Falcons vs Jets - Preseason Week 2


<hes> and hopefully we'll have a much better experience logging onto the game coming up all the records. That's that's a great one <music>. The guys will get to the post game podcast for two thousand eighteen in the preseason season week to atlanta hosting the new york jets. I am w and i'm joined today by one of our writers and the photoshop aficionado of talk of our very own evan burchfield evan how you doing. I'm doing great. We're on eleven game losing streak it. It's it's pretty. That's a pretty stunning statistic when you say out loud at this point. I don't even think it's a bad thing. It's just kinda like weird. It is it is is something else that's for sure eleven and honestly i think if we get twelve thirteen this could be shocking at all <hes> with with with these falcons so <hes> this past thursday night thursday august fifteenth the falcons hosted the new york jets in the technically the second preseason game. It was the third for the falcons since they did play in the hall of fame game to start off the entire n._f._l. Season this one was interesting and i think interesting interesting in a bad way for many people <hes>. Let's start with offense because i think that's what garner line of attention from from fans so <hes> evan just some quick thoughts on what you saw from the offense initially maybe that you didn't like seeing that you did like seeing just it's just a high level thoughts before we dive into some specifics. <hes> matt ryan looked great but also took way too many shots because he offensive garbage <hes> in he continuously took shots in for some reason. They left him out there when i don't know if they were just hoping the offensive tens of line was going to be like okay we see he's getting destroyed back year. Maybe we'll all of a sudden be better but he was thinking way too many shots <hes> even scrambled <hes> <hes> in god in god tackled from behind or whatever and that kind of like gave me that nervousness in my stomach like oh yeah this doesn't count <hes> but the offensive line terrible <hes> what i can remember off the top of my head tyson umbrella looked terrible <hes> west schweitzer there was was one <hes> constantly but there was one it was a flag but like he got knocked on his but in just like everything look bad on that offensive line but i mean that was my major takeaway you know and then obviously the russel gage injury which i'm sure we'll talk <unk> yeah. That's my initial. Take aways <hes> mine aren't going to be two two different. I was frustrated with matt ryan constantly being in this game this meaningless game taking hit after after hit <hes> and i think that the the last series people were just sort of shocked and even bouncers for the game were just like oh matt ryan's back in here like they couldn't believe that <hes> head coach dan quinn he put him back in matt to his credit is tough as nails but this this is not the time to to put that to the test so i was little frustrated seeing that <hes> you mentioned some of the names and we're gonna dive into that here in a little bit. <hes> i want to start with offense. No one talk about players stood out for better for worse. <hes> you know on the positive side on negative side <hes> so evan some names is that stood out on the offense to be first team. It could be second thirteen but let some names you think that really did a good job of elevating themselves selves <hes> in this game on the offensive side <hes> first off. I guess we need to apologize to shop because that first hall of fame he an people even events said <hes> you know that he would get better so i mean kudos to them because they look terrible in that first game but you know he he has he has has bounced back. <hes> also i think <hes> the tide engineering graham was i mean aside from his like hurdle. That was very very impressive. <hes> remember hooper doing that before but <hes> yeah graham looked great i mean there's been a lot of talk about that like tied in battle battle going on between him. Paulson hooper's obviously safe but <hes> he he stood out. I mean he led the team in in receptions in yards in for a tight end to do that. That's a big you know it. It's probably not enough to get him. Concrete it to the roster but it definitely like open some eyes that probably when you've been looking there i mean the team also has alex gray. Who is that guy who is on a part of that international program where he was a <hes>. Excuse me a free practice squad. <hes> what's word income ncdc guy yeah yeah. He didn't count against it but he also couldn't be on your roster in <hes> you know he. I'd like to see more him because i think that's an interesting interesting flying completely under the radar battle at the tight end position because of how you know hooper is quietly. You know incredible at that position position like this. There was talks year. You know in the past two years about hooper. I think he's pretty much shut everybody up but now we're looking at that tied in to spy aw in it's it's getting a