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Episode 369: Bonnie and Clyde Part I - Once You Go Short


No place to escape. Tunis news, the loss time pass on the left. Glaze cannibalism started. All right. Again, I'm going to say I begin this episode that massacres are not cool. No. No. No, it's not cool. I know that random runaway Bank Robbie bribery, SRI crime, and crime gangs, and it's not cool though. None of it's cool though. But. Also, could I just clarify this in this episode? Yeah. And obviously, you're like why did you redo it? Evidently, Henry started this last episode west massacres are cool. You can't say master's cool, and then this is you correct, just the audience understand why we have this interest. I used to be kind of freer and more. This the last podcast I embed with Marcus. Hello. And of course, we have gorgeous Henry browse sqi in Los Angeles. I just wanna drive a car fast with I just wanna have all night shit where you just go on, like and hand like laughing at the wall that laws on my back say, and I wanted, that's fun. Fun lifestyle. Would then what we're going to find out the reality of this today's episode and the reality of criminals was, it was actually very rough living. And there wasn't anything romantic about it. No, I would love to see you full of road rage in a model t just like. Just like. The road. And you're just yelling at deer and the axe because I don't even know if there were other cars on the road, then of all right? So why are we talking about this whole time he stuff? Maybe that's her during my be. I don't know. Anyway, today's episode this is like a longtime. Come right longtime come. They want to do this for so long. Marcus is like super thrilled. This is going to be the last podcast definitive history of body, and CLYDE, now Marcus has really given me I've really gotten history HIV for more because for so long viewed it as boring in school. I was bad at it right? As an every class the way I was taught in high school was the antiquated way where they didn't care if you were interested. It was just a list of facts teacher who stood at the front of the class, just listed facts. We wrote down facts, and then we did we did tests. Right all it was we're nowadays kids. It's like teachers dressed up in cost. Stew GMs the act it out. And then they write out the answers for the tests for them with their hands and they make sure everybody's having fun. They could flowers and snacks. I think if a gross misunderstanding of the US. It's much much worse than it was. When we were kids, Jesus Christ, I a teacher Mr Thomas mcken who let us listen to Billy Joel's. We didn't start the fire over and over and over again until I learned about JFK. Also. So we're undermining CLYDE, it's interesting the way it has to be named Bonnie and CLYDE, CLYDE, and Bonnie unmarked because CLYDE, and Bonnie just sounds like a midwest Christian couple who own Chick-fil-A like God reclosed on Sunday. So we can also teach bible study, CLYDE in body. Just does not work. We'll also going to learn now these, these type of things that allow these legends to grow is it, sometimes it's really just about your name the package, the time period. And that's why Bonnie and CLYDE up until now. They stick in the magic of America. And there is something to that will here, but there isn't into that freedom. Aspect people love. Yeah, we'll Bonnie Parker and CLYDE barrow to depression era criminals from Texas who over the course of two years robbed innumerable small businesses and gas stations stole dozens. If not hundreds of cars robbed a couple of banks, and we're indirectly or directly responsible for the deaths of thirteen men. Ooh massacres were cool. Henry. We know. We do kind of run into neighboring. It's crazy. The more we research biting they're so much fun because they were such such ridiculous characters. It was like bullets flying out of a big cloud of dirt rolling through town. I mean, there's a reason why Flatt and Scruggs foggy mountain breakdown was chosen as the theme for the Bonnie and CLYDE movie interest is really, really fast, banjo music and fiddle. And that's how they though. Absolutely. You think about the end of the devil's rejects that great, rob zombie, film, shootout, and stuff like that. That's the best midnight rider and that fucking sequence still gives me a bone is the best now. Although Bonnie and CLYDE, or not probably the most remembered of all the notorious criminals of thirty's, partly because the nineteen sixty seven movie of the same name, they were arguably the worst at actually making crime pay. They were horrible at it. No. If you go by the opinions of their peer such as John Dillinger, Bonnie, and CLYDE were amateur posers, messy kids, who were only making life, more difficult for the ones who actually knew what they were doing. So was there like a company meeting where there were like Bonnie, and CLYDE, you haven't been performing this, this quarter, can you? Please do better. The next John Dillinger look at him. He's aces as we go through these stories you're going to see true. They were they were essentially again, posing as these people. They grew admire these true outlaws of the nineteen thirties. Because John Dillinger people like the Baker boys knees were guys that were going. They were poor. Going off crazy hice making crazy Bank when Bonnie and CLYDE were little little picks offs of little, little stores and the random people, they're only making like ten to fifty bucks at a time and kind of would happen with them is that the again, the freeze frame that picture which will then get into the actual picture of Bonnie and CLYDE pointing guns at each other cigarettes hanging out in the mountains. So it's like it just to six. Is that Bonnie? And CLYDE, had one thing that criminals like Dellinger and baby face Nelson. And pretty boy, Floyd didn't have bonding, CLYDE were fucking interesting now would baby face Nelson. Did he really have the face of the baby from happy birthday to you? Happy death day. That's horrifying because bonding CLYDE were young reasonably attractive and we're fucking. They got the romantic treatment because he I mean you got to remember, I mean, this is nineteen thirty one nineteen thirty two I mean a young couple on the road illicit sex and married like that's some saucy shit. But I mean it's not like it was romantic. They were fucking using petroleum or something. I mean, I can't imagine it was like really romantic sex known fewer were too young bit boop, jazz boys that got out of the, the little shitty neighborhood that they were in and exploded on the national scene. So people looked up to them. Okay. See the story most people think about when Bonnie and CLYDE or mentioned is one of two young lovers sticking it to the man and live in life by their own rules. And on the surface that part of the story holds true into the people who are suffering through the great depression of the thirties, Bonnie, and CLYDE were heroes for just that reason people felt so. So God, damn powerless back then that the idea of two people killing thirty figures I e cops made them feel good interest. A loved it. Add to that. The myth Bonnie and CLYDE were actually competent Bank, robbers who were ceiling from the very same people that were foreclosing on homes and farms left. Right. And you got a recipe for celebrity, you got yourself, a Robin Hood, would they were getting enough to share? You were getting up to buy things of the neighborhood. They were doing the hammer way where. Out of glass looking down on west. The deeper reality of the situation, however, was one of two young kids who felt they deserved more in this world than the poverty into which they were born. So the decided to take a short cut to respect and as a result over a dozen innocent people died now that's not to say that Bonnie and CLYDE, had easy lives. They didn't as we'll soon. Get into both of them grew up. So poor that when the great depression came along in nineteen twenty nine the day to day lives with their families were barely affected. That's the best part of having nothing to lose. Nobody can take anything from you. Yeah. I mean it is strange, the great depression hits, and they just have like welcome. Welcome to my world, our you going to do, and they probably did much better than the folks who had something now lost everything. They're like see follow our lead. We know how to be poor because they're all being punished for their fake ass money. That's the problem and they, they didn't have fake money but they didn't even have real money and they didn't have anything and they were just hauling junk now. Plenty of your junk. But whatever sympathy, we may have for Bonnie and CLYDE ends. The moment murder comes into the picture on the people who got killed were not the industrial bigwigs politicians who are actually responsible for keeping people like Bonnie and CLYDE living in the dirt much of the time. They're victims were either shopowners just trying to survive, a regular dudes. Trying to make a couple extra bucks. A small town cops whose most dangerous duty was supposed to just be breaking up drunken fights. Right. So they rolled into town man. Again, feel the dust like Yosemite, Sam and two they're not hardened killers. Like we find out about CLYDE barrows. He's not a fucking serial killer. He's dude that just knows that he, you know, we'll see moments of mercy this, it's an incredible story. The ark that CLYDE and Bonnie, the arc the Bonnie and CLYDE, go through it's incredible story. But the, you see a lot of the murders are accidental and also just when you got a guy in the corner again, who's got nothing loose into address another. Myth about at least CLYDE right up top. Okay. Clyde barrow was neither impotent as he was portrayed by Warren Beatty. Nor was he gay. Honestly that is incredible. Warren Beatty is an actor. He could produce impotent warned me back in the day. I mean I'd give it up. Give it up immediately him and Faye. Dunaway actually had to make an agreement to not fuck on the set. The ro. And you only way for him to look cool as to pretend his dictate more. Well, the only reason why they portrayed him as impotent is because the original script had CLYDE barrow as bisexual and since that would be too. Controversial for nineteen. Sixty seven impotence was somehow the compromise. Okay. I don't get why. But that's what it was studio exists for you. I also like that at the time, but you can buy sexual meant it was like bodies like mount come tomorrow now, and he would like kind of look to the side, and see, another man like just sort of look outside tiny open door like, and then he just kind of look at the ground and go say, in the Mona bonding and leave, and it's like gay. What do you mean back then you just described a scene from bohemian rhapsody? Exactly rhapsodies backwards. Shitty move. I've heard as far as the claims that CLYDE barrow was gay went that seems to have come from a place of homophobia. I eat the idea that if you really wanna make someone evil, you make him gay on top of everything else. I gotta say as an advocate for the TQ community. I miss scary gay I want to be scary, again because that is like you're gonna miss. I want all to be like the teacher from nightmare elm street to Washington. We're gonna have our rights, by the way, or we will pummel you every way possible. Yes, I am gay. But I'm also a super villain. Well, the claims that CLYDE was gay comes from the opposite side of romanticizing, Bonnie and CLYDE some authors like to paint CLYDE as a full on psychopath with some even claiming that CLYDE was a child killer, who preferred boys and never even slept with bunny, but those claims came long after the pair were killed at the height of their popularity in the early thirties. It would have been suicide for a paper to buck. The narrative of two young lovers on the run. The truth is usual, though, is somewhere in between, although there is a fair amount of romance to the story, Bunning, CLYDE, mostly a couple of dumb young kids who knew full well, the consequences of their actions, but just didn't give a fuck. But I will say this is by far of all the stories we've covered on last podcast and left the most romantic. This is the this is the story where the love actually was real Bonnie and CLYDE, loved the Thuc. Out of each other in a way, that was probably kind of sick. They were like they were obsessed with each other. There were codependent on each other each other. But that's why no matter the one fucking separate them. It's, it's great. It's kind of it's nice 'cause you can kind of magic or self you frigging like Kissel, in a Ford model t win. The Bud Light with a wig on. Hundred and Robin Ray