Week 12 Breakdown


Trey broS. Ferguson is proud to be a part of what you do with over one thousand one stop shop US counter. Locations expert associates and an unmatched selection of the go-to and hard to find OEM repair products, you need visit Ferguson dot com and find a counter location near you. On this Monday afternoon. The Jaguars offensive coordinator, Daniel Hackett Doug Marrone, says I have to do what I think is best for this football team. The chargers announced that running back. Melvin Gordon did indeed suffer an MC L sprain in his right knee on Sunday. His status apparently evaluated week to week. Hello there. We're glad to have you with us as we begin the post thanksgiving portion of the NFL season. Tim Hasselbeck Ryan Clark, Adam Schefter. I'm Wendy next. We will start with what happened over the weekend at one day once for Philip rivers who completed twenty eight and twenty nine passes, including one thousand five hundred row is ninety six point six completion rate the highest single game rate in NFL history. Tom Brady had a pair of touchdown passes and a win over the jets after he had thrown just one in his three prior games with Pittsburgh losing New England takes over the number two seed in the AFC Cleveland cooked down Pinson Atty behind four touchdown passes. From number one pick Baker Mayfield the Browns in their twenty-five game road losing streak, which was just one game shy of the week record and the Seahawks won their second straight by three point since two thousand fifteen Seattle has played an NFL high nineteen games with a final tour margin has been by three points or fewer. And then there's the Packers quite hoax took. Hit with a loss to the Vikings. Green Bay is lost eight straight on the road there. Long extremes since losing nine in a row on the road in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight and seventy nine so it's there we'll pick up overreaction Monday. And here's what we'll start with Aaron Rodgers done after just one Super Bowl, Adam Schefter overreaction or no windy. He just signed a five-year extension. Thirty four thirty five years old. The Packers didn't sign them to that rich extension without the belief that he couldn't get them back there. Oh, look this team has disappointed. They've lost each street road games, which is the longest road losing streak since nineteen seventy eight and seventy nine when David why I truly white David wide. I was the Packers quarterback that tells you how long it's been since his team has lost so many games in a row on the road. But to think that Aaron Rodgers never is gonna wanna shoot a one. I mean that might be. But that's our imagine. Well, this is an overreaction for me in the reason that you think this team is disappointing. Adam is because they have Aaron Rodgers. And when you. I've ever Rogers. You think it doesn't matter who else is around you. It doesn't matter that you decimated in the secondary. Or that you don't have a lot of weapons on the outside or can't generate a run game. Because we think you have Aaron Rodgers you shouldn't lose games like this with someone that talented. Do you know who won the Super Bowl year before every Rogers and the Green Bay Packers? It was the New Orleans Saints. And it was drew Brees. And they went through a slump in a time in his career that team wasn't playing at a high level and look at the New Orleans Saints know and look at what age drew Brees is doing and maybe playing his best ball. So to say the Aaron Rodgers won't continue to be one of the top quarterbacks. And that this team can't turn turn it around and get back to Super Bowl is an overreact two first round draft picks this year. So they're already looking to the future. They get the extra one from the dress last. It's an overreaction from really. I mean. So much can change in five hundred if we were to go back and look at twenty thirteen season, right which teams were good. And who I mean, it's this big difference. Yeah. So I mean that's longer than the average career span the running back or a tight end. We've never heard of before. I mean, I just I think that so much change within a single season two years for years for short five years as turn ity in the NFL there there. There was a day when we declared Tom Brady's career slowing down or almost over. And we see how that worked out. I will ask you this though, is it realistic to think the Packers will make the playoffs at this point. I mean, it's a long shot at best. They can do it. It's going to be tough to play flawless football. And you don't lose all your rule games in ear their own six on the road this year. And I mean that's hard to bounce back from it. They have winnable games down the stretch. You actually have to go to the bears play their, and obviously that's the team you're chasing. So you're wondering can you catch? Carolina Panthers team. Can you catch a Seattle Seahawks team or even whoever falls out of the NFC east? I just think is going to be very difficult with the way this team is playing right now to play themselves into the playoffs. You factor in some injuries that we saw last night along that offensive line. Don't know the severity of those. But if they're banged up all along that offensive line, the no they won't. Well, let's take a look at the NFC playoff picture the saints. And Rams, of course, both in very good physician at ten and won the bears are at the top of the north and the Cowboys leave east Minnesota and Washington hold the wildcard spot right now. But that rates could heat up down the stretch, they see hawks and Panthers on the outside looking in. But they're both six and five fairly five and six, but have a very difficult schedule the rest of the way. So here's where we will continue with overreaction Monday. Regardless of what the playoff fixer hoping. New Orleans is in the Super Bowl. Right. I think this is an overreaction. But when you watch them play football right now, it's hard not to think that this is the team to beat the weight in the world is states are playing on both sides of the ball deficiency. Which drew Brees is playing with in the way that show. A Payton is calling plays. Manipulating the game getting the best ups for this very talented off. It's it's hard to see a team beating them. But when you look at the Los Angeles Rams and the chance that they have to host the NFC championship. I think that is where this could get sketchy. Also look at having to play the Sakado bears who's a team that has the great defeats. If the Rams can get the NFC championship versus the seats to not be in New Orleans. And I'm not saying that the saints can't go to Los Angeles and win. I don't think that's a great home field advantage. I'm just saying that if you have to go into New Orleans and try to beat that team. It is almost impossible in that environment to win that game. The Rams over opportunity down the stretch to. Continue winning. They have a game with the bears in prime time