The Safe Negro Pod - Lovecraft Country Season One Review & Recap


Blackout. Your now nothing to. Be Same. Pool. Back drop houseguests. We are here we told you he backed it may be the end of season one of lovecraft country. What does not the NFC Negro because we have in store for you as we promised, we were going to still have some events, some cool stuff and some surprises, and here's your first surprise. We Myself Porsche, Patterson hers and DJ Ben I've. Had An incredible live zoom backup. Men Friends over to talk shit. Now Yeah we talked shit but we we have fun like we did more than that like we went into our thoughts about lovecraft country overall our favorite characters we talked about the finale know that everyone's on either side of that. I mean we did a lot but but it was credible and I before we say anything else thank you all so much for hanging with us for still being a part of this for sticking with does make sure you're still subscribe to us go through two four all nerds on your favorite podcast platform to get us and for everyone who's hitting up our T. public page that's t public dot com slash stores. Slash four all nerds and that way you can get your beautiful. Now is a great warrior design shirt or you're safe Negro posher or anything else you WANNA grab while you're on that thing Porsche been do you have anything to say? Make, sure you're following us on twitter dot TV slash for all. So you can see Audrey are beautiful faces and this amazing interview if you happen to be listening to this anywhere else. I hope you're ready for fun. Ready filled belly laughs I. Hope you ready to last guy. It's a good episode and you're going enjoy it. Fox walks tells the future. WHOA. Thank you all for joining. I, AM super excited that we're doing this. Thank you everybody on sit I. Don't know if I call it a panel or or a family I don't know but I'm just happy that the family is here. Again thank you for joining us a safe Negro podcast live and we are going to be talking about everything concerning the first. Hopefully I say, I with a lot of hope in my heart but the first season of of of lovecraft country, it's myself Tatyana King One of the host of the Safe Negro. pod And I'M GONNA ask my co host to also introduce themselves. As DJ been I, mean the other coho serve the Save Negro pod In Push. The other. Other other. We also have a group of amazing people that have join us today to chat. They're going to be your live speakers. Today we have I'm just GONNA say their names, and if you could just introduce yourself shortly a brief intro, we have the bouncer here. Going on everybody my name is rebound soup would also Chuck Collins I. Draw a Little Web Comical Bounds and drew a couple of. Awesome. Awesome Fan art for lovecraft country. Yeah. That also fan are detail means actually wearing. If you all remember especially people who are listening listen to show you remember the now we episode Ben Wears that religiously Sufi Bradshaw who played now she actually received the merch. So thank you again so much for that. Dowse. Yes, we also have tied. Everyone I'm tied good and I am be contributing editor at writer at noticed and I had. The best time. Season covering. You know lovecraft tree and just everything that happened from all sorts of perspectives. I'm really excited to be here today. Thank you so much. We have a huge you sawyer every what up. A high on on the writer publisher at like down productions and I'm also the coordinator. Of the Women in Comics Collective National Wink for sure and I'm so happy to be here. I've been derided in Dine Sake Negro podcast. This is just the beginning of. Hundred here for everything fire fire. We also have a tag team here with Rod and Karen from the Black I. Out doing avenues. Co host of a comedy podcast, and we also do a little bit of love we happen to name. And rounding out, we have been Nicole Hilton the cokely's introduce yourself. Hi Nicole. Covered low-carbon energy in In Yeah I've had a blast a covering the show I feel I'm still living in that role in my head. So mind really heavy here banks so much and also the blur will be here. Shortly, will introduce her in a moment when he gets in but less just started. Joshes. S Let's remove him. I. I will say I expected at least one person to kind of come here and bomb the zoom but not got little ash shaking. Let's get into the detail. What did you think of this season of lovecraft country? Just overall not as you've seen all ten episodes what are your thoughts anybody speak up? Yeah, I thought out I. Love. I. Love Behold he's alcohol. and I think that. Stand out the more of like. Relive them and they will always have something new fine i. don't think I was happy with the ending. But I think is not like. I would never get this is. I. Think more like. We're going to be something different. You know what a hit harder but I think. I. I mean to me so many episodes and properly I am. On in life. You have to have any kind of connection to the show and I think that's call about the people who are in and out here of word like how I love that episode. Timmy that was really cool about just the episode that you can kind of put on into the shower like into horror. Absolutely. Absolutely. Shocked. You say something no I was just sighing because the host the host so. This one alongside side maybe yeah. I mean not in a in a bad way it was it was more like. It. Was a lot to process in. You know I'm I'm assuming that this is all spoiled with free so we can just oh nothing I'm sure everyone listening has seen the show you will be spoiled. We're not. We're not. You know give a leg up on that. So I felt that the season was great but the last episode felt rushed. If ally the writers everybody else when show was like look we don't know if to be it season two if we're going to even have a season two, let's try and round everything up and we don't have any more episodes lots. If I think if if it was like. Two three episodes till the final season, we would have had a well rounded story. But overall I wasn't dissatisfied. But hoping I really liked it. Okay I'm hearing the similar sentiment from you from online throughout the week. Everyone's kind of Massena. Same thing pretty much. They've enjoyed it but this that lasts episode. Off To them does anybody WANNA to speak about what it was about the last episode that you had a problem with the finale episode Oh, okay can. Chime in just real quick. We loved it. We begin in the end. Yeah, we love. About it. There were some things that with the two spirit you know, I don't think that was handled properly, but you know overall. I actually liked it I night. I'm coming from somebody who who was a blank slate I didn't know anything about it never heard of it before. So my perspective would probably be different from people that may have more background in it but for me being as far as the storytelling and what they told I actually enjoyed the story every week and what they told me and I loved it as well. Why from beginning to end it felt like a lot on. Something that was very finite. You know black life in the nineteen fifties and segregated. In America and made it infinite and they touch so many John Ras. You'd never knew what the show is. GonNa be every every episode it was almost like an anthology, but in one season and even final episode the biggest concern that I saw before the final episode was that they were going to have loose narrative strains. Yeah and this like they didn't they they tied things up pretty neatly an accomplished had no great way and of course, we can spoiled that ending with the. thought. I'd see that on TV, ever I don't know how they like right room life that. Sleigh desperate like let's just say what they say. Let's let's see what holiday. Amazing. That was like how everyone wanted to. We call it. We call the D. One thousand after terminated. So. We get into that next question I just WanNa one introduced Jeremy. Horn. The blurb. She is here just want to introduce yourself real quick. Everybody on Camera Horn. Girl, just content creator. Thinking Highest Dugway Yet, just a I am a contributing editor Scifi wire also founded the blur girl dot com. I. Also have the weekly show on twitch the blogger alive, and I'm just basically at tell everybody I am sort of park at the intersection of diversity. But this show This show and just a reminder besides the speakers here everyone else will be on mute. There will be opportunities where we will you have to ask audience questions, but also the chat room is there. So if you have any comments whether you agree, disagree what we're saying we're going to also be asking questions within the comments. So please chat along with us and listen in So back into the next question that everyone's keeps hitting on that last episode of finale. Lobby by questions about how it went down particularly with D- I personally loved it. D is me and when she got to that point, I was just like look she had gone through so much in a short period of time and really it came down to her realize and she has to take matters into our own hands. She was finally getting this point where she now knew what was going on and she was enabled literally and figuratively with that with the D one thousand hand and and for some people, it was a bad change, her personality bits and being made sense. I think honestly I personally think it made a lot of sense. I had issues with the finale but that was not one of them thought these character was perfectly rounded I also think. People saw twitter I. came to it late. But I got there I mean I D- This First of all grew throughout the shows you grew from being innocent to seeing the things around her to realize that that has a little black girl. In this country, she is not going to be protected. What's you have to protect yourself? I. Also think that her mother brought her to a parallel universe to get her that arm and it was at that time that I personally think that it was D- Not beyond say that's the Garnett looking woman that was the person with the with the metallic arm. That gave tick the book. So I think the D that we saw in that I think that we saw in the the back end of that. Show. The very end. was. Upon, thinking about it same d from the same university that we saw in the beginning she traveled and she knew knew more and she knew that in the future according to the book that Ticks Son wrote that these people WANNA learn. So when she said they ain't never GONNA learn it wasn't just about why people it was about the adults like. So that's why they she gave the double tap and I'm not mad at her for it. I love the drake She got me a long few an Seasons, in some of those episodes with the last few episodes, it was a lot going on and we didn't even really have a clear idea of what she was going through mentally as she was in this sort of curse induced coma. So, God only knows what she was seeing what she was going through and as I was listening to the cameras. I started thinking about. They kind of sent her out there. Okay. So you know you as everyone else was I going off to you know carry loss takes body like I think they knew that she was out there finishing the job. For her. Like she was given that arm for nothing it wasn't just a drawing way. So you're saying that you think that they would like Yo go handle your Biz and due to. Do. This well in your spirit. I. No I don't think it was all I think her mother took her to the future. She went and met, and she was told excuse, my friends get the fuck up learn this do this. You'll have to handle your business. She was shot by the Amazons they brought her back and it D- What do you WanNa? Do she was like I'm taking it out. They were like. conference. That's conversation that I wanted to ask the. Avid. sweaty. night. So the episode she said the same thing and I told her I think that this is not even d from our universe. This isn't an alternative university. About what I think because I mean throughout the entire throughout the entire series, it's always been especially in the hippolyte a episode it's been hinted at