#1301 Who Has Dominion Over You?


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That's board certified physician and maximum. AMC Rolla over here. I make jokes and. You're the funny guy. and you're the smart Guy Right. That's right. Okay, got it Dr. Bring the funny. You bring the brainy. That's where you guys. Get the big bucks which is interesting in that. Why does the world have to be looked at as a cartoon? You know what I mean human do that now. You don't you don't. The. Don't mean a I. I know what you mean when you say a cartoon. But I don't WanNa I. Don't WanNa either reality. Well it works. You know what I mean it's. It's Super Effective I. WanNA thank BLINDS DOT COM simplisafe. Dot Com. Lifelock DOT, com I would argue it's effective if you're like trying to avoid a leopard in the brush. Your you know what I mean. The U Yes, you WanNa simplify very serious dangers and simplify you know what you're looking at in the world, but in terms of social constructs. I think it's I think we have to fight against. Oh we. We have to fight against everything all the time. I mean we have to fight against. Every. Single My. Window for my rowing machine is. Sadly somewhere between nine thirty and ten PM, every night and every night. You know about eight o'clock start negotiating, you know. Oh, I want for a pretty long walk today you know, and then it's like. Why half hour they got twenty minutes is an option right? Know you take the walk, and then you combine it with the twenty and I'm literally negotiating with myself on a sofa watching TMZ and then. Eight and a half times out of ten I discussed I could go down bro for half an hour and I do it, but I mean. Negotiation going on, but. You're actually showing something a little different, which is, that's the ability to walk into the cold water right, and if your ideal with all the time, people have drug addiction that are negotiating with themselves all the time Mungo do a little bit or so last time I'm going to do it. It's constant and they don't go into the water. They they don't go to. The rowing. Machine won't keep slamming the heroin so the. The the the ultimate evolution is you go down row because you got row and that's what you do and you're going to the pool and you don't think about it. Stage two. It's like you negotiate, and then you do it and when I say negotiate, the negotiation is going to knock off. Fifteen percent twelve to fifteen percent of the actual activity. If you're gonNA, go she. You'RE GONNA win twelve percent of the time. or or knocked time off. Yeah, you're going to negotiate your well. It's Sunday when I took a yeah. What took the dog for hype today? I'll go twenty. We you. That's why you need that skill of cold water. Just no stop go into. That's part of the skill it is I don't know if it's. Possible for some people not to negotiate. The the question is. Are you. Who Has Dominion over you right you or the part of you who you're negotiating west you. That's hard for people to get right and we all know the people. You have. Your extreme examples layered Hamilton. He wins his negotiations. If he negotiates at all, you know what I mean, then they're people like you that are on a very high scale of negotiation. There's people like me. They're on a lower scale, but still a general winning of the battle. Then there is. Different battles like I will lose the battle of the rowing machine eight percent of the time, but I don't lose the battle of the writing a book. Write eight percent of the time or or cancelling. Stand up appearance like that's. Because you put a structure in place that you're obliged that steps into you? If you don't step into, it just shows up okay Gaddum's time to talk about your book you know, and then you just, and that's one of the dealing with that. Yes, yes, it one other ways to deal with it. I got up this morning earlier that I wanted to do. get up and as I got up as I get up many mornings and I'm on the phone with some radio station because I've set that in place, you know. then. There was a funny then. There's a funny thing on Sunday night. At nine. Thirty. PM. At nine thirty P M Radio called Shit show call, and that was a long form like twenty five thirty minutes, and I had negotiated with myself all row, Garin the whole, all new my and throwing it. And then I got on the rowing machine, and the first thing I realized was. Turn my fan on. Because, that makes too much noise except fan because it gets pretty sweaty. And then the next thing you know as I was on hold I started rowing and I realize you could hear. It were rare and then I was like. Okay I can't do this. While I'm having this interview, it's making the sound of the chain or whatever so then I negotiated over