to continue winning host playoff games. I think that's the best chance for the NFC. Yeah. Their path is better certainly going through New Orleans. But it's an overreaction for me. Just because I think there are really good teams in the NFC. I mean, just okay, I think the bears because their defense can be so dominant. I think that's a tough team the Minnesota Vikings or really good balance football team. I think when you look at the Rams they obviously have as much firepower as is in one. And so I just think that the competition in the NFC with you're playing in New Orleans or you're playing somewhere else. Think is is tough. It's just one of those years. It's a bad year. One of the best teams in the NFC. Do you think the NFC the NFC's top teams are better than AFC or do you think it's a tougher road on on the AFC the NFC? I think the NFC on a whole I believe in the NFC teams are are the tough. I mean, listen, you go to the top three teams the AFC you're gonna say Kansas City New England. And pittsburgh. Maybe I mean, give me, you know, the saints. The Rams Viking, right? Over those things to me, we're gonna make it a clean sweep again. Not in a restaurant says the saints will be in the Super Bowl. Let it might be. They might be. They are the best hard to say never. Hard to say, but see they Wilby that they're going to beat out the Rams, I mean, we look at the chances to reach the shoe bullets forty nine percent. Okay. Forty nine is one way football laundry. Go, and that's what we're saying. They will be in the seasonal forty nine means they have a good chance to reach the Super Bowl. They play the way they have. I think they will be in the Super Bowl. But again, that's a lot of football. That's left. Some good teams earn their way. He's playoff games. They get going strange. Anything can happen. It was Aaron Rodgers. In fact, he said we just gotta get in. You know, we as difficult as that road is once you get in. You know, what all bets are off? We've seen some crazy things happened. That was the NFC. Here's how things are shaping up in the AFC chiefs run it by last week, but still sit atop at nine and to the patriots win means they are the two season because of the Steelers losing to Denver and Houston leaks doubt as it stands the chargers and the ravens will be AFC's to wildcard spot. This is not the same kind of patriot team we've seen, but that does not mean you should count them out. Here's what we'll stay on overreaction Monday. The patriots run game shaping up to be more important than rob gronkowski, Adam Schefter is that an overreaction. I don't think so Russian because they went in to play the one thing that this team wanted to do was get it's run game going and it did. And if Sony was shows running the football that way and Rick's Burkhead comes back, and he's running the football. And James white is coming out of the backfield. Well, they've been. Playing without gronkowski for a lot of the time. And when it gets cold in December and January they want to run the football effectively. So I don't think it's an overreaction. It's not an overreaction say that the patriots run game is more important gronk is great. But the patriots this year are when they're throwing passes to grunk in the red zone. If completed one of those ten passes, they're still in three. So they've been able to win games without gronk producing if gronk produced will be that much better up with their own games. More important. I'm going to have to go with that's an overreaction, and the reason is the type of attention. They rob gronkowski attracts. When you look at this game yesterday Jamal Adams who was probably the best extra defended. At the New York Jets have was on gronkowski ton in men to men. So now that gives opportunities for Julian element that also gives you an opportunity to run the football because he is a training so much attention, by the way, he's a great blocker. There was a state sportscenter this morning talking about. In with your own hausky. His QBR. Tom Brady's QBR is drew Brees without him is is Andy Dalton. So when you telling me that you say what's important if I could be drew Brees with and I'm Andy dotes without no disrespect to him. I think I want rob gronkowski on the field. There is a considerable difference. Fair point. It's an overreaction for me was grunk changes everything he absolutely changes, everything in terms of how you have to defend him is he's too big for secondary players when they isolate them, and he's too fast and too long for linebackers at aren't used to playing in space and quite honestly, they're run game benefits significantly. You lose to this. Ryan, not only when you remove gronk from the formation, and you take somebody with him. But he just tremendous in line block little move him. He'll lead on stuff. He's actually a good walk around the perimeter some of the perimeter screen stuff that they do rob gronkowski since he's been a patriot. I believe has been these second most. Important member on their roster. And when he's able to go there a completely different team to face. Well, they're certainly better off with rob gronkowski health healthy and on the field. I don't think there's any debating that. Doug Marrone has made an announcement. And there will be a change. He says that it will be Cody Kessler who starts this week. Instead of this is just for Ryan Clark, by the way, like Bortles. So they're making a change at quarterback Ryan face. It did it, and I just take this is just so so so late you took a team that had pieces to be not only a playoff contender. But to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl in you invested in Blake Bortles after you were scared to to to put it on his shoulders last year in the AFC championship. I just don't know what took you so long. So now what you've done is. You've wasted a year you've gotten people fired in the day you had who's the office coordinator. And now you go to Cody Kessler who cannot be your long term answer. This was botched in. The off season. And now you've made this thing last a lot longer than needed to. And you have to move on for Blake Bortles now and go out and find you a quarterback. Can you do that and continue to keep this roster tech this was botched from the beginning? And if you the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tom Coughlin you made a mistake. Listen, there's been some changes today. If you missed it at the top of the show they did choose to part ways with their offensive coordinator, and if annual Hackett so now wholesale changes, and it's interesting because the Jaguars are already projected to be over the salary cap for next year. There's one of two teams that are in that position right now. And they're about six to seven million dollars over the cat. So they're gonna have to make some moves to get under the cap and clearly now one of the moves will be to move on from Blake portal's. Now, they've had other moves in mind, and it's not