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No. Because this week we had a lot of reviews get through had a lot of things to do and missed one review. But I said, you know, I'm like always try to do my job and make up for it in. That's what we come to this movie hunter kill it is moving right here. I thought go drug bully. He was done tearing up shit and blow up cities. But none in dumb. We'll do it under water. And this is where he comes in pretty much drug Bill in summary, and he some some some bad as just name the movies that that it just gets gets his garage drug Bill in a submarine. You know this. This is a this is him as a submarine commander turns out that, you know, always got those those those those those evil people win plans world domination, but they don't think it all the way through because they want to start World War three it'll realizing it'll be shit left has done. But it doesn't stop them. And that's what's happening right here. You got this one Russian madman who's coming in and trying to start some. Oh shit between America and mother. Russia. Trying to get the Cold War start all over again by having him fire on each other. And having a confused about who exactly did it. Well, that's where Gerard Butler comes in. Because he's the smartest. Submarine commander in the whole world. Is he now? Somebody would say, no. Any smarter up commander in the hole. Wait a minute. And do they show that at the beginning of the movie, the cars is the smartest man in the whole wide world pretty much worse out that way because with him in the movie. That's that's that they have moments like that where it's just like, but sir, nobody else can do this. But Gerard Butler in that guy? He's crazy. Yeah. I thought we got rid of them in with this. Does movie here. Of course, you know. I mean be no big surprise that eventually saves the day. But it's how he does it. How does it give him pointed point being saved the world? Again, let's go in wash trailer for hunt to kill and I'll be back with my review. The Tampa Bay's got missing just about the peninsula. So we've got a shootout under the ice. I told sixteen you one hundred. We've been ordered across waters. No American sub is ever crossed before. Emergence shift. Do. I love that. But look not only not only the smartest man in the world. I should have. Do this. He's as criminals. Okay. Mood, camille. We are witnessing the most oppressive military from Russia. Taps on freshman. President teams defense minister Durant. God a coup dealing with a single road minister what if we could free presidents car we rescue the Russian president. He's an years. Forty orders. We're going in with four of our voice and get foreign rush. President. Navigator? I respect men Magris my ship because it was the right thing to do. Is about our future. If we don't pull this off. It's going to be World War three. I like the ways from the producers the fast fears, like why don't you just get the rock to just stop every missile that comes out? Right. Like he didn't like he did in the fast and furious phase. Yeah. He's he accident torpedo. Going to the. Space Marshall, Joe if you live long. So you can testify. Shit rights, loosen ready. Fire. This movie is very important. Do we start? Myself in the one. Worship. It's funny because. You could tell like they they do that star Trek's shit where they'd just say. I was thinking. That's not even I was thinking I was thinking this is from the guys on the fast and fierce because I thought I saw that ship doing like goddamn Tokyo drift. Like what the fuck, you know, all that money and all they can do to sick to Campbell. Very bump besting. Very noisy. No. I saw this on a rotten tomatoes and your head, you know, being that we run tomatoes. Now, you know, I check with them favorite thing. Of course. And we must see what are exactly I'll check with Mr. tomato every now and then corporate chills. No, we ain't got shit. Eight and catch. Run to me, even catch a pen. Yeah. Funny because I mean, Martin I will have man we around tomatoes and gun is free. Great. And by the way, up part of the other part of a an affirmative action programs where we read article the next day, Mr. tomato looks but more black people. I guess standards just to get some minorities. I can picture run tomato with pinhead right now. Talking to you guys. Yeah. Marla, you know, anything about this. Well, we we were lied to again. Hey, sir. Your friend over there. Yeah. Yeah. The garbage is back there. But oh took with Mr. tomato it to see what was going on with this movie right here had a score of thirty five percent something like that. Well, when I saw that I went in. I say what did you? Say what did you just expected man thanked? He was going to be that great anyway. And see when I'm on my way to watch movies like this. I see it has a low tomatoes score going there thinking already it's going to be bad move from the