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It means the latest edition of E._S._P._N.. A._F._C. Down Thomas John My shirt Robson and Stevie Nikko. We welcome once again to the show. Gab Markazi is with us. We start talk with Real Madrid trouble brewing in the Spanish capital. This was the front page of ice on Sunday Toronto red alert after that thrashing they received by let's go Madrid in a friendly and Comey's Rodriguez Rock. Let's see that was certainly the talk before that Game Real Madrid of said no he's staying with us any trained with him today. The first time he's training with Real Madrid over two years of courses at buying during that period how can a son Chagrin with trade fans be going into start the season whether it just seems to be chaos continuous Kale's you're absolutely right. There is chaos. I played very well and they've looked Y off. The pace disorganized then and you've got a manager. That's made it clear that he doesn't want to of the place growth bow hammers Rodriguez a now the chairman or the president is saying we might have to keep those so he's undermine in the coach to a certain degree. This isn't GonNa win will then think for the Dan. I think sedan is in a real problem at the moment is in a route state because he wants to get rid of those players. He doesn't want Morandi so we spend it on his time worrying about that rather than actually coaching the team when you've been a coaching and Stevie will clarify this once you've got players that you don't want club and they're the talk of the of the press all the time and you've been asked questions with you concentrate more on that then you start to do on the players that you really want may affect the dressing room they affect your mental what you're trying to do mentally with the rest of the players they affect what you're doing on the training field and that's what's Real Madrid at the moment yesterday when we talked about Liverpool's preseason form then one of course in their matches you don't worry because as a profession when it comes to something that matters you go out the extra gear it clicks into place so all we reading too much in to Real Madrid's preseason. We know that that there's a difference between Liverpool and Real Madrid the definitely Liverpool as the Group of Liverpool have sure last year and in half done for two seasons what they're all vote what the capable and we'll the standards out when you can expect Real Madrid Honda over the same time hub in shambles and because of going to Shane some players we think that that's GonNa Tony Change and then they step on the field and it's not a shambles again so you but you have no reason to be confident. The reason I'm confident is because of what Liverpool down over the last eighteen months on the field the reason Real Madrid cannot have confident atoll has because they look for one show anti another LIPOIC is still see what they're trying to do still the same shape. It's the same manager try and get the same so of a style out the players. When I worked Real Madrid? I'm not sure what they're trying to think both defensively and when they've got the bullets being no pattern of play. There's been no sort of identity to the way they're trying to play defensively Buono of the the to send the house. They're trying to play outside when will run in between them and it's time on the player on the ball. Everything about Real Madrid at the moment is a shambles. How does the Dan fix it well? He's got to get in the training for that's the first thing he's got to do. And what would he stuff and say right. We gotta get back to the basics. This is what we're going to do. We could just got to get the place fixed. They don't fit enough at the moment and he's got to make sure they disciplined with their organization. Sumi Times in those first two games we send the half the fullbacks Marcello high up the field really good possession the right back whoever it's been with it's being cover how or the Zoeller they've been in our position. The whole Midfield Platz Casimiro is gonNA come back but Tony Cross all the seekonk. You can't get around the field. This season is preseason but I've seen too many sides in preseason. When you've been that bad you not suddenly going to turn it on? Come first there the season this is so bad from Real Madrid they might scrape the victory but there for me so bad. They're gonNA have a poor stuff to the as well the Dan most most coaches at this stage of the year the only thing that they worry about fixing what's going on on the field but now he's gone from being such a great position going to apparently okay. I'll come back this this this and this and he's Bordeaux yes absolutely to know it's almost like he's hanging on. The Perez is telling what's GONNA happen instead said of him telling him what he needs an older to succeed so he's gone from the you talk about a police of strength to know we're. We're asking questions how long this guy's GonNa lost a Gava. The boys ivory acting. I think they are