DYNASTIES 9 - The Harts


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It's about brother turning on brother about billionaires battling for supremacy about the the country's biggest hero being humiliated in front of his nation by a man who looked to as a father there's blood and betrayal and vengeance. This is a story about professional wrestling. uh-huh the Boston three sixteen just whipped your ass. WWF The here's what you need to know to kick the things off in nine hundred ninety seven the world of wrestling was in the middle of a war the WWF which for years had dominated the pro wrestling landscape was losing viewers to the insurgent WCW and even worse they were losing some of their biggest stars so wwf Kind of being being seen as a little bit of a sinking ship. And that's when of course the offer comes to Bret Hart. My Name's mouallem. I'm a journalist and writer in Edmund. Ten and I've written about the heart family and wrestling in general over the years. Bret the Hitman Hart was back then. The WWF the biggest star. The Calgary born sign of a wrestling dynasty bread had for years been what's known in the wrestling business as a baby face. He's a hero a straightforward straightforward. Good Guy who gets in the ring for the right reasons but Vince McMahon the head of the WWF. He wanted to change that so he got bread to to do A. He'll turn and to become a bad guy and he did it by insulting the American fans. Nobody Core Feis criminal conduct doc. Quite the Americans do all the countries that I go to around the world. They still respect. What's right what's wrong you American wrestling fans stance coast to coast? You don't respect me while the fact is I don't respect you so from here on in the American wrestling fans toast chest but of course it insulting elting. Americans is the quickest way to become even more of a hero in Canada. Three weeks ago told America love. Love it or leave it. I've traveled all around the world. I've been all over the United States of America and the one thing that I've been particularly look forward to is leaving the what's even better than insulting American's playing to every Canadian cliche in the book Canada's a country where we still take care of the sick and the old where we still have health care how we got gun control. We don't Sudi southern kill. Each other on every street corner candidate isn't riddled with racial prejudice and hatred across Canada. We all care for each other and I am proud. Ought to be Canadian proud to be your hero. Despite his enthusiastic delivery Bret doesn't actually want to be. The bad guy hated by American fans but he still feels loyalty to Vince McMahon and so when the rival. WCW comes knocking. He's torn torn. Here's bread from the time in the documentary wrestling with shadows commonsense. I was right for your family but I mean how much do you meet. Sometimes I find myself torn between trying to do the right thing for my family The same time show my loyalty you know. I think my relationship with with Vince McMahon was always sort of like a father and I sort of saw myself. If I left it would have been a little bit like leaving my dad especially when the chips are down Aw The WCW Donnas neck. They've overtaken them in. The ratings is easy to jump and switch sides then they will thanks for everything bret decides decides to leave. He's GonNa take the money and jumped ship but there's only one problem he's the reigning. WWF Champion. He can't just leave while he's still oh holding that belt so it's decided that he's going to give the belt up to his rival Shawn Michaels. Sean is everything. That Brett isn't he's he's over the top and overtly sexual and the two men really do hate each other. I want that gutless. Little poser Shawn John. Michael out here again roller family. It's one more time they couldn't have been better opponents. Even their hair colors different like everything about it there so diametrically opposed to each other and here they are locked in a feud with each each other and eventually pitted against each other by the company. I'm Dave Abraham I sing in the band fucked up I host a podcast called PUNK and I love the plan is that Brett will have his last fight in Montreal in his home country and the match will end in a house where a bunch of wrestlers rushed the ring. And there's no definitive winner. Leaner and then Brent. He'll give up the belt the next day. The day of the match arrives and Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels go at it. The talk it's going according to plan it's a little awkward to watch back. You can tell that these guys are not maybe working at their best with each other. At this point Sean John Gets Britain to a sharpshooter which is Brett's finishing move and then all of a sudden it's over there's no Schmaltz no-one rushes the ring. It's straight up win for Shawn Michaels. And then all of a sudden the bell rings and said that Oprah tapped and give the belt to Sean and you just look at Brenton. Brett's like what's go in on Damian and Omar. Were both watching from home. I didn't even get all the pay per views but I got this pay per view. It was so big and watching it as a fan. You're like what the hell just happened. I mean