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A Rather Unnecessarily Cruel Opinion of Cabbage


Are we don't be our lives so thanks for doing this so late. I appreciate you coming. I got a huge just promotional stuff to talk about and music tons of music stuff to talk about today so okay. Let's start. Thanks for thank you for waiting for me. Let's start with some music. I love it I can do. This is Sir way of that either. Every Saturday it is January January nine is not. I'm sorry I they're happy. Say is live. It doesn't matter. How did you Saturday? It's February the first twenty twenty nine. I'm Eric talking at you from beautiful colonial British Columbia Canada. Where if if you read the Bible backwards it's actually a crazy story about the human race killing each other off until there's only two people left they move into this beautiful garden and then the female pukes up at apple and they get naked? Sounds like a way better story. What's actually out there? Doesn't it sound great. Speaking of great sound effects back what back I got my sound effect. It's back didn't I can't hear them. You get your them still here. It doesn't matter. Hi everybody we are live on. SPREAKER DOT COM So you guys can chat with us live online all the show or you can call us six zero four six five five nine six three zero zero if you happen to be listening on Speaker Dot Com Feel free to get in touch with us in any of those. Those two ways live live chat or six or four six five five nine six three zero. The phone lines are open. Phone Line is always open to you guys. Just if we are not on the area. It'll go to voicemail and you can leave your message but it is set up to take messages for our callers before I say hi to Gordon. Just get the bullshit out of the way to see. Hi Mike at Pitt. Lean parlayed Big stuff going on in you don't raise season is underway so very exciting for them. They're the number one indycar racing podcast on the Internet Take a pit stop at Acre podcasts. And leave them a review. GotTa gotTa say hi my Queen the Coupon Queen Pin on anchor dot. FM doing her secrecy. Moments always I love her posts on facebook. They're are not happy. I wish I could make By awesome and I gotta say hi to my two best friends. Alex Alex in Tom I had the pleasure of doing the thors Qian. PODCAST with them this morning so much fun it it was a gets. I'm did you do the though. What's the wish game? I didn't hear the end of your episode. I I I think so where where Tom Post the pictures on. And you have to guess what they are or it gives you explanation of what they are. Yeah I've it really bailed battle one of them but I kind of the other two so. That's okay Nice They tried to tell me the points don't matter but they didn't start in until I started winning I'm sick yeah. They made that very clear in the beginning with me. Usually when people say that they do the classic. whose line is it anyway? Thing which like ten thousand points for are you yeah reports literally just at one point might as one point one point I pulled ahead and then all of a sudden they're like oh but you know the points don't matter right right okay. I see how this works but that was a wicked wicked time. We had a lot of fun. I I think they got a little impatient with me. Trying to take the show in directions that they didn't want it to go by talking about things that you should talk about on the air. No not not at all. Those guys will talk about anything. Yeah they definitely will But just I just kept changing subjects and they run a pretty tight ship there. They tried to so they definitely take some what they do. Awesome time you guys can check that one. No not on pod being dot com where you can also hear Erik Gordon. What if we're right back? It's got a nice little being paid as well And they are. I'm very excited to have eric and Gourd as soon as possible. We will arrange that absolutely got a couple so more guest spots. I'm working on for us. And of course our guest spots are wide open for anyone who wants to join us. Because it's just it's just too much then having other people it just adds that it's totally like reinvigorated. Not just talking to those guys this morning thing which they got a hold of me like twenty minute like like I did to you whenever I get this this taxed. And it's like hey I was wondering if you're you're not busy today. Gee I wonder what this is about with no notice whatsoever and I just thought you know what I have to do Jason. I'm really glad I did other things. It's gotta be super pumped is. We got amazing review on Apple podcasts. Yesterday today we ever and we got a second one that you didn't hear about accident I it was. It was just a personal one and for me here with you guys but we got you can check on facebook even created a poll over our review. We got from Van Listens who I determined I believe is from Germany. That's the best my best guess. Yes but great review by him any reviews a good review in my opinion and that guy went to a lot of work like he spent time on that thing he did. I actually really want to read the whole thing. Because only the posters set the bottom line or so is cut off. So Y- I I listen to an entire fire episode to see if they'd redeem themselves and they didn't perfect. Yeah I I thought it was just fantastic. Just made my day. I don't think I've ever been happy. He put a lot of effort into that review. And thank you very much. Van Van listens for posting that for us That's GonNa get for using words that that I have to look up define because I don't understand a big words I don't have it in front of me now. Something about prognosticating or yes. I'll has pleaded there is a dedicated. Yeah I don't. I don't believe we can pontificate. I'm not sure I've ever pontificated. I I don't know I thought I took a cream for that many years ago. Here here we go yeah. They typically on an online line waiting their mere existence a vast effect on the world the nothing could be further. From the truth. I highly doubt would either fool has contributed a positive manner to anything in their small world record. I heard it took me everything our tonight's redoubt on to say fuck you. Air tried to run for mayor. What the fuck of you died pompous deck? But I didn't because I I appreciate the feedback even if you use words I don't quite understand. It is obvious their combined. I Q is that of a rotting cabbage. This that's put some effort into this. Those are some grand insults. And and that's why I responded. This is one of the nicest things I've heard about our show in a long time. Thank you so good and on facebook I just say police say hey. It takes listening Very nice and please feel free to leave your reviews. I love them and that is got to get us some listeners. If if people don't tune in after that review there's something wrong with them. I know that I would immediately want to listen to the show if I oh absolutely so. Thank you van. Listens now one that I received shortly after that was directed to my personal account. And I'M GONNA look it up here because I don't remember it word for word. Do you remember Gore. I made awesome comments recently about firemen. Yeah and and that. Maybe they don't deserve as much credit. Is We give them because you really the right direction. That's what these guys do as long as the waters facing using the right way they're winning So too much ed if I remember the comment I got this Eric. I just listened to one of your podcasts. Discussing a firefighter. I'd like to know where the hell you get off. Seeing their only skill set is to hold a hose. I have several friends that are firefighters as well as friends. Whose fathers were firefighters? I have friends whose families please members have died. I'm out of your car. And lack of intelligence to say such a thing about individuals that risk their lives every single bill day. Well I just have no words. If you think you're funny or think you know what it takes to be a firefighter. You're sorely mistaken. Well thank you. I'm not going to name the name of that person but thank you for listening. I appreciate you tuning in. I also know several firefighters and I maybe you know better ones than I do and good on you I I hope you do and I still. It's a physically demanding job. No they don't run their lives every day. In fact most of them