overacting a little bit. I mean look I we all said it was major surgery needed this summer and then there's a bunch of things around Madrid need to address and some of them. They haven't addressed yet but I think we're also conflating. Some other factors obviously a lot lot because of the seven goals conceded to Athletico Madrid but also the Hamas and bail situations are frankly very different. I don't think that they're a part of this way. Some people suggest Hamas was told very clearly that he wouldn't be coming back to Madrid. He accepted that he accepted that when when he extended his contract remember when he was still at Byron they look to sell them to to Napoli into athletics Madrid and all that changed here series with ASENSIO's injury. They feel that they could be a body short. Bail is a whole other kettle of fish because this is a situation where they they told bail what the situation was ended an answered it pretty honestly honestly. He said he's GonNa play. He's here. He's not in my plans. Hopefully he can go. We can find a place room so I don't quite know to what degree that has to do with the more serious issues which is the fact that in terms of holding midfield old things may improve when Casimiro return but he's no spring chicken either. He's got his flaws. I think Marcello the criticism of ourselves the same criticism that's been there throughout his career but now of course he's older as well. You got to see how this Benz in my Yovich which stuff works out hazard doesn't fill. You've got a whole bunch of other factors in there too and those are the ones that's down needs to work on on the training pitch got this. This actually has nothing to do with with Hamas or bill as to what's going on the field because none of there's none of us think did they should be plan or a good enough to play but the fight says that the team is sure bod and what makes it was for sedan as that you've got Peres no dictator him what's happening with the lakes bill and with Alexa Hamas has gotten enough of the field all it does is it doubles up the pressure on the Dan and she'll not only go on fix. What's on the field now? He's got a problem with a guy upstairs. Well I mean these are this is what happens when you're around Madrid manager so Tina Peres makes decisions not you things and that's the reality for Sedan. It's the reality French for Marino for Benitez. Everybody who's managed to club in in that interim. That's just the fact of life now he obviously made. I think two colossal blunders when he gave Gareth Bale that enormous pay increase and and when he increased Hamas Rodriguez contract when he was at buying he did it because he didn't WanNa risk losing him on a free and and he thought Hamas was going to flourish by and that never happened those are two big mistakes that the club made that were not down to to to whoever was managing the team at the time the Dan Painting from those mistakes the Gabby mentioned Marino Ancelotti is Dan of course is second time around you get a feeling shortly there would have been promises made when Peres address arrest him about coming back about sewing out the squad about bringing new players which hasn't happened before Peres surely must have conceded a little bit than he has to other managers. This time rounds announced. Come back but it's the boy says. Peres's now giving him Hamas and bail but he hasn't given them they were already there. I mean the compensation close the Dan hang fashion the said yes I will take the job we'll take it if you can get rid of bell. Get rid of Hamas bring thing in polk but then yes I'm with you okay and I think by most accounts he was promised a versatile defender and he got that in in nature mealy towel he was promised in other center forward and he got that in Y'all the general if it was if it was his first choisir not Benza sticking around fine. He was promised hazard he got him. The holiday situation has come up because ASENSIO's injured so they figure that they're a body short and that's why for the time being there hanging onto their hanging onto armies right. It's got nothing to do with bail or is it Dan not wanting him or whatever else if it was always the assumption in Hamas wouldn't be I'm sure staring down new up in jail and when we've desperate to get rid of a player and we said to the player. There's no chance for you to in the team. You're not going to stay team. Then he went for a couple of medicals this plan to actually with the middle failed the minute. We have them back into the the scored may now know that we don't like them. They're going around the other the plaza moaning and groaning. It's a difficult situation when you've got you've already told you don't want is a major problem. I tell you you you can laugh but you haven't been in that position. Gap Your agenda starting starting on a regular basis and you told them that they can get and then they they don't go and you haven't back in your school. I was simply laughing at the thought of Gareth Bale speaking to