- today. Thank you very much for your support. So I'm not gonna head over to use authority dot com. Ford slash Rex this'll give more in depth statistics for the wrecks, which is resource exchange. If you did not know, no the Nash board here it displays the current yield for lenders on the wrecks system. Does it will books says like in the last twenty four hours retains tens of AP Apia is three point seven one percent. And then he goes less seven days. Let's say days no, particularly insightful given that the wreck on in live yesterday. So can't really rely on these numbers 'cause they based on so little data. It does also showed me a countdown time here for my loans will mature and also on the statistics tab, Israel, where the meat in the juices Wickham. Rex statistics him this is really what I wanna look at. So the Rix loans books on the rights to me contains some of the most important statistics. So there's just grow down a little bit. So I can read the numbers. So since the wrecks the peppis of the Rex is to make it cheaper for developers to run apps on ios the row our number of number of numbers that ago, they're gonna look at when they wanna borrow the the bad deal. They get here. The more tractive is to build on us now without the wrecks. A developer would have to take chunk of capital by a bunch of ios tokens stake them in order to get an allocation of resources, right if they're startup which moose Liz blockchain application, developers a most apt develop in general general that wanna run is lean as possible right with light cash flow and minimal cash Ben that's really the key a low of apps don't go boast because they didn't have a good idea is because it is run out of money. Right. So this is where this whole blockchain based app use and Rick's combination provides an unbelievable. Opportunity. So as of right this second an app developer can spend one he'll stoking I with about five dollars, and they will get what he's since looked. He's now they'll now get two thousand to e o Stoker's wealth of resources allocated to them for a period of fifty days. So they spend the five dollar Elston and the get two thousand eight two tokens weather resources for days now to buy to buy those to buy those two thousand thirty two got the reading a method do thousand eighty two yesterday five dollars each that would cost ten thousand one hundred sixty dollars. So that's how much capital they would have to tie up. So yes, that would be that would give them the benefit of ownership of those resources and then sell those assets back to the market later, like the Apted workout out, whatever they could liquidate them. They wanna run sue billion. Remember, the also may wanna temporary boosting research. Is without tying up cash. So it's much better for them to spend five dollars a month on Neil's token, and then rent out that ten thousand one hundred sixty dollars worth of resources at least while building. They use base and figuring out a monetization model. Right. So maps may choose never to the resources, right? Oh, you have to do is build an app, the ends more in income than it costs network resources. And then there is absolutely no capital outlay whatsoever. Pretty amazing and that could be done by individual writers single develop come up with a brilliant idea for a damp spend, the five dollars on the resources put out to market if it works and then renew the resources front of in front of the days. Now, you may have to take my five dollars ten thousand dollars worth of resources example, with a pinch of salt because the way Melendez them Bora was right now right only one percent of his erects loan issues issued one presents only one percent of us token posted for lending have actually been borrowed hence, the huge amount of resources. You can get for five dollars spent now the rest of the equation as aways so more people who post E O's to the wrecks lending, the Marie sales. You will get four two one s token that you spend on renting them, and then the apps that come along and rent than what resources that less resources, you get for the one who can you spend the high yield for the lenders are real free market what edge or? So why is could be a game changer for the war of the debt platforms is the only has some serious competitive advantages with the ability for apps to offer like free transactions through that uses are almost instant. And the wrecks makes these network resources so accessible and so expensive a pose EOC Heddon shoulders above its rivals. And Rex makes it much easier to let new uses like brand new brand brand new uses like non crypto uses to Komen. Use a decentralized app because you can now effortlessly pay phonetic resources on their behalf in a making the user experience indistinguishable from using centralized app. I mean, isn't that the holy grail that we've been working towards so really don't have a discussion about this? So let me know you think down in the comments below or on Twitter. Much with Hanley's at Chris Coney? I n t which does for Chris Coney international. But other than that's gonna keep it short concise with today. Let's really order. Good for you today. So please go ahead like the absurd. If you new job as subscribe, if you are not subscribe to the podcast or the YouTube channel also check out my own nine school. It's over at crypto asset taught school the online school for print principal. Crypto investors how much you investing in the world's number one s at which is your own education. I'll leave that question with you also please support the with you at the cryptovest dot show. I'm actually down on patrons right now down from seventy four to sixty seven patrons, which is going in the wrong direction. So don't procrastinate until I disappear because then we too late on the flip side. The more easels is I have the deep racking go into the research, the Debrecen go into finding option is to aid your crypto investing efforts. So it works both ways. If you don't value. I do then I have to ask why you consuming it. And if you do value, I do I have to ask why, you know, supporting it. So I'm actually interested in the answers to those questions. So post that in the comments or on Twitter, would you? Thanks also to my loyal patrons. Some of you have been with me for years like since I first started. So I always have very special appreciation for you other than that. I'll be back with the next episode of the cryptovest. So until then it's me Chris Coney sang by now.

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