little more interesting as the weeks have gone on but i'd like to see greg more action but yeah graham is who really stood out to me. A uh dip stood out team. Yeah i think grandma's is the big name <hes>. He said he'd lead <hes>. He led the entire team receptions. He pulled down four receptions for fifty five yards. <hes> he did have that one sort of spectacular leap where he a hurdle the the defensive player you know impasse blocking he he he struggled <hes> which is not uncommon for a young man especially a tight end that is focused more on receiving <hes> but i think if we got done with this game and my immediate reaction was eric sauber who like he he was that impressive live <hes> he's got to do it against better competition but at the same time we never even saw this kind of performance out of sauber over the past komo two and a half preseason so i think it's fair to say graham has already shown more than we saw from sabra time and i you know i'm <music>. I'm with he has not necessarily cemented his spot on the fifty three man roster <hes> but with logan paulsen sort of competing with luke stocker <hes> <hes> as far as being you know a more of a blocking tight end graham really shows a lot more potential in the long term. It's important to note too that that <hes> you know stalker impulse in her both north of thirty years old so i i doubt the team looks either of those guys and says hey. This is somewhat. We want invest invest long-term capitaland but jagan graham you know he's he's a relatively young guy <hes>. He's only in his second year. He was on the practice squad all of last year. I think this is someone that team likes and he has stood out in training camp too so it's not just been this preseason game. He has stood out in training camp. <hes> i think he is working his way onto the fifty three man roster. He's definitely the you know the person. I was the most impressed with a think we saw a couple of plays as all the calvin ridley that reminded us. It's going to be really good you matt ryan was ten of fourteen and that was with two drops in the offensive line collapsing in on him just like it's a reminder that matt ryan is really damn good and if he doesn't get production and tough so tough and played well even in the face of that so in russell gauge of thought was having a relatively game until he got injured in obviously we're still waiting to hear the feedback on that injury. All we know is that it's related to was hip. <hes> it could be a host of things obviously the worst case scenario korea evan as you mentioned in laris chat would be a dislocated hip which could potentially put out for a long period of time a bruised hip with have mount for few weeks hip flexor flexor injuries or they can vary. We don't know anything yet. I suspect we'll find out later this week but it was sort of disappointing to see him. Go down with injury especially since you know he's really had arguably one of the strongest preseason of any of the offensive players so far yeah that i mean i'm i'm gonna put out. I'm no doctor but i've seen like what hip dislocations look like and he reacted that sorta way where initially like if you watched him on on the film it could have been anything like it wasn't like he went straight for his hip. You could just tell he was in agonizing pain <hes> and then as they were talking onto him you can see the trainers obviously favoring that hip <hes>. I believe it was his left hip because he went up it. Was you know nobody's talking about the pass. He dropped it but i think he dropped it because he probably you know he obviously gave the injury. Yeah yeah get hurt but honestly. I don't know a human the being who could fall on their hip like that not do damage like he got up there. That's the frustrating part is has shown probably the most promise on this whole well. I mean aside from the regular guys like we know ridley's good we know ryan's like they're not surprising us <hes> but gauges the one that's really amongst angst i think the entire offense came out and put on a statement the last three weeks into see him down like that you know by the time <hes> people are listening to this. They may already know what the injury is so <hes> you know but at the time of recording this we have no idea but hopefully it's in some little hip thing now. Keep him out. A couple of weeks will be good to go because you know dislocated hips literally have ruined n._f._l. Careers is in you would hate to see that because he has lashed yeah absolutely <hes> flip side of the ball so offense some guys is who maybe hurt their stock or yes late so poorly that you were pulling your hair out i mean i think the obvious ones mets hymns. I think i could have done a better job and i. I have the alamos respect for n._f._l. Players by bad like he was was was that conference called the american alliance football or whatever it was that right in nets he apparently what do you know what was on the atlanta team. <unk> just us yeah. That's where he belonged. Any should have like not came. I'm back