his teammates in Spanish. Let's take a look at the league title odds to win the League. This is pretty mad thanksgiving through a fourteen to one and bosses favorites of looking to to retain retain that title that's unbelievable we saw Athletico Madrid brilliantly they were right. I think they've got some good nucleus. Yes they've lost breeze Mun. They've lost this. That's been Gordon as being their main player but they've got a very good side. At the moment <hes> Joe Felix he's going to come in and he's GonNa plan that right hand side and coming behind the front to unfortunately radical injured against remedied an informer ATAS showed in that I twenty five minutes alongside cost that's going to be a freight a great from parent as ruler Midfield Plas- coca and so if you're doing the altered you have them second favorite's behind bars absolutely one hundred percent we. We have no idea what we're going to get Real Madrid tomorrow next week the week after so. How can you have the mistaken favorite ahead of a team team who have shown us what the capable of and a team who even when the not playing well are going to be hard to be you can't say that but Real Madrid but we're going again off the back of this preseason win a law weight and there's been talk capacity of Simione Damiani struggling to develop attacking players on this? This is a little different had athletico Madrid squeaked a to know victory over Real Madrid than we would be a little bit calmer this this could have been ten and this. This isn't a fluke we can we can sit here and see ho by Real Madrid were because the worldwide you don't want you can only beat was put in front of you and then we'll always them play only can you beat them but you can actually annihilate. Was this take more seriously than other teams. When you look at that same they were playing with such a great? You could see where every place job was in the sudden. We're talking about jail Felix. I wondered easy going to be a semi soccer player because he's somebody likes the plan. The number ten row is good on the bull what he did the defensive side of the game. He's understanding of what is role in the side was brilliant when he came in Phil behind the two front as soon as they lost to sprint back out to the right wing position Lamar what he's job was to do was to gun close down being played forward and folks inside so sow could get he's man. It was brilliant coaching and they had a team shape and the team pattern when somebody does that you know they're going to be a good side Gab. Don't upset rubber again. We will say I don't buy that logic so because row Madrid got trumped by logical in preseason it means they brown Madrid or in trouble Athletico are going to to finish well ahead of them in the league then using that logic then Liverpool getting getting destroyed by Napoli 3-nil will definitely in Liverpool are the European champions means that Napoli are going to go and beat you vent distance Liverpool or far better than you vent. This and Napoli will become champions that you would clearly season me we clearly shutting you coupled with a couple of Taylor on the told you why you can trust Liverpool even though liver the by preseason and you can't trust Real Madrid so watch it cabin this is little covered up saying all talking about Napoli here live report practice just reminding you can give today with all the latest transfer news over on the website plus. You can check out videos on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe geico presents aches another voicemail from your roommate Shafran. Heya Piper in the basement completely flooded anyway. I call for someone to fix it but in the meantime I was thinking we could finally have that indoor pool forty we will always wanted. I got him coolest. Things already. Go and could you pick up some chips on your home later. The GEICO Insurance Agency could help keep your personal property protected like if you'll roommate isn't the brightest pool float in the flooded basement visit GEICO DOT COM to see how easy it is to switch and save on Renter's insurance prince. We've mentioned that way Liverpool's Paul preseason Fulham already Steve's has not to worrier four inches no victories for the Champions League winners. Take a look at that rule goose not too bad. It's obviously the got sitting the Community Shield Norwich is the opening game at Anfield Saints Away also a home Burnley's. It's pretty nice pretty good. Stop Liverpool however there is some discontent amongst fans and killing be summed up. Hey we had a couple of tweets coming in from extra time <hes> why does think not strengthening the squad is a good idea to compete with sits. You need to at least approach then level of debt. If you're not moving forward you'll moving backwards. The contrary arguments that I is who cares about squad death when you have four bags for beano is choice to sense about your cater auks with their first full seasons we saw last season if anyone on the front free fire. It's not really a cause