College Football Week 11 Recap


The. Welcome to the solid. Verbal. For me. On forty. I've heard so many players they why wanna be happy you want to be happy for day. Eight estate won't. Untie? Walking back to Sullivan, boys, girls money is tie Hildebrandt. Joining the as always over there and beautiful New York City. Dan, Rubenstein, sir, sir. How are you? Like, I always state and Baylor tie. I am ready for battle. Yeah. I am ready to drop, emotional, and spiritual and intellectual fists to make sure we treat week eleven like the sangria Saturday that it was at times sin, Greece. I have to tell you. I actually took a little bit of flack for that for saying, well, as you know pointed out on this show. Solid mother-in-law listens to the show and pointed out last night, while we were out to dinner at a sports bar watching the games, of course, pointed out that on the Wednesday show. I mentioned that the solid wife. Kate probably likes sangria, and I said probably a hedge because I didn't actually no I can't remember ever responsibility to know every single thing. Everybody likes. Well, apparently does not and was a bit taken aback that I would think that she I don't know. Okay. So for the record if you're listening. Kate. I have now fully educated in the way on the rea-. She is out on the grill. Yeah. Oh, man. Okay. She likes wine but out on adding cold fruit chopped up into set wine fair. Absolutely. So week eleven sangria Saturday nonetheless in the books. No big surprises. You know, the top ten went ten oh. A couple of games you're some nuggets that I'm sure we're going to get into as we progress through the week. But what were your big takeaways from wayside yesterday? It was just that. It was that. It was a very nice if it's gonna be a clunker when you're conquers sort of weak, and that could be applied to a couple of different schools that are in contention, Ohio State and Clemson come to mind where they had stretches of not being able to separate and looking a little bit confused at times, but we're led by defense, and ultimately survive, your clunkers, and also this is now a northwestern appreciation show, whatever and Bennett's it because that how you pronounce sclerotic show with that catch. So those were those were my main takeaways and hopeful that some injuries aren't as debilitating as they they might seem right now. Yeah. And that's it. All right. Well on that note. Let's get rolling the way we always do on a Sunday. Let's have listened to those week eleven reverts. Michigan state offense weird. Experts. Hey, this is cured calling from Naperville, Illinois. This is from national. Hey this Megan from Atlanta. His Dan Minneapolis pay. Travis from Kentucky calling from Chick-fil-A drive-thru, man Hieaux date. Michigan state is the most disgusting trash game. I think I've seen this year. This is awful. I say even at five out of five five nine five, which will house states punts down inside the five is your favorite today in Michigan state have already attempted field goals over fifty yards in the freezing cold weather, guys. Why northwest? Champs baby. Go navy? I just wanted to save. Congratulations. Northwestern winning the big ten coastal this morning, Minnesota, and it was eight degrees outside a newbie cover. My boys to beat. The gophers beats rushers Foley touchdowns is Jim on the hot seat. We could play a few minute Illinois every game next year twelve no frost warning bady say this is no roller coaster season for my hawkeye's. They was guy and now faring themselves. So they're almost coming out. The other side just me or the Oklahoma kickers bottom half extremely shape late watching. This. Devon game is like a carnival Barker is healing free Boyne skits here won't you? Pour me some of that sweet sooner sangria, boomer sooner has there ever been more of a do than little. Humphry is just another. We and will must champ deal. Can't win in Ben hill Griffin stadium sore that you wouldn't get me on the phone and you couldn't make me not alone. Go big win over overnight. But I can talk you while cast forgotten how to play football and basketball women's soccer school now shout out Johan, Seta grin and all the labs. Well, we're in November. Just like everybody predicted Herm Edwards has your son devil, full eligible tie. Disppointed bus fan, and I need to be talked allege November took Utah's quarterback and running back. But if forgot that Matt gay is really good. I can feel the goal you seek coming back from the half out of looking resplendent. Any very stylish sweater is been fourteen years since kennel the USC was unable to drink that time. And now I'm so drunk that took two hours to get you back because coup there's on her fault teen anyone really drive for six. As Mississippi stable fan. I feel honored famish. Oh, so much extinct us that. They feel the divide the referees to make sure they can defeat us as a clang fans. That means the world to me already, sir. They go your week eleven reverse spirited as always I wanna give a shout out to to ballers Gail James apparently got married yesterday. Gail emailed us. Wow. On the morning of her wedding to say how big of a fan. She was and to say that she loves her husband. I guess now husband James, so congratulations to crazy kids. Don't go to sleep upset. No have a good honeymoon saver. It's love each other. Like each other. It's all good compared to like crash relations on that dramatic note. Let's get to let's get to bedlam, Dan. Okay. So they call it bedlam. It lived up to the billing. Yes, of course. Of course, there's always a bit of nuance to these games some texture that makes it all the more special in this one catch did you catch the scene with the guy hanging out the back of the sooner schooner to hold the flag? That was that was that was athlete tie. That guy was incredible. That guy must do four thousand sit ups a day to have that kind of abdominal strength to hold himself up like a millimeter above the turf as the schooners go and full speed the other direction the horses are running. And there he is in the back out of loyalty to Oklahoma Houghton that damn flag up. Good on him. Yeah. That would hammers is core. Okay. Had the shootout. It was back and forth the entire game. I'll try the set it up. If you didn't have a chance to watch at one point it felt like Oklahoma was going to pull away. In the second quarter. But naturally, Oklahoma state comes back. They were down thirteen. They regain the lead in the second half. Then it gets real interesting in the fourth quarter. Here's what happens. The Cowboys are down forty-one thirty five the start of the fourth quarter. They engineer a ten place seventy five yard drive to tie it up at forty one forty one. And then there kicker Matt M Dollah, Dan, he misses the extra point. Guess he does MRs the extra point. It's a bit of foreshadowing you can see where this is gonna go. Oklahoma takes the lead on tracer and run with about three minutes left in the game. Oklahoma gets the lead forty eight to forty one. But then Oklahoma state comes back corn dog Cornelius connects with Thailand Wallace on a twenty four yard touchdown pass. Just over a minute left. Mike Gundy, says we're going for two Taylor. Cornelius has a guy opening makes a bad throw. And they don't convert game over well. And. Behold that missed extra point does come back to haunt Oklahoma state in the very end your final score here. Forty eight to forty seven Dan. What are your thoughts? My thoughts are one loved watching Kennedy Brooks and trae sermon in the way that running game has come together from the line from the booth from the backfield's that has been extrordinary to watch Oklahoma and has scarily opened up things for Kyle Murray. Somebody who really didn't need to have things opened up for him. So really fun to watch that offense in the creativity. That is nothing to new though to watch Oklahoma succeed on the ground. I was crazy impressed other than those a fumble in there the tuba Hubbard game Oklahoma state's running back situation has been sort of by committee these past few weeks, but without a doubt my favorite Canadian running back once again in college football and Taylor Cornelius just making huge throw after huge throw Wallace. I sorry to interrupt. I thought. Yeah. Looked really goodness game. Yes. No. I thought he looked outstanding especially given his size in the way he can move around at that size. And really throwing. Thailand wallace. And Tyron Johnson open at times. I mean, this might be the most talented or best receiver dual in the country. When they're when they're getting the ball where they like it. So I thought it was an incredible watch, unfortunately for Oklahoma state. They've only really gotten up for their biggest games, and it it'd be cool to imagine. What they look like playing more consistently on both sides of the