Covid-19 Updates, New Waiting By The Phone, Fred's Aunt Paula Hypothetical


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So my friend who was supposed to pick me up from the airport was breaking up with her boyfriend justin she went up early. So he had a pick me up from the air. I. Thank my friend was in the car well, but you know. God your friend was tell awkward. Joint Yeah. She did okay Bot Bot and if you just if this is a story that you're unfamiliar with Kaelin. On our podcast, the tangent revealed the Minnesota Miracle. Fantastic fantastic experience with a young gentleman. Who lives in that in that part of the country and to this weekend you were you were with what well we were giving you a hard time because you had to fly through Minneapolis to get to where you're going to display. Kausar whatever. Your. Friends. Roof drove there and told me how long it was I was like I'm GONNA fly. Okay So we're. Seeing, this guy picks you up now. Is there any any we to rekindle the Minnesota Miracle Over the weekend? But. Like I was I had a really good week with my friends. It was it's all good life is that for you? Thank you. I'm not telling you. Yes. I to see when she walked in today how she was walking I don't know if she was like linger or whatnot much. Does she. Looks fresh. Fresh. Off. He's not the man show we were excited for you. Okay. We'll. Match this energy for anything else I do like a lawman out today. Promotion. Going to promote you to. Producer I don't. Know what. I look you guys have you guys have done the same with me before I? If you knew that I had to. Live like you. Answer questions but you're you, you don't tell us really except for this one, we were just happy for you. That's all I thank you for being happy for me. I guess that's all we get thousand bucks bills new waiting by the phone after that. Then the entertainer Fort West coming up kaylynn. You guys. You could own Julia Roberts. ICONIC PRETTY WOMAN BOOTS Jason Brown. Well, how does that? Make you feel? excited. Me To Own You can own the Michael Jackson propofol vial. No no no and pretty woman boots you can know. That I'm GonNa tell you about. That's really cool stuff. On in this room. Data. Gas Me forever. And Love. Outside for you. Your promoted. Well that's the that's the company way. New Eddie next. The Fred Show. Fly where you left waiting by the Justin how are you? All right. Welcome to the show. Wait a minute phone Tell us about Courtney this woman who you with how you, how you mad and you've been on and just give us the backstory. I met Courtney, unhinged and First of all, she's One of those people because he's an er nerves with comma and yeah, I really respect someone like you know. Themselves to helping other people and. Active on her out, of course, but also the. Great Person We went to a night. As a restaurant, you know like low key and I. have. A really great time Little Guy and she says that she's not you you like I as it gets kinda nervous and I appreciated her honesty you know. We get it and I thought thing to really going well until. A Pager notification pays your went off and then to suggest the league because she was on call and go to. And and and it's been like. A week and a half now, and I tried texting and seeing if everything was okay, we could. Have another day and I. Heard nothing he's not responding. You're into her she seems nurses are many are thoughtful. you know incredible people very selfless and so good quality to have when you're meeting somebody new and you thought there was this connection when you met in person. So I can see why you'd kind of want to know what happened because it's always weird when you walk away from day thinking one thing and then you don't hear from the person which means they probably thought something very different. So let's call Courtney. We'll see if we can get her on the phone you'll be on the phone at the same time and hopefully whatever's going on we can straighten it out and then Hokey guys up on another day that we pay for okay. Some. Yeah. Yeah. That'd be great. Can you hang on for a second? I say right here you've got to hear what happens next. We'll do part two of waiting by the phone right after this on what three five hey, Justin. Hey, welcome back let's call Courtney You guys met on hinges. She's an Er trauma nurse and you really thought she was. An incredible person and a great character and you had a good conversation, a good date she had to leave in the middle of the day abruptly because of work. But nonetheless, you thought that you would have another day and you really were you hope for this except coasting you and you WanNa know why? Courtney. Yet peaking date. Crew Fred Show One oh, three five, kiss s M. in Chicago I'm started bothered but I do have to tell you that we are the radio right now and I need your permission to continue with the closet a cool for talk for a little bit. I, I love you guys. Thank you. Thank you so much So get ready to maybe you've heard the show you know this is about, but we're calling on behalf of the got him justin who you met on hinge on a day with. Ice. Yeah I rem- I remember up then. What happened? Well, okay. So we met on hand and I was probably a little standoff on his because. The pictures on his profiles on him was him like. He was like a data type. Let's just like my type like this big beer on here and I yes I. Love Harry Burleigh Mountain met. elmich type and. Yeah, the first thing you see is Like the man Bundy had and I'm no doubt though is like bright a hand We had a great conversation on in your now and I was excited I was. personality and you back the total I showed up to the restaurant and I literally had texting because I couldn't tell it was him like a completely different. To rid of the beard. Completely Clean Shaven had short hair like a baby face and I'm an Er ner are kind of like the perfect excuse. And I lied and I said that I was on call and you don't have to go. So we really went to sit down and I was like I just I can't even pretend I can't even pretend he was he looked completely different and it's just like it was. Like. Basically. The guy is a fraud. He's proud I. Mean it's like if I showed up fifteen pounds heavier, you know what I mean it's like happening. For. That's fine. Justice here. Go ahead. Man I. Mean you've heard all this you've been quite the whole time. I'm sorry to mention the Justice here Courtney you probably knew that though maybe he didn't anyway wh- What do you? What's your response man like he looked one way and you look totally different. Okay how you why look different because I had a job interview and had to corporate when I had to change my looks through I could have you know going you're the dishonest what I had to say you're making emergency give leave. I. It's immoral. I was trying to be nice the. Nice about it but. I guess like comes out. I don't know why you wouldn't have any updated photos of you in what you look like. Now that's just like in WanNa want well. I had to do it for an interview and also. Be mentioned that to me like you mentioned that the when we were talking about I didn't even recognize it to me. You guys had good conversation though right I mean didn't wasn't it worth sticking around and just seeing if there was any chemistry. I feel like when you lie about something bad like it's simple as you look like doesn't level. But I mean, okay. So she's into a very distinct look. He no longer has that. Do you think it's fair to say just that you should update your photos that look