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Approach. Listener support W in Weiss e studios. Number one. Bugs spiders, creepy crawlies in general. Number two, outliving the people. I love. Number three, taking off my shirt and public. My alimentary school used to do like a costume parade at lunch like on the day of how lean or like the Friday before whatever I can't even remember why? But that year I wanted to be like a grim reaper. So the costume that I had was like a robe and my face was fully covered by mesh like black. Thanks. You can even see my face and the robe was very clingy. So it sort of like made out of this, really cheap, latex something. So it showed off every like my body was out there. We get up and we start parading around. And I hear one of the older kids state another one. Hey, look at the fat kid. Number four plane crashes, and my partner told me I should specify whether I'm on the plane or whether I'm being hit by a plane and this case it's on the plane. A mass number five calls in the middle of the night. Mike godmother, Carol her name was Carol Wong. She lived one street over. She was like a second. Mom. I want to say when I was twelve years old. I was watching TV in the back room. My mom ran in and said Carol had a heart attack and. She was dead that night. Charl was the first time where I was like, oh, death this arbitrary. Number six rose. I like rose scare me. Number seven not being taken seriously. Number eight is maybe the one that embarrasses me the most. And that is I'm afraid of being mediocre. I get asked all the time. Why stop being a cellist and the truth? I feel like which I don't admit often. Because it feels embarrassing is that I always felt like I was talented enough to know that I wasn't exceptional. There's an interesting dynamic in my family, especially when I was growing up, my brother and sister who are much older than me, both at a young age knew exactly what they wanted to do new the artistic career that they were going into and became incredibly successful at it. So I feel like as a kid there was this sense of. I don't think anyone else was putting this on me. But there was this sense of like, I can't be not exceptional. Let's see number nine is getting to the end of life and not having maintained friendships. I didn't come out until I went to college and years later, when I changed careers, I left music, and I became, you know, I went into the radio world to like, I can just shed my older self and become a new person became very appealing to me. And I have lost a lot of people because they got caught up in the fray of how quickly can I leave ole Tobin behind and you're part of all Tobin. So you only know him, and I'm a new person now. And when I realized that I was doing this or that I had done this. I had a thought of like I could very well get to them in my life and not feel like somebody was there with me the whole time. Number ten. I would guess I mean to say number ten is dying on an amusement park ride. But like on a dumb ride. It's like how did you die? It's like the spinning teacup. I was on became unhinged. And it went off the rail and I hit a tree in. That's how I. I'm afraid of being judged even in the afterlife. But isn't that where you're supposed to get? My name is Tobin Lau, and these are ten things that scare me. Helvin low is the co host of the podcast, Nancy. You can find ten things that scare me on Instagram Twitter at ten thinks pod. You know, what scares me? That I'm gonna forget which one is the CEO and the CFO, and I'm going to hurt someone's feelings. What are you? Scared of tell us at ten things podcasts dot org.

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