Larsa on Kimye, Sin-sational Affair & Takes Two to Tango Nightly Pop 11/09/2020


Tonight on nightly just feel like conway was in a place where he you know. He really didn't trust anyone with kimberly. Little bike stench of life hunter march. What is with you. don't need to see him personally. Love meeting the friends charm. Everybody around because manipulative. Yeah slide into bed with us starting right now neilly pop. Our long national nightmare is no. I'm not talking about the election. I'm talking about you know what i'm talking about you guys. I'm talking about missing you all weekend. Thank god it's monday and we can be reunited job of staying and communication over the weekend with the three of us. Okay let's get into it unless you have been living under a rock. You know kim and her. Bff larson pippen had a falling out. There's been a ton of rumors as to why their friendship went south and flash forward to today lawsuit on the hollywood rob podcasts to reveal who she blames for the whole mess i just feel like conway Was in a place where he you know. He really didn't trust anyone with kim. Used to call me at four five and six o'clock in the morning. And i was like the person that would take his calls at four or five and six in the morning when he wanted to rant and i would listen to him and i'd be like i love you. You're the bass like things will get better like. I was his go to person to call when he wasn't happy with x. y. and z. How that turned. Maybe because i blocked him on my phone so then he turned that until like she's this she's that unlike the they all started to like ride his way. Whoa wait a minute. Whoa that were some parts. See this part hollywood raw at its ross right there yeah okay so our was ever a true friend. Obviously we know the girls have been closed for a really long time. Does this break the friend code forever. Or is she allowed to tell her her side of the story. I do you largely to me is not the most believable person. I'm not saying she's a liar. She might be a little liar adjacent. No i don't know. I just i don't trust what she says because i feel like she has a motive messenger. She's a little upset. She's outside the circle. She wasn't able to go to the private island. Jerry pippen and jordan. Oh my god. When worth reverend scottie. Pippen was so good voice that goes at about one and a half miles per hour. You're going to love scott. Be quite this law but i think this would obviously break a friendship for me. I mean this is. This is how i feel i have. I have fallen out with friends and nobody. Nobody knew it like we may have followed each other. Whatever but nobody was like. Oh i i can tell you in this person out because regardless of where we are currently at work i still respect the friendship and the love that we had in the things that we share. Because when you say connie's columbia two or three in the morning that's very easily put out. Because nobody's husband should be calling their friends at two three in the morning unless they want that ashby on both sides. That is a violate. Yeah i agree. Likely to the whole. How veritas sixteen. I need a hurricane right now. The friends play. Like you keep your boundaries. How am i excited. Talk about this next story about what you think all right so dancing with the stars pro. Gleb savchenko weeding out. After his wife accused him of ongoing infidelity and multiple affairs. he tells the e quote. I will not stand by and allow false accusations at internet rumors. Go unaddressed. My relationship. With chris l. was and remains strictly platonic the selling sunset star. Chrishell says the same guys. What do you think. Do you think that this is a platonic relationship. The ex wife does go into detail and say separated wife. She went into detail and said there have been multiple affairs over the course of their fourteen year relationship and there was a recent of fair that has sort of push them over the edge why she is no longer choosing to stay with the problem. Is i think the union relationship especially as a guy in the industry. I think it's really important to build boundaries for yourself because men are naturally idiots we are. We are very controlled. Well nobody i. I even think like you put this man in a situation like that. And they're not gonna cheat necessarily but they're going to have the thoughts dash every day. I think anybody would. Anybody would think about their rehearsals right. And i've gone backstage and reported from dancing with the stars in the past. It's even just like playing around. I've done like a dance routine and you are very intimate with this person. And you know. And i've been there like i think about it if not that. That's what happened with them. The point of it is to have a connection. The other thing a part of your score is to make. It seem like you feel comfortable with one. Another there is a relationship is very intimate to be so close somebody jordan. I have watched. A few episodes have never watch dancing with the stars. But of course corona. I have now been binging dancing with the stars. And even the way the couple's damn partners hold each other when they're waiting for their throwers is extremely intimate. I mean the way they hug. After i mean if i was sitting at home my husband was on that show. I don't know how comfortable i mean. Some of the girls are jumping into their arms. It's it's it's history on this cheaper on this show have notoriously dated engaged. One of the judges dated the damn. If you remember. Vowel started dating ambrose after she was on the show. Like yes it happens. It's all it's just like being someone's love interest on movie the it starts to like the the lines start to get crossed. You would have been hit that. Oh my god. Are you kidding me my wife before i got really bad news partner with. Let's start thinking about how we're gonna separate because i'm going to all right thing. Large adding more awkward for pastor to the car lengths this week as the woman. He allegedly cheated with came forward. You're so bad. She told me that he was an unmarried sports agent when she went on to say. Yeah yeah yeah. He didn't even say it was a pastor. He was a sports agent and then she went on to say that they love each other and dated for more than five months before they broke up. Okay this is the girl that he dated this girl. Wise months