Elegy For The Anvil with Natalya and Tyson Kidd


The Jericho network on Westwood One. Tall. Tall recall. Ricco. All right, welcome. Talk as Jared goes the pot of thunder and rock and roll. And today it's a tribute to Jim, the anvil night heart from ninety nine heart Jim's daughter and her husband. His son-in-law Tyson Kidd aka TJ Wilson, the back on the show to talk all about the late great anvil gyms last big indepth interview before his passing who's running around talks Jericho. I just put that up again as a re rerun. I guess you'd say reentering checkout on Spotify apple podcasts, or the Westwood One apple, if you haven't heard it yet. Jim talked a lot about his time in wrestling till some great stories, but being part of the legendary heart Phoenician tag team and now natty and TJ sharing some of their favorite stories with the envel- stuff from that he's childhood and what it was like growing up her on the business with her dad constant on the road stories gyms last few years. They didn't like that Luke gallows and what he enjoyed what today's WB and even shooting the total divas TV show. It's a great tribute to the n. Ville facts the ninety and tease. For in having me into their home to remember him. That's coming up right away. I also coming up. It's the Judas rise into her closing in the last few shows were in Charlotte, North Carolina tonight, the underground that's going to be used show Jacksonville, North Carolina got moved due to hurricane Florence, that poopie hurricane. We are now going to be in Johnson city, Tennessee, Capone's they're able to get us into the into the venue with only a few days notice. So if you're in the Tennessee area, Johnson city, Knoxville, Morristown, mild stopping grounds, come hang out with this Johnson city Tennessee at Capone's. That's on the twentieth that's on Thursday. 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So maybe like a probably a couple of minute, like Bill apter, but in terms of sit down like that. Yeah, definitely the last one. Yeah. And we're here, Jim passed away a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to just have conversation two guys and just kinda remember the the life and times of very unique and quirky guys. And in fact, when he passed away text Brett and he said, hey, man, sorry to hear the news. I said, you know, anvil was one in a million and Brett's sent back one in ten million, you know guy that you don't really come across a guy like that too. Often. No, he, my dad was really unique at funny because like I was, you know, telling you about how it was looking back on pictures of my dad and like my dad was just so cool. And I said that at the service was so nice to have you at the service like you're kind of an extended part of the heart family. Like. I'll get it not be. There's a few people. There's a few people that are just quirky and original that they can hang with family, and it was interesting talking with Jim on the podcast and Jim, we'll discuss he. He had some. Some. We mentioned he had some Alzheimer's at that point in time. Do you did you notice he was including me with him, like you were there and like I think he was kind of confusing that I was actually in the WF in the eighties with him. Funny enough. Maybe this story is better a little bit later, but one time I'm here watching raw and it was a Luke gallows match, and Jim's expression just totally changed. And he's like this guy, he's horrible. I hate this guy and I thought there there are a few years. There were a few years where Luke gallows was released, and he was like this little kind of king of the Indies typing Lukwago get a booking in South Africa and kind of the Booker there. Right? He book Oberg over there Lucas like in charge gals. Yeah, he's. She's the hustler man. So I thought, oh, man, damn gals in Jim at a bad thought, no way gals would love Jim more than any quarters. Ultimate brother. Yeah, yeah. So then a little bit of time goes on as he's like this guy. He's horrible hate. I beat the hell out of this guy before in a match and I was like, there's a chance they wrestled the, you know. It turns out then a little bit is going on and he's like, oh, I remember dynamite ribbon the hell at him. Then I knew he was confusing gals with somebody else. But the funny thing is anytime I put on a gallows match same, she'll change and one time Harry was kind of egging it on his Jim. What do you think about this Gibran all this guy's at your brownie, but then but then here's, here's the compliment in the whole thing. He's watching it and he's like, we got a lot better since I wrestle them. Who do you think it? Why feel like he maybe it was like, I mean, I know my dad actually told Jane McMahon that story because I thought it was so funny and I, my dad Shane goes. Do you think he was? He thought that gallows was buried Dr. So we love and I thought my dad loves very Dr, SOS volition, but it must have been somebody for my dad's passed that he just didn't like that rubbed the wrong way or or something like some enhancement guy or something. The best part Sawyer house loves. This story loves this trying to think who he kinda resemble. I don't know. There was a guy in Calgary that independent wrestler named Gary Galant. I don't know. But anyway, it was just the funny story because my my dad would get so worked up every time he saw gallows and I saw gallows actually at summer slam, and I said to him, I go, my dad hated you. And had no idea who you were natty. I loved the story. I love your dad hated me and go, but my dad just like he, he didn't know I told them the whole thing and it was just so my first day back, I was telling him about it as an Kevin Dunn walk by and Kevin was like TJ that's on you to get some footage which like I was sitting in my hotel in. I did a seminar in Texas, and I was like, man, 'cause gyms here. Jim was at our house Thursday and Friday. And I was like, when there was some downtime, I should've put on a gals matching recorded the reaction classic TJ rip. But you're mentioning earlier when you said that that Kevin, when you putting together the tribute video for Anil that he wanted you to send him. The pictures is super supportive about like the morning of finding out that news. You know, Kevin was awesome about just making sure that they just wanted to make sure that video package was perfect. And for me, you know, you know what? It's like to get that prime time TV time. Raw for me for the company for WWE to put together such an incredible video package of my dad. It was almost three minutes long and like they were pictures that were personally coming from me, not just from their archive and then we're like family photos, baby pictures. Like I think it's just was made it. My mom made my mom, my sisters and I feel so much better that my dad was going to get the spotlight and we it was just that to me the company just they just handled everything so perfectly. They will when real life stuff. The company is honesty second to none. But let me say this though, is also interesting too, because listen, unfortunately, there's a lot of guys that pass away in the business. Jim, you forget intil somebody like envelope pass away. I'm just looking Instagram or who had posted this picture. That dude, I know did seventy seventy six thousand likes on Instagram, which usually I'll get fifteen or twenty or twenty five. I got texts from people all around the world, saying Sawyer. Envel-. I don't know how close you are. I can't believe Advil died for guys like coming up in the business and my generation. The Hart foundation was frigging huge and Jimmy envel- nine or was a huge personality within that. I think we've forgotten now to a little bit thirty years later when he passed away. A lot of people like holy shit, the anvil part of much and so w be treated Jim with the reverence and respect he deserved as a star within the company. I think you know what I mean? I know you're, you're absolutely right. And I always believe everybody always says the Hart foundation and BULLDOGS, and this person should be in the hall of fame and this I believe in my heart that the company has a strategy for everything. And I believe that like WBZ's not a race, it isn't a race. It's not the whole thing. Doesn't lecture hall of fame coming up in New York isn't the last one? That's right. It's the time will come when it's the right time. And for me, like last year, my dad came to, I brought my, I really felt strongly about bringing my dad wrestlemainia last year and. We weren't going to do it. And then about a week before wrestlemania I said to my mom, I'm gonna get you guys tickets. You're gonna come down. We're gonna. I want daddy there and it was a very last minute decision to bring my dad wrestlemainia and I'm glad I did because a lot of people got to see him and say hi to them and take pictures with him. And my dad felt really special and important, but it was also I could also see that my dad there were some times that he was struggling a little bit. Like at the hall of fame ceremony, he couldn't stay for the whole. He couldn't stay super long line at the hotel. I mean, the line was born, the buses it, my dad just wasn't. You know, he just he just it was like overwhelming for also having the condition had what it make him get nervous or he couldn't be around people, or was he starting to feel physically sick or what do you mean? My dad was like, there's moments that he was super clear and then there was just moments that he was kind of quiet and like vacant milk. And then there was moments that he was great and nobody would know that there was anything wrong and then there was moments again. He was like, he would just kind of need some space. I think being around a lot of people. Yeah, resumes, tough for us. Yeah. And remind you know, he just we really created like a fortress round. My dad, my mom and my sisters TJ you know, like I was super protective of my dad and I still am super protective of him. That's why I told you. I was like my dad's not doing any other interviews. He's only going to do your podcast because I know you'll do him Justice. I know that you're gonna. I know he'll I knew he'll feel comfortable and safe and I feel safe having you do it, and that was the last interview my dad ever did. And we, we had to do some edits because he repeated some of the stories and stuff. But when you listen to that show, it's a great show. He did a gray, no, his long term memory was insane. Like even that last Thursday and Friday, when he came in with his sister, remember watching a old family videos and old family photos. And he would remember like Elliott CEO is that this cat, you know, it's this one, and then his sister was like, yeah, you're right. And his long term memory was that's why telling those stories wrestlemainia too. Gotcha. And Andre and he would recite those perfectly air can remember all that sort of stuff yesterday he might not remember what we did, but also go ahead. No, you're it. Just it's just what with my dad. This isn't just recently, but my whole entire life. My dad was just such a unique person with my dad. We always look everything one day at a time because he was so you kind of was larger than life. At times. He was an ultimate brother. You talking about a guy from the eighties, and then we mentioned those guys traveling three hundred