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How Do You Find These Videos and Rex Chapman Edition


at the BUZZER sounded timeouts. They do courtside with Greenberg and dockage. The definitive college basketball podcast. The world's greatest podcast eight tate. Hey portside Greenberg has got a great guests that you're GONNA have a blast with set myself and the Great Rex Chapman through his whole life story including where he's at right now with the most popular twitter account in all the universe. He's the ban rates for him such a great player. I mean in the NBA forever. But what he's doing now to these almost as impressive as career things tech space before it gets rex. We've got to mention our friends at length in jobs when it comes to hire. I know that finding the right person for your company can be challenging. It's almost like being on the recruiting trail Odyssey. You and I were better at that. We would be talking to each other. Well Yeah I'm sorry. This is especially true in a small business or any team wherever employees truly impacts your organization. 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Just VISIT LINCOLN DOT COM slash courtside. Again that's linked in dot com slash courtside. You get fifty dollars off your first job. Post terms and conditions apply also check out the latest episode of First Strength Mel. Kiper junior and Chris Brown go through all thirty. Two teams named the most underrated player selected by each team. And last week strapped. Find it wherever you get your podcast. I described you'll be laughing to find out who the underrated player for the Indianapolis Colts. Darn right I'M GONNA LISTEN TO PODCASTS. Argo let's welcome in rex. Chapman better known as sexy raxit. Big Blue Nation Legend legend legend. So how did you get stuck with me and dockage tonight? I mean this is absolutely ridiculous. We appreciate you being here and Kind of kick back and talk a little ball and stuff shape Biedermann. Thanks man thanks guys. I'm happy to be here. We're all probably sitting here because we're too opinionated to be on on the sideline somewhere. Don't get stock dockage started. We're trying to keep him employed right now. Yeah so we're trying to minimize his damage. Most I got it. I got it Harvard I'm I'm glad you don't have A. Who's your hat on? No no I wouldn't. I wouldn't do that day. I'm at Bert. Let's go back in the day. Would you like what would it have cost somebody to be on a call with you back in the day when you were when you are the boy king? Can you can just call up rex. Chapman do a video chat. There's no way I'd styles and it costs fan right. Yeah right now. I'm paying people to have me on. Let me speaking spent that you reduce stuff about the name. Image and likeness. Yeah that's what is like rex. Chapman Lexington Kentucky. What is your take on that? Because I'm Dan says you are bigger life dude one. I don't what I don't like about it right away. Is You know I don't want college? Kids Dryden what whatever they want as much money as they as as you can put in their pockets you still got to be on a college campus. You GotTa be humble gotTA learn them. What happens if you're not a very good player but you still marketable and all that your shirt sale and all that stuff but you come off the bench and won't listen to coach. I think it I think there are lot of problems in their however that being said I know going back to when I was at UK. You remember a you guys remember. They were selling. You know I love records and all the time I never saw any of that. You know Thinking Back Shit I have. I don't know either. We came up in a different era. Where you know. None of this was even discussed. I do appreciate that. These kids can can can earn something other than their scholarship while they're in school. But I think it brings up a lot of things You know are the are the women's Sports GonNa be is GonNa be an equitable thing. Is it? I think there are a lot of questions about it. You would have made a lot of money. Offered would have made a lot of people. Ask Me back today. I see you know rex. Chapman and Kentucky would have made a ton offered a made a time. How do you think you? Obviously I mean I mean this. You were bigger than life superstar. I would have been in the locker room for us. Not only your you know your notoriety. But now you're making a lot of money and other guys that would that have changed the dynamic. Some for you are we. I was going go somewhere. I shouldn't have gone. You don't want to go there now. What what else say that. It's a it's a great question and you already know the answer. I think I when I got to school out of the Freshman Dan. I'd watch you play at Indiana. I grew up getting more Indiana Games than I did. Kentucky Games being on central time zone so I watch I had watched you guys play I had a unbelievable amount of respect for the guys on the team. Before I got there you know I grew up watching it. Daventry James Blackman and now I'm in their backcourt however as a freshman I go in there and you know I got a target on my back. I'm the kid who's been you know around the state for the last couple of years tearing it up and this and that and I wanted to come in and prove myself it was but I'll say I can't imagine being paid it more money than all the other guys you're just coming in. I can't imagine making more money and then on top of it I'll never