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Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch. What happens live with me? Andy Cohen and in big. She was there when Tom Hanks grew up tonight. Hundreds of commuters watched as she threw up. Its watch what happens. Live with Elizabeth Birkin's Kelly Ali died now. Andy Cohen live in the rubble clubhouse at a special time giving you to amazing guests on this giving giving Tuesday but I guess resume really speaks to me with projects like big weeds in the mood. He's premiering tomorrow on Fox. Because I think big helpings of we'd keep the Moody's ladies away we'll tobacco Superman Elizabeth Perkins reason Vicky scream tonight at a decibel. We have have not heard since the Brook Sierra say hi to Real House of Orange County Kelly died. You are legit a a big fan right. Oh yeah you're in deep because your favorite you over the bar since Elizabeth Perkins has developed a Perkins Birkin ship with her cast. It's her Moody's co-star Josh Sagai Josh. By the way Joshua's big commit like hand. I WANNA get started. Kelly Mazal Tov. You're engaged in early. You Got Yourself a nice Jewish boy from Fox News we have questions funds for you. Actually we gave Elizabeth Question. She highlighted favorite questions. Elizabeth do the honors. Please beyond so Kelly. How did rick propose on his Terrorists right there Is your ring bigger than Vicki's geeze engagement Well I sure his package is bigger than the keys. Oh sorry his daughter's here I forget the WHO from the Bra scorgeous us from the Bravo. vers will be invited to the wedding. Everybody but the three AMOEBA. Oh I'm Katy I'm the suit will be in the wedding party. Because Ramona's set you up. Ramona will be in the wedding party and Arinda is very good friend of mine and officiated the wedding. What I am officiated God? My pants hottest one more question. Do you plan on getting a pre-nup yes okay. Thank you very much questions you chose. The women sped off to key West but not everyone enjoyed the ride. Take Look I got your scarfs and bosses there all ugly. Johnny Carson Polka dotted throwing. It's eighty camp in right now is is insane mm same even know. What did you say? I didn't even know what to say. Yes okay car. Kellyanne the open up to Bronwyn and emily a new show us very vulnerable side of you on the trip. Take a look. I think when I get ganged up on a have a anger problem. Yeah give. Maybe you have to win like you're GonNa hurt me. I WanNa hear that. I've learned to indicative because I've seen it happen with my family. It's just so stupid. Like taking the bait. Yeah my mom has got a temper learning you know. You are proud of environment I liked I liked it that you revealed this about yourself. Was it hard to get to that place. Yes it's hard to be vulnerable and to see that you have like you know shortcomings and it's hard to see yourself like that and I don't want to be vindictive. I don't WANNA fight with other lady I just don't and it just takes too much energy to do you feel like you're a reactor you you feel like you are a reactor and not an instigator right. You get backed into a corner. I do need to fight right well. Elizabeth Kelly you're taking your questions live in the clubhouse where we get to those. Here's what three things. I am. Obsessed twits tonight I on the OC ladies Florida trip to trace Amigas went buck wild like they were on spring break. But here's what the only actual break tonight might have been in Vicki's foot would I don't know what to say but watch the securities coming. Oh Think Hospital Elba camera saying you just stay at the hospital camera. Broker fight is what all second geography nerds. We'll tell you the key. West Florida's southernmost part of the continental United States. It's also worth things between the. OC women meant very very south. Watch this cut that hair to back against the wall Out Why don't you just go stops more Dick Vermont. Kelly us what you do best gun being. They don't ever put me out that I I love terrible person Kelly. Okay you're sorry W. W. H. L. Dot TV devoted our poll. Whose side are you on in Kelly or the trace? Amigas your reaction to tonight I think she was backed into a corner. I mean I may not have reacted that way right so you think wow it looks. We're GONNA leave this up. It looks kind of fifty fifty I got into that is a very. That's very interesting all regularly really. You're winning all right okay. Finally Elizabeth Perkins Played stone-age icon. Wilma Flintstone so when it comes to some of her favourite women who occasionally screech like Para Dactyl Yaba Daba do want our opinions inside for closing thoughts on Kelly calling Vicky pig icon woman. I would've used to very different words. You would have okay if you were Kelly. Would you trust Tamra. No Vicki's engagement agent to Steve. Lodge is Steve Lodge. The one What do you think about Bronwyn? And her husband having a