ACS (Part 1): Brad Williams, RJ Bell, Hooray for Baldywood, and Midterm Election Results


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Additional conditions or exclusions may apply based on Quicken Loans. Data in comparison to public data records he will housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states and I'm Alaskan super access dot org. Number thirty thirty. From Corolla one studios in Glendale, California. This is the Adam Corolla show that ABS yes today. Brad Williams with Gina grad on news, bald Bryan on sound effects and a review of O heen rhapsody in Harare for Baldy would plus RJ bell calls in with his NFL. We tend picks. And now a man who knows what it's like to lose control of your house. Just ask sunny in the Talia. Karol? Yeah. Get it on got to get it on no choice, but to get on mandate hit it on for tuning in. And thanks for telling a friend that about you sound a little weird Dawson just a little bit. But I think we're dial in at and good day Gina grant. Squeeze the juice. Right. Well, Brad Williams coming in always love talking to Brad. I had my trials and tribulations today. Ready already? I Lynn nets outta town. Seeing Bruce Springsteen on Broadway. You just had a town outta town. My day. I got a six podcast day, but I also have to finish installing an outdoor drain. That's off the side of my driveway. But also got to get the kids up and to school in the morning and to tell you stop with the begging in the haranguing because she knew wheels were up right Natalia had been walking herself the school, which is infinitely easier than the time. It takes to sit in the drop off line and all that Bs. It's better off for them to walk but than sunny had been driven to school. I'll tell you this half of the show brought to you by Quicken Loans at rocket mortgage at calms sham bet online dot AG, enter podcast one simply safe you go to SimpliSafe dot com slash out. Castrol edge titanium strong for maximum engine performance. So my day was going to start by dropping the kids off at school. And then I was going to meet rob over my house with diamond blade and a circular saw and drop in a drain before the rain started and flooded, my backyard and tie into an existing sewer pipe real glamorous stuff. Rich. This whole time. I I I am. But I I know how to do stuff everyone is a hack, and this is a weird thing this sort of drainage thing, it's not really carpentry stuff. I don't really know a guy who does it. I had Ronald drainage guy. Don't have drainage guy. I had rob investigated a little bit. And I figured out. I think I can just order few parts online. And I keep my my my foot in the pool of of carpentry by just lining, my guys out telling them how to do it. I'm not in their work in the web song cut in the concrete and getting the single jerk out bussing up the concrete and everything. But I like the like the process of figuring it out I like to trouble shoot kinda go. Here's a problem. I think I can solve it. So Obagi thing you're doing that kind of drainage like like water catch thing. No, it's it's when it starts raining. Too much water builds up too fast and a certain place on my front front property, and I'm just trying to get it to drain into the into the sewer and go away cat. So I kind of put something in entice something in and I'm working it out org now with rob order drain on Amazon, and then it shows up, and then we go over there and I liked him out. And you know, he does the the dirty stuff, and I do the thinking and. I don't know. I can't say that. I enjoy it. It's kind of like whatever you get from going to the gym. You know what I mean? Like you don't enjoy. But it's good for you. And it kind of keeps you keeps you sharp. And it's just a good part. Jobless could you should do that? So I I recognize I should do it. So, but it's take the kids in meat, rob do the drain. So I tell rob, you know, you meet meet the house at eight thirty. I'll drop the kids off at eight twenty I'll turn around and come back. We'll get started on this drain. So Lynette cars out front because she got Gabe. Now, there's a little confusion. Normally when I go to the airport. I just drive into the shop. I grabbed one of the guys one of the guys run in with me drops me off, and then brings the car back and the deal is you can drive the cars along some caught. So I expect it limits cars going to be at the shop for the next few days while she's with Bruce and company, and when I get home the night, she leaves I see the cars in our driveway. So I say to call the nets that I thought the game's going to have the car the car's going to beat the shop. Gabe, fellow nervous driving around. I don't blame ounce hundred ten thousand dollars. I say, okay. It's in the driveway now fine. I get it. Where's the key fob because I may need to move that thing or what have you? She says key-fobs is in the console and the Cup. You know, where the cups are in the middle there where the stuff is in the middle there. And I say, okay, good enough. And. I walk away and the next morning this morning get up sunning Talia both want to be driven. I then do the what car do you wanna take this? Probably a mistake the children, which car they want to you're going to have a strong opinion. I don't know why whichever one doesn't have piano-tuning on Italian started screaming. I don't think he's caught onto that on my car. The tally starts screaming will take mommy's tesla I say fine parked out front. I then go to the tests on I don't really know how the car works exacly. But I go to the tesla and just like punched flush door handle, the doors open and everything opens. So in my mind key-fobs sitting somewhere in the ashtray or the center council. Kids jump in. And we take off. Now, I have no need for the key fob at this point it somewhere in the car and to be fair. There's there's some garbage in the car because it's not one hundred fifty thousand cards only hundred ten thousand dollars daily driver some junk, why wouldn't it be junked out? I don't know if it's underneath the tic TAC thing with no tic TACs in it, or the the spent this and the napkins or whatever it is it's somewhere floating around and one of and by the way, there's many Cubbies in that car. There is the drink one in the center, there's a one in the front there's a one in the door. There's another thing you slide back and arm rest is anyway, it's somewhere in the car. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to put it in drive and take off. So I put it in drive and take off and then go sit in a long line with the kids, and I make the proclamation. I think there'd be faster if you guys would walk, but either way would drop the kids off. And then I turn around gotta get back to meet Robin eight thirty pull the car in. Park the car. In front of the garage is close to the garages. I can get because I know robs Pullman with his truck, and he's going to have some tools, and this that and the other so I- sensually take the car. The tesla my car's in the garage I've parked in the middle of the garage. And what I'm doing the garage version of the wife's out of town sleeping in the middle of the bed. Spread out legs spread out talking mistress on either side just pants off like I park. Woo. And the no have to worry about open the door and bang in the car naked ride right in the middle of the garage. And then I pull up basically right up behind me. And then rob pulls up, and then I say all right right to get started on the on the drain, and he says, yeah, did you see there's a key fob in the driveway? And I go, oh there is. And he says, yeah. And then hands it to me loom behold had been run over. Who would do that? Yeah. I don't know some maniac who pays us one hundred thousand dollars on a car. So then I called the let's see what I do it. I call you gave or did I call the net. I think he Cohen that I I called Lynette. And I said, you know, Lynette, I think Iran over your key-fobs because I think Gabe put it on the wheel instead of in the center console as as we discussed and she said he did bring that up. Oh. Oh, the twist there is on party get ready with the wacky sacks music because when I'm on my deathbed and other people are thinking about their grandchildren or moments of accomplishment or picturing an eagle soaring show over majestic mount side. I'm going to be replaying my head a fucking montage one of dedicate eight minutes to me searching, the inside of the car for the key fob when I came home from the school, which is like just tearing through garbage going. It's in the council somewhere like death that your fast motion. The card that room. Well, let's nature opening the door. Shutting him you? Tell me how many thoughts I could have on this. I said Linnet, where's the Kifah? She said it's in the console the car. I jumped in the car started up in drove it and the school I turn around and got back from the school. And I said to start the tire right there. I better this key fob out now. So I can lock the car up or move it or just not leave it in the car. So I start looking through the center console. And then I go she said it was in the center should gay told gave to put it in the center. We'll maybe she meant the part up front. Move the garbage and whatever else is Kane's whatever's up there, then I've started like, maybe it's just it's weird slighty armrest things. I'm sliding the armrest trying to figure out how the arm resting slides back to reveal another Covey. Then I go all searched the door. I'll start pulling things out the door dragging my hand in. And I could feel if I make eighty five I could fill least seven years of my life looking for shit that people fucked my shit up with like, it's never me. It's always somebody going. I told him it's over here. It's over that one. So I searched and I searched and I searched a car. And I go, okay. It's in the car because I just got a fucking car and drove it away. But I can't find it. But I live in a safe neighborhood. And there's a backup key fob. That's in the house because I put the entry hall thing there, and the little thing that charges the phones where you put your keys and different a lot of time discussing where the keys go we need to have the backup keys need always lean there. So I did that. So I knew that. So I said fucking I'll put the drain in. And that's when rob came walking up with a smash key fob. And that's when I said, wait a minute. So then I call the net. And I said I think the key fob was on the tire. As a matter of fact, I'm positive the key fob on the Tiber because I ran at over when I back down achey fell five on the censure of yours. She said gave brought that up, but I told him. No, I don't put. It it in the center console. And then she got specific. She said it was in the center council when driving and she said just leave it here, Gabe. Yes. Explain yourself. Explain yourself. So yeah, I was concerned about how is gonna leave the car was going to the key. And my first thing was like, oh just give it to Adam in the studio like, and she's like, no, you don't have to do that. And I'm like, all right. Well, it and the. I was like, okay. Can I just put the key on the tire? I usually do. And she was like, no. She was like. Yeah. And then she went back and forth in right? Yeah. It was it was confusing. I'm