Tue. 05/05 UKs Contact Tracing App Wont Work In the Background


Welcome to the technetium Ryan. Home for Tuesday may fifth twenty twenty. I'm Brian McCullough today the UK has played by Google and apple's rules and it seems like they're contact. Tracing APP is failing because of that and yet are Google and apple making decisions above their station. Uber might be bailing out. Lime Microsoft is reconsidering its Windows X. Strategy and sensor tower is the interesting rays of the day. Here's what you missed today in the world of Tech Apple has announced ww DC dates which it does every year is news every year. Just not always the biggest news every year. This year is different. Of course though so details around this are sort of interesting. Ww DC will kick off June twenty. Second it will be virtual. You will be able to participate and follow along inside the apple developer APP as well as on the EPA website and it will be free for anyone quoting nine to five Mac. Apple doesn't share specifics. About how exactly the virtual ww DC will work beyond accessing it through its developer APP and website. Fortunately the company still has a month and a half to figure out the logistics of converting everything to a digital format while preserving key elements of the WW DC experience an quote so to sum up virtual free for anyone which I should underline anyone. It's worth mentioning that. This means you can participate to Larry's no cap on developers and it's going to happen a bit later in June than usual. But that's no big deal now. The only thing left be seen how they will actually do things like demos while still social distancing onstage because you know demos are Demos. They sometimes require some real up close time. According to the register the contact tracing APP that the National Health Service of the United Kingdom has been developing on its own as a centralized APP. Because it didn't want to use the decentralized framework provided by Google Apple does not appear to work unless the APP in question is running in the foreground and the phone is kept awake and unlocked. Oh and it will also ask users for locations something that the Google and apple systems specifically will not allow APPs to do quoting from the register. The apple not as it stands work all the time on IOS nor android since version eight the operating systems won't allow the tracing application to Broadcast ID via Bluetooth to surrounding devices when it's running in the background and not inactive use apple's IOS forbids it and newer Google android versions limited to a few minutes after the APP falls into the background. That means that unless people have the NHL APP running in the foreground and their phones awake most of the time the fundamental principle underpinning the entire system that phones detect. Each Other won't work. It will work if people open the APP and leave it open and the phone unlocked but if you close it and forgets reopen it or the phone falls asleep the apple not broadcast it's ide- and no other phones around. You will register that you've been close by. There's a handy video of someone in Australia's showing this Australia by the way has gone for a similar system with its covert safe. App and quote so that all seems pretty sub optimal right. The whole point of using phones is that you don't have to actively do anything. The phone just does the proximity sensing for you. And as for the location issue this comes from vice quote in Levy Technical Director of the National Cyber Security Center which developed the APP tried to reassure. Those worried about privacy concerns on Monday saying the APP quote doesn't have any personal information about you. It doesn't collect your location. And the design works hard to ensure that you can't work out who has become symptomatic and that quote it holds only anonymous data and communicate out to other systems through privacy preserving gateways and quote but the first thing the APP asks users to do is enter their zipcode before giving them a unique ide- that's directly linked to their phones. It also logs the exact make and model of the phone. If a user reports symptoms of covered nineteen they will also be asked to upload their contacts to a centralized server controlled by the government. The government has regularly been saying that the server only holds anonymous data veal said this is legally untrue. The data in the server is unambiguously not under UK law and indeed every single broadcast. Every phone makes can be easily decrypted to link back uniquely to a single device and quote on Monday the NC Chief Executive Matthew Gold was forced to admit to lawmakers that data will not be deleted and UK citizens will not have the right to demand. It is deleted. It can also be used for research in the future and quote so excellent right as Rupert goodwins tweeted as far as I can tell the. Sx APP can't work well enough to provide useful data and only well enough to break the law and quote by the by apple and Google just released some sample code as well as you. I screen shots. Also detailed policies for contact tracing APPs looking to use these particular. Api's and yes indeed. The system prohibits the collection of user location data. And not to zag on you intentionally here but that is sort of opening up a whole different slew of questions. This is quoting Reuters. Both companies said privacy and preventing governments from using the system to compile. Data on citizens was a primary goal. The system uses Bluetooth signals from phones to detect encounters and does not use or store. Gps location data but the developers of official Corona Virus Related APPs in several U S states told Reuters. Last month. It was vital they be allowed to use. Gps location data in conjunction with the new contact tracing system to track how outbreaks move and identify hotspots the Google Apple decision to not allow. Gps data collection with they're contact tracing system will require public health authorities that want to access. Gps location to rely on. What apple and Google have described as unstable battery draining? Work arounds