and fifty days a year. Whatever was not. And that's not a joke. You know it because you were a little. Do you remember about that? Like, do you remember him being gone long periods of time and being home only for a couple of days like, yeah, I just remember my dad growing up in the eighties in the heyday of the, you know, I'm trying to think of the the WBF kind of, yeah, I boom, boom of that. Even just tag team wrestling with the BULLDOGS and the killer bees, and the, you know, our listen militian likely. I just remember my dad got being gone a lot, and I talked with Meena Serono Snuka to me and. Snuka. Her dad was Jimmy Jimmy, and she said that, you know her dad would be gone like three hundred days a year. My dad and Jimmy Snuka actually travelled together at times and our dads were gone misfit, a hell of a card. Driving on my dad loved. He really is not very, no, it's funny. I never really. I never heard bash anybody. My dad's very funny thing about him. Like besides Luke gallows fake Dallas. Gals? My dad was really my dad was just like he was just really cool, and that's what I'm going back to that. Because I, I keep looking at these pictures of my dad and it's like he was dressing like Conor McGregor back in the eighties. He had this like weird shirt and sunglasses, and it was like a flower shirt with these really tight jeans and like they were like, whoa, my dad was like, he's he were the pink kind of bad news Alleanza like the kind of the African on it. I remember I saw that as I forgot pink leather like African hat, and I don't even think it was a man's hat. I think it was a woman a day just found his to have known the story. Like, did he maybe get Brett one? Two and was thinking he's wearing it. He could pull it off ipad. Yeah. Like Brett just has the best stories about my dad, but my dad was just so cool and he just growing up like wasn't unusual for my dad to come to our PTA meetings with the fanny pack on not shirt wearing spandex with my dad used to wear the natured no-shirt Meese leaves. I give me some time. I've known them like like like like buzz like you'd wear underneath your knee pad. All Gotcha. Like the neoprene. Yes. Got you. Wear them around his ankles. So he had like his almost like he had a little boot on with this knee, you'd wear air Jordans or whatever. The coolest tennis shoes were. He's a big shoe guy and like Rolex watches to me Lonzo. Jim all the time with like the shorts in the the tight, yeah, underneath. Yeah, that was Jim's level that. So he he would go to your, do you recall him going and having a conversation with the teacher. Did you ever have to go talk to teacher because you've got in trouble or something? He came and gave a, we had a bring your bad the work day, and my dad. My, I'm not joking. My little sisters can attest to this. My dad came on his ninja motorcycle and he, my dad loved these like shirts like they were if you remember them no fear and some of them had like these really drug nut derogatory, but sort of derogatory messages like no fat chicks allowed or like that's right. And like some of them were just like, we're so eighties, right? So so eighties, I don't even know where he got them, but it was just funny because my dad was show up. He'd be wearing the kneepads on his ankles, the fancy fancy like pumps, Reebok pumps or the Doorns or the. He'd just had these cool shoes on. I can't remember what the cool shoe wasn't eighties, but something and game with like no shirt on fanny pack, ninja motorcycle. And then he, I think my mom made it put a shirt on, but he, he talked to the kids. It was like, miss Moore was my teacher, and he came and talked to the kids about now. It's so important for them to excel in sports and that for him it wasn't even about academics. It was about, and he was because my dad had a full scholarship to any university in the US that he wanted anyone. It really anywhere in the world football for shopping shopping when my dad was eighteen years old LA times actually, when my dad passed away, they posted an article and my dad has a whole. I'm so happy. We're talking about this. This is really therapeutic for me as I appreciate you guys letting me talk about it my whole life. My dad would talk about this track meet, and it was like he'd always talk about this guy and this track meet in this guy that he had to beat and it was like, come on, he pleases the, like, you know, my dad would just talk about this track meet and it was like almost what my dad was making this up because I was like, come on like my dad's like Dubai. I was going to be the best in the world when I was eighteen and surely enough. When my dad passed away l. a. times sent me, tweeted me the article and I'll show it to you. Tweeted me the article in a picture, and they said this, this meet. My dad did a whole interview with them. And it said this was the meat that it my dad at this time. My dad was second in the nation. For shop wet and that his like, if he beat you walk are do belong. Okay, this guy, I think it was John DuBois, DuBois anyway, if you beat why I was like, oh my God. My dad talked with DuBois. My whole lot is real and I was like, this is the article. This is the meat. This is what my dad was talking about. I never. I was just thinking he was asking me. You're so funny because it's not like it's like the album de Poci thing. It's not like it's not like Ben who didn't do anything athletic, the rest of his life. All you should have seen this one time forty years ago. He went on to excel in all types of athletics, but this point seventy three. The this at this time, my dad was before he had this meet. He was the second best shot put her in the nation. So because of his shot pudding, he. Could go to any university in the US that he wanted to. But my dad was a cowboy and he just, I guess, at the time UCLA was the place to be track. And that was where Bruce Jenner went for track and field. My dad would always talk about Bruce Jenner for his debt Khatlon or triathlon he'd borrow my dad's Lana think maybe he borrow my Bruce Jenner borrow. My dad put and my dad was just an elite elite athlete, but that article was like, oh my God, my dad wasn't just like, not that. I think he's a Bs are, but like second best in the nation come on Mike, and it's cool when you get like my dad played hockey for ten years in jail, and I'll get tweets from people finding articles or a picture of my mom and dad from nineteen sixty seven in Los Angeles at a hotel next to the pool, or it's cool that when you have a dad of a family that has some some, you know, some history when you find this stuff. It's so cool and our social means. That's right. Yeah, that's the good side of it. Right. And it's just, yeah, all these people have been sending pictures and like I just I just think my dad was just such. An elite unique he he was my dad taught me more than any other person, and I know you're very, I think you have a lot of accent, which I think are good. It's good for your kids and for people around the world to go like even just your last like gear cost locally at it in new Japan was just very unique. My dad has taught me my whole life to be unique. He he's just don't don't color inside the lines. Just be different b. Stand out be every it's so important to be different. And I, I think that sometimes more afraid to be different. My dad has dot me so much about being different standing out, you know, just being like Brett was more kind of look at the heart foundation. Brett was more civilized and normal, not normal, but he was more like the heartthrob in my dad was like, just crazy. It was. It was why was such a great mix? He was like he looked. He looked insane and he was big and he was barrel chested. And like I said, he had the gut that wasn't a gut. It was just a big man's stomach lifter powerlifter the goatee. And we talked about this when he was on the show, like in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. Nobody had go like that nowadays every rock and roll band everybody. But nobody had that. It was the only guy you could say, who has who has a flattop haircut and a long goatee wearing pink, peac stood out just being different. Like my dad just like loved being different. And we went our last. Outing was this mashing bumpkins concert and Billy is Billy just anybody that knows Billy knows. He just loves wrestling and my dad Billy was always so kind to my dad made my dad feel really important and special or my dad. I don't. I don't know if my dad ever really. I mean, that's kind of wasn't my dad's generation music, but because Billy was so nice to him, my dad came to the concert and he was just looking at all these costumes abilities like that. These these a bad ass and he's like, I like that like Billy had a skirt on and like paint on his face. And my dad was like this, so cool. Like you see him playing guitar. Like he was just like, I remember that I said to Billy, I'm like, I'm not sure if my dad's going to be able to make it through the full concert. But Bill Billy's like we'll just if he doesn't feel good comeback stage. My dad was rocking out at that concert and like I was like, daddy's got more energy than me. My sisters, my mom, like, you know, it's funny. I was telling you have to like he he came to light, but like eleven o'clock at night. And he was like, that was great. You're on the air. Like my point is is that my dad was just really different and he had that energy and he just like people that were different. He liked unusual unique people. He just that's who he was, and that's what I love that message that I just I love like, that makes me want to be more like my dad when I think about him being cool, you know, not j. You basically grew up in the heart family, but I wanna talk about your relationship with animal how that changed. If it did when he became your father in law. But before we get to that, let's talk about another unique personality and wrestling talking about WB hall of Famer diamond, Dallas page the creator and founder of DDP yoga and listen. Dallas is associated with at GDP. Wide program is perfect for everybody that he's giving you a chance to try it for free. That's right. For free for days, just go to DP yoga dot com slash Jericho to get started. Now you've seen and heard what DDP why has done and it's still doing for me. I mean, seriously, they're probably be no new Japan gigs or fuzzy gigs if it weren't for DP. Why helping me to stay at the top of my game. 