difficult to recapture that cap space. What again this tells you that this team is going to be making a lot of changes during the season during the off season. And the number one's going to the number one change. Is going to be at the quarterback position. And I think we could start trying to figure out who's going to be Jacksonville's next quarterback who the candidates if the giants move on from Eli manning would he want to go down and finish his career in Jackson. I don't know that he would would they want them. Here's the here's why Ryan's point is is the right point. And there's nothing you can do about it now. But the reality is this Alex Smith case keenum, Kirk cousins, teddy Bridgewater, all of those guys run the move last all of them all of those backs were on the move in Vail. But that's a lot of guys with, you know, starting caliber play that were available that you that you could have had that you that you didn't get involved with in. So now your options. Adam is you're saying you're gonna turn the page who are the candidates not right? Who those guys have teams? There's no question. I have the same. You know, when you talk about when you see when you hear that teams are already over the salary cap for next year. That means what they did was they put all their chips into the middle of the table. Right. They went out and acquired all the people. They thought they needed to win the Super Bowl. And then you keep Blake Bortles. And even though you have all these pieces around him or you think you have all these pieces around him. You don't have the most important piece in honestly, the worst thing that happened to the Jaguars last year was getting to the AFC championship because it made them think they had enough. It made them think that they were just a couple of plays away from it. And then this happens in no, you're stuck having to retooling rebuild. This thing. We say winning cures. All it can also disguise some fatal flaws, and I think perhaps that was the case Jacksonville. So again, Cody Kessler start set to start in week thirteen. Starting the season Owen. Three texans. Turned it around in a major way. They're staring at their eighth straight win tonight. Standing in the way, though it titans team that both the second best scoring defense in the league. Lisa Saulters days in Houston at she has every Monday night. Lisa an interesting situation in the AFC south Houston can hold onto a nice to game cushion with a win. But it's a game. They will also play in honor of the man who brought the league back to Houston. Yeah. One day like you said Houston riding a seven game winning streak but head coach Bill Brian quick to caution. We haven't done anything yet. But if the Texans were to win tonight, it would be the longest win streak in franchise history. This team, of course, born in nineteen ninety nine when Houston businessman Bob McNair, brought the NFL back to the city after the Oilers let the Texans played their inaugural season three years later in two thousand and two like you said Mr. McNair passed away on Friday after a lengthy battle with cancer. So of course, the Texans would like nothing more than to honor him with. A win tonight especially against this opponent once the Houston Oilers now the Tennessee titans. Second year quarterback DeShaun Watson was taking a lot of hits earlier in the season including one that resulted in a collapsed lung broken ribs back in week five. And although he hasn't missed any game time Bill Brian admits they've adjusted the game plan in recent weeks to keep their quarterback. Healthy Watson has averaged twenty three pass attempts over the last four games and his taking just eight sacks compare that with twenty five sacks that he took over their first six games O'Brien said we've got to keep to Shawn Watson out there. Because he's the guy that gives us hope when it makes sense at least in terms of the titans. We saw quarterback Marcus mariota leave the game last week. It was an injury to his throwing arm. What's his status? Yeah. Like you said he left last week's game against the colts late in the first half. Didn't return initially. The concern was that it was a reactivation of the right elbow injury suffered in the season opener that caused him to miss the first meeting between these teams back in week two. But mary. Told us last night that the injury was different this time instead of having numbness in just his right fingertips than hand. Like, he experienced before the numbness went from his right shoulder all the way down through his arm now mariota's said it felt like a dead arm. Believe believe it or not. That was good news because it turned out to just be a stinger and not something more serious. Mariota told us last night that he feels fine now that he was able to practice the last couple of days, and he's having no problems at all gripping the football. It sounded sounded serious to me anyway. But he says he's having no problems at all Wendy, Lisa. There's no question is sounds serious. But certainly good news for the titans, Dan their quarterback some other notes of interest from this game. The titans defensive coordinator dean piece had to miss last week's game due to some medical issues at them. But I believe he's back is that correct? Well, he's with the team. He's with them at their hotel today and the plan is for him to coach the defense, which is good news. Because that was a scary situation last week literally before the game begins at Indianapolis cubicles. He's taking. In by ambulance to local hospital in Indianapolis for observation now, everything checked out. Okay. But at that point in time, basically he did not coach the game. They had to make a ton of adjustments on the fly. Fortunately, he's feeling better. He's feeling okay. And he deemed piece is feeling well enough to coach tonight. So that's good news. That is good news. What would also be good news? Ryan. I think if this titans team could become a bit more consistent. They have been very good at times. We've also seen the contrary to string together in this stretch. They're going to need to play more consistent football. I mean you rise in fall with your quarterback in this league. And in this case is Marcus mariota one. It's his health. You know, we were just talking about it. You heard him just say he had the dead on. It was his shoulder. He was out early on this season in Blaine gabbert had to come on in relief. But when he plays well, so does this team. If you look at the Dallas cowboy game the New England patriot game where you play will not turn over two touchdowns in each game. This Tennessee titans team got rolling. But when he doesn't play well when he can't complete. Passes. Winnie isn't protected as we saw early on in the season against the Baltimore Ravens when they tied his sack record or had eleven sacks. You can't win football games. Keeping more Marcus mariota upright healthy on the field. And giving him opportunities to make