various people drive through love indeed. But all it took for their celebrity status to come. Crashing down was one huge fuck up. And when that buck was paired with misreported story, the tide of public opinion turned, and when it came to that type of celebrity, the turning of the tide meant certain death. But before we get into the story, let's acknowledge our main source today, go down together by Jeff Guinn, which is just like Gwynn's the road to Jonestown zap -solutely fantastic. And highly recommended this is the same used as a big source for Jonestown episodes. This yet. Jeff Gwynn's road to go down together. Fuckin- read it, it's great. It's like an action movie. Yeah. He writes an incredibly real action movie. That is their lives. It's, it's, it's awesome. It's gripping. And some people have taken umbrage with Gwynn's telling the story by saying, he made it a bit too much of an action movie say assumes of few things that he shouldn't, but we'll do our best to address those claims when they arrive. All right. So without further ado, let's get into the always sexy. Always bloody. And sometimes very dumb story, a Bonnie Parker, and CLYDE, barrow. Now, while neither Bonnie nork, CLYDE were born in anything even closely resembling money out of the two Claude chestnut. Barrow was by far the most poverty stricken, having grown up and almost third world conditions. Your middle name was named after the only food we had in the house chest. The brothers name bud broken teeth. Born on March twenty fourth nineteen ten CLYDE was the fifth child of seven born to Henry, and cue me barrow, you say in cue me, then it's spelled coming. Something's going on in that house with seven kids. It's pronounced cue me it is coming. Sprouts cume because that's all the documentaries, they call their cume. Just call her coming. This is not a promise that now I'm gonna flip. But the other way just being like a cube. That sounds like you're coming. Well, thank you to math. We're but accurate. So when CLYDE was born Henry, his father was a sharecropper, who toiled in the dirt fields of telecom Texas near the town of enough's. They just sell in dirt. Dirt farmer is sharecropper D just piled dirt together. He's up. A might a dirt, man, then people come and pay to pretend to be their father. No, they're farming cotton. This is cotton limb. These are all cotton, farmers. Oh, actually, we all drove through Innis during our first Texas door when we were driving from Austin, Dallas, I remember that. I remember looking out the window and seeing look at that beautiful town. It's so majestic and glorious. You don't remember a damn thing. Joy listeners out, Nina's, we love you. And if you've ever PT cruiser inning, it's your number one fear. All right, we had a town, and we had a gated community in our neighborhood. That was NS town. They had a across the street and people used to paint a p in front of it. You have to we have canal street here in, in New York. And the fact that every teenager, hasn't marked off the sea to make an anal street is making me a little disappointed in the youth quite honestly me. Definitely played her part of the weather beaten religious sharecropper's wife, living, a life of struggle and penitence that was rooted in the belief that being poor was a sign that Jesus actually loved, you more than those who were rich. It's like the opposite of the it's like the opposite of the prosperity gospel that we got going on. That is a line that was sold to people for a long time. And the idea of keeping them poor this part of the weird like clash struggles of the church where they. They would basically treat you don't worry be happy. You don't need to strive for more you don't because God loves the fact that you never smile. You write a really never smile on the pictures. They have of Comey and kids, you me where she? The all look like the, the all look like what's his name? The pig pen. From Charlotte's from Charlie Brown. All covered in dirt. And they don't even have the energy to frown a bunch of lines. It's all the emojis with the two dots for the is in the line for a face. They were working hard though, hoping to make. Yes. Hopefully hoping to make a big one day, perhaps I mean most of them were just hoping to make it to the next meal like making a big for most people. It was not even an option. And as Gwen points out CLYDE was taught from a young age. The poor people were godly and good, while people with money were, by their very nature, sinful allied with the devil, and inherently lesser them. Okay. Interesting. Interesting flip reversal. Yeah. Now, as I said, CLYDE was only one of seven kids and all the boys grew up with fun little nicknames. Clyde was known as bud because CLYDE was very friendly. Oh, his oldest brother Elvin was called Jack. Although no one can remember why the name. That's just a that's another claude's younger brother was known. Flop, because he had big ears cute. You get while clydes older brother Ivan, who would be the biggest influence in clydes life was known only as book. Oh, god. You don't wanna be bucket. A dark alley. Buck barrow. Call me domes cause a bird eight mile. Forgot we had an eighth child. Seems like humi did the best she could with the kids or at least by the standards of the time, which meant a whole lot of weapon and a whole lot of Jesus. And when the boys were young, they really weren't all that bad as far as we know there was, none of the early childhood signs of overtly violent criminal behavior. I mean they did grow up idolizing famous American outlaws, like Jesse James and Billy the kid. But so did just about every other poor kid at the time. Yeah. I love the empire growing up as a child. I wanted to be I like the empire Darth Vader. Yeah. I mean there's nothing wrong with that. They dressed better. They had better amenities in their space crowds sucked. Well, this is very controversial. Guy was Hewlett presume it was cool was Thuban. He was cool shoebox was very cool, by the way. All right, P Peterman Hugh, yes. But the barrow boys being good all changed, when bucks started stealing Roosters. Aw. Wanted to get in the cockfight to make a little money. And since his family had no money he started stealing all of his money makers, could you can't raise a fighting cock. You gotta steal a fighting cock. No, you can't go. And just because what are you gonna spank cock, you're gonna get the russert and you're gonna give it spanked? You're going to beat your and call it names. How do you make angry? The, the code the go coached all the girls sports at my school. He raised fighting cocks used to go to Oklahoma every weekend. Vitam re this is not a euphemism for anything, right? I just wanted to be sure we're still talking about Roosters. Yeah, we're talking about Roosters. Yeah. Okay. Coach Arnold now. He's take the fight because it was still legal in Oklahoma. So we'll, I'm coach Arnold erase fighting cocks yet whole plot of land for it was still legal. Yeah. Wow. How do you make a mean? Cock without having a bad. Mommy. Stop saying the word. Well, that was about the worst trouble the barrel boys could get into out and telecom stealing fighting cocks. But everything fell apart when World War One came to an end see when the war was raging. European farmers couldn't produce crops for obvious reasons and because American farmers with the only game in town prices for crops went through the roof during World War One, but as soon as the war was over, and the European started producing, again the bottom fell out of the market here in America and sharecroppers like Henry barrow were put out on their ass. I don't pretend to understand a single. Goddamn thing about economics. I really don't understand. I don't understand anything about, like financial politics or any kind of shed or, but it is really interesting to see how Gwynne breaks down how essentially these these wartime politics us putting ourselves into will war one, how that ended up creating essentially the whole depression kinda would fall into all of this. Wide ranging decades, long bullshit that ended up turning up like mix within the dust bowl happening and the I'ts, it's America almost like destroying us, and creating an entire true crime subculture because of it. It's a lot of stuff in their liver crime economics. It's a fascinating little. It's a fun. Little intertwining study there. So with nothing left to do in the country, the barrow, family loaded up their wagon and headed to the rapidly growing city of Dallas in nineteen twenty two we're industry was having the same sort of boom, agriculture was having a few years before problem was, nobody wanted to employ people like Henry barrow see the city fathers of Dallas had a vision for their city wherein, this smallish, Texas town would one day be on par with cosmopolitan cities like San Francisco and Paris. Honestly, I'm going to say they beat San Francisco when we were Dallas, we did not see one pile of Hugh. VC's. Because they all walk along all the highways and the. I don't use them pooh-pooh what's know if Dallas is better than San Francisco. I'm. I'm going to say it's not. I will say the Dallas is an interesting place, because what you've talked about it Marcus in the way of I've heard other people talk about is it seems to be Dallas was pretty high falutin for itself, and did believe that they wanted to create essentially a city of elites and I actually don't know if like a lot has changed, Dallas is doing very well. We were just there. I love Dallas. I tell you, I liked Dallas better now than I did. When I was in college like some places at popped up in dollars recently honky-tonk. Yeah. But Dallas was trying to be a Bank and city. Okay. I mean they didn't want. They wanted to be as far removed from the cowboy culture, the, the rest of texts had they wanted to remove themselves from his far aways, possibly get and younger people like clydes older siblings fit into that vision, quite nicely. His older brother, Jack became a mechanic, while a sister Nell became a hairdresser, because the bankers who were planning to rule the city with an iron fist needed people to fix their cars and do their hair. Both of them fell right in line also. And, but that also did those that took workforce away from the barrel farm, and the people that needed to basically inherit this piece of land that Henry barrow was working for years. He basically pooped out a bunch of fuck and city kids. Yeah. Like your father had you'd Marcus. Just like you have a city child. That's in a country plates, K at do the farm work. I it's like if I was born then to do I'm going to get beat the death in a field. Well, it'd be funny though. It'll be a great show. You do understand the Marcus father didn't birth him like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and junior. Well, just mother, it wa-. It was. And they've been very supportive of my city boy from on premise. But then you have people like Henry barrow, he along with thousands of other small time farmers in Texas had flocked to the city's after the crash, and it got even worse after a particularly bad Boll. Weevil infestation haired with about of cotton root, rot swept through east, Texas and in there's gong toe and prairie worm Myron you don't want to see how why these prairie were they? Thin Boll weevils are legitimate concern. They sound cute. They are not. What are they locus pretty? They're like they're kind of locust that will completely destroy a cotton crop if it really, if the infestation gets real bad, we'll, this should to named him something. So musical the fly the flying Boll weevils just sounds like a really fun old country, western band, that has a lot of what do you call those things jugs Anjos and banjos? I technically there was a song about Boll weevils written by the presidency, the United States of America. Yeah. The cutest alternative band of the nineties. Really? 