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It's a weekly take on current events in pop culture at large that quickly devolves into nonsensical tangents about why cop rock rules. That's not true. Dog police rule that stupid. How would a dog even hold? Just don't correct me in front of the listen. It's done. We're done just drop it if you like your podcasts to go all over the place like the copy I just read tiger awesome show is available whenever you get your podcasts every Sunday on Westwood One. You grew up kind of heart family in the heart house. So you probably came home one day. You're dating that even have to meet her dad, but how was that for you? Kind of becoming Ambuhl became your father in law. Did you know him your whole life? And how was he too? You know, I met him. I met him because they lived in Florida at the time. So they would come to Calgary once in Los. I remember meeting him actually came into town for a live event in Calgary. First time I met him and I, I don't know, maybe twelve or something. And I remember I was such a small kid anyway, thinking how huge is this guy's giant and and then all of a sudden you hear him speak very soft spoken and berry like very eloquent though. We'll talk about that now. We'll talk about that natty because he spoke very intelligent lately which wants to end you wouldn't expect such a big crazy looking guy fast forward. I don't for whatever reason we, we always got along when he he had a job in Sasebo before natty and I were together. But in two thousand he was he was actually telling me about Brian Kendrick and Daniel Bryan because he was in, he was in Memphis, Jim out of job as a talent. Oh. In Memphis. And so he's, he came to a stampede shooting Toco. You'd be great. And he took a bunch of pictures of me wrote a bio, which is very funny like he wrote it for you. Very funny. I pictures Ted nineties, like all this is perfect. They're looking for young guys and you just feel like I don't we and we got along ever since and we never ever ever had any kind of it ever ever. I don't even think my dad like never really acknowledged that we were a couple even to the end, like it was like DJ was like utilize nagging said, I think it'd be knew that we were together. You might not like what you're married. Split the Bill. I always vision because my dad would never like he's because you guys have been been dating since you were teenagers. I think he knows the exact Dan Mattias in one thousand nine hundred twenty one at the time. Okay, so it was very early on. Yeah. Yeah. And so one day the kid that's always hanging out dating my daughter. Everything's so unorthodox and unconventional about our relationship. We already living together as friends in the guesthouse at stews. So like and we don't sure everybody already thought we were together. All right. So we were really well. You were really. Annoying for a long time, four years. Because you in Ted, we're really close teddy Hart. And so I always thought teaching it was taboo get on my nerves because he's always trying to act cool and you're guilty by association doesn't get. He's like, it was just like like two peas and upon. Being money from being friends with that was funny because it was guilty by association, but then also over time, it was easy to look like the easy going person compared to him too, so. So you have to get past that first day JR. But then after that, it's like he's pretty good. It's not as bad as him. It's chubby guy hanging out with the Cheb your guy, mcclinton comparison. But let's talk about the eloquence. And you mentioned Kevin done talking about when he saw gyms, like baby pictures, like, oh my gosh, he was so classy as a child talk a little bit about about his family upbringing. Yeah. And then my dad was really, he was from a very affluent family and his. His dad was an attorney and his, his grandfather was a district attorney, and his mom was just this beautiful. Almost like off the show you a picture of her, but she just looked like a Hollywood starlet and his sister was just. Trying to think Debbie is she works. She does something with them, the courts in California, but they're like very well educated, very classy kids, and my grandfather or no, my great grandfather. My dad's grandfather who my dad idolized call them poppy. You always my mom and dad talk out. He owned a hotel called the lamp later in Disneyland. And so my my dad's street. Right? Yeah, like it was like in back then to think of owning a hotel. Sure. Disney was like crazy. And so the the lamp lighter would host all of these starlets like Rita Hayworth and Clark Gable would play on the piano there. My dad mom and their living room have that piano that Rita Hayworth and Clark Gable would play. Wow. And my dad like that was so special with my mom, they, they have it still in their going through everything. Every thing every high and low of my mom and dad's life that was like front and center because it was like Rita Hayworth late on that. But it's such a special like my dad just came from a very that would explain his his his speech. Well, educated again, went to UCLA had a full scholarship there. His mom and dad were very, my dad came from a very wealthy background, and it's funny because that's the opposite of what my mom came from. Because the hearts it was always sort of feast or famine. If right, if this was good, it is if stampede wrestling was things were great. They were on top. If they, if business wasn't good, they were barely able to eat Brett's wearing wearing Waring's. Wayne's dole jeans. Hello? And so my dad was from the opposite of that. So he was kind of spoiled and never wanted for anything, but I think growing up with for my dad, one of the hardest things in his childhood was when my when his parents, my grandparents, when they split up, my dad went to live with his dad and my aunt Debbie, who is my dad's only sibling. She went to live with her mom. So. It was like in their teens, and that was really hard because they were so close. But you know, it was like, I don't know who made the decision, but it was like, okay, gyms going to live with Hank and Debbie's going to live with Katie. And it was like, I think it was really hard for my dad because his kinda world was being ripped apart. So that was a traumatic thing for my dad and his his life. And I think I sometimes think never really got over his parents divorce because they were such a close secure, tight-knit little family. So as we got older, my mom and dad like through thick and then they were always together. They always worked everything out my mom. I said this at the funeral service and my mom, she how while my dad was she deserved Nobel peace prize thing. So they never, they never split up, never. Why like they, they have, you know, my mom and dad, they had a, I feel like it's safe to say that they had their ups and downs, but they never be never got a divorce. They never had a break-up that lasted longer than twenty four hours. It just was like, my mom would get mad and my dad would be like, you know, they just they had envelopes. While my dad was just just by proxy those worth the majority of those guys in the eighties. Yeah, just by their schedule and what they were going through and all the it was the eighties. Everybody was drugs and steroids or whatever it was, but angle was one of the guys that was wilder than wild. Yeah, it's a little your mom to put up with. That's what I say saying his genetics must be just be so insane lately, right? Because he he's around from those times and he's like here. He is a few weeks, so he's still strong as hell? Yeah, he's my dad was just, I'm like, I said, I know I keep going back to it, but he was just so cool and so different. Like even up until the end, like he loved those roots of fight shirts and every time more every single time I would Vander Holyfield Mike Tyson. Every picture that you post, he's wearing one of the people at route to fight. They're so sweet. They always send me like they would always send me boxes for my dad. So I had this little box that was stashed away still have it, and I wouldn't like every time he comes over, he gets a new shirt. I loved. I loved because my dad's. A big kid. He was like a big kid and gifts. He loves gifts and loves little presents and stuff, and I so I always had this little stash of things I'd collect like from work. I would get like Big Joe shirt or Mark Henry Johnson. I would have the all these shirts for him, and I think my dad loved that because I love to give them little gifts when he came over. So he would just get really excited. He'd almost like ripped bag open with his teeth. And so I still have this box. Every time I came over, he would like March in the house like Porky pig as retin, call them. He still wars fanny pack teddy had a president for you, and he's like present for me like any opened up a whole. I love this and sometimes the shirts that bit him, but he didn't care. You know, it's funny. We talked about the fanny pack on the show and two years ago when we tape that now fanny packs are popular. Again, he probably could find a better one time he couldn't find they wear. Right to the locker room with an Alexander Wang. That's the new thing now. I'm like, you gotta be frigging if all the fashioned, that's what's coming back in maybe a couple more years Hazel be rate on them. Probably never. But did you ever did you ever work with envelope TJ when he was doing independence or independence? So like Ted did and Harry as well, but I never, I never did any kind of natty natty team with them a couple of times actually. Did you. I saw there's one that you guys are doing a heartfelt. She clothesline tag match and Edmonton finished called the heart fund is your heart attack heart attack? We did right before I got signed. We had done like two tag matches together and my dad. I didn't want them wearing gear because I was like, no, you're too. You're not wearing your old year. You're not wearing gear from nineteen eighty. Like I was very, like I said, I'm very, I was very protective of my dad. I just wanted him to. I wanted to make sure he was on looking great. So he had this cool these motorcycle boots in these cool like motor cross pants that he was wearing and then we heart attack together. And so my dad's role always for the heart attack was to hold the guy like in a bear hug. And Brett's job was to hit the ropes and clothesline the guy. And so my dad was playing the role of himself and I was being breads and my dad. He just is so funny because like the way that's what the guy dug his heels into my dad's shins and my dad. Was so mad after that. He was like, he just dug his heels into my shins and like my dad wanted to kill the guy. And I was like, well, don't worry. Daddy. I took care of it was the clothes on. The poor guy said another one to Victor. Yeah, Rick, Victor, ascension. And so what my dad and he had not dig the heels. He's good worker. You did not dig the heels in, but my dad was just so funny because he didn't like being stiffed, but he but from what I understand, my dad was be most stiff guy ever, but he didn't like being stiff. So he didn't want anyone stipping him, but he was very stiff with everyone else. Here's here's something that's very funny. So I never met and Ville until he came to WCW him and Davey. And those guys when they came in, they were like the couldn't believe how dysfunctional WCW was envel- mentioned you'd never been paid so much money to do nothing, and they would show up there and just just hanging around. And because I was traveling with Ben wa and Eddie and dean, we then inherited Davey and and Jim because they're Calgary guys and like, right and I was guys do. We really want to go back to six and van because we started with six. We had paired or. I'm Ben was like, you know, the part of the family, like I get the part of the family, do we do. We really have to do this because then now we have to wear a who's going to the gym and who wants to do this, that all your. And so then I was not stuck, but trauma Davey and Advil. So it was. It was like, oh, I was. It wasn't like they weren't. I don't remember them being hard to try with those two extra guys and they couldn't believe it was