allegedly. Do you guys should meet somebody hundred manchester by way hundred. Dig my at this point on k love you but what are we ruling out as you now dating someone like who are you not experimenting with. I am definitely herdman rationalize sleeping with pretty much. Anybody this guy is a pastor a public pastor a pastor to celebrities with a visible relationship with his wife and kids. Like what the king he he he. He's always preaching about. I've followed him on instagram. He gives really great sermons and he's always preaching about like self control and you know forgiveness. He need a lot of it. I like that when he was thinking when he met her he was like. What's like a more like attractive sounding thing than pastor something more believable faithful person and it was sports agent lease faithful person. I could physically myself. So i'm the lead singer of a rock band in the eighty s. Why would tell her that. I want you guys to know that we've reached out to lens for haven't we're gonna pray for him and finally big weekend for our country and while we try to remain neutral. We fully endorse hunter. March andy believable. It's a joke. Apparently he led a load of his chest. Telling in touch magazine. Going to the gym is meant. Believe this going to the gym is meant for more than chesler. That's exists shapes yourself discipline okay. Let me clarify so put destiny back up let me read the actual sizing shapes yourself discipline lifts your spirits and your mind be clear so the rest of the decisions and your fill easy. Oh you hustle. Out of there wasn't theft disgusting. Okay say this guy saliba sammer. Can i say something about the statement wave. I started me on it. And i gave like i said my manager. Five of the snarky. Most unlike that i couldn't and she was like you have to be serious. Like my first thing was like. I think it's all genetics could have a high metabolism. Good luck people. We have to take a break. I'll leave coming up the housewives fight over a missing boyfriend them back to nightly the ladies on real housewives of potomac started to question gels man. Jamal ford never being around and of course. This didn't go down well proud of abuse. He's very much proud of the probe man woman. I'm sorry. has anyone seen jamal. So you don't need to see him praised father. God knows what i'm hearing from. You now is a very to think about it. If you're in a relationship that you're happy about like why wouldn't you that with their friends. When we share our men with each other sound like what she thought at seven. I get what she made. That was. Yeah we all do. Hundreds mind is in the gutter if you are close friends with somebody. You're a group of girls. Your men are there except for somebody's man who is not there. That would be weird for me. I would definitely talk about that. It would be. I would at least i think there's good reason i mean he has a history of infidelity and i think she's listen. I think if you go back to a man that has been known to cheat. You're scared that he's going to do it again. You're scared of the one thing of woman doesn't want top two things she doesn't want to be cheated on and she does not want to be embarrassed. And there's a reason she's not kind of like leaving him in on purpose because she knows eventually she don't have to play damage control. Sure that make sense. Excuse his like. But i think this relationship even harold father said this guy. Yeah i personally love meeting the friends. I'd like to try and charm everybody around because you're manipulative. Yeah because i like to make my way to meet. Would it be able to call them know. I think it's evaluation with hunter. He wants to be liked by his girlfriend's friend's he wants to be liked by his. You want it you want to feel included heavy liked by friends and family like we all want disastrous kind of him a little bit. I feel bad for the fact that was els in a relationship where she doesn't feel comfortable to show her man. I mean she's incredibly not the only thing that matters but if he's not acting i don't think this woman is in a position where she needs to put up with that she needs to have a man. That's going to be there. That's gonna love her. That's going to support her. And that's gonna show up with the rest of the girls. I agree with you. it's just time to like get yours. No one hundred percents agreed. Be able to show you all. That agreed one hundred percent. Somebody will treat you right if i want my partner to be able to carry around my edition of in touch weekly. Show me off to all of her girlfriends and say look at this week's man candy woman wants to show them little abso- yes the action continued. You can frame take on k. Talk if you're brave enough to shoot your shot and don't do it with amber riley's a woman sent a message to ambrose. Boyfriend says good morning handsome. Have a blessed day ever message. You're back with a picture of herself. Saying we will think then. She said anybody else want to wish us a good morning. Hashtag many okay. So what do you think of ambro. Patrolling her boyfriend's. Dm's was this. Was this the perfect response. How do you handle this law. amber. I'm happy for her. And her man like there are announced during quarantine that they were together so new relationships. So do i think she's patrolling her man's dams like that probably not. He obviously shared this with her because they clearly have a good relationship and she thought it would be funny like more than anything. I think this is funny. But i do think there's an air of truth to it that she she didn't want women to know. I do think when a man is with a famous woman a prominent woman that more women tend to go for him when they see in a relationship. And he's with a girl. Like i think more women get thirsty because i think there's a little bit of this. Oh it won't hurt to send a dm as opposed to sending a damn to some single guy who's like you know you get in his dams really thousand percent and some people are just trifling. Who's already she cut out the name as you can see. You can't see who sent it. But i'm ninety nine percent sure lee michelle stop so. This was over martha stewart. There is a new gardening guru. Martha the internet is accessible gardening with. He is starting his fall garden and we are ready to throw with him. Was so your issue boy. Google and i'm