ball. But hell of a fun game to watch good for Oklahoma for surviving. They now somebody tweeted us that if we're going to say LSU is disqualified from playoff consideration after being shutout Oklahoma should be after giving up forty seven. They gave up fifty to the cavalry. Last year. This isn't improving. So yeah, really survive your defensive clunker for Oklahoma and good good fight from from the pokes. Their offense is damn good though. I don't I don't know how they fare against a team like an Alabama or Clemson. Or even a Notre Dame teams that I think presumably a better defenses than the ones that they faced this year. But right, this offense is fun is held a watch. They're so so good with Kyle Murray. The receiving core obviously talked about the running game good on them. Big win rivalry game. Hope you took the points. I know you didn't I did not I really thought Oklahoma would run away with it. On your point though tie. We saw the Rose Bowl. It's not like if Oklahoma plays say Notre Dame or Michigan or any of these teams in a potential playoff spot that you're gonna say, well, this is a team built to shutdown Oklahoma. No, no, no survive, Oklahoma threats. You don't shut them down. It's a very valid point. Okay. Yeah. Let's talk about the SEC because we had a couple of big games there. Most notably Alabama against Mississippi State. Dan, Alabama has now won its last two games by combined fifty three to nothing. If my math is accurate to straight shutouts at this point, probably fair to wonder whether anyone's going to score on them at all in November. That's where this team. Yeah. You're not wrong. The emergence of this defensive line when having to play more than two quarters. They've looked like Alabama's defenses long look like and that's with some injuries. That's with. Them inconsistent play early on giving up some chunk plays. But it really did seem farfetched after you know, the Arkansas game or the Tennessee game where people are saying when when we gonna talk about this Alabama defense not really playing to snuff out that at that even at that time, Alabama was leading the country and points allowed per drive. So it was just it was you Alabama finally gave everybody something to say. Well, maybe they're human time. Maybe they're human. But they are also superhero also superheroes. This game very much powered by defense on both sides. But Mississippi State only had one hundred sixty nine yards here. Yep. That's right. Yeah. Hundred sixty nine total yards one for thirteen on third downs. They couldn't get anything going on offense. There was a point in this game. I don't know if you saw it, and maybe it was just me kind of reading deep into it. Nick, FitzGerald running firs life. I'm like four straight. Blaze scrambles for a couple of yards gets pulled down, and he just gets up, and I feel like in that moment. I connected emotionally with him because I was feeling it. And it seemed like he was to just like what what what am I supposed to do here? How my supposed to move the ball forward against this defense. Just didn't have guys open his line couldn't contain a very aggressive Alabama front. And then on the flip side, not to give all the credit to Alabama Mississippi State. I thought did an okay job on defense as well. Good job overmatched in spots. But did a really good job containing and otherwise potent Alabama attack, and we can get into the whole to injury angle. But yeah side to played most of this game. And I thought Mississippi State did an admirable job here on defense. Yeah. Inside on their defensive line. They got a ton of push against the Alabama offensive line. Collapsing. Pockets pretty consistently. I know Alabama was down. Believe a guard. So they're a little bit beat up along the offensive line. But one not allowing a play longer than twenty five yards. I want to say that was that the longer pass to herb Smith that is a huge huge win for this. Mississippi State, both pass rush which has been very good all season and their secondary which has been challenging everybody and Alabama wise. Yes is area bugs in Quinton Williams. Unblock -able not that this has anything novel. But it should be pointed out because they are extraordinary. And I really did think with I think both Damian Harris, and nausea Harris or kind of beat up Harris ranch, excuse me. Guess right. Josh jacobs. Ran really really well. And he had been sort of that's more speed option. And he really looked like the workhorse that they needed against a tough defense. So I thought that that was encouraging. But yes, the offensive line's struggling against the Mississippi State defensive front, especially inside too. It was hit. Yeah. And I know people are pointing to like, oh, they're targeting his name. They seemed clean to me. And there's only so much abuse quarterback can take not the biggest dude in the world and again album, shutout Mississippi State, but in terms of confidence about Alabama moving forward to isn't the most mobile guy because of you know, knee, soreness, knee, injuries, whatever that definitely changes the dynamic of this album offense, if they need to keep up with say, Georgia, not gonna Auburn Georgia or a team, you know, Michigan or Notre Dame or Clemson, whoever they might face in a potential playoff scenario. So I think are lasting. Effects? But once again, if you're defense allows zero point zero points against both Mississippi State and LSU to non aggressive scary offense, but zero combined points in eight quarters ain't bad. It's a good little cushion time will cushion. Yeah. I'm Nick saving. I don't play to against the citadel or whoever. They don't believe. Yeah. Mack? Jones. Look rough though he had heart. He had hard time. All right twenty four to nothing your final scores. Alabama continues to truck forward. You mentioned Georgia you mentioned Auburn separately. The two teams played each other and Georgia one twenty seven to ten second straight week. Now that the Andrea swift set a career Mark in rushing yardage. His personal best now is one hundred eighty six yards. He got that against a very good Auber defense, of course, included in there as a seventy seven yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter, which essentially put the game on ice Mon hold another impressive effort. Collectively for Georgia running the football as they went over three hundred rushing yards as a team, you know, the running game was there for Georgia. But otherwise, maybe it was just me seemed like the offense was a little bit off a little bit little bit outer rhythm. And maybe it's because they were playing good defense in Auburn. Sure. But clearly they're gonna have to be clicking when they play Bama in that SEC, title gains can't have twelve penalties in that one. You need to clean it up a little bit. They'll probably get there. But it helps to have that running game. At least that you can fall back on when it just feels like the rest of things aren't quite as crisp as he might like. Yeah. The killer instinct from Georgia was lacking a bit at times on offense nitpicking because. Yeah. Exactly splitting here when. Yes. I at some point in this game. And this was on the big screen for me watching the Andrea swift a finally healthy de'andre swift against the very very good Auburn. Defense. No less. I had that same breath holding as I did for Bryce love last year where it's just at any moment. He is just going to make a cut and go, and this is breath holding a good way. I don't have an Auburn rooting interest. But it was just that kind of back is incredibly fun to watch. It was, you know, Christian McCaffrey the same team, whoever William Percy Harbin. There is getting to be a gravitational element about de'andre swift, which is nothing short of extremely fun. And makes me worry about Georgia a little bit less. I am encouraged by what I saw from this defense taking advantage of a still pretty woeful Auburn offense against a decent team. But yeah, you're right. There is there is some sloppiness that needs to be cleaned up. There are some consistency issues. Justin fields came in. But it was nice to see Jake from with as much as you can nitpick Georgia. There is something very steadying about from in the backfield. He brings veteran leadership to that offense. Even the spy. The fact that he's a sophomore. He's crazy. He looks very very poised back. There you mentioned Auburn out of sync offense. That's more of an evergreen tweet. Yeah. Floor twenty eight teen than it is any kind of statement about this game because it's been their MO all season long looks like a seven five season for Gus malzahn, unless they pull a rabbit out of their hat and find a way to win the iron bowl trending towards seven and five and curious to see what that means for his long term prospects at Auburn to name that comes up, and we can get into all