going on and not smog is not small guys and also very outspoken and drinking beer in the car, whatever it was they were doing. But I had to work with anvil once and this is what I was finally getting a push in WCW when Davy just took off, we went to England. And then Jim, Jim, was there on his own. As we Dave, you're supposed to go to TV and do a couple more weeks and then meet us in England when he was dropping us off at the airport, he was like, and he just bought a ticket and, oh, you guys are working for like dick som- something. We're just going on like a family vacation and then so he he just split up. And then I remember seeing Jim afternoons Davey left me. You left me alone for the last six weeks. I've been working all these guys. Skied Norton, Chris Jericho. So this is what I was getting a push in w. I think it was the TV champion at the time, and I was crews wait for a long time even even though I weighed two hundred twenty five pounds, they still cruise away thing. So there was a little bit of a stigma. I said this on a podcast book and Bischoff got so mad, but there was a real stigma if you a away to work with the heavyweight guys Booker t. never wanted to do it. And Jim, I remember when I had to work with them, they were putting me over and gyms like he's a cruiserweight. And so as we had a match, I remember being a really good match, but the finish was the walls of Jericho when I could not turn him over. I don't doubt it and either he didn't want to be turned over or he didn't understand the concept that he'd been wrestling for twenty years. So I think he just didn't want to get turned over and I could not turn this guys. You can imagine. He's like a bowling ball, three hundred pounds. And I remember I tried. I couldn't do it. I tried again. And I haven't watched it back. But in my mind, I I didn't know what to do. It's live TV. I couldn't turn them over and just couldn't turn them over. And the best thing of all is there's a WW trading card that I have to sign all the time and who do I have the legs of the pink tights, the step aside, and I'm like accord. It looks good there, but I couldn't. And I think eventually turn them over a bit, and I don't think he was doing it like to double cross. I just think he either got confused or he got, he got excited or frustrated or whatever it was. We just couldn't do it. We couldn't do it. And that's the one time I worked with advocates still laugh to this day. So funny if you couldn't turn this guy over and he wasn't going anywhere. It's just like, sorry, live on TV on TV is the one time I ever with a man, but it was. It was. It was, like I said, we actually had a really good match, but I just remember that. I think my dad's sometimes you got, really, he got really if he was very set in his ways, which actually brings me to a bunny story. Total divas spoiler. Oh, so those are total divas in the can with him on. Oh, wow. Which is funny because there's a whole season, Mike, because I saw one cat at the funeral, like who is that guy? He was the producer from total divas. It's funny because I actually said to the producers guys name Russell Russell producers. Russell was so wonderful to my mom and dad. Like while we while we like he featured my dad on so many episodes of total divas because they all fell in love with my dad. He knows what to do, and he was just funny in different. Like he just stood out and these my dad was born for reality TV. He was just so funny. And so they called Russell just was calling to say, you know, hey, I'm really sorry about everything. And just he was crying and like beside himself about when he found out about my dad's passing and. He says, wrestling, go, you know what you guys were so great to my dad and so kind and so sweet and just featured him front and center. I said, I would love for my dad to get another little spotlight. If you guys want to come and you know if you wanna film his service and you know, my dad would love that he would love all the attention. He would love it, and so they came. That's why that's why Russell was there? Did they film it? They did some of the service vary. Like, let's cool though. Just the one Carolina idle just very, you know, that's the thing is you didn't even notice that they were there. They were very discreet and I thought, you know, my dad like my dad just he would just love to be honored and and so my dad is in all this whole season coming up of total divas and we had this funny what was Orioles gonna get to you mentioned he was sitting his ways. Yes, thank you. This is why you're good at this being attention back on track and like babbling on right now. Hard. I Gotcha. You got. And so my dad, we were doing this hot yoga and my sister and I. Started doing yoga, and we just love doing hot yoga. And so I thought this'll be funny like my dad should come and do yoga with us. And we funny to see my dad trying to do these poses. And so my dad, we were trying to get him to wear yoga clothes because you can't go into a yoga class wearing jeans or motocross pants or like, and so I was trying to get my dad these little shorts, but I didn't realize we gave them the shorts. They were like they were neon green and they were kind of like thin. And I thought, oh, when we start the hot yoga class, that's going to be really funny. My dad's wearing these skin-tight neon, green see-through shorts, and it's going to get really hot, and we're all going to get really sweaty in this class and my dad for the life of him. Just like you said, when he wouldn't let you turn them over in the walls of Jericho, he would not put on the pants and go daddy. I will give you ten thousand dollars right now. If you put the pants on. Of course, I wasn't going to give him that making it up. I go, daddy, I'll buy you a motorcycle. Put the put shorts on my dad's like no. Go, daddy, put the pants on. My dad was like, I'm not doing it. And it was like grabbing my dad with large large amounts of money, new motorcycle. I was like, you can have. You can have our house like my dad like, no, I don't want to like he didn't care what I offered. He wasn't putting the shorts on and he stuck to his guns. And he was like, Nope. And and to this day I laughed because I was like, I just thought, how funny would that be? Like we got like I got my dad into this yoga class and he, you know, we're twenty. When you guys came back here, he was still pretty hard. His mad. He was wanted me to put on these silly shorts, bicycle shorts. Very thin. If you didn't want to do something, he didn't want to do it. And that's probably what happened with you. I think he said he's not going to do this move. And I'm not, I said, have the rest of the match a strong do, but I was like, I remember almost thinking like, I don't know what to do like. I'm just going to drop the legs and maybe hit him with an elbow drop or something. I don't know what to do. Do so growing growing up in the business. When do you remember going to see your dad wrestle at all, and when did you kind of figure out that it was not not completely real, didn't really want us around his work too much because my dad was like my grandfather, Stu, he was very traditional and my way my dad was in WWE for a good portion of it. There was only since ational Sherry in Wendy, writ- writing miss Elizabeth and like there was very few women, especially in the eighties, there was just a handful of women. So my dad, you know, he loved of Sean. That was one of his favorite girls. He just thought she was awesome. And she was again, unique Lutely. I love. I like creek characters stood out, and I think my dad. Found that like he liked that about her is that she was so different. He'd always say like, he'd always tell me that he wished I would have met loon of Sean, but he didn't want us really around it because he felt like it was very much like it was just kind of a man's world. And then he didn't wanna seeing the tough and rough side of it. So he was very protective of us. Girls his daughters like we were just very, very protected. Whereas Brett would have his kids around it more and but you know, there's kids do sons were boys in. I don't know, Brad has daughters around much either, but we were protected from it. I didn't see a lot of it. The I do remember one very special show that we all went to, which was the Canadian stampede in one thousand nine hundred seven. I believe I was there and you're doing? Yeah, we all came to that show and it was that was the last time that my entire family was in the ring together. Owen and Davey and my dad, Brad in Bilman, like just everyone was together. It was the last time I hope family was in the ring together and that was so special. I just remember like that being such a special. I remember being in that time thinking, this is also. Oh, cool. Like in, you know, obviously things got crazy after that, but but it was so many hearts in the ring that night. It was like thoroughly. Royal rumble a couple stragglers do because I can't. I don't know. I don't think I don't think. But yeah, we might. If you watch your back, you'll see like gyms the one guiding Stu into the ring and stuff and Helen. Yeah, but my dad was a real as Burley and rough and tough as he was. He was really a gentleman. He and my mom, remarried this year would have been forty years and they were, you know, my dad was extremely like he knew my mom was in charge. He knew my mom was the boss. My mom was, you know, she was. She really wore the pants, even though they had their ups and downs where the pink spandex is a conversation. He didn't wear the green. My dad really liked my mom kind of being charged like he, my mom, my mom was kind of like Stu and my mom has a lot of mannerisms like sushi's very, very stoic, like my grandfather and my dad. He just like there was nobody in the world that he loved more than my mom like she was just his. You know, she was just everything and my mom had my mom had my dad's back like like no matter what sort of conflict like my mom and dad were like something out of the sopranos or good Bellas, but no matter what kind of conflict they were having, whether my dad didn't wanna wear spent tight spandex or whether we didn't, even if my mom said a swear word, my mom, my dad would be like Ellie. Will you watch your language? You know, it was just funny because it's like just my dad was such a bundle of contradictions, but so let's talk about Jim and Stu. Because I knew we we talked before about how brought him in the stuff. Did you ever it was ever any stories that happen between the two? Did they hang out before Stu passed away? My grandfather was obsessed with my dad. Like I think is Brett mentioned at the service. My dad was the last person that ever really trained with Stu like that was the last studio, actual Stu Hart rained? Yeah, that was his last student end. My grandfather was obsessed with my no matter what my dad did, no matter what mistakes my dad made in his life. It didn't matter to my grandfather, my student walk in the house and it was my dad guy. My grandfather would look my dad up and down be like he didn't care if my dad had just, you know, he didn't. He just my dad. We looked at my dad. He looked at his neck. He looked at his arm body up and he was like. Solid. You know, he's a solid SOB in like you call my dad a big bastard. He called me get back on