don't risk their lives most of the time I there are they heroic share as first responders maybe I just think they get too much credit. I'm I'm not insulting anyone WHO's died I. I don't know anyone whose dad as a firefighter. But it's all to any of your friends. I agree with you when you absolutely when you say that. They put their lives online every day. No they really don't they. There are that many many blade where the running into a burning building to rescue people. That doesn't happen everyday. No you're not risking your life every single day. You're just not a cop. Will risk is life every day in areas where there are lots of gunfire where people fight back with cops. They risk their lives every day. But I wouldn't say that every Congress has lent here maybe he does well they don't. That is absolutely correct. So thank you both for your remarkable everyday though Eric. WHO's a little children who are under the under the guise of priests? That's that is very very true. Now if you want to send in some comments please go to POD CHASER DOT COM or go to apple podcasts. Or right you're on speaker. Dot Com as a comment section. Listen you can leave a review or you can always. I love getting emails. I know I'm old fashioned but I like getting emails so you can send your emails to rose McGowan when he's stupid at outlook dot com or by New One I've opened for our new I just because it's a new day and I felt like doing doing a new email for you guys so you can reach me directly at todd. Cochran could blow me at And since he's already got his name it will be far offering them to do that would be. Coc H. R. A. E. Todd Cochran and blow me at facebook he got in trouble for being a Dick on facebook. All right. Let's move on. I have so much to talk about First of all I I wrote these down real quick before the show. Joe Just super-quick that I just WanNa touch on them. I'M NOT GONNA waste too much time. But the final tally. As of last night's episode nine thousand eight hundred and thirty six listeners so as we approach season three will will will break eighteen thousand before season three so out of nine hundred or nine thousand eight hundred and thirty six total listeners. We have had one bad review in two years. So that's pretty fucking good. That's not bad at all and I don't even think it's that bad review but kate eight ninety eight hundred listeners. The last time we did a live episode we had about three thousand. This is particularly good season for us. That number rose very very fast. It stalled out because the show has been kind of weird sort of renovation stage aged for about three months. And it's still that's not any. I'm still improving every day. So the numbers obviously have gotten a little slower but still a meteoric rise in my opinion very very happy with it. We're starting to show up again. On charitable everything is on track for me to take over the world in the next five years speaking of which the registration for the twenty twenty people's choice podcast awards officially opened today so we will be registering for that right away. The the nomination period begins July first. That's when you guys can nominate us in any category as many times as you would like and get us. Eight Twenty Twenty podcasters people choice award that would be really don't the award ceremony is corresponds aligns with international podcast date which is September thirtieth so plenty of time to get your nominations well. You can't nominate US still July but registration opens now so other podcasters if you have not registered up please keep it that way. I want to win all the stuff this this is what the fourteenth annual for them. This is like wow twelve daniel website. They started two thousand five. I believe was official. Was the official. which would make it that would make it not twelve? I'm reading right on the fourteenth annual people's choice podcast. I believe you are correct fourteenth. I have twelve th written down here for some reason I was distracted. I was looking at pictures of Kurt. COBAIN's daughter writing at the same time. The curse words hot is very good looking. Michael Jackson's daughter is Not Too hard on the is either and I was looking at weird gossipy fucking shit about them so I m daughters. I'll look what else do I have here real quick. I guess I'll say this but I'll say it more at the end of the show. I am launching a brand new website. I purchased the domain today. It's going to be a little different from the we are right deal with it. Dot Com website. This is this is going to be Eric and Gourd Extravaganza with a photo gallery from like every photo that we've ever done on every logo every picture. All the good stuff interviews are reviews. Are It's going to be like Eric Gordon fast. It's could be like the Danny's platter of Eric Gordon. That's going to be launching this weekend. I announced on key in that it would be tomorrow morning. That may have been a little ambitious but before the end of the weekend You can still visit us at. We are right deal with DOT com. But that's is going to be toned down a little bit. The new ones going to also include a daily blog by me. That's going to talk about what we talked about on the show and just some more opinion opinion. A little more concise written kind of my views. If I don't get to see update on this show or I know Gordon to say you can go to our new website and read it in our blog. That is very simply eric. In Gourd Dot World Simple Lisi Eric engorge dot world. That will be official. I am going to get some help from some friends of mine at Google to clean up the shrapnel if you will. There's a lot of broken old Eric Gordon Crap online that needs to be swept up and moved away. Because I keep starting new things. But this begin Eric and Gore dot world will go online line. And I'm excited about that. So there you go. It's going to be very cool. It's because this issue to be fun. It's GonNa be really like Eric. Gordon is going to be there and if you agree with if Van Listens that we are the only credible news source on the Internet This website will it really describes our process awesome how we pick the news and how we deliver it with. I just sound advice on how you can make that news work for so you just tell you the news. We tell you how to be in control of how that news affects your life. Nobody else does it. That's right I'm not gonNA talk about with those by way work crews your very point. We'll talk about that later please do I. Don't I'm talking all music all day but we could do a couple of things I mean. I know we've got to touch on a little bit probably brexit it but feel free. If you want to join in the conversation you can live chat with me now on Speaker Dot Com. If if you'd be listening in and doing it I guess or six four six five five nine. Six three zero phone lines are open. Gord what would you like to talk about well. Something that we discussed off the air never actually brought it up to the podcast because similar both GonNa look into and I'm glad we did or at least sided. I don't know if you did in much riyal. There's a gentleman who is in jail Four he got a life sentence He had murdered ordered his ex girlfriend. stabbed her did a whole bunch of fucked up shed brought on the wall. Defaming are calling a horror whatnot left out on. The Wall called his rather and turned himself in admitted everything went to jail While he was in jail he was the entire time he was listed as a high repeat offender and then sometime within the last two years he was brought down to a moderate moderate risk to re offend Then six months ago they decided dial less. Just put this guy down to a low risk risk. He's not gonNa re-offend and they gave him and they and they let them free they they they put him on a on a good behaviour. Release Program thing and let them stay like a halfway house and Now the way. Here's where we talk about. What the difference the news when I I found this first article it it was listed as the reason they let him with so that he could Because he had made leads had to get basically had to get laid not true I And also the very first thing that he did once he got it was he murdered a prostitute also not true he's been out since March and Than just recently he did hire up a prostitute and murdered her At before anybody even the new the