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Go to sleep or got soundscape over one hundred sleep stories narrated by soothing voices like Jerome Flynn from game of thrones. In Stephen Fry. You can listen to him explain his gout right now last podcast listeners, get twenty five percent off, I call him a premium subscription. Adt com dot com slash last that the dot com slash L. A S, T forty million people have downloaded calm. Find out why ad calm dot com slash last. The other Texas cities like Austin San Antonio, and Houston understood that these refugees from the cotton, crash were actual human beings. But the city fathers, Dallas said fuck them and shoved them all to attend city called west Dallas, which came to be known alternately as either the bog or the devils back porch. Buddy is west Dallas now. Like a hipster neighborhood. Think so. Yeah, I'm not real sure I know west Alice has never been nice. But yeah, when I looked at it was like, there's new expanding businesses coming to west Dallas, like a yoga studio. The devils back porch, I would go there. We're actually a croissant Torri so them won't any sort of other top of bread. We don't have it. We just have crunchy sweet bread that you can eat with Chile and that's it. This is a country Chile. Croissant Tariq, also I can't hear the word sweetbreads anymore after you all tricked me into into eating lamb testicles in Oklahoma, City, you loved it. Actual sweet. I thought it was sweet bread bread. That was sweet not let you know what it was. You loved it. In west Dallas, amidst the open, sewers, dirt streets, and innumerable tents was where CLYDE barrow arrived with his family at the age of twelve and the barrows didn't even have it tent. They slept under their wagon every night. His fucking brutal sounding just the way they live. Their lives is a way that I would I would die. They think it's like if I drove my prese to go live in park, but then I just slept under my Prius night. It'd be dangerous dangerous and as far as food went the only thing they ever had to eat when the Salvation Army arrived with baloney on stale, bread, which the locals colorfully called west Dallas round state funding name really does fix a lot of things. It really does west Ellas round steak. Sounds like a Superfund sexual position or a great sandwich. Does sound like Eaton ass? You'll round steak as far as what Henry barrow did for money. He was a jump man every day. He'd hitches horseshoes wagon and leave his family sitting in the dirt while he crossed the trinity river and scoured, the nicer neighborhoods for scrap metal but little by little Henry gathered enough junk to build his family, a tiny little shack in west Dallas. And eventually, the barrows, who are one of the few families in the camp to have an actual roof over their heads. Good. So this guy was good. He was doing some good parenting. He I don't know if the term working your ass off, like literally had a meal, and he's mule was his car that he'd go, and he take a pick a scrap metal go. Do that for thirteen hours a day, he would come back to his family, he'd give them the beans that he could find he then would then spend the next two five hours building the house where they would live out of the stuff that technically he should be. Selling so naturally in a place. So devastatingly poor some of the citizens in west Dallas, turn to crime to survive for one buck barrow thrived in the environment as they were a hell of a lot of chickens to steal Dallas. Robber. What a gold. Plenty. Clyde thought buck was about the coolest motherfucker in the world. See, CLYDE was never what you'd call a big man by fifteen CLYDE was the biggest he'd ever be five foot five about one hundred twenty five pounds nearly. Really? That's like a big thing dog food with a hat on. By the time CLYDE was sixteen. He dropped out of school, but that wasn't too big of a deal because only about forty percent of students in America at the time went past eighth grade, and really it wouldn't have made a goddamn, but a difference in clydes life if he had gone all the way through school, see in America back, then, but in Dallas, especially the station, which you born was almost guaranteed to be where you died interesting. Now, admittedly, it's not that much different today. But in the twenties, if you were born poor, you are guaranteed to stay poor and CLYDE barrow was so poor, that not even the fathers of west Dallas, aka the bog would allow their daughters today them. Yeah. Did it was it is very, very interesting to see that without the means to change. I mean he he was fucked. They were all fucked anybody in west Allis was just an essentially, they were told this is the way it is. And you're gonna like it, we're going to give you whatever. Cooking spare ass hard jobs that you can have unless you have a skill because family, like his hairdresser, sisters. They had a profitable skill and they leaned into it, and they'd go and they realize all this, this is what we're going to do profitable because of the retail area. But if you come from station, you're literally sharecropper, son, that is now a junk man, son. There is very little room. You wiggle your way in a proper society and humble plug here, Ebeling top at we talk about some recent legislation where make it more difficult once again, for low income people to move upwards upward mobility has always been talked about, but never achieved in this country. No. And it is getting worse by the day. And as far as clydes dreams went he spent all the free time he had gone into downtown Dallas to window shop for fine suits. Nice guitars, and all the things he'd buy and do if only he had a little bit of money. He's like Wayne from Wayne's world. Clyde barrow was actually an accomplished. Qatar player the saxophonist zag like he was actually really good musician. Okay. Cool. The he there was a second, where he was certain to live music. It was like, we might have seen a CLYDE barrow as a folk singer instead of as a Bank, the for Bank robber, but it just interesting. Yeah. And CLYDE did work. I mean his first job was the Brown cracker and candy. He's all sound. Disgusting acts men view with their farmhands Jimmy Brown craft. Brown crack second give me about two hours. I can give me a Brown. Just did Brown. Cracker with my cousin about forty five minutes. All right. Well, they're Brown cracker and candy company, barrow worked for a dollar a day, which even today's money that's a dollar, seventy five and hour. So they just hate him to take dump on a conveyor belt over and over and over again. This. He said, there was no room whatsoever for advancement the way Gwynne puts it people from Dallas owned and ran the factories while people from west Dallas work the factories. And they were expected to work the factories for ever, and they were expected to be grateful for the opportunity, right? And unlike the cities on the east coast, Dallas had nothing even close to labor unions, so people like CLYDE were working at least sixty hours a week, the most CLYDE ever made was thirty cents an hour working for Procter and gamble, which in today's cash is still just four dollars. You make more than that in a maximum security prison. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, technically it's the same amount of money that a bartender at a local Irish tavern would make think about that about that. Honestly. That's what they make when they wait staff, they, they get tickets tips. Yeah. They get tips. But is that a guaranteed flow of income? That's an interesting little economic argument, we could have because a lot of people don't believe in tips or believe its merit base. When will why should it be merit base, if it's thing that then is expected of you to in order to make a living wage? I'm not gonna side bubble off into this conversation statistics. So you make more money getting tips than if you're gonna minimum wage, they want the tips, given the money, well, after Proctor and gamble, CLYDE worked for the United glass company, then he tried enlisting in the navy. This he really did make every effort, at least when he was younger to go straight. He's five five one twenty or something perfect for the navy now. He's now. Honestly, dad got in that is literally how my dad got in because he was tiny enough to go into the summer. Exactly. You're just gonna fit there weren't submarines back then. I mean, CLYDE try he he enlisted heave and got the letters US in tattooed on his arm and -ticipant. He's like, I'm going all in on this. But ultimately, he was deemed too sickly to serve his father used to suffer from thing. I believe they just called the. Shivers. I think it was like epilepsy where he'd be like fucked and CLYDE, got a little touch of the shivers, which is bad when you're auditioning for the navy audition for the navy. Yeah, you can call audition shirt. I tell you what I do. Billy regret the SNL tattoo, I got going. That wasn't clydes last ill. Conceived tattoo either later that same year. He got the letters e b w tattooed right under US. N I was the initials of his girlfriend at the time Eleanor be William that's going to lead to an argument down the road with whoever definitely marry when that went sour CLYDE, moved on and pretty soon and got a spot, right? Under e w and then finally. Grace came in at number four. Is he a fucking make out tree Harvey the initials of everyone that he's kissed? What is happening strangely? Clyde, never got Bonny's name tattooed anywhere on his body. Really? I guess he's learned a lesson would hope so Bonnie, got something special you now, see, even that special lady. Yummy yum, on number one in this whole criminal organization show, you right here. I little tight. But at any rate, CLYDE, was starting to realize that he was never going to get the nice clothes. Fast cars were places like Brown. Cracker now for people like, CLYDE, the only real way to supplement your income was through crime for the women of west Dallas. The most common crime was sex work for men. The crime of choice was theft in CLYDE, started off by stealing what else you wanna guess, been? Television. Toasters. There was one television in one toaster in the country at the time they were both in the Rockefellers how yet still. Okay, one last thing. Honestly, what would he steal? What would you steal? A core engines, can't gins chick. Chickens, chickens best bedding for your buck when you get to petty crime because see look at it this way, either sell the chicken or you got a chicken dinner, if you said, hey chicken, it'd be really upset. Okay. Great. Pretty soon, though. Clyde got picked up for chicken theft, but was let go because there wasn't enough room to hold every west. Alice kid busted for stealing a chicken because why would literally steal in alarm clock your literal? You're stealing the thing that has made to wake people up in the morning. It's hard. It was hard livid man. And it was hard to find a way in buddy. I will say, I think that it's one of my favorite historical things I even read about this book about how Texas at the time had so little room in jails that they just pardoned people they would do to get him out of the jail down. You're fine. Out of here. Interesting CLYDE was free for about three weeks. But then the cops picked him up again this time, CLYDE, and his brother. Buck had upped their poultry game by stealing a whole truckload of Turkey's before thanksgiving. No easier crime. There's not a noise year that exists. Entire truck. Agean at some point understand there being stolen so Sam because all the kosher truck house air out, say. No. I, I didn't see any of them, sir. I don't know what you're talking about. Sir. That's our daughter. She's. They were caught almost immediate. I would think so. But buck took all the blame like a good. Big brother, and CLYDE was set free. But the problem was CLYDE now been picked up twice and almost as many weeks for that which earned him a permanent spot on the Dallas police department shitless. So then on anytime there was a theft, CLYDE was on the list for investigation as a suspect when the cops didn't have any leads, which meant that cops could detain CLYDE at anytime for quote unquote suspicion. And most of the time this happened, while CLYDE was at work, and as a result, CLYDE, kept losing jobs, because the cops come pick them up, right say are taking downtown on suspicion. They take him downtown. They would question him and then they just fucking leave him. What the hell did. They do. Do they put him into a lineup and just have a bunch of turkeys, stared him and be like? I'm sorry, Mr. CLYDE, it looks like the turkeys have finger, this time you can always tell who's guilty about win the Turkey screen. But this is a very this is even common nowadays of them when I heard that suffer in impoverished neighborhoods, especially if you have any sort of record constant harassment by the police. Yes. Kansin keeping up of basically checking in on you. And you know, it's really hard to keep job when a police officer takes you off your shift. Absolutely. Lot of similarities with current day, America. Yeah. I mean a lot of the stuff that we're talking about here is did not go away. It's the exact same way. Now as it was then. Absolutely. And also, I mean hell this country's also rapidly sliding towards a place where people bonding CLYDE could be born again. Oh my. Well as a result of police harassment, CLYDE, kept losing jobs and eventually he began to give up on us work altogether. But luckily, for him that was a new much more