Patti With An I, Not Patty With a Y - EP 278


Is that a new lamp, which lamp that library that they're doing next to me for real? It's new right? Yes or no? Do you think it's I think it's new because it feels like it's dimmer like it's not as Bryant. That's been there since since the opening since the since we had member, when we had the prayed, and all the hot dogs here when we opened pristine, darling studio. Remember, just sees things through new eyes. We had the mayor here cut a ribbon. Balloons we got in trouble for all those balloons. Council issue hard. It's clean up confetti sidewalks. But that lamp has been there since since that day since day one, I think, because that one's off. Maybe that's it. I little, so I don't know people here. I'm chewing pumpkin. I'm the best popcorn still ish in the world. I mean, so will you tell the people don't my popcorn I didn't want to taste it because I don't when I eat popcorn and get stuck in your teeth, you know what I mean? It's a whole thing, but he made me try it. Tell them and I have to say and I'm not blowing smoke up your ass. No reason to it is the best popcorn. And what I what's great about it is that it's buttery, but there's no butter. It's totally vegan. It's coconut oil, and then I use the salt. Have we talked about this before this salt? Yeah. From utah. I just want to say as someone who does not like food. This probably is the best pop one I've ever had. Do you have any other popcorn I pop Warner? Oh is on the list. Horns, actually one my favorite snacks. J Reid said he was in kitchen. I can't stop eating. I said. Oh my God. You're right, this popcorns like pussy. He said he does he does not jibe out pussy. Oh my gosh. Okay. So much to get have actually wrote down all week long. Really? I love that. I'm in a great mood when Nikki, I'm going to good to meet you. We can't be you, let me turn. Stop eating. About media properties. We, we can't understand you 'cause you're actually chewing while you're talking can we get something? There's now they're good spittle all over Pristina's are. Spittal. He has promised. I'm done eating. I can't eat anymore 'cause he took the ball away. Nikki one more thing say one more thing about popcorn and then that's the last word, it's really good. The game best friend. You wish you had. And no you need. Top love money now here he is Ross Matthews. Vote shares. Sweet. Oh, mumbo jumbo Gye. Welcome to the program. Around lots to get to today. CJ. Jay rod is busy eating popcorn. Bloomberg. Go all the way to the popcorn. Flee and. Navy one. Boy is here. You can hear her to choose. Hi, I'm so happy. Loesch so happy to have, you know, facts. And I haven't spending we've spent a lot of time together yesterday. We got a lot done just yesterday. Daily target the fording, it's so. Right. He's actually on my way to target. So it's like you want to target. It's really nice. When do you not want to go to target texted him, he said, you wanna go targets a window and not want to go, and it was fine. We had fun there. We always have fun at target. You know there's two shirts. I've I, I went back and return them. I got them homemade and look. But did they look at their I didn't try them on whereas addressing room at target. There's plenty where you there was. We didn't look that hard for the dressing room. I asked her to Tricia goes you just bought those. Why are you going back and say they don't fit? She was when you try them out. I go. There's no just even she goes, there's one of the maternity section I why would I be in the majority section? Never seen a CJ. Where's addressing retarget? I try things on by the in the women's clothing. Well, I don't wear women's clothing, but I'm proud of you so. Lots to get to today. Oh my God. So if axiom, I haven't spent time together, we went to the other day, we went to Costco, and we bought, we I actually ran into three of our biggest fans really know I bought three. They are big, and they're nineteen ninety nine if you need a fan. Go to start your own podcast or. Costco, oscillate. Yeah. No. It's a good deal. I walked into his place near darling. Oh my God. Would you get to Spain? And I had throat because I had these fans and, you know, you bring him out and they were I felt like dirty dirty choices of either. Like I mean, how clean can you get van this certain point? So just, you know. Yeah. But, you know, we went to Costco to eat. I mean those hot dogs hot dogs, you've had the hot dogs that right? I never have either. When I went back when I ate meat. I would devour one of those ways. They are the dogs or the best. Yeah. What I have to say. I sat down I hot I didn't eat the bun. No. At that point when we're trying. The winner anyways. Fantasy doesn't put catch up with his hot dog. What about it? What do you? I just put relish mustard onion. Yeah. No, I'm not a big catch up fan. I'll catch up every now and then but j rod, what do you catch anything? I mean on your hot dog. Okay. So I'm very particular hotdogs. No. Really? I liked them. Butterfly and burnt to death. I feel like just burnt, but no sauce. No jews. Nothing. Wow. With so dumb you. I'm not a big hot dog fan and you have link black folks like links with Tatum. Mika sausage. Yes. Just how you eat it, but it'd be thicker, girthy quiz. I heard that when you like cut into what the fork skorts. Oh, that's like a kill Botham very kill box. It's like a sausage like Vienna sausage now. That, that have you not serving. I just actually had to be on meet us, which was delicious went to whole foods, whole burgers, and sausages, and everything. I saw that. I tell you all this part. So, you know, have you looked at my phone? I have my font is at like the largest, it can be great. So I went and I got an eye exam. And I had to get readers. Progressive lenses going to be because my vision that long farsight got worse and my near site. Got that I used to call him by phone. Now it's a progressive. I am. And so what you have him, these are progress fucking. Fucking did it take you 'cause I haven't gotten my glasses in yet facts and I went picked him out. Did it take you a second to get used to the who? Yeah, you'll get a little woozy. They like five or six days before you don't want to like throw them off your face. I'm really excited because I got cute glasses. They're really cute. We've on a place over here in Burbank. We didn't wanna I didn't wanna go it looks like a donkey show from the outside, and I was like, what is that? It's fun, but we went in and these people were so nice. It's a mom and pop shop, and it was great. They took it was fun, funny glasses or not. They're not showing. I walked into I can see clearly. I can see clearly no by Phuc. When I'm out with Ross aggressive. What I get all the time. Is this your so loud, also he thinks I'm so loud in pub, we were in this place. They were so nice and they're like, oh Ross. We'll take care of you in this talking talking of us something and facts, that goes this place is cute, and site. Looks like a donkey show out front. Dot he tells me to shut up everywhere. But the thing is I look at life, as my stage I always have. It's like when I go out into the world it's my stage and so I'm loud. I'm projecting nothing. Anything out of it. And he's constantly us. I heard that a heart. I can't wait to see me because everyone heard that can't wait to pairs and then I had a rough day yesterday. So just, you know, life stuff, and so fast, it goes, you know what we should go to a crystal store. Crystal star. Now CJ loves crystals and stones and whatnot, he, oh, he knows the store. I think is this your store. It's in Burbank mindfulness. It's next to mindfulness. Yeah. Is that your store you dear place? Okay. That's where I went. So we walk in and the not. So I go, I wanna stone, you know, and she's like feel all the stones. You have to do. Is that what you do? See now I it's like you walk in and they're all like with energy field. They all have different healing properties. Right. And you're supposed to feel your way around and see if when response to you, you've done that do you know what kind of stone responded to you? Tigra tiger. Oh, yes. I love titan will none of thousand for me. I, I wasn't feeling it may may. It's like if you're on the Tinder whatnot, you're not for swipe Brian swipe bright, feeling it. And she goes, oh, it just hit me. What you need. What's it called? Why thought it was a hermaphrodite multi. I thought it was called hermaphrodite. Downs like multi multi multi multi multi multi multi. Okay. So I bought a necklace with a multi on its space stone that Jimmy Adams router spending. Yeah. I have. And I actually when we come back, I'll get it from the kitchens in the kitchen when they put it in my hand. My hand was like. That's my stone. So I bought it. Now I'm wearing it. And then I got my tarot cards read by a psychic. She just read you. I didn't know she did tarot cards. I went in the back. It her name was Patty, of course, Patty with an I remember. It's Patty with an I not Patty with the why because Patty within high goes enough e. So. Now we're clear. I can't see that. How do you. Goes e e lies with z z not like with an S Kaz lives with his ego. It's not, you know. I think it's fun. Try using it. It's taken. CJ. You're the wind it up. Hunting, I gave here. It's Patty with an I not Patty with the Y 'cause Patty with the I goes, e not. Yeah. Glad you got that as a family. The divorce. With. So, and then I got lots of stuff what she tell you. What's the biggest thing she knew took away from it? She said she said p very weary of any one name. Got it. I don't think that applies to me. You should find. Do you have a manager you should fire him? I, I don't know. I don't get that. Pretty clear pretty clear to me. Take back that hermaphrodites show said, do you work with anyone who will eat pussy, twenty four hours a day? But magin barbecue, and I said, I don't think this message is for me. I e e anyway. Fascinating. I want out of the store, and I, I started laughing and why he laughing because my phone alerted me. Money spent in the summer and. And. It's not bullshit. It's spiritual ritual. Hell how much is too much? Let's do. Okay. How much is too much suspended spirits, and bullshit? Anyone remember too much as long as. Yes. Oh, that's great. I've ever too much as long as it's for yourself. Hours for your person, then that's important price tag on that stream, but I'd say about I'd say two fifty. 