track. Yeah. What he looked like. He was obsessed with my dad, and it's so funny because I remember my dad had been let go from WWE. Probably third, fourth, maybe fifth time he's up there with Martin. A few different runs. But I remember my mom writing a letter because back then they didn't have emails and they just had phones or snail mail letter. My mom wrote a letter Vince and and it just kind of been has an had such a special relationship with everybody in my family. And my mom wrote this letter to Vince and I found the letter, I'm gonna show it to you later. But my mom wrote this letter to been saying, you know, just in the future, if you get my invest in the future, please give give him another chance or take it into take it into consideration. You'd like to continue to work for WWE and Vince new the my dad just had to kind of get a few things sorted out in his life. And Vince wrote my mom, this really beautiful letter back. And he was like, Elliott. This time right now, I think Jimmy's a lesson. It was like it was like. Fatherly. Vince though it was like very, very fatherly. And I actually, I have the letter in one day. I will show it to Vince, but it was just it was reminded me of my grandfather, Stu and how like forgiving and loving Vince was even towards my dad even when he was going through ups and downs. He was like, you know right now at this time we feel it's best takes takes breeders sort of thing. And and then he signed it like Vince and he, you know, he took the time to write this letter and sign it, send it back to my mom and it was like their communication, their mutual understanding like Vince respected my dad, but like it just like stupid. He understood that my dad like, you know, at that time, my dad needed to kind of grow. We needed to kind of be, you know, we needed. He needed some distance from them, you'd have seen, and but Stu is like that too. Very forgiving of my dad and very, he. He loved my dad, and my dad has had this charisma, sometimes charisma get you through so much absolute. My dad got out of so many different things in his life because he had so much. You could talk the pants off anyone, right? Right, right. Yeah, you know and that and that's important to be able to do that. You have great life skill. Yeah, especially for a guy like Advil. In trouble. 'cause I know Stu went to bat for Jim, a few times, even back when the regional territory was sold to Vince. Right, Bruce, Berkshire. We'll talk about on his podcast. Allow he'll do a student impersonation and it's always you got any you gotta room for an Ville on the and it's always like, he's like every time Jim came back was still making that phone call. And yeah, Vince being then he that he loves Stu, any did love Jim. So he was like, okay, we'll find some. And Vince really love. Yeah, Stu students, Yanni bad ever there. Jim was doing great or if something had happened to his out, we just gotta get them back on track. Then he'll be great for, like you said, just looking at his neck. Yes, that's a stupid thing. Grab your arm and guess how much you weigh did twenty five. He was like a carnival Barker you could get it right just by feeling your arm. One hundred eighty just had this talk with a lesser, not too long ago, but he brought, yeah, with the guests. Brock's wait at that Calgary the one time and you're right, you're the one who introduced them, but gosh, what do pass seven eight. It was the day you wrestle vibe rock. Yes. Probably two thousand three or so three. Two thousand to maybe yet around that time. Three, three on three rape before I went to Japan. That's the only time I ever worked with Brock was Calgary and shows how about Owen, Owen and Jim team together as the new heart foundation get along wells as well, they, yeah. No, my dad Owen got along. Great. And I think I think Owen was like its own was very straight laced, very other than his intense practical jokes. I think Owen really looked after my dad and Bret really did too, and that's why I, you know, not get back to brat. But like Brett said that he owed a lot of success in his career to my dad, but in fairness to Brad and this isn't about brat. I know this is about my dad, but I believe strongly that my dad was never meant to be a single guy. He was always meant to be was going to say that earlier he was, and I just feel like that. And I'm probably the most just being in the business, understanding understanding some things about that. I understand tag teams like nobody else, but I just feel strongly that my dad was never meant to be a single guy and that he and Brett complimented each other so much. But I just know my dad's personality and I know that I feel like Brett really kept them on track and Bret really gave my dad, my dad needed structure. My mom provided that for my dad. She gave my dad's structure that he needed. He provided at home and Brett provided rep provided that for him at work and Brett was like, and I guess that's the quality of heart heart's what? What makes heart so special? Is that even though they're all little offbeat, they're all extremely loyal. They're fiercely loyal. If they stand by you, they'll stand by you through thick and thin. Doesn't matter if you're on top where you're on the bottom. That's just how they roll. And Brett's was fiercely loyal to my dad protected. My dad kept them on track the way that my mom did at home. And I feel like if it wasn't for Brett, I think my dad, I don't know if my dad would have had this success in WWE that he did, and Owen and Brett Davey and they all kind of kept his little unit even when BULLDOGS left WWE and they all were so close because they started together when you travel the road with someone, you know, you just build this unbreakable bond that you can. Explain it to people only when you travel with them only when people do what we do. Do they understand that like when when Davy passed away, Jim Serta wearing this, one of his need one of Davies's kneepads a bulldog Union. Jack nip has an elbow pad. Josie was doing. Yeah. Say that because there's certain guys like I, if you look at the Aerosmith okay, we know Steven Tyler, Joe pair, but there's a guitar player, Brad Whitford if he wasn't an Aerosmith probably wouldn't be famous, but in that band in that chemistry. Perfect. I think anvil was like that. Like you mentioned something about the chemistry with those two in the heart foundation. He was. He was perfect for that. And that's why he so legendary within the business because that is one of the greatest tag teams of all time, and it's okay that you're not a huge single star. There's nothing wrong with that because in his in his legacy, that was the perfect role for him. And that was what my dad just needed, Brad, he needed. And that was that, and thank God time Brent needed him to because Brett wasn't trying to make it to his far as he would've. Yes. So that's why it's that's why it's a great pairing one second. Yeah, no, no, exactly. Each other they didn't and they, I think they both knew that even if they didn't. I know Brad has expressed that later even if they didn't express it at that time, I think they both knew it. And I think I. To if you're talking about Bret Hart in one thousand nine hundred eighty six or eighty five. He was not a good promo. He wasn't particularly charismatic. I mean he could deliver his lines had to, but it was angle was the one that the lie, the laugh. You know, he made it like he made them crazy. We're Brett was the technician yet, but ammo was the bell rang. That's Brett's play. That's where he goes to work. And also I found that Jesse Ventura he must have loved animals. Well, because he always put anvil over which made us believe more in has crazy in the powerhouse. And yeah, and that sort of thing. You know, I agree. Any think exactly. It's like we said earlier and we said last time, just a combination. There are very different than the rest of the tag teams of that time. Everyone else is the same or very slim it to the partner, Ryan bees of the same. Same BULLDOGS. Same slipped the same heart function for some weird reason. This one team and there was like some poll, and this might might have been five years ago or longer on some WBZ. Dot com. Paul, but like they won some voting of like best tag team of all time, the Hart foundation, and I strongly, I mean, obviously they're working and everything they did is why I strongly feel that them being so different from the other guy, I think, helps you know, I had that they that they weren't in the w hall of fame. I was like, what are you talking about? Of course, they're in it. You know idea that they weren't as attacked him. But I think like once again, so many people texting that, you know, you talk to once in a while, but everyone was talking about the anvil and remembering like that was such a great team and also to Jimmy Hart. I mean, it worked and that's one thing for Vince to put them together. Whoever's vision it was. He made all three of those guys top top stars and they wouldn't have been if they were just all in their own. Ninety complimented each other as a unit and like. It was kind of like what Brett said at the service that he was getting ready to quit real. I don't remember that. He said he was getting ready to quit rape, and then they went with his idea to eat, and I want him to be the cowboy is getting ready to quit. But he was like, okay, you know, I've kind of run my course year. And then the next week is when they said, hey, we're going with your idea, right? All right. So the really there wouldn't be. I mean, who knows what would have happened. Did Jim still do like signings and stuff like that was the out there. Rarely in the last year or two, I didn't really want my dad doing signings. Not that I didn't want him seeing the fans, or I just, I really liked it project my dad. And like I said, I just knew that my dad sometimes being around a lot of people would be overwhelming to him. And so that's why I just, I was like, you know what? I want my dad, my mom to have no stress in their life. And I think for my dad, sometimes getting on a plane in like feeling overwhelmed and getting into a surrounding like a hotel and it just, I think sometimes the last two years of my dad's life, I just felt like it was a little overwhelming for him. So I just like my mom and dad, you know, I just made sure that they were protected and my dad, I think he would have loved the interaction with the fans more because he loved feeling important. He loved that spotlight. My dad loved to be in front of people and entertain. But I think also at the same time, he thought a little overwhelmed with his condition. So I very rarely let my dad do signings. He maybe did to in a year maybe, but anybody that was lucky enough to get him designed stuff, you know, obviously. Now it's going to be very special that they got him design anything because I just I really kept them kind of protected. It's funny as you were talking. I remember actually another animal story. It was the voice. My very first days in wrestling camp when Keith showed up, which is probably one of three days that he was there out of the three months and some os tell us soil. You hide just came back from it was working with Advil and some guy was doing three hundred pound bench, press name and it's really impressive bunch. You put another fifty pounds