profitable fence on the market than chickens. Okay cars. Yes. Something worse feeling thank God. See around nineteen twelve starting systems in cars began to switch from the big noisy, cranks. You have to use to start your model TS model as to electric starting systems, do because of this hot wiring, became extremely, easy, and extremely common because you can open up the engine panel right next to the driver's door hot wire at hop in and your fucking gone in five seconds. Pretty hot. Also people just leave their keys in their car. Also, it was very you know, people didn't truly understand that it would just take something that you out. And then we're going to see the, the actual advancement in technology is going to allow CLYDE barrow at Bonnie Parker to evade the police for two years. Okay. And CLYDE barrow was a natural. In fact, one could say at stealing cars and hauling ass were about the only two things. Clyde barrow was truly good at. It's fucking killer. If you read about it into book to this is this is where I. I, I was like very excited to read it. I don't know if he invented drifting, it would talk about how CLYDE could do a turn on, you can do nine degree turn, and there was like he could drive motherfucker. I believe it. I'm sure it's easy to drift touring all the ladies just making the making the road. Nice. And I don't want to say that never mind, I want to it doesn't matter. I was talking about how Bush would squirt. It was too dirty. Probably kept in anyway. So the whole doesn't matter. Yeah. Okay. Clyde would steal a car in Dallas. Take it to Oklahoma and sell it for about a hundred bucks, which is about fifteen hundred dollars adjusted for today. Eventually, CLYDE started hanging out with the seedier boys, his age specifically kid named Frank Klaus, who ironically was from Dallas proper. Oh, clause was what you call a second story man, which is just a weird, nineteen twenties way of naming a burglar who entered above the ground floor. I'm what you call basement man. Try to find money in your butt. Anyways. Go to jail for being a pedophile. Okay. But with this story man at his side, CLYDE, started escalating and Justice clydes appetite for crime hidden upswing. The stock market crashed and the great depression, began on October twenty ninth nineteen twenty nine at its absolute worst. But those you don't know the history, the great depression, put a full quarter of the United States population out of work, twenty four point five percent of people in the United States, did not have a job. But although this was hitting those who already had money hard in the gut Henry barrow was doing fucking great. Anybody in the bay? He didn't have a guardian big shoes again. Stop fuck with why. I'm going to turn all of my cash into precious. Gems carry around big bag or. To my wrist. There's nothing I wanna see more than wizard Henry's browse. It's literally, you are. We actually had a chance to interview, Dan ackroyd onside stories, which is going to be out next week speaking with Dan Aykroyd was speaking, Henry and the future. And it really was like, breaking my rain to be like, wow. I know what my friendship is gonna look like in thirty years with Henry, my life can work out. Just a couple of months before black Tuesday. Henry barrow actually had a little bit of luck a car spun out of control and killed his meal, this look, well after threatened a lawsuit the owner of the car gave Henry six hundred dollars, which Henry us to buy a model t which exponentially, increased his junk gathering ability. Oh, he sat right? There is the American dream. Get a settlement under the table from an accident. And then you could get even more junk to sell to slum lords. This is like first of all, his, his pops Henry is like Chris Farley in fucking dirty work with heaven knows. Also, like the dude for, for office space. In the car, make all of his dreams come true being almost parallel to jump to conclusions. But while Henry was making an honest living buck and CLYDE were breaking the law all over North Texas. And it was about to catch up to nine nineteen twenty nine about a month after the stock market crash. The two brothers were joy, riding in a stolen Ford with their buddy said, deciding to take it a little further the three of them broke into a house and got away with a bit of jewelry and a little bit of cash, then they figured they'd round out the night. Nice late by break in new a place called motor Marghera JR. Out in Denton to see if they crack the saf-, the saf-, though, proved on crackle. So they held it out to their stolen forward to see if they crack it at home. But at the moment that these three idiots were putting an entire safe into the trunk of their car a patrol cop came by and gave chase. But as town, you cloud, the next time we do, we gotta steal the entire building. That's how we know. And then best par police catch us. We go inside town. We live there. Was he with Israel Keyes think? Clyde jumped in the driver's seat of the Ford took off. But took a turn to fast and crashed the car three of them, then took off on foot, as the didn't police open fire CLYDE and Sydney got away. But buck got shot through both of his leg. Oh, and was arrested. Suck because you know what? How many times this happened because it's like me and Jackie or from scene of a crime. Jackie. Oh. And then she gets shot in both legs, right. If she like. Oh, no. But as brother and sister, you have to have brothers in crime have to have an understanding. We can give a tip of the hat, also soon. I'll cut you out of jail award. And then you leave a separation policy where they knew that you can't stick around and help somebody else. The only way you can do is come back around and save them later on, which is very important criminal skill. So you're Nell Aji involves, you leaving your sister to be arrested. In nearly died at the hands of the place, but a comeback around you come back around break out of jail, but for trying to be sexy lady, and I'll I will I will have sex with the jailer for a little while off to convince him. It's real. I mean if my but doesn't turn them away immediately, then means he would have had sex, anyway wouldn't have needed put the dress on. But I distract great, great great. Tragedy. Here's just a few weeks before the arrest. Buck had met and fallen in love with his future wife blanche, they'd fallen so hard that they already have pet names for each other. Buck called blanche baby and blanche called buck daddy, daddy. Danny absolutely needed a little like so this is the first tumbler romance. Daddy, and baby. Daddy, fucks baby. I don't eat loves daddy. I'm pretty sure that happened to a lead singer of band. Incarcerated. I remember but now, daddy was facing a four year prison sentence for robbery, and as far as how much was in the safe, the boys had risked their lives and freedom for little more than thirty bucks. Oh my God. What are these the colonel's secret recipe? Cue me. And Henry hope that this close call would put CLYDE back on the straight, narrow for a while. It kinda he was still committing crimes, but he'd also started hanging out with his old, west Alice friends who are seen as better influence. Okay. Yeah. I don't do crime. Yoyo man. Play yoyo upside of businesses until they pay me to stop. But it was wild CLYDE was hanging out with one of those friends that according to Jeff Guinn on January fifth, nineteen thirty CLYDE barrow went to a house party at one zero five Herbert street and met Bonnie Parker. This. Anyway, they see each other. It's just it is really magical moment in history that if you could freeze imagining going to this party because the way he kinda sets it up as it was very much. So, like, CLYDE was really fucked up. He didn't know what the hell do is life. His all of his buddies were, like, come on. So we figure a way out of this brothers in jail already one through run through a string of women, and then he just walks his party, and he sees Bonnie and fuckin-, that's it. The seas parted and they met in the middle floating to each other, perhaps. Yeah. And that's that's one version of how they met there. There are a few different versions of how they met. But that's the one we're gonna go with that. I like that. What it's cute. Hey guys, you know, we do a lot of internet research for these shows, and I gotta say, alien websites, you need to step it up. Neon green text on a black background auto playing music links to nowhere. And you're still using papyrus as a fault. 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Cement city was a kind of sister city to the bog, that was west Dallas. While the people of west Dallas just choked on mud people in cement city, at least had jobs while they choked on dirt, and mud. And what does it Brinkman city over two bucks that he put the spent on the bog, and then you can have it whole city? Nice little ravine with the ball. No, I'm sorry to named it. And it was in cement city, the Emma Parker got a job as a factory seamstress, but that didn't stop her from raising her kids to think that they were in fact better than everyone in Dallas. Although she never really told them why they were better. Well, I actually think it's kind of refreshing and it was really nice Emma Parker was constantly telling them being like you're better than any your circumstances. And that's kind of the, the concept of what supposed to be good about fucking America is idea. You're supposed to be able to go out there and make something of yourself never mind. The crushing class war that you are losing, you can still, you can make your way through to navigate you gotta be a navigator, and sometimes you just don't make you gotta get lucky to. I mean she did go a little bit far. I mean it was it was she was more like you are superior to these other people people in west. Dallas, your superior to the people that are above you. You're better than everyone else. You are special. You have your own little decimating to fulfil, right? And you can do pretty much tell her, you can do whatever the fuck you on, never mind, the consequences. She's like, what mama June did with, with what's on booboo booze going to space? Look at that. That's incredible. To that rocket here. They're gonna dog. They did in Russia with the tested. Yeah. They're going to test new private space shuttles with Honey. Boo. Boo. And they're gonna rise so they could watch the whole thing, and then put tubes in her so they could see our blood react space. Man, I believed you for one second. Really feeling gullible right now as far as Bonnie is a little girl went. She was to say the least a precocious child who wants shocked a crowd of churchgoers by singing this song that I'm about to play. The song is apparently what passed as a comedy, tune in nineteen fourteen. Home. On the level on the level funny, clown. He's been he's a devil in his own hometown by Billy Murray, I honestly would listen to that today. I don't think we needed to make any music after nineteen forty it's great. Are you going to do that, as your, your mother son dance at your wedding? Bonnie. Also, like do you have a song picked out for your mother son? Dance yet. No not yet. Okay. It's not going to be got only knows I'll tell you that. You're talking about it in her life show. And we can't wait to see everyone in Australia. It's right. We're yeah. We're going to be in Australia, very quick. Remember we're going to be there a week after nex Sydney. Perth Adelaide, Melbourne, all kinds of places. Has been the last guest on the left dot com to get tickets and we'll see all they're all right? The did you get the plug manager Ken. Bonnie also liked to set fires because she said the colors where pretty I'm in love with her. There are so many of us I want listeners like, honestly, you've already ruin your life, for a person like this. Yeah. A little drew Barrymore like in fire starters, a little creepy, perhaps, she also had a filthy mouth from young age, which she picked up from her. They said she never got rid of it. Bonnie had the filthiest mouth and town school, but bunny was never punished for anything just because she was so damn cute. Oh, that's how you get away with, with, like, Wendy when you go and she'll take food off the plate. And you're like, oh any mad at you. Food for the father. But. What can you do puff and drew blood on me yesterday? Bit my hand. What can you do? Vote him to sleep knowing Henry. Joke about it. That's horrible. Bonnie got newer, grandfather's Weinstock and drank until she passed out gotten a fist fights with both boys and girls and general, Deb. Whatever the hell she wanted to from the time she woke up until the time she went to sleep. Wow. But perhaps Bonnie's biggest