'cause you know what? I don't walk out of here. Not really troubled. He spent two hundred bucks. Yeah, I was about a bracelet because at bracelets Roku, super q he's into bracelets right now. I am getting rabbits, IQ buying his whole arm is going to be filled out. He listened pretty. I think you deserve it. And to fifty on rocks is no big deal. Rocks, Rossall pitcher Ross. I saw a picture with you, and one of the leprechaun guys. Okay. That's a deep tease. I have. I met three people. I want to talk to about coming. Bras has been out on the town, and I ran into some people you wanna know about. Those stories and more. Of way. No Eka back. Nikki, you can eat popcorn. Now. Did you hear coming to New York City and we can't wait? I'm excited to do is show. But I'm also excited to use my new suitcases from a way I'm obsessed with this new suitcase between here about this. Okay away, suitcases come in nine, different colors, and four sizes. The carry on the bigger carry on the medium or the large I've got mine. It's like a sand color. And it's so chic you'll love it. And can you believe this bolt sizes of the carry on's, or able to charge, all cell phones, tablets eve, readers in anything else, that's Howard by a USB cord a single charge of the away, carry on will charge your iphone, not once not twice five time. That is incredible. Oh, I know a way comes with a lifetime warranty. If anything breaks on the bag, they're gonna fix it or replace it for you for life. It also comes with a one hundred day trial. You live with it you vibe with that you travel with it, Instagram at if any. You decide. It's not for you. Just return it you'll get a full refund. No questions asked. I love this. I just got it and I'm going to San Francisco this weekend. I cannot wait to travel with it. And I, I think the little iphone charger or whatever phone you have tablet, and he goes boop in the thing, there's a little code on the bag. It's super shaking van dynamic. I'm thinking about what color, I'd want? Well how about this? If you get one when you get when there's a discount for twenty dollars off of a suitcase. Visit away travel dot com slash straight talk and use promo code straight talk during checkout. All one word straight talk. That's twenty dollars off any suitcase. You order when you visit a way travel dot com slash straight talk and use our promo code straight talk away. First class luggage had a coach price. Two thousand nineteen is just started. And yet history has already been made the new normal is here. Have you seen it brought to life in a short film that runs only two minutes long the new normal seeks to leave behind eighty years of unjust prohibition in favor of a safer happier world? It depicts a product that once drove good people to the black market as one today is creating a new global market in this era, a plant that was tied to fear and madness. Now represents a source of calm and wellness from this day forward what inspired the symbol of counter-culture is at long last just culture. The new normal has arrived to your city to your neighborhood to the inside of your living room, watch it. Now experience the new normal at men dot com. That's med men dot com. Yeah. Uh-huh. Empire amigo state of each Shenzhou read any? No. Yes. We are coming to New York. We love concrete jungle who Jesus. Yes, she straight checking apple. We are coming to New York City CJ. What are the dates people can see is we will be out there on June ace? We are doing podcasts, that is Saturday. We're doing one at four thirty and one at seven next week. We'll be able to tell you exactly what the difference between the two podcasts won't be the same show. And there are New York hold on come to both can creek. He can't you. CJ kids. Bob Erzen on June. Nice. We're doing a brunch at twelve and it'll be drag Queen. They're announcing the quaint, and it's a great lineup to. Because we're also going to be hanging out the whole time that you come to everything if you're gonna come to one of them, you might as well, the first podcast will be completely different vibe show content from the second podcast and the brench will be a one of a kind thing. We will be there. We'll be meeting everybody. Hanging out there are tickets available. If you go to straight talk with Ross dot com. If you go to our social media at Hello, Ross Pau. Nikki, please. Hey, listen to their own. I'm sorry to interrupt you. There was some people reaching out on social media, that, that don't have anyone to go with, and they're afraid to come alone. And I'm saying to anyone there come alone. If you don't have a friend, that wants to go because you will find friends you will merge with people, you will make friends for life, so please on the fence to the show. Not that stop you going the Facebook group if you search officials straight talk, S, T W, our focus group. So let's start a poaching there. Okay. Maybe we can do that Jay from one of us, and sort of say, hey, anyone going to the New York shows alone. Let's do a meet up before and we'll meet up and then you won't be alone. Frisco, too, which is really great. So, yeah, yeah, you'll have a community out there for sure. Check it out. The dates are June. Seventh June will be hanging out June seventh on the town, but Junaid singer nice podcasts, both June eighth punches June ninth go to St. talk with Ross dot com. There's a link there. It's two stages. So there too. Because the places so big two shows at one time. That's true. And Howard ticket sales, going really good. VIP is actually for the brunches almost out. So go now, going now, maybe, we'll have to up the amount of VIP's, if we can I like what you said, though, like go both days. That's like having like, when you go to theme park, the pass for two days like you should do it all, like we don't rare win or all going to get back to New York together. And what I'm thinking is that the first podcast will be an interview with me and somebody and you guys out in the audience, or questions, we can have an intimate conversation, and then the second one will be sort of the live podcast for us to which is games. And bells and whistles and surprise. He's making yes, exactly. So I just I just wanted to be very different come to both and be a couple of hours in between them. So it's like I'm the first one go get a drink in a bite and the second right? Okay. Well, right. That's coming up June eighth and podcasts at United straight talk with Ross dot com. All right. Sounds like he's choking. Hey. Is like Liza Minnelli slash Carol Chan. What really is well, you just described me darling owned a bright lots to get to? Oh, you know, I meant to mention when we were when we were doing when we were in the spiritual bullshit storm with, with, with my Patty Patty with what. We were there. And I said fantasy I'm gonna get a reading he goes out. Did you know I do readings and I was like what well I used to do readings? Yes. And he said, what do you mean said, save it for the show? And I said, we're you a high. And he said, yes, he gave psychic readings in his past. Please tell the story. Thank you, psychic. I'd Fags e correction, I never said I was a psychic what I am. What I was diagnosed is what I was at diagnosed as automatic pin reader, don't automatic pin reader. Okay. Well, let me tell you let me let me tell you the story how it happened not trying to make this quick. I fell in love with the guy when I moved back from New York in LA, your two thousand and I really lived in the building with me, and I really fell in love with this guy so much that I lost myself when he rejected me. He didn't like me back. So I was devastated. I let myself go, like sometimes we lose ourselves in these things. And I really lost myself lost a lot of weight