they're like sixty million different Powell universities. So I think that something really fucked up happened in. The? Last seen in her universal, she came two hours to. Fix Something That's what I oh, that's all I'm going in my own brain. Just like I'm done snack like off nab little snap renegade dimension hopper. One thing it was apparent about the show from episode one especially with Tan was this idea of black female rage have always be caged and yes never right in for even be self cage Hannah Taco Bell. The dimension what she was going back to the match. Seeing the fire she was afraid of it and she realized there was a rage, her power. She realized it with something to hand down to her future generations and for them to use that as a responsibility they tell letty makes us this book on. Don't hide it like we did and her Hannah's rage and bottling it up, drove her to the point where she committed suicide. So to me with the past de read in a book in the back of Woody, and with the way that the been you know subjected to this heritage that Montross brought up during the funeral Bobo. If felt like. They were saying there's nothing wrong with this with a black rage and that not only is it empowering, but it can be the solution. So her taken out once Krisztina to me felt like the combination of the entire story one of saying this, there is power in this and this is not a bad thing and and also to adult, for mean, you have deis room a different generation and so. She was like Y'all this shit fly I will not I refuse because when her mother was talking about her name s Dr is. Detail somebody. Well, they know now so so so that Kinda planet something in her then let you notice she wouldn't like her mom and she was like I would use and it's one of those things where they left. Christina alive and she was like bitchy not you've got to die because if I don't kill you, I'm I'm going to have to deal with the repercussions you continuing to live the fifty percent they had to go carry I'm with you because, and that's how I felt I was just like why I want job. Whiting finish the job like it's kind of. Like the feeling always rises again. So it just made sense to me that she had come in. As a kid, you got to clean up after the adults but whatever. I of the people that didn't love it mainly because of eight day low options like Bahgat right here they some savage she's GonNa be looking at them eight you like that to me would have been equally lie she would have been powerful but it. Made Her have to go all the way and I feel like. Of. Course, the show is very much about her losing her initially, but also here are. Like. I don't know for me. I was like, yeah, this is cool. But like her thing that she does her like arm that we know of like she killed somebody like she doesn't make arch. The that like were apart who were like I'm going to be. The. Rate Limiting. Asked like. To me more like a laser stories. The have somebody else do it also I'm like. All the people should have definitely been lady like eating says they're like. Fresh. Like you just had a fight hurting not twenty minutes ago you. Know so to me, it was more like y'all just it once. In a way I don't ever want Derby Ladies Game. If that may seem like I feel like I'm a presented a pure. Hurston like she's never the one that really has to do the you know. Like even like would you like lettuce? Refining the. Not Prescription, Laura. I'm the fail. But like other people are doing things like why does she get to remain uncertain in the kid the child the youngest part in the first. One and a half to like clean about all of them. Okay Go ahead because I think you're GONNA ask the question I'm going to ask you I would also say well I, know I know where Christian has. But. I would say that I don't feel like letty is unsullied off. Thank you. Want to the good. I mean that's not. Her action is going. To herber when. She never has duping Admiral equally bad. I mean that's how I see her on a protect in that way. But that she never had to. Herself performance and? Let me ask you a question, the exorcism she exercises, and also when she was in the tomb doing the whole tomb raider swimming in the water grabbing a scroll, do you don't think that makes are part of the or? I mean that's a heroic right anybody. I mean. That's cool. I'm like you're here like. Oh. So you're saying things like outright killing. Like. The like. A lot of people as villain right a lot you re. Take the billion a lot of people read my. Anybody else has where they are very clear by play to fight. MVP? Machines really rarely put up. To have to light challenge that she's almost always like the boone. The good thing she's always the hero which is fine but there is like when they're a lot of other people around that, don't get that that same treatment than become the president of like why does she get why she had a couple of moments? He definitely has a couple of moments of being betrayed as bad where I see what our family. You know. The fact that she doesn't come home for laws funeral. She borrows money from a family. She doesn't pay back. She only shows up to be nice. The Ruby which she gets money from this white woman says, it's for mummers they heritage and Ruby Carl's out on it every time, which is like, Oh, you only nice to me when you need some. Never, you don't need something I mean that's in the script that's right there, and then mostly for me of the deal, she makes behind takes back in everyone's back with Christina and her the pages from Titus, book and get into market with mortality for herself Montross. McCall's are out on that. So I think she does have some dubious things that may not be as bad as other people but. Makes do this moral decisions throughout the ten episodes? Add onto what you just said. Rod she serve time. We don't know what she went through when she was in prison. and. I feel that if there is a season to, there's going to be a flashback flashback memory as to what she dope. And I think and it all goes back to Nicole what you were saying before and I and I totally feel you on that. She has not studied her hands but I think because the way they build her character, she can't afford to go into that dark place. Yeah because she's been. Everybody has been met Montrose tick. Everybody's going through some kind of craziness and she's the only one I feel like she's like she's the audience. He's the one thrown into this situation and just being like, how am I going to deal with this with the experiences that? So. That's my take on it. Those are valid points as everyone who's watching as we continue this discussion, you'll see polls pop up. We did for the poll ow about half you answered how do you feel about the ending? Most of you said, fantastic follow by a bunch of people saying that we need a second season. So continue on to share your thoughts in the chat room we will eventually ask someone to ask a few people ask them questions as we continue to talk. So we we talk about the ending. You know we talked about how he felt about the decisions that were made be talked about Lettie, but let's go into rubery Ruby real quick because I know that's another huge character. Well, see I don't even know about GonNa everquest. Okay. Let me ask this question. Do you and tell me why you think yes or now is Ruby did. That wasn't the question. No but that's the question I. Don't know. But we saw she wasn't dead. She can't wear her skin. If she's dead, she's gotTA BE COMATOSE STATE THEY'VE put. No, she's not. You know there's quite a bit of people who believe that she's dead and maybe that's just because they just listen to. You weren't attention Christina said and they ran with it but I think the reason why I'm bring that up is because I. Want that to be cleared up to everyone who listened to show everyone who's watching here in the Zoom I. think that's important to note that no to note that point Ruby is not dead. Does every- everyone in agreement on that? Yeah I think because all season functionally Colin William and bail dead. Even though they were technically comatose and being kept alive on in that basement by Christina I think that's why people was like, yes, she bed but I'm like first of all, they have the book now a second of all. We get the second season they gotta bring bae back man you can't have a second season with our ruby come on. Absolutely then I mean ask that question Rog gotta ask you gotta ask it. Does just put that out there and I've seen this reaction on a few different levels. But do you think that lovecraft country has a problem with? Darker stand LBJ GT Q. Characters. I guess if both of those two. Different questions? Okay. Well, let's start with the first one. Do you feel that lovecraft country at the problem with Darker Stand Terrace? Yes. I wrote I wrote. About it in. Narratives, It. There is one primary lyceum person tower cast, which is when you make that kind of casting choice. If still a decision like you like, Oh, one highly all browns in actors, but then you hire lycene actors in don't. Address factors she used bearskin most likely biracial like I know right her biracial. I mustn't. That we're offering in hard dead and following the law she probably one of these boat I ever you I have on theories went her white and his or her lightness play into the dynamic in some way shape or form in it never does. Anything like her relationship with Ruby is framed as like, Oh, you're planning like our mom like. Tastes after me when you're not possible but also clearly like rubies entire art about getting access to spaces that she can get she's a black woman. She's the darker heavier. One lady can probably go. Right but out before they even start hiring color. By walking and she's close enough right now she could probably get that job into muscle or this is clearly a really good thanks for this story lining don't touch it at all in then when asked about it Oh Yeah we know we. Talk. About Color Ethan but we didn't think it was important to the story and to me that's like. I mean I'm not life Gan but I'm not Super Garcia middle but I think by people to the point where like Oh. You're not pretty like this person because they're light right and I know that. It's not like you don't know it just felt like you didn't WanNa make your actress uncomfortable. Maybe by addressing a, you didn't really know how to. Approach it in a way that didn't feel like birth. Choosing life can't people think? Like choosing life people something in a and therefore, they completely ignored it but to me because the whole cast brown or theater darts. You could use analogies situations like you have letty in a fire. On right this whole house people either all Brown Darker are earning right Somebody, had had to have like the thought. Maybe, maybe not have the life women with the only person in his area survived the fire untouched like stuff like that, and because they don't think about the optics of it, it to me was like. Got worked over by strange taste. Oh, they are not. They are gonNA act like we don't realize that this. person. She was different. She would move about the road gift for leaving around here, freeze found and they don't address that at all the. That I definitely. Not. No Complexion she is young I. I definitely thought that that was something that was touch on because again like Nicole says he's literally the only like skin person. In the narrative and it's not necessarily to have to focus so hard on color color. Like if you're if you're talking about racism, you're talking about sexism. Racism plays a part into that going to be things that, but he's going to be able to have access to that other people will not be able to have access to there's GonNa be a dynamic. That could definitely for between living in Ruby because maybe she's treated differently for. Looking a certain way and it's it's no fault of ladies and you can't help. That you're Gordon. Right but I mean I. could I could have totally seen them taking it where maybe that that aspect of color is maybe let us have a different father from her brother sister and she's