murder happened he had walked into. The police station turned himself in told him what he did told where they could find. The body found the by now. He's being recharged again. This this is why when we bring stuff to you guys. We do our best to make sure that we're not bringing up. The first thing that comes up we try to do as much sorta background checking on this as we can to make sure bring inaccurate news. Because when I first sent that Derek I was disgusted Eric. Cycle calm the fuck down hassle. Make sure Make sure you know you're talking about yet is look into that because there are so many things wrong with that initial a release That none of it made a lot of sense but the basic facts were also still there. The Guy was I was listening to a high risk offender all of a sudden Moderate and then all of a sudden he's released again within months than being out he murdered. Somebody I mean come on Liver deliver let that person out really needs to be held accountable and responsible because now one of the things I did find from going through by searching under multiple all different sites in which is very difficult because this is a little thing at a Montreal so I could only get local news prince about it but I did find three three at of the eight that I was able to read up on that That also at the reason that we main reasons when came through is because the liberal government was forcing jails to release major offenders To show that they can be rehabilitated and put back into into society. They're saying that this is something that they are actually being almost forced into who are some of the biggest offenders was the worst in the dead okay while so instead of them serving other full twenty. Five years let's get them out in the streets within less than TAT and this is one of the guys that right. That's amazing to me and it happened. You guys you gotTa Watch especially for News Online. It's bought and paid for so. Oh you gotta be careful what you're reading and how you're eating. It happened to me in my personal life last night I was talking to a friend of vaping and I read all these horrible things about how evil ebbing is and it turned out. They were all written by Michael Bloomberg. Who is the story of invested in in tobacco so Obviously he's GonNa talk to you to Beauvais so it's just something you gotTa Watch out for Check your news nor your the truth. Something I will say And there is a full disclaimers on our website posted by me and the entertainment Emmett company legal team if it's not evident Eric Gordon what if we're right is a huber based opinion editorial show We should not be your first line of of news coming at you you. The opinions and stories presented on this show are presented for entertainment purposes only That that being said every effort is made to ensure that the Information Gordon I are providing to you is current accurate and factual. And that's something I take very seriously but nevertheless you should be checking out your own news. Don't for now I appreciate that. You guys think we're the Shit and you think we we know better than everybody because we do but you can investigate this stuff yourself as well and feel free to call and get in touch and say. Hey No eric you were not exactly accurate about this certain thing and I'll be like fuck you. No I'd be happy to listen so back gorge story. I don't even know what to say to that. I you know the god Damn Liberal government every once in a while that beard makes me. Think his government's doing okay Because he's really kept just in in check since they came back from vacation and I like beard but things like this. Just drive fucking crazy. Why are we reducing sentences? Ever at all we should be making sentences ten times worse. Yeah I don't like again. I understand understand the concept behind it. You know we wanNA prove that you know jail isn't just a place where you make criminals worst criminals. You Wanna a believe. That is the place where you can be rehabilitated. You can be put back into society and you can do society. But you gotTa Pick your battles and you gotTa pick your the people you're going to go to a with four like you don't pick a guy who murderer's is fucking girlfriend's rights messages on the wall. That's not a guy who made a mistake. See No he knew would Of course he got pleaded as urged he tried to use the defense of a temporary insanity and everything else but again. How much much of temporary insanity is when immediately after the thing happens? He calls his brother confesses in says what he did and he did at the second time around that. That's that's not crazy. That's the desire you control self. I fully believe Not Criminally responsible needs to be removed from the equation in our legal system. I it is so often not valid. And it's such an easy way to go bill. I just I think it's too easy. They're handing it out like PROZAC now everybody's not criminally responsible Some of these guys are just fucking monsters. And I can't buy into the not criminally responsible thing. I think we need to either. We we got. We got rain in the legislation on how easy it is to to use that defense or we have to just eliminate it completely in my opinion. I mean it's it's a it's a relatively dumb defense defense because will he's not crews once he was crazy at the time. Well you know what it in order to commit such an act you gotta have a level of crazy in you anyways right so defending it by saying all this person should go. I mean again. Understand the the difference between going to jail and going into a mental institution but again if you murder somebody because of the mental defect. Not just because you just have an off you you you of the world but you just murder somebody because book they pissed you off your murdered them. That's why that's why we have manslaughter on the table. The manslaughters established for him. You can establish that you're guilty of manslaughter. Then I'll go along with that but this not guilty of anything because I was a little bit fucking nuts guards. That's absolutely right. You gotta be fucking us to do some of this twisted shit. So it doesn't it doesn't really jive and you don't you don't get let ah later on because in a controlled environment. You didn't murder anybody else. I mean come on like just smart a fuck up. Yeah Ed See I. We had a little experience earlier. Well at the very end of last year with the mental health this department at Vancouver General Hospital I was admitted I guess my will. Yes what I had to do. They said is this was was everything. You'd your head did you make it all up and I said no it wasn't I didn't make up and they said okay go to bed then the next day they said was it all in your head. Did you make it all up and I said No. It wasn't all in my head. I have witnesses assist. They said okay go to bed. The third day they said. Was it all in your head to make him up. I said Yeah Fuck. It's all in my head up. Is it all right. Here's the bus tickets. Have a good life that literally. It was it. was that easy like I told them what they wanted to hear. And I got out When I wasn't telling them that they wanted to hear I got more pills and I got to bed both good options but I want her made him like you and that's what these guys are doing? They're they're either not crazy when they go in or their. Let their pulling an Eric on you and making you think they're not crazy for five seconds by signed the discharge paper. Start doing your job. I don't believe even Dr Fatigue. I really don't if you can't hack it get out and let someone else. Do you need to be on the ball when you're diagnosing and assessing these people. If you're if someone's slipping through the cracks that's on you so figuring out not not criminally responsible. Mullen if they are not criminally responsible. Keep in the hospital. That for me should be forever. Like I think you're in a hospital forever. There is no parole. There is no chance of no. You're in if you're going to claim that you are meant so mentally unstable that you are able to commit murder and not know the difference of it being right or wrong long than you never ever ever get out of that hospital no you. Don't you don't go to jail. But you're in the hospital forever. So Take Your Chances Twenty five years in jail or forever in the hospital and