plays down. The field is how this team can win. But when he's not out there. And when he's not doing that. That's when he run into trouble look to shine Watson season cut short last year, the same injury Tammy hiding college it came back. And there was some question marks early on 'cause they start. Oh and three and you say, oh, no. Is he gonna be the quarterback we saw before? Now they've won seven in a row. What have you seen from Sean? Watching the hold on the football is long. And I think that that's the key. I heard Lisa talk about the sack numbers which twenty four sacks. And the first six games versus the eight since then or something like that. Look, there's a there's a difference. When your quarterback is is getting hit and talk about him driving the game set a flying because it collapsed lungs will look it's because you're holding onto the football too. Sometimes the quarterbacks fault to just you know, the. Not get rid of the football. Just punt it and move on the last few weeks they've been better at it. Whether it's been, you know, more progression read, so the ball can come out quickly or whether it's you have an isolation, and it's basically picked the match up that you want like you see here. The good news for this. Texans. Offense is that the ball is coming out in rhythm. And on time. You see it gets hit there. But it's not a sack and it's on time in rhythm. You can just be more efficient offensively that weighing quarterbacks gonna stay healthier that way. And so I think that's kind of what Bill O'Brien's alluding to in terms of some maybe some changes they've made authencity watching also been very good outside of the pocket. This year not surprising to six best QBR in the league in that situation. Trae rose, Ferguson is proud to be a part of what you do with over one thousand one stop shop US counter locations expert associates than an unmatched selection of the go-to and hard to find OEM repair products, you need visit Ferguson dot com and find a counter. Location near you. Listen to what the giants did not know what to come when they started this season. I mean, it has just been one thing after another a week continue with overreaction Monday. Here's what hotel Beckham junior had to say about the giants play calling on Sunday. Monaco, the place. I just do what I'm told to do. And and go out there and execute whenever I get opportunity to do some trauma. Try and make the most of it. If I don't have to all I can do is is what I came when I do have an opportunity. So as more of a question for coach, you know, coming in knowing that they struggled in the secondary. Personally. I would I would have loved to take them. But. But it wasn't in our game plan. Well, let's talk about the game plan, shall we say this. The giants game plan is all wrong when I say that Tim do you think it's an overreaction? Yes. It's an overreaction. Honestly. Like, I I'm trying to figure come up with a word to like this is absurd. I mean, it's it's okay to why. They you're not trying to attack the opposing team secondary. Like threw balls down the field. There were -tunities. In fact, they threw one right before the half. They cost them points where they're trying to get him the football, and he lied just kind of under throws it also the coverage dictate. Shouldn't have gone there. You have points the notion that the giants were not attacking the eagles secondary. I I'm I'm trying my best not to call stupid, but stupid. It's absurd. It is. Dip for there. That that the case. So I guess part of for me is I think we're getting to the point without Dell. Where like it just you're getting the point where it's just an IRO where it's like, I just like everything is is just the absurd in terms of ideas. Just being critical of things that one you shouldn't be critical of in two. It's just not even accurate, you know. But this is not an overreaction for me. He was right. They should have did something different like give the ball to saquon Barkley more. It wasn't about what dill Beckham. Julia was able to do saquon Barkley was out here. Given dudes the business. I mean, like he slashing kidding big place. If you want to do something different in the second half give it to him more than five times. It wasn't about trying to attack them down. The feel is that you have one of the most explosive players in the league period, not just at his position. But period, this guy needs to touch the ball more. And when you get it going the way. Going in the first half you continue to feed him. This is why you go get him second. This is our opportunity to validate drafting him number two and not getting one of these quarterbacks. He is that special, but he can't be special in less. You give him the ball. It's Tim's point about dill. He did really will into he stopped doing. Well. And what I mean by that. He kept saying, you know, what I don't call please. I just have to execute. When I'm giving opportunities. That's a coaching thing. And then he got into his personal feelings don't get into your personal feelings talk about those things with the team with your coaches as a hey coach, maybe we could attack this. Maybe we can try this. This is not for the media when you already having a tough time as a team keep those things in but that showed L Beckham. No. I mean, that's what we have come to. This is kind of become him this year. But when you look at the first four years it was kind of outburst on the sideline things dealing with him. So he business seat in which now all of a sudden he's coming out in airing these grievances with the coaches, and it just doesn't make anything better, Adam Schefter. I think it's an overreaction in the sense that he shouldn't be reacting in that sense in any way. You should not be calling out the game plan, the coaches that's not his job. His job is to go out there and play. Well, there's no need to say anything that's going to be an indictment of the coaching staff. Even if you think it, and there are plenty of players thinking about their coaches, you shouldn't say because when you say it, especially in that market. Now, the New York tabloids have fodder all week long. I mean, even rash evening. Jalen Ramsey, who were very honest about most quarterbacks lied about his and sitting off season, even hinman even. Nice Beckham junior's been targeted a hundred and fifty one hundred fifteen times this year. Fifteen one fifteen he's been targeted them. He was targeted nine times. Now game against the eagles. They are trying to get him football all of the time. So to come and say that stuff one you shouldn't say to your point on to expand even accurate like the end of the year. And we look back at guys in terms of targets. He will be within the top seven targets, you know, in terms of wide receivers. I what else. What else are you looking for? I I don't know. What else anybody can do for you? Okay. It doesn't look good. He doesn't sound good. And it doesn't help. So, you