compl- apparently you look so different the she didn't even know that it was you and she walked into the restaurant I mean yeah. I yeah. It'd be a fraud or a liar. He changed his look like Soviet. I mean look we talked about having a little different now but on the method is we talked about your beard and how you did not of November. Brilliant and every year and it's like well, why wouldn't you bring up like Hey, not there anymore marketing your. Dinner. For dinner does she face it emergency? She was gone so. I I don't I don't know about that. But nonetheless, corny would you give this guy another chance? It sounds like maybe no. But you know you you connected with him on the phone or whatever unhinged before you went out are you that consumed with that look I mean yeah. The look but also really the fact that he was lying to me like you know second day for me because your baby face was not what you described yourself to be. So I don't even know what else is. You're lying about, and if he thinks that he can be in a relationship with me and stay his beard off without even asking me there's no chance. Okay Permission Justin is what you should have done. Everybody knows that. Wow, I. Turn. Colors now because I had no idea from raising a first date. For you to meet someone. Thanks guys. Sorry nothing outcome you were hoping for the best of luck to you and thanks for your time Courtney. Good luck. Let's to the entertainment for Kaelin has that next asked Jurors Sam Smith diamonds are three five. Three five kiss. The latest entertainment news is on the Fred Shaw. We did okay perfect. So I miss it but at Dell was the host on Saturday she joked about losing weight which I watched that clip that called open was of course about the presidential debate she was also in some sketches was there was a bachelor themed. Goose funny. Her sing all her song. Because she wasn't a musical show so good. Funny One was the psychic reading what Did. You say you have the clips. Yeah I mean I don't know I. Haven't. I haven't preview them we want to. Dabble? Can Give you a little DAB? allowed. Let's see here. Give the first impression rose to. Hennessy. down. Man. Sorry. I am not married to Hannah, see it was just the one rose. You're still in this. Her. Funny I. Wish with her British accent and everything. Yeah and her was the musical gas. How is she? I? Love Her Yeah. That girl could play. Guitar. Man. She's amazing. So some of the most iconic Hollywood props are going up for auction in December including Julia Roberts boots from Pretty Woman I. Loved Those Prop Store, which is an auction house will host its annual live auction of movie and TV, memorabilia starting December. First, the most valuable item in this year's auction is Obi Wan Kanobi lightsaber. From. Star. Wars revenge of the SIP. What it is, I've never seen in my life episode three, two, thousand, five came out other notable pieces include the mechanical had from alien as well as the bomber jacket worn by Tom Cruise in Topgun now. would be cool. his aviator's. Taylor's album folklore has become the first album to sell a million copies in twenty twenty, it returned to number one on the billboard two, hundred Jason Brown has his folklore shirt on. yes actually. Yeah. I do too. Returned to number one on the billboard two hundred chart for an eighth consecutive week. It also is the only album to do this record so far this year Swiss last album lover was the only album to sell a million copies in two thousand nineteen. I'm asleep. For. Lover. merged. girly and I I just couldn't do it. It was like a lot of only trying to get the sell McCartney. Yeah. That sold out yeah inexpensive. Yeah. So I don't the sound of my faves. Agree with. Favorite. Online today Elton John gets his very own Barbie doll and if you want to see some clips from amazing right from Adele on SNL that's on fragile radio DOT COM chasing. Go on to contribute to the Taylor Swift. Conversation with as wonderful and I. Think, you should add. To your collection. The the if like in your dining room had the top gun leather jacket something like that would be. Really. Cool. Yeah Here's. CIERA. Promotion Kale. Okay. Yeah, you should start that because I have no power. Cool cool. He's GonNa get you the full lover collection on clearing. Kohl's. I was there yesterday jacket With a call. No. One's newest. Ya. Lord of. Paulina. What happened at Kohl's Well, the second the day and like what had happened was I did something bad and they literally said you're not allowed any calls ever again. Back I'll. Back. A. No, they don't mean that you. Can Say it ain't so. Women. No, I won't. RUN MY CREDIT CARD WITH A. No I only pay with cash if I would go. So sure Rubio because I've been banned from target before and. Yeah yeah you gotTA turn. Guys. These guys this couple over the weekend in New York, they went to a popular Soho Brasserie restaurant. Or an eighteen dollars bottle of wine, and instead we're served a two thousand dollar bottle of wine. Manfred. Table of businessman. The funny thing about the story among well there a couple of funny things. But I guess the businessmen, they got the eighteen dollar, the dollar bottle wine and they didn't even notice. So know here they go. Through the or the nineteen eighty-nine Chateau Motel. childbirth. Sounds Nice. Right. That's how I would order if I if I went to Balthasar Baltasar. Restaurant. Have the nine, hundred, eighty, nine shell most on rotschild boys. I guess that's two thousand dollars. So then instead they get the eighteen dollar bottle of wine and I guess all these businessmen are drinking the stuff like this is the finest wine available or whatever, and it turns out it was eighteen dollars not clear how the mix up happened I guess though they were not charged for the the to I mean, how could you? So nobody was you're you're saying? Why The businessmen didn't drink any didn't know, and then the other couple didn't know they ordered they didn't order that so they can't charge anybody for that bottle. I'm trying to see if I I think I read that the they wind up giving a businessman a bottle as well, and I don't think anyone got charged for the one. Thousand Dollars Well. They're probably because you know ever you trust me you don't WanNa know don't don't go to a restaurant and order a bottle of wine for like sixty bucks. So you think it's delicious. Don't go to vinnies look and see how much it wasn't. Be Very upset But these Chateau John Roth child has not luscious black currants with powerful right? Tannin's an extremely long finish allies me. I don she's yes. That's described me as well with eucalyptus on the nose and Vanilla Bean and ripe plum flavors. Seven. Out of one, hundred on the thing this isn't the first time this happened by the way in Manchester England, a couple was accidentally served a fifty eight hundred dollar bottle of wine after ordering a three hundred and forty dollars bottle of wine nonetheless. But anyway, that's that's quite the mixed up and it would kind of be the problem is I think it will be wasted on me like if if I ordered the eighteen dollar bottle of wine, it wasn't paying attention and then you brought me. A two thousand dollar bottle of Wine I. Don't know that I would know what happened. I would probably just be like is pretty good and then I, just keep drinking it. You know like it was nothing and then Only later, to find out that it was like the greatest of all time or something you know. because. They don't leave the bottle the table do they or yeah. I, guess they look at it and