Danilo Petrucci's KTM move for 2021


Hello and welcome to the tank podcast, ultra sport and motorsport networks podcast for all things two-wheeled. I'm your host Lewis Duncan and join me is ever as Oriole push on all the way from Australia, and we've got them up his bed to spend an Australian Marlon to to talk to a scenario. Hey. How you doing very good, thank you. Yeah, we're still here and then can wait to. To See the season has started again so it really like month away tomorrow, racing bike again, so yeah, it's not a long wait, but Y- hopefully. Getting closer and closer. I was amazed I saw a tweet today An said from Lewis Hamilton said. I can't wait to go racing again in two weeks, team and I thought. Can it be so quick? Formula, one's coming back and more GP's almost. Here's yeah, it's funny. It's been long, but it no feels quite. A short away. Anyway! Before we get to the race in there are some. To talk about one of them, being Daniela Petrova again. Because it looks like he is no edging towards a Ktar contract. He's been an Austria with these manager this week. To discuss I guess discussed Thames to introduce himself to the team. According to his manager, all went whale. Oh, very positive so fury. What's what's your take on the situation? Well I. Think Kate the is running out of options, so Danilo is them. The most logical move from them to sign and. Yeah same with him. I mean he doesn't have many places to go I thought that. Beginning. That really was more logical move. Yeah But yeah, I mean I think at the gate. The EMMYS is running out of right. writers day by day so. A thing eighties It is Funny move considering all the writers at gate, the Haas at the moment and Yeah, it would be, it would be interesting to see if they finally reached that deal and they'll. Pay signed. When they sign. Let's yet would be interesting to see law on I kate. The I'm really keen. I'm really looking forward to see. These guy trying to yeah well fighting with this kind of bike. yeah, it's A. It's a strange move I think all run lake. You say because if you look at the people who Katie him had linked to them and preview. Even at the end of last year Marquez was linked to them. You know obviously a SPA girl. Was There Diversey also another? Strange turn of events Options are limited, but even still. It's still an odd one. Yet I think in that case maybe I'm maybe I'm wrong because. Gates just my feeling, but. I think that must've ice or most of the people see the project in one way. And maybe he's not exactly. because. They are not. US reach us. Many people think. Yes so I think they are able. They have this. Power doing best millions and millions and millions in writer salary, so they are not ready, they are not. it would be bind less well I would say less I don't see. Red Bull. Bang for mark. Marquette's? How did he the moment? Because what's the point for them I? Mean what's the point for Red Bull Red Bull hustled ready mark. Under. Their wing. This how he's had so, Mike is a redwood writer. Which is? Completely fine for for them. I don't see what's the need. On Red, bull being, let's say twenty, five, million, twenty million. For Him To join decade the impact, so yeah I don't really believe that the moment maybe in future things change but I don't see how this can happen at the moment, because I don't really see that red bull has any need on on getting more involved with mark when. Mark is ready. Redwood writer and and get 'em. How the percent they're not gonNA. Pay Twenty, million, twenty, five million for for mark. Don't forget what happened with Luchetti Info and it was half of this number, so they are still I wouldn't say regretting, but not at a steel paying. Those. Checks! Yeah, yeah. Yeah! That's interesting point of a red bill because I suppose in a way that maybe the same for ditsy also already read Bill Athlete on on a thirty and DECAF. Pay Him well, so there's no need for red bills. Get involved there. S A good point you make about a red bull market has as a sort of a same same idea really is diverse. Yo, so why would read boo really want to pay any money for zero? So when these on the books on race went in package? Works well for them. Looking. Elsewhere this whole saga. As obviously. Is the main more. No, Patricia. We know is going. As, you know, we think Katie MD has done. So Defense Yo show is the big question mark you've said for weeks knows that you don't see anything anything. Changing uses deals getting there. So what's the latest on on that front will? I. Don't see. How do Kathy. Can. Let, Petrucci, go. If. They don't have the yeah, the security. That Dhabi will sign, but you never know. Because nobis be yeah, the tape. Guy And you never know Last news a got from teas that they were. Leaving him some space to think about it with more grows and this kind of things. Keep He's mine. Be Clear and Yeah, just Thinking about the final decision. Than I think it has to