know, where's harm don't press in case anything? Nice to say don't say, Adam Schefter. That's exactly right Farren. So glad we don't really live in that world. It'd be in trouble, right? The division and I'll say this reaction Monday. Because I think it's certainly is the I am talking about the NFC. Somebody's gotta win. The eagles will win the NFC gentleman. Is this overreaction? I think it's a no reaction because I can't believe I'm going to say this. I really like what the Dallas Cowboys door right now. I believe they're playing really good defense. Scott Linda Hannah, Jason Garrett have decided that they're going to start an end with Zeke, Elliot and we've gotten to see what Dak Prescott can look like with the true number one in Amari Cooper. And you see some of the routes. He's running we've got to see some of the big place against the Washington Redskins. And I think that right now this division is for the Dallas Cowboys to lose. And I believe if they continue with the same game plan, which I do believe that Jason Garre is smart enough to do that the Dallas Cowboys will take this division and not the Philadelphia. What a difference a few weeks makes over the other group Ryan on this. I mean, I just I think when you when you. You look at this division. If you say, okay. Well, yeah. The jumbled in here pretty close. But who's the team like I'm seeing them improve at this point in the season that I feel like over these next five weeks. They're going to play better. I agree with that. I think it would be Dallas. I'm gonna look at Dallas like their offense is coming alive there defensively in very good when you'll get Philadelphia. It seems like each and every week it somebody else injured on the defensive side of the ball offensively. You know, they may be have it figured out at running back, but they've been playing a different combination of backs. What seems like the whole season. You know, I think they're trying to find their way with their receivers and how they all fit together. So yeah, I just don't see this ascending team in Philadelphia. Should this? The eagles play the Redskins one week from tonight on Monday night football. They win that game. They put the Dallas Cowboys the next week if they win that game to ifs air in first place. Okay. And they're coming off a victory where nothing is going right this season. Now single that. I still think it's over. Say that they will. I win. In position. Yeah. They don't try to win the NFC's. They are in a spot that I think they're fortunate to be in considering how poorly laid me this gin. Yeah. But to say that they will win the NFC east is an overreaction just because you cannot be that authoritative on a team that has been that inconsistent this season. So you're staying there's a there's a chance to change a legitimate chance. But it doesn't mean that they will win it right at him. Which is why it's overreaction Monday. Now to the ravens let's talk quarterback, shall we? Lamar Jackson started the last two for Baltimore. They've won both. Lamar Jackson will start the rest of the season. Tim Hasselbeck overreaction for me. He's done a very good job in his two starts, really. Even in the limited play. They were giving him prior to starting. I think there's obviously a lot of room for improvement terms of the passing. And I think the other aspect of it is late in that game against Oakland. He looks like he pulled his hamstring until sidelined. I can't run. So if he can't run you shouldn't play then. Some quarterback got bad him. I'm not going to scream man. Right. Like, that's really what he's done. Well, and I, you know, waiting for the injury report to come out and see his participation, but he looked hurt at the end of that won't listen to that in his one hundred ninety rushing yards last two weeks the most by any quarterback in his first two starts in the Super Bowl era. Just to your point. It has been a huge part of what he does. Yeah. I believe it's an overreaction as well. But I do believe he has given Joe flacco the opportunity to heal. I do believe that he's also earned the opportunity to get more playing time and do some different things within his offense that I don't believe he was doing before. Joe flacco went out what he's allowed them to do. And even if he's he's he's hurt now with a little bit different. But if he's healthy enough to go this you could make sure Joe flacco is that one hundred percent and ready to go. You have the falcons coming up. You have the chiefs coming up two teams that I think at least offensively Lamar Jackson could play well against but he's earned the right to play more. He's earned the right to get more snaps in different situations. And I believe. Coach Hobo in speaking. After the game saying he's not going to give his his opponents an opportunity to prepare for whatever quarterback that he's starting is smart. These guys are so different as their said, right? If these guys are so different make the next teammate the Atlanta, Falcons, try to figure out how to defeat as a defender. You hate it practicing to get two different teams in one week. There are times when that's lip service from head coach when there's not all that much difference. But this is apples and oranges in terms of. Adam is in an overreaction for you, their next two games are Atlanta. And at Kansas City. Do you want a rookie quarterback leading into those games? Or do you want a veteran quarterback? Now again to your point if he's healthy. I think they might Mike in the chance to play those games. But I don't know that he's fully healthy right now. And if he's not fully healthy thing, you have to go back to the veteran and so on that basis law. I think it's a reaction to saying that Lamar Jackson will start. First season. I I can't believe that a SuperBowl winning quarterback. Even if he's not playing great this year his reign in Baltimore. Just be over. Just like it just taught me to imagine coming to an end like that. But look Lamar Jackson played well enough to continue to play and to be out there and to get another opportunity, especially if he's healthy. I don't know that he's healthy right now. Well, that's a question with Bo quarterbacks the hip with Joe flacco, of course, the hamstring or potential hamstring with Lamar Jackson here is what Kotaro had to say this from Jamison Hensley with Joe flacco close to coming back. John Harbaugh was out. He believes the notion that a players shouldn't lose his job to injury and to which he replied, so we're going to go back to junior high school cliches Harbaugh said we'll do what gives us the best chance to win period end of conversation. There has been a change at the quarterback spot in Jacksonville. Doug Rowe and making the announcement just a few minutes ago, actually that it will be quarterback. Cody cat clerk who will start Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. Jackie hosts Indy and Blake Bortles will back up. Cody kessler. Yeah. This is obviously