forever literally means you will fucking guy there absolutely definitely on eater. But I'm also a bit of a proponent if if you get a sentence that it puts you that you will never see the light of day. That's it you're done you're you like there's a guy that was a couple of guys in the serial killers or whatnot that were put away. They they got like seven hundred years in jail. I wrote like those which are hilarious and funding all but plain and simple. You put them in. You spend the first. I duNno five plus years studying them. You get whatever information you can do. Help confusing investigations future enforcement to be able to catch people like them. Sooner as soon as they get no information you put a boulder added you ended. I think it should be their choice. You can opt if you know you're in for seven hundred years you can opt for guards words bullet at any time you want. I don't think there should be the option. Because why look at the sheer cost of what it costs to keep one of these people around and what are they doing now. We never sold on like you said like We're going to bump we're GONNA RUB you out in ten years but you could take a bullet behind the the era today. If you want. It's cool me or we'll we'll study it for ten years and then we'll off your when we're done with you it's up to you. That'll be fine with that. I guess but I just think you should put a much quicker. You can learn everything you need from a guy in the lesson fuck at ten ten years I would say ration- then okay then you eat the ball tonight. That's no problem one hundred percent. It's it's GonNa be Gordon. I when we're in charge. which seems like it could be sooner than later? We're going to be very diplomatic attic. We're going to be very democratically. You're going to have a say in everything we're GONNA present you options all the time. You're not going to light those options very much most of you. Ah But we will be presenting you with options. We're very fair. That Way Gourd said you can let us fucking Provia like a caged animal for five years or you can take a bullet right now like we're not monsters. It's it's you know you get you you get the choice. Even in jail you get that democratic option enjoy absolutely. They will die in Erik Gordon government. We'll be huge proponents of the right to die I think it's absolutely discussing the hoops. They make you jump through at the end of life if you decide to end your life. Now we've the fact that that's an option candidate is great but I still think that the is. It's such an involved process. A lot of people die waiting for approval. That's fucked up. If you WANNA die you should be allowed to die. There should be cyanide boots at the the end of every hall in the hospital and an end your every ward in the jail federal penitentiary should be right there for you right in your face lake. Right this is way and your fucking free Futurama thing with is a suicide. She never corner absolutely. I think we should be actively encouraging it for just certain people I'm not gonNA. I'm not some crazy German. Who's GonNa Start telling people that fucking in Thai electrodes to their testicles and send me pictures but if you want to die? I don't think we should tell you you're right or wrong I agree to that. Oh hardly I don't know why I think one thing and I think if if we're going to go in any positive direction in the next fifty to seventy five years I think everyone's involvement in our business has to back the fuck off when it comes to like pro-choice pro-choice all choices that affect you directly like that mm-hmm Beit abortion the right to die anything you fucking have to choose for yourself. Everybody else needs back. The fuck off. Start letting us make our own decisions. Stop telling us what to do. I think that's that's the only way we're going to progress in any advanced. SORTA way. That's my personal opinion is wants to kill all of you. So yes I do. I call whole law. The new you too Unless you're good you're all safe with them. I have something here that I was hanging out with some friends last night overnight and they were they were listening to all the episodes of us and I heard Severi old old ones where you were first. Introducing your your theory on how how what what needs to happen to the population and it was about a year ago. I was actually quite offended by that idea back then. By and I was I was quite taken aback by your suggestion. Now I'm starting to warm up to a bunny. Listen to that I still even after all this time. I still stand by only way to solve the problems of the world. See only way you could be right. You are cutting out all crazy here. What is going on low? See what bringing up there we go. Why are we breaking up? I am going. Don't you shut this down. I think it's you every time you google something. I haven't googled anything okay. Every time I'm not saying that's it I'm just saying it every time you look in that direction. It seems to happen. It looks pretty face so much when I look away it gets offended. I am getting all the. I'm just closing a bunch of stuff on my computer for this. We'll edit this out no we won't it's live. I'M GONNA say well edited out but I won't. I won't edit shit so I guess we got a mentioned The vote to have witnesses in the trump fucking a sham of a bullshit trial Didn't go through so there will be no witnesses witnesses. The final vote on impeachment will happen on Wednesday. This motherfucker is walking. He is walking rape back to President. They didn't on Wednesday so that was a tremendous waste of time. And he'll do it again when he gets reelected that I am not one hundred percent sure of. I think I'm starting to really warm up to the idea that he may not and I like that. That makes me happy. He but this was a complete waste of time. And the thing that angers me the most about it is the fucking Cunanan Mother fucking Conspiracy Prick Idiots. Get to say that this this was all planned and it was. It's all part of the big fucking plant and I hate that because it's stupid enjoyed going. It's it's the reason again. I'm not a big supporter of trump. Any means anybody lizard. The podcast knows this But the simple reason is just simply because remember. This is a group that literally said this. This is an open shut thing. This is not even a second thought. Of course he did it. We have all the proof in the world is law and they still could get him on it every one one of them are now looking like a bunch of cause remember. It's not just a matter that that the Democrats have gone around their way and trying to do this. Every single one one of the Democrats that are starting to try to run against trump every one of them their number one concern is it. What's best for the people it's eliminating trunk from from trump from office? This is where they're gonNA lose. I don't all upset this thing. I think most of their concern is getting rid of Bernie Sanders right now before they even focus on trump but they we knew they were gonNA get stonewalled on this which is his thing. I don't know why we even bothered going ahead with this. And I guess that's he blows. He got all wanted to back out and then no one would ladder so she had to go ahead with this fucking thing. She started artis she opened her fucking mouth about it. So when you start snipe thing you gotta have something to standby. And if you don't have the witnesses to stay behind it from the get go you don't start to proceedings that he's an idiot. The ULKER fucking morons. That is what most people said was. This thing was rushed. It should have been another six months down the road. And then Bolton would have been his book would've been out you would have been ready to testify and a whole bunch of things could have been done differently but Cunanan I'd people please anyone from Cunanan. Who wants to have a a rational discussion with Gordon? I please get in touch with us. Todd Cochran can blow me and I would love to have one of you on the show or even q if you're out there you're obviously listening to me because that's what you do get in touch and tell us what's going on if and prove to me that something about any of the nonsense guys fucking spew. All Day is true. I'm now starting now. They're getting a little bit of credibility and I fucking hate that. Yeah Yep ed it's Ah get I don't