132 - What if mountains could turn into backpacks?


The word if conspirator records if you're traveling back inside welcome <music> hey there folks and welcome back to what if world the show where your questions and ideas inspire off the cuff stories i mr eric eric your host and today we've got a question from a patron named layla mayenne filet five o. in may was this wide now to include tony back excellent question leela and very creative and we get all kinds of different questions from our listeners and sometimes we get character ideas too so let's listen to bruno's idea hi. I'm i just called to just say i care home. Brainless has always been getting topped off leading the only always thank you right. Wow now we lost a little bit in the middle but what i understood was there's zombie character named brainless and his head's always always getting popped off and i think he's got a poltergeist as an enemy and also he's always bumping into things what in our klutzy zombie on bay j._f._k. You're here for our meal out. I presume indeed all yam. I'd love to meow out achi from celebration florida ah archie he's into the lego monster series. I didn't even know that was a thing yep. There's vampires ghost and werewolves and staff half cool while you're probably enjoy this story then he'd he doesn't he doesn't strictly have to j. kanye album just getting okay. Okay sort of okay now. Let's find out what if there were those ambi- named brainless whose head kept popping off and what if mountains could turn born into backpacks and zombie at murky middle school all the undead students have to start every day by taking their feelings out of their heads and putting them into their backpacks most zombies ghosts vampires and skeletons allison's can do this with ease but then there was brainless whose head was always getting popped off goes by headed. Brainless zombie was feeling embarrassed. His headed popped off and all his emotions were pouring out like pebbles from his neck doc in their emotions every time he bumped into a desk or chair or a fellow student. All the kids just laughed even more. Excuse me just look over my head estella unless i appreciate that you are upset but you'll feel better once you pick your head up off the ground. Okay mr grumbler. That's right it was abacus p grumbler before or he was a professor at because was very young teacher back then he barely had more than a twisty mustache and that mustache didn't even have a single all white hair of wisdom khokar got it got it said brainless had as his body reached down to pick it up but then it was pushed away as if by a ghostly hand and by as if i mean may exactly lose your head again brainless all the monster students in the classroom last we're laughing as paul geist pushed brainless head away with ghostly force still using delicate leases on my head holler geist membranes and they are what's left of it glass. Stop laughing bickering all origin detention of you. Paula geist pool the little emotion from her head like ghostly little rock and she tossed austin into her backpack. Fine and brainless was finally catching up to his head joe most their brainless and a creature that look to be made out of charcoal with smoldering bat wings kicked brain lewis's head with a saudi foot and instead of picking his head up with his his hands. He voted it out the window with his oh vampire. Oh that's the tension for you and for brainless and paula guys to congratulations yeah. Don't give me that incredibly really frightening look and that classes how undamaged is able to pull their emotions out of their heads like rocks and store obama never ending backpacks and that makes so much sad degree or no. It sounds pretty hard. I do believe well brainless and the school bell rang marking the end of the day. All right glass detention has begotten. Let's go on a hike to new club very goes again. All the kids picked up their backpacks. You won't be needing those just leave them behind what ooh back bags and a few more pebbles poured out of brainless neck which he scooped up and threw in his backpack back before the four of them laughed murky middle school was set against the mountain range that wasn't too far off and before they knew it affects van pyro paula geist and brainless had all arrived now do you children know this mountain range of soy. It's tough for me to remember stuff like i heard him. Ocean mountains indeed paula and this range stretches as far as the i can see and father than that also because because bowden's a big boy and my point is have you ever thought of where those little pebbles you put in your backpack. Go not for a second. I suppose this is where and suddenly he teleported on top of the nearest mountain and this is someone's emotions to any shrunk the mountain down to the size of the backpack and here's someone else's any shrunk that that mountain down to do at here's a third person look at someone else's entirely and there were four were backpacks sitting before them. These are someone's emotions will. Where are they now. Oh probably most somewhere too. I know i don't teach teach mountain carrying. So what are we doing here. Why we're mountain carrying that safe. What do i know i don't teach mountain in carrying okay class. Carrier mountains and all four of them picked up a heavy backpack in slung over their shoulders. You heard this. It's fine brainless. Let's just get through this. Can't i simply pantomine no vampire empire. Oh you cannot burn your backpack and as the kids carry their packs toward the nearest mountain they started to hear strange distant fox and their heads he doesn't remember me. I thought we were fran. Why don't you and so what did i do my mustache to hold the children just so angry mr grumbler what's going on well. If you're having trouble with your own wound emotions. I thought maybe you all handle someone. Else's for a change is in fair. You tell us to put motions away at school. No no that's not what we're trying to set abacus although his pack seemed to be getting heavier and heavier trying to get you to take <music> out your emotions sees them before the school day starts. I need a rest. It's hot no mountains auden's. We're the only shade our birth and as brainless trained with his own backpack. His neck flexed again z. that we cannot always let our heads popoff every time we have elaine who you <music>. I mean it's important to remember your feelings so you can understand them and deal with them. Better the next time just adopt one second said paula geist pulling a ghostly little pebble out of her head and sticking it in her backpack. Only the pack on her back wasn't really hers to begin with odia. Did someone just mix up their emotions with someone else's emotions. I just put my feelings away. I'd do it all the time long back. Bird ghostly pebble popped out of her bag or more specifically typically. It was popped out of her bag. As the peak of a mountain started to rise out from it receives bad news ooh but the ghostly little pet didn't fall to the ground it flew towards brainless is backpack