treated differently maybe family treat her differently and that could play a role to or whatever on top of lenny being a fighting person who's like her mom like you could do. and. I felt like they were really setting it up to possibly do both I thought maybe her dad was. Right, as you know, do like everybody else that's why this show and she could have had access to some certain powers something but they really didn't go anywhere with that and I mean again you've got one likes person and you've got these darker skinned people around them I felt like it would come up at least even if it's something that's you know comes up. You know back and forth a little bit I thought that it would at least come up at some point in time during the season. So real quick. I just I. Just WanNa come at because I spoke to Shannon Houston who wrote on the show but that's why I want to answer this question I'm not trying to anybody's wrong Nicole I agree with you I, agree with you I asked her point blank is was is is leading mixed ladies. Last is Louis her. Last name is Baptiste. The mother is the one that was friends with the voting precincts. Are They Haitian? Are They Krill? Is there an issue there because some? Instance of rape or something and she she said this was all acknowledged, but it wasn't like we put it on the page. We wanted everybody to see it at some of the horror and some of the tension that's in the show is about what we don't put on the page that was the answer that I got. So everything you're saying is right but I don't think they said it like, Oh, we're going to basically hype up only light skinned people should they ever trusted? Yes. Because I do think there's from me I wanted to know more about lettuce family as a whole. As a point that I was making I definitely don't think that they made it where lady was. Than everyone else will take everybody had their different roles and stuff to play but. To that a bit deeper because you could see that there's nothing more than just okay ladies her mom there's there's some layers there some levels to this and I would love to have up Africa's lead character I. Love Her as a character and I love Ruby as cared and I love him interactions feels. Every brother or sister is not gonNA have this. Wonderful relationship and I think that's something that a lot of people could relate to. But I would have loved to see the distinction that later just a bit more and I feel like color result could possibly played role in their nothing. But it it definitely would have been something that would. Been Open. To exploring Ben I mean our portion, you wanNA comment on this. I I agree with what everyone is saying and I also. Understand what Shannon and other writers say, and that's a big thing. Spree. Ryan is to show versus telling and I really thought that was brilliant that they how to handle tolerable in this show especially between leading Ruby and I think a lot of people weren't prepared for Ruby, because she was darker stand to one who was going to appeal to whiteness or to try to you know move in that world like that and I felt like you know 'cause people I think that people like we talked about no safe rope pod. We're just getting to the point where we're seeing characters that are multidimensional who looked like us, and so we're just getting there. So we're just seeing Khairpur that we're not going to always one hundred percent agree with or like or like, but I also disagree with idea to let he was more pure because letty not only does she gets shot like she says, I said she caused the exorcism which kills three white dude by her hands you know weather. She does it. She's also a hero and I really appreciated that like I get it. You know like there's idea to, and then when we okay if we talk about lifestyle and Dr Stan, I feel like people are just ignoring hip Elida. It's I and then we're getting into the like. What is starts Denver's what's what's Brownstone? What is this? What's that? And I'm like. It just does method that thing that I'll talk about lot. No matter what you do people are going to be mad and you can't appease everyone. There's only ten episodes and people are already saying this show is too heavy handed with its blackness. So a very fine line to walk, but we don't care about those people but indefinitely. Eighteen episodes though see hold on. I mean, that's budget. This was a ten episode season to cost a lot of money in ten episodes. And was well spent so and then you can't say you don't care about those people because that's also like that's understanding and that's something like I said, we're just getting to the point where we're having shows I love country people like me and you have seen the blackest of the white shows already. So we've already seen ourselves onscreen because we search it out and find it. But this is one of the first shows that is black from top to bottom black woman at top and let me tell you as a writer and a writer's room to hear about that. There are story editors that are black that they're upper levels that are black and are lower black. It's mind blown. Art You have that, and then it's A fantasy and covers racial history all these different things it includes. Characters from across every gender sexual orientation all that. So it's not going to be perfect but I feel we also have to be like Yo this shit right here instead of being like you know the first name we'll why didn't they do this? Why did they do that? What's ten episodes in? It can't do everything but God damn we'll see it did a lot you're and I WANNA I WANNA add onto which Is True I mean I used to work in animation I used sit in a lot of. Writers rooms. And it's. You you can't. There are whole entire bibles created for characters like. You know when you're talking about from the artists, are you talking about like an entire Bible just dedicated on characters getting up in the morning what they look like but you never see on the show so we're talking about like. Having all of this stuff and we have only one season to tell the story and I think that we're not giving. We're not giving the writers a chance to actually explore these carries more big about like this, we watch game of thrones. First season nine. And I think about it I. I'm I'm like divided I duNno. If tick or uncle George. Is the NED stark of lovecraft. Thinking I'm like we had characters and season won a game of thrones that we love and end up hating. At the end of the series and vice versa. See the the writers were able to do that and expand on these characters and but I, I think. This is a discussion. Karen I had. It's like how certain black scholes suffer because we don't we're not afforded the benefit of messing up and saying okay maybe this season wasn't good. Maybe we can expand next season. Usually we have to outperform every single show. In order to just get considered for another season. So to me, it's like as if people were in the writer's room like we got one chance to get this done, we don't know if we're going to be here next year. So. Let's put in everything that we could possibly put him this show and tell a good story. That's the reason why I as much. I had a little bit of problems the last episode here and there but I cut some slack because I know how production on that level goes right and you won't be able to fit all that stuff into one. Season I think we should definitely I think that the writers were smart enough to create everything that we're talking about and put it on the sideline. For a season to to expand on the characters, even more to make us fall in love with the characters even as much as we hate Montrose. We may love him next season. We don't know yet. You don't know what's in store so we got to. Know about that. I didn't. We don't get into the Montrose. I lovely I don't ask Jean. We love the character I just feel like you can. To me the conversation with. It doesn't have episode about color, but not the fact that we acknowledged that this there are a little thing that he does that are like. when she calls for the waiter everybody I know that. We don't just. Look like. By all, you had to do have a character somebody else nate like they named every single other. Macro Aggression microaggressions always know what it is. This is so they put everything indecen small into big big detail, right? So to me, you make a choice to omit is that it doesn't take much more in retaliate to acknowledging the age of like having they look at her. girlhood like. Why are you writing? Glad, you. There Ben Thank that is more subtle I. End. To, everyone's point we'll see your point Nicole you're saying you you hit every other topic why not make this more obvious or more overt, but they decided to be more covert with it but. My main thing is make a choice of what you can. To highlight you think of the poor and having that background to me I felt like. With key Kathy's Y'all had an opportunity to tell a compelling story using the fact that you have a lighter access to play today. That would have made. Her more. Because they're levels to it and the postage is one thing but I don't love late yesterday I really love lady but I still also felt like. The place where they could have done better by her in by but hurry ruby by addressing this kind of elephant in the room but I mean. Small You know that you. Wish were different and they would have liked to add and all of that stuff like that. But I definitely think. Overall because I really didn't get my marabout, the about this show, a raw overall I absolutely love the show was amazing takes journey from being this person who was a person who was into this escapement type thing where he was escaping into books running from his running from home joining the military and stuff somebody that's running straight ahead into these things are hundred find this book I'm going to tack to this magic. I'M GONNA, use it at flip this around and put it back on them so that we can uplift in grass my family are like with letting my favorite. With her was definitely when she was calling on the name of those ancestors. It her house one by one. And that was the thing that ran through the whole show is no calling of the name of SSD that was speaking directly to us like. Met A have a book of names. We may not have magic in the way that magic shows up in the show, but we have that power to be able to call on just to lead us to guide us to teach us for us to liberate them for us to be able to liberate ourselves. It was things like that immeasurable when it robs like I understand that had a wider appeal and of course, it's on HBO. You're trying to appeal to a wide audience, but there were so many elements that were just. For us and maybe it wasn't necessarily setup for everyone to understand right away or whatever and I love that because we don't we don't get a lot of that on mainstream media at Lisa whatever. So it was so awesome to be able to see them do that and the way they just blew the history like that was my favorite part about. I guess the season overall when I was doing some of my recaps and stuff is that I was like you know what? I don't WanNa do ready to reach recaps I, WanNa, take it and look at it and break down some of the historical things that happen here and see how okay this is how it played out in real life. This is how it played out lovecraft at this is how It went, and here's what I took from that. What we you know what we can learn from that, how we can see how things seem to be almost working a cyclical type nature or whatever. So you know I mean overall of course, you have I I don't think there's initially anybody watches whereas like I love everything that I saw up here. I mean maybe. I don't know. I mean, there was ways so much more to absolutely love your show been the things that I didn't like it I didn't like didn't supersede my need to support it and to you know to write it and to encourage people to watch it and understand the importance of seeing US leading a magical show. We're doing spells. We're you know we're we've got you know we got our lawsuit coming out at like defeating