that was it was embarrassing watching him throat but i mean you know now. We've got ethylene so at least maybe you know i just. I'm craving that developmental dental. Obviously nobody's gonna pass matt ryan but it's nice to have a developmental project banker. You know obviously look the part and then got injured so i don't even know licenses on the roster. Maybe just he's friends with people because he came back but i i mean i'm hoping to see like you know. Push him out of there because that look you look bad. I mean his stats are nine for nineteen which you know it's not good not good no good but somehow he played even worse worse than what his stats are saying. I don't know he was wildly inaccurate for touchdown right yeah it was a pick six yeah and it just all night he was he was missing guys <hes> he had opportunities so no i agree and i don't think anyone was counting on that seems to be a a you know anything more than a camp body at this point and you mentioned matt shop earlier i think he's sort of cemented his position again as the backup quarterback which though some fans are really like upset about but it is like i don't see anyone replacing him you mentioned the name earlier nothing on the highlight him because he he stood out in the worst of ways and it was tyson embryo he was he was very very very bad. <hes> at like incredibly that frustratingly bad <hes> he you know we've heard him call the turnstile before and he lived up to that name <hes> he was getting beat by light. Everybody <hes> and it was a you know in this is on the night where several of the offensive lineman struggled jim brown struggled lindstrom struggled lindstrom's of rookies. You expect that to some extent but some brio like i'm la- generally wondering if the team is going to need to take a serious look at putting matt go no out there right tackle because of how bad some braille was <hes> and to put it some perspective on this when i was at training camp in the first weekend of training camp this year sombrero who stood out for those exact same reasons he was getting beaten eaten camp by multiple guys i saw him get beat in like back to back pass sets by vic beasley and john kaminsky and they beat him badly badly. It wasn't something where like they barely got around him. They embarrassed him and i think we saw that on thursday night and it's really concerning <unk> because he looked good at the tail leonard decent good. He looked decent enough at the tail in two thousand eighteen that i think some people thought okay if he can be decent than that's all. Are we really need but he was. He was well below decent. So what do you make of some braille late. Do you think he's <hes> i it feels like he was one of the biggest disappointments disappointments yeah. He definitely just mean a he was getting beat <unk>. I don't know what else i could add to what you were saying. You summed ended up perfectly <hes>. They're going to have to do something because thank god these games. Don't count <hes> do count towards you know what's it's our opening day death chart and roster gonna look like <hes> so i mean he he was still <unk> when mike he was playing high school kids out there or something like you said he was getting beaten camp. He was getting beat against guys who aren't even on this team. He's getting beat. That's the problem in when you have matt ryan back there. It's it's great to have calvin ritalin. Julio jones matt ryan but if you're not able to get the ball out because ryan not to double back on how tuffy offi is but he was taking shot after shot <hes> and it looked. It just looked awful. <hes> in a lot of the reason was because guys like san braila. Were getting just absolutely mauled by. They're going to do something 'cause that didn't gonna fly. I mean when he gets into the regular season season in you look at our schedule in pass rushers were up against like you don't want to see some great logo against a lot of these guys no and he he's a guy that if he's out there and plays like this he will stifle the offense he will be in the bad enough to keep the offense from being successful. Oh yeah definitely name to keep an eye on soup before we dive into the defensive players in who stood out for better for worse <hes> we're gonna take <unk> a quick break. We'll be right back. Hey i'm spencer hall. I'm holly anderson. I'm ryan nanny. 