to my balance, board. My Indo boards got two cylinder with the skateboard top on it I'll stand on that and I'll just rock back and forth for for the thirty minutes and it. It doesn't make any noise I can do it. It's not really a workout, but I'll always engage my body for this period of time it'll be better than sitting on the Sofa, and then because it was a Sunday night, I was like all right I'm done. It's ten o'clock I'm going back onto the rowing machine now, and that was like a little little loss in my battle, and it's a little disappointing, little little bit of a deflating thing. Hey, listen. I was thinking about the cold stuff lately too cold water hold water. I've noticed. There's some interesting things happening for me. You tell me what this is all about if you have any insight. For one thing there's like a time course to it in other words. If you don't do it, every day takes about three days, and you're sort of back your back quite a ways after about three days in terms of tolerating it, and being willing to do it and well I'll if you're doing it every day, the ability is remarkably sharp I you know the part of life, physiology psychology, and what have you? Always. That always sort of baffled me, and that I always thought was. Essentially unfair I used to laugh about it with Donny, which is Donnie never owned a pair running shoes, much less pair cleats. And mind that's weird. He Hung Out Rip Bong loads and watch watch old-timey movies, and I was literally on a football field like pushing a sled, right. Jet Kurt sled running laps with dragging truck tire behind me. You know I blame the pot. Because when you're young man. You KINDA WANNA do stuff like that running bleachers. You Know I. Don't know some people are that way? Some people aren't anyway. I mean bleachers. I lived in the weight room I this and that and the other. By the time we're both thirty. We both stood next with with our shirts off. You couldn't tell which one did all that stuff? In which one did nothing right? There was no didn't translate anything. The second you stop. The second stop living in that weight room, the second stop playing that football, the second stop running those bleachers and do intuitive as in. Weeks after that just right back to normal. It's fast. Yeah, just run right back. Land and and and then sadly. Guys like rain Chris, who just drank beer and smoked cigarettes ten times rather than we did, and never did any of that shit. That's the sad. That's a sad testimony. Also I get that. But it is for muscles. It is about two weeks and you're done erector square one. If, you never did right, but but this is a different thing. This is a neuro. Biological things a brain thing and I thought how that's kind of crazy to me that it deteriorates that fast. I would you agree with me? This earth, day and you're like. I look at I. Look at everything. Is elderly person slipping in the TUB and breaking their hip? It's gone fast. Right goes from okay, it goes from. That guy's spry I, seventy nine to. Look. Into a week. That's how the body yeah, okay, so and the brain all right so the other thing so I examined myself as I as I go through this process, right cold water. I drew co water, I in our cat hot water for get and I can tolerate that especially if I've been doing it for while. NOPE, no problem like it gets very like I kind of miss it even and when I go into the cold. I've noticed that it's not I wondered. Is that the body's response that goal changes or is something about the brain? Changing and I've noticed I'm able to distract myself from the cold. It's an intentional thing. It's like yeah, it's cold. The doesn't It's it's away from me. I'm not experiencing Jim saying saying. Does that make sense? Or is that my own personal? I think. I think what it is. Your body in your mind. In our society. And you think about all this stuff. Once. You get on this sort of like. We're very malleable I've been thinking about this a lot like if somebody said. Hey! Gavin newsom has made new rule what? Every morning at six am no matter where you are. And what time you went to bed. You have to get up and do push-ups and then get back into bed. You go what no? What now come on. And then seven days later you your arms go off at six am, and you'll be doing push ups. That's that's how most people are in the frog. Yeah, it just like okay. We're just doing this now. You. Get used to slow pitch. And so when it comes to the pool because I have to deal with it, too, because it's the dog days of summer, my pools eighty degrees I'm not in my pool I take a cold shower which is. Twenty five thirty percent of the winter pool experience me a little shock, it goods. It's a little starter little bumper. Take