depressed. It was really terrible. So I was just searching for anything that would help me. So I went to the bookstore one night, and I was walking around really sad in my depression over the whole thing, and this book just popped off the shelf and it was called. My inner boyfriend hopped off, like fresh hot popcorn. It kind of just kind of felt like a popped off like it just like there was pushed out to me. What's that my inner boyfriend? So I read the first chapter and it was all about this. This gay guy wrote a book about crystal balls. Too much Ross crystal ball. Anyway. Okay. So the book was about. He said, you know, to connect with your inner boyfriend, I'm thinking, Ooh, I do wanna boyfriend and I'll find my inner boyfriend what he said to go home and get to pens, get a journal write a question out with one pin put the pin down, and then pick up the other pen closure is quiet your mind and just let the pin go and you'll get a spiritual answer. So I thought why not that's right? Why are you laughing spiritual healer? I sign tasty love this stuff and can't what do you mean? You can't you know what I mean? What happened? What happened, but the pay is a boring. I stopped stories fast. I'm just mean in general this simultaneously, love this tough. And then can't deal you can't deal. Just I like I get really into it. And then there's a voice my head that go. Oh, I see you're saying wrestling constantly. Okay. Okay. So, so anyway. So I did it. I think you should try it. Okay. And it was giving me beautiful answers like give me an example. Like, like, why doesn't he? Why doesn't he like me? This is about what's your left hand say. Process. Please things. Anyway, I was getting beautiful answers from this technique. This thing that this guy, this book was telling me to do, so I ended up using it every night. And it was helping me like fall asleep. It was helping me heal. I was feeling better. And so then I told my best friend and Fletcher about it, and she's like doing for me, like let me ask a question. And so I said, okay. So I wrote out her question questions with the right hand. Yes. And you write the answers with the left hand no different paint. Different pen you have to pick up different without you writing within the pant. Yeah, yeah. So we ended up Hans blessed. No, they're not black ballpoint their ballpoint ballpoint, a comfortable pin crystal ballpoint pin. I'm never going to get through open. Let me back up. I was seeing therapists of the time, too. And she goes I told her about it. Let me see it. She goes, you're an automatic pin writer. I'm like, what is that? So then she ended up sending me to the hypnotherapy school over here in Tarzana, and I went there, and I did it for them and they diagnosed me as automatic pin writers on, when they were. I can do it for you, but I really have to stop. And connect. And so, but yeah, they were like you're not an official like that's your diagnosis. So, so in, in, in the segment in the third act when you go balls deep, can you balls dni with your pen hand? Oh, do you know what I'm saying? We'll do that. Yeah. Yeah. So, so now I'm lost. Okay. So I started doing readings for an right? And she started calling the pinch. She start calling me. She still calls me. I need to connect to the pen so anyway, I have this gift and I continue to do it, and then I moved to see me valley, and my friend has a store and she's all spiritual. She's like start giving readings in the back of my store. Mike. Okay. So I want to make money so she set up a little booth, and I would sit back there and people calm and get automatic pin readings for me. And I use a lot of my art, I didn't charge because I felt it was like should just be by donation spirit driven. And you really do you really believe the different pet you're you and automatic pin writer, I got to the point where I didn't need to Pence got to the point where it was like almost like a pendulum, like my hand shakes, and kind of go and it uses my art, so ice sketch. It'll be sketches and then don't know, you know, and so people would come and the word got out next thing you know, I have a waiting list, and I'm like not a psychic but pin reader. How long waiting list to get into see what was your pen writing? I think it was just be. It was it wasn't fancy. It was a capital being Lewis. Lucia capital be. Okay. So cursive. I'm just wondering how it was written helped me on your own, baby. How long to see you? It was got up to a month of a waiting list, people come from all over the country to see me. So my name started to get out there. I started to get bigger and then, like, I had one lady come in one time, I drew a little girl, and I kept circling a little girl and I said to her, who's this little girl, and she's I, I don't have a girl. I said, you have a girl. I don't know who this girl is. But there's a girl and she started crying. And she says, oh my God. No one knows this. But I had a little girl and gave her up for adoption and have circling a little girl. I truly little girl so stuff like that would happen. So I got this. So all this was happening. I was making money, people are donating big big money. They were they were this. Yeah. And it would after readings I felt like high to it was really weird. So, but I ended up stopping doing the readings because people were crying, and people were asking me deep personal questions. And I didn't like the feeling. That responsibility. It scared me. Like I have these people in my hand and it just felt like too much. So I thought, but I still use it. Release. I've actually really interested in do automate and writer. And hold me. What is it not allocated? It's automated pin writer. Penn writer at crystal ballpoint pens, and never told me. Yeah. I did he offered to do it multiple times. It's the why. Because back with it I e e. Wow. Was the most boring fastening? You're gonna pen me when we at the next break. Oh, okay. All right. I'll try to connect. Okay. Sounds good. You know we're all about connection here and so many things to tell you. But before I get to the rain into three people that I want to tell you about three stories or into people, you remember cookie all the phone Tei sent in a jingle to the bubbly brunch. And we all sort of. Made fun of it because we couldn't understand the words. Well, cookie took we, it was constructive criticism, right? Yeah standards. I wonder if I have that one here, here's the original. Here's the bubbly brunch theme song. Let me let me find this and go down like this, this is the original, we couldn't understand the lyrics fag take cookie. Lynne's interfered, this part. Uh-huh. Shows the. Dance you're saying, 'cause he chose the best so far CJ this. When we're I listening to this. We've got a gold because cookies writing jingles now professionally cook, cookie, all the phone, our listener. He decided to give up drag and start writing jingles. So I heard this like, we got a hit on our hands play, the beginning of brunch continue, listen. Drag queens. The put on quite a show that we do we do put on quite a show. So for every word of this through. Drew up on springs, and then soon all over the world. And now kicks in Rossi brunch. So we didn't send that lyrics turns out afternoon of fun. And we also didn't understand. This heart. So that you'll leave happy and full of love the cookie came unexplained the lyrics are being mean to I don't think we were then we'd be an honest now but cookie what could he did? Because consummate professional, cookie elephone t a future in jingle writing went back and redid it. There. There's. You'll you'll sing. Best. Why show billing? Yeah. Okay. Good. That is the result of constructive criticism. It's it is perfect. And let me tell you cookie Olof on Tei. We're going to be playing this at the beginning of brench going straight. All right. I mean that for the art. Understand love it. Cookie cookie said to me, and it's so funny. Because as soon as I got that one, I said, I listened, I go, oh my God. I love that cookie. Got there it's perfect. I just wish cookie would do like an acoustic version, like like an unplugged version. We can have cookie on plugged. I called a cookie on plugs. Geez. You know what I mean? 