separate condo specifically to hook up in I'd I would love to have a conduct hookup. Yes a really good idea. Swing genus situation. Still hooking up with the axe. Oh I think that's fine nine. Okay Talks on Shannon Finding out the TAMRA talks binder back. Do you think Tamra is talking behind Shannon's back wouldn't be the first time if you were emily. What would you say to Shane about the way you treat you on camera big do you think that Shannon overreacted Kelly bunking or on the head in mere of all? Oh they made it sound big did make it sound bad. I love what I do know that that Shannon is very fragile. That way all right all right. Thank you very much with such a scene stealer and weeds. I wanted to who she'd WanNa steal for a little. Puff Puff Pass. ooh Elizabeth. I'm going to give you a former Co Star Anna housewife. You pick a smoking buddy with. We'd rather okay. Who would you rather smoke with Mary? Louise Parker Bethany Frankel Mary Louise Parker with AB atoms or Gina. Curtian Hyder Amy Okay spoke with Tom. Hanks or Shannon storms but door. Okay to other smoke with a Sandra bullock or Kellie Kellie Kellie. Okay Clark Center. So new Morgan on on this show. Kill me for saying what about Whoopi Goldberg. Burn Ramona What about Larry or Vicki Lay David What about throat work? Tinsley Mortimer Tinsley. Okay thank you anyone fun at Bravo con that you had never met before. I I love Erica Jane She Lisa Arena. They were awesome. They were so cool and Denise Richards I hung out with. She's awesome down. She's very unreal totally and so it was air. I mean love her. I love love her. Okay Greenwich to okay. Let's go to Patrick from Virginia. Hey Patrick what's your question and do my questions for Kelly. A wanted to. She could maimed three. Nice things about guys. Things about Vicki She's a great mom. She's a great Grandmother Okay and she can cook very very well because Greg really great all right. Let's go to Jill from Kentucky jail. What your question I want to know Elizabeth what you're telling me? I'm sorry. What what would you housewives tagline? Be How such would probably be. You can call me anything you want. Just don't call me late to the Party School. Well that's a good one next week. So Bronwyn takes the tray semigloss on a boat ride and that the vessel might as well have been named the SS talk crap about Kelly really. Here's the big. Kelly did admit to check. I have anger issues. She does he knows that. And even she's like maybe I need to go to therapy or shock. Treatment dusted the governor's. You guys were really close precious friend that she turned her ex-husband data friend of mine. I just don't think we're GONNA be able to devote right tonight totally. Yeah it sure does Kelly Emmy Fan girl said you have a daughter. So why are you always making fun of Shannon's wins appearance. Isn't that setting a bad example for. Yeah probably I'm Elizabeth JEN SCOOPS AT. How awkward was it for you you to act out romantic scenes with Tom Hanks when he was playing a child in a man's body people ask me that a lot? I didn't know that he was a child right right like the whole movie. Good move yes Elizabeth did you. was there a major role you audition for four and wanted but didn't get. ooh Yeah when Harry met Sally really but she was so pershing was so please. I can right competing with Meg Ryan a lot in those days. Yeah let's go to Theresa from New York. Hey Theresa what's your question for Kelly. Hi Kelly I just wondered. How are you going to air your wedding on Fox or on Bravo? Is it GonNa the air on Fox News right between Tucker Carlson. And what's her name. I'm what's her name and Dana. Perino Ingraham Laura Ingram. Yeah I do it probably be. CBS Oh you're selling into CBS kidding. I'm candidate for NBC. A Universal Shams. Right I like it. Okay Kelly a Eliza to ninety nine or you still hanging out with brandy glanville Danville. I am actually. She just invited me to go to her house and hang out with her Ni- I love brainy Landau Lisa emailed Elizabeth. Tis The holiday season season. You ever watch your classic miracle on thirty Fourth Street around this time and or do you get sick of seeing it on TV. We don't watch that in my house. We don't watch that in your arouse. Yeah I never wanted to be like now organised watch MOMS movie wants. No of Rick watches the show. Make Watch if he's just in my parts law that's all right. It's gametime everybody nobody tell it like it is but can we really trust what we hear from a woman who occasionally hides behind a pig emoji. Let's find out with in Dodd. We Trust Kelly will read off scandalous housewives facts Elizabeth. You have to ask the real or made up Kelly. What I fact? He posted a photo of her boobs on Instagram. False true that is true it was acne with a reflection of her. She didn't really know what she was doing. Okay next x next one LEU and die. Daily APPs once hooked up with a baseball legend Keith