be. INA-. Weekday, maximum so Yeah, but to me I. Don't see the with your retiring. At the moment and I don't see him. Up Really I. THINK IT WOULD BE A. yeah, back. Quite Yeah, Let's say obvious I have nothing against a really about to comparable projects at the moment. what do the offers you it is? It is a beat. The is much better from the sporting point of view than what really does. And Yeah I mean with. With Davinci so yes is. Passionately on an always spoken about this before I, don't believe he's got another. I don't think he's capable of fighting for the championship anymore, but he is capable still of winning races, and he knows that staying with two caddies Guna minimum. It'll be winning two races a year. You know we're going to say this year. Race track is very good on you know. Already, he'll be looking at the season as a low attracts air. That should sit the to catty so. You know looking forward Y. Y, why would you? Why would you go elsewhere? When you know, you can still win races especially this late in your career. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I think. About the the championship things nobody. was expecting him to fight for the championship in twenty. Seven And end for the first half two, thousand seventeen. He wasn't fighting for the championships. That's why they I mean you never know especially with the championship that is about to start. It is a completely unique championship. So you never know how things were gonNA be set and. If mark or Honda has. Any problem. Don't forget that they if we have to follow what they've said in Qatar. They've just find the light in the last hour of that test so. I just want to say that. That's what I mean by this I mean. It would be a very unique championship. So, I wouldn't give anything by set at the moment. You know I prefer to wait and see what's happened because any beasts can has a major effect, any thing any. Unexpected. Thing can has can have a major effect on the on the standings on the championship on the racist. So that's what I say that you have to try to do. Keep or to set the best deem. you can set, and then let's see and to me for Dobie for both W and. They are very good They have very good. Yeah, link or combination or again I know what you mean. I duNNo. I mean what's what's the point on on break? Desk discrimination to me. Okay I mean if the money. Yeah, but he's not really a-. Would offer him seeks million, which is more or less barren salary. We know that the cutty. Is GonNA offer less money for next two years, but yeah I mean. Is there any other place where he can get? Like the he Scotland Tannery no so. Considering that, this should status and the options available. I think that. If he wants to keep bracing to God is the best place to to keep doing that. For sure. You you mentioned. Why would you break up a winning team? It reminds me very much of what Carl fogarty said when he after he went to Honda and boat superbikes. The problem was not moving. Baker was breaking up a winning team moving from to caddy, so it's it's the same your the exact same thing. Continuing with the theme, a couple of loose ends we think by is probably going to stay. Kathy Shabazz says he wants to wait a few racist to see. How by does ways progresses? There's been some rumors Zakho could get the proxy I don't I don't believe those passing I don't know where they've come from. I think it's an easy rimmer to make given ZARCO was linked to. Briefly in November. But I don't see anything changing their either to you. ice, but with Cottie. few times in the last. Few weeks and they never. said that they got any interest. Really on on. Get rid of Baker they are. They know that Baker needs to adapt. His writing is do the. But they are pleased with bagels approach. He just needs to to make this rich. and to adapt to the trying to adapt to the bike and don't forget Dan. We need to wait and see the. Darkest performance on that bike so. I wouldn be. Lake. Yeah I think that sometimes we are trying to go too fast on on yeah! On our thoughts and I mean give him time I mean he hasn't. raised. any you know. To Gotti. I mean any integrates. Would it with the Gutty, so give him time to show because when we don't know how this guy is GonNa perform with with the cut the so to me. Aid would be stupid. To, offer him anything at the moment. When he still has to race with. This bike. For sure definitely. The thing with packer. I think a big problem here is that. Is Quarter Arrow Coiro came under was so quick on the Yamaha. Know that giving everyone a false sense of what rookie has and. Louis Forget Dan. Remark has already sane Martine. So. They have one. Of the two bikes. Soth. and. On on being in a rice for the second one, there's no point because most of the writers would love to sign. For. For Priok so, what's on you just at the moment? They. Just have to wait and see the best available option. Sorry to. No No, no, it's