'cause I don't remember to kids. Remember when people go do unplugged versions? Well, I didn't even have to ask. I swear to God I didn't ask, but cookie did. Read my mind somehow, and I literally never asked for this nobody ever has. But this is a this is cookie unbought plugged. The. Three. Lit. You'll see damn. To the Benson prints. Does show. Cry. Yeah. I felt that in my soul. Got a knee. Nikki. What? Great. Thank you. Good job. Wow. I have to tell you. I mean, I was so proud of cookie. I can't even tell you cooking which also you know, you can go to Doria cookies dot com. But then I do wanna say cookie start. I have to pick my computer up to read it because my readers cookie has a new website, cookie is permanent domain now selling songs at songs by cookie dot com. Okay. So you can go to the Doria cookies dot com or songs by. Dot com ran into a few people. I was going to Starbucks the other morning here in Burbank. And I walk in on the having showered or anything like through on a sweat shirt, and I go, and I do my mobile order, when I get in the car, and the garage, six three and four minutes to drive there. And then I pick it up. And I look at all the people in line. Two thousand nineteen dummies. Okay. So I walk up, and I'm like still groggy. I'd write CJ brought this up before the break. And I walk it when I look up and who do I see? But one of the leprechaun experts. Yes, I, I'm telling you, I in, if you don't know, we had them on the show, the leprechaun experts, they also were, they also were the, the announced the street talkie of the year that sort of the year award, right? Yeah. Red balloon. I've met a clean get-away. When the. Star. At least lucky, charms and peace. Kids to get away with how the big star-shaped hold new, maybe this they match you Zamalish part diamond stars will die say star matchy clean, bull make a match turn that into a patch take a magical delicious. I thought to be a cook. Anyway, the plant, I ran, I ran into Chris, the leopard one of the leprechaun experts, and it was so fun. And we took a picture and I went on and his partner was out, and we talked talk we took a picture. He tag me in the picture. And I know they're listeners because he brought up like the show. I know he's a listener. So he tagged me in the picture. Okay. And I had to do an and Chris, no shade. But I had to do a double take because I was confused by it. Where is it sees? Why can't I find it because? Oh, you did here. I got I got home and I went about my day, and then I was tagged in a photo. And I looked at my like what? You know, if you're taking a photo with somebody, and then they post it, and they sort of. With all love them say all, but they, they slightly face tune themselves where they just sort of smooth out, but they don't touch you, and you're like oh, could you maybe touched me up? Yeah. So Chris, Chris Valentine seventeen is one of our leprechaun experts and he j-. Ever. So gently touched up his photo and I didn't didn't touch mine. I just want to say. I got to see this factory. Okay. Wait. Wait. The street or where I will. Okay, wait. I would explain to the audience. Chris, there's no shade. We keep relearn the show. It looks like you've blended your nose into your cheeks. There's like even your hand. It's, it's like a melted Barbie, is what it looks like these such a cute guy. He's an edge acute. Guys are so cute. I look like the same super can I didn't show her. I love her to have it. But not is what am I put this on Hillary spot? And you guys decide is it will do a poll is too much auto tune or face tune or knock act. This is funny, because straighter of the school, I teach art at in Malibu to the children, she texted me and said, I can't figure this guy out. Why is he always blurry this? Chris does. He live in blur. And so now I'm seeing this. I'm like, wait a minute. She just texted me the picture of him. So I just want to say, like everybody, everybody juicy university shouldn't maybe chill out on the face tune just to scout because this conversation with my other friend harsh. Yeah Jackie Jackie beat. You can't just like there was a point when she was doing too much with the auto tune to face to say, okay. So I ran into we're not making fun. We're not making. No. But it is. We love them. Okay. And by the way, you should come back on, because I haven't seen leprechaun. But maybe if I knew motivate I will sign my necklace, I looked at up motivate. It's four screen all green or bluish green mine is, it's a projectile rock form by a meteorite impact in southern Germany minds from the Czech Republic that occurred about fifteen million years ago. So a meteorite hit the earth, and created all this rock and what? What do you? Okay. So all to fight is good. It's good for shocker. Healing balancing energy with its beautiful green energy. It's the first and foremost stone of the heart it's used to resolve blockages into rebalance the heart chocolate helping understand their own needs and emotions clearly. 'cause you're laughing, I paid a hundred eighteen dollars, this neck Lynn also stuck in Phil lo look beautiful. It's actually really pretty that's worth worth, you'll have for until Welby and it vibrated when put in my Bill, I love it. I'm always going to be turned the Czech Republic. And do you know what I asked her? Do you only take cash can I pay with the Czech Republic? No story. Fact he did say that. Oh my God. Hilarious anyway, so I ran into the leprechaun guy. Okay. Then I went to this. It's always say it's so tackled namedrop my best friend Poucher taught me that. But I did go to his house, and I went to go see people to judge who's running for president. We had a little, they had like a little cocktail thing. And he was speaking king. So everybody know who he is. Everyone knows he's mayor Pete, the gover- of town, Indiana Africa town. And, and he but he's gay. And he's running for president the first gay person to really run for president at a national level. What are you laughing at we're laughing? I'm sorry ass. Nicky. She's. Is it the pictures still here? Listen. I have this wreck on the, the face tune. I've looking at other many other people that are using face tune on Instagram y'all need to back it off. It is ridiculous. It looks stupid stopped doing it. It doesn't look like you all are beautiful the way you are stop machine your nose and making it look like it's not yours. That's all I want to say okay when you're reaching for that face tune. Backup. Everywhere I'm going to place where people to judge gay running for president the cover of time magazine. He was very. I don't wanna get too political about it, but who, who I would love that we live in a world where someone like him could get the nomination. Yeah, I agree with a lot of his politics. I'm still waiting to see who I'm going to support blow up luck. Okay. But so there we go. We're there and there was this room on the side. Like the really rich famous people were I mean I could drop some more names, but I won't but they're really rich famous people that they're taking pictures. And then, like, oh, they must have paid the big bucks to their whatever I'm with a friend or hanging out talking talking talking, all of a sudden, and this is the sounds bragging, but I'm just going to tell you, I tapped on the shoulder and this beautiful woman, she goes. Hi, I'm blah, blah, blah. I work with mayor Pete. Would you mind taking a picture with him? And they asked me to come back into a picture with hill. I was just like I don't want to bother. They came out and asked me to do a picture with him come over in the know who you didn't know who I was, which was fine. But his Huzzah. Been is a big fan of drag race. And I've actually known that, so we talked for a bit about drag race and stuff like that. Very it was very very. And he had he was just a fascinating. It was like he knows seven languages. He served enough kenniston. He's a very interesting man, you know, Brock Obama was a community organizer then quickly, Senator and then president mayor Pete is a mayor of town, one hundred thousand people big leap to be president. But I'll tell you. Very impressive, man. God bless whatever he's future holds he'll be doing amazing things so that somebody. But guess who else I saw there? Ross ross. Here Ross Mathews. Yes to women in the front. Within a manner woman. A man. Russell vehicles. Yes. Elton john. Ooh. That's a bigger bigger star than John shot up. No, you're Ross Mathews Ross Matthews was it. George Clooney bigger star than George Clooney. A bigger star. Search. I don't even told Blackman. I can't even think I'm assuming it wasn't lady Gaga because you've met her before no. Oh, I know Brandon yoki. I saw Brenda Brandon. Brendan yoki, so many people ask about him. I know I haven't seen him in for ever wondered if he was still allow me to Chelsea handler was there. And he works at Chelsea. And so they came together. And I, I looked go. And I ran over and gave him the biggest hug, and it was really really wonderful to see him. And so he says, hi to everybody. I said, you gotta come back on said, you don't have to sing or anything, but you're always welcomes you knew. I love when Brenda Brandis sings, you know, I mean, I don't know if you remember any of these hits here, but. My oldest kidding food win Tricia was on maternity leave and raising her baby forbid one that was weighed in. Vision of. No, he use LSU rented his face to auto to of. Hello. That's shooed tuned out to. Yeah. Yeah. So less anyone thinks there's bad blood between the show and Brenda. There is none. We'll be right back. Maybe now bad, you know, it used to be so take the Nick you. 