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All Right Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and girls Feast Your Eyes in tune your ears it's that time. Again, we are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video podcast streamed on facebook youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers, business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they've built authority in their field and how you can Mimic Success Developing Authority building your audience and attracting better clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual state, your host Brian. S, Arnold. Switched it up today with the intro. Don't worry the female would be will be back on. Don't you worry at all K- Kind of kind of filling out today it'd be. A black background, we're just changing things up. All right. Just just for today. It's one of those Wednesday. So So. My good friend. Lee Chang Lee Chambers is in the building these chambers in the building you said, he's GonNa show us how. Or. Why Sleep, is entrepreneur fuel. And I was telling him before before the show that this is a great topic because had about I hate to admit it. But about four about four hours of sleep last night. So this is perfect because I need it I've been dragging all day. But she's not going to here on this show. I've always been the Angie always bring the energy. So so here we are here we are straight black background we're. going. To. Change it up. Change it up a little bit in. How you doing Leigh First of all, how you doing today? I'm doing good funky Brian. Doing good. We're always disrupts in. Exactly. So let's get started this first of all Tell the audience right now. Who are personally than professionally Yes. Oh I'm Lee. CHAMPA. I five and I live in Preston, which is in the north of England fascinates walls that lawn sake it rennes an awful lot here so much so that we actually we have the. The reservoirs which hold walk for the rest of the country. That's what Rans. Family two young children on ago seven and five saw feel very privileged to be good probably on on enjoy time. I'd ultimately I. Do I think the law things? Go really interested in back grind. I've run a bit video game business and recently I sit up nine Nov a well wellness, well, being in industry business, which is taken off in a lot of West on those I've got qualifications from sleep to Collagen nutrition experience working in local government elites spall on running businesses on kind of all up together after years of challenge through a mild experiments, as well of some mental health issues when I was younger, I'm losing the ability to walk frail nece a few years ago to again and brought all that lived experience qualifications, industrial knowledge together to help entrepreneurs and business owners get the best ourselves. Nice, I, love that man. So tell us tell us You me for Luke with the video game thing. That's pretty that's pretty interesting. But we're we're not gonNA, talk about that today. But words what product are you coming right now? Let us know about that. So the big thing I'm doing it the balm and really what entrepreneurs tack them on effects be a GPS calibration system. So as an entrepreneur, you're business that you're growing your, you know your passion, we put your time into dot is the vehicle to Gaul achieved a life that you want something that can go Meccan impoverished. Also give you the time resolved in the energy to live the life that you want to the person that you ought to become on. Ultimately, you'll businesses your vehicle to travel on your journey in life on a lot of warm during the moment is looking around. Ultimately y'all health mentally physically emotionally big stocks that you business y'all the one who's driving vehicle is the leader. You need to show but y'all you know you wealth sluts. Yes. You don't some exercising. You've moved to bet you got those brands sells going because ultimately you're you know you're the one the front. Leading the way you don't WanNa be in a place where you're not feeling, Greg, you need energy to make impacts right? Like US I. Feel like talking deep into my soul daily come on. But I hear you are here you so. Tell us where your journey begin. We've got you all excited in getting into. Entrepreneurs entrepreneurs, or in this space should I say? Yeah I mean goes all the way back to being a little child and a blue collar family. We've permanent thought were really really hot and I was curious or disrupt. Balkan Fox myself moons can free jobs just to put food on the table Scholla's a different way. So I was Katie was trying to sell them among you still on the street how is a child falling up mail catalogs pretending to be an adult to business and I was like restocking conde to school from the shop and selling it a mockup. So always hot the entrepreneurial spirit inside. Of First Generation, university students, I wanNA pharmacy go didn't psychology. I'm just wanting to know why business owners did what we did. So I then try and replicate lot and build something, which ultimately would set my family I of the challenges that we faced and hobbles livermore comfortable existence and Maccabi a difference in the world and all kinds of style on the platform ball I challenge the university I actually ended up going into a career financial adviser in two thousand seven really no good time to go in. The, six spot Buckeye made redundant and any excuse that not to sell a business, I add the permission I had the the advice and a hot aplomb on I've been told previously should conform and try and going to a business that was already diverse and industry was more steps in and I was like. I i. was a bit lot. You know what I'm young got five days ago have been I chewed maybe I should listen. And after after going into the world of work and finding not you know walk. Just