that another point in time. But your final score here. Again, twenty seven to ten in favor of the BULLDOGS, let's move to Saturday night up in chestnut hill. Yes, this is a big game game day. Was there Boston College was all kinds of worked into a lather? The Clemson Tigers come into town Clemson wins twenty seven to seven with the win. Clemson clinches, the ACC Atlantic. It's going to be. Their fourth straight trip to the ACC championship game. Looks like they're gonna end up playing pit which we can talk about a little bit later. Put up note here is that Clemson knocked out Anthony Brown early. They didn't Boston College quarterback like on the very first drive early. Yeah. He was apparently hospitalized with some kind of internal injury who which Steve adagio did not specify when he gave talk after the game. Obviously, we hope he's ok but with Brown leaving that meant more snaps for EJ Perry. Who's a sophomore? He was not a sub above Dan to say, the least he made a couple of decent throws. But it's to to ask a backup quarterback to come in against this Clemson fronts, and sort of weather that and throw into a really good defense when not having probably the hippie highest level of weaponry to throw to. And I know there are couple of guys who've made some noise this here. But when you have to rely on AJ Dillon. Who did everything he could he's been beat up against this front. It was mind. You Boston College has seven that was on a special teams play a very great punt return rate down. But I honestly didn't come away. All that impressed with anything Clemson did on offense. I know they made timely plays. They really didn't try to test Boston College too much downfield, which is fine. Trevor Lawrence made a kind of a questionable throw that you know, throwing into Boston college's best corner. Which was great. It's hamp Cheever's thing which hell ya what a name. But again, this is when you're clunkers Clemson scores twenty on offense. But they ultimately shut out Boston College hard to complain. Too much. Travis T N ran relatively well. I thought credit Boston college's defense for track defer, excuse me for tackling pretty well in the open fields. And if one if there were one play that almost defines this game to me, it was a Boston College screen or something on a third or fourth down and Clemson safety sprinted up to make the play. But it wasn't that. He was just you know, a train off the tracks. It was he sprinted up to make the play. And then immediately came to a dead. Stop about two yards in front of the Boston College player bracketing them inside and making the play. That's that's a crazy. Underrated the deceleration and fundamentally sound -ness of a player like that. I think is just it plays Clemson in clear higher class, even though B C at least when. They played was a top twenty two. I have two things to add on this game. That will move on the first is that, you know. I mentioned the injury. I'm not sure it mattered a whole lot who played quarterback for boss right holiday because Clemson so good on defense. Boston College finished with just one hundred thirteen total yards here. And you mentioned AJ Dylan who you're right. He tried his best could only manage thirty nine yards. I think this game looks a lot like or looked a lot like excuse me. What we might expect. Should Clemson end up playing pit games. Gonna look a lot like that. Because pit likes to run. That's really all they can do on offense. And I would expect do they? Yeah. No. We'll get to that. I promise. The second thing that I would add is that I'm very disappointed pick up on my sub above jersey. Mike's reference. Do you know what you're you're onto something continue jersey, Mike came in with a monster adv by this college football season that no one's talking about. Because it doesn't really have you know, the fallout boy jingle behind. It doesn't have the Dr Pepper. Pit bull rhythm. Playing in the background. But jersey Mike is very quietly trying to win the national championship this year. One hundred percent oughta sponsor, but if you're listening, Mike Sorber, Jim L dot com. Let us know we can we can figure something out. You're buying college football. We have college football content. Anyway, I did notice that I've never had jersey. Mike's in my life. Not for any real reason. It's wasn't in California. When I grew up, and I don't think it's a round me that much is it. Okay. It's it's. Some of the subs are marginally above. Okay. Is how how would categorize the jersey Mike's near me is it's like eating in a shoe. It is super-duper small and that takes away from the, but oh, it's okay. And it should be noted. Clemson's defensive line is still unfair and angry and a joy to watch moving on. Let's go to Ohio State twenty six who Michigan state six? This game was painful. It was it was painful to watch this game. Either team looked particularly good here. It was just that Ohio State. Looked a lot less bad. They do seem off on offense Dwayne Haskins was thrown behind guys who are wide. Open running game was okay is okay. Just three point seven yards per carry between Mike Weber and j k Dobbins, and I'd say that the. Twenty point margin of victory. Here was mostly due to good defense and special teams by Ohio State who must have pinned Michigan state inside its own five about five or six times in the second half. How much of this did you watch? And are you at a point now where you're able to talk about it pretty much watched all of this game? And you you sent out a very good tweet that after Michigan state intentionally over snapped their punter when backed up to the one or two yard line. You asked if the along snapper could play quarterback because it was an accurate over snap. It was it was high like you wanted it to be that was good pace to it. Everything you're looking for out of an arm. So can I ask a question about that play? Please. If you know you're going to snap it out of the back of the end zone. Why even put your punter back there? You're not. I mean, I. Listen, we know Mark dantonio likes fakes. So they faked it was it was the ultimate fake. Why put the putter back there? I don't I couldn't tell you. And ultimately didn't make a difference now twenty four to six twenty six two six and didn't do anything really for Michigan state. I was encouraged for a brief moment when rocky Lombardi came in had a long run lead to a scoring opportunity kicked a field right before the half. But it's it's hard to come away. From watching this game thinking house states defense is really good. It's hard to tell against Michigan state's offense or state's offense is really bad and confusing because Michigan state's defense is really good is legitimately very good. And you mentioned the rushing number even though they were held down. I actually thought Mike Weber. Ran pretty patiently look good. He looked good. Yeah. And generated some some good chunk plays later on as Ohio State ran away within the second half a little bit out to drew Christmas, though. Because you mentioned painting them back. It was Dru. Chris man who pinned Michigan state back the Ohio State punter. And you're also right about Dwayne Haskins it it'd be easy and somewhat fair to point to Michigan state doing a good job against the Ohio State offensive line. But there were plays where Haskins had time in just felt like it was too cold for him to grip and rip accurately. Like, he was throwing a boulder, and I don't know how that will show itself in the coming weeks. But I can't imagine it's going to be super warm and Columbus when they play Michigan. I don't think it's going to be tropical. No, so not not cause for huge concern right now, but going to need to make some of those against Michigan. It's sort of an understatement. If a high state brings this version of itself to that Michigan game, it's gonna be a bloodbath. Wow. That's a big statement. And I love that you made it. I mean, honestly, they gotta be better. They have to the line the. Hi, oh, state offense of line right now against Michigan's fronts of Che and win of it. And Rashawn Gary depending on his health looks like in this very strange to say it clear mismatch. All right before we move on and talk rapid fire style about what else went on in college. 