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Com for hers is being convenient and affordable prescription treatments for women for birth control adult acne low sex drive, and so much. So do me a favor. Order now. Our listeners get a trial month of hymns for just five dollars right now, while surprise less. See website for full details. This would cost hundreds of dollars. If you went to a doctor or pharmacy, right? So go to four hymns dot com slash Ross. That's F. O. R. H. I M, S dot com slash Ross four hymns dot com slash Ross. Hey. I got something to tell you. Have a see. No, not there. Sit here. I am at eras. I don't know what to say. I'm afraid the words I toss. Going to sound gay. Stick in my throw no sense at all. It's like when you see at the shopping. Yawn. Doing. Y and. And how to get some near. To my favorite sunglass. But the way it goes. Say you. They think you're buying clothes, like, sandy. A Rolling Stone gathers. No moths. And now I found Baker. Because I am at. I am at. This is the song. We listen to the radio today, driving in my car. And we really what came on his like Syria. Whatever you realistic fifty four radio, it's Bryan Adams, let me to Hugh dancing. Never with songs had seven minute. Intros. Sprite. Let me take you on straight job with. Playing. I literally stopped fucker. We listened to. And I don't know if it's Bryan Adams, bringing I can't find on tunes. I found it on you to everything this this interest. Now a minute long. It's too long as the chorus. At ridiculous. Ching. Thank you. Who is? I. But it spilt the same. It's Brian with why not Brian with an eye because by with an I E? Mike. Oh my. How crazy is that? Don't think this ad Bryan out of I think at the different right now. It's. No one wants to go dancing with anyone who's going. Let me take you hand saying. I prefer. Like how I flirt. Take. Ooh. What if you just met someone in played this on the phone as the first? Take you. It'll turn you down. So much going on today show just every, there's been a lot of life lived saying a lot of life. Not going. Life lived. Are you kidding me? It's almost too much lifeless. Seem alone is a permanent marker on our soul. And also a crystal ball point pen reader. I'm handing if you listen to the earlier, part of the show flaxseeds an automated making rider. What is it automatic pin writer, which means he writes, with we write a question with his hand and then the answer comes out with a but no? I did you one penny said you need to know. I can do. I haven't done this for a while. But I just one man, I need you to put your feet both on the ground. I actually feel I should give her reading this. You're gonna start joking. I would never ended. Let me take dance very supportive if bullshit. All right. Let's give it a shot. Asking let me put your joint spiritual. Okay. Let's go. I have a question serious question. We'll J rod ever like sweet and sour. That's ridiculous. Can you ask a serious question? The. I people. From all over the world for this. I have a serious question. Okay. Bras eating popcorn, and I'm gonna talk to you. I'm gonna say in terms of career. What do you see happening for me in the next six to eight months, because momma needs paycheck? Okay. Hold on. First of all, I don't predict. Okay. It's not gonna it just gonna it's just kind of doing its thing. Okay. It's feeling a poll here. A little while. Don't be w we no one's listening. Oh, yes. Hand is shaking vibrating your hand gets more intense to. So okay with the Currier just career. Petunia. Hold on his hands. You're just. Okay. Something it's over here. Okay. He's going to Japan wants to talk to you because it doesn't want to predict that, okay? It's basically up to you. Ask a question CJ? Yeah, it's definitely going to you. It's really going to a question. Well, I ever get a dog. Did you just? Okay. Hold on. Did you just fill me doing my auto Pat? I didn't I did a boomerang Korea. Spirituality, people wanna see this. We'll put it on social media. They're all gonna call me a crybaby. No. Really like watching this go down. Okay. No ever to will. I ever move to an island. Oh. Will it be thousand island J J Reid? He's going to you now. It's going back to you so funny it's going right to raw thorough late. We're making circle for the island. Yeah. It's a little agitated. Now it's ripping the paper doesn't like you. My arm pissing. Can you? Ross asking a question. Sorry CJ, but it went right to him because he interrupted. Oh, it's like ripping the paper. Okay. Another really coming really, really. I'm is will I ever have children? Could you hold on? Okay. Okay. Are you laughing filming me? I'm not all sitting out interrupt spirit. I would never. Okay. It's giving me some. Okay. It's there's a star. It's a star some star. Oh my God. Chardonnay kwanza star. That's what that means star saying star in its pointing at you and the pins going out of ink. Yeah, the pinson's. Pederson. Wow. Really, I have to say what you watching you do that. What's fascinating? And I think there's something there, there's some sort of energy, and I also think we learned. Jay should try thousand island which was addressing we'd never ever, we'd never, ever ever ever tried with him before, you know it doesn't it's a very serious thing. And so it's kind of joke. It it's like a little agitated, but it's really on him. It was irritated with you. It's on back to CJ. So hold on. Thanks to a good job. And I'm trying you really look at way more series version of yourself. It's interesting. I'm not making fun of you. You know, we're doing very, very real thing. I can tell looking at you. That's very real thing. You are Tuesday, channeling something. Yeah, love. Nikki, thank you. It's going back to CJ J rods void zone. Yes, yes, it's giving me circles circles with you've got to do this at the life show. New York ratings. My god. Yeah. I'll totally do it. Oh my God, realize spirit read about an island if he should live on an island, the circle have anything to do with the island should live on my pussy. It really hits you. It's really wanting to connect with CJ. No, I can't. It's connected. I need to do this privately with you. Okay. Because you keep joking and it's and I love it. But it you know what I mean? It's kind of a serious thing with me, and it'll only it'll just keep scribbling like this. Wow, can post scribbles on social media. It's going right back to him because his mad at me. It doesn't want. It doesn't want to be made fun of. I'm not making fun of making fun of you pissed off depend-. I let's. Well it's my fucking pants on throw it away. Just spelled out fuck. You know, it didn't all I'm kidding. That was all actually came in clear. Good for all surprised able, connect connect, like. I wanna do you after definitely wants to connect. Well, Mr. Malone, multiface automated, crystal ball, pen Rita. Let me give readings at the live. I'll do after that bucks. A shot pop five bucks for five minutes. There you go. I'll read zinn. My crew me no. That isn't MIR. It helped him something. We. I'm telling you tell that homo. Oh man. I didn't give clear and I don't know. Definitely definitely. God. Good bad. Joe? Yeah. How your voice sounds at the straight. Everyone. Live that Bart popcorn. Okay. I think the straight talkers for sending me, so many great good bad jokes, so many good bad jokes. Okay. So let me here we go. What do you what do you call a gay cowboy okay? What do you call gay? Oh, what jolly rancher? What comes after sixty nine. What comes everyone. Everyone come down what you know what hold on. Do you remember last week? When, when fangs e started these good jokes in CJ did him in valley girl. I feel like maybe we should have. CJ fags. No offense you really good at CJ kill everyone talking about it on Hello, Ross pod. About how good CJ so is it? Okay, if we have him do them, please, Fags. It's terrible. But you're I think you're better at reading like ballpoint pen. Crystal ball point pen read. Thank you so much. Thanks for the support. Is it okay? The reins to see. Oh my God. All right. All right. So what was that? We read the, the question that Fags just. Yes, I am. You know what about the, the group, I? The truth is CJ so good at this. I was obsessed with him reading those jokes. I, I want him to read the jokes every week. That's how much I just love shines. Okay. Go. What was it? Oh I got a cramp. Okay. That's what comes at the sixty nine what's the question? What comes after sixteen sixty seventy mouthwash. Alpha was. What do you call bouncer at a gay bar abound, cer- at a gay bar? What a fool lame thrower lame thrower. Why did the toilet paper roll down the hell? That was funny. Why it's funny enough. That's funny to get to the bottom. Get it. The manga. The manga poop committed good bad. What do you call a deaf gynecologists say again? What do you call a deaf gynecologist, one more time? What do you call it stuff? A lip reader. What's the worst thing about being a chef with the worst thing about being a chef what all your best works still turns to shut? That's funny. Really digest it. Yeah. Well, the straight talker is he's career. What are the strongest days of the week Wednesday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday? The strongest days of the week, Saturday sent, I dunno Saturday and Sunday all the others are weekdays. That's my favorite. Weekdays. Have you heard the joke? The I have. I heard the joke. It couldn't be Korea. Couldn't be