a little nap, but it's not a full night's sleep, you know. and. Once you get into that pool that in the pool. Knock and stuff. It's just like you get up in the morning and you go. This is what I do. You miss two days of it and you get it for the Morillo. Is this what I young? I didn't do it yesterday. And I need to that looks. The Hill looks a bit taller. It looks, and it is is more intense. Argue that it is, but you. CERT- you've now given yourself. This option you've gone from is this? This is what I do to do I do this because I, didn't do it. It's Wednesday I didn't do it this week. Yet I agree, but but the actuality of getting in the cold is more intense to. That's the part that sort of striking. And and the ability to tolerate. It's a little less. pisses me off. It's SORTA how it's three days. I'm already a pussy again. It's a it's a good argument. Like. Childbirth. It's amazing how fast you pussy sense back in the shape. True, snap right back into buzzy. GAVE HIMSELF UP? 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There is a guy in Minnesota Dr Jensen. Who was being pressured to? Fill out the death certificates, a certain way by hospitals and health commissioners whatnot. And he spoke about and tweeted about it, and was immediately reported to his health. The Medical Board of Quality Assurance in the state of Minnesota and had to appear for the tribunal for dangerous remarks right. This guys Nice Guy, and he's a family practitioner have been practicing for thirty years and he was just raising a question. As usual you raise the question. You're dangerous person. How dare you? Well it's basically like. We're in full blown panic mode, and if you say anything that's outside the boundaries of full blown panic mode, then you're considered murderer. Dissenter Benedict Arnold or something like you're not down with the 'cause. Yeah, so you want kill grandma. Yeah and I'm like I don't know. People allowed to differing opinions on this F. especially trained people and using their experience. This is one of the most disturbing part about the whole. Epidemic is the fact that medicine has been usurped by. Mobs and politicians and talk show, host and journalist. And the people who have no business even commenting. On what we're doing is the medical profession. If if Hillary Clinton had been thinking about this, do this thought experiment, if Hillary Clinton or president, Obama was still president. This story would be like the second or third story on the news every night, and it would end with doctors are struggling. It's very dangerous, but they're doing their best, and we'll know we'll forge John and that would be that the S., and and in fact I was talking to my son yesterday I go. He asked that question. I go that you're right. That's a great question to ask. And I said this entire thing would go and in fact. That's how it went in two thousand nine. When we had a pandemic, that killed five hundred seventy five thousand people worldwide worldwide. Infected somewhere between half a billion and a billion. And you don't know what happened. Right and then you go back, you look. The press releases up. There is usual people from the CDC standing up in on evening. News and saying this as bad as bad. Roy Working on it and that's. Why and I got it on I nearly died of it was terrible is an awful illness while nothing now? This worse I can't comparing. Pandemics is somewhat of an unfair thing, but it's an interesting thought experiment to do. Well during I were talking the other day off the air. When the? Senators talking about being on Hydroxy Clark Win and Joy Behar screaming at him. You're killing yourself. She's not screaming at him. She's screaming at his doctor. Which is insane because a Borscht belt had comedian is now telling doctor how to do his job. With a medicine, she just learned the name of the week before right now. He's been using for thirty years. That senator or congressman. I can't remember. He didn't decide in administer this drug to himself. He consulted with doctor who thought it was appropriate. Joy Behar's yelling at him. She's really yelling at his Dr Seuss. And that's what it feels. I believe me as a physician. You Stream -ly. And by the way of you, if you look back to my history with pandemic when we're back in February, you'll find me on a daily blast. Live show going to shut up. The press needs to shut up. They have no business talking about this. I can see what they're doing. They're creating panic. Shut up, let the doctors listened to foul cheat. Let the doctors handle this. That's been my. I've been saying this from the beginning and now were in full panic mode. And one of these crazy things because of the panic. It's hard to know what's