I remember seeing that And just knowing that something was off because I've watched enough wrestling at this point to know that you know after a big match like that there's usually about three minutes of showboating roading and add more drama to ensue. But that doesn't happen. Sean is books at and Brat is left there looking completely stunned everyone knows wrestling scripted. But this this was real Bret Hart. The Canadian hero had just been screwed and and it would go down as one of the most infamous events in wrestling history and it was only one moment in the fascinating inhering. Saga of the Hart Dynasty Eighty wrestling operates on the level of the mythological. It's outsized is larger than life in often ridiculous but it's also one of the most popular forms of entertainment around in so much of wrestling. History has hinted around one Canadian Dynasty. The story of the heart is both triumphant and tragic and for seventy five years. They've helped shape one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. Doc I'm Arshi man and from Canada land this this is Commons. This episode of Commons is also brought to you in part by wealth bar wealth bar makes accessing professionally manage investments and financial advice ridiculously. Easy making money. Decisions can be pretty daunting but wealth bar makes it easy to have better financial habits with their automated needed investing and easy to use mobile APP. So you can stay more connected to your money. Wealth Bar also provides low fee investing and allows you to check on your investments. 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The Hart family are the most recognized. Maybe the fords now because of recent years but the most recognized Canadian dynasty internationally like you go to China you know oh you talk to someone that likes just general sports. There's a better chance they know. Bret the Hitman Hart would recognize the pitcher breath name and art then they would Wayne Gretzky and they earned that fame in the very very strange world of professional wrestling wrestling is far more than just what happens in the ring it's about the outside mythological characters and the epic stories stories. Were someone can be booed as a villain one day and then cheered as a hero the next and it really is like the the opera of the people you know like people don't go to opera like like I've been to one opera in rock operas. Don't count right but like I've been a one real opera in my life. People are going to offer people wrestling. You know like the masses go to wrestling so as this is such a great barometer reflection of society like I think paying attention to it is fascinating like you find out so much coach about the world were in and the most important thing to know about wrestling. Is that sure it's scripted. But it's not fake. The skill involved is enormous Ormuz. The stunts they perform feats of athleticism and the injuries they suffer are very real. You know saying fake fake to wrestle they will slap you in holding ending it. All Up is the concept of K.. FEHB cave is what wrestling hinges on. And that's the idea that it is a work like what you're seeing is not on the up and up you're seeing a two or more people engaged in physical combat which on some level because it's not always completely work but at some level is predetermined Omar Moallem still remember what it was like to see wrestling as a child. I remember when I was maybe five or six years old when stampede wrestling in came through town in town for me. Was You know this. Little community in northern Alberta called high prairie population less than three thousand and and it was quite literally like the circus coming to town because they would they would actually set up in the same like Sports Palace or ice rink that the circus would set up in and I remember a few years after that. Probably the early nineties. My Dad really spoiled US and he bought US tickets tickets to WWF in Edmonton and took us there. And we had great tickets and Hulk Hogan was there and Macho Man. Randy savage was their ultimate warrior. I was big ultimate warrior fan for some reason and we both left with Bret. The hitman Hart glasses asses there. Were these kind of flimsy. Fake sunglasses that kind of looked like the real ones he had except like when you actually touch them. They were Basically made of Tin Foil and two Canadians and especially albertans. The hearts were larger than life. Figures it was a huge point of pride in Alberta right because it was rare enough as it is as a Canadian to hear Canada or Canadian city let alone Berta city named dropped internationally. But you always felt this this pride wash over you every time. Bret Hart was announced and they said from Calgary Alberta every single time it just hit you made you feel like like you had a bigger place in the world. Then he actually had in nineteen ninety-seven in the Calgary Saddledome. It's clear just how much the Hart family is adored The Hart Foundation condition which is the nickname for the stable of wrestlers that includes the heart siblings and their allies has just won a massive ten man tag team match in their hometown and the crowd. How is just losing it? Her family members are