forget this and I. I appreciate it to this day but Eddie Sutton my college coach first day of practice. I'm kind of nervous and I've muddle through the preseason conditioning. And you know I'm beating. Damn and we start like a three on two two on one break first day of practice and I gave him some guy gave it to me. I gave them a little touch. Pass back dunk. Eddie stopped practices at. That's why he's the best player out here and I wanted to write. I wanted to run and hide and looking around and So there's already pressure on you. I know it's different now. These kids don't play with juniors and seniors who are GonNa go on and play in the NBA for the most part so it was a different landscape. But it's a valid question. I think there has to be some sort of formula. How you how you modify and Mon Mon. I should say Modify Yeah it's not think about think about where you are right now so Kentucky you go to Kentucky say back in a boys of this era and you get on twitter. How many twitter followers? If you're playing at Kentucky now like you had a half million a million Toyota monetize just that by being an influence her like like the guy at Kentucky now they're bigger than life and social media. Right they are but I couldn't have played basketball and done social media at the same time. And when I say that I finished playing right when twitter and all that stuff was coming out in the late early two thousand and Steve Nash. My one of my best friend. Stevie was still playing of course and he was setting up some kind of thing he had to do on social media that day. Never playing that night and I'm going what I couldn't do that I couldn't think and do all kinds of other stuff and still be a good basketball player. I just couldn't and I definitely couldn't have done it in college. I can't imagine trying to keep up and seeing what people are saying and this and that and you know kids do. It was hard enough. Not Looking at the newspapers guys. Bright when you're coming up and so I think it raises the raises a lot of questions. It's it's tough and but you're right men in they're going to be the haves and the have nots. Of course the kids at Kentucky you're GonNa you know do will holly. I U Carolina all the big name programs. But then there's going to be a dramatic drop off. I think as you go to the mid majors and on the low major so yeah I think it would have been. You can look at it and say all have been great. I also think it would for me anyway. It probably would have incentivized being a great basketball player. That's a great point. I'm already at eighteen. You know I'm not saying you're not even starting on your college team but you're making I don't know what what the amount of money is. It wouldn't have been good for me. Ads All jeep. The thing that interests about this and I don't care what kids make. That's fine man. We don't listen to you or we don't listen to or guys that have been that have been in coaching young. Listen to what the cool kids are saying the blogger boy the cool websites the guys that say. This is all great for kids. You lived it and you're sitting right here saying it would not have been good for me. That's done second auto. Yeah I'm saying my not have now when I say that when I say that also you know either plenty of Perks for Planet Kentucky so But not like what we're talking about. I do think for some if I go back and all right. I go back to my my college team. Richard Madison McDonald's. All American Center Jenkins Donald's all Americans and been at McDonald's American Bra Block on on and on Eric Manual and Leron Ellis and all that now almost none of those guys went on and head NBA careers. Winston played for a year or two. Eric didn't Laurent May of for a year or two ED avenue. Mcdonald's on on and on and on I don't know I don't know let me ask you this like Kentucky I mean it's bigger than life and the ad is bigger than life right Dan but like how many guys like I say cal carries guys. Kentucky's has great fan. So they're passionate. They Love Kentucky. They're they're wealthy people there and you know so what type of ways like when you look at a place like. Lexington routes would it be an appearance at a car dealership ship? Would it be parents at restaurants like do you think that? Guy's even at Kentucky where maybe it'd be a shoe contract today but a smaller level hell. No one sells shoes but Jordan and under two other guys anyway so what? What type of guys played a big time schools? What type of deals then? Besides appearances running a camp doing other things. What type of deals big-time deals? You think would be available. It wasn't through social media because our take on that I think Kentucky I think Lexington Different Than Bloomington but I've always said this about Bloomington Bloomington itself doesn't like doesn't support. I you like Lexington now. There's not big business in Bloomington. It's a small college. I remember when Isaiah Thomas my freshman year came with the with the Pistons to play the Pacers in assembly hall. Two thousand people make take you playing four Phoenix coming into play. Whoever twenty you know yeah. It's different I think I think Lexington I think Arkansas I think Ohio state business towns. No Snow Pro Sports. I think those kinds of places would have real opportunity for a guy like rex. I think I I agree with that. Dan I also think about talking about a shoot