trailer military and Russia. Especially when he tried to be so serious and political within and I said, you know, what I can't wait to go in here and talk some shit. I went into this movie. Because because I mean, let's let's let's be honest. A lot of our best reviews. Come from us going in and talking shit about the field. Sure. I was ready to go in this movement. Gerard butler? Going into that three hundred y'all. Already gone to kick them in his chest. I wasn't ready for this. You know, I wake up early in the morning talks. So you can understand my disappointment. I'll walk Danis at damnedest thing really that big. You liked it trailer. I was like, well, it doesn't look at it. Ain't that bad. But it doesn't look that good. But no, it ain't that good. He'll know it just looks like it's not as bad as London's fallen. No, man. So would you turns out the me? If if it's not good, it's not bad, and it's just a waste of my fucking time. Right. Because this is a movie that people don't forget about Wednesday. This is something where you'd be exactly you know, this. This movie is something where is not memorable enough to to to actually go in and talk shit about even if I could just go in and laying on this film, ain't nobody go. Remember this movie, man? This movie is going to be it will be forgotten by next week. And here's my up on Saturday morning. Yeah. Pay my money. Go see how many times have we talked shit about movies like this. They keep fucking making. Somebody's somebody's just seeing the trailer billion times somebody's watching it. Why should I care and drug Butler? That's why you know. And it turns out that the reason why it's because it's not that it couldn't be good movie. It just has no personality at all you take every military property that you've seen take every Tom Clancy movie should take every game that that's out there in just suck the personality and character right out of it. And that's what you guys almost like it's almost like watching cut scenes to call of duty or something. Yeah. Very paint by numbers. No. It's it's it's is generic man. It is you know, that and wish I could say more about it. But it's generic which means that you guys generic is moral kosh. Oh, yeah. Mean really seeing him two billion times? And you know, this is a with this. You get no emotional investment out of it at all. So you get the premise where they say. Well, we're going to start well would three okay. Hope that works for you. I wonder I wonder who I wonder who win. Nhs. I mean, you know, what you say that. Oh, but that's the other thing about it you walk in, and you know, who wins draw button. Of course, rob Butler. This is one of those because see actually drug bully check. But on every other end, it's not even that good for him because draw Butler, the only reason why drug Butler gets by these days because drop bullet gets by on charisma in good looks. I'll give too many ain't got no range. But he's got he's got a screen presence in really when you look at it is all because of the he's got one thing down that he does. And he's got that drug Butler smirk. You know, whenever whenever he has to go out if his branch, he just he just. Yup. Playing look he's he's been practicing niche working on it. Been doing it for years. Snuggie mcgee. Just a slight here. This is. Yes, slice snare. What is that really range? But it's enough to say, I'm confident accentuate. My good looks at on it that I make punch shoot somebody blows up them up in it. You know, what movie was that? By the way. I think that was a pro commercial. Is that what he was doing the coverage girl? Everybody lives when he was color me bed. Bobbio, but this. That's what drug bullet gets by on short like draw, buddy. You know? He's handsome got a body, and he's got a smirk. You've gotta look Gerard Butler. Doesn't have anybody who hates it. Yeah. It's it's more that it's so much or love or like Gerard Butler. But why don't mind drug Butler, and he did things. And he did some things to pass it. I I did he the guy does commercials for his own movies at the beginning. And they got them movie theater. When you see say, hey, I'm Dr Butler and go to your Twitter, whatever the fuck you using check out my movie, put hashtag. And so he's calling this ship do that. He does. And that's my, but that's why he's still making movies. Not the guy that's going to go. No, I'm drawer, brother. I don't have any reason to fuck and do that. I was in three hundred don't you? Remember, I am three hundred come on. I don't need this. No. But he's he's out there selling this shit. Eliminates dangle check got my movie he's there to say. Hey, remember, how much you like three hundred? Okay, watch this. So if you take all that charisma way like it's like somebody like the director was on says like don't you do it? Don't you fucking smart? Don't you do a one time, and he could not do drugs trademarks? He couldn't blinked