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I do on the highlight the fact that <hes> this is the first game since week three week four where we saw ricardo ellen in kiana neil both dressed in out on the field for for the first time so it was fantastic says he's them to see those guys out there. It was really encouraging. Obviously we want to see dionne jones out there as well but it looks like these guys you know they're obviously this was a game to get some the rust off. It was clear that in both guys were a little bit rusty <hes> but it was it. It was really exciting to see them back out there so evan. What were your thoughts to starting safeties back in actually playing playing in the n._f._l. In an n._f._l. Game it was great it just i think the biggest shock was when you see him walking out of the tunnel in uniform and you can see you know they show it <hes> before the game obviously unlike social digital media and stuff like that nec all suited up and ready to go and it's like i feel like it was just yesterday when you know they they all went down and it was just like soul-crushing soul-crushing so it's a good feeling to to know where you know a couple of weeks away from actually being like in real action being out on the field <hes> i'm looking forward to it really really good to see them back all right. Turn over you. What defensive player or players stood out to you in a positive way that that made a positive impression in this game yeah us out. The tyler davidson looked very good. There was one play specific where he basically like bob. Him weaved his way into the backfield. <hes> in i can do a justice so you'd have to just seen the video but he looked really good <hes> all of a sudden. It's like our defensive tackle. Gap is like very impressive <hes> and then i noticed one thing like sinatra really didn't play a whole lot so i'm kind of curious what's what's going on with that but <hes> yeah yeah but davidson i mean he was the biggest takeaway germain grace was out there getting some more experience and stuff like that and then i thought i saw <hes> alan bailey out there a little bit at i think he was just skied a bit so you know that's that's interesting but yeah i would go davidson. <hes> yeah and to your point snot. He got eighteen snaps total title but he was behind justin zimmer on the depth chart for this game so i know a lot of people are wondering what is up with that and honestly you know we talked about this in our writers chat <hes>. There's a lot that we don't see both as fans and even for those of us who are writers and we get more access. <hes> you know with gina you know being able to cover the practices and whatnot <hes> there's a lot we don't see what he's interesting because i think <hes> you either we haven't seen maybe a ton of development from last year to this year as opposed to some of the guys who are going from your one year or two <hes> i'm with you. Though on tyler davidson he stood out <hes> and i'm actually right now looking at <hes> pro football focus in their defensive grades and he was the highest grade defensive player so good on you evan for for for being in lockstep with fest saw <hes> i think another name that stood out was vic veasley he he had the sack it was it was a legitimate was and he it was based on an inside mu yeah and it was good to see him do something other other than just use the speed rush and <hes> it was like legitimate sackett wasn't a cleanup sock. It wasn't a junk. It was him beating the tackle with with with a good you know inside counter and getting to the quarterback want to see more of that but it was it was nice to see that <hes> yet again <hes> i thought austin in larkin continued to make a case that you know he should get at minimum consideration for the practice squad and we'll just have to you see how the fifty three man plays out but this guy is nowhere like before last week. We didn't even know who austin larkin freaking was and now you know he's he's sort sort of up there and actually those lines. I thought justin zimmer played relatively well at defensive tackle so as you noted added <hes> we've got some really good depth at defensive tackle now whereas i think going into the season while people were thinking oh we need to draft a defensive tackle draft draft oft and it really seems like between davidson jarrett <hes> gosh jack crawford massing. It wasn't even out there. Yeah hagman was injured didn't get to play <hes> justin zimmer as a potential. You know a guy who could jump in front of danger snot. There's there's some really good depth here so definitely agree taller. Davidson may be the best free agent signing so far for the falcons this season season. He looked really getting escape yep. Let's flip the script. <hes> who on defense do you think maybe did not don't have such a great game. <hes> compared to the other guys <hes> i mean nobody really stood out as just not having a great game but you know i mean it's really not like big injuries at least that we know of belie- it's worth noting that casey got hurt in looked like a rib injury generally is it has we are recording this. It was like a day to day so he should be good to go for. That sounds like it was a bruised rib. Not engages level because we don't know what's gauges but they gave some. I'm news on tuesday and then sheffield <hes> on a i believe it was a pint hunt returned or something <unk> sammy <hes> which looked like he pulled it. I don't think he returned to the game did he. He did yes so i mean. That's something to monitor especially for somebody who it his biggest ability is pretty much his speed. I think he was like one of the fastest people in the entire draft. <hes> you kinda hate to see that especially