jumping into the ring celebrate. So what is what is it for the hearts. The journey to being proclaimed Canada's it is I family in front of thousands of adoring fans started nearly a century ago. In Saskatoon Stu Hart was born in Saskatoon in Nineteen fifteen and he had it rough from the beginning. Stu Hart drew up a farmer's boy like he grew up on armie grew up very very poor and at one point. His Dad actually went to jail for falling behind on his taxes. He had to be tough. Because a okay back in those days. If you're left handed you were basically abused by adults. And he was left handed and he was treated very poorly enforced just to use his right hand which You know right away he was he was treated like like an outsider. Like there was something wrong with him. You know I think from a very in early age. Had to put on this very macho persona he has a really really tough it out STU become the professional tough guy. He's a weightlifter weightlifter. A bodybuilder a championship collegiate wrestler he even becomes a football player and joins the Edmonton Eskimos but a cycling accident. Destroys his Zack. Let career he'd broken multiple bones. He was hospitalized in Edmonton for months. And that's when his friend. Aloe Ming convinces him him to join the navy. They both love bodybuilding and weightlifting and they become like the beefcakes in residence at the navy base in Nova Scotia Russia if you could just imagine them weightlifting with artillery equipment and sometimes even showing off by bench pressing each other they start to organiz wrestling events. And that's how Stu Hart first became a wrestling promoter but even then he was still getting in the ring himself. That's the thing about STU. A heart like we're talking about a professional wrestler. We're also talking about someone who probably present landscape would be a UFC champion like his level of physicality and kind of what brought to wrestling as far as these emission holes. That's that is carried on to this day. He's so talented. And he's reviled by other wrestlers. For how how. seriously he takes himself and even though he's a good guy a lot of the fans don't like him because their girlfriends in their wives have the hots for him. MM-HMM STU and I'll end up moving back to Alberta and starting up a wrestling promotion that will turn into stampede wrestling. They put on live events and eventually eventually these were broadcast around the world. He would run shows all over the place on these shows. You'd be fooled with with rabid fans that would be just living and dying by the action. The ring stampede wrestling is a phenomenon. It's quite possibly the most successful Canadian. TV program in history. Yeah I mean it runs for decades in more than fifty countries. STU would train many of the wrestlers himself in his basement which soon became infamously Asli known as the Hart Dungeon. He put his victims into vicious. Submission holds until they couldn't take it anymore. He was a master of these types of holes and he would apply them with great delight. He loved pain and cats which is another thing that comes up time and time again when you hear about the house is wrestlers that would see the litterbox on the counter the pancakes with the SPATULA. Then foot the catch litter faucet the same spatula in nineteen. EIGHTY-FOUR STU Hart. He's almost seventy at this point. Sell stampede wrestling to Vince. McMahon junior a wrestling promoter from New York who's buying up and consolidating local promotions and he's a capitalist of the highest order and he didn't want just the peace. He wanted the whole pie and I think he would be very proud to admit that too. So He's cable. TV to his advantage vantage and he bought into markets where there already were wrestling territories in really produce stars and he went around rated territories for stars and those stars included some of stews on children. He's a doting husband and he wants a family and a big family and he has one he has twelve kids. Eight boys all of them become wrestlers. Four girls every single one of them at one point. Mary's a wrestler but from the start there was one who stood out from the rest. Ask From Calgary Alberta two hundred thirty pounds Bret Hart reds very much. His father's son and I know that's a strange thing to say because his father had eight sons brothers aim at heart is an unbelievably gifted talent. Athlete you know physical specimen who was trained by his father and just kind of raised. And he's he's a big physical person. He's not big by wrestling standards and definitely not huge huge by an big by the wwe wrestling standards of the mid eighties. which is when he kinda showed up there but he was just so talented in so so unbelievable in the ring that he could make even the big fish giant look good when he was wrestling Bret Hart? He didn't quite fit into the wrestling world. World of the nine thousand nine hundred eighty S. This was a time when outsized characters like Hulk Hogan and Andre. The giant roamed the landscape. Brett was confined to being a mid card performer. Remember at this time wrestling was all about the caricatures. You know you were a wrestler slash a Voodoo Shaman. So you were a wrestler slash policeman. You