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I through on that Boston College Clemson game. Yeah. And she dropped about an eleven spot on that. Casper mattress cone attends and nine so good times. All right. Let's go to the big ten quick. Let's talk about Penn State twenty two Wisconsin ten Alex Hornibrook did not make the trip to state college because of a concussion that meant the Jack Cohn experiment for the badgers. Got the start at. At quarterback. He's a freshman. He was not a sub above either. Dan. Nine of twenty two interceptions. Jonathan Taylor tailback. Had a nice day. They own eighty five and a touchdown on the ground. But that really was all of Wisconsin's offense here. Yeah. I was going to list out the different elements of Wisconsin's offense, and it was Jonathan Taylor tailback and TBB. That's nuts. Everything this is a very backwards. Alex Harney Brooke appreciation game. Maybe. Well, we are in Alex, Brooke appreciation podcasts. That is true. We are already for Harney Brooke for only so much longer. But let's actually appreciate mile Sanders who I thought Ricky Ronnie did a a relatively improved job of getting him involved. Yeah. This is not even with Wisconsin's injuries and steps taken aback this year on defense. This is not an untalented. TJ Edwards is still one of the more talented linebackers in the country. So good to see him. Get Louis C K J hamblur get involved in the passing game a little bit more. And it wasn't the prettiest game. I think it was probably literally freezing out. So that seems to affect things, you know. It's it's football weather trait. That was a dodge, sir. Yeah. Trace McSorley once again fighting through injuries. I know Tommy Stevens came in a little bit and ran it. I don't even know if he'd threw the ball, but Goodwin four Penn State against a talented, but slightly descending Wisconsin team, and they can still they can still go nine and three. Instruct winnable game. You get ten wins. It's not, you know for having a down year, you know, and everybody calling for for James Franklin to leave and to sort of move on. And what is Penn State do post shames Franklin? They've finished with Rutgers and Maryland, they're going to win nine games. And that's still if you're down year as this. That's fine. I do want to clarify everyone is not calling for him to leave. But there is certainly a lot of frustration. There's people are very enthusiastic to say James Franklin can't win the big one. This is James Franklin is a recruiter. You know, everything that happened these past couple years Joe Moorhead, you know, he he can't consistently get it done. I I think James Franklin. Good coach. I would I would urge patients I was watching people about reacting to quickly. It wasn't all that long ago that Penn State was really down and out. Sure, how they're at a point where ten wins year in year out feels like it's feels like it's almost. Expectation so to get back to this point as quickly as they have hidden testament, not to Bill Brian and not to some of the not just as some of the assistance that they've had. But certainly James Franklin who has done a marvelous job recruiting bringing the talent in so nice win here. Twenty two ten neither team at this point. Is what we thought preseason. But nonetheless, a Goodwin here for Penn State at home again by twelve let me move on. And talk about northwestern Iowa. Okay. Let's do this. I'm going to I'm going to stretch a little bit. Yeah. Fourteen to ten was your final here. I appreciated your tweet where you screen capped the box score and said, oh, yeah. That's the stuff. Ooh, right there. That's there. It is northwestern clinches the big ten west by off Iowa. Good game for is Ahah bowser one. Yeah. Five on the ground against good. I with defense made me nod my head to see that like all right, cool nights. See that going in a good direction. But in general, I tried not to watch this game. I watched a lot of highlights this morning because it was not a great offense of game to watch. It was a lot of defense a lot of punting back and forth Iowa now quickly a four loss team which really came out as quickly. Just three of thirteen on third downs. Here. The highlight of the game for me was the northwestern. Strength. Coach continues continues to get me fantasy points or. No, it was you actually took the screw loose. Yeah. The strength coach for northwestern is up there where in the short sleeve polo in twenty six degree weather, an extra medium polo. I might add XL fourteen to ten din Thai. Will you indulge me real quick? If you watched if I can't imagine anybody beyond Iowa and northwestern fans, you know, had their their eyes glued to this game until the very end. But. If you watch this first half, you know, what I'm about to do if you didn't watch the first half. You also probably know what to do. Because can I walk you through something tie? I would I would love for you to walk me through something. Then okay. Well, what happens hold on? What is that? You know, what it is? I know what it is. That's way too much energy for northwestern Iowa. Hold on this was safari playing music when it should have just been. There. It is. Puns punts downs pawns punt pawns, puns, puns, ponds punts. Hey field goal and of. It's pretty good. Right. That was going over to beakers that was only the first. Listen college football's about officiency, and they really. At least second half gave us a couple touchdowns. I don't know what I was going to do about their offense. And I understand it's I think it's Brian farance weaking of evergreen. Good lure. Yeah. I here's the thing. Every year there are different players on this Iowa offense that step up and establish themselves. This year, it really has been no offend TJ Hopkinson and MCI sergeant this these past few weeks, I think has been a playmaker. But when are we going to say, listen? Maybe we go with an outside firm to run this offense set of doing everything internally Eric prince have football product, we could look into Iowa should score thirty points a game they develop quarterbacks they put NFL linemen they develop NFL, I'm in on offense. They develop really good defense is more often than not ten points at home against northwestern. Excuse me, big ten west champ. Northwestern is unacceptable. But on the flip side northwestern is America's grower. Right. They I mean to put up just another atrocious September and then win the west, you know, find you know, is Ahah bowser and that's their offense right now that catch was incredible. But they they wrote Isaiah browser and good for good for western a really cool story. I just win win. Two more games every September. Northwestern come on. Unbelievable. Fourteen to ten fourteen to ten your final score here north western they're going to that big ten championship game quickly. Elsewhere in the world of the big ten Minnesota, forty one. Yes. Purdy ten. It was a cold. It was a snowy day in Minnesota. And the gophers defensively have been a bit of a nightmare. They were averaging five oh seven per game and total yardage going into this one. They held down a good pretty offense to just two thirty three as they win at home by thirty one by the way, they started the year out really well offense of -ly until that Maryland game. Really? But I think it was Muhammad Ibrahim who is the the star on the ground for Minnesota. They look really strong good for Minnesota. For a nice bounce back week, Nebraska, fifty four Illinois thirty five you and I are in agreement about Adri Martinez. He is he gonna be ridiculous. Yeah. It's illinois. But he's been good for the past few weeks weeks. Excuse man, was very good against the lion. I actually really. Like Illinois backfield. But that's it there an island in AJ Bush is not a good thrower. But they they have been putting up yards on the ground and good for Nebraska, son abreast. Kaz not gonna go to a bowl. I don't believe they're three and seven, but convince strong, absolutely. And then finally, Indiana thirty four Maryland thirty two Maryland having some trouble here. Paint Ramsey throwing best passes of the day, by the way, Danna really has a nice arm. Okay. Let's go to the big twelve Texas. Forty one Texas Tech thirty four talk about shoot outs in the big twelve. Wow. Now a lot of points in week eleven here on sangria Saturday, Sirius aturday, yes, Texas almost gave this away. They did Sam etlinger through his fourth and most important touchdown pass in dramatic fashion, dramatic fashion. Twenty one seconds left throws up a jump ball to Jordan Humphrey who just goes up and wrestles it away from a defender for a twenty nine yard touchdown. That was enough to give Texas the victory here. We should note that British comedy legend. Alan Bowman did not play this week after staying in the hospital for four nights, Al recovering again from that partially collapsed lung that he dealt with earlier in the year, this meant that jet. Duffy got the call did pretty well for tech. I don't know. Hello vendors at this point who plays quarterback for tech. Yeah. Took a little time for him to get comfortable. He's been thrown into action and beat out and came. Back. He has a really nice game against Texas team. That was pretty decimated by injuries in the secondary nine excuse, and they did make plays when it counts. But did a great job taking advantage picked on the right guys. He goes from five hundred yards through the air, Texas had