some big changes in Jacksonville. I know Ryan got some strong feelings in this which he can touch on it again. They they've changed out their offensive coordinator. Fire Nathaniel Hackett. They said that Scott Melinda is going to be the play caller starting on Sunday. Cody Kessler takes over as the starting quarterback. And that tells you that there'll be more changes coming to the side of the football in Jacksonville this off season. No, absolutely. I think this signifies the end of this run of offense at least for Doug Marrone, Tom Coughlin and the Jacksonville Jaguars. And you know, Tim spoke to it. It was probably overdue and they had an opportunity with all of those quarterback. That he named in the off season. And not just like you just set your team back. You put your seat your team in a very difficult position in organization a difficult position when you had gone out and assembled pieces that can help this team very successful. And some of those names, of course, Kirk cousins, case keenum, Alex Smith, and I'll give you another one following the conversation. We've just had you know, who is linked to the Jaguars leading up to the draft. Lamar Jackson drive three agency. Then there's the draft. Well. Let you look at it. And he's like, I don't think there was anybody that watched that team last year that didn't feel like that way. They were playing on defense how they're running the football. Honestly, the way the receivers were playing the have anyone that watched. It knew that the quarterback was the big wild card thing holding them back in. So I don't know why you don't solve the problem when you have a chance to yet. All well. And I think. For me among the more cogent points made today was Ryan's in that getting as far as they did last season, perhaps perk them in their decision making preparations go think about your Nathaniel Hackett who was fired today. Go back and look at that New England Jacksonville game in in the in the playoffs last year like the meals with you in some ways, it was brilliant yet there. Yeah. Yeah. And how much bleed in the plan in that game? And some of the the different run stuff with the screen stuff. They had all they actually were really create him. Did a good job Nathaniel now fired his quarterback just he he played poorly. I mean, I think he's had three different offensive coordinators. Blake Bortles and they still owe him six and a half million guaranteed money on his fourteen million dollars salary next year. So they're on the books from next year even for redoing that contract this past off season, and he'll miss who else wanted them. Seriousness who else would assign them what kind of money would you be competing with design? I to me, it makes no sense. What they did a year ago makes no sense who's a competition to on them. If he had gone out there. If you go out there, we weren't hearing his name talked about the way you hearing Kirk cousins in case keenum, and teddy Bridgewater, and I don't know listen teddy didn't have a landing spot Tarrant signed a one year backup the jets and got traits and roles because he had nothing because Denver took case keenum Minnesota through cuddles. It was Blake slant as like together you look at Jacksonville. What will you do it? Probably would he would probably scared there. Somebody was going to say he was the third overall pick of the draft and draft. And he thought he was going to be been rothlisburger, and he has all this talent and fix them. And then you have to you when you're drafted there. You have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you stink. They signed him to that extension very early in the off season. And so the more you may be right? There may not have been a single team interested in him. But we don't know that we've dingy number. It. Never got to the point where he was not circle of conversation. I again, you may be exactly right. There may be as much as you think. So. It's like look at the league and just fi- find the landing spot like it shouldn't be that difficult. Like, listen with cousins, you could set my. Hey, listen. The jets might be an option there might be an option Minnesota like they knew that right away. Yeah. Because you because everyone used to think that the Niners were the landing spot. It's like well that wasn't the landing FOX Jimmy Garoppolo ended up there. It's not hard to look at thirty two teams figure out like what their quarterback situation is what their needs are who the people that are that are making decisions there. And if that guy that might become available would even fit in any of those places like so I if you're Jacksonville, I don't know who that tees now, my friend spill. Right now for it. Now, Cody Kessler stern unless of course, you're Jaguars fans. We all just get along. Shins ran high on Sunday the bills and the Jags and yesterday fight broke out on the sideline between Jags running back Leonard for net and the Bill shock Lawson of role, by the way that resulted in to Jackson's and it nearly continued into the tunnel as the two were brilliantly escorted off the field through this same half. Here's an idea. Let's don't do that Adam Schefter. If we say Hello from the Domino's headquarters. I are we likely to see further discipline. Adam from the league will wanted to league is going to reinforce the notion of don't do that. And it will do it in the form of fines issued later this week to the players involved. The question now is whether the league would take additional disciplinary steps after shack loss and Leonard fournette both with thrown out of the game. And then met again in a tunnel. The is fortunate that this didn't spill over into the stands as close as the stands as the players were you saw shack loss and that to be restrained there in the tunnel. And again, I think that they'll be. Definite finds that come out of this. And we'll see whether any additional discipline. Does is. Well, my guess is that the objections from Sunday suffice, but we'll see from the league soon enough again the dominates pre-game. It's Q Schefter. Let's go through some injury reports. If you well, let's start with that. Andy Dong don't sprained his thumb yesterday. And the initial x rays were negative. He's continuing to undergo evaluation to determine whether or not he can play Sunday against the Denver Broncos. If he cannot play than Jeff Driscoll would be cold upon again to replace Dalton in the starting lineup for the Cincinnati Bengals. But don't miss them injuries in the past. We'll see whether or not you get through this current version of this thumb injury as for the Chicago Bears and their quarterback. Mitchell Trubisky sat out Thanksgiving Day due to a shoulder injury. He's hopeful that he'll be able to play on Sunday at New York against the giants. But does not know yet whether he can do that if he can't play Shays Daniel would obviously get the turn again, he lived bears to it. Thanks. Giving victory for Bisky will try to