shoe. Deals are where guys are GONNA make make most of their endorsement money. You think about a kid like myself or John Wall Coming to Kentucky. It's to play for cow. It's kind of sexy are going to Louisville play for Rick back in the day or whatever it is kind of sexy and and he he decides I think there would be a market there. You know go to Kentucky Edgy play. Lets you do what you do. I think there's a market for the guys to make more money illness. You deal they go to Kentucky And I think that's kind of unfair the other thing that I I don't I don't love. I don't like making money off an autograph. I think that's ridiculous and and I can only imagine I go down here. You can go to Bloomington. There articulate our players on the team who could go every weekend so a little county out here and sell their graphs at the little. You know downtown wherever whatever it is or at the high school they might not even be playing on the team they might know on for real. And how how bed doesn't make sense to me and I think you get a little bit of a work perspective on it and when you talk about we talked about amateurism and all that stuff you know if you're in college and look college is not for everyone. I didn't like college I didn't really have any interest in being in college and I attacked it that way. And that's probably why I've had issues for a long time. I was just focused on playing basketball. I don't know and was my train of thought anyway. I think it's really interesting. Because you're like you guys represent to really really tradition rich programs all right Dan. You're on a team championship right. No no you didn't but you you are. You want us out now. Losers Seth it's just like you guys are within your communities. You're bigger than life yet. Like like to me a kid today. The mindset is totally different. I have no problem with the guys might let me ask you imagine. You walked up to coach. The coach asked practice Friday I don't. We have a game Saturday. I've got a chance to make two thousand dollars appearance at you. Know the establishment ex. I'M GONNA miss film tonight but I'll be ready to tomorrow. How did they go? No chance moving fine enough for buying another google. This is the throwback he wouldn't have accent. I mean it's just silly man. That's just to me but I I don't know if you guys know this story and I just thought about it Dan when I was in high school savvy was recruiting me and and I wasn't going to go play for Bobby. Just 'cause he reminded me of my dad and my Dad Cooks and my dad's great. He's a great basketball coach division to they want a couple of titles But I I wasn't that tough yet or tough at all. I don't know I just wasn't GonNa go play for Bobby but still it was of cool having bobby recruiting and so. I had back in the day. I was going into my senior year. And you know you narrow your choices down while the way you did that then is you gave a little thing to the local press. You know hanwritten. They hear my five final scooter. So I did that in the afternoon that night. The this hasn't run yet. That night. Bobby calls me and there's a rex look set up in a visits at the school. School visits and really get you on campus and I said Kolja I just narrow my choices today and and I got right there and click. He hung up the phone. He could tell what was coming up on me now. Okay so that's the last thing. That's my last image Bobby Knight so now already year and we're playing you guys. It's probably my third or fourth college game. We're playing. You're on the bench. I think at that Time Day coaching right. Yeah and yeah and you know you guys were great in fact you want it that year. at all bird. Dean Garrett Keith smart so that's my third or fourth college game and I go in there and they threw wouldn't have been Steve. I'll it had been something like that at me. you know a bunch of big seniors. Well I had a pretty good game. I think Steve Got Twenty. Six twenty six overtime. They want and as we're walking off the court coach Knight comes up to me but his arm around my neck and said I'm really sorry for hanging up all right. It gets better that summer. Can you cuss on here or no doubt? Next summer I go to I'm I'm in college. Mit Miro Meal Robinson and I who were good buddies were saying high school class. We go to five STAR TO BE COUNSELORS FOR GAS. And so we're there as counselors for meals at Michigan. He hasn't played yet though. Prop forty eight but and I'm rising sophomore. We're there and we have the draft draft. Your team I drafted my team. The next day I'm at practice and coach night walks up and says hey come here and I walk over the chain link. Fence my scenes practice and he goes. You drafted my son last night and I had no idea he had a son at all. I had no idea. I drafted Patrick and He says to me listen. And I'm nine eighteen or nineteen Patrick's sixteen and he said listen. Patrick is is asked all week long. I said coach. He said let's go to lunch. I met him up cafeteria for lunch. He said the same thing I said. I'll do my best. I'll do my best and so After that when you played you guys again the next year fast forward in the big four later in the big four you guys had J. Edwards and we beat you guys in overtime that year game press conference. I go up into the press conference. I'm waiting coats. Night is at the podium with his player they've just lost and I'm standing back in