cornea. Accent is like you have to kind of really listen. It's a deep valley girl. Do you hear me repeating it club? What do you call a pile of catton's? What do I call Heil of kitten? How do you spell kittens ITN as batch? Amy onto a meow. One more. Chris. Why did the chef quit? Did you have to read it and make yourself laughing? Why did this chef quiet? The cut has celery. Great. Good bad. Straight. With ross. CJ really phenomenal. Really now. More. Give me good. Give it to give it to give it to me ball. Steve with facts. CG white. You take this one too. I've never. Stretch. Yeah. Thanks. Can we talk about this new segment? Yeah. Us to me in the kitchen and I already forget it. What is this? Can you play that the song to the good joke time? And we all. Let's okay. So this is a segment. You all want to do on straight talk. God. Good bad segment. Okay. Who's got a good bad review? Can you guys again because I wasn't ready knocked it out of the win. Is this joke? Just replace it with. Wisconsin. Good. So you want to read the bad reviews. Well, first, we'd have to get one oh, I believe, I have one believe I have several do you have bad reviews about our is bad reviews of our show of our show. And we're going to do that. Now I love this. I have a good one too. Title Rita table, right song. She would be playing in the background during. Nasty boys nasty. I got ready money money since the show's buck, and free. Yeah, that's great. One second it might have an ad. Well, how do I get the YouTube with no ads that Red Eye billionaire? It's sixteen seconds. I know. But we're in the money pay on show. Ready? Oh, you're so. I love this. You're so vain. You probably think this podcast is about the. Ho-. Laureus. Bats. I'm already like you were walking onto. People should send this morning. Into this podcast like it to fuck. Khin sint. Take out fuck in wall, a lit and noticed that it Stu food. Four this program shit for this program and. Your so vain everyone. Probably think this podcast. Now, I have to say, I have to say that's not a good example, because the puck is about it is, I know it really. Saying you know what you're saying. That sounds kind of bit. You really should. I start. I think you should I love the time to write a bad review. That really think you what do they say go? Okay. This is the this is one. I got this week that has been deleted sense. So somebody, I tunes likes us or me. Okay. So this is the review okay down hill. This podcast has really gone downhill since Fags e joined it seems to want to be part of everything, which is over bearing and takes away from the other great segments. They used to have it's sad to see this great podcasts. That I've listened to for years, become borderline crap, if it makes you feel any, but I deleted that second. I wrote it. I love this review. It's a good bad review. What I love is that my overbearing nece on the show has gotten rid of segments like I have control over that let's get rid of that. And that's about me. I love that. All right. What's another one? It says I love the show. I just think CJ is so uninteresting. His voice was also annoying. Fuck. Is so. I've read it, and I was right. And I was like my thumbs are all. And that was like. Probably some Garg oil and some fucking basement cluck forty year old liver which, oh, mom setup. Gamer, I don't think I like to say. I know I love it. I know it's I feel bad about the theme song. I feel bad for those people listening. I feel bad. I let he doesn't feel bad for us. Oh, we have another one, and I feel about. A new one. I don't read the they get sent to me by the marines. So, you know. Yeah, the marines listening we should call the marines, and we had to many of Nikki to read. So I 'cause I rent them hitting not remember. Makes me sad. But maybe people lamb. We'll let the listeners aside if they like. This is a raw stretch. That's it. How can we did you see wet Willie's Newt's online, did you I wish we can call him right now? Can we call who's usually on my faith? He posted a bunch of stuff on social media. Yeah. Some beautiful pictures of him with his body. I think there was there was an empowerment message them. So, of course, I didn't I saw them and I thought, oh, wow. He looks beautiful but I didn't objectify him a lot of people. I saw. Oh hot. I knew the message behind them. So I didn't want to do that onto him because, you know, we make a lot of fun on the show. But really, it's all about human power self acceptance and love. But he he looks beautiful. Little get me off. I just wanted to know what you thought. I thought he looked gorgeous. I still feel. You know, remember when we kissed is all I have to say, do you remember that? Wonderful. I wish I wish we can get him on the have would like to ask him questions. Yeah. Okay. So have you heard about the Taco Bell follow Willie at will sterling underscore, if you will ease our old producer and producer? Now is your producer on your nice. I saw him recently. I said, you gotta come on the program. Have you heard about the Taco Bell themed hotel? They're building in Palm Springs. Doesn't ring a bell. So good. All right. With building taco about it. Okay. So they're building this hotel in Palm Springs. It's all Taco Bell. Come out of your shell. Let's go. Come on. Nikki stretch. No word of advice. Don't fuck anybody in that hotel that we. Even need rough trade. Don't even corn what my question to all of you is, if you had a choice of what hotel what fast food themed hotel, you would want to stay in, which one would it be Ross wanna stay? I know mine, I well, let please, let me go last. Okay. But what's your first out? Oh my God. Double double double double explain that CJ next. I would do California chicken, Kevin healthy object. I do Carl's junior because they serve bed burger. Oh, when I was growing up, there was a place called skippers that was all you can eat fish and chip, and you get the kids meal come with jello instead of coleslaw, if I could I would do that skippers. Plus, you know how hot clam chowder. Claire. Jessie j rod. Papa vice hop. Do you love that you can for Popeye's? Well, so, okay. So I'm moving on. Thank, thank you. Those were great. Okay. So I saw that you're on the show with Kelly pickler, right? Yes. I'm pickler in Ben how what is Kelly pickler like, I'm so fascinated by her? She looks like a really nice person. Donna con shows with Kelly, and she is just a delay. You know, she was on American idol. She's so authentic. And I did that show pickler and Ben the truth is this, the truth is it was a talk show and aired in a lot of markets, especially down in the south, you know, taped in Nashville, the truth is I went there, and it was the they had just heard a couple of days before they are being canceled. It was there was there last episode. And so I've been, you know, had last episodes of shows, and it is never about the guests it is. When you what people don't see behind the scenes, is, there are hundreds of people were there. And especially when you're the host or you're sitting up there, all you're thinking about when that show goes away is not about you. You're thinking about these people relying on his page. Check. And this is how are they going to pay their rent? And so I remember the last show of Hello Ross. I had little John, right? And little, John was a delight a wonderful guy. He was rapper is fun. But the truth is, I don't remember anything about the interview I remember after the show gathering with the staff. Right. And that's what was the most important thing. So it was a weird feeling to be there, because I was like I wanted to tell I actually told him the producers, but I wanted to tell Kelly and Ben, like, don't worry about me. I'm own good. Gogo take carrier Ryan. That Yam but it was still really cute fun show. And in shirts on their website or something. Well, okay, thank you. I want to ask you about that photo bomb. You posted a picture, the drag race finale and a great. That was one of the best photo bombs ever. It was a picture of Michelle myself, and Carson, and there was this guy behind it. We took his quick cell because the lighting was good. And I looked at night showed the guy behind Maigo that's the best photo bomb of all time. And then I tag him in it. And it turned on the TV show is. And he's on the it was really, really good. Are you happy with is the finale, going to it's going to be out soon, or at least shot finale? The most important thing you know, is my suit is paying and it's beautiful and I felt great good. Yeah. Did you like it? Or was it too much? No. I love that pink suit. So have you seen that, my, my social media? Hello ross. Did you like it or pink, sue? She was too much. We're gonna miss you. You didn't get to see it on social social media. You don't fault. You follow me? So I do. That's right. Trading pictures of it. Bring the show to screeching home. Yes. Hillary got it. And then look at my suit. Oh, that's cute. I wouldn't go on with the different shoe, but the suit gorge. Right. I actually thought that to go with. Should have been red shoes. She was so aggressive with