go just an awfully fancy label for eighteen dollars. Whatever apparently new hotness now on the black market if you're interested Paulina in a new business opportunity you. Travel, you could sell these outside of Kohl's centrist. Trunk. Travelers using fake corona virus tests, certificates to board flights and some apparently paying up one hundred, fifty euros. So whatever that is the hundred we'll call two, hundred, fifty dollars for forge results. The brazen rule breakers of said, they were able to board their flights have to doctoring someone else's tasked and changing it to their name before printing it out and showing it a staff at airports in the UK. Many airlines are now requiring proof of negative corona virus tests before travelers can board a plane to certain countries a small industry of. Selling false negatives. Certificates is also cropping up travelers reportedly willing to top up anywhere between fifty and a hundred and fifty bucks for bogus documents So I don't know if it's the I. Don't know I've been asked to produce that traveling around the US you know but I think in other parts of the country they're asking for that if you're allowed. To, go at all. What did I read that France Shut Down Again Spain shutting down again, a bunch of places of shutting down because the coronavirus spiking so that anyway I guess if you've got a a negative result, you can just you know sort of I don't know sharpy that out right right someone else's name in there and then sell it. All right. Thank. You seem really deep in thought on this one. Don't actually do it. Sort of getting. Right I you got to find a negative result. Let. Me Tell you as we've seen Paulina. Your photoshop skills are so good but nobody ever knows it. INSTAGRAM story and how people sell things are like, Hey, I this for sale. Hit me up HMO. New Business. Results for sale. The rest the results. What were you saying? Okay. So No. No Kappler. Thank God I keep forgetting about that otherwise. Showbiz shelly good. Morning. Dollars per se. By five, five, nine, one, zero, three, five, you WANNA play we'll do it next. Hit US up right now after twenty four K. golden the showdown is unafraid show what all three five. It's the fresh show on one three, five kiss up Do you have what? It takes the battle showbiz shelly in the showbiz showdown. Good Morning Shelley. How was your weekend? Good morning it was actually agree weekend. So I had a guest in town my boyfriend's sister came into town, and so I got to be like a tourist in Chicago in my own city, which is super file. Yeah. She stayed with you or somewhere else she stayed with me because you have the pizza. We did. Last time. I you know what she really wanted was shake shack. Okay Yeah wow where she lived where does she? Now? She lives in Michigan okay. have. One. Before was this like a kind of a first time like that. On one before. So it wasn't the first time boyfriend calling all the time like because okay you. Know. Regardless. But like we went to the shedd aquarium Oh cool. You went to the Hancock Building Lemme tell you well. If I'm talking too long I can tell you later but have you ever done the tilts exhibit. How did, You pee your pants. The scariest thing I've ever done and then the other one that's sears tower the. Scary? Really. Yeah. was cracked. Bre. Christ in Houston Kaylin, I went on different I don't have a lot of lake regard for my own life. was funny as I like a fly an airplane I'll jump out of an airplane. I don't have any interest in that like to me that sounds like tempting fate. I don't know why but but jumping out of airplanes because. My Gosh, you should do this tilt that that was one of the scary I did not really like it was really scary. It's really scary. That's kind of fun to do sometimes though is you know even if you live in Chicago to every now and again have your Chicago tourists. Day I. The vote who are like the votes who are and I also listening to your story is fire for a day and I mean, this is fire for a day when I'm dating somebody who my sister wants to hang out with like that like that would be. Like if my sister really ship someone like that, like that would be that's where it's at. It was nice. It was very nice. She's twenty one. She just turned twenty one. So we like went out to dinner. She had like some why so it was failing. have. The Chateau Mobile. Aboard that was two thousand dollars. Undergoes. If we did I wouldn't have known like you should go out after you went to bed at like seven o'clock now. So we watched both movies. The first one? The second one. Yeah. I was disappointed in the second one I thought it was Kinda Kinda obvious after watching him back to back like that. The first one was more funny. The second one you're right it was more shock value I think. Guiliani seen really real. Is it that was creepy? fell. To me like there was a body double at one point, but then he caught to some of it over the. This like yeah. No that was. Searching the microphone. Okay. Laying down in the bed. Yeah. I've done some TV in my time and they never mind. They don't have enough Mike. Director of Public Relations. Rubio. Enough about me talking. Let's welcome Stephanie Steffi's around like Good Morning Stephanie. How are you? Morning I'm good. How are you Stephanie, Waking Up you sound like? I know it's Monday. We're all trying to do this thing, but you're right over their. Plan just driving around like you left. So. On the city ball all business something. Yeah. Always a slow. Slow Slow Pretty I. Wouldn't it be something if you're playing the Games while driving a passenger in your? Everything. In the back seat over. Fifty. Five questions. If you beat the Gorilla Showbiz Shelly, one hundred and three dollars and fifty cents would be yours. Are you ready to go? Okay Stephanie Good Luck. Thank you, know. In the nicest way possible if you would please get. And what is the tire today I can never see hairs in abundant and she's got a Cardigan sweater and she's wearing jeans and some boots boots she entered within these poopie Donelson. Questionable one for you Stephanie Jersey. Shores DNA is a critique. That's how I would say it I don't know. Is Pregnant with her second baby which Network Airs The Jersey Shore MTV. This artists announced her album plastic hearts will be out on November twenty seventh. Under. WHO S an l. over the weekend. Dow. Keith Urban, his fifty, three today who is he married to Nicole Kidman and well-known podcast which well-known podcast has con- Gay West. Let me start over again which well-known known podcast was Kanye West aghast on recently. To. One. It was not the tangent but good gusts. Let's bring Stephanie Three Three. Yeah, three Kelly is really entering. Back with him shelly three is the score. All right I'm predicting a five for you today but let's see Jersey shores. DNA CORTESI is pregnant with her second baby which network airs the. Jersey. Shore MTV. This artists announced her album plastic. Hearts will be out on November twenty seventh Manley Sanger's. Who hosted SNL over the weekend? Fifty three today who is married to Nicole Kidman. Will. well-known podcast which Kanye West guest on recently. Three to must miss. What was it the Joe Rogan? Got Cancelled, and then all of a sudden it was just like released and then they had a picture together. Yeah, well, that went over my head this weekend. Okay. Joe Rogan. That's the one Stephanie I'm sorry You will not win the money and you must say my name is Stephanie I got showed up on a showdown. Stephanie SHUT UP ON