them big old blue eyes. He couldn't get this smirk on the at he couldn't crack a joke. It's all he had all he had to do. Is be serious in the movie. That's that was his only thing as only function the film, and he is slow series here. You know in his job here is to be as you can see right here. His job is to just be. This is just be serious and be cool and say the right things that are going to save the day in drubbed Butler this he is right. All the time that that's another thing that the movie there's no tension. There's no suspense because drug Butler said it. Cou there were good does what there's one dude in the movie who's losing his ship, which rob Butler, just impatient. And there's one movie just kind of like you need to like what you're doing. You can't do. This classify just goes gets. Rob. I forget that is in the script through disease. Yeah. You noticed? Like, hey. And chances are down if he did say that he is right. Yeah. I don't know. Even like what the fuck that means I've been around the movie like fuck, you got a point. You know, this is your brother, I don't want. I I want that guy to be screaming at people and cake and people in the holes that that's that's the guy I want. I don't know. What happened? I don't know. Thought he was going to be making Godfather's after movie, but hey, if it works stick with all, right? Sure. You might become Steven Seagal but eight fucking. Every movie you want you like this is America. Except not like, I don't need that. I don't want to feel bad seeing that one time. No, man. You know, he and his other part of the move with his character is that you get to parts of one all the rumors when he gets onto shoe like you don't get to hear anything about his players. His pass a see him act up any of these characteristics. Not be when he gets on the ship. You know, people whispering in this is all exposition to his care to know development. Just rumors and whispers people talking about you hear about he punched a CEO. Oh shit. He killed a man for snort what need to say. Almost. In the new one do it. Of course is the black because everybody's got like man, you know, he wants to hurt. He's like one terrorists mission. Obam self one. Do comes. Then you get the best every port. He goes. Heaters. To be fucking. Do you work in? And I know I was gonna say. Vasant through Rudy Ray, Moore dolemite. Yeah. I'm I'm not mad about it. Then. Then. And then the other thing that where you learn. He's the best is from his file because files Br brought in by this a high ranking official played by Gary Oldman, you know, they look at us file, and then communist ago has to tell him about tell them about how bad is rob buddies because Gary Oldman says his, you know, his his records. Incredible. What what school? Did it go to commonplace? He's so bad as eating go to school. Tampa Bay's going missing in the bear to see picked up a distress signal both the Kola peninsula. Trust respect porch. Classified systems on that. Answered in ten minutes. You want to go quickly. You want to go armed fast attack? Submarine sixteenth. You want to kill. We don't have one in Yukon region diverse potential me. Why did you wanna stop this cameraman, Mike? Yeah. Do you mind because he lost his he lost? Just wanna trip there. What are you guys direction? Go. Autograph? God is that comment? He needs. He needs them better. Yes. And that's seated the director till comet. Okay. No matter. What you do? Don't blink. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I don't think common. Blinks arkansas. Thicker, and I signed her new one. He's into breaching never been account. Show. Glad. Did you find him class was never went through a Napa site? Dramatic music. In the first grade. He was. What class was his third. He has no clan. And you were right about coming communist movie, man. Just so yes thing thing with common. And can we put communist in a comedy talk another cartoon because common when you put comedy drama, comma, has to be serious is just like his is just go day like, and he starts getting these movements. And he looked like he just looked like he just like like like his mind just went blank what a combination of a Merola, but a motherfucker. Average. Ideally the blank he wants to kill somebody. Like, why are you looking at everyone like, oh you money? Yes, sir. The commerce series milk. We don't do about this. There's no toilet restroom. What are you going to do? Like, if you look at this thing like I'm sorry, but calming the like, they like you just look in other movies should like I like, I'm not talking about him. But in this movie where like him it's still admit that he's not a good. It's not a good. You don't have the biggest range and the last thing he put him as a military commander because you could tell in the movie like they just gave him just shit to do like. Like like another. Here's as he could actually like he has tactics