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Taken not so random walk through hot topics in markets and finance listen to odd lots. A weekly Bloomberg podcast hosted by Joe Weisenthal and Tracy. Alloway auld lots explores everything from how the Seinfeld. TV show can teach you about economics to why the Federal Reserve blundered by letting Lehman Brothers fail the odd lots podcast available every Monday on the Bloomberg terminal. Bloomberg Dot Com. I tunes soundcloud and whatever APP. You used to browse podcasts. Twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg Dot, com on the Bloomberg business APP and at Bloomberg. QUICK TAKE! This is Bloomberg radio now a global news update. Virus Mutating Name Change I'm Mike Moore's not only are more people. Getting the corona virus put, there may be changes in the virus itself which make it easier for more people to get it. Here's correspondent. Jim rupe Dr Anthony Fauci with the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases says there have been dozens of mutations of SARS covy to virus, which causes covid nineteen, but most of those have been insignificant. However now. He says I think the data showing that there's a single mutation that. That actually makes the virus be able to replicate better and maybe have high viral load meaning it may be more contagious now says however, there's no evidence right now that that would indicate this drain would make the infected person sicker, but more people could become infected, which means younger people and more of the more vulnerable are at risk. I'm Jim Roope the Mayor of point. Pleasant Beach New Jersey. Paul Kinney True says that some people act as if all they care about is the.

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