Hernandez true or false Lou did Lou and Keith Hernandez Hookup. No No. It's true. He was on my show and revealed it then NEXT ONE LISA sells a line of floral scented underwear on. QVC DC. Is that true false. That is false. Good job all right in the eighties. Ramona singer recorded a dance. Track that landed on the billboard charts. Is that true. Could that possibly be true. Can't that is not true okay. Candy Breath Cobra Whitney Houston Song. Tell me no true. That is true. Absolutely ask I'm in their better. Frankly once engaged as to Bradley Cooper but only for two weeks the solve. That is false. She has been engaged several times. Yeah yeah sorry well. High School Theresa Giudice play the Saxophone. Did Theresa play the saxophone in high school true. Yes yes she did. All right. Last more sang backup vocals at a Tina Turner or concerts Kenya. Moore yes false. That is false. Thank you very good. A low of the taxes say Lola. What's your question haymaker? She's from this I WANNA do. Can you tell us anything recently. Anything anything about the weeds reboot. I don't know anything about it. Don't know will you be in it. I have absolutely no idea. Wow I don't see how they couldn't couldn't have me either. I want to know not she smoked made on weeds. No I drank and cocaine the US for Coke Baking Soda Baby Laxative Baby laxative a right to snort baby laxative. Now expected right fun. Aw that's why you were so thin young you were pooping Mike The laxative make you hooper yet. Do Babies sometimes get stopped up. Oh Ah God if somebody to look oh you really do all right. It's time for my Mosleh. Today it goes to Barbara streisand wishing tiffany haddish. Mazal Tov on her Bat Mitzvah. It's for with this instagram post. I love it. Tiffany my bar Mitzvah marked one of the most important transitions of my life. And not just because I wore transition lenses I went from boy to man is my glasses went from day to night or actually night i. I don't know tonight. Shackle goes to the news that Willie Nelson has quit smoking weed. What a sad moment for Willie and for weed and for all of us now that he can't smoke weed what's he going to do? I mean aside from using edibles oils. Comey's tease vaporisers or lotions. Willie I hope you find a way I want to thank Elizabeth Kelly Elizabeth Burgas Moody's Slow Moody's on Fox truth be told on Apple. TV Kelly dot is from the outside from the Moody's and also Aj in the queen's from your January row all you guys have two things happening okay. Let's go to Glen D from Georgia. Hey Glenn d what's your question. I have a question for Callie. Okay Hi Ellie. Hey Hey Joe thank you love you. Thanks I WANNA know. Who Do you think is the most accomplished at the ladies on the show sides yourself? WHO's the most? Oh yeah I I would say emily. Okay Emily lawyer and party planner. Yeah all right. Let's go to Jenny from Wisconsin Jenny. What's your question? Listen Oh she dropped. Let's go to Laura from Florida. Hey Laura what's your question. Hey Laura hey how are you good. What's did I'm congratulations to you and I wanted to tell Perkins I? I think you're fabulous and everything you've ever we're done and I wanted to ask you. I know it's been a long time but do you remember is Tom Hanks good kisser it's Tom Hanks. Yeah fantastic fantastic Cindy H texted Kelly. Since Ramona was the one who set you up with Rick. Do you have any plans to find her a man. Yeah I totally do I I go out with her all the time. Yeah let's go to jetty from Wisconsin. She's back in your question to Talk with you guys. So my I I have to say is that I'm a lesbian And in my early teenage years I saw several of Elizabeth movies one of them Was An. I'm just so nervous. I can't remember this summer. Number can't movie summer being somewhere. I when I called in so I have to just tell you that along with Madonna who was my favorites and five but never crush I had madonna all of my room and then pictures of you. We're after that time. I had the big hair backgammon. Big Big here back then. Points relating relating so we were running out Elizabeth. Thank you how. How is this okay? Thank you for Back in helping so you know that was just something that helps to bring me out in your beautiful and I love that everything about you know question is I am lady okay. Have you ever taken a dip in the lady pond long way to that was a long way around learned. Yes I don't kiss and tell all right ellen. She wants to know Kelly has to. I am not okay Get ready to go ready. Willing able inspiration to a young and old. I mean people are one out for you. I mean I think we're going to leave it there. I WanNa thank God and not man Josh. Thanks for listening to the podcast cows. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live Monday through Friday at four P._M.. Eastern time make sure you're subscribed to have a great rusty or not.

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