a good point. You make the point. I was just making on by the It was a disappointing rookie season buff. You know you know. I think it's been clouded a little bit by the fact that you know. Quarter hour were so strong on the Yamaha. Two completely different baked by Paco stepping onto Dekassegi sore, so different and especially for a rookie to get their head around. So I think this think. preseason packer went quite well. He showed okay and I. Think you know I, think these races. He will be a better raider so. You know again from that point of view to catch here off. Stick with PETCO for at least one more here I would say I would say and I'm just guessing, but I will say that the story would be much different if he would have jumped into Yamaha. Dun Dun Dun to the, but you never know, and we all know, but yeah I think that it is not an easy bike despite what they say and especially if you come from to do. I mean we all know that the neither outstep is the Yamaha. Don't forget. Ho Much, rolling through struggled to get from the Yamaha to the Gutty. Show it gives you an idea about how difficulties to change this perception. That's why Fabio. West Birdie fast on the. From the very first moment because motor to. writing style, is I mean it feet straight away the Yamaha. So, and getty is probably the opposite. So. That's that's the point. Years, you're spot on finally I just want to touch on cal slow because really know we. We think PICCI's. Nor remit to catty really crutch lows only option no. For Twenty Twenty one as A. and. You know you could. You could understand APPRECIA- being entrusted in Heme, you know. Would cow really go to really I I've seen it floated on on social media, but I just can't see it happen. I am very yeah. looking forward to see what? Honda Honda offers him any right. Maybe not multi beat. But. yeah. I'm yeah, Okay I. See I, see I. See what you're getting now. So yeah. Let's see I. Don't know I. Don't have any information, but knowing whole. Honda reacts how Honda Works. I wouldn't see. Strange to offer him a place in another championship. Interesting because Honda have entered another championship with a full factory effort with the brand new bike. Got One more to GP STAR on the bakes. Another one we can go, but. Whether cal would go back. To thing, that's the point I'm thinking just I'm just guessing what? Honda can offer him forget that Honda before Danny signed as KTM at this writer, he was offered. Lake Ambassador and debt role for home the. Danny would have never. Gone Tool to world superbikes. But. Hugh Wash offer this role I. think that Honda can think on. The same way. Yeah I. Yeah, that that's an interesting point. Whether cal would just I'm just I'm just guessing but. It's a good. It's a good. It's a very good show. I guess it all depends on. On, how motivated callous to continue Reysen if in the appropriate project make Satan, you think. You may thank you have nothing to lose. Jump on your privy and he could be quick. Straightaway. It's. It's. An inter- I just still can't see it happening. No just doesn't. Count is like it doesn't fit right. Yeah, I just to me. If cal fan gear on a bike that you know, he can win on and he's just not. He won't be interested because that's what you wanted ended days to win races. Any noisy can do that. Well, I call is a special character and has a special character and I think that sometimes these can play against him because he's being. talking a lot in last two years, and maybe that what? Has. He Been In. That relation at the moment so because he was well I'm GONNA retire I'm not gonNA. Let see how it go. La La okay okay so if he was completely committed to be anti. No I'm done one. Even think or done. Women don't even. Talk about retiring. I think the situation would be different at the moment, but yeah I mean to me I have Garlina really high blaze. He has shown. Here's one races. Yeah I, mean other than mark is the most competitive writer so. All the great him. But considering the situation at the moment in and the bikes available. I don't see where he can. Fit To, be on yeah. Yeah I. Agree hopefully. We'll wait and see things powder. It would be definitely a shame to lose cow from the championship, but. Everyone has tame. and cows had a great career. I think or not. we will end their my thanks to your a as always and my thanks to listeners as well. If you late what you had, you can go listen to all of our podcasts on spying Google podcast and apple podcasts. Anyway you can get podcast. Make sure you follow autosport motorsport dot com for all breaking GP. Features we've been raining. We are busy as we get up toward racing again next month. we will be back soon to discuss. I'm sure it'd be more. Raider market moves over the next week, so we'll be back to discuss them, but until then as a very warm goodbye and please do keep looking after yourself.

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