see any I just don't I don't see trump not winning the next snow. See if everybody on the Democrats have been fully discredited every one of them have been discredited. All they're doing is fighting each other at this stage. Yeah they're not looking good in that regard absolutely so you're fighting each other. Are you all have the same platform which is eliminate trump that said nothing else to stand on just eliminate trump. The biggest thing I listened to three of the forerunners tonight all three of the four runners in their speeches openly as they enter open speech. We got a limited trump. Obviously that's first and foremost that's what's best for us. Well you see noel time in history. Have you ever heard them say any president elect coming into into election coming in saying threes and won't vote for me so that we could get rid of this other guy that that's not how you vote. That's not how you get winds. That is that that attitude is white. People can quit for companies because that's a bad manager. That's a bad person that I'm reading folks. I'm reading a book right now. It's very boring book because I love to read Boring Shit. And it's all about the psychology of voting in the fourth theories series of why we vote the way we do in how is absolutely fascinating. And there are massive teams of people working behind the scenes to Insured that you vote the way they think you're going to the way they want you to freakishly accurate. They've been analyzing every election in north. America's is the dawn of time very interesting stuff. I WanNa as I read it. I want to be very close attention to these election. Shen going on in the states and see what happens in November. I want trump gone down. I really I am done with this bullshit I I want. Normalcy returned to both of our countries. That's not going to happen with him. And if he comes back now he's going to be so puffed up fucking pompous. I is this gonNA. That'd be a nightmare for the next four years. We can't I don't want him in there and and beard probably doesn't either. I don't know about Justin. He dealt with him for like a long longtime before beard game. But I don't know other no other leader of any nature wants him in everybody's sick and tired of his bullshit because well. He calls them out on anything he feels he wants to. Whether it's true or not just mocks everybody relentlessly and you the school thing. The actual statistics that I read this afternoon four percent of what Donald Trump says publicly is true four percent. That's by politic fact. Who's I a fact checking giving their name says at all the fact check politicians statements and during the course of his presidency? He averages four percent sent truth ninety. Six percent is complete fucking Balderdash. Never get it to us. I work as a fun game too. I wanted to our country. I don't care nobody's better gives a fuck Tudo can stay save forever for all I give a shit but I want. I want trump egon. I'm done with this kind of like the last season Jersey Shore. You might one season too long. You know I've wanted him since day. One but you know what I wanna back in for another four because I think that this is the the president that America deserves lane and simple. This is this. Donald trump is the hit. Me Of what the whole planet thinks of your country. Dad's Wilson is the ultimate representation of F. What everybody hates a boat? America trump is that person. So fuck you. America get in for another four years. You deserve it You've worked hard to get here You've imprisoned enough people. You've you've oh you sean of black kids You deserve trump will keep them for another four. The great is not going to happen. Another four years Eric. Every other country is GONNA learn to be independent from America. That's what I would love to see. have now unofficial my mega hat fucking great. I couldn't have said it better myself. Well said I just want to keep an eye on the time. I'm going to give a little shout out to The stories behind the songs which debuts in just a month march the first stories behind the songs debuts on I believe Apple podcasts at a couple of different places but follow on facebook and check it out? That's an oracle media production. Where every week a different host gets to tell you the stories behind some of their favorite songs from the sixties seventies eighties nineties indies Zeros? Tens and now twenty S. Great Band sticks the cars. I Ah the Beatles Silver Chair Pearl Jam Bjork the list goes on and on and on. It's a really neat show dealing march. I if you follow on facebook go to the stories behind the songs page there's contests and polls you can enter. And there's a silver chair. Paul operate now asking which fan choice song which song that. I'm not featuring the fans think I should so if you're silver chair fan go to the stories behind the songs facebook facebook page and pick a song. You'd like to hear more about dental debut on March the I if I ever fucking finished recording it now. Speaking of Pearl Jam by the way air so I listened to the new Pearl Jam Song. Oh goody Jesus what an abomination music I. I'm not judging until the album comes out on Merck's twenty-seventh I'm I'm going to judge the album as a whole before I comment any further either. Not Judging the apple I can only base everything off of this one. horrendously bad bad song that just came out but my God is it bad. It's it's it's like it's the funny thing. Is the the the vocal singing. A for me doesn't either match the music. No it's like. They just they he just stole. Somebody else was Put veterans singing voice over talks at half the listen to it and the I appreciate Gitte. How Pearl Jam tries to make every album very different? I like that a lot of fans. Don't I think it's very cool. But they've never just asked what makes them Pearl Jam. Which is the amazing guitar work and was like some fucking Rhodes piano or something his voice? You're right didn't match it and it's not even his like singing even when it goes into the chorus it's not it's it's like he's on the phone just irking clairvoyance or There's just no love for it. There's no excitement. Lightman passionate is voice. It's just him reciting lines basically as I was at very uninspired this this vishal will make me a fan of older pearl jam stuff like I appreciate the other shit now that the past is now in the future. It doesn't happen or whatever it dude you can do better than that. You're just regurgitating statements. Bladder Society fuck a break. The if that's what he's doing great if it's a joke it was like this song is making fun of flatter than I'm all over. It will change wholeheartedly whole-heartedly something interesting in pearls. I just read an article with an interview with Dave labral Z's who they're technically their second drummer summer by people not know him as their first and this claim that Dave adverse. He's got snubbed at their hall of fame induction and I just want to say nothing could be further from the truth. They very much spoke very kindly of Dave averages at his his his contribution at the at the induction Dave Cruzan there who is their actual first drummer. He showed up on stage with them. And and Dave got much love from the entire band so whoever. I didn't look who wrote this yet. But it's shit. I just wanted to clear that up. Somebody else A drummer who the fuck was it. Aerosmith can't remember the drummer from aerosmith. I I think they got inducted to some again. The drummer wasn't allowed to be there because he was temporarily not kicked out of the band but basically his role in the band was put on. Hold because because of I think it was a drug and alcohol addiction. Answer say go and get clean. And when he sort of came back with their get ready for the induction they came back and said well I want I want to be there. I want to play. They're like okay. You got fucking ten minutes play any high. They said no they said No. You're look at year all of the fucking place. No so he's trying to sue the band and everything else and they're just like look. We're not trying trying to take this away from you but you can't fuck play right now. And he wants to do. Have the whole band selling shifted Fucking beat the drummer the driving force of the bed to keep a solid timing. The solid you can't do it. Okay here that's locks