early in pre season but <hes> i mean nobody really jumped out is like being terrible i mean i mentioned this thing where it's kind of interesting but i mean you explained it by. It's still kinda interesting like why isn't there dan. Did you see anybody. You'd who didn't look bad i. I don't think anyone was terrible. I think bleary had a couple of bad plays at a pass interference call against him which was pretty obvious. <hes> rico looked a little bit rusty. He missed some tackles which is to be expected. He hasn't played since week three last year. <hes> and i think you know just some the young guys obviously they're still getting their their bearings about jordan miller. <hes> was one of the corners i think that you know he struggled a little bit here and there but actually the overall. I felt like the defense played pretty decently. They gave up the touchdown drive at the beginning but then they really settled down. I it seemed like you know the next two who series the defense really got their act together. They basically for the most part shut down the jets offense. <hes> you know they we saw them. Generating generating suppressor we saw them defending passes <hes> getting some good tackles thought desmond true font actually had a pretty strong game at least from <hes> <hes> you know the run defense in tackling guys even if he got beaten coverage a couple of times but it really felt like the defense i was a little bit better of the performer compared to the offense <hes> so that's good i feel like that's the unit that more fans were concerned earned about it like. I don't think anyone was really saying hey you know we don't think matt ryan and julio. We're going to get it done this year like the it's. It's like a foregone conclusion asian that that <hes> ryan julio ridley sununu. They're going to be able to put some points up. <hes> i think the question marks were with the defense in anything. The thing that made me feel like the defense is going to be terrible. <hes> you know it feels like splitting hairs to to really drill down on guys like you know bleed awry for for the pass interference and stuff like that. It's like you're you're nitpicking one or two players from each guy <hes> but in total it felt like the entire unit really just played solid so even though you know they. The game ended in loss. It felt good about the defense at the end of this game. <hes> what's your take aac about the the defensive journal that you feel good about it as well or do you feel like there's still some holes. Depend i felt good about it. I think the important thing is to remember is there's been like when when you see certain things happening on along the defense. It's you got to remember. Oh we'll dion. Jones is under there is like we haven't seen the complete package like it all combined. It's like we're looking renting. Imagine you're putting a puzzle together in its like does that look like a finished product known but we got pieces assist put in there like there were holes in you know when they look sloppy. You gotta remember. Some of the starters aren't in there so i mean i'm an optimistic feeling about the defense personally which you know either as a falcons fan. You rarely have <hes> a lot more optimistic than last year you know and that was before known injuries. I just feel like they even getting hurt. You know it's another year of knowledge under their belt even just being around the team and stuff like that <hes>. My expectations are high. You know as long as ks fine. <hes> you know i just feel like this. It's this fine machine. That's ready to go but obviously preseason. You're not gonna have everybody out there but it's nice to see you know neil and stuff get get on the field <hes> even if they're not playing like a full game aamer whatever it's still. It's still nice to know. They're out there getting some some football under their belt ready for the regular season yup. Ricardo both got about twenty twenty one twenty two snaps in that range each so you could tell the coaching staff was trying to get them get some of that rust <hes> worn off in a in to slowly. Get them ready but i think that's also a sign that both guys are gonna be ready for the regular season if they're getting twenty snaps in this preseason game i imagine the next preseason game. We'll see a little bit more a but to me. That is a sign that those guys are going to be ready to go raring and ready so you go by the first regular season game so i think that's really encouraging. I do wanna see how dion jone jones progresses because you know to to your point we haven't seen the full defense on the field yet and it feels like if we would have had him out there that maybe even that first i touchdown drive wouldn't have happened because he's that much of a difference maker in the middle of the defense but even without him out there i it i saw a a lot of things i liked in the interior pressure from defensive tackles vic beasley making a pass rush move for once in his life. <hes> you know some of these guys just really oh