for concern <hes> which one of those tweets signing adding with steaming well the last one the won't be any of the front three. I have to see the iphone myself being a little blase about the preseason comment right because over the last twenty I've been thinking about it. I am a little more worried than didn't make the saint comment earlier in the show. Well I actually I I actually thought that come kickoff Dwayne game of the season I thought sal I would play and actually for Alison would play right but having listened to to an interview the clock dead he's sin. He is not playing anybody who's not ready and not for me means neither of them not not just for me no and money but those other two are going to play as well so that's forty you starting eleven not plan but that's not good but we're looking because Norwich so even as you team coming up full of their away from home there are Anfield are going to be set in and it's about getting that Fox Gore. What about the point that it's time to strengthen when you're on you said that's why haven't the has to be setting things? You don't just go and get anybody anybody you have to go and get somebody who's better than what you have those two positions in my in my opinion and one is sent a bike. How do you have Andy Martino and do you have any of the Gomez and if you can't find them? I'm for the amount of money then. You can't go insane them. As far as a fall was concerned number one even if you find somebody who's GonNa Compete with the front three. You've convinced them to come to the club so really that means that has to be a young often common player what used to Putin coming plaza. We're happy to be the thing that maybe there's not one good in. What about left-back Robertson's number one who plays leftback gets injured milner there but surely he's company the best option leftback anymore? It would be great if you could have to please as good as each other for every possession. Let's just not that's just not possible but I think more important the more important one for Liverpool as is up front right right you need somebody else and I won't mention devote. We all right son in new contracts. They excited about that. Meanwhile for Manchester United it's being acquired some for them as well only really two players coming in we know obviously a James Common Young Sir. They spend money on him. It's getting Crystal Palace. Hurry McGuire heavily linked to remove all traffic didn't train today for less than which sparked speculation James Madison than Steph's friend note took to twitter society. They had some some bathroom issues and see didn't play so read into that. You will what mcguire you like him. You're a big fan of a big fan of his ability to play with the ball from the back. I think he defended without being a great defender but I think it'd be good edition for Manchester United. I still think he's the best and get this right centre-half with the ball in the premier league not the best centre-half the best center with the ball which he mistakenly I will say either but but he comes out with the Bull I think he's good when he gets into those areas is not just some of the parties out from the back. He comes out at the right. Time is good in the in both penalty boxes are still thinking get caught square in One v one situations and people go past in but I think a good sign if dimensions united he's a good sign of Vermont. Yes united he's. He's the taper character they need. The one problem are Wilma's. He's it doesn't really pay if somebody goes past them. It's over again but doc but over the rubble mention absolutely one hundred percent he makes Manchester United the bike better. Why are the others not going for him? Then why as you say to censor back well since we're talking about him and then they didn't want to pay the price I think that was what they said. They lost interest when the price went so high but he's a proven player at this level he's done well for Lester. He's got better and better he had problems as a youngster with one or two issues of the Phil. That's why he didn't progress is quite quickly Chitwood united but I I think he's an excellent good son. Let's break out the Gabon mentor showy and on a Harry McGuire gather way. which number would you give him going by counts? I'm I'm going to go with the four here. This is a situation where Lester have spent a lot of money in the last couple years and I think the obviously WanNa stay competitive and but unequally to do that you gotta balance the books and Maguire's the right age for them to cash in and I think if the number is going to be in the eighty million pound range lester going to have to to get go even maybe maybe even a little less maybe something closer to what united appear to be willing to spend just a moment when the Oh Cav Omega formulae translate need speech checkout transitory it's updates and of course surrounds out the day and stories breaking the all to finish in the Toll Force it in Liverpool tournaments guaranteed according to