and I know when I was in Ben that had to be very seriously Run like a business. The drummer under so can rules. Drummer was not a musician. Did he unless he wrote unless he actively wrote the lyrics or guitar part or something but writing drums for a song does not qualify you as a musician under soaking rules so he was just a hired help by the band. He was not a contributor which I think is bullshit. That is bullshit only trap. I'm I'm becky right. It's Joey Kramer. Aerosmith wow yeah it was for a story is for the grammy's that's what it was. They are being tested as a lifetime. Thing for the grammy's or not allowed what the fun he's like. I I believe he's ninety nine hundred and four something. He's not a young. What are you doing fucking tone? It down for is ninety six. They got that backwards. You're all you're all these shit. What are you doing fucking calmed down and play the drums? You can't just party when you're sixty nine and look at what's going on around you fucking down in a big way Bryan Johnson recovering in a big way. They they just announced the twenty twenty tour as did yes they did at twenty twenty farewell tour Don't take aerosmith with you. Because they're dumber socks apparently very happy to see. ACDC playing and I heard mixed things about whether it's Brian Johnson or axle arose or maybe a combination of both supposed to be A. Yeah I could see him coming out just kicking ass for one more tour and then just fucking die in on the last day. I see ozzy doing that to Ozzy's going to bite off his own head on the last show of last year All that would be the greatest thing in the World Without Wall Service Act while devices had mortgage sharing and do it. Sharon just comes out. He comes out dressed like a praying mantis shared and comes out and fucking Alison Alice. Cooper's during doing this year too he won't be able to top that Cooper show. My mother is going to Seattle is cooper. She's already got her tickets and and that bothers me. 'CAUSE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE COOL I. I still can't believe that Alice. Cooper open for Motley crue. I'm still having a hard time swallowing that. Yeah that's very surprising for the final tour Motley crue and Alice Cooper opened which is cool. 'CAUSE got to Seattle Super Live but I love Alice. Cooper I always have I know he's a Dorky. Old Man galls. But that's not the guy on onstage. No and I love him for being so open about that. I think that's hilarious. He puts on his little little nice little efate with his polo shirts and his golfing. Dancing goes out there and drives his shit at a ball but yet goes out again with his. I bake up and it on a team with Kenny G.. Though that's pushing Alice come on. I don't mind that you golf. That's cool I can. I can handle that but you gotta go fuck and Katie g go on you know. You're you know you're awesome at what you do when you could get away with that. I guess saw. I hope he's planning murder always just setting them up. He's GONNA use his head as tee off next time. That would be amazing. I would love to see you anything like that in in the world of I've got a good tour and then a very very bad tour. What would you like to hear I? Let's let's hear the good tour I WanNa Finish on a badger good tour. This is the Boston Calling Festival lineup. Red Hot Chili Peppers Foo fighters lighters blink one eighty two billy eyelash by girl and the original lineup of rage against the machine. Okay okay that's right for you to come back for that trait so very cool to see that. I think it's it takes place during the it takes place during the Democratic National Convention so rage Bernie Sanders has a raid song as his campaign song. Apparently Oh oh so fuck you which way to go dirty. I like it. Google will breaking to do that and then that will be where they and question executive has gone fat. Oh Oh absolutely I guarantee you. Can't we see that all angry as all statin ship that big beard you. I won't eat what you you don't -rageous they're they're very very bad to her. The original lineup. Reuniting for the end of the road to you are it's our friends. Kiss kiss the fuck. Are they doing the. It's the end of the road tour. The original lineup getting together devoting grab cash and Sophie. Simmons is looking damn other than that kiss. Can Fuck in. Join Tom Cochrane in the blowing me And I H I. I hate their puritanical. fucking holier than thou bullshit attitudes eight their shitty three Chord fucking grungy grunge crap punk music that they play and try to pass off as good. Fruity Noah. points out how fruity they're fucking. Makeup is elated or hated. No one says you look like put your fucking Freddie Mercury backup dancers. What is wrong with you people? How do they army an army? That's bigger the Canadian armed forces. It's kissed. They have legacy behind them. I guess I will legacy is. I don't know I I mean it's a bad. I kind of always wished I got to see. But that's like really twenty Vikes crucical twenty five years ago. I wish I got to see them. I absolutely seat I have no. I'm not a fan but I I mean I love the stuff they did in the eighties I just I love how like they put the essence Saxon all night. Sleep like I just I just I just love the fact that everything they did was about fucking it was just so unabashed. It was hilarious. I they the none of the lifted. I just. They're hilarious. I like God gave rock and roll to you. That was it and only because like billy ted other giant reunion news. That maybe not so much for you but huge for me smashing pumpkins getting together original title lineup. To two and their touring doing only songs from Gish. INCI AMIS dream. which I think is very cool? Siamese dream opinions one of the greatest albums of all time. I actually agree to that. I love that out. Oh James Hawes Guitar work is just supernatural. He makes me believe in aliens so that would be very cool. See I never got to see them. I would love to. I did get to meet Billy Corgan at a book signing chapters in Vancouver and he was. Yeah it was his book of poetry and and I got to talk to them for a couple of minutes he was. He was not what you want. I went in expecting to be Super Douche. And then I I did I had no like biscuits seventy super nice but he was just kind of there he was just whatever he was nothing like nothing to write home about. I guess other interesting one. I have no confirmation on this whatsoever. I think it's just a rumor but audio slave replete replete with surge from system down taking over as the frontman. That would be very cool. All I think yeah audio slave ed filling in for the late and Great Chris Cornell would be surge protector back then. Whatever the fuck is name is I think that would be a really nice guy? mazing voice he's Can you heard this lately. It's like almost It's almost getting into like operatic stuff. I don't think I've heard anything new that he's done in probably close to twenty years on adult content. Yeah I I heard a lot of his solo stuff. Kind of just post talks this city and then I lost track of them. I just didn't care yeah It is voices so powerful. It is another new album in the works that I'm always excited tool possibly UNISOM UNISOM weird. Is there because perfect circles doing stuff and anytime maynard's out doing something. I am very happy. There's abandoned also always wanted to see live but never never had the chance foo fighters. Doing some shit. Queens of the stone needs new album. It's it's is going to be a big year for Dave Grohl and just whatever. Did your first two albums kicked ass and after that you went weezer on me I one thing. I Love Congress after the I think is after the second foo fighters album the third one. He he leaves like you know after playing in Nevada for so long plays till the SORTA heavier faster songs and all of a sudden he comes out and he does this much lighter stuff off. I just you know what I start realizing that my whole to like when I'm playing a set for the crowd. It's so many of her like slow socks and the little lighter dangerous Heavy so that's it. I'm fucking writing heavier album. And he did just that that was that real big one that Oh my love I would look at the center of the United which I fucking love that tune. That is a great album DASS. I always thought that was funny that he ended up mocking his