a very comfortable. I think there are twenty seven to ten at a certain point Texas Tech comes storming back, and I feel the same way about Lil Jordan Humphry as you feel about your Rowenta iron that you also gifted me a love or. Yeah. For my wedding. Which was you know, everybody just needs a really good iron. Yeah. Everybody just needs a little Jordan Humphry. That is just always going to be there for you to iron out all the wrinkles. Right. And make sure you finish smooth little Jordan Humphry is spectacular. And that amazing catch and touchdown dive. I believe was at the same corner of the field as the Michael Crabtree catch. Yes. Ten years fry. Fire so semi continues to be good no turnovers. And you know, they improve Texas improves a little bit on the grounds was very cool to see at least, Texas. Hold on. And God little Jordan's my favorite little, Jordan. I love my role into not a sponsor though. No, not a sponsor. I know how much you like it. They could be. Yeah. Love my heavy duty production tie. All right, Texas, by the way, gets Iowa State at home next week, which should be a fun game to provo- at Wednesday, essentially third place battle in the big twelve Isla St. one twenty eight to fourteen the game was never really in doubt against Baylor nother. Great showing Brock Purdy Purdy like a Brock star. Like he's been ever since getting that job. But the notable highlight here for me was the fight that broke out in the third quarter. Yeah. Early on third quarter. I think David Montgomery was pushed way behind the sideline on a run out of bounds. A late hit to say the least. Tempers flared a little bit their tempers flared a couple of plays later, which included I believe I want to get this. Right. I believe it was an Iowa State player who threw a punch around a referee talk about the punch. That was no I'm looking right now, I think it was a Baylor player. Please talk. Can you please explain to me the thought process behind throwing a punch at a guy with a helmet? I listen once you're once you're seeing red to that extent. That is there. You're just seeing what you need to say. And that's there's a head somewhere around there. I'm watching I'm watching it is it is Baylor player. And it wasn't really a punch that much was a an aggressive slap around the ref. You would I'd away GPS tracking technology and perhaps lasers to thread that punch through the open part of the face mask and connect with any flesh of your enemy. Oh, yeah. No that up, and I think ref get some some shrapnel. Okay. There we go. It was. Yeah. It was fifty two for Baylor Roberts and David Montgomery is you know, he was ojected from this game. So it's unclear what his status will be against Texas. But I was state does a good job, football wise and Brock Purdy. Once again looks talented beyond his years. I agree West Virginia forty seven TCU ten big day for will Greer the takeaway here for me? Me is really just West Virginia puts up a ton on offense. But they've got big games coming up here. The last two weeks of the year, really decide the trajectory moving forward for West Virginia. They're at Oklahoma state next week, then their home against Oklahoma to close out the year. It's good to see them clicking on offense. Like this. That's important going in right to biggest games their season. We'll talk a lot more about them next week for sure. And then on the flip side. Wow. TCU four and six on the year. Yup. They've got Baylor and Oklahoma state left. You could probably find a path for them to get to six winds because Oklahoma state's by cans little bit here, and there and Baylor, you know, you never know what you're gonna get from the Baylor bears with the way that TCU is plaguing though, I can't either it's tough to envision a path to get the six wins at this point for them. So TC beat Iowa State in week five I believe that was their fifth game. And they scored seventeen and held down to fourteen in retrospect, that's totally fine. Beating Iowa State is good since then they've scored fourteen against Texas Tech in a loss. They lost to Oklahoma by twenty five. They lost Kansas by one. They scored fourteen my do in a win over Kansas state a score more than fourteen against Kansas state. They lose to West Virginia by thirty seven. You say there's a path I think that path is being blockaded now and TCU is has been completely and utterly devastated by injuries on both sides of the ball. Even when Sean Robinson was healthy. He was not particularly good and this defense, especially in the back end has it's just it's patchwork at this point. I mean, I couldn't tell you. If there are walk on splaying significant time in the secondary wouldn't surprise me with how they've looked. So it is just a law season for the frogs. That's all it is the gap year as it is gap. You fictionally called it here on the podcast. Yeah. They scored ten points against West Virginia. Like, that's that's sort of tell. Yeah. On the state of this offense. And then finally. For the governor's Cup. We had Kansas state twenty one Kansas seventeen in the rivalry spot. Hey, close at the week for the big twelve in the SEC a couple of games here that we couldn't cover at the top. But Tennessee, twenty four Kentucky seven the note that I have literally written down on my note sheet here is what the hell was this game? What the hell is this game? Dan. I watched a good chunk of this this morning. I woke up early what Tennessee looks like this season, especially the second half of this season. So lately, they what they lost to South Carolina competitively. They put up some points in the second quarter against Alabama that go to Auburn and win on the road. And they comfortably beat Kentucky. Believe it was in Knoxville. What you're seeing out of this Tennessee team is everything you want to see from a coaching staff that has a lot of work to do personnel wise moving forward. But it's everything you want to see in that they are formulating game plans that are encouraging. They are getting the most out of players on both sides of the ball that they did not necessarily recruits to the systems that they want to run. I thought Darrell Taylor was an absolute monster for Tennessee rushing the passer, I think you've finished with three or four sacks. And one of them was a strip sack. I thought Jaren Tana was put in a winning position against a very good Kentucky defense, especially the secondary. He was picking them apart at times, I would be very encouraged I cautiously, but still very encouraged if that makes sense I mean, they finish out with Mizzou and Vanderbilt both of those are winnable games. Given the weaknesses of those teams. It win games moving forward. So Tennessee, I believed to be a bowl team after shaky start getting killed by West Virginia. I think it was six turnovers against flu. Florida. I think things are falling into place for Tennessee to be a good team. I would agree with that. If you would've told me during our SEC east preview Tennessee's team, I would have called you crazy. I would've yet in feel like didn't feel like Jeremy Pruitt could get them there. But they've been playing hard each and every game. It seems like there is real growth. They're moving forward. Jerry Goren tunnels been pretty good the last couple of weeks now. Yeah. And you know, defensively they've got studs. Like Daryl Taylor who had four sacks in this game against Kentucky. So all do credit to what Pruitt is doing in year one in Knoxville. And then on the flip side just quickly word about Kentucky does feel like they're wearing down a little bit here. Yes defense was not quite as sharp in this one. Benny Snell held mostly in check that we had like eighty something yards on the ground twenty four to seven and nice win for Tennessee over Kentucky team. It's been pretty good this season. It feels like it might be the bottom falling out a little bit. After the Georgia game. Everything was so hyped for Kentucky going into that George game. And what what could they do compete out of the SEC east and just it's tough. It's tough to to get into November and keep that high level of play when you aren't necessarily the deepest or most talented team, especially on offense, Florida, thirty five South Carolina, thirty one South Carolina was up seventeen points late in the third quarter seemingly destined to hold up that legendary must champ bowl trophy, Dan. They had it was within reach. But then Philippe pay Franks head other plans. He had other is Dan he threw for a touchdown at the end of the third quarter to get a little bit closer we dove across the goal line with four minutes left in the game to give Florida the lead and the win a heartbreaker here for the Gamecocks. They've now played in five straight games decided by four points. Or less over that stretch. They've gone three and two. But what can you say about Florida