people whatever like we're a heroes of the story, we're the heroes of the story I feel the when it comes a black art, a Lotta Times black media. the criticism of the show becomes about what is not not what it was on me and we ask a subconsciously these things to be everything for the community like every type of experience, every type of issue and I weep but yet saint how we know is impossible, right? Yeah. We hold it to that unrealistic standard and we we don't do that for every day you need like you know watching and was the show I. Love. You know what I mean love down like people just loved it. You know what? I mean it wasn't like less. Okay but it was cop again. So you know it was like Nah This is a don't show. We get it. You know and I think maybe we kinda afford those people love is slack. It doesn't mean you can't critique it. It doesn't mean they can't better all that stuff but I, feel like when when the commentary becomes obsessed on like let's say just show eight out of ten we become possessed obsessed over the two that didn't get and not eight that it did and that's what it feels like summer critique whereas this like you know and I know online it kinda creates community around like we don't like this thing and then people kind of warm on that so maybe just outside. Online. But you know I feel like for the most part of you ask most people even those being pretty critical they will tell you it was good shows you know what I mean. So hopefully, we just don't get stuck on just why didn't like this thing? Yeah. Yeah and I that's really important to just like we talk about just from a personal perspective you WanNa give the full breadth and depth of humanity this full breadth and depth of of art. And as you said earlier, not you're not going to necessarily agree with everything that these characters do and say that being said you actually rod something. You said touched upon something I want to ask the group here about which is black history, which is also American history. There were tons of black history integrated throughout the series including obviously the story of Amatil as a friend of a and and that was very hard to I know. For, a lot of people very hard to watch and see that actually be shown on a show. I'm not even sure if they've really from a fictional perspective, I'm not even sure if that was ever shown in this way but what were your thoughts about the inclusion of people Emmett till and him be integrated fully into the story even grow quick nods like the nods bessie string fill the first African American woman to. Write her motorcycle across the country like what were your thoughts about the the black history that was injected throughout the story I absolutely loved it up from my perspective because like said I I and somebody where I'm going to be real is was brought up in an era where a lot of the black history a lot of these woken you woke need act like day-lewis as they was born I didn't know okay. In that group didn't nobody tell me a lot of Shit I learned I learned. Okay a lot of things I, learned I learned as an adult like a lot of the things. I should learn as a child I learned I know I'm not only when it took me to get older to realize that I'm not the only one and a lot of people forget the everybody was not woke with these credits able to quote this shit no, no, it, and so instead of. Being like Oh you know here's a reference. Here's something else instead of doing that. It's almost like what's wrong with you you know America is full of white supremacy sold the schooling. I got the same in the white people you guess what they want why people do to feel good. So they will meet a feel good. So I won't turn around and be like Oh y'all did something wrong. With this in the whole thing, there's something wrong with the system they don't want you to challenge the system. So for me, I absolutely love it. I was learning things that I did not know seeing things in the fictional woman that I had never seen before. So for me, it was gorgeous and it was. Beautiful. And I think that it allow people who knew things to share and for people who didn't like me to learn these things for the first time and challenge myself and go to Nepal Cazin go watch old movies and go you know Youtube and go acknowledging gold learn so bad win it's time to do things like boats we have a better understanding and what we say ignorance things online at about a lack of knowledge lack of understanding of what our Ancestors went through because this whole thing showed me are s with a whole lot like if you really want to boil it down to the roots of I with the whole lot. If you go back and you look people die just so I can have them the rights that I had. You know as some of these things still implemented today across the country s neil such thing is sundown cities Navesh they might not call it that but these things still exist. I just wanted to say. S hands because they had the heater, it was rain. I would. I would have been in that Colin I on help they will. Read it. He's you white tonight. Let's go. But. You know what's funny out. I'm really happy that they showed that really happy that they showed Tulsa before burn and really showed happy that they showed the women sisters that were out the holding it down because I think there's this really weird gap that's happening right now people like some weird Hashtag that was like not my ancestors and my gear and Adhd you're in eighty stupid because because your ancestors were hauling it down, you want to know why they can't tell you about it 'cause they died. Like. Dead so that you could be here. So that was and that was one of the things that I think it was great even with the Hannah concept you know Hannah living because she had that titus blood she didn't die because she's immortal. There was a whole bunch of stuff back her story despite wrapped up pretty well but like yeah, that the I love the What is it? The lovecraft country syllabus? Yes. That that website is amazing links than league those that syllabus. Yeah and here's the thing just like watchmen. The fact that we are doing this there are people talking about it. These conversations are happening the people sitting talking to their kids. That is good storytelling. When you you know us saying Oh, we hate, Montross, we eight different. Hate Michael K Williams actor. But the fact that he made us feel some kind of way like every episode was dammit Montrose. Like if the VAT of that's good acting that's good storytelling. Is it perfect? No, but that's good. The fact that we can have six or seven things and then go you know what? I didn't like this when I'm GonNa Watch this other one and it is a black written or black director or POC created show that week we keep yelling for having more stuff. There's nothing wrong with criticizing it I think what we're. Not Everybody has to like it. You can have both you can say I enjoyed it is a few things they didn't agree with but yeah, right there's nothing wrong with that that's selling out. Have to be at a critique but I just want say the last thing on it also feel like there's One like the beginning there is a lot of credit given to Jordan Peele and not giving the Michel Green and then when it is dipping to me, she green I've seen comparisons where people are like Jordan is just as perfection you know and everybody's trying to Jordan appeals done with this you know social commentary and fantasy black people but one Jordan Georgia's not the first. Let's not say Jordan his profession either you know the truth be told an and just like let everyone saying has its chance to grow like let you know this show. Do you know this is only the first season? Like no and no one's perfection, right? You know what I mean. It's like people say stuff like everyone's problematic and then someone does something like you problematic because you. Know all of us have a theme right if we made the show of ourselves, there'd be another group of nine negroes talking about it going. Let me tell you what's wrong with rise. the thing I liked about the black history strong throughout though we like to us made it like a running joke on the show like message you. Don't be a minute but I kind of like kind of enjoyed that because it was just like black forest gump, you know what I'm he was lights Oh and they haven't run into. Boeing. Thank. You about like I liked that God. It's like the kind of Nerd I, am is the kind of nerd mom. Travel but I also do love James Baldwin. So a it was for me Yeah, and I liked it they did some things that were very blatant. Of course you know you go through the hustle rates massacre Those Subir things. That people could pick up on stuff like even with letty and her house. It made me go back and start looking at stuff about redlining, and so I got a chance to have a whole conversation with a few people whatever and conversation with the other people just. About ran binding and the impact that it had. Black people as far as our our will and our future and how we were able to build generational wealth small things. They never actually said the word redlining in the episode, but you knew that's what it was and people didn't know that's what it was. You know definitely. Write about it. Talk about it and people getting a chance like like Kay said I. believe is you didn't know these things before now all the sudden you've got this opportunity to learn things. To, have access to information you didn't before. I. WanNa. Get Porsche chances because she had some words. And Yeah I just wanted to say that I appreciate it like for Bobo that they didn't have him like a one off thing goes a little worried about that. Initially, they had him the board seeing there like Ovo like Bobo you can enjoy your your somewhere down in Alabama or Mississippi, and they're like no, and that was all. Everyone figured out. That was Bobo that I was immature like. Are they going to sleep as they and I'm glad they actually showed how? Important. His funeral was the community. How like? It was like so attended it was like. Thousand people showing up for this went open casket because his mother money that way? They they were real about it and I'm glad about the. Other historical things that are kind of brought up through there and how like like Jaren was saying like I. I grew up in this out. So I know that like they didn't teach us they weren't trying to tell me any stories of my family they went and tried it like I would ask them like Oh have y'all. Are there any stories in our family where somebody got lynched or anything went down or an, and they wouldn't want to say they don't remember. Did. Remember was insane nothing. So I, had no idea what Madonna on in my community, my town before me had no idea. and. So I, think. Like shows like this, showing these components like. What happened to Im- until the whole story behind it, and also like you're saying redlining but also like white flight like that's what happens you. He was moving into neighborhoods by people were like, no, we don't WanNa live with a lackey both begun debt and. Kept. Dipping out, they live in cities, the cities. Now they come back all that stuff. We're still living it. We're still living good We're still living all the reputations of all the things that happened. That the show gave us avis they gave us a conversational piece. And it reminded me of like that and I think we've talked. Before about there's some things that I learned some of the stories and up because I H, we see you. So we got grounded in black history weights. I would not have done elsewhere and I'm glad the show is hoping is like tap into that because not everyone has an issue experienced where they have to learn all the black history. At like you a lot of this by learning tool I was at a how're university of but I I was in school it never was centered and Karen mentioned like. Other part like I really want people to stop pretending like they knew all this information before because it's not it's not really to generally recently that now's become a thing you have social media and you now are connected