own. SORTA music going. I really got to step my game because I'm getting really bored playing. This guy's not my favorite but I can watch those videos All Day Long. Cause they do at every concert they get a different guy to come up. Kiss guided obviously the most popular one. He's all my favorite. But I can watching those all day long. They just blow my mind kiss guys and love that keeps Kim would keep coming up like interviews with David. Brock it's all the do an interview of the talk about this fucking guy cheeses in one state but some. There's another one that I thought was. It was quite quite a bit younger than Kiss Guy and I thought it was much better. I don't know if he is before after. I'm assuming after now guy everyone fucking audience went home and learned that song absolutely figure how what else is going on some other music music news. I Have Music News. Neil young revealed to fans that he has brain cancer. Oh ooh that's horrible Qatar and again trying to fucking ride guard down east coat. Tails what are you doing. Start Copying Gordon Downey would you go to. No one gives a fuck your old shot. How are are you sir Good did you hear about Andy Gill. you-know-who Gillis I know who Andy Gill is. I don't think I heard anything about on any on eighty gill tar player from the band. The they call it gangs four gang before British funk band He died on Saturday. ooh I did I did Egypt. Sixty four respiratory illness. Wow don't fucking corona virus related no technically speaking. Yes but now they're the Never listed is that anywhere on there but Yeah no he's he's he just passed away today not sucked so sad news for I'm sandy is ready to go Yeah that's Oxfordshire. It's for music so I don't like it when people die although I asked numbers I've lost my page. What else did I want to talk about? Neil Young I did bring her up. For a reason Francis being divorced couple years ago she was married read very briefly to a guy who looked freakishly like her dad. This is Francis Being Cobaine for those no Oh and her the cobaine estate which she owns the majority of Her share being of four hundred fifty million dollars. I was just a judge decided that that's that's he doesn't get any of that in the divorce. That's all anything to do with the Nevada. Do get in the doors that includes future revenue and stuff like that so that really. It does look sure that's freaky. Yeah Yeah Kinda weird high and I would be happy to hang out with her. She wanted to Francis. It does give us a call. Six zero four six five nine six three zero. I would like to just hang out with you and we don't have to talk about Your Dad's ban because I I won't really not very often. I don't even listen to a much anymore now. I ever did so. She wants to call me on fought with that. Because I will not talk doc quote or if you WanNa chat with Gordon maybe just Shoot what's her name. So He Simmons number Speaking of entertainment you don't do Mary. Higgins Clark is of course the very long time novelist. I didn't really have the name of the moniker of Kwena sense but She died on Friday really ninety. Two years old. Wow died Naples. Florida of natural causes at. I think she's been writing for about ninety years so that is pretty amazing. Yeah that sucks. Look at Mr Cemetery over here. Just check in a bit. You Aries every game all the money. What can I say I know death? I didn't look at anybody who died. it's not a be couple came up that shit look at that stead recently. talked to you go. Okay before we get to got some crazy music news Eh Twenty as you know. We'll see the release of a brand new full length. Album called Alpha goes zero. You can find three three songs on Youtube right now. Very good songs with videos to support that album. There's also a rocky fortune and the rich tones album coming out in twenty twenty Gorge strain got an advance copy of it and he thinks it's nifty. I really enjoyed it Now here's something the crazy in the world of what the fuck. I never thought this would happen in a million years. I got a text message this morning from Chris Reaper. The front man for the former ashes of regulatory Oh. I haven't talked to Chris Reaper. I've I've spoken to a once since Jason passed away and we've never talked about. I just get this random text this morning. Hey Hey do you have a Qatar working on a new project and you'd be perfect for it. Your style would be perfect. It's metal but rocky your style style would be perfect so who knows. There could be a collaboration with me and Chris Reaper from wild ashes purgatory which I would be very weird and I don't know I'm apprehensive. But kinda cool that he reached out. Finally we'll see. I could be going the Vancouver to do some music so stay tuned for that. There were obviously lots of talk about that here on the show. That was my music stuff. Not Very funny today. I don't care I enjoy reading this crap. Oh I got one more thing but I can talk about later. What is it nothing nothing important? You go talk about this because we have talked about this particular other ailment if you will for for a long time but the FDA has officially approved their. I peanut allergy. Drug really is a three stage. Three phase taken over time. It's not meant to be used as a like if you eat a nine hundred fucking dice not like an EPI pen. It's not designed and for that is designed to help minimize the effects that peanuts can have the body over time so the first phase his which is called the dose escalation It's consumed on a single day net. You up those at the second phase was takes a few months which is eleven increased dose levels And then after that the drug is taken home The third final has just sort of like a maintenance which could be administered. Daily as you're just sort of keep it as a maintained so the whole point is to help this is supposed to help minimize the effects of what Between us will have on the average person because as it stands there is absolutely really no cure for People who are allergic to and for the most part they are extremely severe so I think we need to cure the world of people who are allergic to peanuts. You're absolutely right. I thought a cyanide pill would be the easiest but apparently early this this also works. But that's that's yeah. I didn't even know they were working on such a thing so I I didn't either which makes me wonder what are they trying to do something else and they just discovered. Hey if we give this the peanut people for the next twenty five years. Maybe they won't be as it. That's usually how it always happens right. Yeah treated so we asked. That was interesting Well note I hope they come up with something a little bit better than I mean it's a great step forward but I don't know it doesn't seem like it's considering it you know I I just don't see how taking a whole bunch of pills constantly for the rest of your life for something. Net pretty relatively easily avoidable. People seem relatively easily that that's the medical professions answered. Everything though right keep more pills for why. Yeah exactly That's that's just what they do more pills all the Thai pills pills pills. I don't agree with it. I don't think it's right eight. But that's what they do a little distracted. I got Our Good Buddy Adrian asking him for still alive and yes Adrian. We are still alive. Go to speaker. Dot Dot Com and figure out Harvey Weinstein Harvey Weinstein has no testicles. And he's as a mutant so the second testimony has come to an end with him This one ended on a very strange H. No because on top of the four accusers. There's been a fifth person. There's been a fifth addition into this and it is a new witness in. This witness is a Chihuahua. I can't even make this stuff up the literally. This woman basically what it. It is one of the women who claimed that while Harvey Weinstein was attempting to rape her. He would frequently show up announcing her apartments Begum to join him on fashion show trips and shit like that on one visit her pet. You Wobble chased Weinstein around the apartment and the dogs photograph has now been entered into evidence and Iraq. Let the dog's name is peanut No Jesus When when wising was asked by reporters outside the court after Mr Weinstein you afraid to travel as eternal lead local Get Answer Harvey. I mean Oh God this why. Why does everything have to