on put another one hundred pounds on, hey, put another one hundred and fifty pounds on did a four hundred fifty pound bench press went balloon pump. Catching. All right. Let's blow this popsicle stand and off. They went to get through at BJ's Jefferson, something like that. Dad role, good. We'll put off the fifty another hundred hundred and fifty one. Yeah, one of the guys that that was training in the dungeon before he had a story that he rented the gym at the gym and he said, and the last if he could work in, he was doing bench press. You said, yeah, man, no problem is you want to get in. I think he's doing to twenty five. He's like, you can go. So he goes, maybe puts on another plate three fifteen. He said, Jimmy, went to work in. Nope, you go and then guy goes and it's starting to get pretty heavy puts on maybe puts on twenty five hundred sixty five GM lugs passes on that set. Finally, four zero five. The guy the guy said I can't do four or five gyms like, okay, I'll take over now. Do any of the warm sets. Yeah, that would lift. And that was my dad. That was how my dad worked out. He would ask me if he go work in, he didn't work. He would work out by doing two sets of something right. He would literally walk up to a squat rack, squat six hundred pounds and walk out of the gym. That's it. And then he'd be like, I'm out, you don't like, but I do remember growing up that my dad, I don't think I've ever told anybody this, including you. I, my dad when we were growing up, we had a big, huge jarred and my dad. I remember how dedicated my dad was when he was on. This is the eighties during the heyday of the heart bound Dacian and my dad would sprint across the lawn as fast as he could. And I remember like as a kid going, that's crazy that daddy's running so fast. He was like a racehorse running. He have a start point where the mailbox was, and then all the way to the neighbors like edge their lawn. But we had a big yard at a big house in like my dad would run fast and hard, and he would that was his training. You would do these like wind sprints, and my dad would always take the shot, but we had in the garage because my dad was shot putter and always want my sister's to throw the shot put and always put it in the middle of the line. Like let's go, we were all like, no, we didn't think anything growing up. We weren't like, wow, daddy was a great track and field athlete. It was always just like our dads WWE legs. Always thought of them, like it was so cool that are dab was we would take my dad's championship. We didn't even appreciate my dad's track career. We always just like whatever like, 'cause like I said, it was like, WWE was the cool thing and but my dad when he had won the tag titles, we'd take my sisters and I took out his championship out of his bag. And he had one of those silver Halliburton's. They'll have them back then and it reeked. It wreaked up not of capi. It didn't surprise if this was family feud. I would've guessed Kathy. It didn't recap b, but it reeked. I would always get my dad. This icy hot, and so it's reeked of ice up always smelt like ice which are they would also put on the vising bottles which I told last time Rivi other by squirting vising laced with Tiger Balm, icy hot into each other's eyes. That's funny. The good ribs. He real funny real funny and real mind now, and we took funny our cat to pauses in. L. about. He's right in my podcast bag. He's right, don't wet that. Don't wet that. The two pause cast his picture. So go ahead. Tell the story all let you get the picture. I got it done, but my sister saw when I stole my dad's championship out of his Halliburton and my dad was getting ready to perform that night at Madison Square Garden with bread, and we took the title out of the bag and we were running around the house, and my dad took off for the airport without the title, and then he was going through security. He was like, oh my God, I like he realized that he didn't have it. So my mom, of course, like my mom, my mom and dad were like, like I said, the only way I can describe their relationship with like goodfellas. My dad was like Ray Liotta. My mom was the wife. She must have put up with end. My mom raced back to our house from the Tampa airport. We lived in land lakes. She raced back to our house inland lakes in like twenty minutes, probably going crazy speed that I can't even describe and got that championship back to my dad before he took off. That's great. And it was just like, because people going to realize when you have a title you, you have the title, you'll you hold onto your responsibility to take it to and from the town's. Yeah, you can't have up to go on the road for the next twenty eight deaths, right? Yeah, exactly. So my mom got that back to, but I just remember when we were kids, we just thought it was so cool like we just had such and then my dad would come home. We'd be gone be gone. And I tried to kind of mention this that the general, but I didn't wanna get long winded at the Pierre role really didn't want to be hillbilly. Jim plus was bless his heart. I love hillbilly Jim, but I didn't want to get too long winded a hall of fame speech, which was nine hours. I think he's still doing it. As a matter of fact, it was long and. And it was, you know, he speaking from the heart, but it was very long and I didn't want to be like, I just thought to myself after that night, I was like, I just could never be like that. And I mentioned that my dad when he come home, one of the things that always stands out to me about my childhood when my dad would get off the road, we had a routine because he'd be gone for like twenty eight days at a time. So mom knew that we wouldn't see my dad very much because she kind of almost raised us as like a single mom home for like four days or something maybe made Abajo maybe three days, maybe maybe the weekend. So my mom knew that those days that my dad came home, we have to really make those days count. And so my mom would let us miss school and pick my dad up from the airport. My dad would have presence for us because we love presence. I told you about when I get my dad presence, that was a learned behavior and my dad loved presence in you would have all these presents for us little things like when he vipers class that give you the little bag and like the thing in the socks. And I remember my sisters and I love so great. We, we thought it was greatest thing ever. Daddy has little delta bag bras. And Mike, my dad would get KOMO knows from Japan and special a little dolls from, you know, when they stayed at the. KEO plaza. And and so my dad would always have presents for us. That was the first thing we got presence, and then we'd go to toys r. us and my dad would let us get whatever we wanted. And so we'd always get a barbecue or whatever. And then we go to seven, eleven because my mom was like stew. She didn't. There was no junk food allowed in our house. Like my mom was like, we had the worst lunches as kids because I'll be like a sake ham and cheese sandwich that melted in Florida, sun with an apple stuck on top of the and my dad was like Catholic cool. You know, he was like, we're going to go to seven, eleven. We'd all walk into seven eleven. That was I think, as a kid that was our favorite thing was seven. Eleven? We go into seven, eleven? My dad would let us get four things each. We'd get slurpy. We'll get a certain candy. We would get chips in like something else like a ring pop. So whatever and my dad would, we'd all go into check out. We will be like that was just our thing. We'd get our little junk food and we would take our time eating the Doritos we would. Everything was savored from those little trips and my dad would. Let us stay up until all hours of the night. We could stay up to a one or two in the morning if we wanted. My dad would make us Margaritas and he would make Margaritas for my mom and him. He was master Margarita maker. That was his thing. He again, Kelly thing, he would make these Margaritas and he had a special way of making them. He put dumped the entire bottle. It's Keila into the blender, and then mix in the juice and they were like so strong. But that was for him and my mom dab, and then he'd make us a little sample version of that virgin semi. So and I, I could get a little edgy on your show. They were stay little bit of tequila. And what do you like eight years old? And we didn't stay to this day the girls like the twins. And when we're filming total divas, I always love like a Margarita because always reminds me of when like because of my dad, I'm very, like I have a pretty clean life because I'm always like, I want to be the opposite, but but I loved Keelan to this day because my dad would always lives have a little tiny taste of it. And we go swimming in the pool. My dad would play the doors. He loved the doors and we would play the door. That's why we played riders on the storm at my dad's. And so we would listen to the doors. We'd go swimming in the pool. We would have our Margaritas and we would eat our chips in our toys and it was like we were spoiled rotten when my dad was home just for three days. And then when my dad would leave, we was back to business. But those were great job. Those we made the times count with my dad. We made the moments count even if it was just for a few days. We just made made account. As we wind down here, did you talk to Vincent all after? Did he talk to you too? Jim passed away. I did talk to him and he, he just was so so supportive. And so like he just was just. Vince is just, I know vents is always loved my dad, and they've always just like Stu, I, I talk affectionately about my grandfather's do, but I kind of feel the same way about Ben's. He just has that fatherly bins is very fatherly to a lot of us, and I think that's really cared about my dad and gave my dad's so many opportunities. And so many opportunities to shine and bins was just so supportive and so understanding. And he just wanted me to be with my my mom and my sisters and just pretty much was open to whatever I needed. And what was so sweet was just being included in summer slam because I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make show, and you know been really wanted me there. And I think for as long as I live, I will remember like thinking to myself, you know what I needed that I actually really needed to go to summer slam and get my mind off of this course and been wanted me to have that. He just wanted me to get my mind off things or gyms jacket, didn't you? Yeah. And it was like. I just felt so proud walking out there and like I felt like my dad had a lot to do with that. Like it was just so nice because I got to honor my dad. I got my mind off of things. I almost wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to go to summer slam because I was like, gosh, this is just so soon. I just don't know if I can do it. And then after the funeral, once we were done with the funeral, I was like, you know what? I kind of have to start getting back to being natty. I have to start getting back to living in like summer slam was only six days after my dad died, but I also just wanted to get back to being me because I felt like I was in such a fog from Monday the day that my dad passed away to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday was the funeral. I just felt like