influence was the picture shows from the time she was old enough to go Bonnie dreamed of a glamorous life one where she'd sing on Broadway, she'd act in Hollywood movies and publish books after book of poetry. Oh, cool. But body was never going to get out of cement city. God should have made it less sinnett. See my sim sim in deep down. She knew it, you know, she knew she wasn't going to. I mean she was smart. I guess I mean she like one spelling bees. There were like Jeff Guinn put there were no fucking talent scouts and cement city and Bonnie was never gonna make to New York or LA while she'd actually get noticed. Oh, because she'd need collateral money to go and invest in to yourself as a business, and that's what's kind of he, she was saying with the being like if maybe, maybe if she had made it to New York or LA, she might have gotten front of somebody, simply just because we're drive, but it was very difficult. I would assume the only talent agent had the first black couch. City. Yeah. Look at us level. Got deep seats and the best part about it is like put my new motor camera, right? Across from it. Well by fifteen Bonnie had married, a petty thief named ROY Thornton, and got a tattoo inside her. Right. Fi with two hearts connected by arrows labeled Bonnie and ROY, this is another combined over her and CLYDE. Yeah. And they probably did probably probably definitely laughed about it. It's kind of like that. Kelsey grammer chastity tattoo that he got to cheating on his wife. I really wanna get one that just the top like right near the top by balls that, she says, are you, my mommy? What is wrong with you today? Naturally Bonnie's marriage to ROY Thornton was a total bust within a year. Roy was disappearing for days at a time and was refusing to tell Bonnie, where he was going all the Bonnie heard, or rumor that he was shacking up with REBA Griffin over in west Dallas boots have your but in our bed. But whatever that word is. Hey. Band ever gotten that sentence. Right. Has any REBA ever gotten a man? Honestly, I don't think so. Visually, ROY just vanished altogether. And Bonnie was left to fend for herself. She got a job. Waitressing Hargraves cafe in Dallas making about forty five bucks a week, plus tips in today's money. It's Jeff Gwynn's sump Shen, that Bonnie might have been moonlighting as a sex worker from time to time, because she was always dressed, much better than our work afforded, and Bonnie was also infertile, which made her a prime candidate for sex work. Okay. Good for her money, but it could be that the clothes were either bought by potential suitors or were simply stolen when you read some bonds later poetry, specifically, a poem called the prostitutes convention, Bonnie had quite a wealth of knowledge concerning the Dallas streetwalker seen. Okay. But we'll see couple of there's a couple of things in there that I would put other little contingencies on. Is that sex work, quote unquote sex work as there's a lot of grey areas where you could just be given gifts. By a dude. You are dating like that is a good thing, if whether or not you call that sex work or dating. I don't know. And also, she liked to put on the facade of these things like to learn the lingo, and the talk of these key had a traction general election, just like CLYDE did to a criminal life immediately to seed your side, because it was exciting. Yeah. Until you make it though. And she could have picked up all that knowledge lingo, from regulars that are waitressing job because even though she could be a bit of a pain in the ass at times, Bonnie was extremely well, liked and people opened up to are, like, even when people were kidnapped by Bonnie and CLYDE later on, like, when they let them go, they'd be like Bonnie's a peach. Amazing. But either way, it's always very strange when you when the person's been kidnapped call me. No national Marie. Well, yeah, it was D as they did. That he did that he kidnap somebody, the dude. Call the blazers. I think phony, it's ridiculous. That scene in the Bonnie, CLYDE movie when they kidnap gene, wilder and his girlfriend, like which, you know, that's June Walter's very first role. I did not know. Yeah, but it was kind like that wasn't that much of an exaggeration. Like some people had a fucking great time when they got kidnapped by Bonnie, and CLYDE, that's other tad. And absolutely fucking awful time. It was not all sunshine lollipops out that, of course. But either way, when Bonnie and CLYDE met at that house party in nineteen thirty it said that the attraction was immediate and mutual. See clouds big thing was control, in Bonnie liked a man who acted like he was in charge just like all the men in the picture shows dead. What is it with people of a certain height? If I only had someone to ask me a really good friend, ask about the control when it comes to people of different sizes, because the best part of tall people can't see what you're doing. And so they don't really know you live your life in a innocent cloud walking above, while people like me have to do little MAC nations to make sure the bigs are safe taking care of. Thank you, very nice. Furthermore, even though everything CLYDE had was stolen or bought with stolen goods. Funny was still impressed by the nice clothes, and the fancy car CLYDE to take into the party and CLYDE like that. Bonnie was cute and clingy. Because although Bonnie and CLYDE attracted miss could I think you could describe them as plain whites like yeah. This is before makeup in ever. They're not ugly. They're they're playing. They're playing white Bonnie was obsessed with makeup. She would always would do or self up to the nines, even as we go. We'll was we cover later when they were on the run. They were always, like clean clothes very like hair done makeup done. She was very much about shoes about appearances because it was fun again. It was anything that took them out of the day to day, reality. We're dealing with anything to elevate themselves. Okay. But so Bonnie was cute enough that having a girl like that constantly grabbing his arm boosted, CLYDE, self-confident, absolutely. Yeah. And it didn't hurt. The Bonnie was not. Quite Fifi tall. Which complemented the five foot five CLYDE quite nicely. Perfect. See he'd feel stronger dated to five foot ten woman. I it's, it's strength show strength and think that CLYDE needs to have anymore feeling stronger. But the one thing that bonding CLYDE, shared that bound them together permanently was their dog a determination to reject the life that they both been born into. They were gonna get out, and they were going to get out together. That's my God. No, I'm just thinking about Tracy Chapman fast. But just a month after they met CLYDE was arrested at Bonnie's house for attempted robbery, the cops tracked him down, and it was attempted robbery among about seven or eight other charges. The cops had yet and investigating CLYDE, and just like tacking them on and talk. And I'm talking, and he was guilty. He'd done all this shit. Yeah. No a retail Kentucky's, again, we're talking cars. We're talking cars. Yeah. And he did it in multiple counties, and he did it in multiple states and they decided to just come for him. And he was meeting them. Parker day. He he went to go because Bonnie liked him so much that she wanted to meet mom. And so she brought him over and they're hanging out in his a slack. I'll tell you what. mrS palko. I'm going to go girl. It's gonna be absolutely wonderful fantastic. And but she was like, why are you in a suit, you obviously can't afford this shit. You have like a shiny brand-new car that you cannot afford. I know for a fact and then the cop show up that's a rough as a rough day. And Bonnie was absolutely. Devastated and wrote this in her journal after visiting CLYDE in jail, quote. I was so blue and mad discolor had to. Had to cry. I had neighbor began stream down my face. Then I stop on the mall street. I laid my head down on steering wheel and Shaul did boo men now that would all be summed up in a mean. There were so much. People were had to be more ticket back. Then do you think? Sure. Did boo is articulate. I do. I think there's something very artistic about sure. Did boo understand? She was crying very hard. And like. When you say an antiquated like old timey way, it is cute. But if she went all full dude boot who? No. It's, it's simple. Simple was not as a woman the complex. I'd imagine. She had a very nice Texas accent. I'm sure just I laid my head down on the steering wheel and sure dead boo. Who's ship? Clyde beat the first rap in Denton, but was immediately hauled off to Waco to face seven other charges ranging from car-theft possession stolen goods all while using pseudonyms like Elvin Williams. Elden Williams, Jack HALE, and ROY Bailey. Ooh, fake names, ROY, Bailey's at great fake name rate thing name. And so for these crimes, CLYDE was given seven concurrent two-year terms on March fifth nineteen thirty and earned a spot on the infamous one way, wagon from Waco to Huntsville, state penitentiary that right? There is a micro episode that will do that guy. That ran the one way were the one way wagon that guy is such a. That's a fucking character. Yeah. I do. So technically, they gave him two years, though. Yeah, yeah. But just a few days later buck, who was still serving his four-year term had escaped from Huntsville while serving as a trust. St. in the prison kitchen. He ended another dude just jumped in a guard's car, when no one was looking and drove back to Dallas. I was hoping it would have. I was hoping it would have escaped in the mashed potatoes mashed potatoes, ever come out of this kitchen. Kind of. Sido. So you me nights. When buck showed back up at his parents house still wearing his prison overalls his father, just shook his head and said. That's on. What about bar? Let's get it done. That was kind of the barrow family's attitude towards all their kids, as like, well, that's just buck or like that's just CLYDE. That's just who they are. That's just can't do anything about it is just, you know, that's just him snitch on your own kids. These are, honestly the best parents, we've covered so far. Right. Well, what is Henry barrow? He I think he put it really quickly, like a workman ain't got Tom to sit his kids, that they talked about, is that they destroyed up like they were essentially equals the ten the work and they were essentially employees of the farm, and then the rest of them Wednesday, go make money someplace else and try to bring whatever they could back. Right. Meanwhile, CLYDE barrow was planning and scape of his own. See, CLYDE, had no intention of going to Huntsville by reputation and design Huntsville was plainly put hell on earth. So before the wagon came to carb away, CLYDE cooked up a plan with Bonnie. Now even though the two of them had only been dating a Ma. Month when clog got arrested Bonnie had still been visiting CLYDE, almost daily in both Denton and Waco. So one day while Bonnie was making a regular visit CLYDE whispered, the details of his plan. See the whole thing had been cooked up with a fellow prisoner named William Turner, Turner was in the cell next to clydes and Turner had hidden a revolver in his parents house in east Waco. They would've loved. No. They would've loved it. One extra gun stir the soup with it. I'm really happy. Didn't see the extra the plan was, hey, why don't you Bonnie open your vagina try to? Listen, listen. I gotta go away for a long time. Okay. Now, listen. Oh, I just got to do one thing for me. I need you to show me that. But. See. So I can't remember now it. We get. Oh, love is real, CLYDE, and Turner figured the only way to get that revolver, ended the jail was to have Bonnie, smuggle it in a so CLYDE, drew, Bonnie a map of where in the house. The gun was hidden and Astra to go get it. And come back that same day, see this had to be split-second decision for Bonnie, the wagon Huntsville could come at any moment and once CLYDE was on that wagon. Bonnie couldn't do anything to help the plan was for CLYDE and Turner to use the gun to escape then CLYDE with lay low for a while, and eventually, come back for Bonnie and really Bonnie could have turned them down. Yeah, absolutely. Oh, yeah. Yeah. She could headed back to cement city got herself a job, founder, self another man and lived a normal if somewhat boring life. Yeah. That's not a great alternative. Going into vendor. Really just got the invitation to criminal lifestyle like this. Is it one in Bonnie and thinking about how much trusted Bonnie just in this moment of time? I mean he's stupid. He also was just like he right people right time scissor in decathlon. And it's it's awesome. It's like Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory with a golden ticket and the chocolate chocolate bar. But in this case, it's a gun inside of an Easter bunny or something. I don't know works. Bonnie accepted because this type of action was exactly what Bonnie of been craving with a daring rescue attempt like this Bonnie would be on par with the women. She saw each week at the picture show. And what better way to show her loyalty to her man than a help him bus out of prison? Interesting, I always think about the time that I was I was working at Hollywood video. And I was sitting there just polishing polishing the videos really do. I forgot. We even what my job was. It wasn't a lot of job. But the entire the seventy Sixers came in with basketball team. The Philadelphia seventy six seventy Sixers. They were in town playing their land magic, and they came in. And they said, we love the way your polishing them video tapes in TIs. Mature. Really? And they said wanna come with us to help shine these basketballs. And I said, no, I think about that all the time about how what my life would have been like I just went with them shining them balls. Right again, just an extension of the idea that took place at the end of dumb and dumber. Sashi boys for the white tropic girls. Is this an extension of your decision to turn down the opportunity to play a blues brother at Universal Studios, Florida, that is a real opportunity that I did say no to and it did end up better in the end because I would just be in Orlando. Probably right now, I would probably be I would be one of those, what is it? The despicable me. With it. Fruit of universe. Get knocked over. Like just see you when you're little no should've gone to. So, mommy. Mommy, why does that minion smell like whiskey? Close depressed. What was that? So bunny. Agreed it took a while to find the gun but she eventually managed it. The only problem was how she was going to get it back into the jail purse to obvious. They're going to check the purse and the gun was, too big for her boot because member, she's five tall, right? Over getting to something here. No, no, no, small. She couldn't put it in their posts. For boat. It's going to be too big for her vagina. What? The gun. My god. Title to go up the gum. Good continue on. So Bonnie decided the best course of action was to buckle an extra belt under her dress to hold the gun. Yes. She'd never been through a full body search on any of her previous visits and bomb. She came in and they fucking loved her. Yeah. She charmed the entire staff. She charmed officers. They were letting her go back to the they were giving her extra visiting hours. She was using the private bathroom. Okay. Bonnie was absolutely correct. In her assumption. She went through security, again with a smile on buckle begun from her belt, as soon as she and CLYDE were alone and handed it to her. Bo. Oh, love is in the air yet, is, it's real. So Bonnie was waiting for word from CLYDE back at her cousin's house. He William Turner, and a third prisoner named Ameri Abernathy put the plan into place. Why is there's always a third guy who jumps on president's case? There's always escapes. It starts with the two guys of planning. And there's always some guy that was it's just always like. Sucked Cup stick. I didn't know he was undercover. And I also don't know why he let me suck. It's dead. For the ruse. They chosen the old sick prisoner routine. Oh, that's great. Classic routine Turner called out to the guard. A man named Hughes, Jones and told him he was nauseous needed a little milk to settle his stomach. Oh, yeah. Nothing like nineteen thirties, milk. All nothing like Holmen Golo milk, make you feel better. And since getting milk was easier than mopping-up vomit. Hughes, went and got the milk. Okay. But when Hughes opened the cell door to hand turn the milk Abernathy pulled out the gun and ordered the guard into the cell, so you guys aren't going to be drinking. The mill. Right. Joke's on you fill. Look, look, look, look, I'm lactose. Oh, clean up the vomit anyway, within minutes, the three prisoners were out on the streets of Waco. The briefly exchanged gunfire with the guard while they were running down the street, but pretty soon, CLYDE, had hot wired a car, smartly. They abandoned the first car for a better one just a little bit outside of town. This is fucking g to hey before even existed, the funny thing is that, like a lot of these shootouts, you remember that scene in trailer park boys were the shooting at each other and one of them accidentally gets hold on a second. I'm we gotta stop. That's what all these feel life because CLYDE was always shooting over their heads and the other guys are shooting over his head. They're not there. It's like a game. It's total fucking chaos. That is that it's a part of kind of the energy of this whole story is it ever the shows that shoot outs what we see in the movies. I mean all the not are these kind of organized things. These very haphazard just people shooting them in the general direction each other, there's people running around, like literally citizens in the middle of the fight. It's, it's so much. I don't know. I love the thought subtlety it's something about the idea that like it's not too factions getting align, and getting cover and firing on each other. It's a whole tornado of activity. And if you wanna watch a live shooting feel free to turn on any television news channel on any random Friday and there's a good chance. They'll be covering it right there for you truly park boys, by the way, shoutout Instagram has reunited, my love reinvigorated my love for them. If anyone knows the trailer park points have them reach out to us. We love to talk about. Yeah. We'd love to love. Who's really got time to go to the post office? Honestly. It's such a hassle braving traffic parking lugging, all your mail packages around, who is got time. That's why you need stamps dot com. 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The second car that CLYDE, and his two companions, stole wasn't reported stolen until the next morning, which gave the escapees a twelve hour headstart, they switched cars and lamb passes Gulf, weight, and brownwood as they headed west never stopping for a moment. As far as Bonnie went, she didn't hear anything about the boys until she read a headline in the Waco times herald, a few days later that said trio leaves trail of stolen cars. Oh, dude. That's fucking awesome. And there was much editorializing to be done in said article. Oh, yeah. It read quote schoolboy barrel, when on my avenue, A R lodge this morning. But they'll be back. They haven't the brains to stay free. It's the dumble them that brings them back. Dumble. Dumbbell. Better. I'm calling people dumbbells. Actually better. Well, thankfully, though, there was no mention of Bonnie whatsoever. The cops hadn't even thought that maybe it was Bonnie that smuggled into gun to the boys, even though that was the only logical explanation, but just to be safe, Bonnie hitchhiked back to Dallas instead of taking the bus or train lest the laws, as they all call the cops be on the lookout for clydes new accomplice, eventually, CLYDE did get a telegram to Bonnie about five days after the breakout, the boys made it as far as southwest Ohio, but since the boys were after all, just boys their first attempt at crime on the outside resulted in their arrest, the ad hot gang broke into a dry cleaners and a railroad depot own the same night and took in about sixty bucks and got away with it that night, but they'd been pretty conspicuous in casing the depot earlier that day. So the agent had written down their plate number. So y'all got money. I'm just asking to ask it, ask it. Can I ask another more specific question? Where is the money? And how much is it are you planning on coming back here later and robbing up here this railroad store? No. Such when the boys drove past the same railway depot on their way out of town the next day. The cops who were there investigating the burglary immediately recognized the car and gave chase an after pursuit that involved more than a few gunshots, and two separate car chases. All three men were arrested the subsequent report and the Waco times herald read baby thugs captured. It. So cute. Because if they are baby thugs, that's like super funny mobile, what's the Bibo world Bubba Bubba world bobby's way base. Tell baby. Well, the accompanying editorial made sure to gloat about how the writers previous estimation of the criminals as baby dumbbells was proved accurate and then thing was Bonnie was paying attention to what those newspaper men were saying is bunnies, not perfect. See Bonnie thought that after the prisoner escape she'd be living a glamorous life on the run right beside her gangster boyfriend. But that's also kind of that's kind of the line that CLYDE solar. Yeah. It's been like it's going to be you'll. Maybe we're all hit the streets. We're gonna go out. They're never going to know them. A call on the call for you. Oh, one-step as Jeff Guinn puts it Bonnie was the humiliated, girlfriend of a bumbling, baby. Dumbbell. Well, if she had gone on the road with CLYDE, maybe she would have felt different, but she got none of the thrill that she expected because members she's just off. She was going to be she thought she was going to be dating db Cooper. But instead, she's dating. Kato. Kaylin. Yeah. I mean, after she after she got him the gun. She went back to her cousin's house in just sat there for days, upon days upon days, and then had to hitchhike back to Dallas from Waco, which in nineteen thirty was not a fun trip. No, that's never good when a young girl is sitting there like the old woman from the notebook just trying to relive past that she doesn't have or remember, well, such the romance of Bonnie and CLYDE, hit a cooling period, while CLYDE finally got his trip on the one way wagon to the Huntsville, state prison, work camp, aka Eastham, or as it was known to the prisoners the bloody ham. All these the all sound like potential Barnum's. Love the bloody ham. I so this is will reenter the period of time that we visited a little bit when we covered pans ram Carl pans ram where the prison system of America in the early nineteen hundreds was fucking, brutal, very, very intense, and didn't exactly rehabilitate people see the thing is about the Texas penal system at that time was that parts of it were not meant to rehabilitate in any way whatsoever. The point of prison Texas was to make it so fucking awful that not only would nobody want to return, but the people who spent time in that prison, would spread the word about how awful it was. Once they got out, right, right, instead, though, like it always is the prison system, just ended up producing broken desperate, men who would rather die than spend another minute imprison, and much of that had to do with the policies of the general manager of the Huntsville prison system. Lee simmons. That was, of course boys, you're going to be a five o'clock in the morning and you're gonna get to the oldies, if you're not. You'll be sweating to the oldies all day, long said of Richard Simmons, it's a man that looks like Richard Simmons, but he's covered swats tattoos and just like lifted his knees and being them knees. For white power, niece white power Simmons was particularly fond of a punishment called the bat. Oh, which was nothing more than a greased leather strap between eighteen inches and three feet long by three to five inches wide. This device would be used to whip the bare backs butts and thighs of prisoners, but it wouldn't be the guards who held the prisoners down that job was left to their fellow inmates who would hold them down spreadeagled on the ground while all the other inmates were made to stand in a circle and watch. Well, this is this is our shutout to our listeners over at king dot com. This is not this is not a shameful thing, if you choose this, this and thank you for the subscription, by the way. Absolutely. Com. Wonderful up on the up and up, and everyone is safe, and everyone is having fun and that's wonderful. Yeah. But if the guards at eastern, we're feeling especially sadistic, they would pour sand into the gaping. Lacerations left by the leather. Ooh. And although the limit was supposed to be twenty lashes guards never really bothered to keep count. They kind of kept going until they wanted to stop then once the prisoner finally passed out, usually after pissing and shitting himself, the rest of the prisoners were made the lineup and closely. Inspect the bat itself, sometimes it said the other prisoners or made to actually lick it. What? I don't want to do a hand. Daring me. How about we pin you down, and we