come back this week. But there are no shirts as you will. And if he misses this game, it'd be just this game as the chargers never any back knowing Gordon, he's still pretty Spreen MC L. The chargers are calling. It we week, but MCI are tough to bounce back from right away. I think we don't see Gordon for a couple of weeks minimum here. And then they'll evaluate that without him Austin Ecuador and Justin Jackson will be called upon to get involved in the chores offense. And should also note today that the Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones on. I are the Denver Broncos placed their tight end Jeff Ireland on I r and the Jacksonville Jaguars replaced their high price guard Andrew norwell on IRR more season and the injuries Wendy chef Diana's that time of the year. Is we make the home stretch here? Rivers. Meanwhile, has had a very under the radar season. He's thrown multiple touchdown passes in all eleven games this season. He's just the fourth quarterback to throw at least TD's in each of his team's first. Eleven games of a season. He joins Aaron Rodgers in twenty eleven Peyton Manning in two thousand four and Johnny United in hundred fifty nine this is notable. Because all three of those quarterbacks went on to win the NFL's MVP award as we say elope from the film room. Brought to you five Reisen. Listen is Philip rivers are MVP or does he deserve. This is that an overreaction. It's an overreaction. And this is one of those hard questions where it sounds like you have to talk bad about the guy. Why do you think river, right, right, right? Who who does Ryan Clark? Philip rivers has been amazing this year. It's a huge reason why this team is eight three. The only problem is the year that those guys won the MVP. You didn't have drew Brees with twenty five touchdowns in only one interception. You didn't have Patrick Mahomes starting off the season at a record pace in now sitting at thirty six seven touchdowns is just very difficult. When those are the two guys that you're going up against an old, by the way. Those guys teams are. Also, having excellent years is just very difficult. But Philip rivers deserves to now be in that conversation the conversation perhaps in over overstatement to say, he's the one. That's why it's an overreaction for me. One hundred percent in the conversation with Ryan's point. It's not just about the amazing year that one guy in this case, Philip rivers is having. It's the fact that you know, all these other quarterbacks are kind of blowing numbers that refuse to seeing out of the water is well, and so, yeah, it's great that you know, when you look at this the distant goal, you know, kind of things that guys that down the path that are compared with a what? I was looking for. Thank you very much. I am here. Appreciate your help. And. Compare all those other guys compare what drew Brees is done. Compare this crazy Mahomes has done. It is crazy. So because of that, I don't think Philip well, and it is true. We sort of set things things these things up to where you think you have to say something negative. That's not the case. We're just talking about the very very best still absolute in the mix and having a a remarkable season. If you love football yelling television screens with rims and wearing clothing with someone else's name on it. There's a seat waiting for you at Buffalo Wild Wings where you can enjoy football food and football beverages on our new five dollar game day menu cheese burger and fries. Brunch. Cocktails and pitchers and beer are just five dollars each escape took call and the new five dollar game day menu at Buffalo Wild Wings. Price and participation vary by location, not valid with any other offer. Please drink responsibly. Are we twelve tonight much a big one in the AFC south? It's the first place Texans. They've won seven in a row. They'll take on the titans. Eight fifteen eastern five fifteen Pacific. Our coverage begins with Monday night countdown at six o'clock eastern. That game coming up shortly. But right now, it's time to hit the red carpet with Ryan Clark. It is the first time back since my injury. Yes. Eight me on injured reserve, and we're all high, and you know, what guys I was so excited. I was like, you know, what we're going to do. The coaches addition got there be without candidate. When you're doing you miss it. I'm more interested in is because a good colleague of mine a very intelligent former quarterback named Tim Hasselbeck always talks about Cam, Newton's, costumes. This one is Sherlock Holmes, and listen, and I like to call it Sherlock, homey. Check him out, man. So we got the we got the code on coldest fire. Beautiful black. I bet it some type of material I cannot even afford great collar, right? You love it. When the colleges lay straight down the best the black tide of match the glasses. Right. It's the glasses to let you know. I'm looking for. I'm looking at you and the beautiful heads added on samba when I love about the head, Tim. Here's what I like about the head that it doesn't just go matchy matchy wouldn't write a different color to the head. You add something different to it. Because he is truly Sherlock Holmes. He's looking sure who what have you? What if you're looking for a win? For him on Sunday. Right. So MS guy, which I only to this guy with the hey, I know it's a tough year in Green Bay. I understand that Mike McCarthy habits. Some place. But look at my guide is not the Cam Newton. Heck, would it still the cool king gold room? You know, what I'm saying a little whom OD? I love it. L O J. He wins. Simple. Right. He went with the solid coat color. You know, why he's a Super Bowl champion. Right. He doesn't have to be flashy. He doesn't have to show you that he has money because we already know the guy so like and he's not skinny. Good. With the goal tally Cam. You know, why because grew up with his words Steeler fan. Lena's wanted to represent any represented will know to the Knicks coach this guy Costa great game. And I bet you wondering why would I use von Miller as a coat Kelly play the sound, please. Channeling built Elettra. Onison smith. The cincinnati. And you know, what they say that, you know, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and we are imitating Bill Belichick. So he got to be a part of the coaches sex look at the sweatshirt look into hoodie. You know, that's what it's about. But you didn't see the sodo change here. What is Bill Belichick? He's thinking news. He's rude to the media. He's rude to everybody. Getting doesn't sent all the people that he doesn't wanna talk to. And von Miller did a perfect job even down to the sky. And this is coaches addition. I'm glad to be back. I guess we'll guys his own decision in. That whole been you know, we have to be nice, and we don't have anything. Nice exact very complementary. Very I don't know. Can you say something nice about Bill them? A lot of championship knew you were going with that short. She