you know further down the depth chart who we're going to have to count on at times <hes> either delivering and actually coming through in in the in the game against it's other starters so <hes> don't want to re too much into a preseason game but some of the individual performances did stand out so four wrap this up any final thoughts on this preseason game anything you want to tell the fans a you know as far as calming expectations or anything that sort before we corrupt. I don't wanna take much longer but <hes> the <unk> go on for hours. I can have a long conversation but obviously to vecchio missing those two fifty yards <hes> yes which if you follow me on twitter you know my thought so i'm not gonna dive too much into it but not in the team is committed to him <hes>. I think that that proves it by 'cause i would. If i was running the team i would have ran the phone phone the second <unk> actually i wouldn't even got rid of map ryan but let's pretend i did. I would ride into the phone in call him up and been like. I'm sorry i'm so so sorry. Please come back you know he'd you broke up with some vitamins like i don't know i'm hesitant to let go because has yet preseason but i think that usually applies more to like offense and defense when you're kicker. You're just kicking the ball. I don't think when you you enter the regular season at all of a sudden becomes like okay now matter so i need to make this like i mean what the first in fairness the first one was walked in that but they you know he missed the second one it went. I think we'll wide left or something so it doesn't give me a good feeling definitely because you know falcon fans. We've been literally spoiled with <unk> always knowing oh get into field goal range because matt brian nine will just make it a more win where the fans are going to if the team goes this route because i mean i think most of the fans love matt bryant. The reason he's done on the team is money <hes> because it was supposed to get paid three million and then also you got a hamstring injury even though like he came back and kicked in the game against the buccaneers in the last week and <hes> his age which i don't see such a big deal because we literally had more dangerous than out third like fifty or something so to me that's not a big deal but <hes> i know certain people are against it and that's fine but the thing those those fans will have to to get used to this season is like i said when we get no situations where the offense just isn't going to score because we know how this team if you've been panel on time you know how the team is where they're fine you know when when it really matters the offense can struggle you know we have a new offense coordinator or not a new one but rejoining joining us <hes> dirk koetter by you know. It's going to be those situations. Where in the past you. You never really got that in like you would get nervous. Obviously because you wanna wind if matt bryant makes it but you would have that thing in the back of your head telling you know he's gonna make you had outmost confidence. Now is going to be a little different because <hes> <hes> you know with tim vecchio. He missed in the hall of fame game. Correct me if i'm wrong but i believe a fifty four yarder in last night was two you fifty two yards obviously like i said one of them was disrupted by defender. I don't know whose fault that is. <hes> by you know when we get into those fifty ranges his any kicker can make <hes> you know twenty to thirty or they should be able to. That's that should be the job of the kicker but when you get to those fifty that's where you decide. Who's who's going to win that game in it something we've all of us have taken advantage of the last decade <hes> with matt ryan being so automatic. I mean you know some people will tell you. He's the <unk> most clutch kicker in n._f._l. History is definitely ace most accurate <hes>. It's going to be a rude awakening because does when it comes even if even if the back of their head they're like him. We shouldn't have got rid of matt bryant. I don't think the upper management's going would would admit failure <unk> air be like being back definitely go down with their chip because you know some people even before the season saying they're on the hot seat whether they are high with problems say no but you know we don't know what's going on behind the scenes but they're not going to admit failure air after three three preseason preseason games but <hes> right now the game storm matter so to vecchio. 