use it on over here? And that's the sort of place. Clyde barrow was walking into little more than twenty years old. Whoa old. He is a country. It, it rose. Five foot five hundred and twenty five pounds. He's walking into the worst place for a pig me to exist. Thing is, though, things didn't have to be as bad as all that for CLYDE, most first time, offenders were kept inside the main prison unit known as the walls. It was still awful. But at the very least you could maybe learn a trade like you might learn how to take care of a horse cool, but repeat offenders or wildly violent prisoners were sent to eastern. Cotton farm, thirty five miles northeast of Huntsville proper where men were made to work ten hour days, seven days a week with half an hour off on Saturdays for a bath. Oh my goodness. All right. Well again, still happens today. Yeah, yeah. And for reasons, still unknown to this day that was where five foot five hundred twenty five pound CLYDE barrow was sent to Eastham. We don't know why no one knows why he was sent there. He shouldn't have been central. We were shooting at all. The cops wasn't that well known key. That's the thing he was just in the paper because that is what some people maybe think that's why he was saying, but. Kleiber was not that well known down in Huntsville. Nobody would have known the funky was, and he was still a first time offender, and he was a fucking tiny little slip of a man, he was, and he wasn't like a tiny little slip. That was wildly dangerous, like peewee Gaskins like he was just a kid, he'd stolen a couple of cars. Okay. All right. Yeah, it sounds like it was just a bad streak. A look at seems that he just kinda got randomly put into that pile. Sure, sure. Yeah. So, CLYDE, barrow took his ride on the one way wagon chained by the neck to every other inmate on their way to Huntsville and arrived on April twenty first nineteen thirty the one slightly bright spot. Was that CLYDE made a friend along the way? A mouse. I hope it's a little mouse. He made friends with nineteen year old Ralph Foltz. It's full of mine. I get. It is. Yeah. We'll Ralph was sitting across the way from CLYDE. And when the two of them got to talk, and they found that a lot in common. Are you getting like a big circular cut from the chain around? Yeah. Yeah. Me too. This is. It's just amazing to random people to meet somebody similarities. But Foltz had just escaped from Huntsville and guards didn't take too kindly to returning escapees upon. His arrival volt was made quote ride the barrel. Oh, this punishment involves straddling pickle barrel. While handcuffed notice doesn't sound too hard. When you only got to do it for few minutes, few seconds, but Foltz was made to do it for an entire day and an entire night. And every time he'd fall hard to the ground the guards at scoop and backup put him back on the barrel for more. It's a tiny because it's not like a huge barrel. It's another of a barrel, that your toes can stabilize you on top of it. So the rim of the barrel digs its way into your inner thighs into the point. You're so numb from the ways down that you, you don't wanna be unknown. Because once you finally get the feeling back. It's just pure torture. Right. It's like when you sit on the toilet for a little too long legs, go, numb you gonna stay there longer just to avoid all the pain. Exactly. Yeah. Now you're living on the toilet. But the guards were nothing compared to the monster that was BB Mons. Ingo. Fucking blazing saddles. Zingo BB, Mons ING, that's not a good name that you would make up making fun of people who make up date. Yes. Yes, Munns, Ingo had actually been fired from Huntsville prison once before for unnecessary cruelty towards prisoners. She must be fired from Huntsville for being unnecessarily cruel. Yes, you have to be Nazi. But when Simmons, you know, the guy who loved the bat when Simmons became manager, he hired Monson Ingo back and put him in charge of eastern and gave him free rein to be as cruel as he liked because nobody went to east. Nobody was watching Eastham those people could be treated. However, badly the prison decided they needed to be treated. So basically share of Joe Arpaio found his Darth Vader Joe. Our POWs fucking nothing compared to these guys. I'm not gonna tell our Pyo that because we don't need him to try to compete to be worse. Well, undermines Ingo east him came to be known as little Alcatraz. Oh, yeah. It's like when Kevin Spacey was put in charge of a new upstate New York chapter of the YMCA just call it now. They know BoyZone, right? Absolutely. And CLYDE showed up Munns, Ingo picked an inmate at random, and smash them in the face. With a stick Justice show dominance, just pick do bone. All right, boys. This is how it's going to be gone without that. And the longest. Could've done with. Lick I don't really want. Okay, you on a us cute your funny. Hey guys, memes BB? I'm so excited to be with y'all. It's going to be summer. Who wants to dick chopped off? Voices, so fun. But then he's so mean yeah it's funny how it works like that. In the longer that CLYDE and Foltz spent work in those ten hour days swinging axes in during almost daily beatings from the guards, the more, they vowed to return one day, raid, the farm and set everyone free. That was what Henry was talking about earlier with pans ram. Yeah. Right. Like that's where well. Everyone that is except for Ed Crowder, Crowder was a lifer and a building tender and had over six feet tall and two hundred pounds appear muscle Crowder stood above the rest in both size and in his capacity for violence. Now a building tender that means they would the way, the also sewer would do cruel mind games that they would choose some more of the violent members also guys that have no chance of getting out to become little commandants prison guards, so they would be inmates that would have little, they would have a position of floor in over the other inmates and be given weapons and more food and more time off from their work detail at all. They had to do was keep people in line. Okay. See since Crowder was a building tender and kept the mates in line, the guards didn't really care what he did when he was in the door dorm when he was in the dormitory at night. And Crowder was a rapist. And it wasn't long after CLYDE, barrow arrived at Eastham that Ed Crowder began raping him almost every single night in full view of the other inmates. This to CLYDE, CLYDE. Oh, yeah. And this is also the story of pants ram. We've seen this before people that he was deeply deeply affected by this. And we would know the secret Wellington nineties, when blanche we'll get into the, the basically diary, the diary of several members of the, the actual gang the set of barrow gang they revealed like 'cause CLYDE didn't want anybody to know that this happened him the fact that we're talking about this is like the ultimate punishment for him because he, he didn't want anybody to know and this would end up. You know, we'll get into interesting. So is did he really turn here as a person? Oh yeah because it went on for an entire year. Oh, yeah. And the guards couldn't have cared less and most of the other inmates. Either didn't care or. Happen to them. Didn't have the power to stop it. And we're happy that it wasn't happening to them. Oh, god. But after about a year CLYDE decided he couldn't take it anymore. So he teamed up with another building tender named Aubrey scaly, who had almost as much of a grudge against Crowder, as CLYDE had scaly was another lifer. And he promised Clive that if CLYDE were to murder Crowder, scaly would take the heat. So on October twenty ninth nineteen thirty one CLYDE hit a lead pipe and his pants during work detail, and snuck it into the dorm that night, CLYDE walked into the bathroom by himself, where he knew Crowder would follow. He tr- literally do the thing where he was, like, good to go take a shower, make sure Walsh. Real good. Like, like, literally, like, in full view of everybody, like dropped a towel like it was Scarlett Johansson in under the skin. Oh my gosh. We entices him into the bathroom and them when Crowder walk through the door, CLYDE swung. The pipe down and crushed Crowder skull killing him almost instantly, we just celebrate one murder on the show. I'm. This is clydes one good murder, right? Scaly than let from the shadows with shift and filled Crowder's corpse, a whole they need then scaly gave himself a cut on the rids just to make it look good in the official report, despite Crowder having a big fucking hole in his head official reports that the Crowder had just lost a knife fight. I guess that makes it I don't know. Okay. And with that CLYDE barrow had gained a little bit of freedom. But it had come at the cost of a murder Leo. Ralph Foltz would say that at this point key watched CLYDE change from a schoolboy to a rattlesnake right before his eyes back home though. Other barrows doing pretty good. Right. Well, Henry barrow would collected enough junk over the years to buy, two lots along eagle Ford road in west Alice, and it was there that the barrows built a service station with two gas pumps and an outhouse in the back which clause younger sister used to brag was to holder? That's a. It's a love seat. What he brought to you and your buddy counting your shits together? That's one that's Blunk to prolong. I five wins. Okay. No. But even though clydes older brother buck was out of prison. He was still technically on the run blanche had married him in July of nineteen thirty one but she was never quite cut out for the kind of life that buck was leading now blanche wasn't quite as bad as the shrieking, panicking, Betty, that she was portrayed as in the Bonnie and CLYDE movie and blanche was quite pissed off, when she saw that movie really the thing was the reason why she was most pissed off because she was portrayed as kind of dour and a little plane when in reality blanche was actually prettier than Bonnie. Come on actually think actually looked more like Faye Dunaway than Bonnie. Come on. I think blanche was hotter than Bonnie. And it's interesting to say that she was mad because the what you'll see is that when she's eventually caught the picture of her, which eventually caught she looks like a frigate movie star. Yeah. It's a crazy picture. Yeah. It's an insane picture. But the thing was is that blanche no matter what she didn't like the life. She didn't like the life on the run. Right. Eventually, though, she and bucks, mother convinced buck to turn himself in apparently this just wasn't done. 'cause officials were so happy that book turned himself in that they just send them right back to the walls and Huntsville, they didn't even send him to eastern. And they didn't even give any further time on a sentence. Welcome back. Thanks for coming back saved us the trouble. So you're telling me sir, you are here to turn yourself in. I have put myself on the return line receipt. Yet. Jail kale. Thank you jail. So now both barrow boys were incarcerated at Huntsville. But clydes world was a far cry from bucks. Clyde was still an Eastham which, as I mentioned earlier was known as the bloody ham of the reason why it was named as such was not for the punishment, meted out, nor was it for the violence between the inmates. The reason why they named it the bloody ham was because inmates would regularly cut off fingers toes, sometimes even hand in feet in an attempt to escape the backbreaking labor. That's how bad and they shoot. And they took it as like a punishment. That was suitable like it was so matter-of-fact that dude's would cut their fingers off in their fucking appendages off to not work on far. There'd be like, all right. Like you show up at lost my whole hand to a field. Gator. They would just straight up. All right. And then the basically just kick you back to the walls. Yeah, it was like an admission fee if you cut off a pinkie. They're all right. You don't gotta be up until eleven AM. That's not to pick. We don't gotta be out of the place until new here. Go your jailer now. Row Foltz later said that in one particularly bad week. He and CLYDE saw over fourteen instances of self, mutilation news and after over a year of backbreaking work, CLYDE decided he'd had enough as well. Now, we're not sure who actually swung the axe. But on January twenty seventh nineteen thirty to someone cut off clydes entire left big toe and part of the toad next to it. You need those. Yeah. Yes. And CLYDE was officially off work duty. But the thing was he didn't really need to do that. Judah. Yeah. See Texas did and still does have a pretty bad crime problem. It's always been kind of a lawless place. But after the depression hit things only got worse and as a