doesn't resonate with me. I was like I'm not gonNA waste anymore I'm not gonNA conform I'm GonNa go into industries where I'm not welcome amendments. Did. Awesome I I've I've been I've been following you little bit and I. I you have a show like you let you seem like you'd like to challenge. It does something that is according to you think am I saying that right? Oh, I mean, yeah I like to see the ultimately step outside my comfort zone and see what happens sometimes a panic so I don't know what I'm doing. Most of the time, you just realize human beings, your top table. If you put yourself out there, you realize that when you get the that fear that you had most of. It's not even it's not even tangible when you in the Mormon he just living you don't really scared of anything you just doing what you need to do and. South on the radio and I decided to do all sorts of different projects and ultimately just find a challenged can help me grow and challenged. Makes me think Oh, this is exciting. You're inspiring me man. I'm ready to go miss. Energy he's already there I'm ready now. So. while. So I'm glad you said that because that really hit me there so. Tell us. Now here's the top we're going to. Why is sleep so important? For her or or otherwise. Yeah. So to be honest for anybody WHO's listen even if you go to business sleep. Loved. What I've done is Ryan the it is the cornerstone, the foundation of you health new performance on. We all know what he's like when you've got a small child, he's not slept. Hadn't heard. They won't listen the start doing really radical things. Yes I accept. The parents are always thought. He's not a now. He's not asleep that's why being. You've got millions of items walking around the world. Emotions all over the place. Make mistakes hopping oxidants terribly not being very nice people because not enough sleep. Really. What it comes down to is sleep effects every single biological process in our bodies it affects our emotion regulation, hormone, regulation concentration in attention ultimately, I was cells and the health, and it's the only time sleep copy replicate by anything else it's the only time we truly get to recover as human beings and given high stress report ourselves. Especially, as an entrepreneur when you'll push those boundaries when you looking for that extra edge. You see those best athletes in the world they'd be sleeping for twelve hours a day because they north they're going to perform at the elite level they need to be sleeping arrested. So this is taking. Off My next question so Oh my gosh today allies like. Dragging. What. Am I supposed to be doing today? It. Executives like I was out of focus. I didn't know. What was going on? What are these set amount of hours per night to share a productive day? Oh. Well, saw it. It's it's really challenging because we've only been looking at sleep is a science since the nineteen forties. In scientific terms like a baby, it's like searching the sixty and hundred really. Okay. I was GONNA say this. I. Net national, nine, hundred and ninety. The nineteen forties still still still early with that Yeah. When you think about it, you Brian Been Looking. At surgery psychology philosophy for lot free throws in years. Okay. Bill can sleep eight hundred. People willing to start thinking about it, and you know what? It's like ten these every move eight is a lot of Africa. But the overarching thing we sleep is. Because it affects every else. Actually, really impulsive in on the figure of I sleep that we hear lot a good benchmark. The majority of people would function really while I was asleep. Is Hard to give academic everyone has and individual sleep need. Okay. Draw some people in the world five on five sleep and fries and perform a high level. US A, boat bomb percent of the population. Every few people and what is seven and a half Is probably a good ballpark for most people you can get seven and a half I was good quality sleep. You not disrupted what you get the sleep cycles in. Than That's probably a good place to stop. But play with you sleep an experiment with it. So I spent time you go to sleep, look how you feeling you wear cope. What's really important is. We all have different. biorhythms, some people. That re- perform really well, really late in the evening. Some people perform really well early in the Mon.. And it's Stein to really anchor Inter. Were you perform best? You don't WanNa be asleep then if you're going to perform in. On the reason why flies Obviously wasn't that long ago that when it went dock, we pray as human beings saw we needed people who are willing to stay nightwatch. And then people who were willing to get really early. NBA. Luck. So we only had a small period in the very middle of the night where we were going to get eaten by overstuffed that inhabited the not that long ago, and that means that we all have kind of different circassian rhythms and a massive PA about getting good quality sleep is finding when you sleep best when you perform really well when you were wack. So. The me ask this. This this this huge thing about entrepreneurs that. Get up early in the morning for five night for four or five in the morning to really be a real entrepreneur, you can't be an entrepreneur. Lee, unless you get four or five in the morning, that's what you know. The top one percent all do all every day day so. What do you have to say about that is that is that should that be debunked? Let us know about that. So dot is. It works really really well for some people. Yeah. DOTS for those people who responded to wake up at five o'clock in the morning. Truth be told they're also the same people who got so bad o'clock in the evening. DOTS DOT Sunday happily go to sleep if you all kind of person who still performing a you know a high cognitive level at midnight don't try and work for five o'clock. No going