the back with Eddie ready to go up to the podium and somebody says to him asking the question What did you think Japanese said? He was terribly hurt him all night and made some plays late. That's it. He was completely right to dance. I did that was your world. For How many years I love that and Sixteen years the next year coach Patrick Five Star. Mba It's funny. He came up to being basically said he didn't call he just said look kick it s just coach. Mark kick his ass. Yeah you know. I mean it's not like I'm GonNa Kiss assery. Maybe it's as well what's funny to the other part about that. Is I never really told Patrick that? We never really crossed paths a lot but in the last few years we have so. I've gotten to know Patrick a little bit more as an adult and I was telling him this story and he said Yeah you know what's Funny Rex's that he had it out for you he either was going to get you or you're not gonna be any part of what he was not going to have anything to do with you. He said. And here's live because when you were arrested at UK. He said there was some article that ran. Put out a poster of me and Patrick had it on his wallet his house. That's true story. I remember that you have to walk past it. Every day. That his rival telling me I was like twenty four. Maybe inside on the wall as good as it gets a wreck so let me ask you give me your best Jordan because you own them. No yeah get says oh no no. I saw it. I saw that video you video one video. It was a good one. If you're going to have a good one to have it that I but Now what am I bet? Well playing against him was a nightmare. I will tell you this. This is this is great into his psyche but remember. Remind me to tell you about the bowling alley all right so that game that were that you guys watched where we beat them. They they went seventy two and ten that year they came to South Beach. They party the whole night. We only had eight available players. They took us so lightly and we beat them sneak them we played them at arc lays two weeks later now. Michael and I go way back. Dean had Michael. Call me when he was just an NBA. I was still at Apollo High School. And then we had the same agent and we played golf in the summers and we'd go bowling and do he's my guy and we beat them. I got thirty nine and We played them two weeks later at our place. Now we're boys and but it's a different era. You don't play Nice at all however that game jump ball the very next game after. He's I've towards them. John Paul the second. The ball went year crap cracking the sternum. And I I kinda jump back and it's going to be like that tonight. It was you got forty. Didn't play the fourth quarter. I think I went three for thirteen for thirteen points. And then they swept US three. Oh in the in the playoffs in the first round like we were. Jv team He was unbelievable but the bowling alley. Now this is the we went bowling. One Night I was probably a rookie. Second Year Guy. We go bowling. We're GONNA play the next night. It's myself Michael. Fred Whitfield his boy from way back. Who runs the Hornets? Now and a couple of other guys and Michael's he's a he's rolling. Well you know how the balls occasionally the pens will get stuck. You gotTa roll another ball down the gutter to so Michael telling us the story. He's facing us. We're all looking out at the Boeing laying. He's telling US something and somebody alerts him. That the pens are out and goes. Hey M fix that. This man reaches over seventeen pound. Bowling ball sucked it up without using the holes picked it up and threw it backwards back down the lane to reset depends like it was nothing now and I looked I looked at the other guys and he didn't even blink and I know he knew what he was doing. Because that's intimidating like he didn't even blink and I looked at it and they all looked at me. Like you didn't know you could do that. Yeah you can do that. I mean to tell you and you guys know what hands can mean basketball. You GO BACK TO DR J. Add those hands off Michael. Those Hands Kawai Leonard. Has THOSE HANDS OLDEST? Thor different random guys but you you can see it. Amari stoudamire and you can take that thing. And it's you know you cover more than half the ball with your hand. It's different game. You're going after Bala two hands most everybody else is if you can grab it as it's going one way granted suck it back. The other and be on. Mike was playing a different game. Also his his Competitiveness and will the win. You know I was supposed to hate him but I love him. Love him to death. What what did you? What do you think watching as an MBA guy to compare? What do you think last stints love it? You know and it's weird because we were all kind of gone. I was still playing. We played all during and threw Michaels career. Also Michael's mother and father and family lived in Charlotte last alcohol of our Home Games. And I'd still you know I'm sure we'll get some of that I've been through a lot of that stuff with them What what I loved about what I love more than anything are the things that I'm finding out now that I've never known and it has really little to do with basketball. I had no idea and I've known Scotty forever. You know texted him another night. Said hey man thinking about you. I had no idea that it's dad. Had a stroke and was in a wheelchair and he had his brother. Vin was paralyzed wheelchair. And you just never know. People