here to come from behind the way that they did Philippe bay Franks emotional kid playing his heart out out there? He did a good job. When it counted. I thought Florida continued to show growth on offense, especially on the ground with Jordan's Marlet. It'll Michael p Rhine they both go over one hundred they add to three hundred sixty seven team yards on the ground for the Gators Florida's now in a spot where they're seven and three they close out with Idaho. And Florida state both of which should translate to wins a nine and three season going to presumably a pretty good ball game is a hell of a first act for Dan Mullen. Yeah, their schedule is pretty ideal for first year coach chart trying to alter some some previous offensive woes. Thoughtfully by Franks was good both through the air and on the ground that throat a Cadarache Tony throw and catch were great. I appreciate the patience from Florida. You mentioned scarlet P Ryan growing. But it was the patients to trust them as they were succeeding with the offensive line on the ground to come back in this game to whether some some pretty porous defence early on. And to win this game, by the way, South Carolina their past. I don't even know how many games so since the Missouri game in the I think that was like gross weather, South Carolina wins that by two loses to am by three beats Tennessee by three beats ole miss by four loses to Florida by four. Yeah. So if you're looking for random entertainment, find will must champ and South Carolina because they are a wire team right now. Sometimes they're on sometimes they're off moving on LSU twenty four Arkansas seventeen. I don't think the final score here is indicative of this game. Even though Arkansas did come back. They tried to come back. Yeah. At the very end with two touchdown passes from ties story LSU was actually up twenty four to three in the. Quarter before that charge. Also, a really tough beat here. If you had LSU minus thirteen I don't know if you saw this at the end of the game. Yeah, they they took Nick process took two knees. He took essentially to knees yelling intentionally short of the goal line with LSU up seven to keep that clock running. And only win by seven which didn't cover that point spread even though. Yes, even though it should have been thirty one seventeen technically. I thought there was a good amount of ugliness to this game. As there often is with LSU in Arkansas that it was nothing that LSU fans should come away saying, oh, we're comfortably better than Arkansas based on last night's performance about LSU at a number of issues on offense. And there is sort of that lack of killer instinct that comes with inconsistent quarterback play. I know he actually completed a bunch, but wasn't a huge fan of, you know, aside from was one big Justin Jefferson play what they look like, you know, moving the ball against is a pretty bad Arkansas defense. So listen when you're clunkers LSU, did it it's fine in my mind. They're still disqualified from any playoff talk. So we can just move forward. And finally in the SEC we had am thirty five ole miss twenty four big game or Trayvon Williams to twenty eight. And a touchdown on the ground still too many mistakes Kellen Mont, but a win nonetheless four, Texas am and finally the close out the SEC we had Mizzou thirty three and vandy Twenty-eight anything to add. Yeah. Need conversation about the best running backs in the country. Have to must include Trayvon Williams. Kellyn Monde is probably this year's like I I forget the exact line, dumb and dumber. Which is just a a huge air by me. But like the right when I think you haven't done you couldn't be any worse you go and completely redeeming. Redeem yourself that is that is the Kelham on experience. So yes, good for Mizzou for coming back in this game. They needed all. You know, however, many thousands hundreds of thousands of seconds to make it work against vandy. But they make it work against a against the doors. Fandy just is having problems finishing. Let's move over to the Pac twelve in. Let's very quickly. Very here's where we stand from the thirty thousand foot view on the Pac twelve ASU now controls its own destiny in the Pac twelve south Utah's working if ASU's should stumble at Oregon or at a resort Utah would be. But right now ASU in in control, excuse me. And it also looks like in the north the apple Cup is likely going to decide who moves onto the Pac twelve championship game. The rest of the pack though, Dan who we're talking seven teams that are five and five or six and four at this point. We are indeed. And I like it I like the just insanity and how stupid everything looks in the pack twelve right now because it's very clear that there are no actual stakes involved in the Pac twelve beyond Washington state, who by the way that is probably the story of yesterday that felt very trapping. The defense made a huge statement in in the cougs taking down Colorado a team still without lettuce cushion, all but really great job by the cougs. Arizona state looks very good. You know, Benjamin I think is for real the running back who has emerged for the sun devils against a UCLA team that that plays with a lot of fight were in this game. The whole time I thought Wilton spe did a pretty good job for the Bruins. And that's that's a short handed UCLA team. So encouraged by state holding on and winning that game to kill Harry. We know is a dude amongst dudes as well. As for Utah. Utah beat a below average Oregon team with their backup quarterback and backup running back. And if you watch any of this game, you should come away extremely encouraged that listen, Utah has issues, but they don't have organised this, right? And I thought the youths did a good job. Putting the the back of quarterback Jason Shelley and a position to make plays. They may plays on the ground. They weathered a pretty significant charge from Oregon in the third quarter when their offense finally appeared to enjoy getting first downs or desire first downs. Organ is basically a five and seven six and sixteen that because of their schedule will finish with a better record. But the organ's remains broken the organ defense remains just bad. And it's a shame. Given Justin Herbert's talents and ability to to make huge NFL type throws Oregon just doesn't want layups organ refuses take laps when they do. It works. And they're dealing with a lot of injuries on offense at this point after this game. But it's clear that this offense is just it was it was constructed poorly. And I I can't imagine that this offense is gonna look like this both on the sideline with the coaching staff and on the field next September. K I do wanna stop you for a moment though. Because you know, we have been on the receiving end of a lot of free range. Colorado hate this season. That's true. And you did make a mistake. A very rare mistake. Oh, no. I'm in. No come on. I've I make a lot this team was not without viscous Chenault. Oh, he did play. Ten catches a hundred and two yards. No touchdowns. Oh, you're totally right. Very much a part of this offense as Washington state did win thirty one to seven in this ball game. Interesting factoid here from Nick who has largely been in the background. And. Yeah this season. But he runs solid. Verbal research department been very helpful the season. Thank you, Nick. Yeah. Washington state's one hundred thirty one rushing yards were the most they've had in over a year. This is not a team predicated on the running game, right? But one hundred thirty one yards the most they've had in fifteen games. Gotta go all the way back to last October. If you wanna find the last time they had that much. I would like to apologize to LA vista. And all of the Chenault s-. Nonetheless, Colorado has now started the season five now. And since in five, I don't know if you mentioned that USC lost fifteen fourteen I did not, and we are about to probably collectively as a college football universe. Have some USC conversations? Because getting out to a fourteen point lead. And then doing nothing is nothing new to see this season. We saw the Texas game. It wasn't as dramatic because CAL's offense excuse me is pretty atrocious. It's very outfits. Cal gets a safety on a botch. Snap in the third quarter. I think USC shutout Cal in the first half and USC just unable to build on anything. They did in the second quarter. Chase Garber was fine for Cal third. Their quarterback this week at least but didn't throw for hundred yards in this game. Cal just wins this game with that a timely interception on a very bad JT Daniels pick and you credit to you tie. You were high on this calcium going into the season? Dude. I went like eighty percent on the whole week all the games that we picked I feel like I did tweak. No, I know this week. I did well last week riding a little bit of a heater