going on. Yes, it's hard to figure out information and right now. Particularly we'll do look covid update. Yes, but right now particularly I'm having trouble figuring out where we are I'll show you some data. Matt Forty Missouri. Yeah like Nice talking to you. Adam drew drew I. Love Your Doctor that you do thanks daily whatever he's. Pretty Good I. Just, really like to say that the reason I started doing them. Is I like the French Resistance? I felt like somebody's Dr No I really felt like I was from my home in my basement number. I'm broadcasting out to people that want the truth and just wanted to calm everybody down with with the best. I could do to interpret the data that was out there. It gets confusing it for me as I'm saying. Well the door. You're saying before what my question but I. Think what the caller was talking four. Was that there? There's this report from like one of the local Fox channel with showing that I guess some of the hospitals, or or some of the they're showing like a ninety eight percent positivity rate, but I guess the labs want reporting any of the negative, so it looked like a hundred like there's a whole bunch of the labs that are reporting literally one hundred percent positivity rate. On everything that they want I think that's what he was. Okay, you have to. Who knows what that means I. Mean Again I I don't know what that even I I don't know what they're talking about after go to the lab and go. What are we reporting here? As opposed to looking at the headlines which become nonsensical, so my bet is. That, that's a report on hospitalized probably Cova patients. Guess what? Hospice probable Kobe patients most of them are positive. That's good news, everybody. We know how to identify Cova. Different thing that community testing. So who knows what they're reporting on hey gary. Yes sir. There's an episode of Love. Line Asari love boat. Two worlds collided. There's an episode. with, like was ginger Rogers. Yes, we're we're. She's supposed to perform shoes performing. and. They're sets. His weird seventies era It was like. Watching. Mike Douglas, saying or merv Griffin saying. Or George, Burns saying they wouldn't really saying it Kinda talk through the song and have people behind them doing things. And the audience would be completely jacked up for it, Oh, my God. That's amazing, but it was essentially talking wasn't quite what Dj Cala does which is sitting. He doesn't do anything, but I mean. She was singing. Love will keep us together by captain into Neil. And it was such a crazy. Time piece it was it was such a gares got. It was so I the reason I like showing this stuff. And you guys listening because I'd mainly just see sort of the look on Matt and Gary who weren't around or if they were around, there were. Toddlers when this shit went down, but this is what entertainment used to be, and there's no equivalent for you and me. She was she was. She was considered a mega star. Who has like you know? I don't know who would be like Liza? Minnelli today are Barbra, streisand or something? She was on the cruise and they convinced her. To perform, which is like it'd be like a Barbra streisand was at your party. She stayed in like. Stand up and sing a couple of okay. I'll do it except for. You listen to the talent level of this is. Ginger. Rogers Yeah Fred Astaire's partner. Let's just by the way not a singer Dancer, and also enjoy the backup singers. The guy's Fred. Lounge! Dancing on on Saturday night also would always go. We perform, and they do one song and then link. I this is. Together. Thing when? Some sweet talk in them don't. Don't Arou-. W strong. Also by the, she's not dancing and she into that even singing. That's sure. If this chick popped up like Karaoke night at a bar girl fucking Santa Ladder. She's dancing with the dancing. News. Non. TV twenty million beeper. And They do the whole fucking song. Right dried talking. Because free minutes. Stop. Up for three hours. Trying to figure out which one of backup dancers have been claimed by AIDS on my computer, for like two hours trying to figure out which one of these guys played by AIDS, if not all of them I think pretty much. To say sorry to say. Where's the backup singer? kickball. Sunbed. Because, that's not singing. Turn you are. Turning your. Back and change off. ally. Not Saying. I won't be. As I'll need you. Disturbing, Me Dancing. And at the end they like hoist her up and they shower her with flowers audiences. Wowed. The as you're still the best. Still robust. Standing. To explain to people. Fred astaire dance important from the. Some the flowers. There's great when they put. Put the tape over her. With, sad, because it was like. Like. The love boat was a show that