alternatives. Likely would miss some encounters because I phones an android devices turn off Bluetooth connections after some time for battery saving and other reasons unless users remember to reactivate them but some upset they plan to stick to their own approaches software company twenty which developed the State of Utah's health together contact tracing with both Jess and Bluetooth said on Monday. The APP operates effectively without the new apple. Google tool and quote so now what is the point of having a contact tracing APP if it doesn't allow health officials to identify where new hotspots might be springing up that defeats the entire purpose? So I'm GonNa some up with the counter argument here. Beginning with Dr Abbas fangio quote apple and Google are imposing American values on the world by limiting the usefulness of contact tracing APPs. The values aren't privacy. There distressing government and the individual is more important than the health of society. See Gun violence healthcare and quote and here's benedict summation quote. There is a very careful discussion to be had around. How apple and Google are imposing policy decisions as opposed to technical decisions with their contact project as it stands you need test verified by a thirty to notify but the health authority will have no visibility on what contact matches come back nor on where they are location. Data is not allowed unclear if they even get anonymous stats on the matches as far as I can see. None of these are engineering decisions. This is not the same as Silicon Valley saying we are not able to make a secure backdoor. This is Silicon Valley. Saying we do not want you to be able to do X. There are lots of ethical considerations about this and one could argue that these choices are necessary to get adoption. But aren't these policy questions for policy. People apples plan entirely bans public health APP from collecting location from the phone automatically. It does let you ask for registration so you could ask people who get an exposure notification to let you know but you're not allowed to require it. There are very sound engineering reasons for Apple Google to control how APPS can access location and bt L. E. but the decision that public health apps cannot see any data about contact matches. Even where they are is not an engineering decision. A decision and quote data is the transformative energy of the modern enterprise. Tipco HELPS CUSTOMERS. Unlock the value of that real time. Data to create a competitive asset for customers like Panera bread that meant unifying their data so they could quickly launch panera bread grocery and diversify their business during the quarantine for T. mobile working with TIPCO. Meant being able to handle ten times. 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Tell them Brian sent you quick. Follow up it did indeed happened. Intel says it is officially buying urban mobility platform. Move it for approximately nine hundred million dollars. This is the story about the rumors I told you about yesterday and quoting tech crunch. This is all happening for the reasons that we discussed yesterday. Quote Intel has confirmed to me that all existing services will continue but additionally plans to use move its technology to expand the services. It offers via mobile. I the autonomous car company that Intel acquired for fifteen point. Three billion dollars in two thousand seventeen. Which is the anchor of its efforts. In the automotive sector specifically move it's tech will be used to expand and enhance mobilize mobility as a service offering Intel said. Mobilize driver assist. Technology is in some sixty million vehicles today and while atomic services robot taxes are still in their most nascent phase. The opportunities are big. Intel believes that robot taxis alone will be a one hundred sixty billion dollar market by twenty thirty and quote. The information is reporting. That Uber is in talks to lead a one hundred and seventy million dollar investment in East cooter startup lime and five hundred and ten million dollar valuation that valuation would be down a seventy nine percent from the last time lime realized the way. I'm reading this. This is an emergency infusion of much needed cash to keep Lima live but it also seems like Uber will sell its bike slash scooter. Division jump to lime in exchange for stock this will also allow uber the option of acquiring lime outright sometime between twenty twenty two and twenty twenty four quoting the information uber already owns a minority stake in line but the deal would significantly increase. Its share as part of the proposed deal. Uber would transferred to lime the bike and scooter business. That the Ride Hailing Company purchased twenty eighteen. Called jump. Uber would get the option to buy lime between two thousand twenty two twenty twenty four at a specific price and in the meantime Uber would feature lime scooters more prominently in the Uber App. The deal discussions could still fall apart or go in a different direction to people. Close to Lime said Lime speaking with some existing investors about participating in the financing but hasn't yet gathered commitments from them. Guber would invest about eighty five million dollars the financing would give Lima enough cash to get through a period when few people are leaving their homes. The San Francisco based startup has laid off about two hundred people. Since the beginning of the year or about thirty percent of staff it has slowly started reintroducing scooters into cities after pulling vehicles from nearly all its markets in March in general Uber's own scooter and bike rental efforts have struggled financially more than limes and all prominent businesses in the micro mobility field had significant difficulties in the pre cove in nineteen era. The move save Uber. Several hundred million dollars annually in operating costs and tens of millions of dollars more. If the lion's share of jumps four hundred employees moved to lime or leave the company and quote Microsoft says there has been a seventy five percent year over year. Jump in the