to. Be It's GONNA. You're not going to be able to benefit along the best modern routines really importantly have a modern routine because so often for a lot of people, it's one of the only times that you have real control of dad to actually spend some time developing you starting the day with positivity goals in your mind unsurpassed per listening to things like a fired up getting some exercising. So you blow stops flowing getting some sunlight saw. You get your melon ops in cells going and ultimately that's a great idea. But truth be told, Brian, it some people here false himself to do that and don't feel right then. Yeah. Like a surface. So many things find your time. Your want to join the five and if That I'm glad you said that because I I did that for a stint. Right Rome this like. I'm getting up five o'clock in the morning. I'M GONNA do it every you know every day. And what I didn't realize that. I didn't even register that you know I also sing. So I would have like rehearsals at night you can get home until ten eleven twelve. o'clock is like I usually get up just like in the worst shape at five o'clock and there was no, there was no productivity going on there. It was just like here's routine that successful people so like the going to it and nothing was getting done so. I'm. Glad you said that. Stick to like a morning routine of anything whatever whenever your morning arises. So that you productive in a in a way I I like that so. What do you do? When you find it hard to go to sleep, which is another challenge for me. Yeah. So again. For knows very switched on. Whole of ideas always ready to go through action because you got to be somewhat you livelihoods by. As an entrepreneur is really important because you have more structure and ability to design your life than people who generally working jobs were your mandate to be here be that. What that means is from asleep perspective you need to build in brags to switch off, you need to get outside and get some sunlight in your is in the morning. needs to try and stop. So what can lead into switch off for Your Business? So I quite often suggest with clients to look things you can stop to effectively have a curfew. Something they don't want to be consuming caffeine rarely let. 'cause you know ultimately to basically caffeine goals into receptors in your brand on stops identity going in the identity intelligent you tie it. Okay. So that fall if you drink caffeine, he's got half life and a I was. So I say you know have you off Caffeine at two o'clock I'm by Bedtime Klay. So you'll be absolutely fine. A. Big Meals 'cause the mall effort you put into digestion you're not particularly comfortable, but it takes a lot of energy is high processing. You just can't get the sleep cycle. Swinging Brian the body temperature drops he kobe temperate draws by a few degrees as you fall asleep and things disrupt. Searches stimulants small kin intense exercise right before bed raises he called body temperature. So you have to fight the antibody down again. And the law things like that. Again, we all know blue light and technology devices, impulse, and that kind of thing keeps hugh mind up to make it harder to switch off There's always ways to try and ultimately find because I've everyone has like a different sleep challenge and Mind's racing some people continually distracted some people just end up going over the same thing again again again. an. Access and around. You get some people who are not sleeps really important. So they become really actress because he can't get to sleep and the not mix. Struggled to get to sleep even mall. Like a repetitive cycle and they ended up needing like a CB TI active behavioral therapy for insomnia to help them break dot cycle and get to sleep. So yeah, the so many things look at your environment as well. You want to baseball dot constantly hundred frontier want peaceful some people like a little bit about growing. Nice. Some people like silence the most important thing. Brian. Again, we've ten preaches experiment fine what what's for you treat you like a game us. All. Science school you Lop. Call On. January soap. Sleep yeah. The only way we actually find out what's best for us. So. So what what about exercise? There's a couple of things on the before for that. 'cause sometimes I feel like. I can't go to bed hungry. So. So I know you said it was talking about somebody they don't eat a too late. But there are times when I'm like I'm hungry in my stomach growling and I cannot go to sleep like that. So what do you say to that when people are hungry and they're still trying to try trying to get their their nightly arrest in but the? So it's it's really when when we think of is on big meals, generally speaking about overeating okay. To cost to bed 'cause by trigger and it just doesn't feel comfortable when you stomach bolted full true. Concern. Time don't go to bed ravenously hungry dot literally just leaves you in a place where bodies like chemically signaling, meet some food. And that's not good because that just continually disrupts the circuitry of trying to get to sleep. It keeps activating you body. What's important is if you actually feel hungry before bed. Have something that's relatively small substances the in terms of foods or drinks that put you in a more restful things like cherries like milk finger trips of the amino acid. I'm really speaking he's pretty good faw get Melatonin production going. So you'll hear a lot of people have been hotmail can. Eat in Ian Bananas, and Cherries before they go to bed and again, it can't help for some people. It's really good. But what you WanNa be doing, you want him going to want to be going to sleep not false. Not. Hungry. Gotcha. Okay. So what exercise because sometimes you know? I believe that can affect how you can make you make you make you more tired. I guess. But