food. I had. Oh. It was great. Michelle looks fantastic. Okay. One critique you're right now. Guys. Guys. Thanks. Kind of cute. It's really cute shoes. Do you know the worst part the what it is killed? I've been getting a lot of emails about people asking for we're going to be a drag. Con con are we going to be a drag on? Are you gonna be a drag on is what time drag hun? I don't think we're doing live podcasts at dragged on. I'm still figuring my life out. Sorry people. Luck going on things. The personal life and everything just kind of got lost the gover-. Thank you, Mike. Oh my God. Oh my gone. It happened stalling, so I can open my computer. Fulltime. We have no. I love you guys. Hey. To the straight talkers out there. I put a little thing on the Facebook group. The officials strict what does the call non whatever the the group and, and I love the response. So thanks for sending emails for Nikki be trending. I got, like ten of them, so she did solicit Nikki trending and Nikki, so thanks. Very wasn't really this is from Sam SAM's is, oh, my God is NICKY. I don't know if that's how Sam meant for it to be. That's say I've had a few vivid dreams that started around college that have manifested into reality. Now, this I have to say, I found interesting because it's not your typical I saw ghost or but it's about dreams sort of coming to fruition with think about if you guys have had any dreams come true. I never really thought that they were anything but coincidence, but I was at pink berry in Manhattan five years ago, Theresa Caputo walked in, you know. Long Island meteor noticed her. But I live in Manhattan. So I'm used to see faces I smile. And she walked up to me and said, I know you have something special don't deny it an asset. I wanted to picture and then she walked out. So here's the first incident. My friends started a job as a Cam girl that is I had to look it up because I am so girl, Cam, girl, somebody who's like on the web, does webcam stuff sexually for money, a whole, so my she started a job as a Cam girl, right to. Boys. I'm sure there are just so you're on video when you're like what I do things you do like sex acts. On the porn sites guy sitting there and told me about I was I went out to my dinner with my friend who told me about the chat chat chatter something chatter. Debate debate genzer tabby. He watches people on chatter bait. I've heard of this out her out of it. It's been around for a while. I didn't I literally struck. He told he told me he spent a lot of money on chatter beat. Yeah. Because this is Craig how that you bring up last week about this. So Cam girl. Yeah. Cam girl, Kamboi, I guess, so they do this for money, which, I don't have to necessarily show their faces, which brings up a whole different point. Would you go on? They do show their faces. They do they do. They do that because I would do it if you didn't have to share your face for money anyway, I take Chris, you guys, come on. Come on. Get anyway, this, my retirement plan, Sam said Sam Roby Email on patriot. We'll have a straight talk chatter. Take. They don't pay for it either. They're okay, mice friend started as a Cam girl to help pay for mortgage. I had a dream that the guy who owned the operation will get her hooked on drugs to keep her in the vicious cycle. I told her this, and she said that I was being over protective and then he was a really nice guy. I moved to California. I moved from California to New York for school. And I lost touch with her a year later, if I got a hold of her, and she was in rehab, because she got hooked on Adderall, so she could stay up all night, and do Cam videos, and he gave your sleeping pills, which ended up being zanex. So how crazy that Sam have this dream told the friend and the friend was like whatever and did our own thing, right? Incidence, too. I woke up with a vivid dream at one AM one night. My roommate who lives with me is from San Francisco in his family lives there with a dog I had a dream that he was on the ground, and they were all panicked, around him the dog old, but he was healthy. I texted the. Family and asked if the dog was okay and the next day he had passed from seizures that he had never had before. While these Sam, you're so fascinating. I have seen story to when I living in LA. You know, you're trying to find your group of friends, we found the screw my friend, and I would go to this bar Akbar, all the time. There was a scooper friends, and they had this one girl that was friends with them. I was like only girl and my fence with why not go. That's the kind of girl that steals your shit like she steals stuff this story. Yeah. So I always jokingly called her five finger for five finger discount, like five, we're gonna go out is five finger by there. I don't want to be because that's a steal shit right, sin INC friends for, like three months. And Finally, I go, hey, where's five finger? You know, I didn't say I said her real name. I don't remember to what is it, and they go well, she got caught shoplifting and had to move home. Boom intuitions. That's right. Traumatic pin righty. Yeah, you should okay? Finally, last one, I seen a SAM's, that I was opposed to see a selene in Vegas two years ago. Deal. I woke up I woke up, and I told my sister who had flown in to see her. I woke up and said selene has the flu like she said, Sant, see I don't. See, I don't have SAM's curl anyway, Selena the flu. We got dressed went to the show and found out that when we got there. She cancelled the show due to the flu. Now I warn all my friend's be nice to me or I'll take an ABA about you. Thank you for sharing as I love these stories. Thank you say to if Selena has the flu I would gladly step in. Imagine at low eighties me Celine. Dion in tonight's performance of selene in the round Ross Mathews will be filling in you. When you go to Broadway shows, and they're like, tonight's performance instead of selene Dion. We give you Ross Mathews, ELO, are you? I am telling DR what you're opening song. Knees here far away. Ever you are. Yeah. Eat it. Hypo hypoc? Mickey is that everything even other women, I'm gonna save it for next save it believable says is good as people coming. You believe he'd be straight talk with bronze home. If you have any reviews keeping to fuck himself, I like that. I love you. They're bad. We love Nicki great job. That's great. You solicited. I mean that is one person with all the stories is great fan really phenomenal work read really nominal. It's time for the buck this. Hi, jane. Hi, so we'll start with quote. It says since AMAN can't make one. He has. No right to tell a woman when and where to create one that comes from to keep your head up. The world is a crazy place as we heard Bill has been signed in Bama. About abortion, you know, making them legal. Now, doctors can get up to ninety nine years say, perform a voice get can have an abortion, if she doesn't know that she's right? And it comes in the that's really what, what, what the man who wrote the Bill said he goes, no, no. Everything's still available to her. If she doesn't know that she's pregnant, I've been just as morning bites his. Just an abortion every day. Just in case if you can't no, you can't do just this morning passed in bazaar, too. So this can I tell you, why this is happening. It's very calculated. Well, it is very calculating. I'll tell you why it's happening this premium court now, when Obama had the chance to, and he was still president had a year left in his presidency, and we gave him the job for eight years as voters Scalia passed away in Obama had a year left, and he nominated Merrick garland and the Senate. Mitch McConnell said, no, we, we aren't gonna let the president with only one year, left nominate a supreme court Justice and everyone thought Hillary was gonna win. So the Democrats nobody really fought hard. They were just like I mean, there'd be in Dick's, but whatever now Trump no matter where you live politically trumpets had the chance to appoint to Gorsuch, and Cavanaugh to the supreme court making it a strong five four conservative majority in the. Past. We had Kennedy, who was sort of a swing vote. He was sort of conservative, but he would, you know, that's why we have gay marriage. Now the supreme court is solidly conservative now. So why these states are doing this is because they now believe once the fight because what happens is someone will try to get an abortion and then take it to the supreme court. And now in these states, they believe that if it were to go to the supreme court, they would either overturn Roe v. Wade or which is bit by bit tear it apart because they believe they know they're not gonna get away with this because you can't in one state say, no motions. But federally it's okay. The whole point is to bring it to the supreme court where to be between you and me. And everyone listening. The court is a solid five four conservative court. They will either strike down Roe v. Wade and or tear it apart. And they're going to do the same thing with gay marriage marriage equality, and they're going to. In this, by the way, everybody