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As APP. And bloombergradio DOT COM Bloomberg the world is listening from the financial capital of the world twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg Dot com on the Bloomberg business APP and Bloomberg quick take. This is Bloomberg radio. Bloomberg markets with Glenn and Paul Sweetie kind of the volatility in the marketplace here downturn for American workers in history companies across the board across industries trying to show up their balance sheets very, very disturbing dynamics at work breaking market news and insight from Bloomberg experts only so much. You can speed up vaccine development of all the dislocations. There's always relative value trades that you could be doing. This could be shape rather than v-shaped profession. I think that is really everyone. Bloomberg markets when Vonnie Quinn polls sweetie on Bloomberg radio coming up, we are going to get the latest on US China Tech Relations. We check tick Tock. We'll get all the latest plus we can get a sense of how the stalled fiscal stimulus is impacting the municipal bond market. But first we go to Greg Jarrett Bloomberg News for a Bloomberg Business Flash Greg Fall in a month during which the red hot trading tech stocks waivered and options activity dominates headlines Traders were just jolted with a spike of trading volume quadruple, which he has being given credit for that investors are also reacting to the Federal Reserve. Atlanta Fed. President Rafael Bostick tells Bloomberg. He still thinks two percent inflation is possible. So I, think we were actually much much closer to our target. Just pre-crisis of then I, think has been really recognized in the press. That said.

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