military. It just come and pushing buttons. Look at this. Look like a girdle walkable. She did. But you've got to say. Still you need sharing. Okay. Calm and just go push. USS picked up to explosions off the. Two. Okay. Come and go over there. And please. Is there any big collage gape escape scape? Doing nothing. That's an even plugged in to shoot a serious. Keyboard. That's all right. Even tabby. There's no keyboard on that table, you Muslim hired a cat to do this by actually type out word, right? I can't be more dramatic common. Just goes dead. When you have them do drama yet. You've seen it it everything. He's in. It's like, well he's trying. He could be worse. Yes. It is. So funny because you look if you go put them in another scene with somebody make sure that temple is the say, yeah. Put him in with somebody. Put him in with somebody trying to act. They they put them in. She's like damn you could even type. Who's could you? So. These movies all the time. Isn't it funny because they put him in a they put it. They put comment communist seen with Gary Oldman and will work. Geico, Gary oldman's in 'cause Gary Oldman is active and they put him in there with loud. Gary Oldman, Gary Oldman, you know, he's mad at come. Like, you know, what you did? You just not only started. But. Commonly. Line. My moment will talk to me. It's actually helping Gary Oldman scared you'll get even more pissed off even Gary like, you know, like the deputy at the cutting the I'm like. Yeah. I'm like, why won't do this? Hello, Gary Oldman. It's a this is ridiculous, man. And you know, there are scenes that could be intense in this the scenes where we about to say something to I'm sorry. We about to say, no, I was going to say a lifetime with Gary over has a smaller subordinate part. He folds it in. That was what if this is one of those cases, you know, this is this is where like Gary Oldman does two things when he knows he's in something good. He puts it all out. He acts when he knows he's or something he asks us off when he knows he's in something just for check. He just he just screens it. And that's what it's every time. He steps in her room with common. That's this is okay. Maybe that's what triggers that movie that Kevin Costner movie criminal where he's he's not active in that. He doesn't care stress between us even though it's a big apart is like bodice symbols. He still has to pay the bills. Yeah. This is you got Gary Oldman when he acts, and you got Gary Oldman when he screams, and as you can screaming. Omen. Very many knows. Yeah. Gary Oldman vet he's he's old school vetted. This man, you know, there's some bullshit. You know, he don't you? Michael, Caine shed. It's all that was for him. Yeah. Yeah. He he got to play on the submarine. I got to where the snazzy uniform. Dress a brand I get to keep these buttons. Yeah. No this believe. Yeah. He probably remember filming this movie, man. Yeah. I love working with L Kujat. Yeah. Favorite jones. It could be social so suspenseful moments in this movie of could here. Everything could be saying. Good. A bit coulda were could could've stayed home. This morning. Know, this is a. Moments shoot till pedophiles at each other in doing some battleship. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Man. You know, not not that not that not that fun. Oh, hell, no. No. But we know in here they doing these these Sutts where the fun. Where the fun thing about a submarine war movies when they shooting each other, and you had no, you know, you slow to get out the way, right, right? So yeah. Yeah. And they have those moments. Those moments could have been here in his movie except that the torpedoes looked just like cartoons. Kwang? Beijing devices like this shit goes between a live action moving picks off him. They don't have faces. That's what this movie needed. Isn't. It faces on the torpedo. I'll watch that longest draw bullet kicked him in the hall. Screen. That's that's the that's another thing with the movie where just kind of in the middle of nothing where it looks lik looks like it has some money. But he that looks either just looks like generic Hollywood slimmer. Oh, just looks really fake. It looks really artificial PlayStation, three cut scene or something. Yeah. Yeah. You know this. Well, the technology has come so far down twenty gene. We can do really good look at affects and they look expensive. And the reality is let times don't know the audience is like our sophistication our visual sophistication has caught up to that. Well, some something where I think they know this is like just some bullshit. They're gonna put out withdraw brother's name. I mean, it said now when you see something like this where TV shows are the special effects on TV shows are pretty much up there with you know, what we should expect with bid big budget movies. Yeah. No what you've got to rate it. But it just looks like it's something that was