A. Guerilla. Seventy? Stephanie. Stephanie. Stars girl. I need you to try a little harder I'm Stephanie come on. With guerrilla. Started almost exactly the same as the last. One more time. This. Any Stephanie you can do it. My name is Stephanie I got shut. Down and I can't. Girl. Just. Like what the heck is going on here. That's all right. You told pastor to mind and. I've heard a lot of weird conversations from from over a lift drivers would be. Stephanie Thank you so much for listening. Hold on. Have a great week. Okay. Is All right? Good Shelly well done. I feel like we're you know what last was it last week the week before we all the ties and then I think before. Yeah. meaning. Anymore. So it really does it But maybe you're on a roll down and we're GonNa do this thing where you don't lose for like six months or whatever it was before it'd be nice that'd be nice I'm going to do my best. Well Yeah. If you could just wake up each morning inspired do your best. That's all we can. Do Right. So. We can do this. You'll be. So later on today around noon to three, I know you're paying bills what else you got. I have more those fright night passes to people are like this. Thursday array coming up. Yeah. With a Mouse Yup. Show good news stories next, and then my aunts, my Saint Sedan, the one who lives in Argentina but is now living with my parents as if she is like a like a child, I wonder if my parents have a curfew on her because she lives in Argentina and she was kind of concerned about like you know obviously covert and. I. Don't know how is being handled stuff. So she jumped on like the last flight she could get on six months ago. Thinking that she'd be back. You know a month later or something, and she'd been living in my parent's guest trump for six months, which is you know for a retired lady who lived in Argentina and wild now everyday that's that's gotta be weird. Nonetheless she throughout the most random hypothetical. And a couple of my buddies at my parents house and we're all sitting around drinking and she throws out this hypothetical and we're like, what did you find out I? WanNa know what everybody thinks after eight o'clock about this hypothetical because clearly she stumbled on something and she won't tell us what it is but I don't know where. I like when people will ask you like a question they claim is hypothetical or or it's about a friend you know but really it's about them and talk about them what you do all the time. Correction what I do for a living. Is made it quite a twenty year career out of. So my buddy. No that was me that. Happen, and happened to a friend of mine done. Anyway I'M GONNA. I'm GONNA, throw this out. See what you guys would do just after eight o'clock. Good news stories next after Fred Show. What oh three five. Fred show is on what five Kiss FM. Feels good guys good news happy positive stories every day on this show Kaylynn you find. So Molly Saiga and Ryan. Smith love story went viral after she posted about it on twitter as part of the how it started how it's going trend mullion. Ryan. Met while undergoing treatment for the same type of cancer and they say they never expected to receive such an overwhelmingly positive response to their tweet. Preached over a million likes, it's very rare it's very rare that cancer. It's a very rare kind of cancer and it doesn't typically happen to people who are twenty and twenty one years. Old Says Molly but their relationship was certainly the silver lining to an unpleasant situation. They both found themselves in Ryan says, everybody sees cancer this looming a terrible disease and nothing good comes from it but something like our relationship and both of us beating cancer comes from that and it's kind of like the flower that's growing between the concrete that's while they were both healthy athletes young and rare kind of cancer, and that's how they met and fell in love. Story over the weekend about united posted about some people a couple of men on a united flight, and then they got married or if they had like a party on a united flight, well, because that's where they met and then on the inside of each of their rings is engraved the flight number. They met. That's cute. Sweet. If. United posting pictures of me on twitter and all that. It'd be like Yo free travel phone live. GimMe. GimMe those middle seats girl. Or Die. Over there. Hey United This is actually it's kind of a sad story but very sweet at the same time because people have taken notice but a nine year old boy has been sitting outside of his closed school every day because it's the only way that he can do his online lessons, his name is Jonathan and his family can't afford Internet access from home. So every day since the coronavirus crisis closest school, he's walked the short distance from his home to the building so that he can connect to his school's Wifi network and he has. A little box as a desk every single day he goes there with his mask. His mom says, he's very independent. She lost both of her jobs due to the statewide lockdown. Now she's working at one of them, but they're not able to afford the Internet. So every single day he walks over there, their teachers inside they check on him she walks over there and checks on him when she can but he uses the school Internet because he doesn't want to. Miss Class, I want to learn but his parents can't afford the Internet and. I think the. Is Part of the story too but. When I first read the story I just thought about like the things that we probably take for granted right like honestly when was the last time and there are people out there I know that can relate to destroy. But what was the last time I personally didn't have access to the Internet at my house for whatever reason like I always have it and some people don't and I think there are many things we take for granted that other people don't have right now. So it's probably something to be mindful about but one of the the school started to fund me. Page and they were trying to raise two, thousand, five, hundred dollars currently have raised over twelve thousand, five hundred dollars to help the family. So it's a sad story in the pictures kind of make me sad but it's also very sweet because he just wants to go to school like everybody else. So anyway, think about that today as you start your Monday, the stuff that the baby you have to tell the people don't have right now and make sure that you don't take that for granted. We'll come back. We'll do Let me see pathetically my aunts hype my aunt. Has got some dirt on somebody. Okay. That's all there is to it and I want to know who it is and she won't tell us and she swears she's a hypothetical share with you read show. Studios in America's greatest city. FM Chicago what three five, kiss up an iheartradio station. It's the Fred show morning everybody Monday October twenty sixth read show is on. Hi Guys. Hello. Right whole families here at attention the force is coming up in about fifteen minutes. What do you have, Kaelin? So Connie, we were just talking about this. He was a guest on Joe Rogan's podcast after all it was three hours long I'll just give you the highlights so you don't have to sit. On Yeah trending series will do blogs this hour as well. sainted aunt, Paula that's my aunt hypothetical in just a moment and the Monday iheartradio Song Battle. We all wake up and pick a sign that we wanna hear the today you cast your vote for your favorite one at Fred Show radio DOT COM, and we'll play the whole thing in about an hour here your choices today