all the former feuds celebrities from the forties and fifties would go to be deep since. They literally going to Davy Jones Locker. But. They would appear there with other current TV stars. TV. All the networks would show up. Yeah from the sixties from the sixties yeah. Bob Crane. Guys like I was trying to figure out I was looking at Gary at Omar Sharif. Who was that? He was in funny girl. He was famous in this one. I fell asleep in the middle of. On, where's your commitment? Show Pratt. Dude I was I was the one that alerted us. The Dallas cowboys cheerleaders in that who was in that episode is that Omar Sharif, or who is the dapper gendelman with this sort of Henson Mustache? Oh. One of those guys guy like that. Yeah, all right, let me hit blinds, Galore, and then I'll let gary find that blinds Galore family owned and run first place to buy custom window treatments, online blinds, shades, shudders drapes. They've got it all experts at blinds. 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So? or Ginger Roberts or gender Rogers Larry Lynnville. Bill Daley that's from by dream of Jeannie. John Hillerman no. NEELA Hutton No. Give me. Give me a few minutes. It's going GonNa be the last male name you name. you better recognize that name, but the here's what's what's kind of the car crash aspect for it for you and me? There's no in quivalent for us. There's no period of history. Look at what the? Because it was all kind of. Leaving Shore! No, no, no come on at the top. It'd be right at the top. It in the. Beginning of like in alphabetical order. But you know what I mean because films and stuff from the Forties TV from the fifties, a little wonky, but not. Nonsensical, you can't believe it kind of thing in the seventies seventies like what the what? The, you can't get your head around it. I kinda blamed coke cocaine, yeah! I think a lot of people were high. No I blame the sixties. I think I think we came out of the sixties and we just unraveled and we didn't. Look at the cars and the and the architecture. They just nothing. We were moored. And so Drek to shit would go as as. You know his wonderful. How about this Bill Daley Douglas Fairbanks? Fairbanks junior yeah, yeah, now the thing WHO's A. Film. The thing that. The thing that's crazy about. Douglas Fairbanks Junior is. I Gary and Matt. God from Happy Madison Chris. Morley no happy Madison. Let's see. Happy Madison is the name of Adam Sandler's production company, or do you mean the movie Oh happy? Gilmore LP Gilmar sorry billy billy sorry. Billy Madison on. Yeah, the golf on. Gilmore Happy Gilmore there. You Go Chris What's his name from? Shooter mcgavin hold on yeah there you go. Christopher McDonald's Christopher McDonald. They go. You can find Douglas, fairbanks junior and Christopher McDonald, and they look like the same person. I was looking at it a little bit. He had a mustache. This weird hair and he was older and stopped, but I was looking at his eyes and I'm like Oh. That's the same guy and I was like. I didn't know there were some relation or know both actors, obviously not of second nephew or something, but there's some. Interesting I. Related Kind of connection there, that was It I don't know if it's interesting or not, but Gary will find pictures of them about the same age and I think you'll see something in that. Is there someone online to? Or making that up, Yeah Judy Judy. Hey! What's going on? Well I I saw your tweet about calling in, and I had a question I was hoping you guys would address sure by the way. Nice to speak with you both. My question. My question is regarding the lack of law enforcement. related to the following a the homeless situation with A. Drug Needles and human waste on the streets, the illegal aliens you know the open borders, and there's no disease screening for illegals. We have veal in protesters and looters who were not required to wear mass. And the mass. release of convicted dangerous prisoners are being released into the population on the American. Public so my question is. What is your opinion on this planned mass chaos on America? And how do you think it will end? Well. I would say that's a question from privilege. Privileges motivating. Stealing bread to feed their kids. That's all yeah, hungry person. Can a hungry person steal a loaf of bread for their hungry John Only if they carry it in the Ducey bag. Yeah boy, she seems insane to me. Say Yeah or maniacal, or there's something wrong with her something. She doesn't connect things like well you. Everyone's talking Alvis criminality violence, but even looked locked up. You don't have rent money you're. You're starving. You steal a loaf of bread. What are you going to do? It's like okay, is that? Did anyone ask