starring you can generalize and thank you know people all you want and when. I say that I'm never I lady sports related Race related You never really know someone until you sit down with them and talk to them and figure out their pain and the stuff that they've been through that's made them help. Make them what they are. So what did you say what you think about Phil? Jackson Rodman Net. Take Forty eight hours. You know it's a pretty. It's pretty amazing. It's a pretty amazing thing. Never would've never happen if he needed Dennis for thirty points. they needed. Dennis to do what he does. And buying and I think it's genius now. You also couldn't have done it if you didn't have Michael. You didn't have Scotty if you know and if you notice they sent one person after him to Vegas which by the way. Oh my thing is no WANNA go. Yeah but one person to go get him. The one person they knew would come to the he'd come to the door for so I think it was. I think it was pretty Ballsy of course but look man they. They were sort of playing with house money to at that time. I thought Jordan was genius when he said. Hey you're not getting it back. You let him go. That's right you didn't come back. Yeah exactly now Mike Michael Too. That's the other part about this and I was talking with Buzz Peterson last week after the firm after the first one. And I'm just so proud of Michael Jordan. I'm proud of that guy. Did you see his interviews from High School Guys? You of course you did. You saw him in college. Young kid in You know very bashful didn't really WanNa talk a whole lot either came and we can argue this time. Sure but I remember growing up in the eighties and coming up in the nineties back before social media. They're only two people really two or three in the world that you know if they wanted to go see a movie with their kids you'd have to shut the theatre down four or if they wanted to go shopping with their wife. They shut Muhammad Ali Michael Jordan Michael Jackson and Michael's that type of celebrity. He still is. I'm just proud of what he's done and be able to manage everything that he's done interview wise and business wise coming from where he came from. I'm happy I'm happy for him. I really am and I'm really glad that they they decided to do this because he doesn't you know he doesn't talk a lot about any of this stuff. I Love Santa Fe. I also love. I love hearing him. Say Scottie. Pippen's the the best team greatest teammate. I've ever had I love that. Why did you pick what? He rolled his eyes. Scotty had his migraine. Yeah Yeah Adami that's here. I'll tell you David a Michael and I have the same agent David Fall. I knew what their deal wasn't I and at initially I think Michael would admit he was skeptical. How House how hard or how soft Scotty was and I know this too. It's it's a difficult thing coming in to the NBA. Is One thing going from high school to College? Where you play against guys. Two and three years older the going in and you're eighteen or nineteen or twenty and playing against guys thirty years old so it takes a whole other end. Scott also didn't play big time college basketball so he had to learn playing against the best. You can go to the camps. He didn't do any of that stuff. He had to learn under fire and also with Mike Yelling at him every single day and Michael. Is that guy they're gonNA get into it some more stuff? I know Michael and probably Steve Kerr and You know there's a lot of good stuff there. I what I find fascinating I not love. Is THAT EVERY TIME THEY ASK Steve? You know we'll tell us about you. Know why was it? So good he he he goes back to Michael. We had Michael and Michael was different. Man You know as players we don't want to give it up like that wet and we definitely didn't when we were playing looking back never seen anything like it. Nothing like rex. When you when you look back at the at at your entire career you know coming up the boy king and in Kentucky and going through and just in a basketball sense you lived up to what the expectations were and more. Do you look back on things and when you do. Do you look back on. Successes of you look back on failures. You look back on both the great. I'm glad you asked for the most part. I look back on failures and when when you say that I appreciate you saying that Dan I really do. I don't feel that and here's why I was the player of the year in high school college or high school basketball. I was all American at UK and a couple of years. And I made the All Star Team. One time dislocated my ankle. Bet Bay replaced before I got out of surgery and all star Game. I couldn't stay healthy and I'll really out in that. I'm a point guard size. I was you know Michael knows guys were six six. I'm almost six form so I was playing a little bit. I wasn't as good as those guys. I wasn't as big as those guys you know. I was a middle of the way through on the two guards list. During that era. I look at the failures. I in here in my mind all the talent in the work or go to really put it together. You know couldn't sustain it. That's what I that's but also know. When I was healthy I was pretty good so I do. And the part of this guys and I'll just go into a for second. We all grow up Seth. You wanted to grow up whatever you wanted to be a basketball player basketball coach. Dan Saying you're player your coach. You guys do what you do now. That's what I