were a wrestler slash a garbage man. Maybe you didn't have have a sort of Villian type character. You wouldn't really get to perform in the main events Hulk Hogan at that time I'm was like Rockstar meets. Gi Joe I think it was sort of the inspiration and Bret Bret Hart was just bret. Hart I mean. Even the way that he talked about himself was very different because he would talk about his real life. He talk about growing up in wrestling. He would he would talk about growing up in Calgary he would talk about coming from a wrestling family but it wouldn't be long for bread to finally get his big break. What happens pins is in the early ninety S? There's a steroid scandal that rocks the WWF almost brings it down and Hulk Hogan is at the center of that and ultimate warrior. All the all the the a-list stars are embroiled. In and Vince McMahon needs to rebrand brand he needs to do good guy one that shows what wrestling really stands for so he sets his sights on Bret Hart it brings in Owen. Har- builds up the Hart Foundation and Brett goes from a standard baby face to the the biggest star in the industry in a matter of years even as popular wrestlers continued to leave the WWF for the rival WCW. Brett Star continued to rise. The excellence of execution became his tagline. But that's really what he was so kind of raw talent. He proved himself to be so valuable. That when and all the other stars Kinda left the company he he stepped up. Brett was emblematic of an old school kind of wrestling. His technique was unparalleled. Ll in hearken back to the shooter style of wrestling that he learned in the Hart Dungeon shooter style. Is You don't really see it anymore. But it's kind of European pins South Asian wrestling hybrid. It's one part grappling and one part hand to hand combat and it was famous for its submission holes. You could see all of that influence. Come through in his finishing move. Finishing move is the move that you do that. No one else can answer you know. And that's the move that when you apply the fans no it's over it's also the move when the person gets out of it the fans. Oh my gosh this is a match that means something and so breasts. Finishing move is one of the the all time great finishing moves and a move. That really really does not feel good. When applied is most people can attest to that have had applied to them by one of their friends when they were growing up? And that's the sharp shooter and it's a submission move like you know you. You basically locked the person's legs and apply pressure in such a way that Oh my God they could probably snap your leg if they wanted to. And it's also so mazing watch and put it on because you're basically watching someone make themselves in another human being into Human Pretzel so they're they're folding their legs and there's like it's like an a human origami at a certain point. The Brett was joined by members of his own family who formed the core of the Hart Foundation. Now that's not a charity. The Hart Foundation was is the name for the crew wrestlers that surrounded bread. There were his brothers in law Jim the Anvil night. Hart and the British bulldog and there is Owen. Hart the Youngest member of the heart brewed in the nineties. One of the most prominent plot lines in the WWF was a rivalry between bret and Owen with playing the overlooked younger sibling out for revenge from all the hear from people that did know him was one of the funniest was charming. Most down to Earth human beings on earth but he he could play horrible horrible human being in the ring and just was just so funny and just had such great sense of timing became a star. When I was a little boy was bigger than me and when he was older than me and he pick on me and tease me and make me bully me? There was a time when you used to be but then and I've got bigger and I got I got older back. Here's Brett talking about having to keep up the charade in a documentary about owens life. We never talked to each other same flight same plane same. He'd sit in one spot nights in another one time. We got detained. At Calgary. Customs Owen wants something to me and I kind of lean back and I said the maximum rate or something like that and also in this woman's customs officer come barging little office. And she goes I. Gotcha I knew that you guys talk. I knew you were friends eventually. The two siblings reconciled in the ring and routined up but soon enough real life drama would intervene. Vince McMahon the head of the WWF was losing viewers to Ted Turner's WCW. But Vince thought he we had a solution he felt that America was done with a straightforward heroes and villains at wrestling had promoted for so long. They wanted something different and we in the WWF think did you. The audience are quite frankly tired of having your intelligence insulted. We also think that you're tired of the same old simplistic theory of a good guys versus bad guys. Surely the era of the Superhero urge you to say your prayers and take your vitamins is definitely passe. Hey he started to turn wrestling into something. More provocative but Brett didn't like the new direction. It's got a lot more raunchier lot. More sexual shows very very sexual in a in a bad way. I