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Supreme Court Dismisses Application Challenging the Merger Of Dannex


You're listening to the news at this time. On Africa business radio has mostly dismissed an application to crash off of the High Court which confirmed the of Dynamics Ltd arts and drug manufacturing unlimited and stopping the music in November twenty nine hundred and the high quality of older confirming the Magic of Dynamics Ltd arts on drug manufacturing admits it and stop product limited to form Danettes Art and starring. Peel see a public company. Listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. The confirmation was challenged several reasons including the fact of the subsistence of an appeal pending at a court of Appeal. Sick declared null and for the rights issue conducted by stalling limited into into third seen. And that was the news at this time. When Africa Business Radio you can continue to this knife or nine stomach WWW AFRICA. Business Radio DOT COM OF A MOBILE. App. Thank you for listening.

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