Crystal Skulls


Welcome to mysteries from around the world stories are strange and unexplained people, places and events often forgotten by history and lost in the mist of time. I'm your host Kit Chrome today elongated skulls. We'll start with the C note. This is a natural pit or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath and the Yucatan Maya Area Mexico. They were often used to make sacrificial offerings of different kinds. The. Name comes from the native Mayan word or term signup. which refers to place that has accessible groundwater. In the Yucatan, there are at least six thousand see notes and the water is often crystal clear as share sources rainwater the slowly percolates through limestone removing any particles. The Yucatan area has very few rivers and lakes and they tend to be marshy. Thus, c-notes were vital as water supply for the my people. Enter elongated skulls. Human skeletons have been found in the bottom of c-notes such as the elongated skull. One skeleton was amazingly radiocarbon dated as being thirteen, thousand, six, hundred years old. Other items, gold ceremonial objects, and other human skeletons with elongated skulls have been found early in the twentieth century. But along gated skulls have been found across Europe. The easy explanation is that the head of the newborn is bound in such a way that the skull becomes elongated I use the word easy because the growth of a newborn skull ends after about four months, subtle shaping can occur until the age of twenty but that wouldn't be enough to create the elongated skulls that have been found. Then there are the Perez skulls. The Perez skulls are massive collection of ancient elongated skulls discovered on Peru's south coast. Peruvian archaeologist made the discovery in one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, eight when he recovered more than three hundred along gated skulls from the. Desert Peninsula while elongated skulls are not a new phenomenon. The Protocols Skulls are particularly curious for three reasons. They are the largest elongated skulls found anywhere on earth they contain mysterious bone DNA. They are structurally different from other long gated human skulls have been found. The common explanation is one an infamous born their skull is placed between boards in such a way that it can only grow out in Annalong gated manner as I've mentioned, the rapid growth of the human skull stops at about four months. However, the Perez skulls are distinct from those found in other cultures because of their structure and their genetic makeup. DNA tests show the skulls contain a foreign never before seen genetic mutation. Is it possible? This mutation causes calls to Elongate. Perhaps it is the same genetic mutation that cost the hair color of the para cost people to mutate as well. Some of the discovered para costs Kohl's have red or blonde hair, which has no explanation other than genetics in addition to the unknown DNA the skulls have another curious feature that supports that theory that they are not fully human the location of the form and Magnum or the hole in the skull that the spinal cord passes through according to one researcher, the forum and Magnum on the. Perez, skulls is located on a spot that's lower than where it should be while many assumed this to be a side effect of head binding. This is misleading head binding and similar practices only change the shape of the skull. They do not alter other aspects of the skull structure. The Pharaon Magnum isn't the only structural feature that stands out on the skulls. The costs skulls are also twenty five percent larger and sixty percent heavier than typical human skulls, and they contain only one parietal plate instead of to. Clearly, there's some distinct structural differences make the paragon skulls. A curious anomaly are the elongated skulls found in Germany, and Belgium and across South American countries of Ecuador Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina an imitation of the three hundred pair of skulls found in Peru. South coast. who were these people and why would anyone want to imitate them along gated skulls was researched and written by our team urban legend writers and produced here the night owl sound studio. Now, the last chapter of the witch hunter I made my way back to police one and walked into the station minutes before McGee and Clark, and he sounded Lee Clark said, the station was nearly empty nearly every officer responding to the attack on Kelly Chapman none McGee led the way to his office I. Think we were hoping that he'd be there waiting for us but not in a way we could have imagined as soon as micky opened the door, he stopped Clark crowded him that I pushed back both of them into the room. Was City behind the desk and the captain's chair with his back to US something was wrong I ran around and was staggered by what I saw. He was pierced through the chest pinned to the chair with his sword. No Blood. But cut into his naked chest where the words could try. Clark close the door and vomited into the trash can begin to help me remove the sword and Easley's body to the floor. He stepped back lid the cords and his next stood out like so many cables Clark walked over like a Zombie and picked up lease sword teach him how to use this. I gently the sword from her grip. Magee stepped up and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. If it's war. They want. I'm ready I reached over and touched him on the arm. Let's move the body before everyone returns. For hours later, the three of sad and Clark's living room. We Sat in silence shock the loss of Lee. There is nothing to say each of US felt guilty McGee for not calling child protective services. Clark for including him in her plan and for me I failed as a sense say teacher I should have seen the risk and centrally away to a friend's any place that was safe. We'd stopped Kelly Chapman. But none of us felt like celebrating finally Clark got up off the couch and turned on the television she's stabbed a newspaper. Now lay open on the coffee table. The television was turned to a local Salem new station, the press both. And newspaper announced that Kelly Chapman had been whisked away by security to a secure location police. One had issued a press release stating that a certain white supremacist group had claimed responsibility for the smoke bombs and they were being apprehended McGee turned off the television after just one version of what had happened and sat back down on the couch poured himself another blasts of Jack Daniels where from here. Clark folded arms cure up for the witches next attempt to put someone else in office. I. Guess I don't know I said I think they'll try to get rid of the resistance that would be us At least before they began begins shook his head at, which was what was her name Carina wanted us to stop the young witches. either. If you have any idea what she had in mind I'm sure it wasn't just a matter of stopping Chapman. My sense is that it was something bigger. She mentioned a movement is important that we protected the state capital but I, think you're right. There's something bigger looming. Out of my head in agreement with McGee. Yeah. But. Where would a bunch of Hungary which is refusal remember that to retain their youthful appearance which enables them to blend in they would need a constant supply of Chee. I looked over a Clark who had pressed a hand over mouth. My God prostitutes had Portland is run over with them. I hope you've enjoyed the witch hunter. Monday Wednesday and Friday we'll have a new mystery starting this Friday right after mysteries from around the world I'm your host. Kit crumb. Thanks for listening.

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