result, Texas prisons were wildly overcrowded so to alleviate some of the pressure because you know, private prisons were not yet the norm as they are now. They didn't just send them all the private prisons. The governor on a pretty regular basis took requests from mothers who wanted to see their sons pardoned. Oh and just six days after CLYDE, topped off his toes. Yeah. Oven or Ross. Sterling issued a pardon to cue me. Barrow son, and CLYDE walked out of Huntsville on a pair of old crutches in gained a limp that you would have until the day died will then he hobbled out of hunt sell. The took him a very long time to learn because what's weird is I've always, I'm like, really big toe eagle. Big. Actually, a big toes like an important part thing that really does keep you balanced totally matters. You know what the big toe is? It's the thumb of the feet. Interesting. One thing, the CLYDE said over and over again, as soon as he got out was that he would sooner die than ever. Go back to prison. Really? Clyde did try to go straight when he got out at least for a little while as dream was to open an auto parts and repair store in the lot next to his family service station, but you gotta have capital for that to, and honestly, he was apparently very skilled at fixing cars. Yeah. Him in all of his brothers were very, very skilled at this, which will become a very helpful later on their criminal career so CLYDE tried getting outside work make enough capital. Open auto parts store, but he had two things going against him, really. By this time three things. First of all cops weren't leaving him alone. Just like before every time cli- got a job, cops come in Harlem in on suspicion and Clive. We get fired for missing work is then, again, there weren't that many jobs to be had the depression had made its way to Texas and the dust storms emanating from the great western. Dust bowl were suffocating large parts of the country and black blizzards would invalid Dallas on a regular basis. This is the kind of shit that, that really sets the scene for what this whole part of the world was like the couldn't breathe, like you'd be the dos would literally fill the air, so you couldn't breathe, and they said, essentially, it was a they created an ecological crisis by over grazing. All of these grass fields. It's overgrazing over tilling. Okay. Yeah. How how how this happened was the great depression hit, and crop prices plummeted. And so in order to keep their land the pharmacy what you're supposed to supposed to farm, and then you let your in, then you let the land rest and then you farm the land risk. But because these farmers were trying to keep their money they had to keep farming the same land over and over again and things about the grass out there is at that prairie grass was holding. All the earth together. And so when they kept farming kept tilling, the fields and kept telling the fields that just created dirt that created dust and then part of the country is very windy. So all that dirt all that dust. I mean millions of years of grass that have been held together suddenly that is blowing all across the country in cloud. So big that you can actually see them coming from miles away, and they are black two. Full of dirt and the wind's blown so hard, and it's blowing the dust so hard that it actually cuts, your skin fills monks, people suffocate, right? Dirt pneumonia, their lungs, fill up until they cannot breathe anymore, and that was where CLYDE barrow was. That's where body Parker was. That's where everybody in the southwest was at this time also shot to ICP and their new album, dirt pneumonia. They're back. I love. I love it. I mean it could do a good thing. Get your paint get your car painted nice and clean with with a sand wash. That's not so bad. But no, it is never good when you're driving through town, and you're like hunter S Thompson following the derby race in the desert just covered with fuckin- sand, but you're not a reporter years, trying to go to well, yeah, these storms were so bad people were having breathing problems in New York City magin with the people actually in it went through. Oh, and if you out there are interested more about the dust bowl read the worst hard time by Timothy Egan. It's one of my favorite nonfiction books. I love reading about dust. That you loved us. I love it. But the thing was CLYDE, could've just left Dallas. He could've just left Texas, any even attempted at once by going up to Massachusetts. But he said he'd damn near died alone. Leanness on returned after only a couple of weeks. And yes, it was terribly unfair and stupid and counterintuitive to a functioning society, the cops wouldn't Malone, but CLYDE could have just gone new different town how he could have just gone a Fort Worth Fort Worth thirty five miles away, and he still wouldn't have been that far away from his family who could come and visit him whenever he wanted. It's pride Marcus about hits about fucking like making it where you were born resent, that's, that's his problem is that he was suffering these dumb ideas of you should be connected to the place where you are randomly born. No, I understand. That's four worth is a great place to be. That's why a leash keys saying that song, you know, Fort Worth where all the dreams are made. Jay z keys from one of the more popular projects of fort one. Yeah. I remember rap scene instead of doing that, though. Cli- decided if the cops are gonna Brandon criminal, then a criminal was all he was going to be that decision was made final when Ralph Foltz was released from Huntsville, August nineteen thirty one see all that talk about free and prisoners from the bloody ham was turned out to be more than just idle chatter CLYDE and Foltz were a hundred percent set on actually pulling it off. I like this honestly man. These people are being treated, or ably, at least they want to go back and try to save some lives so upon release Foltz did a practice run a sorts in January of nineteen thirty two he smuggled a bunch of hacksaw blades in the spines of a few magazines and helped bust, his friend, Raymond, Hamilton out of jail once Hamilton was out he and Foltz met up with CLYDE in west Alice, and the first of many barrow gangs was bored. All right. It's not. All right. It's not. All right. It's very bad. Because this you know. Disparate overdo it Ono. See about to start fucking dying. Hers. I've learned are not cool day are not cool. Now I know Marcus booking in this episode of public shaming. Shaming massacres. But what about Bonnie? That's not what about bar. What is wrong? I'm done CLYDE was in jail things between him and Bonnie, as I said, kind of cooled off by the time of clydes first thanksgiving, an Eastham the letters slow to trickle and Bonnie had started seeing other men, but when CLYDE was released from Eastham the first place. He went was Bonnie's house where she was hanging out with her new boyfriend, but she embraced, CLYDE immediately as just a week, had passed and the new boyfriend slunk out the back, you know why. Because once you go short, you don't abort. Thank you Ross Perot. When the time came for the new barrow gang to go out on the road. Bonnie was his game as she could possibly be ready for anything and everything. And over the next two years thirteen people would die as a result. And that's where we'll pick back up for Bonnie and CLYDE, part to what a ride man. This is going to be a great series. Oh, yeah. Get round is foggy mountain breakdown this next episode because it's going to get fast again, I don't know what foggy foggy mountain breakdown mean, you, you have listened to it drunkenly at my house, many times over song again. I thought we were talking about something discussed. No. Dude, this is a part of America. This is a streak that has always been inside of America, this idea of the I mean, I don't know what it is. Something about the outlaw that we all still worship. We are all still really into into when people we like, when they are when they're naughty, because a part of it is that we all feel we're kind of stuck in these little societal prison. Absolutely were supposed to follow the rules and you pay your taxes, do the shit. And then somewhere along the lines. You see somebody like technically living this sort of this dream is idea of being lawless and being disconnected from the mores role force to follow. But you don't realize that there's a reality attached to it is very bleak. And the nice thing about living vicariously through characters like Bonnie and CLYDE is at the end of it. You don't die. Jessica be like, oh I'm going to go back into the bushes now as well. Awesome. Well, that is really interesting. I had no idea. About the I mean CLYDE really had a hit a rough go of it. Here, obviously again, what they did was horrible but very cool. All right. Well, what do we have to do here? We have to say come to see us in Australia. We are going to be in Perth. I and we got some tickets available in Perth. We're gonna couple of tickets what was the other spot? There. Henry Sidney said, big on Sydney. Honestly, it's so funny. It's our it is the biggest city I guess, it's the biggest city in Australia. It's the one where we need fucking asses the show up. We're pretty much sold out everywhere else. So con out to Sydney, we're really excited. That's a city we're going to be spending the most amount of time. And a lot of good recommendations want people to tell me where to go and Sydney, but mostly people keep saying zoo, and I, I'm fine with zoos, but they're like, like bar, I want bars. Yeah. I think they're keep on saying the zoo because you talked about your love of koalas for about an hour and a half. And we'll just want you to see koalas, which are evidently full of Columbia and extremely dangerous and quits, Tom quick. Evidently going, kisses, though. They are kissing. So, yeah, I mean, just keep on supporting all the shows here on last podcast network able to stop at this week. There's a lot of actually crossover with Bonnie and CLYDE talking about poverty. Yeah. There's some it gets some reason the government believes it's really easy to be poured, and become more difficult. So I talk about what the they believe that the poor living lives of leisure. And it's like this is why you're poor which is actually seems to be the opposite. Because remember when I was much poorer. I seem to remember working much longer hours three jobs at one point. Yes. Absolutely. So checkout top hat. We want to get those numbers up would absolutely love it. Paid seven wizard in the bruiser. Movie signs with the mats, you know, where to find all the shows keep on supporting our network. Please got it all. It's all because of you so word of mouth. If you like a show tell someone. Yeah. And don't forget about the story must be told if you like real real weird yet. Honestly read an Andrew read failure. Andrew short, those dudes are two of our best friends for a long time. And they are fucking crazy. Crazy that shit is like, because we don't you know, even as network owners. I let's see other shows don't give a lot of notes when I listened to that show just like holy shit. They just getting deeper. Deeper Domus of the point being like are they real, do they really believe this? This. Yes, they are doing a brilliant. I guess is that inception? What do you call that? It's a definite definite little university. Yeah. It's, it's really great. It's very recommended. All right. So thank you all so much for supporting the shows and I think that's about it. Yeah. That's all. All right. Everyone hail. You're so if you listen tonight before you can listen to watch the season finale of your pretty face going to hell on adult twin or going dot com slash your pretty faces going to hell to watch the episodes. There you could watch it all helps we wanna seize five so please help these -olutely support, Henry's hausky your pretty face going to hell. I watched some of the clips on Instagram and, honestly, the season looks hilarious, what time is it at Henry? Is it midnight? Midnight, midnight. Alright over hail yourselves hell Satan, hoagie. Let's do goose delay shins your can we Magoo's as Mary, that's fine? That's fine with me. Hail me as well. Honestly back is still feeling good. You're back. It's still not. You did it will sleeping you hurt your back, I'll resting. I have done nothing to fix it. So that might have something to do with it. Maybe go back to bed again. And then on airplanes. Goodbyes. This show is made possible by listeners like you think store ad sponsors. You can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one, you just listen to go to last podcast network dot com.

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