wanted my story be too. I wanted it to be all about the basketball and I it up and now that's not my story. My story is drugs and the opiates painkillers and had people. They did. An e sixty a few weeks ago. I guess you guys may have seen right. I thought it was well done. People kept coming up to me and saying Amana saw his great. And and what I hear and I appreciate it but what I hear is every time I want to respond. Yeah but I still stole something in there. And that's the only thing that I think of is me getting arrested. That's that's public and that's and I joke about it. I tried to joke about it but it really is to keep from crying because when I really think about it and it's really not about the act and what I did and it's just about. It's scary knowing that you're supposed to spend your life on the on the tracks. You can't can't get too far off track ensure I've always liked to color outside the lines a little bit but it scares me to bank bit. Relatively it scares me to think that I could go off the tracks like that. Do you like I wa- I mean again. I know you through. Obviously the basketball and five star. We've known each other for a long time like your stories. Incredible as a player. I see how many years you claiming twelve twelve years twelve years like I. Here's the deal you played in at the highest level. I call it an exclusive clocks like we live in the era. Now all these guys think. Well I'll just go to the going to start his college one year I'm GonNa go to the NBA. They don't realize this exclusive club for the very best of the best clubs or twelve years. You got off the tracks. One things getting off the tracks. I DON'T WANNA GET. Tangent is a whole lot harder to get back onto tracks. They get off the tracks and like your story to me like the people did a good job start. Your story to me is incredible because not only do you get back onto tracks the now. You're using your story to help others using your story to raise money for the corona virus relief funds. You use your story to basically say you know this happened what happens. It's how you respond to what happens to you. Man I I me personally i. I mean I'd be stories is incredible and impact in so many freaking people. I mean look at if you can see the picture of Dhaka's look at it. Now look at. His story is only a bad. When you grabbed. His story is amazing thinking. No I'm telling you and you know it's so funny when you hear the all the town the world people forget there's a lot of dudes that league with a talent man. It's like you grew up in in a lot of ways. I mean we all did it from Indiana or or a little vacuum right for the greatest. Because you know we did your high school or my right eye day a man. I know coaching against you as an assistant was hell. I remember apology. I never met you Jill really but I followed this guy good. So that's why I asked you because most I find this in coaching every coach that I know you win a championship. Okay you retire. Get fired twenty years later you even think about that. You think damn yeah I mean you think about those things you think about the failures more than you do the good stuff always in life. Yeah Yeah and you got to be grateful for the good stuff and I honestly I think I walk. I think playing a for me I worked. I really I was eaten up with it. I was a basketball addict above and beyond above all else for a long long time. I don't know lost my train of thought just bomber heart and we know subway faster. Well I think what you're doing now is incredible. And it's one of the Great Things About Kentucky's how beloved you are by the Kentucky family which is like cool but I got a question for you. Where do you find these freaking video house? And it's so crazy guys. I have no idea I get. I've sued I've battled sub to freshen over my life and the painkiller stuff. I've been a lot of therapy drive to get here. And I I WANNA say that guys like cal guy like Rick. Pitino these guys. Who are my friends from way back? You know you guys doing this. All of this stuff is part of my story and I couldn't be more appreciative I've had some really great friends that some really good opportunities come my way after I got in trouble and so thank you all. Thank you all for that This video I I was just it. I stumbled onto it. It's it's so dumb I can't even I can't even and connected and now do a show on adult swim cartoon network with my Childhood Buddy Preschool together. It's basically America's funniest videos we but we can cuss and call blocker charge. It's the dumbest thing ever so I can. You know again years ago. I was Kinda napping in my car. At times live on friends' couches so it's just also sorta surreal. I was I wanted office social media about a year and a half ago. I was just. I hated that toxic political climate. I hated but you know as as you guys know we. We need a little social media presence people that hire us want us to have that now you know it helps so just that seriously. One day I saw video of the Dolphin School of Dolphins swimming to shore got paddle boarding out. Dolphin jumps up hits him square in the chest and I said to myself just sitting here I go. Hat's jarred feet were said and I tweeted it out and people thought it was funny. And that's it that's really it for from there and then I thought oh great. I don't have to think about anything on social media. Just put out these silly