don't think you watch wrestling for sex. I don't think it's I don't think it's become something you presentable to your children like like my kids won't want any more or none of them. Not even the teenagers and it's just become something. I don't really want associated myself with the clean athletic strain of wrestling that Brett embodied who's making King Wafer something flashier but he was still the biggest star in the WWF and a huge draw. Brett wanted a new contract from the WWE. It didn't feel that he was offered the money he deserved told them he was going to go to Turner depending on who you believe. Vincent man was given time to counteroffer. Sure he wasn't given time to counter off or depending on who you believe. There's a lot of different versions of these stories but he was decided that he was going to go to. WCW and he still had the heavyweight championship chip. And that's that's the key you know Vincent Man did not want him leaving with that belt he want him to lose it in Montreal like that was the idea. He's like he was. He was GONNA lose it to Shawn Michaels and he said. I just don't want to do in Montreal. The next star up from him is Shawn Michaels and Shawn Michaels and Bret Heart in real life end in wrestling. Life have a massive rivalry so this is how much they hated. Each Other during a live live broadcasted monologue Shawn michaels insinuated. That Bret Hart was cheating on his wife with sunny. I need this this woman wrestler. You got some ninety days. Get the job done. So that's how ugly the rivalry was between them. So when they got in the ring together they really wanted to beat the shit out of each other and the idea that Brett rat would have to hand over the title to Shawn. Michaels was the highest of insults. The animosity was very real. That's the one thing that I don't think anyone really questions like now they. They were buddies behind the scenes but they were great friends at one point. You know here's Brett again in wrestling with shadows talking about just how humiliating would be to lose to Shawn. Michaels in a Canadian arena can't do it. I discard Vince. Just assume blow my brains out would be the same from a character standpoint. That's what we'll be doing birthday. He met Hardwood bullet brain cells so they come up with this plan to basically instead of losing to Shawn Michaels the match that they had planned for each other in Montreal. It will end in a draw a sh- MAS is what they call it. When a bunch of wrestlers sort of like ambushed the ring and the referee so disoriented doesn't know what to do? He just has to call it off and then the next day Brat was going to just sort of forfeit the title Brett sent in his resignation in signed with the WCW and finally ended my career fourteen years with the WWF. I can't help but feel really Oy. Heart broke and disappointed. That dumb left this company. What Brett didn't know is? Is that Vince Shawn Michaels and almost certainly. The referee had a different idea of how the match would end in Montreal in. Brett's the home country where he is a bona fide hero. They decided to kind of go behind. Brett's back they told them. Okay fine you know you can have your your victory in Montreal. And then we'll take the belt off you the next night. But they went behind his back and they came with a different plan. And that plan was they got Earl hefner involved the referee and Got Shawn Michaels in on it as well and it was decided that Sean was going to win the belt on November Ninth Nineteen Nineteen ninety-seven Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels got in the ring in front of twenty thousand fans in Montreal Sean Puts Brett in his own finishing move this like tribute to his family to his father. Sean puts in the in the sharpshooter Kirby Center and almost immediately the REF calls for the bell to ring and Shawn Michaels winced title. And he just books out of the Ring John Gathering immediately. Everyone just got out like let's get L. earlier. You can clearly see the shock on Bret. Hart's face he was promised that he wouldn't end his WWF career by losing in front of a Canadian audience. But Vince McMahon had lied to him. That's when he sees Vince McMahon Ringside and. He spits right in his face. Bread red search trashing camera equipment around the rink and Brat knowing that the. TV's are still on him. He starts to spell the letters. WCW WCW in the air. He's just walking around spelling. WCW and basically saying fuck you. You fucked me. I'm GonNa Fuck you and it was war. Afterwards he heads backstage and asks Shawn Michaels if he knew what was going to happen. Sean lies and says that he didn't Sean you're talking witness. Aw God still came back. Your Vince McMahon comes to see bright right in the locker room and Bret Hart he punches his billionaire boss right in the face. Here's Vincent Man being interviewed a week after the Montreal match I was disappointed in Brett when he hit me very disappointed. I sustained a concussion as a result of it uh with the vision problems to this day. I'll get over it and I didn't think it was the right thing to do. I have no sympathy for bread whatsoever. None Retin made a very very selfish decision. Brett's going to have to live with