to people who have studied this for years and are able to educate you, and then of course, you starting to have shows like lovecraft and even as Rodman's mentioned a I called, you call you by your hand. Rochman. Robinson. Like Watchmen Tulsa like that is a huge one that I literally have no understanding that happened until I was in college. So you have all these years of being indoctrinated what American history is, and now you're finally given this this view of well this actually happened. is also weird to be like I'm tired of it already. We just got hit. We literally choose guy in how I'm not tired give it to put it in my vein. Yeah. Got one thing I do want to say is that The reason why I love this show so much that it has every element that I love you got. The cosmic Korir Sifi based in Jim. Crow South. In every aspect of that history is told very subtle through the narrative of the characters. So think about like in two in twenty twenty, we're living in now versus what people are going to see historically in about another forty or fifty years what we saw just three sixty just living in this environment what we're seeing is just a way of life to historians in the future this is going to they're going to have the same discussion that we're having now. And I think that's was very important to have. All of those things even taking. A concept like lovecraft. Now, we're talking about HP, lovecraft along with a lot of people from those times like Color Tesla and everything we're very heavily into Jenex that was an ideal in those times it was just like you're you're going to do genyk meeting we're going to go and sit down and talk about how out better we are genetically even everybody it was just those times. So it's like you take a concept like that, turn it on its head and have a narrative of. What HP love got didn't really create each. Cosmic horror he coined the phrase. Okay. But you taking the fear of the unknown from External Universal Force and telling that story under the guise of black folks. Ending. Laying in just laying in certain little things James Baldwin, you have a son Rob Gil Scott Heron you just this is how they lived back. Then it was just a thing it was just part of their lives and I think that's the most brilliant thing about the way they portrayed. The storytelling for the whole the whole series. Let me add HP lovecraft was above and beyond the racism of establishing fought that. Dude. and. It's also amazing and about pointed out now like when you type in lovecraft now into Google search lovecraft country becomes a first result. That alone is epic because it just instantly removed as do you know and lowered him because he doesn't even deserve half the credit that he even gets even coining the fucking phrase when it's based and of racism in just disgusting everything else I remember when the Black Guy who tells replace the Black Guy. That was A. Big Day I bet day. I feel you. I remember when my stood stop saying Dj I mean jail and that was a big day for me. I love to see. Off. Google search. And we have to understand that that's part of the that's purpose right like let's let's start for all these pieces of history that are being swept under the rug for for all of these people who really has been says shouldn't be having all that cloud and shit and you have that visibility less replace it with something. Better. Let's give you an alternative this so you. Can't interrogate who love lovecraft is what those stories were about but also interrogate your thoughts about what black people can be involved in what they the stories that we tell and and and the characters that are in there speaking of characters I have a question for all of you We say this on the safety go pat we ask each other all the time. WHO's more trash advocates Montrose George? Andrews sorry. I. When I was GONNA say that's a question. That's what my face. That's in house. Now, obviously, there are there are nuances to the different characters like, yes we know the backstory between Montrose in everything he's gone through when he's growing up same with adequate and George. But we've come to see that each of these men have their ways of Bringing a lot of trash into the lives of the people that they they. So call care about We see with atticus with the Jesus of the series the way that he treats Jia. Even the way he treats letty Montrose yes. He's been through lots of things, but the way that he treats Sammy for example is horrible and of course, George Roos, everybody's favourite. He was also if you watch the IM episode with Hip Elida, he was also responsible or in her eyes like she allowed her, she sees me he allowed her to to shrink if you will. So this is something we talk about and that's why Bartlett is something we talk about on on the pocket. jokey term, but we do talk about that. I don't even think that's Georgia's worst sin that is not that do son was getting abused and coming in his house every day will. Bake Daddy. That's Yeah I didn't WanNa go there and so thank you for bringing it up. Anyway, I can't pick. Part slide. Wet Right Right. Take go show up to the funeral and like a whole `nother family were gonNA he don't. George was dirty on the low man on. So hurt by these. And again I, want to be clear we we call him trash as a joke but yes, everyone's complex but pick murdering innocent nurses Trusting. George didn't like did hippolyte even know that take could possibly binge. We never got there. We never found out like do they share that with her? So Georgia's been sitting here this whole time looking her and her face when. She knows I. Wish she was. Back in real or. An all. Out. there. Yeah. We were staying there. Also she's been to Earth foraging fifty-seven. She now knows now I think he know like at their intuition that intuition even when he was in the house she was like I'm a need you even when he even before George died Tuesday I'm GonNa need to stop telling me What I'M GONNA do it my car like my husband is one thing but. Like I think she knew I think it was. Like. You know or at least favoritism. Yeah. I think she definitely suspected it. I think that when he died, she felt more like is one more thing are being lied to about in those very across my extra I think be she doubling she definitely harbored from. Not. Resume because obviously I loved it but like. She definitely had a sense of like. They was on myth over there, but you know what? I'm a Christian woman. Keep acute but I definitely felt like she. You know what I mean. Like. You know. Ellison Wonderful Zoo was like doing a similar the thing. On your mom got that fate you. Like our whole episode just maintain. Episode Ten would take was on the krause. Polite ain't seen press dog. Really. I'm up on. Checked out she's like whatever having me. Don't get run don't get much. Yeah. But also people in that fight though and that's why in the tunnel everybody else was like you know catching licks. Album. Like out if you've been to like four hundred thousand different universities, you go pick up a few things. Like This is land. Out on the ground and she's like get the fuck up like this guy. that. was. Is that. Is Is. that. Now. We all know. We all know that one episode. You know I am episode they had that little segment when she was explore exploring with Joe with George We all know that when there was a hostile alien who took care. This is facts. This is back and. I'm curious is is her just because she's chests on for those who? On brainiac level like she knows everything or almost everything now is that why she's like everyday is that why she was all very like Absolute. So yes yes. Because she had already told Dean I, know I left you know affect the. Back, you know you go. Feelings timing but. Sarah. Okay. If fifty minutes this matter. Because she knew that. She she get like the tangible to go like I know her I can lead August buttery going on here and I can go here. I. You know I wrote about this little petty races. Around planning to seven. Over the like I feel like. Once you've seen all the possibility like where this isn't just a place and I can lead this not all. People does not again seems to check out like remember my family. Happened the other night. I can also escaped from Yeah Yeah. I'm not. Nicole Nicole you're so close you should've said planet two, two, seven. Yes. And you know what? The the the running joke in. My theory 'cause like I said I have randy. Thank and there was a running joke on our show. People would have been mad at me because I'd have been like, fuck them act do what I want to why do I got to go back and do but racism? Sexism deal with this fucked up contract can be in about an hour. I WANNA be I. go anywhere I want WanNa, go. Why can't black women we in sometimes and be like you know what don? Nelson's bad you sound like I agree i. Don't have. Any okay. Daughter Donna's a tree right now. And just always schilling when she lives to group is wrong. On that band. Wreck. Okay I definitely was like. Having been more power voice. I like but like offline eleven hundred but also like. Like no, I definitely was on the same page I. think that would have been. This is not something that. In episode nowadays. I'm. Not. Sure make that they wouldn't. Like. You on another like no, I feel like that would have been. Making. You. Can. Be. Okay Would be interested in. DC, I was like all. She. S, she would. She's Right News. About Immaterial Don's She's Actually I'm really talking the way she describes it but yeah, I thought about now. I remember why she pop up so late Nah. Hey Tom Everybody doesn't. She said I WANNA be on stage she was on stage popped A. VOYEUR and learn how to be a lawyer. But when she said, I, WanNa be a mom. It was like August they went no. Awesome. Also. Ben when she was a warrior, she bouts right before everybody else got. Off. Parts like I. CAn't believe she disliked lev right would everybody. Bus needs we got this. Is. Strong? By can. Do and it's like, no it's the thing by hippolyte of being like choosing the she shows like I think this on line two times we see black women being mothers and we see them to pick it onscreen not sacrificing themselves for their children and I really enjoyed the fact that she got an own being her own person after being like in a marriage where her husband was like she was holding her back from doing what she wanted to do being. Like high to like having to watch over her daughter because her husband decided like traveling was more important than hard during which went to do so I really enjoy this. You had a moment where she could just like I. am one of my favorite episodes, the series because she really just got to be yourself and we don't really see a lot of like married middle-aged women lack women. especially it's be themselves for a minute like we barely see that until. But she was Kinda like me at a party light. She was just out right before it's time to clean up. Get One more I`Ma go see A. Concert get my daughter, right That would have been me. interrail want to go but I live with my best live out of been an. Dust Sign Off A new, you'd go back. Today and of course. Go. See we like thirty. August. Because He. picked. Could by the time? She went. Through. Our to say that I feel like a lot light see a lot of people agree with her with her whatever she had to do at the time but people are like you know just on poor ruby because once again ruby did not say I want to be white she's very clearly said I. WANT TO BE White Ruby. And Ruby was. Ruby just wanted power and wanted be uninterrupted and not stop and like I said this on the show fam come around to me and be like you ain't gotta deal racism Nomo. Shit like you know. Can I get that in read? Our question to ask everybody here in if if L. Christina whomever walked up to you said look grow or look Ma'am or whatever you WanNa go by do you want to not experienced racism anymore here's this posting will turn you to a white man or woman would you take it? If you give me the wrestler Magic to I mean mode interesting about this potion if you were in ruby shoes, would