end up being a concert? Why it doesn't I it's like the prosecutors are just trying to get Famous or something. I don't know it always like this like there's something ridiculous like what are we doing just to figure out a sentence and put the guy away. Don't make this into a big stupid thing like a Chihuahua. Like to even mentioned invite like buy dog chased him around the apartment once that had. That doesn't even need to. It doesn't need to come up with commerce. It's did the dog bite reliever mark. Diddy you are you for that. No well the the fuck up yes fact stick to something relevant that matters to the case seriously. At least I don't know if you guys know he's on some pretty serious charges. You Might WanNa fucking get your head to the game here right. I just don't understand blessing along because this is something. I was reading up on a little bit earlier. Today I thought was fascinating There's a movie out it's called parasite and it's a made a movie about work of fiction It's about the way people live in South Korea. I it's it's not real real in the sense of the whole storyline everything else. It's just a movie But what is fascinating. Is the rooms That they show show one of the apartments and this is becoming the realize this is actually part of it is true The the apartments that these people the law people live in a lot meaning a lot like Like hundred thousand welcome people thousands upon thousands of lots and lots law. It's through these tiny rooms and it's literally big enough because it doesn't give dimensions what I'm staring at a picture of it and it's big enough for a double bed not a queen. This is what a double and you have about. I'm going to say eight inches of clearance the other side of the bed. So you're ben is jammed into a corner flush against the wall eight inches on the other side. He that's differ room very very small room The the bathrooms in these places. This fascinates the bathrooms are all done. We have to step up like a foot a half to get into the bathroom we would be. It's a low hung ceiling right right. There's no sinks in the bathroom the toilet in lake. It's open shower sort of thing. So it's it's very it's valid. It's rick difficult to describe. It's very strange. But her. Initially designed these little bedroom things in whatever were designed because Back in nineteen sixty eight Seoul Korea was so worried about the North Koreans That they in one thousand nine hundred seventy the Government gave the building codes so that any new building being bill has to have a basement that serves as a bunker during tastes A national emergency. That's a worry for everything vic no initially renting out there called Why even brought that up? It's been Originally renting these little space that was illegal because again it was meant for For in a national emergency but during the housing crisis in the eighties day and they're running out of on his face. The government was compelled to legalize these. Are these undergrads. Getting people live in. So you've got now thousands thousands of people that rent these little places places out and readily the monthly. Rent these places which is around our value About four hundred fifty three bucks a month law firm with these little fucking rooms and they are just they are walking. Tiny The bathrooms I'm more. Paul by the bathroom It is just strange the windows the the constant complaints for the way that he's done basin stops the window is Kinda right there at ground level. It's people are constantly because they're also done Roy Nice areas so the basements are always always people smoking and sitting in the front window. People are constantly stopping and looking in in So you basically got to keep your window boarded up close. I've allowed natural National Light in there it's craziness size. These places are fucking so tiny but just a fascinating thing too. So how weird it is One guy is Kinda funny that they talk about. Because he's like you know what he I got in there. He was constantly banging head bagged his shins. And all those around trying to get into the bathroom because it's fucked up small design as a Gabby don't I'm okay with the apartment. I save a lot of money so I have a nice nice car and I have a nice this and have nice things of Nice clothes but I just have a really shitty small tiny plays because it doesn't cost much that works. Yeah so I've been. I appreciate the fact that it's not like no they're forced to live in these places but it tiniest shithead oh my gods dining and the picture of the bathroom. The guy the guys when he goes to the bathroom ways to to have a bath whatever he has to stay with his legs spread open source head designated ceiling. I was very uncomfortable. Yeah that wouldn't work well for you guys nick named is Oh just love that is Dave is against all just oh my name is oh yeah they just yeah strange weird. Al People live around the world living conditions stuff trent. I'm building a Micro Hotel here in Colona and I'm looking forward to seeing what that's like. I don't know how big the Ruben a micro hotel is. It can't be much smaller than some of the apartments around there. So fuck okay covered just about everything and I know for you. It's very late. It's quarter after one tear. Yeah man and I could be done we. We got a lot of information crammed into that episode as a good hour and and a half believe it or not. 'cause I do not want to start talking about the fut- in new death reporting for bucket sickness. Just don't WanNa talk about it. Oh No I don't even then I don't even care hilarious. Who Cares? It's so funny now that it's just whatever. The flu bunch of people have the flu and flu season. Great Yeah I get back to some and fucking news. Yeah I I'm going to end it on that note. I know it wasn't particularly funny but for me. It was Super Fun. I really enjoy today by the way. Do you remember the tea we discussed the TV show the colony. Yes I found it did. Yeah I officially own season one waiting patiently for season two very cool stupor. Stoudt I got. I am Amazon prime and I'm watching all kinds of stupid. TV shows that. I don't like and they aren't good while you enjoy that needed joy live tick show is one of the biggest embarrassments I think ever intelligence. So Oh good I love that show. I love the cartoon and the live action. The cartoon is amazing in the live action show is miscast shit and they just get everything wrong really really I don't what's his name is. The League was using that as a bad idea. This isn't the one with Putty which they did another one another one? I try to be like serious ingredient. They tried to really make it. Look like the Comic Book and and It's pretty bad. Oh my God. I'm done stonewall over. The guy has a seventeen thousand. Nineteen the guy who plays the tick is just awful Area I e might be a good actor. I don't nobody hears flick is in the tick. That's so oh it's a private original laxed lanes at okay. The only thing I like is the girl girl who plays Arthur sister dot is very cute. valorie curry yeah very very good casting on that one the rest of the show. I don't know why you did what you did but I don't like it if you guys want to leave us. Some great emails els again. It's Todd Cochran. Blow me Leave your comments on speaker dot com or wherever you like. We're everywhere and we want to hear from you. Thank you very much for tuning in. We'll be much funnier tomorrow. I promise I just wanted to a mellow one. We're Gordon tonight. Just cheer laugh and I think we did that. I think we did too enjoyed up on. PODCAST DOT com over on podcast you can hear me in Gord. And I don't like us on facebook and she had an instagram. I've tried to do the instagram thing. So go there and do whatever you do. I will see you there later until next time. Take care of each other. It's up to you EH. Die In vast numbers. But keep our listenership up. I can't argue with that. That's just so we are going to be live live all this week every episode. We do this week's going to be live so tune in right in All that Shit I got a police a music because because I didn't do that last time if you're good yeah good all right buddy. Everybody have a good night. I'm you this in honor of our Dave girly discussion. You did I believe that yeah.

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