supposed to go to red box. Somehow somebody's accidentally put in the wrong. And that's what it looks like it's fun. How HBO gonna find your Butler in the red box? Literally. Like movies. It was funny. I just made one about submarine. Thank you exit. Rich. He got everything for you. He got drunk and end up in a red. I would I would I would read him like, oh, you're you're drunk, and you ready to kick people in whole. Hole. You don't want Holloway here. Getting you know. Day rent me. Nonsense full action. Oh, like, you know. At this moment. Take me home. This is a this. This is this is right is going on. With is some that HBO said thank of HBO had a hold of this. They would have done so much. It would have been great HBO makes dragons come to light. They can't even make a torpedo look real fucking cylindrical. What a propellers? Him bombs on Super Mario realis-. Dude. It's just a to you. They got they got models of this. You remember the old days when they used to use models in the ad model. Torpedoes remodeled submarines, and they just fill net shit, and they put on the screen and look real cost. How much is hobby lobby charging? I got a little cousin who can do this. Now, this is on the computer. Everyone plays the part to blandness in this film. Everybody military guys play military guys commonplace com. Commonplace common in military, guys. Everything is sir, sir. You know, like everybody everybody got that hit phone bent over, sir. Are you hearing this Cirque? Do you see this, sir? Somebody wants to talk to you, sir, sir starting in the middle. And he got the I just had flashbacks Uku even you were doing. Your cereal box. No. I just say, sir. I was saying cocoa puffs. Prosecutors Rice Krispies clocks. Coming in closing sardine here. This is not Recco. Pump. The tough guys here. Do you know the tough guys, you know, the except the tough guys in the movie, you know, they the special forces as two stores really going on. You got the one that's on the submarine. And then you've got the one on the side that's happening with these these special forces guys, I got to rescue the Russian president and get him out of this cool. So everybody can know what's going on. And these guys they actually kind of cool because it turns them to like a real action film at that point. The moves move a little faster, these guys feel more real they have a bad as sniper scene with these guys in here turns into call of duty pretty much turn the call of duty way before this now. But, but even that dialogue is typical tough guy dialogue you and he's action movies. Like one guy was like you came back for me, the god-like and eat it. They access. Yeah. Yeah. Georgia's suit and shut the fuck. Yeah. Just just run at the exhibit. Don't talk. Don't don't make new job as drug. Man. These these not that they're part actually feels suspenseful their part actually feels like, you know, there's some high stakes and then constantly get injured too. And and. They're the ones we have to infiltrate the, you know, the the high security areas that that's fun. And I will say also in the film, the what makes it because like I said, you know, this is not a terrible film. There's certain things that actually rise it above the move it. I wanted it to be. So I could talk shit about it. But there's a scene where the soap has to go through these minds in enemy territory and damn you'll edge man, at the end of the film. There's these decisions that allow these commanders have to make several of them and it's hard decision. They have to make you kind of on edge to accept that the end in its eventually bins up stupid because Gerard Butler was right. You know, that's pretty much. How ends Gerard Butler? Just Japan have faith in big. Everything's gonna be alright had the answers before you did. Genre movies where in between explosions people yell the dialogue at each other. Or just yelled everything all the trailer was in. No, like, I said, you know, people phoning people, did, you know, Gary Oldman yelling everybody else outright. You I go. Yeah. Everybody else is just like I say and everybody else is doing that thing. You know, being looked military to the blend is level. Should I'm forgetting about this move as talking about it right now. This is a this is gut Sylla's seen the there. They're parachuting. And they're they're falling into the thunderstorm. Like that that looked like a direct? They just stole that seen through in there. And it's like, hey, I still got that extra food, right? Throw it in tension. Yeah. Yeah. No God's Elizabeth. That's my movie. That's my always making my own movies. The only way I keep interesting. The only way you keep it out show them the draw them in whole. That you're. Got this monster. Sorry for the guy. He was basically a bail. You know, he talks to he's started on shit. I don't know if you remember that. Oh.

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