live in the garden. Love right now getting ready to start my fall guard. Ruge gonna try to grow some more kale's guy. We got some spinach. We got some rutabagas. Put a lot of people throw around this word organic. But a lot of stuff is being made in laboratories. We're going to feed our plants with this natural fertilizer. And i'll be giving you guys update on how this tomato plant is going to be doing in the next couple weeks. Oh my god can. I just say this. I found this over the weekend. And he's since florida. He became like a local celebrity just because of the gardening and like actually giving these amazing tips. But i just love that. Like i i want to say black. People are not a monolith. So i don't think that people always think of a black do from florida with a grill playing hip hop and they don't think that he would be gardening guru but he is very great and hope he his own show because he's fascinating but he really gives good tips and i just love to see people shy. I can't wait to see those tomatoes like in two to three weeks. The tomatoes are amazing. They do taste like salmon a little bit. Just they got a funky smell to All right up next outdoor role play and cats with weeks stomachs. There goes the neighborhood. Isn't it the maximum bob. There are a lot of people who live next door. That are doing some stupid you guys and thankfully for us. Instagram page. Neighbors from hell exposes it all so it's time for those okay. This couple is into some king. They were having sex outside and notice their neighbor's kid peeping them afterwards. They also discovered he stole some of their sex toys so they told his parents on him. Now how would you guys handle this situation. It's tricky because i feel like if your house you should be able to have sex wherever you want to like. I don't feel like you ever think about your neighbors necessarily like be respectful. But like if you know the issue you want to spend your backyard. You should be able to yeah to me. I've got a set of rules that i live by their called. Dill do's and don'ts and this is a deal. Don't i think they should have been a little more careful with where they had sex just because they know they have not only neighbors. The neighbors with small children. Well how does that mean. Well that's the thing i mean. I understand the neighbors that the people that were having sex outside. It's their risk of sex outside. They actually be spied on if they feel like. That's a part of the king is that they get off on fight but what hit wants to take someone's were unclear. Awesome sauce some things about anatomy. They didn't understand. So apparently the boy stole a pair heels gag and the plug. Who'd put him back. Then you want to take it to the house all right. So how about this as a group do think that this is a do or a not answering that question next. This person is taking a catch. Add way too seriously you guys us county. He left his tv on really loud and his neighbor. Let him know okay. So the cat dad said too bad. His cat can't handle the barking. Dogs in complex ended up his stomach. Work it out. How would you handle the situation. I just read to you very this bill. Do i protect my my pet over the neighbors. But i think there's a limit to how loud you can keep your stuff like okay to have it on but if it really is impeding upstairs right now. Who's driving me wild. Why he's got a dog bone across like the little patio. It's right above my bedroom at night. Like three a m clump and the dude got to be like one hundred ninety pounds. And he's like. I think he's got this. I went upstairs to meet him. Because i was like an it was i was like hey man. I think dogs doing this. Big guy scary. He's got like the not only the wife beater but the fifty cent white beater that's straight across and then it goes up spaghetti. Strap his doormat said bitch. Don't wear no shoes in my house. Roddy rich i swear to god you don't you just tell the management. That's why i think the person should do. I'm not in an apartment. But when i was i would tell the management because i know once. I say something if it's if it's not received well i don't have the capacity to back down. I think that's what you have management for. You got them. This person is going to be violating the league's. Let them deal with it so they can do go up to the spaghetti. Strap roddy rich dude. And you don't have to yet okay. This is a great extra. Right shoulder should not be scared. Yeah that's tilton forward perspective. They'll say something all right. You would want to go up with you. might be. He goes into back. It's okay well. Let's let's go hand reading and this person crossed all kinds of boundaries. They use their neighbors hidden key to go into their house to borrow some milk for their coffee. When the all the neighbors said it was scary that they broke into their apartment. But this person said they didn't break in they use. The key is sprawled on every level. You having access in my spare key doesn't get to use it whenever you want to come in and get snacks. Yeah see to me. That's like that's what you you went through my underwear. Something weird weird. You don't come up in my place and tiptoe around and not touch anything else like this person went through their staff. Probably mill to me. That's already kind of a red flag. Drink it black being. Because that was because they didn't really want milk for their coffee wanted to come in and do some weird neighbors a weirdo. You need to move the key. And they need to be cussed out. Yeah yeah. I never said not a chance that they really did come in for milk and they didn't smell any underwear that into anything weird. Why not text and say. Hey i need can i go in. Can i use your key to go in i. I'd say no depends on how cool i am with the neighbor. I'm really friendly with my neighbors. You know how friendly into your house when not there just to get milk for their zeal. I don't think the way you said it. If you were closed and you feel comfortable. They've been in your house. This doesn't seem clearly with the miscommunication with how down. Clearly these people are not that. Close all right. We're out of time. We have a good show tomorrow. We're back tomorrow night. Nine eleven thirty pm with an all new episode and do not forget to see them on your dvr.

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