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Hopefully just for a little while. This. Today of advisory is over. Now may have a eighty to deal with, but. I mean. It has been literally. Felt like a passing out a couple of times again. Even, even even when I'm at the ticket palate, but I can't turn on the eighth. Because when I do that? Youtube won't work. And I'm finished for the week. First Week ever in. 'EM IOM phone, Gig. Phone Gig for the quality assurance. part of it. And if that the well I always got the the I'm always still recruiter to help other people. May maybe I have a better time with it than me. But nonetheless, I had to deal with the heat for the past two days. Work at that. And then TOMORROW HAD CAUSED A. Wind up having called. and. So, yeah. Oh. I joined. Clear. For Big, country LLC. So when I can work cruises again, I know that they are you can't but. You know. I don't have clientele yet, but when I knew. And I could do that, but also still help other Tarpley's whenever I can I'm planning. Also join planning. planning then. Pretty soon. But I just put a biggie country LLC for Click. That were I thought we thought the phone, raw power and because. It was awful long time. if it's too hot for the phone, if the too hot for Wifi. I mean come on. Huddled on snag tunnel, joining ADM so. Probably. Sometimes until either we did the stimulus packets. Because I'm ready to go to well. I still don't know if we're going to get to build a camp widow. And I told her. Hopefully by November? I'll get it on my birthday clothes now. I'm going to a few days early to go to Atlanta because I have to get them new surroundings or I'll just the. Newly just the Dombi. I had to get the surroundings. but I'll be leaving the still the second week the on the day of The day of the Tanthuwanit Charlie on the ten. I should say I want to say. And stay a couple of days like ten talk thirteen. Because? I got a free certificate now. I coulda used next year. But. I'm GONNA use it. For like that stay extra couple of days in Orlando. Could get some new Tinari. Already beat here before. I go on the cruise. And all I had to do a task. I have paid for the birthday hotel yet. Because this one that I pay for the ticket already. Came, with three nights embedded in it. Though! So. That's good. I still got other certificates that I still got Las, Vegas One I. Don't WanNA use that. I might use it for the twenty eight, but I'm not sure. What I gotta get out of here, not God to be out here in the twentieth, because this is another one of the Dave. That are going to deal with flassbeck. But now. It's really going to be hard because. It's not even GonNa, have fourth of July. We're not gonNA have a fourth of July. A lot of places have been. Some have been pushed that moved. Get out the way. Get out the way Mu. Get out the way. Get out the way. Get out the way move, Colville? Get out the way get out the way. Get out the way. Anyway. Wow. This is. So I don't know if I'm, GONNA go. All Twenty eight, but I need to I need them new Syrian scenery. And hopefully, the MARDI Gras won't be delayed because I'm going regardless because I can't change the trip. Because of the special pricing. Because, you know 'cause. I had discount pricing with the. Free certificate. So I can't talk. Go down there because the parts is still opened. Bud. Then I'll just go down just to go there. And figure out what else do. But hopefully the Mardi Gras, it will still be running a still be a special program and everything and you know this is the main. This is our meeting. Roy Age. So. Oh Wow wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, Herman Cain. Harming Team In the guy with the nine plan. One would I would have voted on. The fair tax plan. TESTA, to a plans simple easy. A had a lot of good ideas. Herman Cain. Have the stupid virus one that tilt our freedoms. And make people go muck. Had that news today? All the middle while I was getting tiny dom well I got cle- clear membership. But I was August APN and that causes a problem like that. But? That going on and that was always finishing my call. You'll have to do a part one and part two. Oh God. Stop going off. I'm in the middle of a segment. But anyway the prophets of that's going on. I heard about Carmen Cain. How. Much. This is absolutely too much for this. Go My wife my my I have my wife birthday anyway odd. My wife fate. What my other! My other favorite holiday is Christmas. Fourth of July that my thicket favorite holiday of my late wife. If another one. And having nothing to do when and being like this ground halt day. Three point all. I'M GONNA need job prayers again. So. I don't even know. and. Don't give me starting on the SBA because the FBI is still. Not Giving my grant. Hey, FDA. To care that they're whether we get approved. or where do we get denied them on the the loan that we are all supposed to get Vance. We're all supposed to get the advance. Second of all we were supposed to get ten thousand dollars until you change the rule. You just broke the law the law then. The love from the mall. Broke the Bob broke the law. The mall from. This can't take this heat no more. Couple of times has small it was worth the principal. I yeah today having a heart attack. Now the Dow like the little bit still cramps. But it was just a little bit of light and still. Felt like a pestle. But. I don't know the air conditioner just mess with Wi fi, but I need I need wi Fi. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. So. and. I just saw video that made me cry. and May cry. Even though I know now the main final payment on that because I miss crucibles months. Literally a tear came my the The lady I having fun, though The lady that worked on carnival. one of the higher in marketing and Cornwall. Showing. The the new modern wall. which hopefully will theft fail? During my birthday. During the birthday a country. Which the November thirteen. Also officially celebrate the birthday of big country. But Nonetheless breath. It literally made me cry to watch video because I want to. See the ship again, but I still watch the video, but. The way they have so much fun I used. I watched the cruise to video to give me not get me to have crews. Boo, but I guess because I missed close march and wondering when dot. Has Gone in. And said that evil fee the. Got To get a clothing again. I literally cried. I literally cried. Really ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. And I with Up But lily had me in tears. Because of the funded you would have. Well even with A. Screen, shot but And they and they pleaded so nicely. I mean the role played with beautiful. Like David that's the ship. They literally mentally got me literally and figuratively. But Wow, What makes a roller coaster day. Always something going on. Always hunting on on what the heck is. Von Was Springfield in Greene County. Every day. I every other day, and now every day only pop up new. Corona virus. Luke around Ryan cases, NEW CORONA VIRUS CASE NEW CORONA virus cases. I what the? And and every time they get the report. If always say that, the exposure is slow well. How come they come with? Keep saying located. If you keep reading, keep having on the on the That the posters lowest Bosio slow suppose as though. What the cat. Unbelievable. I'M I. I gotta find out when the next wwe pay per view, just talk and talk about something. Light for chain since Colbert had literally destroyed my broadcast. But. Even, the next pay per view, extreme rules I think is the street moves or some slam. Because I know they had like the double contract dining hall. And I'M GONNA. Keep myself quiet except for people that are looked at the new facebook group, which by the way the big. I don't I mean big country LLC has a new facebook group. and. We, got We got merch. Big Countries got a store. You country. Today making country. LLC GOTTA store. I told you fifty country will be multiple. Income generating stream not only for the business. But also for you. The Citizen A fifty country I helping you travel back your bags and forget well. We might not forget because old evil. CD wants us to live in day going hospital all over the world, even vacation. China forget this crazy scam game of the year. But. while. WanNa on the twenty eighth. That's a real the. And I don't WanNa go to silver dollar city because GONNA. Behind I might even pass out before I get the time machine. But that's why I'm waiting for the fall on waiting for the fall to go the city. And by the way. Speaking of silver, dollar city. There were three cases cove nineteen by three employed. And what were they wearing? They were all wearing masks. What are these places require from amusement park to airport, and now even my own home and the different cruise line. That could be part of Hong they're all requiring math. They still have math and they were still exposed to cover covert night teen. Thank you very much. Texas is client people that wear math. And yet people are still exposed to being. Coq, one thousand nine. What are you doing, just no freedom of choice. We're still going into the road of tyranny. Will I have a country? Theron. Yeah well. I have a country to run for governor of Lieutenant Governor. What twenty twenty four even should even I could always amend when I signed up for two running a running in a race I could amendment to run for governor but if found. Donald MacDonald. Iden and she elected I. Don't WanNa do that. I'll go back to lieutenant governor. But I'm hoping that Donna McDowell give in someone had to do that. because. He's a pretty strong candidate right now. Home, God. Tyranny! No Fourth of July. Don't even know what the heck this is going to bring. The thin is sitting on the hands going vacation, and then left the work to the staff because I called deb because the SBA, not giving me my grant from business. Still waiting. The waiting. And I don't believe in. You Ainhoa van the mind. I don't know where I. Think I'm out of I'm thing I am Well you punish may a hamstring into, but. I had a lot to get off my chest. I had a lot to get off my chest. I am angry. I am hot. I almost. Died, even though. Some parts of me wants to go home, but I got I got things to live for. I mean. I'm angry. I'm literally literally angry. But I try to have a good. Somewhat put the. I don't know what to call it because it's been the total scam I. don't even know what to call it anymore, so. so go to my facebook. Page just just just sort for big D country, LLC. You can't miss it. It's the one with the goal that will be my goal to site until I get the regular site website set up still trying to find a place. With lower prices and away that I could guess. Easily easily fifteen there? So. So when you're on facebook groups go to. Search for big. D Country LLC that big D country. LLC had official logo that you see on the marquee this program. and Dan a joined the group right there. And other than that. Yeah. I think the Smith. Until I find something else to talk about and to Rent Bowden, trying to make trying to make fun laid off about. Tho-. Proof. My Body could come down because that was ridiculous I almost one day. I almost died. I almost died. Wow! So. D. Dave Logan to another three eight town of breaking all the room. WE'RE GONNA be breaking all room of the CD World Cola nineteen. Well, we're bringing those those distancing. We're bringing the where man we're breaking the rules of not having any freedom. We're GONNA. Go Out. We're GONNA go traveling and we're going to talk at me with people so so people. What I need to do its master like button. On you to and go down to become a citizen, a hit the subscribe button so with all that being that let's break the rule out the CD and the fund the the-they and keep. Keep keep the police kate the police. Let's have true for joy, an adult that have been wrongfully murder, and but and. and been bully hurt by evil. We need the good police. Only let's break. The rules thought the they. Given a lear. Get it. Pace.

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