you have taken the potion? Bro. You know and even if I'll do hit it one time I. TAIN. Stopped me about nobody a no one but fail I just wanted know. WanNa live out their Eddie Murphy SNL it. Know but like she doesn't get to choose it first time for. The. White. Right right. Here to me. L.. Right. Though she didn't have I. Ever. Heard. Shield that will. Lead person. Threes. But. That's what it is like. We watched I. wouldn't do that like I. Already. Know this right now the question John. Job With it. But no. I'M NOT GONNA I'M NOT GONNA force you to be white the first time. I'm just saying. Yes. I'm taking it. Because they're they're gonNA take it. Okay. Because I mean, it's definitely I. Know I can. Be Myself but I'm not. Who I am okay. You'RE GONNA change back. In August change back in. Whatever? Slava off. That's obvious. Being food and I know I'm facts and I'm. Like I don't. I know. Any Pointed. That everybody WANNA turn white and go party like what is wrong with you I. said. No. No No. No. Medicine get all the stuff that we actually need. GotTa. Talk. Along. If I'd. Say I'M NOT Random Elbow. down. Three. I'm coming for like. Somebody for Jeff As. In my parents. House. Like. Hey. Okay Then I'm these say yes Nicole said. Yes. I believe you say, yes you taking the potion. If I can turn back. Yeah. Take it get some nozzle get back. Yeah. I'll do it tie regime you taking postal. Of course I'm. I'M GONNA I'm trying to get out there and be out there in the street. See when it's like to be you know see what it's like to be white. Alert around our checking from around the block. Get into some places I'll try to be talking about we ain't around I'm trying to be nosy you know so so so no one knows. I'll say I'll say. I'll say, yes and I'm GonNa tell you what? Will Happen I'll get Jason born and I will fuck up a Lotta other white people because I have access to a lot of ships will lead I would do a lot of damage and just take down as much as I can. And as soon as I'm on the run I, turn back into me. Anyway, because I'm me. This. Was a white man. I'm. Infiltrating the proud poise you. Deal. That'd be a great. I'm so. fucking everything. Now Way. We do have a dissenting opinion, and unfortunately we Europe but regime says, no, never never gene put it out I'm not sure it was going Michael put in the chat why you said no but but in meantime I absolutely would take that. Now what I told them I mean when we ask each other questions I, would turn to change to a white man. Because I feel like that is the pinnacle of White. Definitely a guy that's got his white women do what they say. They'll leave the men and. Women. But that was up Christina's. GotTa be William Because Hey listen to me. I got cars already they don't care. And when Ruby was Dale. They still put her in the back of that police car took that main and we're listening to damn thanks she was saying so you still have to live under patriarch pick the white man but. The White Man I think I'll. Go to the basketball court and just bought these niggers up. I think I'll get myself council because I I would probably be A. White Man conned everybody everybody nigger like he knows we all. Where you can't say this. Hour I will be Alabi. So confused. Okay. Re regime. Chad. As she said, no, because don't trust a gift from an oppressor. Period. We over here spending their money buying the phones and Shit I'll take the post through. boomlet again. I, mean I personally. HBO. which is. So Watch this show. ME. Produce by oppressive. Stands for white box office. Those stupid. I hope all of you all are enjoying ourselves. We really appreciate everyone. There polls going on my Grad. You broke check. You stupid. I WANNA ask all of you. What are your thoughts between the relationship between advocates and letty because? A lot of people like they especially for them to now be pregnant it's just like. They didn't start on the most solid of terms. You. Know what? The low key I mean take is gone. You know what I'm saying he was he was a Hobo Sexual. You know what I'm saying my man was bro on the out no job left army stayed in the crib I mean maybe the deal was good I'm assuming I guess had matched up before the iphone was advantage. So maybe they was doing things but I mean he had a lot of problems but I think overall leaving her with a you know a more healthier Montreal's magnetic. Book like hopefully, she and a better place to be able to raise doors you know saying. Dr Hodgkin's in chat will remember letty was broke too. Oh. Yeah. She got that White Woman that gift from the oppressive and a house so Yeah I. I was one of the things. I was like I. I know doing I didn't hear about it. Looks like they gonNa do it but I I'm not invested in it so. Now look yards is to make a dramatic Renault reasons. I don't know for me. I would've I would've loved to have seen. What happened you provide the G.. Gentlemen are feeling hurt bill are very seal bear and like. To have to navigate between in the I don't think. Martin all Martin. The way that he could like minutes that situation. But yeah, I, just felt like it was one of the things that like I could live without but I also do I wasn't against it but I, do also feel like in a way they kind of like. Undying love real wake fast I think it's like a year. Take time but like if feels very much like, okay, you know cash or whatever. A Lo- him. You know I'd grow. Our Moles. Tech. Take it down. You A lot right now for this man and he's Lewis. Not Seven minutes ago obscene seen. Like y'all love. y'All in your lungs other more so than. Being that like I didn't have a lot of time to. Time on. New. Day. Knew we knew they? Rejected it yet he probably GonNa die but but what did you think about then atticus and then? I mean the two. That I would preferred. So Tom on our show them I to me. Like it would have been a more dynamic. Like relationship a lot I felt I him in a lead were just more obvious kind of like. Of course, you're in the situation, you're gonNA bond, right like minimum fall in love. In like share these experiences but I also I guess. To me in general. Over, utilized. Jarring. Aliens who else who fought alien like I mean Even the thing was kind of like trauma bonding to like it was. Like all the relations there was. No. Because like she knew like. How I mean that was. At, the she told him that he murdered her friend. That's when they started the relationship. That's I mean yeah. Way Way, way we're just on. The fact that he's like she's narrow like we're not gonNA do. I got nine L. Right. Business. Came Up. A sequitur you say, right like a very narrow window people who are. Like. Alan. Difference between like have starting a relationship. Based on trauma and finding out the person you start a relationship comes from realm of darkness and grows tentacles. So do you Know he ticked notice about his family line yet? No no no. No Fuck. His family line tick is a realm of darkness. Long. Wait. Let me speak work. Volunteer to go to a war. Who escaped his abusive father? I'll make a good moved out of state you to kill me. Only office people. Do. Around the block. List. Have, five. This is. At the same time a monster. Mitch that and I. Think about the human consciousness in the way it goes it's one thing to understand the darkness of the human soul. It's another thing to see a thing that you don't understand and tentacles are coming out of Regina. It's not. Shocking over China I mean. Allow. You. You Bro. I. I just don't like relationship. With it I'm sorry. define. GAAP FINE BUT NOT Like she has. No Way. A lot more than. He sees himself. Lining at work. Many like. When he shows himself like oh Violent, you say that he is by yes. Where g off the battlefield greenwich she came out with a little different. Gohmert. Also wait wait. You Dead I. Don't understand what we'll have conversation G. is dead that is a Cuneo, the Was Learning how to Woodley? Human. Being in a relationship. Let me say this though have you ever had any you know told you the future after you got up in it. Art Yard. And in the sites. You're I mean to me. Being. Literal market being a community. By. Motion. They are nevertheless right. People have relationships that they are not in low or that they don't. They're not real billion dollar Guantanamo garlic. That's not good for. The people do it. Right. On the races. Towers you bet on the races around. Telling me the future so I'd like a word. Stock somebody do this do that off? Her. Down I get all the money. He called like the. Owners. Like. Know what to call but the money on. I. Don't. Collect call question we had each other asked each other on our podcast I'll come. OUTTA call Jia picked up like there's no cellphones was she says she everytime. nonsmoking I. Don't know how known. Known as the ones where she picked up, he might have made Colin Edgar Day. Fan, I was you go so. You. came. Into I'm no my phone. Oh. No. No. What I like to call the time conundrum. You know the same thing that was in game of thrones. I'm about to travel. there. Re hundred some odd miles and the like twenty minutes. Yes. Plus you know what she had to wait for her mom to Docu Paul was checking the phone all the time. committed. Wishes the also like. Can Build a night when he had fulfilled. Like daytime she just up, you know making money off your tea or whatever at the time. So it's not like he's told her way in art time. It. Has All the details of this is life I'll just. Right now. That's what you get in the morning. This is making a coffee she was having a pastry. No. Rain our belly on the bed be kicked up in air. We did out. We did ask everyone listening watching who is the worst in terms of all the characters mainly most the characters and Montrose wins by and low fifty, two percent of the vote. What is Problem Montrose wait did you say worst of? The black people. Of all, we didn't include. Christina come on vk. Name. We know the mainly. Yes. No Montrose. Fifty two percent followed by George then advocates and then a small sliver for Ruby. Wish problem with Montross. Actually like not like wrong word I actually. Feel defensive of Montrose. Montrose. He's I was horrible like we also literally. As never had not. At amount from. Tulsa person dying dying is happening extract back back on top of the fact that he was abused by his father like he has never had we not here. But people don't want to go to therapy now, all the tools he was not even thinking about that. He was repressed by. Odd It's like so many levels if people act like. I mean. We lose our minds over like normal everyday and you think about how that affects your behavior. Like how irritable you get over something small now multiply that by like all of that. How are you say anything he always on the thousand almost Napa like you go now. That's just how are. People don't. Get enough. Like they don't give him another great knowing how from. Now. That is not an skills because I mean everybody that am so. Has, trauma, and then of course, him majority came from. Jersey. They came from the same place Nathan at the same seasons but. That also affects. The way he does. All the doors on top of being. So verily more. Being by father quite be more. It seems like they make it very clear. He most part in Guinea like one hundred percent of the time. George maybe every. So often really really bad. The. Does everyone think that just macho? It's got a bad rap. Oh No. I. Know. All three. Levels cash the levels of trash. That whole concept and carry them said this on your podcast her people hurt people. Yes. But one of the first of all, he is a brilliant actor because right before every time he would say something terrible will raise his hand to hurt somebody. He always had this look especially with tick. He always look pain on his face like so scared for you. But the only way I can express that is through physical pain or saying CEPA terrible or doing something terrible and at the end. Of the day he felt that he was trying to protect his family even though he was jacked up about it, the man was drinking gasoline like he was a mess but at so he was