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Google Maps Offers New Features For Commuters


I'm Palmer Dane with dish in digital sponsored by bien h New York's ultimate camera authority. Google maps is rolling out new features to help make your commute a little less stressful. There's now a commute tab that provides access to live traffic and transit information. You can find out whether your commute will be a normal one, or if you'll need the budget extra time due to an accident or heavy traffic. If there's a delay, you'll get some alternative routes. There's also a new feature. If your commute includes a combination of driving mass transit and walking, you'll get updates on whether there's any traffic when the next train departs and how long it'll take to walk from the train station the office. It's all factored into one ETA. So you know how long trip will take door to door. You want to know where the bus or subway train are. Google maps now includes real time updates dishing digital. I'm Palmer Nain and for more go to WCBS eight eighty dot com. And click on the audio section.

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