here. But yeah, you're right. I mean, you call this you call being high on Callan July even with this atrocious offense. This defense them we talked about it cal- doesn't make unforced errors. There's a talent gap between Cal and most of this conference, but they're not gonna shoot themselves in the foot. We'll see what happens next week for USC. They play UCLA. They don't beat UCLA. I'm curious to see where the conversation goes. I know we have recessions gonna go. But I'm curious to see how that transpires the they're on. I mean, it's on the road, quote unquote there the play that game in the Rose Bowl, and they finished hosting Notre Dame USC is a mess, and it's a mess within the context of. There are blue chips everywhere on this too deep. I get their starting a true freshman quarterback. But they can't fourteen points against Cal at home. No. All right. This isn't this isn't okay. Fair enough very quickly. Let me run through the scores in the Pac twelve and we'll move on fifteen fourteen Calver USC Naess you beats UCLA thirty one to twenty eight UCLA played. I thought they held their own in that game. We had. Yeah. For sure was thirty one to seven over Colorado, Utah thirty to Oregon twenty five and Stanford forty eight Oregon state seventeen. Yeah. Nice day from Stanford against an atrocious defense, but you know, Oregon state's the cure for the common offense. And finally, let's close out with the ACC. Let's talk very quickly about Notre Dame forty to FSU thirteen Dan on top of the fact. That Notre Dame's starting quarterback in book was out with injury. Notre Dame came out with those Oregon green jerseys on they did. And I gotta admit just a peel back the curtain a little bit. This set off a flurry of text messages with mom h with my brother-in-law. Who's also an avid way the most in your universe. It's me. It's gotta be me up. No one else has the emotional connection with the green the way I do. But I'm seeing this and I'm thinking, okay backup quarterback, Oregon green jerseys. It was not Notre Dame that was very very great neon. Few will they've worn those before I feel like maybe I don't know. I blacked out. I think they have night game in Notre Dame stadium against the team that in the past has given them fits now. It would have to have been a hell of a fit given the state of this FSU team. But I'm thinking, why don't you just go in a dark room and start chanting Bloody Mary why not just really ten. Fate at this point. But nonetheless within the first seventy five seconds of this football game Notre Dame had both in interception and touchdown. Nothing. Supernatural went on throughout the courses. Football game. Notre Dame jumps out to a quick seventeen to nothing lead at the end of the first quarter. They're up thirty two to six at halftime. Obviously the end up winning this one going away nice night for Dexter Williams who had over two hundred yards on the ground had some acrobatic catches by the Notre Dame receiving core. Some nice passes. I'll say from Brandon wimbush, but Charlton midly had his customary twelve twenty five passing with a couple touchdowns couple interceptions. Good enough against this Florida state team, which has really struggled all season long. I thought had a couple quirks in there where they made Notre Dame think about it. But by large just really not ready for primetime right now. And. It's a bit shocking. Honestly, how quickly it seems Florida state has regressed I know Willie Taggart trying to build this team in his own image. But they got a lot of holes to plug between now and start next season. Yeah. The offense of line is particularly bad. And that that's not a surprise, given the injuries and talent level on hand. Florida state couldn't even keep a close against Brandon wimbush team. Ben wish Notre Dame team. If that's some if it weren't for Louisville, Florida state is sort of the border line Washington generals of the ACC. And a C C related Damon. Okay. I mean, we have we have somebody reading during the Clemson, Florida state blow out for more entertainment, more, visceral, aggressive, entertainment Flynn. We've we've a mighty good tale. But yeah, this game was Dexter Williams. This game was the defense. This game was Notre Dame doing what really good teams do take advantage. The other teams mistakes stick with your own game plan go with what's working, and then keep going with what's working in that was Dexter Williams. And I look forward to watching this Notre Dame team eventually against some high level competition. So we can we can truly gauge where they're okay. Okay. Fair enough fair enough. No, absolutely. I don't know when that will be that might be early January might be early January, wait Orest twenty-seven NC state twenty three they played this one on Thursday wake was a seventeen and a half point dog. And they win a good win for them or a bad loss for NC. State. It may be an an door scenario here. So we talked about how that running game has really been an issue for NC state all year. It should not have been an issue against a really bad wake run defense. But it was an NC state had plenty of chances in this one. They were up ten in the fourth quarter. They had a bunch of chances in the red zone, but they had to settle for field goals. So it was there for NC state. They just couldn't convert wake by the way was starting Jamie Newman at quarterback he had a great game. But it was his very first start all told twenty seven to twenty three or final wake with a pretty sizable upset just in terms of the point spread here. The live your life. Like you never want to look like NC state in the red zone. Yeah. That's very that's. Yeah. Good for wake. And you know, it's a sign of a good quarterback. Coach like, you know, wake obviously hasn't Dave Clawson in the coffins that they're essentially third string quarterback Jamie Newman. Who by the way, sounds like the name of nineties high school, prom Queen like a bunch of nerds gathering up like you're going to probe with g. He knew. Jamie. Newman was good against. State defense. So yeah, really really nice win for wake Thursday night. Pitt fifty two Virginia Tech twenty to listen to this. Four hundred I played play the murder San just play it. Hold on hold on. Where's it? Guests. Just got. Four hundred and nine two yards and six touchdowns on the ground. Quadri Alison to thirty five and three touchdowns with a ninety seven yard touchdown run. Darren Hall one hundred eighty six yards on the ground and a seventy three yard touchdown run. I believe if my math is accurate that the Panthers can clinch the ACC postal by winning one of their last two games against wake and Miami. I think the odds are very favorable. That's going to end up happening. But let's talk a little bit about that pit rushing attack. Dan, you texted me when I said wait pit just demolished Virginia Tech because I watched the little bit of that game. This morning were recorded the Sunday morning. Cadre Allison runs angry and God islet Lii. And you mentioned Darren hall's hundred. Eighty six yards. Seven carries seven carries got him to a buck eighty six and I would love, you know, I would not use time travel for anything responsible. I would love to go back and fly into one of our dreams in like early September and say all right. So this Virginia Tech team that just murdered Florida state. So this Virginia Tech team is gonna play pit later on the season. This pit team is going to lose to a terrible north guesses in section kind of thing. I know real multiple levels pits gonna lose to a terrible North Carolina to maybe like, all right. Yeah. That makes sense. Thank you future Danner tie. And then they're just going to completely and thoroughly squash and flatten Virginia Tech who have a good night in college football media. Would you enlist to be part of that inception crew? So crew that will fly it somebody appear in the dream. That's it looks very lucid. Right. Like, we gotta get somebody or something. Do you want calmness? Or do you want? Just something aggressive. I just want people who can help us plan. So Andy Staples would provide for a fun inception type situation in just appearing in people's dreams. Okay. Okay. I feel home pit probably help us pull off that kind of God. Oh, so you want somebody to actually be the programmer in the van? That's right. Okay. I see what you're saying. I I'd probably want Bill Connolly. All right. Well, let's talk about Syracuse fifty four whoville twenty three. Oh god. Why are we? Let's just talk Mon Neil and move on. I don't mean to rub salt in the wound here. Okay. And I don't want to spend too much time of Louisville, But they are continually finding a way to look worse every week how they're doing. It is beyond me. They had seventeen penalties in this game for one hundred twenty five yards. I believe that number includes eight