's mrs aren't like they're not a big deal. I'm just saying once once we get into those regular season gains in if he's still doing this. You know it's going to it's <unk>. Fans are gonna revolt. They already seemed to be on twitter twitter. At least oh yeah well. They'll be. I mean they may be like walking up to the castle but they'll be thrown stuff. You you know these end but <hes> i mean i don't wanna take up more time but that's that's my initial thought on that. Is you just gotta you know if he's the quarterback kicker of the future. You gotta be patient with him when he misses those kicks. You gotta be okay. You know we lost again again. You missed the kick but that's what you signed up for when you got rid of the eighth most accurate kicker in n._f._l. History because of you think he's too old though yeah now i think that's a great point the two misfield goals do you know i think fans are rightfully concerned and it's definitely something to keep. Can i on because it's <hes> you said perfectly. We got spoiled with a kicker who was a crazy accurate and clutches. They come and honestly you know. There are worse kicks in league <unk>. Ask the bears <hes> how how bad the kicking situation can get <hes> you know they they literally sold their playoff hopes completely dashed purely by the kicker <hes> so it's i think can still pull it together but he really needs. He's pulling together quickly before we get into some of the games that count so <hes> get into your point. It's it's one of the things that <hes> until we actually you get to <hes> the the regular season <hes> and interfacing this head on <hes> folks are going to need to be patient like said it's <hes> <hes> he is not going to be matt bryant and we're all going to have to live a bag because i think you're exactly right. The falcons confront office. They're going to commit to to tobacco this year for better for worse and it could be young hopefully not but it could be some painful. People sledding in the meantime has ryan in when you think about it. Ryan and brian probably have one of the most underrated connections in falcons l. consistory just because of i mean how many games meant <unk> matt ryan gets credit for winning which he obviously earned because he's best quarterback in the n._f._l. History and got engaged got map right into field goal range but also matt bryant mrs those kicks in. I did article on it. You can go back in binded minded. It's there on the foul somewhere but <hes> man ryan won so many games for the falcons which you know he. He's not always going get credit for it but they they had a neutral. They benefited each other. Where now you know the offense. The offense is the best in the league. It's not going really matter. It's just i've been a falcons fan long enough to see where they would get. You know we'd be losing okay. Let's get into field goal range for matt ryan ryan date. They're gonna have to get closer now because fifty fifty and over isn't automatic when that bryant tore his pull these hamstring hamstring <hes> last year. I believe it was on a fifty seven yard that he ended up making so he did make it yeah. I mean like that's what i'm saying is you. You know like i can't remember off the top of my head by vecchio made i believe eight. Was it a twenty four yard or something. In this game in that's fine but those are kickers mate what you separate the great kickers from the normal kickers you know in the league is when you get to that high forties over over fifty range because normal kickers are automatic at fifty. It's just were so used to it like up to fifty fifty two yard field goals else missed is normal normal kickers but if bryan did it. We'd all be like whoa what's going on here but that's normal you know as much people want to you know he's only twenty nine years old. He's a young kid but that that that's not something kickers do fifty two yard field goals. That's not automatic automatic anymore and we're gonna have to get used to that absolutely so on that note. We're wrapping up this podcast casts covering the jets game the preseason game we will be back next week as the falcons take on their third preseason game again the mercedes benz <unk> stadium and hopefully we'll have a much better experience. Lock the game coming up all the records. That's that's the great one so evan solar listeners where they can find you what you've got going on <hes> you can find me at the falcon writing whatever i don't. I don't know if the top of my head right now. I mean i got my. I actually had a map brian. <hes> vecchio article came out today which is available on and the falcone dot com. You can read that anytime in. I appreciate you having me on here for me. Guys <hes> you can find me on the twitter n._f._l. Colleagues these w evan at evan field that is right and <hes> of course you'll find both of us on the post game podcast casts here and at the fox dot com so forever burchfield. This is dave walker. Thank you guys for tuning in and we'll talk with you next time hi. I'm amanda clue editor in chief of eater. I am daniel janine up producer here at eater and we're here to tell you about our brand new podcast digest every week on on the show we dive into the weirdest funniest and most important stories in the world of food with the inside scoop from the biggest names in the industry and expert insights from the newsroom. It's a really fun time so i would say subscribe to eaters digests for free today on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app.

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