the bookies then Spurs United Evens Chelsea and also meanwhile both eleven's at ten also I suppose you comparisons Chelsea Chelsea of course and you're not quite active in the transfer window before in survival of course around Madrid Pasta pappy look sets of it be done <hes>. This is how you think they're going to set up roll. Bono is <hes> sick favorite about right. I think right at the moment 'cause we don't know quite well. We're GONNA get off so we know there's still going to be full defensively but I think we'll wipe lies Birmingham pep as they can play a little bit Liverpool's from plays when you're looking at salary monarch they can play through center for position or they can play why okay mic diagonal runs in Yvonne space in the side with those Muktar and they not great pace. That's the way he wants to go out and he wasn't to be good counterattack inside and I think the fact these SA- bias in there I think he wants him to play instead of because Qatar and again sort of plays he wants to close the ball down and win it back and Plow high-tempo when they win the Bobak so that's a think he would go with. I'm not saying that's their best side according to me but I think that's what he would go with all in on certain occasions that gets the weaker opposition would still get in probably before so bias against the bigger opposition. He wants plays a more athletic. Does that seem finish top for. Is it good enough to finish thoughtful. I think going forward it could be it. It looks exciting for me. pepys of a gamble right is kind of a skew your uplift for me. I think it may be a straight and lose the bowl then he's GonNa give you something else. The warriors what's going on behind that I mean defensively they really the the their prey awful and I'm not a huge channel aches shock in the middle saw that going forward. I think we'll school goals. A Warrior Defense I was looking at the center is probably not gonNA play because he's in dispute dispute with s then you look Mustapha. Would you play him either though soon no callum chambers he's been sent out on loan here. There in everywhere holdings not fully fit yet so it's problem. It's shock petits yet socrates. I'm sure he's good enough is enough. We get sends off against Rao Madrid when they were coast in the game couple of silly challenges from him. It's not a good back for huge conceal more from Robo tomorrow by the way you lost stay with us in the Frank. <hes> be sure to join him. We'll be reflecting on those. Howdy cut my chairs? Ramzan Munich and spurs join us on extra chiming check out on a youtube channel. The voice discussed favorite movies got to say in a penalty with his hands and those should I just thought the follow up dresses up in a uniform last night I mean the sorest us goes around the road guzzles with that ain't GonNa Soroush. Do you hate Moscow's discussing Jen Height mascots and Jeff even more so what's your problem in Moscow just pathetic children runoffs is for the kids. Is it a lot when that that rice the beginning of the season the mascot race that's good when they overheard conflict at one minute. You don't let them Games doing that. Rice that's frumpy Robert. He's CONFI welcome into extra-time. Thank you as always Feo tweets the first one to rob and his hatred of Neymar Asher. Why does he hate name? Are What do I hate name. I don't hate him like he's what he brings the WH- on his good day on I'll give you a good night. He played for Brazil against England like the true professional we did found space with a boy looked like a good leader and then you get the World Cup where it's all about him doing tricks on the ball when they have no meaning falling over rolling only Nova no end product when I see him like that I think no other fencing. You're managing a team whose default strategy is part the bus if you have any plan in history wow as your number one. Attacker who would it be. Who is that one player to break down fairly dawn? Oh man she plans thinking of low load. Wow juncture now. Somebody who's good in the air because if he wants the part the bus they don't buy like you could say would be a great time letter if you would be the one in the whole history <hes> I'm trying don't think of a brilliant Hendra who's the head of the bullies pundit in history the best header the ball. That's why John Charles. I think probably the best editor Charles for sure wasn't expecting unto because if you WANNA pop the bus Branca's still get crosses and if you'll better than the play your plan against you'll still schoolgirl gap messy. You're not messing elementary. I'll just having well. That could be a problem DAB. I'M NOT GONNA say John Charles as well so you've got the change in line. He doesn't go dixie. Dean by all accounts was an even better header of the ball and I guess you saw John Charles play right when when you were I'm a little boy just breaking through with West Ham yeah don't show white for Negoti events. This Milan events is it. Wasn't it off the in one thousand nine hundred