what? Are. What what do you feel about exercising how how that works what you what your cycles of sleeping. Exercise is actually really impulsive. On. Zadie. Would say, don't exercise a booth Humoud, it increases fitness and what it does is it makes you make you feel like you make him progress on actually protect Shia from anxiety and stress and a lot of West. So the benefits by size a massive, the more you move. The Bay you're going to feel. What the only caveat with dies is if you do really intense exercise before you go to sleep. You. Reggie call body temperature. Really. Hi. Fi. Fight and fights getting bogged down. Becomes counterproductive into productive not to say. You shouldn't do intense exercise in the evening. Because for some people is actually alright, right we find it. Fine. You don't WanNa go for some incredibly intense and then try and fall into bed in policy you might feel tired from the exertion. But you buddy is going to be fighting to get a temperature dine. Really the best thing to do if you can't exercise time that you actually have the energy to exercise and as an entrepreneur hopeful, you can possibly channel. You die to fit the end in the morning if you're if you feel alive in the morning, maybe in the afternoon, if you're not Amman in person maybe in the early evening stops when you can kind of slots it into the schedule but I've never suggest doing intense exercise right before bed but can always go for a walk right before bed and nice brisk walk. Let let let you come on your mind. Be Mindful you go in and slut process the day while walking round. That's why I tend to. Okay interesting. All right. All right. So this this data more. Almost A. At our time, but I want to leave diving more into. How this can really help entrepreneurs. Be More effective in their business. Can You? Because you really. Put this topic out here night in a love how are you? Are you explaining it that fuel for the Entrepreneur? 'cause I know you I know I wish I concerns about food and stuff for the New Year into that team. Maybe. On the next year we can year. Talk About Food I. Know That's a big thing to as I suck at that. Well, but anyway. Tell us why how why why is important for? The narrative where we hear people you know. How do I? Say it like? In You. Know you're you're you're you're you gotta go to to the file drop. You gotta you gotTa you gotTa do whatever it takes. You know you know you know no sleep your sleep when you're dead he kind of thing if. We hear those days. We think that's an entrepreneur. So. chose. Why Those things can be harmful for an entrepreneur as as far as being productive on a on a on a on a daily basis for your cup for whatever business, that Joan. Yeah because I've GNAWS that treatise, you go hostile especially to start your business, but the thing we sleep is Recovering time, and what happens if you're under slept, you become less productive because you struggling via concentration and attention. What lot doesn't turn it means you can't do as well. You can't do work and what actually happens is you think you're in time. Lose, incapacitate and quality. The problem is when you start, you know attention and concentration draining. You works not as good for the Mola to make mistakes and errors, which is enough to spend time all resources to go back and fix right on what kind of. Hobbies ultimately, every entrepreneur is going to have you know communication for a day. If, you've not slept you grumpiest Hell talking to your clients, employees, stakeholders they don't want your grumpy conflict house talking to them because you sleep. Notes. Everyone knows that again, your hormones are all over the place. to Eat Food To eat sugary stuff that you may spiced butcher got lots of energy named box again, and then suddenly you're in the pet your of in the afternoon slump in fallen asleep that's what he's supposed to be bonded is important deal and it's just a impacts over is Eli so Your family, all your friends, and you just not communicate well with them. 'cause you tie it. You're out on the road. Get angry car. Things set you off. Swing really wildly when you're tired the mall, you are who was swings he starts the a lot negative. Say you start to see people's competition? He starts to worry about what what everyone else is doing, and then the effects, your decisions and all of a sudden you trying to copy someone else instead of being the entrepreneur you need to be intrigued sold as entrepreneurs we need energy we need the focus we need to be able to execute on a daily basis. You want a clear mind for decisions. You won't to bail the extra in when you need it on your terms knowing that you've rested the night before to go big today. And really the most important thing of all is if affects your health and your performance on every level if you want to be Leonti you a treat of awfully fleet, you gotta be taken not not when you can. You gotta be getting those I was asleep for that moment 'cause every entrepreneur brings massive volley. If you're going to use your volume, really Mecca Chand mechanism popped Mac some serious money management serious happiness along the way you need to get your sleep gun. Laws Dad's of y'all seeps for Lazy People. Don't five I was. Going to drop yet right you'd be dropping the buck side of your business. If you don't, you know over a long period of time truth is Brian. There's an awful lot of people in the Western World the moment you've used to assaulted asleep they don't realize what he's lots of a good night's sleep anymore, right? Right, I want to stick stick in one more question from our final question. About stimulants coffee. So people who know they don't. They know they don't sleep a lot but coffee to. To What I'm trying to say but. As a stimulant to to to adjust. To, help with that. Copy. I'll be good. I. Today I'm fine. So how do