Fort Myers choice number one. For Minor. Rubio. Sorry. WanNa near. So Sarah. Number three. Is the. You must have played it. You must have played it in my left ear he's on me. Says you're making fun of me last week about my my lack of fearing. Terrible. Hope he felt bad about it. All weekend. Fourteen and Sarah Baby Beds Young Money David Guetta those your takes Fred Air Radio Dot. Com Log on Casper and will play the winning song. It's just after nine o'clock. Thousand Bucks to on the Fred Show what Oh three five good morning. Thank you for waking up with us. It's the weekend, all three five Kiss S. M. Chicago's number one hit music station. Fred show good morning everybody. Welcome to Monday. Happy that you're here trending stories in about twenty minutes which would mean that because it's bears game day owner Boehner? A. Did a little research. I did a little instagram stocking mesh. So I'm GonNa give you all the super sleuth in phone guy. Deep dive yesterday. Well let me tell you something. No other supporter in Chicagoland goes his deep. Very seriously vases. Mess around with shops. It all due respect to Tom Skilling. He is whether Authority wintertime yeah. He is the King But that over on the other side, you know on the sports side right? Cool King. Owner Jason Josh I'm GonNa. Cry. That is the nicest thing. Anyone's ever said to me and it quickly of trump, skilling. The Tom Skilling of. I hope that the management steps up and pays you just like, oh. Yeah. Tom Skilling man, we're we all. We're all trying to get a little bit that Tom Skilling. For Real Okay. So we're all sit on Friday but my parents house my aunt my and I don't know how old she is. I won't say how old she dinner sixties I'll say that she's the she's the eldest she's my mom's a momma's the youngest. No, she's no she's a middle. She's the middle that is not true the as well. We don't acknowledge the so I guess he's the eldest of the two. Okay. Put it that way. MOM's best friend she lives at rj she retired from her job in San Francisco and user savings to buy a condo and Argentina and just moved coldstream to Argentina. She's an incredible lady didn't speak that much. Spanish took some lessons whatever and just said screw. This well wanted to move in Argentina and says, she's been living there for a while and the corona virus stuff happens. So she flies back here and moves in with my parents and their guest room and was like I'll. I'll hang out here until we get this stuff right now. Well, that was like seven months ago and she's living with my parents, which must be must be just amazing. It's like a teenager all over again you know it's like dinnertime and Paula, and then she has to come out to. Dinner or whatever. But she. So we're sitting around and we're we're having beverages or whatever. For Happy Hour on Friday my couple of my buddy one my buddies over and we're just sit around and she says, I, have a hypothetical for you and so we're like, yeah, what is it? She says, what would you do? If you saw. And by the way, there's so many layers of questions I have here, but it's my aunt. So I'm not asking much. She said, what would you do if you saw the significant other of someone you know in an adult video? Would you. What would you do? Would you? Say something to the spouse would you say something to the person? Would you say nothing t pretend like it never happened? What do you do with this information? So my buddy trevor is like. What did you see? Like what is where is this coming from and she's like, no, no no, it's a hypothetical and my question was, how much are you washing down their parents? Are using parents, Wi fi. She probably is I mean my God living in a guest room for seven months and do what you gotta do I guess all her Argentine. Argentinian. boyfriends are all just Teenage. Fred is back at the house over there. In. Yeah. I had my own Wi fi. Hansel picking up the phone while friends downloading. Mom I'M ON PRODIGY No so so we're like we'll follow. What are you talking about like? Did you see something? She's like I said it was a hypothetical now I don't know where you come up with that at a nowhere but let's just say eight, five, five, five, nine, one, three, five. Let's say that you you know you're on the Internet and there are lots of things on the Internet and and you stumble upon something and you're watching this and you realize I know that that is the boyfriend husband wife girlfriend of my friend could be old could be recent. Do you call your friend and say. What is this I'm looking at or do you say nothing? Now I gotTa tell that person like maybe they already know that it's out there could be old. But if it's new like Yo, you're you know significant others banging some other person on the on Hugh I argue you pretend you never saw it or that you never acknowledge it because and the reason I say, this is because Okay. Maybe the maybe your friend knows maybe your friend doesn't know maybe you know people have arrangements and they've come to terms with certain things that that you know you don't know the answer to that relationship like for you to call it out that might just I don't know that might embarrass everybody who already knows his wish again, it had never happened or you're the one who calls it out even your fault you didn't do the at your the one that sort of his era, the The catalyst for for the end of their relationship because you call it out like what he? What do Kayla what would you do? Oh, I have a big mouse I say something I couldn't. I couldn't really keep that a secret thing anybody. Tell everybody except for the couple themselves, it'd be your. I talk to the couple I think now. Do I yeah I think I would have to tell I guess it would depend how close I am to the friend of the significant others like I'm thinking of one growth in particular and if her boyfriend were doing it, I for shirt would have to tell her like I could thinking of her. Picture. As this happened. But I'm trying to think like with my close girlfriend for sure I'd have to if it was more of an acquaintance I probably wouldn't. Let it go because I guess I don't know. I know people who have. Rules in different arrangements in their relationship or different standards or just things that people accept you know and they're not what I would do. But I also, I don't I don't think it's for me to say anything because I might embarrass those people. If maybe it's all up in in the confines of their relationship and then I would be the one to embarrass them than I get isolated because it's like what he knows we can't hang out with him anymore. I don't know I guess I would just mind my business on this one. For, me would matter what kind of porn it is because I don't want to be like. I. Saw you. You know in this porno they'll be like, why are you watching that kind of porn in the first place? Past. Like really furry. Raphael really really maybe they already talked about maybe the person knows and. Addressed in the relationship. I what I'm saying. Happened before they met and is kind of a sticking point an embarrassing thing, and then for you to then call it out maybe two point two perfecting you more than it affects I want to know. So this is this is and I want to know if she has other hypotheticals to or she just sits makes sense. Or, if she somehow source of me of Sassoon evidence but sainted and Paul is hypothetical of the day is. Let's say that you see these significant other of a person who you know in an adult video what do you do Caitlyn good morning welcome to the Fred