that for the rest of his life. Bret screwed screwed bret. I have no sympathy whatsoever for bread. The event would come to be known as the Montreal. Screw job and in some ways. It marked wrestling's postmodern turn. It was hard to tell what was fact in what was fiction and it's still one of the most debated events in wrestling history. I think it's important because here we are all these years later and this is still the one time that the curtains really really been pulled back. Wrestlers slurs have always been at the mercy of their promoters and Bret Hart even though he had risen to a level of stardom few wrestlers ever achieve. Felt that he. He's being treated as disposable just like so many other wrestlers before him all these wrestlers that have broke their backs making this living for years and up with nothing when it's over and then they sort of take you back put a slug in the back of your head and dumpy out in That's the life of a professional wrestler in my case The demands that I made made in the the the things that I want over from a contract standpoint. Ralph demands that PUT The power back into the wrestler's hands somewhat. Maybe that's what they want to do. Maybe maybe I was becoming too powerful and now it's time for Vince. McMahon the promoter to tear this guy down. Maybe it's something that he just wanted to prove to himself that he could still do it. Ah never know but I know that he was wrong when his brother Brett left for the WCW after the Montreal Screw Job Owen Hart stuck around in the WWF and Owen State. You know like no one is ever going to know why motivation. I'm sure him and Brad talked about it. Like he was close with his brother and it was decided that he was going to stay and he stayed eight and there was a moment where they were going to push and make him a star. But it didn't really happen. They turn them into the Blue Blazer he still wants to get an unbelievably incredible talent and It was kind of like a Superhero Gimmick where everyone knew it was all the fans like myself. We all knew it was. Oh and that wasn't but like the whole thing was like he. He didn't know that we knew Owen. Hart had never even really wanted to be a wrestler. He dreamed of becoming a gym teacher. Solid kind of need to come home and said Dad. I got a scholarship for wrestling. And I don't know why I should have just said I don't want this. It took precedent over my The whole purpose was going university in the first place. You know to get a degree Ryan and and it's back in this rushing the cursive wrestling. He's not the golden child in terms of talent though. He is is remarkably talented but he's the golden child in terms of personality. You know there was a lot of sibling rivalry in in the heart family naturally early but Owen was kind of the peacemaker. He was the bridge that brought everyone together on May twenty third nineteen ninety nine nine Owen. Hart was set to perform as the blue laser at a pay per view event in Kansas City Missouri. The Blue Blazer was supposed to be a bit of a bumbling superhero so owen was set to enter the ring from high above the rafters get tangled up in the wires supporting him and then fall to the ground tragically. It didn't go as planned the story that you hear from what happened up top in that rafters before Owen jumped down is only only one row perspective where signal was given misheard by Owen Owen. Jump before everything was attached properly in and and free fault and died in the ring here at In Kansas City tragedy befell World Wrestling Federation and all of US Owen. Hart was set to make an entrance from the ceiling and He fell from the ceiling. And I have the unfortunate responsibility what everyone know that Owen Hart has died. Tragically died from an accident here tonight. Here's Owens wife Martha Heart talking talking to documentary crew about getting the call. The phone rang. I was sitting in my chair and I was looking at my house that I was just packing up and it was the doctor from the hospital and I just felt this. Doom sweep over me and he said Mrs Heart. There's been an accident own foul fallon hit his head on the turnbuckle and he was going through all this stuff and it was like I said just get to the end of it. I said what. What's the end result like? Don't give me the whole buffer thing like what happened. And he said I normally we'd fly down here to tell you this kind of news but you know your husband inside a you know. There's been a lot of horrible tragedies in wrestling but this has got to be one of the ones that just stands out the most because a lot of wrestlers pass away early like that is a fact. There's a lifestyle that takes a unbelievable toll on your body in your trading fame for your your longevity in life but like very few times to witness that firsthand in the ring and as a direct correct way and I can't thankfully I can't think of other times WWF. It's happened in other promotions. But you know this is one of the few times that happened on the scale At His Funeral Martha Hart swore to get justice for her husband. I loved him. I loved him. I loved him and I miss him because he was everything to me he was like. I'm a very forgiving person. And I'm not bitter angry it but