that question, is it? Somebody said. Hey, what's happening all the bakery trucks? I was down. I was down at Nabisco and I was going down through the Keebler factory there. Is that. Is that covered in the news? The stealing of carbohydrates vinnie would be very distraught. Kelly restricted carpet. Yeah, the the problem is the only thing that works is. Sort of law and order, and sadly reimagining things doesn't work. Otherwise we would have figured it out over. The thousands of years so as I always say. The only thing that works is the internal combustion engine. It's not the jet engine, but that's okay. We can make it cleaner. We can make it more efficient. We can do better with it and we have, and we can keep evolving it, so we can keep doing that with law enforcement, but we can't just go. We're GONNA reimagined the internal combustion engine. She she s where it's going through crystal brain. Tell her where it's going is a larger group are going to move out of mismanaged cities. And off the places where they simply have freedom and safety, and can afford it, and who's going to be left behind escape from New York I mean it's just it's going to be a fucking hell. Scape of people who can't afford to get out and it's GonNa essentially be like Katrina. It's like everyone with a running car and some money in their pocket is going to is going to split, and everyone else is just GonNa, hang out, and just in the tide just GonNa. Drown them. Data that's well. Isn't that how it works? I mean. You know. Take a look at Katrina there were saying you got a everyone. Pack up and out, and the people who could pack up and head out packed up and headed out the people that didn't have a car that would make it or enough fuel, money or enough. Fill in the blank. They stayed and they were up on the roof. That's that's how it's GonNa work. Everybody lifelock cybercriminals are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic. They are sending malware. 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And Save Up to twenty five percent off your first year by using Promo Code Adam call one eight hundred lifelock or head to lifelock dot Com Promo Code Adam for twenty five percent off the part stand about these key from New York Steffi's. What are the? What are the government officials thinking? Where do they think the money comes from further? Go for the government. They're running. It's weird. Like the California that keeps shutting everything down. Their tax. Revenue is nil. What how do they think this works? What is the? What are they thinking? I can't figure it out. I I think that. When you're sitting and air conditioning. And you should a looking out the window and people are toiling in the sun, and they're mopping their brown. It's one hundred and eight degrees outside, and you look at your phone and it's like. Oh, it's one hundred degrees today, but seventy one here where I am and they go. someone should do something about that as long as it's seventy one where you're standing. It's just like seventy one man. I'm fine. That that's. Now the greats the greats said. I'm going to lead those men into battle, and then went. No, no, no, your general stood up here on top of the hill and observe like no. No I'M GONNA. Lead them at those people are few, and far between it sure seems like the war now they're not existent. I. Got Air Conditioning. Screw it. Let's figure it out. It's A. It's a real kind of real time. Sort of here's what's going on now and I'm air conditioning and I don't care about Judy mentioned homeless. That's GonNa just explode. Did you find fairbanks? McDonald the picture. Who Pretty close, it's the it's the knows you need the color of the fairbanks. That's the thing because you'll see his. You'll see his you'll see as is. We'll figure that out all right. Pull it down for now. Gary. We'll find a good color of the fairbanks in and we'll get into it to show. SAR this. Friday Saturday twenty, four twenty twenty-fifth Dallas Addison Improv doing stand up over there and then next weekend thirty I through the first San Antonio, laugh out loud doing. Stand up, but hey span. Aren't you scared now? Not a pussy September eighteenth and Nineteenth Tempe Improv that was rescheduled to hang onto those tickets. Dot Com for all live shows coming to Kansas City come into Royal Oak in Michigan and get my book not Taco. Sorry, get my ebook. I'm emotional support animal. It's available now on Amazon's doing quite nicely so I get it write. A review drew Dutcher DOT COM. facebook Dr Drew Dr Drew. Dot TV we do a stream on a regular basis. Update you on Kobe of interesting interviews to talk through. Till next I'm Dr Say Mahalo.

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