Show. How are you? Are, you a great I would love to know. Where this came from but I may never know so let's just we'll just put it out. There is a hypothetical what are you doing in this situation? Well this is actually kind of happened to of mine we were going through fortune just for fun and scroll through and found some very naked pictures of a good friend of ours. We ended up, contacting her. Screen time. We're like what the heck is this, and she's like the you the comments is he and see how many comments I have some like. She's the one. Down and I'm like, okay. Her husband is commenting on them. Wow No, they know already know about this and I'm like, okay whatever whatever. But. Yeah I. Guess. It's like I I just my business because I don't know what the arrangement is. You know I don't know I don't know what you know and what? What what what the couple knows and what what kind of freaky stuff you're into like I don't know. Right. Right. Right. Oh. Yeah. Did and from then on I just I mean everybody knows about the fourteen page now. This year. Have a great day. Pleasure Call Hey Ron. Good morning how you doing I'M Did however you. Ron What are you gonNa do you you uncover some some a unscrupulous activity on a website of Friends of yours? What do you do? This happened to me on Tuesday I've I've found my friends. Besides. facebook messages like Hey. I want this is late. Do you know about it. We. We are no and get a laugh out of it. So was like okay cool. Yeah I guess. So everyone's on it then so be it enjoy Your comment. Leave like you know. Hound on. You subscribe. Come on. A good day. Thanks for calling. Johnny. Hi Johnny Good Morning. How are you welcome to the Fred Show? What do you do? What do you do hypothetical I think this actually happened but what are you have? You See Somebody On a site like this. Gotcha y'all. Got It. All wrong. We're in the age of social media, right so you got the link in the M. and you get out and that's it. There's no word, but there's nothing accompanying you leave it on CNN you can. Link, put the link in the M. of the person you know and. Your picture, your name identities, they're going to know that you did it. But it's like here it is I'm out type of thing. Okay but you're going to have to answer to that. Maybe what do you get like a? A fake email address instead. Of knowing what the follow up on that from the fake male and say, Hey. I'm out. Okay. I guess. Thank you. Johnny thank you Great Day. Glad you play Kyle. Guys the morning. This is this good morning. This has happened to you. yes. Like similar situation to that other college Caitlin, it was a cousin of mine she. She's with this guy ended up being her baby daddy down the road but They, they kinda. Fallen out and he went off and posted like three videos. I WANNA, the sites in One of my buddies actually sent it to me and I might do there's no way like this. And after watching in my cousin face on there I went off and sent it to. Her brothers and I just kind of like left it there and after I sent it to them higher family knew about it. So I feel guilty but Keanu about it she was comfortable with it and she did really Like on on it too much. Because, there is that possibility I was thinking kyle that like what if someone didn't know like what if something were posted of and they were unaware of? From like. Source. Yeah. Yeah some sort of a read on sport like it's illegal or or whatever, and it could later damage them. Yeah I mean, what are you? Completely comfortable with it and like you know she liked talk down about it. She's like, yeah, that's me DA and here's the twist part. She was eight months pregnant and all three of those videos all my. Wow. Yeah We looked at differently, but she was completely proud of it. So maybe she has a career and that sort of thing later. Advice. Wait a minute. What why are you looking at pregnancy himself though dude? No no hey, no. Got Sent to him. His. Nothing. A measure with you. Thank you have a day. That's a good point if it's something like really crazy. And then you call it out. Upon this. To me. Ended up being her baby daddy. So was she not pregnant with that guy's baby in the thing? I was trying to take notes on the story and I I lost track so. For that one, I'm confused. I'd probably watch it thoroughly leave as long as it's not a family member and then I would say out of. Three five kiss. Chicago's number one hit music station Fred show Monday iheartradio Song Battle Fred Show radio DOT COM log on cash vote for your favorite song. Everybody takes a song and we play the winner after nine o'clock choices number one. Minor. Off. Sarah. Big. A. Of. Spice Comey Mr Stone. David. Those choices your vote log. All right. Now, we'll play the winner December nine o'clock based on your picks at Fred. Show radio DOT COM three, five, KISS FM the latest entertainment news is on the Fridge Oh it's brought to you by commodore keeping you informed kind new s opened up about his life and presidential plans on the Joe. rogan experience podcast is in nearly three hour episode kind said his renewed Christian faith and current run were inspired by God. He admitted that famous friends either thought he was. Joking or tried to convince him not to kick off his campaign. He said he believes his creativity and goal setting personality makes him a strong contender compared to president trump and Joe Biden. If he doesn't win, he's open to running for governor of California, and we'll also run again in two, thousand, twenty, four Democrat, which he says he will definitely when. So if you WANNA skip that three hour long episode that's basically what happened Mike Tyson's next opponent is your eardrums 'cause the boxing legend has officially made his. Debut. Tyson. Style. This is he teamed up with the L. A. Based Group Tiki Lau. Adm Track called Mike. Tyson. Tyson. Oppression. To live. Not The people that are. Not. Mike Tyson. Here, I will eat them. Lunch break for the day Philly right here. Threat like we have. He's going to eat our ears. Diesel Song. Care Read Right Mike Tyson? Floyd. Mayweather. Well I mean they'll still be I just really don't understand this game of everybody making a song I made one fight song. COMES, out with music. You, know what I think it was you started it. You pull. Up Frogs you. Might actually said he was inspired by you. He said that yeah I heard he's a big fan of the show. I believe that he's my favorite interview of all time. By the way he was on our show many years ago and he was my favorite interview of all time. He cried. T yelled he was amazing. Yeah. That sounds like a normal day because you never know what Mike Tyson you're going to get. Great. Really that's what they said and and Yeah Angie's friend book the interview and they told her, they were like look. You know mice, GonNa come in maybe he might show up he might not, and if he does, we cannot promise you. You know we have no idea. What he will do like you might be nice. Might not be nice. You might get mad he'd be. We really don't know as he came into like an hour with us and he was super cool. Really open all range of emotions like one minute he was like hysterically laughing the next minute he was dead serious crying, and then we thought it went great. I guess the next interview he did he went to another radio station a sports station. He was there for like five minutes over at walk down. Okay. Cool. I don't know for US I. Guess especially you. Cheesy launch a cannabis line called monogram or as Paulina would call it mammograms. Yes. Exactly. In. Partner