thought sorta like home call me my favorite line of the season. And he whites in fact, looking for that he lose to win. Don't sleep on Baker Mayfield the Browns quarterback completed nineteen to twenty six passes two hundred and fifty eight yards and touchdowns and a big win over the Bengals he'd led his team to Twenty-eight first half point. That's the teams highest first half scoring total since nineteen ninety one. And it does his play any weight justify John Dorsey decision to part ways with Hugh Jackson and Todd. Haley Mayfield has completed seventy four percent of pants in the three games since those two were fired with nine touchdowns. Just one interception. His ABA QBR since week nine the third highest in the league behind to pretty good quarterbacks. Drew Brees and Andrew luck. I don't know. Live Cleveland goes down and Cincinnati. I don't know. That's just somebody that was in our locker room asking for us to play for him. And then goes to a different team. We played twice a year. Everybody can either spin on it. But that's how I feel. No. I mean, it's just like any rivalry game. That's just how it is. Now, that's gonna treat it every time we plan. But it's it's nothing. You know, there's no hate. That's just how it is. That's gonna treat it. And I think that's our team street. It too. Response to a question about his Baker mayfield's choice tonight to speak a whole lot with with Hugh Jackson after this game. I'll say this reaction Monday Baker Mayfield criticism of his former head coach was warranted. Adam schefter. I don't think that's an overreaction at all. I mean, basically, he feels bad. This guy went and changed teams in the division so close now Hugh Jackson did what he had to take care of himself. But basically they can make field. No, he usually to feel the way the second. I need a job. Hugh Jackson Lee, they find. Okay. He's allowed to do what he was fired. It wasn't his choice to leave. It was like it was like he had a choice to be a Cleveland and he did. And he did. Right. He didn't have the choice that just any say. And he said it's a team that they play every year the big twelve Texas Tech's in the big twelve right? Oklahoma is in big tool as your opinion short. Do this talking about Hugh Jackson which teams teams, right? Differs this him. They come. Did they did they cut him off team or say you couldn't play for Texas, take any more you just chose to go to a better place. And that's okay. You're allowed to do that as Hugh Jackson is allowed to go coach and have a job anywhere else. He can possibly get one after only winning three in three m and health because he was fired. I just listened. I I think this is a sign of immaturity. I understand feeling some type of way about it. But I think in in the dressing the way he did Israel. If you don't wanna talk to him and hugging shaking hand if you got like the code. Don. Right. But the switch at teams thing is one of the dumbest things I've ever been around pro football. Young. I mean, he he can feel that way. Sure he can feel anyway. But it just it sounded a little young to me. But yeah. Hey, teach him. He didn't he didn't get forced. Thank you card. All right. Todd Bowles says he's not sure if quarterback Sam darnold we'll practice on Wednesday this rich to menial stretch of border says Josh mccown right thumb, it's fine and should not keep him out of practice. The jet coming off a loss to the patriots here. Now towns of week twelve. So what it says for the wall? I thought he was gonna leave you almost off to Chris Carter and he peed leak. Well. Are you kidding me? Three sixty year. Holy can't be the mom krizner providence. She said. She said on the crown give an auditor. I give them nine hundred ten. Oh, yeah. You know, my skills or Mississippi. You got one withholding call, but. Oh. You don't have to play today next. It is running Mitch. To see. Jackson here. His study. I didn't. Oh, jeez. Somebody said this was supposedly go half hour slapped. We all on on the Cincinnati cat told me to smile. We're just to the tunnel and bag almost field. Don't run up bills. Thankfully, colle- kind of a little bit little bit of. Sucking the most aren't they should go into thanking look. Four hours late may soon. Go. Spotted the kick is away as a kid. You know, when you're supposed to it was supposed to be the lightest guy on the field. So digs was supposed to be up there. But Belvedere one to do it. So I jumped up. So this it. Onto cincinnati. We're onto Monday night football. We've got the titans and the Texans. Remember Houston started. Oh in three. They've turned it around won seven in a row, they can win eight tonight. What are you watching as you mean emotional scene there with the passing of Bob McNair on Friday? And I think that this Texas team will look to join spray for that pay to honor that man's memory megawatt that organization the titans get back their defensive coordinator as you mentioned earlier dean Zo DB's comes back in the Texans. Get emotional boost here on Monday night. I think no question the man who brought the NFL back to Houston big questions tonight. All the way around. We'll be health. Marcus mariota. Tim says he'll be fine. But what will you watch for with the titans quarterback tonight? I just think how accurately is thrown football had the, you know, the elbow injury earlier this year now a stinger, and, you know, most quarterbacks aren't playing through sting all the positions seem to play through that type of thing. Just can't he accurately throw the football. I think is going to be the the key for that offense. Yeah. For me. It's about Kim. This texas. Continue to win games with the coats coming up in winning the way that they are as you look playing how we is. Can these teams get a win tonight and stay in that race? Or if you stay up on the coke. How far we've come since you are driving to a game because you can't fly. Right. You have a collapsed long or a problem with your lung. It's kinda crazy still still seems let's pick this one bit of a defensive battle tonight. I like Houston Texans seventeen to thirteen. We don't see that much. Okay. Back here seen right last week. I changed my score because I hate to. And it was right, by the way way Wilson, everybody else are you out? I'm going to Texas. Four forty weirdo. Forty four forty because I knew they weren't going to score twenty four twenty. Never changed. I hadn't score. And we're back with the Houston Texas winning twenty four to twenty at home buying defensive battle. Offensive league. These days to Shawn Watson healthy plays. Well, and this is an inspiring new all you do was Ed. Marina one. If your score, I know and every time, we're unanimous, and we're all good news titan fans. And you're welcome threatens. Do not forget never role. Monday night countdown at six o'clock eastern. Russell wilson. Judge the show right now, though, high noon is next. I can't believe it. 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