there will be a reckoning and this is my final promise to own and I won't let him down Martha Hart sued the WWF and got an eighteen million dollars settlement and from then she was done with wrestling. She very much decided that after the Sushi one nothing nothing her kids to have nothing to do with pro wrestling to this day. Owen Hart. His family does not want him have anything to do with wrestling. His legacy has been kind of removed from pro wrestling being in a way. Bret Hart was devastated by his youngest brother's death here. He is addressing the crowd at a WCW event. And I thought maybe I'd be ready to talk about things when I got here. The truth is is that I'm really having a hard time decide on what I want to do with my career and my life I've live for wrestling and my family has lived rustling. Guide wrestling in the next few years would continue to be devastating for the hearts so a lot of people will say that the moment it all went downhill hill for the family. Was Owens death but actually I would say that it started one year before that it with the very tragic death of stews Young Grandson Matthew in one thousand nine hundred eighty six who like all the other grandkids had been grim room to wrestle and he was thirteen years old when he got flesh-eating disease and he died very very quickly two years after Matthew's US death came the Montreal screw job and then two years after that Owen. Hart died in the ring as for Brett things weren't going well for him in the WCW. I don't think he really knew what to do there because again. WCW was this. It was style over substance and he was always substance over style. The same year his brother died. Brett gets kicked in the head and it is a retirement. Inducing concussion it so bad that this man who's put his body through decades of hard physical labor. Multiple injuries is just out. He can't get back in the ring and then in the next five years you have Davey Boy Smith the British bulldogs death. You have scandals with Brett's brother committee heart who had to be forced out of the heart house when it was put up for sale and then after Owen's death breath the glue sort of comes undone and without him. All the sibling rivalry all the bad blood that was was always kind of their between the family members and the siblings. It just starts getting aired out with some frequency in these multiple biographies Auger. Fay's that are just published one after another over the course of a decade in Brett's health struggles only got worse. What Brett calls? The fight of his life was in two thousand and two. He was just out riding his bike along the bow river in Calgary when he just he crashed and he suddenly suffered a stroke and it left him in a wheelchair for three months for awhile. He never knew if he would walk again. Dan Let alone Russell and he was able to with time rehabilitate himself from that. But you know he's never quite been the same sense you know. He's still got a little bit of a limp and his body. Just doesn't work the same way that it used to compounded with that you have the injuries in his wrist. The injuries from his concussions and then he developed prostate cancer. The hearts aren't finished with wrestling. Even bret the Hitman. Hart a guy who had this horrible thing happen to them. WHO's have all this baggage with this company? Even he comes back and did a WRESTLEMAINIA appearance. It was brought in the hall of fame. You know because no one walks away forever and a new generation of hearts has entered the ring. There's David Hart Smith. Tyson Kidd and Natalya Neidhart. Talia was trained to be an unbelievable wrestler brought up in the same heart heart tradition. You know learning all the style of wrestling and she got in there and to this day. She's in that company and she still amazing in the ring and then there's Teddy Teddy Hart for a while. Teddy was seen as the future of the Hart family. Teddy I think is symbolic of the tragedy. Thirty that has become the heart family. He showed unbelievable promise at a very early age at eighteen. He was the youngest wrestler signed to the W. WE W F and evidently he was probably the youngest wrestler ever fired from the WWF because he was fired a few weeks before he was scheduled old to debut he was just A loose cannon from an early age and he had no sense of professionalism and he screwed up in his first shot and then give him a second shot and he he screwed that up and he screwed up multiple chances in other wrestling promotions in. I've I've actually lost count. Of How many comebacks. He has staged since the nineties but he is so unbelievably talented. Maybe some would say and I wouldn't dispute this but he might be the most talented in ring performer of the entire family but he has none of the discipline discipline or professionalism of his family members zero. He's gone down a very dark path over the years. He's admitted to dealing drugs working in sex work as a driver. He's been accused of pimping women out. He beat sexual assault. Charges is Omar wrote a profile of Teddy Hart for Rolling Stone Back in two thousand sixteen and partially featured in it was a woman named Samantha. fiddler who Omar are described in the piece as teddy's wrestling student