and a ghostly lia theory mountain started to rise peak. I from brainless as bag as well children. It might be time to her. I know i i was going to say walk very cautiously and quickly and calmly while pumping our arms and legs as fast as we can so the three children's started power walking toward the nearest mountain <hes> blameless paula guys your carrying those mountains with you. Leave them behind please. The mountains kept growing as the children. Put them down. I <music> felt like an earthquake or a reverse avalanche as all four of them sped away and two mountains careened into tweets other shattering until they're all mixed up in a pile of ghostly unreal rocks tumbling towards abacus in his class vampire. Oh you've you've got to open your backpack right now and make another mountain. Please just trust me but they did as they were told and suddenly they were all standing inside a study bookshelves and magic components line the walls an old wizard staff leaned in the corner beakers full of potions where scattered across one desk and a warn but comfy purple chair sat in front of another desk they could hear two mountains worth of boulders colliding with this study. They seem safe for now brainless running around the study bumping into every surface looking for a head that was for one still attached to his neck brainless. I understand i can explain everything and you start with where we are fire where inside my mountain mountain awfully swanky. Thank you vampire. Oh this is sort of my little l. Safe haven a place. I go what i don't have time to think about my scrawny mustache or how none of my students seemed to respect me who i respect you abacus. You've just called me by first name who we need to focus on. How we're we're getting out of here. Yours smart paula geist. Please don't say nice things to me. The study shook as more rebel seemed to pile l. a. topic okay okay. I admitted those four mountains we were carrying where each other's emotions not just some random strangers that would have been weird but but all my emotions fall right out of my neck. Oh could i help a mountain of well all those little emotional pebbles still end up in your backpack which which means they go there and he gestured outside of the study to wear the mountains where still falling there's some kind of magic thing we can use in here to teleport away over. This is all just make believe. I know i'm not perfect and i don't have a great h._p. Beard and i've got a lot of growing to do as a teacher but i've worked out those feelings and so i have this nice little study in the midst of a massive mountain of emotions that you just can't see right now you mean grownups have feelings too indeed. We do while good thing. I'm i am a ghost in i can pass through rocks and paula used her telekinesis to open the door to the study out donkey wrong but a ghostly boulder rolled right through the open door bowling toward allah donkey and at the last second brainless jumped tempt in front of the rolling grossly boulder. Oh who when the dust cleared there was brainless still into two pieces. Could someone please grab my head and paula floated the zombies head back over to him helping him up off the ground as abacus shut the door to the study again. Why would you do something like that. As zombie can't stop a ghost bowl dr boyd pink. Maybe those two mountains out there were my in yours and when i saw that little piece of mountain rolling toward just for your fears started looking a lot like by fierce reporter helpful at this is maybe you to become friends now. We won't not again. We used to be friends brainless but you let all of your feelings. Just slip out of your head so you forget again and again to. I know this is all very touching touching but i've never met a mountain. I couldn't burn through out. Just see you later and vampire open the study door again really bold thereafter boulder tried to pour into the study but vampire. Oh held a charcoal hand. The fingertips lit up like embers which chateaux five jets of torturing one boulder after another vampire. You might won't stop that. Don't worry mr grumbler. I can keep this poll day. I just have to stay a gurry. That's the the problem. An abacus finally put down the back back he'd been carrying all along and the flaming peak of mountain started pushing <music> out of the top of it. Oh that must be my backpack but i don't have any emotion komo cinders sch- with your anger which is a motion which you don't really deal with in a healthy men. I wanted to bring this up in a less deadly ideally yahoo but now there was a flaming mountain growing inside of the study as an avalanche of rocks and boulders still tried to pour in from outside. I hear a terrible teacher. At least i'm not angry all the time time. At least i don't forget all of my feelings. I allow myself to feel out how paula geist used her ghosts. Telekinesis powers to push against the boulders while vampire. Oh tried to burn them away but none of it seemed to work okay everybody. We're all afraid of getting crushed right. I'm a little afraid of that. <hes> by feelings can't crush us right. Only mountains can well lots of things other other than mountains but i think i see point. Are you saying we have to let ourselves feel our feelings. You believe they're not good even if we're embarrassed even if we feel things other than anger and the little ghost nodded they stood against the mountains together is closed fearing they could get crushed at any second bad teach. Nobody understands the everyone forgets. Everyone loves woah and after a minute abacus peaked open and i children. I doubt think we've been smushed. You're right and not smushed just know my head smashed here. Talking out of your head brainless of course it isn't smushed and as the four of them open their eyes four perfectly une crumbled unburnt mountain stood with the last rays of sunshine peeking between them finally handily you were supposed to be doing this all along. Unpack your feelings a few minutes every day. Every really children don't unpack their backpacks highly ever nope. Maybe if it's on fire this was a really misguided idea in the first place soon kinda. Oh absolutely the end well leyland bruno. I hope you enjoyed your story folks. At home. I just sent out my seasonal mailing to all of our fish. I night patrons and up if you'd like to receive your own seasonal swag and a handwritten note by me check us out at patriotair dot com slash what if world even joining the whatever level will get you a shout out on my show in a much better chance of getting your question answered i tweet at what if world pot and our facebook facebook and instagram is what world podcast i'd like to thank karen o'keefe my co-creator craig martinson var theme song my high school english teacher mr fuller solar and all you kids at home i know thinking and talking about feelings can be yellow strange at first but it's a lot healthier than carrying around that mountain on your back and until we meet again keep wondering.

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