fifties. I'm not even sure you were born that I'm just using them as an example anybody. That's good in the breakdown defenses that want to see the guy who you have. That's one way to break down defense. Lump the ball into the box. You might as well Andy Carroll. If you're the other way and I go with Stevie is if you have a guy who's got one on one skills. You'll win you free kicks and penalties and magic so I would much rather see my dona messy. Try to try to go and breakdown a park bus defense then people lumping balls Dan Carol so I'll go one of those guys annoys me when Stephen the panel like Oh my God out of arrowed what is a beautiful obey available for just twenty five million. Why is nobody going for him? has anyone thoughts about the fact that he may not want to leave New Stadium Champions League finalists playing for part players are being treated like items and shop and he refused the new contract so he loves it that much it doesn't want to stay wasn't that's what so he wanted to go on pointless when he didn't sign the contract yeah within gap I duNNo. I think this was another sort of one year extension so if he doesn't extend it's going to be there's GonNa be a free transfer right. I think it was a similar situation with Danny rose slightly different in some ways but he's got he is two years left and I think he was left for number steak and he was he was left out of of some of the recent friendly's with the idea being that he could go and pitch himself to other clubs and so on now. I think he's going to be reintegrated back into the team because the offers didn't come spurs running tight ship. I don't think it's I don't think it's a mystery you know <hes> careful with how they spend their money and and if you WANNA play there that's what you need to put up with conversely players like all the viral generic soon and maybe he rose Kyle Walker before him. They're we're happy to sit there and not extend their contract until they're happy and see if they're going to move get it sometimes to stay. That's don't movies. Movies won't movies god-like Besides the Karate Kate Daniel Son. Ah ooh my favorite films the breakfast club anyone of the rocky series swingers with Jon favreau going a little more old school. I like the third man I think thinks Stewart told me he went to see that one right before going off to watch John Charles play <hes> lamb sixty five gap joan's house it was actually working out the cinema because of course during in the summer they never get your Fav- one in the hotel last night it was in Washington integrates rice into a college football team still remember the titans remember the signs. That's what it was true story. Do you have a favorite movie actually stuey yes. You'd like this the the little girl in the movie that coach's son daughter obviously yeah little blonde girl. That's that's the girl who then married one of the Klitschkos and she's an actress and her name is Hayden. Panel tear thinks I looked up today. Exactly it's a good film as well Gab boom. It's all right. I heard yeah the guy that it sad though that that the star linebacker goes in and irredeemably hurts his back and whatever but he did win gold medal the Paralympics. Did you know that A._D._D.. Did yes and the quarterback people thought was a hippie screw up ended up becoming a two-time all American. I believe how what good fail night we've just a dose that only movies to Reno remember fashion but who was my favorite movie. I'm going to go back to when I was a kid yet. Doc on it was the guns of never own on all still watch their own over Gregory Peck Anthony Quinn but you know the only ones and that's wear eagles dead people in Caddyshack Caddyshack J. Dinner Win. Go Rodney go right then final question. Pay Attention. You're on a heist mission. Who on the team is the tactical mastermind who is the sleight of hand thief who is the vehicle driver and who is the close quarters what is bruiser when the situation gets thick and fast gaps the clubs quarters Bruce? That's the answer there for that one all you got would you would you be look at that. Relative to the rest of you yeah. I'd like to think so yeah little sneaky but wait indoor yeah. He makes your definitely the driver now because he's he's all slot Komo. No you ran off scene. You should be Moreno. Anybody who falls over dives on a football field moreno those adapt to be what would cry the motor. It's like yeah no oh he would be the guy he would be. The Guy Kid only at a flow show elected all the money off the done up would be on twitter at the same time are not really wrong. We'd you play saving one of this I wouldn't I'm a good boy it. Only the driver left not you you'll Scottish. You're being mccollum. These speedy driver nobody you you'd be great because you'd be setting their swinton shower shack with Dr arousing even gloves well enough to be much but give away when he got shack. Don't be got no because it's leaking oil will give a trace go on the.

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