you? How do you deal with that? When people say you know as long as I've got McAfee evidence fine everything's good to go. Yeah. It's just helping them understand not caffeine is a performance enhancer but what it does is it blocks you body from being tell itself tired it doesn't give you any more energy. Using a credit card. You end up paying interest some points. Actually giving you more energy and helping them to understand actually while coffee is goes into the receptors and blocks you body from telling yourself. An that's great to get performance. For. Like a few hours. The problem is to become a point where you become relying on not to keep going. And suddenly when you don't have it, you feel you can't perform then. That's not a great place to be some people live the whole life. That's absolutely fine coffees not necessarily about Feng, I have one coffee every morning it gets me to fall again and I don't use it because you lose the performance again if you use too much like anything like a little bit, he's good too much cheese off the not good of much anything. You know I was announced wall all other kill you into if you have too much of it, but it's just the by understanding not really he's not giving energy as borrowing energy and you only WanNa borrow saw much I'll be a point where you you know you hit the interest Russia, you pay the pay what you paying too much. I I. Love it man. So I'm great stuff in great. I can tell science coming out of your mouth. Every single. Awesome, stuff. So. You final question I actually it's all I guess here. They they hear what you're saying. They love they love what you're talking about how you backing everything up with signs and everything else they love your content. And we we really actually. Gotten to the surface of what you actually are things that you do. Want everybody to know that because he does a lot more, you discuss early, but it's going to make sure it is just a simple simple topic, but we're doing today. but speak to the people who want to want to dive into this space. And Kansas, give them a few a few. were, words of wisdom West or Steps or tips whatever and how to be an authority in the space if they're building right now towards towards that goal. Yes. Definite ultimate fan you must consider is lawyer during. strums. The value that you bring what you enjoy. What money ties? In the middle of. Where you bring them off all you. Not Be consistent over time find out with problem solving while Senate for the people that solving it fall. Find where they are listening to highly speak. And craft the message that your person for the problems. And they will come. They will be in your, but you need to show that you've got alignment because. In joy it. You're going to struggle in the hustle. If he's not strengths, you don't play Trans Plus he strikes you don't. You got the choice to play. In the world 'cause truth be told if you don't bring value, there's GonNa be a point where you get sick of what you're doing and finally have to be able to monetize it because otherwise not business just a hobby somewhere in the middle of that. You can solve a problem. You can change the world finals, people who need it speed along which and execute every day be consistent why Brian is with this show and you get what you want. So I love it Lee. Awesome stuff I. appreciate that really appreciate that great stuff. So people who going to this thing of people watching right now tell them where they can find you. At the show. Yes. You can find me essential is dot caw dot U. K. on the Chambas Dog. Flushed up on the screen by Brian and unload websites, you can get my free e book, which will be a great read exercises to get in the zone. Lovely. Open business an additional. You'll find my socials my blog on my digital services all on those websites to. Some. Incredible stuff man I learned a lot. I'm inspired. And I'm I'M GONNA I'M GONNA I'm GONNA, figure it out I. I'd like you said, just give them give them a fight cigarette out. It's not exact science just just work it out within yourself. You'll find your sleep pattern, find your morning routine. Incredible stuff is in the US you want to say before we get out of here, you'll sleep well tonight. Absolutely all right guys what I have for you guys just. After the show also, if you want to go to the authority letter DOT COM or Texas at four four to. This, joined the list will going to be talking about. Building your own platform as well. We're building people were building where all work in progress keep building sheared in unlikely said they will come. Out and that's all. That's all there is to it. All there is to a guys if we if we simplify. We think things things start to happen just just just just work it out. I know it's a crazy year. So really crazy year but. You can still be successful. People say you can still do great thing if anything there's a great thing. More. Great things to come. Doing this pivot right now that's happening all over the world so That's all I wanted to do this year and we will see you on the next one and then a couple of days and we are going out again with the mail out troch. Here's I'm an equal employer equally opportunity employer. Right we're out. Of. Here. And that's for this episode of the Authority. Project thanks so much for tuning in, and if you likely you've heard, we want to hear from you subscribe rate and give an honest review Sharon. So they can here too, and for even more authority building tactics, be sure to sign up at the authority letter DOT COM, get free weekly content, and ongoing digital product giveaways Bellevue on your entrepreneurial journey. We certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe an a Ha moment from today's broadcast. Just remember it's your authority filled it share it. Until next time.

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