I was in this blur and prevents want me to be at summer slam and obviously sharing that special moment with Rhonda. It was just an. I told Vince that I said it was just really what I needed. It was what I needed to get my mind off of everything. And it was just like, I just wanted to. I was scared to go because I was like, I don't. I don't know if I would be emotionally stable just because I am so close to my dad, and I didn't want to be crying in front of everyone and having people see me cry and just not knowing if somebody brought up my dad would I start crying and I was there was moments where I did kind of break down a little bit, but there was moments that I was totally fine. I just wanted to go out there when everybody saw my dad's jacket the entire world. Got it. Everybody understood. In the, you know, the trials and tribulations of the hearts and McMahon's go back, you know, forty fifty years, but Vince still respects your family and so does the, you know, the WB universe. I came amusing, Vince for Nike. So do the wrestling fans. Sorry. They appreciate the lineage again for you. You would come out before to Brett's music, but coming out with anvils jacket. I mean, that's that's who you are and people know it, and that's why I was really happy to see. Because like I said, we've seen so many guys pass away and sometimes you get a graphic or whatever. But Jim got like that piece like a full sag with that. Like you said. That is prime real estate. I mean, I've had one hundred matches shorter than that on so of, you know, get cut short in that. Obviously, it all goes through vents prevents to approve that and say, because Vince could also say it's too long, but to give three minutes to the envel- that's that's says a lot. Now I don't even like the the the end of the sag before that was, hey, up next trip. As came band, play that video, then go to the the on camera. Now. I know the. That's your thing. And Michael, Colin, Rene kind of talking about it and you know what? I'm so it just kept like a big deal and even Rhonda opening up raw with. That's right. You mentioned him to like just talking about my dad, and I just think my dad would have been so happy in like I told Vince, I was like, and I just feel so strongly in my heart like Vince, you know, obviously we all work hard and WWE, but without the platform of like my dad and I got this special connection because of his career and WWE and because of what I didn't WWE we, we got the special bond that is just so incredibly rare. Only a few people can say that they share that like Randy Orton in like Charlotte flair and like to Meena Snuka and Mike, there's just talking to Roman reigns about it. I was just saying he was talking. He was saying, same thing about his brother who passed away, and he was just saying, we just got this special little connection because of that and and I and I think I said, thank you for giving my dad those opportunities because of those. Opportunities. My dad and I got like, have this special connection is WWE superstars. And we, we had this little wrestling connection. That was what was like. And I feel bad because my sisters were very close to my dad too, but different though. It was just a little different because you know, when when my dad had his ups and downs, my sister sometimes weren't as forgiving of my dad and my dad. I just as I learned like he was imperfect, but that was what kind of made him special. And I understood all those things. I was very, I was willing to overlook a lot of things with my dad, a lot of his imperfections because we just had this very special little bond wrestling and that I, oh, I, oh, that defense because without his company, my dad wouldn't have had that platform to be so unique. And then bins just through thick and thin. Benzes has been awesome to my family. And when you go through hard times, you realize like, wow, like WWE. They're just like the company's very classy, especially. I thought it was cool that Stephanie was there. Last couple of things. There's a, there's a picture online. It's actually pretty sad of the five guys at Calgary stampede. As komo's the paper called yet, Canadians and Canadian stampede part foundation and pill. Men, Owen breads in the middle Davey in Jim, and somebody made it to where bread is in color and the rest are in black and white breast the sole survivor of the team. I feel sorry for Brenton. Sorry, I feel I feel for him because that's, you know, he's lost so many guys and you look at that picture in was only twenty years ago and everybody's gone. I just, I just, I just feel a feel for Brett and you know, as hard as it is for you, obviously your father and your father in law. But that's Brett's like those or his brother-in-law's pill. Men might as well brands. Friends friends? Yeah. Like throw hanging in there. Right adams. All of his Bros.. Right that, yeah, I felt I felt like in talking to Brenton Brett was a very important part of the funeral actually in almost I almost didn't know if he was going to be able to make it because it was such a far distance for him to travel. And I said to said, understand if you can't make it, but I really would love to have you there. And I actually think bread is taking my dad's passing really hard. Yeah. I think he was the first time in my life that I've ever seen Brett cry. We went out for dinner and we went out for dinner myself Bretton his wife, Stephanie, and we just had this private little dinner. We just wanted to catch up and I just needed to clear my head and was crying. He was only for twenty seconds. Maybe he started crying. He was telling a story about my dad, and then he just stopped. And he started crying and he couldn't get gashes breath like he was like, he couldn't speak speaking. Yeah, you could breathe, but he couldn't like, couldn't get the words out and it was like, I never seen Brett cry like that before. I just I don't. I can't remember. I just don't remember him. I never remember him crying like that. And I felt like so bad at the table because I was like, gosh, like I can't believe a hard Brett staking my dad's death in, I think I think he's almost taking it harder than anyone in for me. I almost feel like it's not it's been nine days is my dad died, and I almost feel like it's not real. Like I feel like I'm going to go to my mom and dad's house, and I'm going to see my dad like, I don't think it's totally set in, but but you know, everybody handles things differently, but I think Brett's taking it really are. Last question. What's your favorite anvil memory match wise? I tell Jim, the anvil the character and I live in meeting says, I love love love the fact that the funeral I was showing Jessica this, you get the little card for the funeral. The little the little, the little pamphlet, the front, it's a picture and it just says the n. Ville. Yeah, then you open it up and says, Jane Henry night heart. I love it how wrestling and Ville James. That's what my dad's earn had on it too. We wanted it like my dad. That's what I keep digressing. I'm Mike all over the place, my heart, total heart, but my dad loved being an entertainer. He was like, he could never work in an office. He could never. He was born to entertain, and that's what total divas dead. Like when my dad couldn't wrestle, let's entertain. And so my sisters and I, my sisters are like, I don't know where the hell they came from. They're both like Martha Stewart's daughters. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. Mafi is like teacher graduated with honors like the most prim and proper person you'll ever meet. Jenny is the same way. She's like literally Kate Middleton's fister like she, they're both like all three of you. So pretty to the Angela's your father, like you guys beat the odds dad with a dad was really my dad before he became the ambulance really handsome, and we had Jenny mafia and I, we wanted to, we're all one year apart and we all we were like, daddy has to be. We call my dad, daddy. We never people what he's been saying. Total divas or like. You never you call your dad. Eddie. I never made the transition. Daddy's little girl as a little girl. What day do you go? We're going to start calling you dad like we never was just always daddy. Even we were mad at my dad. We would like daddy, like it was only daddy is daddy and mommy. That's it. That's all they will ever be to me. And we were like, daddy needs to have Ambuhl earn down a little like cow that they made a little Ambuhl and grabbed it, and I won't joining Murphy. And I were like, we want to make sure that daddy, that's the picture. He loved that embodied him. That was like that. Look that little look. And so we wanted that. And then of course, like on the back I have my mom and my dad, but we just wanted that. So that was great. It was great, but we favorite TJ because he's more of the wrestling, I would say Canadian stampede. But the moment is like they all come. They all kind of have the short little separate entrances. So like I pill men comes out then. Then Jim comes out and they all come out to like, and it's very funny. But each reactions a little bit bigger, but they all come out to these pretty giant reactions as like almost a singles guys. Obviously it did by MAC, but they have these short little entrances and you get kind of a little beat out there and they. Yeah. And then and then the cool moment where like Brett comes out and like high fives, everybody, and they come walking down. So even before the match. Right. The stages said, who's going to be the most amazing thing you've ever seen. For me, it's not just like I wouldn't say like Harvard nation had a lot of great matches BULLDOGS demolition and all that stuff. But for me, it's just the whole time of that of that WBZ Saturday, WBF Saturday night's main event. And Harfa nation was always included, and I always go back to and I'm not getting this wrong, but it's the heart foundation holding macho man as honky-tonk guitar over his head. I just remember like just the combination of those guys and I believe if anvil is holding you, you're not getting. You're not getting out because I knew I didn't know wrestling was your real, but I just do like that guys like he's holding. You're not escaping and just the whole concept of the heart phone Dacian as he's amazing peels that turn baby face in the colors in the to me that that was part of my love affair of how I got into wrestling because I enjoyed Awa, but WBF and the Hart foundation, we're top three from the advocacy, HOGAN steamboat and the heart. Foundation. Calgary style, and you're, like I said, you're kind of have a lot of Calgary like you. You have a lot of the qualities that those guys Calgary came from or had like dynamite, and if you think debut and you think of all the people that Bret and Owen and my dad, like there was a unique even hero hoc- was in Calgary guys like unique hybrid style is what I'm trying to say. But you also understood like my dad, the showmanship character. And so my dad always appreciate it. That and people because you had beautiful costumes and blam buoyant colors and you had a unique hairdo in my dad. My dad, I think is what he really brought to the Hart foundation was that unique little entertainment edge, I think is why Vince like my dad so much because Bret tells the story of, you know, a good athlete, but