to me they. Can't this company? The website is up, but it gives no info on what it will offer or a release date. So we don't know much right now, but I will obviously update you when I do know more check out online today out and John has his vary on Barbie doll, and if you WanNa, hear the entire Mike Tyson Edm song that's on Fred Show Radio Dot Com let's do trending stories next and the much-anticipated Bears Game Day addition of owner voter Jason Brown sports report. That is nice which I understand some deep investigative reporting saying once we. Stay here kiss. Steph shell on. One Zero Three FIVE KISS FM Is What's Trending Ladies and Gentlemen needs his bears Game Day taking on the Los. Angeles Rams. Here was the previews is our. Chief Sports Reporter Jason. What our thoughts about tonight's exhibition well, you know how big a Fan I am of Sean McVeigh. Writing he is. The head coach right for. Angeles. Yeah. So I did a little instagram stocking and unfortunately he doesn't have an official page. So he probably has like a fence or something but I found out that he's not married. He's just engaged. So there's a chance. To. See. His, his fiancee is gorgeous He he proposed to her in Chan. Her take me on. Right now. She's one of those people that has like the cursive writing and her bio that saw. mcvay. Over. Is One of those. Two writing cursive instagram by. Right. Next to like. Jack Me. So that'll be over anyway. So also the quarterback for the rams. Jared. Is His name. Your Golf. Yeah. uh-huh. He looks like a little mini big daddy nick like kind of like a younger sort of. Yes. Yeah but there's only one. Oh, Gee I. We're the Britney. He's the Christina without the stripped album like because that has. So you take. Out through the Christine obviously, we're going to compared football to Brittany. Greece. Say I just want to be clear. You're saying that that. Daddy Nick. Yes. Is, is Britney Jared Goff is Christina without the stripped album. Desert is good. You know what I'm saying so. He's the Christina understand. So what what are your predictions for this evening's game with my big game? It's a Monday night game. As you know, it's GonNa. Be Messy I think like we're messy sometimes they're messy. So it's GonNa be a big mess. My pre diction. Thank you very. You're welcome for that. We're going to come out on top as we should. Right I'm GonNa go is twenty three Los Angeles Sixteen. Twenty three sixteen how many wins would we have let go? We would have one loss in. Six Win So Jason, what would you say this evening What was it the keys to the game? The keys to victory? The keys are so I think like is like a grower, right? Like he comes. Really show her right off the bat. You know you really got to get into the the motion you know. So if you do that. I think we'll be okay. Okay. Okay. La just is probably gonNA suck so. That's that's a big key. Wow. Okay on. So. I. Just want to recap here that Is A is a is a Brittany. Yeah. He's also growing. Yes. He's a college not ashore. Exactly. Yeah. I mean is that what we wish we want though, right we wanNA grow. We want to eventually get there. But if he could just hit the peak a little bit earlier, we'll be okay I know last four play more you know nevertheless four play but in this instance you do we just need to get a dog you know you gotTa wake up early like we just have to get this okay and I know you hate that play that they run where they run into the group of. Stats like why are you give the ball the little guy and then? All the big guys like let's not do that. That's a big key more of the throwing and the catchy knock. To somebody you know. Okay. Anymore. Throwing in showing more thrown in showing. Good ground play. You know what I'm saying. I know that this is a big conflict for you. A Monday game gets no way the voice, how are you going to do this? Well, I actually have to work saw. With our Brady Brosky, we're going I'm going to do really straight man things and watch the first half in socially distanced bowling alley while we're filming a video that we have to fill with him. So it's going to be real straight tonight. Can Fantastic. Beer. Maybe. Okay Miller lite. Yes. Alright I love it. Jason. Bra at the analysis. Thank you so much. As. Well, exclusive analysis, of course, tomorrow morning recap which I can't wait for that meaning there. Yeah. Yes notes. ooh. And the. Singer was not good. oops. Rog. report. Citing. Jason People Are Living for these sports reports because exclusive here, and and nobody has the analysis that you do. No one has the perspective. Nobody comes out this like you do quality content I really liked to attack very uniquely own saying I know I know Tom Skilling of sports reporting Jason Brown everybody, changing instagram bio right now to that. person. I. Win and make sure you get the ring next to it. Okay, the world series was on last night the the game to watch game four that was wild. Oh Man. Thanks for. Off. The dodgers last night they have a chance to win the world series tomorrow night in game six onto some news news the US set a new single day record for new corona virus cases on. Friday. Eighty four thousand people were diagnosed with the Rona across the country breaking the record of seventy seven thousand set July sixteenth sixteen states also hit one day records on Friday including Ohio Michigan North Carolina Pennsylvania Wisconsin, and eighteen states reported their highest daily numbers of hospitalized covert nineteen patients since the pandemic started. So literally some of the worst days. Since the beginning and they're saying allow that has to do with increased testing but nonetheless, a lot of people still have covert making what does that mean for you know stay at home orders a potential quarantines again or They already kind of Limited the number that they went back to what was it States three but they they went back to some you'll curfews and things like that in in bars restaurants Yeah Thrash Chicago. So we'll see what happens with that two thirds of Americans. Believe the corona virus is when to ruined their holidays they talked to two thousand Americans have found that seventy percent think that this will be the most challenging winter ever and three and four were worried. The coronavirus will surge again this winter all of this leads a sixty seven percent saying that they're concerned the damage is going to spoil the holiday cheer completely what do you guys think is he going to ruin your holiday? I mean. If you have family here that's local or if you're you know if your family's out of town, you know eight Netflix. In Chicago. But your family lives somewhere else. Of course it's GonNa. Definitely when the holidays but I mean if you're. From here and you see your family every other weekend I think it's GonNa be okay as long as you're not getting a big amount of people that you haven't seen before but if it means, I don't have to buy a lot of gifts for Christmas I'm all for it. The obviously, very sad. My grandparents passed away a few ago but I. I don't want this the wrong way, but we actually talked about this over the weekend I'm just glad that they're not here to see this because because it seeing they were eighty nine and ninety when they passed away and we wouldn't be able to see them. They wouldn't be able to leave their homes and I know that that's me and many many many people are dealing with this right now where they're not. Able to see. So many of their relatives because of the opportunity that they would have to spread