is why elections matter because that's a supreme court. You know what no one's talking about the small courts, the state supreme courts where those now are Trump appoints, all of them as well. They are stacked. It's like Handmaid's tale conservative of exactly what happened was. We were the pendulum swings swinging a different way. The culture has shifted in one and I'm not saying which way agree with the culture has shifted. And what has happened is that the culture is being stopped from shifting because of the powers that be. So see, I just wanted to explain what they're really doing in these states, of course, going to the people that live there right away. But the goal is they want the federal fight. They couldn't have the federal fight for a long time, because they would've lost in the courts, they already lost in the seventies and Robie wait. But now they want that fight because the win so anyway, so my point is this is just it's a woman's body is woman to these men. And if you see that picture floating around era believing in men in making these things that they want for women. Just one of my first episodes got a letter of women's talking about this. She's a dancer, and I think I think I may phrase it exactly. You'll put you'll pussy that he'll business don't worry about what people thinking. It's almost like that quota had to pull it that Samantha from sex in the city said when you look at that, that group, nobody wants to fuck them. So they're trying. Fuck everyone. So you look at bedrick that's exactly what it is. You know what I'm saying? Fuck them them. So make a law if a man gets a woman pregnant, and he don't take care of that child, put his ass in jail. No. And even I mean it's so bad at an Alabama right now, if you raped right or incest, victim of incest. That's a fine fascinating. I saw a sign that said. People want to protect life until the baby turns out to be gay black trans Latino up. They are all about protecting life. Intel, they disagree with that. It breaks. We don't need to go there. I think we can all read between the lines. Stabbing for something and getting out and voting in that sixty something percent that voted of white women. I mean calling your wife sister to this in twenty twenty two come back around 'cause because elections have consequences do in their real life consequences. If your sister were to be rape exam, are if your mother were to be raped today in Alabama and was pregnant with her a Saulters unwanted child. Your brother your mother, your sister, your aunt, your female cousin. She would be forced to have that baby. Yep. Okay. So everyone's sit with that for one second, can, I say something to if your father raped your sister in that state? She would be forced to have that baby into context of your life. Exactly your life not abstract. L. L gloss over like what's the next thing, let's have a bit of empathy for people. And let's maybe let each other make our own choices. Okay. I just want to say it's also going to send women back into the alleys and that's going to, you know the risks of that. Yeah. So it's doesn't make any sense. There was a semi for me. There was a thing else tweeted, women have always have abortions, they always will have abortion. But now right now they can have safe abortions. I just want to say I'm calling out all men right now to stand up for women's rights. That is really important just like be call about, you know, Caucasians out for black people when things are going down with, you know, cops and all that good stuff. It's time for men to step up. And I don't mean it in a white Knight damsel in distress way. I mean an ally way where you're empowering women and supporting policies such as socialized medicine or healthcare access or things like childcare so that women can have the care that they need in order to fight these laws and to impair them getting saucy. And can I also say right now can we ask the woman in the room? What do you what are you here? Sharing. Our love to just defer to you. I love you for that. Two things. I saw quote the other day it was more of a joke. It was like technically sperm has DNA in it, and it could potentially be responsible for the hundreds and thousands of lives. But when a guy Jax off, we don't call it mass murder. We don't do that. So it's such a woman thing, and this touches very deeply for somebody who's had six miscarriages. I have had to have abortions because the baby wasn't developing, right. And something was wrong. And in my health may not have been at risk, but my emotional and mental health was at risk. So I made a choice to not carry something that wasn't going to be viable with life. And they're basically telling me that if there's a heartbeat, I have to carry it, so I have to then know that I'm carrying something, whether it's incest, or rape, or something that's not viable with life or something. You just aren't ready for, and I don't buy it for someone who is seen so many heartbeats going in my body, a heartbeat. Don't mean a baby, I to bunch of self came together and created something that is not a life. It. Is a science? It's a there's a science happening, and they're missing that point and religion does have has no place in our politics. And this is all a Christian weird fucked up way of looking at the world and it's not gonna work women are going to be dying, if you're so worried about death, the women that want to have these abortions are going to be dying alleyways bleeding to death, and that's what's going to happen because I've had this happen to me and the healing process, even when done by a Beverly Hills doctor is hard and grueling, and bloody and messy. And if you do it in a back alley, if you're going to clinic, that's not working wide, or people aren't like knowing what they're doing, or they're doing it under a sense of pressure anxiety. I gotta get this done, so I'm not caught. This is going to open up. It's going to be exactly what you said, it'd be Handmaid's tale, if this will be, we will look back at this, and go, how did we let that happen? And I'll tell you how we let it happen. We didn't vote because we didn't think that this was even a possibility. Actually, we didn't believe it. Shame on all of us. And I just wanted to say wherever, you live, politically Republicans are about small government. Stay out of my life. As, as a is a government, right? Think about that day out of my life. As a government, sorry heated. No. Listen. And we don't want this is not every Christian person on every religious person. It's not not I know I'm not saying that I just want people, I know. And because this could be a learning tool to for a lot of people who are trying to maybe thinking. Oh, thinking about the subject, maybe for the first time there are a lot. You know it's been legal since the seventies, so there are a lot of people who may have voted the in one way, who never lived in a world where they didn't have that option that. Right. Right. So they're going to they're about to see those consequences, but remember were year away from another election. So God bless America. Yeah. Mickey, I'm so glad you're here for that perspective. They need to seriously more eloquent with it. I get emotional. But you, you kind of tied it up, give yourself some much more credit, baby. Where are you come from his the most educated opinion on this matter? Right. That way more than we could ever know. Okay, everybody, I guess we did it right. We can I follow up. Can I follow this up with good bad joke in the line? Let me just this real quick, because it was just sent to me when you come on someone's chest and leave to get a tissue. You're technically, you're technically babysitting. Doesn't somebody just sent me when you come on someone's chest tissue. Technically are city. If you want more that follow the facts. I think you so much. I mean way to that really phenomenal. Please do the effects Malone. If you wanna follow j rod, he's Josh underscore Rodriguez underscore. CJ is CJ, life, CJ a. Y. L. Y. F. E. Walleye. Because you have him Nikki Boyer. Is that Nikki Boyer? So proud of that Kate. Why be oh, y article bullying? I'm Hello Ross. The show is. Hello. Brass nick. No. You're in a hurry. Someone to speed this up. Dada. Do you remember? We are coming to New York. We're coming so June eighth and June ninth to pond Koss on the eighth. Lebron's on the ninth. Get your tickets at straight talk with Ross dot com or on social media, the link is there come hang out with us come to bull shows on the eight th they're going to be different shows. Trust me run on one of the there and come to the brunch, we know that it costs money we're giving away free abortion. Maybe there we are flying across the country to do this, you know, we're not making a ton of money, we just want to, but it would mean came. No, no, no. So please do come come out and see us. Thank you so much for listening. We'll be with you next week everything. Thanks so much. I time when I think we all need a hug. La hug for us to thank you. Thank you see next week.

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