and girlfriend Samantha is a cree woman from Edmonton who follow Teddy to Florida to pursue her wrestling dreams teams but shortly. After the rolling stone article was out Samantha. fiddler disappeared a few months after it was published. Her friend got in touch with me because she had searched for Samantha's name trying to find something anything and she'd come across my article in that was like the only trace of her Samantha disappeared on November Nineteen Twenty sixteen. She's the mother of three children and even though her friends and family were desperately desperately searching for her. The police in Florida only recently took up the case some wrestling blogs decided to cover her disappearance because it was a very very quiet scandal in the wrestling world. The last two wrestlers that she was associated did with our teddy and a wrestling trainer. Who has been convicted of sexual assault? The the other wrestling trainer is chasing rants. Neither Teddy Hart nor Chason rants are suspects in this case and both strongly denied any involvement in her disappearance but teddy has said a number of contradictory. In demeaning things about Samantha. That has become the source of significant controversy in the wrestling world. Here's a clip. From an interview. He did with night. Wave Radio About Samantha's disappearance. It's truly bizarre to me. That's basically fucking Samantha. Samantha's in a Lotta Shit with gone. Do you believe in God so I helped her out. But I couldn't help road she's GonNa get fucked up in Florida. There's nothing I can do a lot of babysitter. She the girl the woman she knew how to get your cooking ass down here. She knew how to make phone calls up until she wanted to get fucked up and left or stop calling her family and disappeared. I pray to God. Nothing happened to her or happens to her. But I can't look if I bet money on the situation you know. What do you think happened to her? As of today we still don't know what happened to Samantha fiddler in the nineteen nineties. The hearts were the biggest wrestling dynasty around but of the five members of the Hart Foundation. We're him today are dead. The only one left is bret. Hart wrestlers often live short and tragic lives every single. Show someone someone get injury you know might be like just a mind thing. They might business day of work the next day but there are people that lost their careers. Wrestling isn't as popular as it. Once was Owen Hart's death in particular can be seen as a turning point. Oh and hard was definitely a moment that some fans could not get over and for for a lot of understanding missile reasons but wrestling's been around for a century and the WWe is undoubtedly one of the world's biggest spectacles and still adored by millions. It's everywhere you go in the world wrestling. A sport of the people you know wrestling you know for better. For Worse. In some cases you know and and as it is the sport of the people it matters because it reflects people for Damian and for many other fans it doesn't bother them that wrestling is scripted. That's the point at least when it comes to wrestling. You know that. Going in the only thing that operates in honestly in two worlds like everything like like we live in world where baseball players are stealing other players signals. Where football players deflating? Footballs so everything's worked but wrestling's the only thing that says here's what we're doing and I and were were deceiving you and we all know the wrestling's so it's like the most honest for to the hearts continue to be heroes to so many Canadians and they've embodied the contradictions addictions of wrestling all along the hearts matter because they are are royalty like this is our Kennedy's like these are the people that are internationally recognized as superstars from our country that have such a important role like not in politics politics obviously but in in sports pop culture and also Brett deserves credit wrestlers. Ever get the credit. They deserve for how important they are like bread. It is an ambassador for this country in a way that very few others are. That's your episode of Commons for the week this episode relied on reporting done by Omar Moallem David Shoemaker. CBC Missing News and the documentary teams behind wrestling with shadows and the life and death of Owen. Hart both are excellent and you should go check them out. And if you liked this episode episode make sure you watch Damien Abraham's TV show the wrestlers which you can stream on crave he goes around the world exploring wrestling in different cultures. And I promise you're GonNa love him. This is actually the last episode nor dynasty series. We really hope you enjoyed it. And we'll be back in six weeks with a brand new season of comments. If you want to get in touch with us you can tweet us at Commons pod. You can email me are Shia candidate. Show DOT com. This episode was produced by Myself Elfin Jordan Cornish or managing editor is Kevin Sexton and our music is by Nathan burly. If you like what we do please help us make this show. You can support US and get ad free podcasts by going to Patriot dot com slash candidate land.

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