videos and is just Kinda in it. It's kind of taken on a life of its own. The cool goals part about it as so many. So many members of the media national media local media Guys I grew up watching Dale Murphy. You know baseball players former NFL players athletes entertainers so many people followed this silly account that we weren't we were able to raise a couple hundred thousand dollars for. Cova of relief that we donated in New York New Jersey. Some here in Kentucky he was still have more to give out for P. B. E. and first responders and a lot of food banks. So that's the coolest part about all of this for me. Is that Some I think if nothing else is good. That's good I think dogs on. You can't go wrong with dogs. You guys have dogs please. Badge eight one does not happen. Because he's been at the door and I started this. I DIDN'T WANNA get up again. Jank Rondor I. I wouldn't survive without wonder though I know. I know. Ma'am Dobbs can't go wrong with dogs but you find it or people send in your you know what. Yeah. I find a lot of them. I'll I'll just be sitting around and I'll see something I'll take some time out today and say all right let me find some videos and then if I do I'll either put put out but one out or bank it. I'll just kind of put it in a draft. No that it's the air and sometime I can go back and get it. I got hundreds of those phone but I do have a handful of really good as sort of a group of people on social media that I've never met that They just sorta like that. Same things that I like. And they'll send me Video in the morning b. Like this might be good on your page and I'll look at it and sure enough so I'll write a little caption put it out. It's real easy now. At at the beginning it was harder. It's it's really. What do you want to be doing scenario? I I hopefully just this stuff in basketball. I'm so thrilled seth to be back in basketball. Even if it's just on the periphery talking about Kentucky basketball or be ATV which I do. I'm so happy because that you know as much as you don't want to identify want certain things to identify you basketball. I've just been so blessed with his game. It's given me everything. It gave my mom and dad everything you know. My Dad's a like long basketball guy. I'm so happy and fortunate to be back in the game of basketball and being able to talk about basketball and not you know I go when I speak about opioids and whatnot. It's a breath of fresh air. Get talked about basketball so I'm I'm happy doing this. I'm enjoying being in Lexington. cal UK. They've been so good to me. And I came back here three or four years ago I went in to talk to cal and You know he gained the go ahead for them to bring me back to do no Kentucky Basketball pre-game stuff and I've been doing it ever since You know I I look at guys like he like Rick. Pitino there guys. I grew up watching and I'm just fortunate enough fortunate to have some really good friends. I'll tell you I appreciate you doing this. Man I you know. I think the world their weight shiny thing. I do Do you ever frontier. I always get excited. Look forward joke Getting much integrate for a game. I think he's stories great. I think you care people you know and those things to me not just fire basketball coach now like I'm a lot like you. I love the game. I care about the people of the game here by coaches players and seeing you at Kentucky before the Game. It's seeing you interacted how much those people care about you. Vice versa loves to race street. To me is is really really cool. I appreciate it I will say would we can get off. Interacting with these players here has been one of the more rewarding things. I've done in basketball last year's this hard planet Kentucky. It wasn't hard for. It wasn't hard for Me Planet Kentucky and man for you know that hard for Jamal. Mashburn Dan Kenny. Walker and all that It's hard here and when you don't make it here. Nba crushing and so being able to Kinda not in any official capacity. But just seeing guys practice putting an arm around him and you know they somehow know me so they kind of trust me. Some of that's been it's been just terrific and especially see if he had like Nick Richards this year. Who couldn't even look. I couldn't look you in the eye three years ago to have conversation and look at it and when he gets drafted I personally. I think it's the greatest greatest job of taking something from nothing and turn it into a first round pick because there was nothing there anyway. Thanks for sure the right saying how they say. Hey thanks the REX. Chapman Seth once again. You did absolutely great job getting a fantastic guest and thanks to everybody. Make sure you go and rate US rate us well because we deserve it. We're giving you quality hoops talk during the pandemic Nobody better than that. Come on your doubt about world's granted. Podcast is a reason with grades fast. I we'll talk to you again are discussed with rex. Chapman about the last dance is brought to you by state farm when you went to real deal like a good neighbor. State fire is their coverage also brought to you by eighteen. Thank you for listening to court shy with Greenberg and dockage. You can listen and subscribe to all. Espn podcast listen tab of the ESPN APP including the latest from the NBA. Who Collective podcast available on the ESPN APP or Apple Podcast?

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