to ten offside penalties in the first half. I don't know how that's even possible. That defense as a whole actually wasn't terrible in spots for Brian van border. And I'm really bending myself into a pretzel trying to say that but has not been a good year for Louisville. Syracuse wins this one going away. They've got a big one on deck in Yankee Stadium against Notre Dame. If you were to tell me that five weeks ago Louisville players were secretly making money. By putting up those flyers in dorm room community rooms, and you know, they'll tear off at the bottom of the flyer or it's just like started defensive tackle for Lulu rip off a little bit of a thing. And you've you pay somebody one hundred dollars to get their uniform. I would assume. Oh, okay. This is what Foley makes sense this is ugly and good for Syracuse. Are you scared of Syracuse at all? Of course was a Notre Dame fan Kimmy. I've been scared of all ten of not opponents so far. Okay. Fair enough. I I don't think you should. But okay, Duke, forty two UNC thirty five wild one here. Big game for Daniel Jones. The I forty seven and total yardage for him. The highlight for me, though, was David cut cliff dance until little James Brown in the locker room after this game. I tweeted out he's America's Funchal. Yeah. He's got. He's got Melissa. I am. I am totally good. With it Duke football. It's been a roller coaster season. But that roller coaster season means what they're seven and three right now. That's right. That's fine. Danny. Jones was all over the place. He was their offense. Cool to see it gets real soon because they get they go to Clemson. But they finished with wake so big no eight and four eight four two is fine. Great Georgia Tech twenty-seven Miami. Twenty-one tech controls the clock the return overs. They run it against the good Miami. Rush defense, then they slowly pull away in the second half Miami on the precipice of missing a bowl. They need to beat Virginia Tech or pit to get their sixth win here and move onto ballgame. Twenty seven to twenty one your final Miami scored a second half touchdown though. So that's new finally Virginia forty five liberty twenty four the only other game here that I did want to throw out that Boise knocked off your boy, Jeff Tedford and Fresno go twenty four to seventeen game. I. I watched that game Saturday morning and came away very impressed with Boise state's resolve especially with Madison Avenue, paving, the way, I think Brett Rippin set some sort of huge mountain west passing record early on in this game. But yeah, Fresno state jumped out to a comfortable lead in Boise state clause back and this opens up the mountain west a little bit. There was some other results that I think Nevada is a very quiet grower right now they start off the season really slow, but Jay Novell. And I think it's Taiji as their quarterback. They've been just laying it on teams Utah state. I mean at San Jose State, send does estate Jordan love is. We might need to start talking about Jordan love just in terms of him being a sort of McKenzie Milton ist group of five quarterback. Troy did a nice job against Georgia. Southern who's now dropped a couple. But that was one of the one of the bigger games of the week in conference USA. Who else? Do we have here that that I had other notes Colgate gave up a touchdown, by the way, which what the hell raiders UCF holds onto beat a navy team that makes it a game later on in the in the fourth quarter. I had some other notes here ties swear, I did Memphis holds on puts almost fifty on Tulsa, who's not good, by the way tie SMU is five and five four and two in the American. It's forget that. It's Yukon SMU was better than they should be at this point another team that I think I can safely say that four Cincinnati Cincinnati is full on good. Houston valiant effort. Dear king tries to do everything. And almost does. But they lose to the temple owls who by the way. Offensive juggernaut out of nowhere. Those the American is quite fun right now. So I enjoy that very much and by the way, the Cincinnati reference was the fact that they're nine and one and beat south Florida by double digits. I don't know. Gosh tie. Don't want to leave anything out though. The collision course is still very much set between you and buffalo. Yup. Buffalo winds Tuesday nights, very comfortably against Kent state. And I you wins comfortably against the Toledo team kind of a gap year for the rockets right now. I don't think there was too much of a surprise. By the way, I said Choi in Georgia Southern conference USA, probably three people notice that totally wrong about their conferences. That's that's a sunbelt mass. It is a sunbelt matchup. I'm a dumb person sometimes app state keeps it rolling with a comfortable win. Lafayette, actually made a dent in army for a little bit for a little bit. I it was just a little bit. But that's that's good enough. North North Texas who had started the year out really well as come back to earth a little bit. They lose to ODU. Nice win for Florida Atlantic because they won a game. It was western Kentucky. That's your boy. Mike Sanford, having a tough tough year. What the hell toppers? They follow an six in conference very quietly once again, and it shouldn't be quite UAB now undefeated in conference USA nine and one overall. They get by southern miss who's not terrible and Spencer Brown another nice game for the blazers so cool to see from conference USA now two years removed from not existing tie from not existing. That's every have. Yeah. I quote to you from an Email we received early this morning from Nick of the salt verbal research department. Yes. He says I'm looking forward to week twelve for what it's worth a potential name idea with division races winding down and bowl eligibility on the docket. Many teams are about to add. Games to their schedules. For this reason, perhaps save the date Saturday might fill. I am. We could definitely do a marital themes week twelve show for sure this is sort of a marital theme show. You gave the advice at the top. Congratulations to Gail ingenious true. Save the date Saturday coming up in week twelve I think we I think we call it now. I like that. That's a hard one to be tie. Will you will you honor helped me on her some dudes real quick, please? Please, please. Daniel if it's the last thing we do on this show. Yes. Please honor some dudes. Is AM bugs incredible. And was a fun figure on Alabama's ESPN show before the season started. Daniel Jones is everything once again for Duke, everything everything everything I said everything because I'm honoring Qadri Alison for pit run of pits running game Dexter Williams for Notre Dame. Come on full on do drew and the punter for Ohio State. The Andrea swift. You know, Daryl Taylor for Tennessee Thailand. Wallace. Mike goodness, Madison Avenue for Boise state on the ground. David long making plays all over the place for West Virginia. Ben, it's ironic for northwestern with the incredible catch Jordan Humphrey, the Rowena iron of this show in college football, Jordan, love and MO Ebrahim for Minnesota. All right there you have it. Thank you to everyone who called into a reverse blunt for eight verbal one spirited as always big thanks to our boy Taylor who cuts those up mashes them together together, this wondrous segment that we like to call the reverse here. Don't forget to follow us at solid. Verbal dot com. Where you can find all of our old episodes and sign up for our newsletter. The newsletter of intent we sent one out on Friday because we have shorts available. We've got shirts that are celebrating college towns across the good old USA. Yes, we've started with south bend Eugene Bethlehem and Easton. There will be more to come. We had a survey at solvable dot com slash survey where you can fill it in. Let us know what you want us to make next we've gotten dozens upon dozens upon dozens of suggestions so far. So we promise will put more out there in your cell, and you've got like six hundred. It's Bill what? Yeah. A lot also feel free to follow us out there on Twitter on Facebook on Instagram we've been granting process of making a Sunday morning recap podcast. So check us out on Instagram if you haven't already and if you'd like to continue the discussion head on out to read it. Dot com slash are slash solid. Verbal it is our sub Rettig created by ballers for ver- baller. Stan. That's all I got. So I got on week eleven that's everything. I have I'm about to run out and get some breakfast egg rolls for brunch. Tie because there's a place in Brooklyn that does it. I'll report back you do that for that guy over there. My good friend, Dan Rubenstein, four myself over here in turn Pennsylvania. Thanks again for listing yet you all on Wednesday. In the meantime, they saw piece.

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