never nine times. What's going on in his head was never really revealed that does that make what he did good and it doesn't make him. So my thing is I can say mantra is the most. Of lacquers the most terrible person in the of the characters and still think that Michael K Williams had gave an amazing performance. But the problem is where does that trauma end even with the everybody had problems with him saying the D. should be at the funeral I'm sorry not. Know that that that she should be at the funeral people like, Oh, no, she shouldn't. It's too much for kid at that time, and this still happens to this day. I'm a beat this into you. So you understand what you're GONNA have to go through when you go out there. So so when does the cycle stop or should it? Should it just change in different way because out there is still going to beat them worse. So He is a tragic character. Yes but that doesn't mean the stuff that he did should be excuse Ya think oh Yeah you like gay, prints, Newco, you know what I mean to me 'cause like he clearly, how dare you insult Zuko like that online how? Effective. Way. To the end and we look back like we never hated that do I never hated? All right. Every a lot of people hated to go first season. Didn't happen second season. I would Montross they have a way they can go at this or that by the end because they examined his pain is motivation why the trauma he experienced and he did all this because he had this idea of being a man and and having a son and he lost his son and like the the the way that he was overtakes body as he's trying to bring them back to life edge like Bro, not happening like there's lessons learned there, and then the letter that take reason that simply says you have a second chance to be. because. John with me. So. Whole like Nah. My main point that I didn't like I was like I never trying to bring every diction mantras and like you didn't earn any redemption like he's gone through things and I understand I understand that but he kills give him a who like did nothing like that like he why you didn't even get held accountable for by anybody else like like. When it? them up or whatever, and then that was like the end of it. No one brought him up later no one even said anything about killing somebody like in cold blood, not even like they were self defense or anything literally. And then whenever take out of nowhere is happy to sell. Montrose like you can be the like. My Dad wasn't a knee he. Could it be the father to you big like he had the option to like I don't like I've talked to different people who've had a visa version of the parents and if you choose to be different than your parents to be different than your parents, don't do that same thing again, people get caught psycho but you he had a chance to not be that person to be the father he wanted to be I don't see him like, yeah. His grandfather's into different buddy grandkid. But I don't like we'll let ethos as having her a little kid around Montrose like are you trying to tell you that she has some heat mantras kids life like what does that even mean? Babysit that baby before I will let my. Around like even. If, you stop the season in season one, we never get a season two just Fox hookah forever. But I think if this continues to have does and his character continues to stick around there is an opportunity for redemption. There's opportunity to see him sacrifice and see 'em chain and this to me felt like the beginning of a chance for him giants not a redemption I was saying he's Rian redeemed just that there's an opportunity here if they choose to take it. I just want to launch. Sorry. Porsche said, it was Yeah I think the problem that I had with Montrose is the fact that he had many opportunities to make amends by. You'll do I. I have been trash to everybody or minute but I'm GONNA. Make amends especially that scene I can't remember the the number of the episode where he was at a party. And he had that moment he had that moment where he was actually happy for a second and he actually embraced who he was and then the next morning what does he do? He goes and treats dude like trash and I'm like I've Sammy. Yes. Thank you. I'm like, do you have an and that is one example of many of the ways that he had a chance to redeem himself and make amends and he just never took it. In fact, every decision he made because of the person that he had to hide in the trauma that he had he made the opposite decision. He made the everything is okay I'm GonNa do this affect my son but I'm GonNa go and hit go ahead and kill a of the two spirit girl and I'm laying any and I'm like come on man what are you doing? So it's like. That was the thing that really got me about that character but. Those kind of characters are the characters that you in real life. You're always going to have those people and that's what made him. Like. Part of the story an important part of the story in my opinion says adult as what is I don't agree with everything that he does. He is an interesting part of the story that needs to be there. Hit internal logic makes him in his back and I wouldn't do it I like I'm not. But like I can see how he got the bill. Although, I can see where he's coming forever. That's a really important thing about the NFL I'm like. I wouldn't do it. We wouldn't do we have fence and like also are healthy people for the most part. So like obviously, but I can also very easy like in his mind how this week. So that's why I think I have so much like. Like a little bit of softness for him, but I also don't. Like take but yeah, you could get about. Macho. Let. Macho. that. Are Not doing back night. As a theme, I like idea. He has unpack something. Yeah. Maybe when the child is old enough to. Like. No you're not the formative years on Mahathir he you don't have to have supervise the. Many Z. here. Aren't as you get out of pocket no, it's not happening. But yeah, I still love them. But I also like I'm a horrible I don't WanNa like make. Behavior but also understand where he's coming from another thousand. One of the really strong point. that. They made clear. Really anybody. Like motivations are clear. Their actions are like ridiculous. So we're coming down we're winding down rather and and coming down to the last few minutes of this zoom. Do want to give a chance to everybody watching to ask your questions You have a question for a particular person on this quote panel or just have a general question. You want to ask everyone maybe it's something you want more clarity on you can actually ask it in the chat you wanNA use the text or if you want to actually say it does raise. Your hand or should be a handwriting option in the chat box I believe in the box but you can use that, and then we'll be able to pick on you and and do it that way that being said, I just want to ask while everyone everyone while the audience is getting their questions together I want to ask the panel just what are your views for what's going to happen going forward if there is in fact, this season to what would you like to see? Our like to see the ghost, of Hema. A hot the fuck out. Of Montrose. That he must have have actually been actually immortal for like not actually die. They like we find out like three minutes later. And it was like chilling I, see that and seeing. The NCAA at at a spirit lady supposed to be opening see spirit of athletic was bringing through her own spirits and he showed up and was able to put them in the fight along with the Koneohe you gotTa Korean. You've got a first nations. You Got Black people all fighting this white woman that that's what that was the missed opportunity for me in the finale. That's why was I bring do right by your Hema and let her just let them sorry hot the crap out of Montrose and let let me be the one speak through. Wow Gee while D is off doing her moon girl and devil dinosaur thing right I should do it if they're gonNA. Come Back I. Feel like they should modernize thoroughly Navy to eighty like we're still in the world we're right have magic and I wanted to know what that looks like. We're we're might have you. Don't have magic wand not just. A are active. Actively, because at the moment as far as we know. Only that know that way. Yes. The. How does that look? We have you get that message out or how do you like share that? You. Share. So you are you now hoarding it for yourself and other people are like greasy fog y'all make unity and I think having enough time like a big jump into the future where they have established that we don't have to like watch the. You don't WanNa Watch a series of them just like going to community we have. Also. Why people still possess these books shit I, want them to go take our shit back. You know what I mean I wanna see how they can subvert US history because we know how is returned out. How would it be different if we were empowered? How would it be different like when he said he went to the future and why people with rising and I was like, yes, I made. A if you come to the future from their view of present day before you're right but I mean man, but I'm also curious if you're talking about like this interesting point, you bring up right because you said that, oh, well, now that you have the power, you could potentially prevent certain things from happening or makes better. But Britain then hippolyte the time cop because she was very clear when they went back to Tulsa not to change a thing. So do you think she will allow them to then knowing that she knows that she will allow them to start changing history I? Think. So because she said not to change anything that would stop them from saving V. You can't change polls and then y'all don't exist when you come back on this damn. Eat on exist. So after that may help, we try to everything white man who? Definitely I feel like. Because like E has a robot army bit. Blog. US. You cannot. Try to figure out how they got him in the basement. Whatever they're not going. Out Now because you know why? Because I think I think I think he got a hold of Admin Black Whistle that Christina? Had An everybody doesn't remember I just like I know got caught up and did not justly would've liked. Action off like a tree in the backyard been feeding like steaks and Shit. On it order. New. Yeah I want to teach. They started doing things may change but not a number. We don't have a seat but yeah, like I definitely think you have a lot of. The are gone I. Don't think they say. I. Want. I Want Ruby to be alive all of them come together like the of injure cast for Chris Pratt got hurt and save blackman we need her in this uniform I mean yeah I think they. Again all that would be. If they jump ahead, you would get all those curtains but at different points in your life. AM I. Those of I still look at that thing. Thank you. Thank. You know by looking good everybody's by. Negative. Eighty but yeah, I got. You know we don't have it doesn't have to be slain. Stop is Iq. Sticking out. Gets the point where they can talk and we wouldn't even have to know saying. Away. Who Own? But I'm telling you right right after my beautiful dark twisted fantasy. Thank you. Not. Good. Yeah I just wanted to be far nothing if you. EAT tangible changes for like so far. That they have to make off the universities like Ozzy GonNa know is not. What it in rams like an eighty like feel fluid. What what about what, what about that but Yeah I think they should. If they're coming back, it should be abuser like a little bit further to the future not like a media picking up Then I think they should. If they can I mean it can bring back. Can cast a phenomenon like I have no idea say nothing bad about the Rena ever. Heard fashioned date we don't imagine going back. I'm sure there's another white person somewhere you must have one. You don't Christina against you. Don't need. Yeah I. What we're like is bad black people that get Majid. Thinking our I. Feel like it's a chance and you got the he'll vote. Other reasons whether she'll be but there are other lodges I don't. There's no reason why there isn't a whole group of I would