amount of time spent by users inside windows ten and windows ten x which is interesting but I guess it makes a Lotta Sense. Less mobile usage since a lot of us are not mobile at the moment and more people are now tied to their laptops or desktops to do work remotely but the most interesting new details shared by Microsoft. Is that windows. Ten X which was originally pitched as being for dual screen devices is actually gonNA COME TO LAPTOPS I. This is Tom. Warren at the verge quote Microsoft is confirming today that it's planning to refocus windows. Ten X on single screen devices quote. The world is a very different place than it was last October when we shared our vision for a new category of dual screen windows devices explained. Panos panay Microsoft's windows and devices chief with windows. Ten X we designed for flexibility and that flexibility has enabled us to pivot are focused towards single screen windows ten x devices that leverage the power of the cloud to help our customers work. Learn and play in new ways. Pani said and quote. Microsoft isn't saying exactly when single screen devices like laptops will support windows ten x nor win dual screen devices will launch with the OS however windows ten x will launch on single screen devices. I quote we will continue to look for the right moment in conjunction with our oem partners to bring dual screen devices to market says. Panay and quote sources are telling Mark Gherman facebook's OCULUS division is developing a smaller lighter version of the quest VR headset. But that the device is still facing significant. Potential Delays Dacoven nineteen quote these social networking giant is working on multiple potential successors to the quest. Some models in advanced testing are smaller lighter and have a faster refresh rate for more realistic content. According to people familiar with the matter. These headsets also have redesigned controllers. Said the people who asked not to be identified discussing unannounced products. The company hasn't finalized which new version of the quest will release and the final product may have different features facebook originally planned to launch the new model at the end of two thousand twenty around its annual Oculus conference but the corona virus pandemic could delay headset from shipping until twenty twenty one. The people said some versions and testing are ten percent to fifteen percent smaller than the current quest that in addition to being lighter makes them more comfortable to wear one of the people said the existing model weighs about one point two five pounds which is too heavy for some users. Wearing the device for extended periods the models and testing are closer to a pound. The person said and quote. I know I've already seen it in my inbox this morning. Apple is integrating its meat. Teleconferencing product into g mail for non G. Suite customers. And if you're one of the lucky duckie's like I've been you might already see a link to launch meat inside your g mail sidebar. Quoting the verge putting meat front and center is Google's latest attempt to go head to head with zoom the ubiquitous videoconferencing APP. That has so far. Ruled the stay at home. Era Meet will have some privacy controls that zoom has lacked resulting in instances of zoom bombing. You can't just click a link to join a meat. You'll have to log into your google account to do so if the meeting host or meet host has not invited you. You'll be sent to a waiting area. Until the host approves you and unlike zoom the free version of meat won't have dial in landline numbers for meetings and quote. Which again right there do not like for reasons. I've already mentioned finally today an interesting raise but unlike as usual. This isn't some company that he likely had never heard of before. In fact it's a company that I mentioned on this show. All the time sensor tower the mobile APP Market Research Company is raising forty. Five million dollars from river would capital. And what's interesting? Is that sensor? Tara says it has been profitable from basically day one and had only previously raised a one million dollar seed round quoting techcrunch APP intelligence firms like Senator Tower and rivals including APP. Annie APP Topi and others aim to become one stop shops. For Data and insights censor towers current offerings include insights into US Acquisition Strategies Aso or APP store optimization competitive analysis and APP specific data like daily ranks installs review analysis and more its customers can also get a view of the APP economy. Globally with top charts publisher breakdowns quarterly reports at Intelligence and other data among center towers client base are a number of enterprise level customers including Morgan Stanley and tencent in total the company has more than three hundred and fifty enterprise users sensor tower has been profitable since launch and reports. That two thousand nineteen saw record annual recurring revenue and sixty five percent growth year over year. It's employee headcounts. Also increased fifty percent over the past year as sensor tower has expanded internationally including with the opening of a new London. Office aimed and quote find. Might regret this but I put up a post in the show sub read it. Which is our slash ride home by the way asking. Y'All for some listener feedback. It's been over two years doing this. Podcast now so. I thought I'd just take the temperature of the audience in a really really general way. I'm looking for any and all feedback really so just posted a threat with whatever you'd like to tell me but I'd be especially interested in feedback framed in one of these buckets. First of all. What has most annoyed you about the show recently second what has been the best thing about the show recently. What would you like to have more of on the show and also what have I never done or maybe never even thought of doing that? You would like me to do on the show. Thanks in advance for any and all contributions again you can find that at our slash ride home on talk to you tomorrow.

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