Vince also likes the entertainment man character. The enersen -ality in so brat tells the story when then I met my dad, David dynamite himself. And of course, as we know, Brett would go. On to become the most successful of them. But then was just drawn to my dad. My dad was the first one that he introduced himself to, and he stopped like my like events reminds me a lot of my grandfather. He's on my dad. He saw his neck so I was arms and my dad had this look at my dad had this natural charisma and Vince was just drawn to my dad. And I think I remember read saying, like, you know, he was just so like entomb with my dad. That was the star. That was the one that he was going to push in. Like my dad just had that little. He was an athlete. He was playing for the Dallas. Cowboys played for the Oakland. Raiders was trained by Tom are coached by Tom Landry, very famous football coach, and I don't know shit about, I know that name though, but his job pudding, this that bins just zeroed in on that. But then I knew that my dad was an entertainer. And so I love that because my dad is interesting because when the the radicals I came in and it was Ben wa, Eddie dean and Perry, and of course, at the time it was all Ben one. Actually Perry was up there too, but Vince I remember seeing Brian Eddie's the one that Vince really Eddie. He's the one because this is before Latino heat. Vince victim up before right off the bat. He said he said after one appearance, Vince is at he's the one that Vince thinks has it more than Perry and more than they Eddie because this is like I said, there was no character of Eddie at the time. But like you said, same with animals. -tainer. And so I just. The rather than favorite entering what's your favorite total divas Jim neidhart moment, God, there's so many Lana. My dad, by the way was obsessed with Lana. Like Chris, I have so many. I have so many videos of my dad and my phone, and I would always say daddy, do you like Luke gallows? And he'd be like, no, I'm going to send. I have. I've just. I want to find that letter from Vince. I want to show you that letter and I want to send you. My dad loved Lana, and I'd always film video, go, daddy, do you like lawn? And he's like, oh yes, she's beautiful. And like he would go off about Lana. He'd always remember Lona even Lana and my dad would drink fireballs shots together. He was obsessed with Lana. And so there was this day that long on I are really close, but we've had a lot of little conflicts threat, especially on total divas. We, she and I are like sisters, we fight and we make up and she drives me crazy. But I love her. So one day my my dad, my whole entire life. As we talked about earlier, it'd be obsessed with teaching me how to throw the shot put. And so I was training for this ladder match, and my dad was just like, somehow I was like, okay, daddy, you know what? You can teach me how to throw the shop would if that's what you want, we will go in the yard. We won't climb a ladder. We'll get in the front lawn and you could for the first time in my life, you can show me how to throw a damn shotput. So Lana was over and she wanted to be involved because you know what better way to put on a string bikini then to throw a shop that I. I heard on the front line. So in the driveway. So we're out there and Lana. Gee, somehow the shot put my dad's in the yard, and he's like, he's throwing it. She's throwing. She's throwing its landing on the grass. My dad's like he's picking up the shot put. He's like, you're doing great. And he's like coaching her and he's like, you're doing awesome. She was sucking. She was awful. And my dad just kept telling her, well, she was doing putting her over and then she all of a sudden throws the shot but into the windshield of my car. And my dad was like for real or for, I don't know. I don't know what she was doing. I think she was. I think I think she was just trying to get attention was going to say she's getting attention being extra extra. So Lana loves being a little extra. So somehow this put ended up in the windshield of the car. And my dad looked at me and he was like, she's so stupid. I can't go daddy, and he goes because he was shocked that my dad loves Lana, but then all of a sudden he's like, I can't shouted she do that. And then my dad started freaking out and he's like, oh my God. Like, what are we going to do? The cars wreck. And so I go daddy as because I was kind of like parent, I go go in the house right now and I go, don't you want to say anything to upset? Lama and I'm on is looking at me like like Steve urkel that I do that sort of thing, and I go in the house. My dad can't calm down. He's like, oh my God, the cars rat came and told me and he came in found TJ in the bathroom, and he's like, cheat, threw the shot put in the car. And so I told my dad, I was trying to calm down and I was like daddy, daddy, like I was trying to do anything to appease him and make like relax and I go, daddy, don't worry. It was all we just told Lana to do that. And my dad was Natta Uganda. Let the boys in when you run these spots. Like. These spot. And it was so funny because we're, he went back to being like recipe and he was like, that was my favorite story. Well, this is one other little thing and may not have any can do with anything, but I was just remembering. So after the screw job goes down, like Jim actually wasn't under contract. He was like a kind of a hack that point and then Davey doesn't baby leaves. Oh, and has the little month off. He comes back to the pay per view. No one knew what was happening with him. Of course, brats gone Jim on a handshake deal. I think he's a bra like maybe two weeks later and he does a deal with like deacs with fader and maybe even the next week to he's still like, and he knew he had this WCW deal, but like loyalty, yes, it kind of speaks to his character a little bit like he, he clearly did not have to show up at those. No. He said he said though, on the body, so that was just the guy making a living and providing for my family. And you know that was Brett's thing. And for him, he was still providing for his family. So. Thank you guys for doing this in the anvil one in a million and the world is a better place from having a minute. Thank you so much for like just being supportive and awesome to my family and just, you know, you coming to my dad's service for me like it just meant so much. So I appreciate you and anti putting up with us. Crazy heart. Amen. Let's find some fanny packs and a pink leather African hat. All right. Thanks the natty and Tyson for sharing more great stories. Jim, the anvil neidhart recipe Savile. He was one in a million wanted to Eminem. They said, all right, speaking on one in a million about the first one, the Chris Jericho Rockin wrestling ranger at sea, inaugural voyage setting sale, October twenty. Seventh just weeks away less than six weeks away and there's less than seventy five cabins left. So you'll have to book now at Christiana cruise dot com. If you wanna come hang out in the ship with incredible line of talent. Remember everything is included. Once you book everything, once you book your cabinet, it's all -cluded all your food, all the activities on the ship or free all the why podcast concerts comedy shows meet-and-greet autograph signings wrestling matches. Everything in between elephant, you've got to pay for alcohol and gambling. Hope you do a lot of both, and it's a huge lineup with the main event, the alpha club versus a bullet club, it's the bucks of Jericho, or is it why to Jackson versus Canio? Mega Cody and mardi school the first in ring, meeting of Jericho and Kenya mega since the Tokyo dome. Besides when I surprise attacked him at all. And you're not gonna wanna miss this. It's only on the cruise also ring of honor. Verse impact, mardi girl, Sammy Callahan in a no rules deck, fight slaughter on the water baby. We also got LAX versus the young box. There's another dream match right there. Four corner survival match Kenny king versus Franken Zarian versus Dalton castle versus Jay lethal Cody, the champion versus delirious a match requested and demanded by Cody himself. John Morrison is going to be there key, Johnny Mundo. It will be on the ship. He wants to take on the whole bullet club. We know Brian cages you'll get involved with the LAX is involved with that who is also going to be, we'll Sammy Callahan throwing his hat in the ring. Could we have another huge match being announced? And just a few days we think I'm gonna tell you right now when when we're ready, we're going to let you know we also got a four corner tag team survival match the dogs versus young and severe city bruiser versus lethal, and she's burger versus the addiction. Everybody is on this truce, man, live talk. Is Jericho with Ricky the dragon. Steamboat live TI j. remembering Eddie Guerrero with Conan and rims. Do junior live talk, is Jericho with the entire bullet club. Live talk is Jericho with Jim Ross and Jerry king Lawler Mick Foley doing his twenty years of hell. Stand show live just for you. Keep it at one hundred kilometers on Don calcium police Amee versus Conan and disco, and the hurricane, Jerry the king Lawler and Jim also doing their own live with JR and the king on the ship. And of course, the first round of the ring of honesty of auto tournaments been announced lethal versus Whitmer Daniels versus delirious, squirrel versus Titus young versus Gordon. That's broccoli. Bracket b.'s Briscoe versus Ferrara pays versus kazarian. She's burger versus beer city bruiser and Jay Briscoe versus candy cane. So much more beyond the darkness. Tell some scary tales, coal, Cabana mortgage Rosa during their unprofessional wrestling show, busted, open radio, be there. David Greco live comedy from Brad Williams, Craig gas run, funches, Sal, and queue from impractical jokers. And of course the live music fuzzy playing three sets including one set. That's all covers. Songs with a couple of extra little rarities thrown in there. Corey Taylor of Slipknot, and stone sour. They're currently at with Ozzy. He's going to be there. Phil Campbell in the bastard signs, king, the stir, the Dave Spitak projects be. We've heard him and his music right here on talk. Is Jericho featuring rival on drums? Yeah, there you go. The cherry bombs, the darlings of rock and roll are going to be there shoot to thrill the world's best ACDC cover band females. They're great boosted Avaz. There was best Ozzy cover band guest Trues director. So Cal Val guest, those Noel Foley brandy roads is going to be there. Kelly Klein Sumi, Sakai Mandy, Leon everyone who's going on this damn thing. So booger cabin now at Chris Jericho, cruise dot com and come join the fun. All right. And speaking of bun coming up from Friday asking, Alexandria is going to be here alone rooms, tearing up the serious octane biggest chart. It's number one for four weeks. Just released a brand new video for the single and their tourist starts this Friday, September twenty first and South Carolina. So come. Hang with asking, Alexandria talks, Jerry Lewis body, Danny wars, not Ben, Bruce, their trip, a great guys. I was going to be a fun show until then in the meantime time stay hard, stay cool, stay hungry peace-loving hugs and a big pool. The Westwood One podcast network.

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