it them and that's GonNa make the holidays tough for a lot of people. I. Think because they're not going to be able but everyone's going to be able to be together in a way that they were last year and in previous years and that would have been in family. Especially, I think they would've been really tough. Not, to be able to be around them I, don't even know what you do. You know see him through a window or Lista Forum or I. I think that's really sad. Yeah. It's awful and they're really confused typically like why are outside the window or why you have a mask on they just they don't understand. So it's really sad arden. Let me see Oh. AM sticking of of sports morning console poll found that many fans are despite all this new this news and information i. just told you about spiking cases whatever many fencer to return to in person attendance at sports games, but they're also worried about their safety NBA NHL gearing up to sell a healthier stadium environment fans looking to return to games at a post. Pandemic world the two liter retooling stadiums to add more robust air cleansing systems hand sanitizing facilities demands for wearing other measures. Upgrades could include coincide with Paul's find fans are more health and safety conscious. But a lot of people are worried about not being able to go to a sporting event despite all of this I think I'll just wait I think I'll just say I don't know. To Kill the virus I'm good I'll watch on TV Amora missed live sports like in person. Do. It's not worth it. It's not worth it go game for three hours get the coronavirus. Stadiums in the teams are doing the correct procedures than like I'm for it. But obviously, don't if you. If you have corona virus, don't go to the game you know what I'm saying stop sending nuggets suspicious and figure out if. We don't need it but I talked to a a flight attendant for the night. She said that her flight was delayed several hours on Friday because a guy gets on the plane they're and says, Oh, I have the corona vars and they treat their like a bomb threat now I guess so everybody gets off and it says this whole big thing if you have the corona virus, don't go anywhere stay at home like come on I mean. I don't know and the fact that it matters. A lot of people are wearing masks in like we should be a stage right now where everybody's kind of you know after however many months we we got it right like we know to wash our hands we know to You know for the did to be aware of the symptoms and mindful not wear a mask and we know he's in yet is still going up. So I don't think we need to be going to sports games I don't. I mean, they're okay home. That's it decided. That's right now advice just passed legislation and winter the jury and went through the thing and we've decided no sports games National Day of the deployed National Pumpkin Day today and it's National Tennessee Day as well. We'll come back and we'll do blogs get your thousand bucks new waiting by the phone. That is all next fred show. Talk better than they tied these are the radio blogs on the Fred Show. audio journals like running in our diaries six, fifty, eight, fifty, Rubio's to big day for Rubio go. Thank you. Dear blogs. So over the weekend we closed on our house. So we are officially homeowners. Thank you. Yeah, it was it was a different process than I. What I guess other people use like it was only us in our lawyer they're signing papers because of covid so like our realtor can be there to sell his weren't there. It was just the in one signs or things separately, and then we signed our thing and so got all those papers. You know got the bill and then spent the weekend doing domesticated staff man and just started painting some rooms and. mowed the lawn and trimmed the hedges and take. Some you know some grass seed and some fall fertilizer tes. Because the grass was the lawn is not in tip top shape. Just let it go But yeah, just slowly move some stuff over the weekend to and. Yeah. So that's aren't you proud though man that's yours dude this. Yeah for sure and I'm very proud and putting in some sweat equity as they call it right now making the house our own. So yeah, I changed the toilet seat sow put some slow close ones on their campaign stand slamming toilet seat. Slamming back. Or a person. So after the show going to go back over there today like every day this week and just do more stuff and Yeah. Get the house ready. We're planning on moving this weekend like all the big stuff over. So yeah. I I to sleep there. Will probably be. Sunday nine. Yeah. Exciting from you. I got a workout that longer commute. Yeah neighbors yet Yeah I mean the the neighbor that's next to us because we live on the corners we have one neighbor next to us and then yeah I, mean I met them officially waived and you know I was cutting the grass like. You know. I don't know like I. Don't know if it was like you know it was Kinda cold out I. Don't know if like people get mad like you're cutting the grass at three after I don't know what I'm saying. There's a certain time. We're supposed to cut your grass or whatever, but you know doing work and stuff like that. So yeah, it was nice. It was a nice weekend very you know intensive weekend, but you know it's all worth it for sure good for you. That's exciting. That's a big deal. You don't have your own house and and save for that and then you know it's a big deal. I'm a Matvey for you and jess and and Ashland and all the future babies. You'RE GONNA have lots more room you lots more room just amway rude off. So, what's the? What's the first splurge that you WanNa make on the house like when you have extra dow like I is it like a hot tub or pool table or a ping pong table or a reiter? Like what do you want we? Because the the backyard just has like a back porch we wanted to do some backyard either like build a a deck or your pillow out there and Pergola skews Pergola. Low, I know you're starting to say the the slate it's it's a little over Gaza can little a little. Awning. Alone, Ohio, you'll. You'll see you'll be like, oh, that's yeah Pergola. Dad You know like firepit stuff I mean the backyard's nights huge but we to definitely makes them. The yeah. No. I don't have room for a Gazebo. I've garage. Gazebo but Yeah. So probably some you know do some things save some money for the springtime so they could. Do that excuse me in the spring. So yeah, you roof. You just have any difference of opinions of how you're gonNA use the space like she want. A craft room and you you're like all no, that's my man cave basement is finished, and that's where we're going to put the. TV. We have now down there in the couch and others like know I wanna put you know some cool things on there. You know some adult like grown up toys like You know some arcade games and stuff like that. He's like, no, this entertaining I'm like this is entertain. That isn't Planning like you know buying a second Christmas tree won for upstairs downstairs. I'm like Oh my God and I gotTa Hang Christmas lights some I'm going to be like, Chevy Chase. Over here. Love. It so much You know there's some things like like, yeah there's a lot of projects a lot of small projects we have a working right now. We just WANNA make it. Move in ready by this weekend. So. So yeah. Well congratulations. Rubio Jazz. Themselves a palace over de Rubio Sets Palace. I just made that point. S Yes for tell us it's the roof, your missionary man. Whatever. We're. Both. And a new waiting by the phone.

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