love it if somebody world up from. From Africa that like Y'all doing it wrong right now if You're not how this works. We got makes us do this I wanted lying I'm sorry. Go ahead. Ask The question. Oh, I would love to see like chromosomal earlier about like the. Buddhu and like seeing more like okay. So y'all got the book. That's the White Man's magic. Let me tell you how this black magic's actually stronger in. In by the wrong game, this y'all have the wrong playbook on your hands. Let's do that. We can start black magic schools like HP, hbu Hawk Or. I'm here for that I wanna all. I want I want to see the wizard Doug like? You got. Wisdom. Thug it we will be so good acquitted. Daytona. Okay. I want to get some of these audience questions. Kiara raised their hand I'm GonNa them are asked them to when when you're ready, you can ask your question. I. Army yes. Well, thank you so much for doing this. This is really good. I've been loving all the discussions and stuff that we've been having listening safe Negro Pau Gasol and black tips has been really great. All of you guys just this whole community thing that we get to geek out and earn on So in our last minute discussion, you guys Kinda answered my question I guess, I'll ask general. So everyone in the Chattan, stuff can answer 'cause I'm curious about your thoughts It's kind of a two part question. So do you think this is the last that we have seen of Christina just ask is because our member in? The scene where Emadeddin they had the funeral that tick gave her that key to the the magic time machine or whatever Do you think that's the last we've seen of her if she had a backup plan and if no, who do you think the the antagonise would be season to Actually very crews. Watching. I, definitely think I definitely. Gone because, just like her father, she had to remove the immortality spell and orange become or renuzit remove the spell in order to get become immortal. So. The ring off took all that. So when that question, which is not the next it was that was when she came back to the doubles APP, she's like there's literally no way you can regenerate if you don't have a head. So I. I actually did WANNA in S M answer your question but I'm going to go back to something that forces said before about like you know different versions of like black magic or not black magic but like uh black folks are magic. And various African cultures. Various. Caribbean cultures and everything else. Personally I'm interested in seeing what the next next big bad is going to be in season two or going forward because if they're they bought the shot off, which is a legendary lovecraft in creature, the originally call the thing with a thousand nine. So I WANNA. See. More elder gods and their magic versus hours bats would I would love to see. Yeah I WANNA see I wanna see something like you know could do versus Voodoo like that. That's my that's what I think should be the tunnel the first first episode. Exactly. That's what I wanna see I wanNA want more. I want to see. It in this season, it felt like they took on aspects of lovecraft and turn it on its head. I WANNA see US dismantle those elements of his entire cosmic horror universe. That will be doubt. So abby fire. I love. Ruby to wake up in the first day. She say like I see you on light-skinned time ready and then. Everything everything for circle is over. Let's go. I WANNA. See I just on the magic thought to also want to see With Like by magic I, WanNa see more stuff about like the ancestors, a type thing earlier Pelicans insatiable magic big thing with black people and I want to see like is going to like because for me that this is one thing sticking with me and let me being pregnant for me. Being pregnant was a sore point in order for her to have some a tie into the magic that his family had which annoyed me I was like I think this is just for her to be able to tap into it and rose ancestors that So I would love a bloody had instead been a character who she got in touched with the the woman that her mother who knew she start learning that magic and she tick headed off into the show with both ticks magic and blue, and they work that out So I wanna see like going forward. Are we going to see that woman again? Like are we going to see? Different calling the ancestors in how they interact with each other like how does ticks ancestors? who had that of names What is the ordered Adam or whatever? Or says. For now con. Con that she came back with because they just kind of showed up but fearless skin she can talk and then they left it episode to wait right what envy. where. Did it go? Yeah. Really. Thought. Lady on we that her she's going to be Mitt the her. Dad was going to be like magical now going to be. Like my mom my mom crazy. You'll. Find. Right. To me I thought that was like no way they were gonNA go today was. Not, mysterious body, but I felt like. They other her a lot like. Like me the other her other like in his. Relation, but I to me felt like it was just an opportunity for them. They're so if but we do see what? He I in my mind he's the famed different Samuel they will raise they vogue on her die whatever we like seeing somebody navy perhaps a little more. Like we're racism. I feel link. When I like that was his whole magical focus right like. Even Samuel like I, just want to escape. Like another element of magic utilize like I'm raising my wife. I don't hear enough about leading. We'll be using a magic against people and I thought that would anything for related to like a guy. Who is her hair key? Apple they talk about her being not. All the way independent. Whenever they don't really do nothing without by the. Here. Fail she gonNA find out. She got worse. Are you know more than them like I really thought they were going to use that so I like to. types magic, and then like she would not have written way, sue might have a different type of. CARE. Would make harping resurrected would make a lot of sense. Also, if she did have that power, they did bring that up and season within find out that her father is not just a any might not be you might not be white maybe they might not be also mixed maybe he's also a lot or something like that, and he is or or creole. He's got a bunch of things going on and he's from a line of freeze. He's like why is it? You can't carry it like eighteen eighteen dead people why did you do that you? Or. Even think about like how powerful the ladies Mom's friend came through into the same audie think about how powerful her magic was to the point where? Episodes. When that when that once a cop came through the cop that was dealing with the order could get through the door. That was her. Again this is just me being gone. I WANNA see more of them like showing that like the. First season is. Right the White, which is you everywhere every A. On the white people so that the life. Even the different types of magic invite news in dia for interests as floor GonNa want them to not have a right. An agonising I wanted to be monitored and other by using one to. A full blown world definitely right like I wanted to. You, know again who there was a different thing That always invoke in light. If always treated buried singularly like a very specific way. But if whole on religious practice and it has its own like it's not, it's not bad. It's not even. That way. So how every type of magic to explore and like. The tool but like. The characters would be what make it like no I love. Do I low key do of like a Black Person Down Like I. Love. Like. Just cast Tom. Buy A big bad. It's easier to I. GOTTA. Say. White House barely man. What about black magic for black men only you know You Don? Filling, I won't it. Okay My magic from? Egypt. Less duties. ACTU-. All right. Now, beginning just one last question from the audience before we wrap this one comes from quiet storm born they right have you heard the idea where in the second season advocates wakes up on the bus and it was all a dream no notice turbo. Sorry I haven't heard it but I've heard. I saw like Dj. been a me whenever I have a bad AKA. Hell? No. No. No No that's that's like. They didn't. And that's I wanted to worse now known as one of the worst cop outs in history on television. Now do that because you've done all these and you can't just invalidate all that. I. Do. When it's a real traumatic real life events like That like. Tulsa and then. WHY WOULD I? Like. To meet. Stream. Boy, there's if we. I'm okay ideal. Where like if not being reality, you are now living. The whole entire. That's boring. You say. It didn't happen. This just want to see Jonathan majoring in t t-shirts again. Yeah s mediums. By. That you know what I came. Yeah I get it. Yeah. JUST WANNA standing. Power you just want to see him stand there naked and cry that's what you. Buy Everything. I have no PROB-. Oh, something I know we get ready to go something I would like to do and I don't know if anybody would do this with them to just turn everybody black. So to the white people have to be out, of course. So did you can pinpoint them out when they start eating? Spicy. Crazy what are you catch? Milk. That May. News Larry Larry. As. All Man. We this was fantastic. I just want to thank everyone for joining us and thank you so much of the panel here we had a blast. Before we go I want to give everyone a chance to just share where everyone can find you or you know a site or or wherever you are whatever you WANNA say WanNa plug police say I want to start with regime since regimes Mike wasn't working earlier. It's over in now. Yes, ma'am. Yes. Okay. So you can mommy onto at lock it down L., O. C., K. D., O. W. N. also at women comics, and why on slur as well from the on all the links bank you tie what about you? Right. Now I'm on a social media hiatus so you can't find meals social media, but you can find all the coverage in everything I do for dirt at Dot Com. If you search there, everything right comes up and then I try to keep things up on my website, which is also tiger dot com. Awesome. Thank you and Rod and Karen what about you. You can find everything about us over the blackout WHO TIPS DOT COM starting Monday we'll be exclusively on spotify. Congratulations. You start to these white people money. Yeah. We we get back for the white tears dry. We can give them the oppressor. Thank you. Thank. You. Okay. The blur girl Caramel Horn, please share your contact. Yarmouk. They. I've. Got It. Now you're now you're there. That's got an I. I think buttons. What's up I'm the blur girl I'm basically everywhere. 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Okay. it's been announced some working on a graphic novel with Daniels elder. John Jennings. Called dairy the lead and I mean I'm saying it's not done yet so. And it's it's basically a horror. Horror Supernatural Story About death trying to find. Their daughter and that's basically it. All I can say African spiritualism ask. And also my fav- Nicole please share where people can find you. You can buy me on twitter at Queer Specimen in. Link everything that I do on there but also chat In Iraq. Did A heasley nervous. Hopefully, I'll be doing more. Around the nerd them so you can find me awesome and of course, you have myself Tatyana. King Dj Ben I mean and Porsche. Patterson her we are the host of the Safe Negro podcasts show and also part of four all nerds which talks about Geek and pop culture from the perspective of people of Color. You can find us all over into webs at for all nerds. You can also subscribe to us. We are on basically every podcast by form imaginable hit us up. Stare. You can also, if you want some beautiful merch like the one I mean has on for with our logo or even with the now we are made by the bouncer up t public dot com slash stores, slash four yards, and as always please make sure you hit up everyone here that was on a panel because these are all phenomenal creators, nominal voices and I want to make sure everyone is acquainted themselves with that. Thank you all. Have A mazing day. Thank you for joining us.

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