gonna give you credit gay because Adam Allen's moves to leave the keys tire. Which makes you think you're paying attention because you've often talked about that's your move, which are they insane. But you you do it to mitigate was listening to Bissau the boss likes it done. Right. But my thing is you can click the car and see I relieve it on tire because I locked the car. And then I put it on the tire. This is long. It's it's in proximity. The cars open that's kind of the twist on this one gave thought he locked the car. I clicked it collect it the the mirrors came in human put the thing on the tire and then walked away in the car never it unlocked itself because of the proximity now to make things worse. Yield at MAC to Pat, you drive thirty thousand. Car. This is one hundred thousand dollar car. Go out to your previous take your key-fobs set it on the tire and see if you can start your car, I was gonna say both Christie, and my car don't as long as the Key Club is your pocket or purse, or whatever all you have to do is touch. The handle it opens, which is what I'm guessing to your situation. Keep was in range touch the handle at an open as though you were you that part is correct. What Chris car he cannot put in drive and drive away with the key fob outside of the car. That's a pretty baby. Anti-theft? So it would be nice v. Lan took a second took a break off the hyperloop for just one second or boring through the sepulveda's pass that just we've that little perk into because Chris Prius, it's in proximity of the car, but it's still impossible to put it in drive and drive away with it outside of the car. I, of course, none. No, none of this. All I knows. I walked into the car started it and drove away which means one hundred percent, it's inside of the car. So then the super set unsatisfying discussion with Lynette and gave which is. Well, I said it, but he said it. But then I said it, but then he did it this way a way I then mentioned a game that he probably should have brought that up to me via Email said, hey, Brata, the key. Is there? I know you may be counting on Lynette. I don't know you guys went back and forth. And she said leave it in the console. So the fact that she would say to me something other than it's in the console. So you're you're you're tossing a coin pretty high up into the air the whole car parking between ten fifteen minutes. So we we were on it for a while. And then how about dedicating thirty seconds to an Email to your boss. It says the key for the car. That's in your driveway is sitting atop the car tire for me. Next time. Guys, dedicated a lot of time to this which means it can kind of go. It's sorta like when you go you do dinner at six, let's make it six thirty six thirty or six six thirty you go back to the few times you walk away from the conversation. You remember how you left it? That's the thing. All right. So next time carve out a couple of precious seconds. And send me an Email says, here's where the keys to your car are. Seiken avoid running them over. Now more troubling than gave putting the keys on the car tire. And me running them over was the station that the car was left on. Meaning you have a station choice, and he left it on the train station. When I was he was on the Drake station. This is on the serious. Drake's. Gave excuse me. I don't have a problem with them. Personally. I don't get as music. I think he's the worst. I don't get. He's hot enough to to apologize. Are whatever riveta. Here's the good news. It's it's not all Drake music. You can hear little t pain. You can play you can hear t pain saying wanted to marry a stripper because you know, when you drive your kids into school. This is the song that's playing eight. Oh seven. No. We don't know what your fucking same by the way. The penny. Whistle. God. Kevin. Dudin night. The kids to school. Sunny, like dad, I didn't see this for you at music, Sundays, John what's law. This fuck and music is for retarded reptiles or fucking drunk on Cizre. It's for jump people for people that hate music yellow gave you like music. I like all music. No, you don't. No, you don't you? Don't like good music. You don't like good music. If you like this music for the purple. It's like it's like watching you coming out of AM PM with a handful of fucking nachos. That you put out of a hot pump and bunch of corn dogs stuff a fucking chilly, and you go I love all food. No, you don't. No, you don't you? Don't like good food you like shit food. If you like this, you don't like all music you like shit music. I feel there's a time and place for like every kind of music. This is driving home alone from the airport music. The school. This isn't even music. It's not music, Abe. It's not music your brain. It's been scrambled by your youth. It's not new sick to fair. It was a long drive back and limit has preloaded stations. And I didn't want to listen to the like. Like something else that sounds like shit and this for fucking retarded people. Bruce earlier's Bruce deliver years deep cots. Band off shoots through after dark. Miami. It's not even music. It's not fair to people who make music, the call this MS sides. This is kind of music, you draw warm, bath and razor. Razer? I just like it when they sing through the room by vacuum cleaner. I think that's at the beginning. Comes down from the ceiling only feels long because it's the exact same thing for four minutes. That's why it feels long because it's the same thing. I wonder if this is ever been anyone's wedding song if they married a stripper. For every song force. All right. Well, that's t pain. Now. It's my pain. He ain't gonna cover your tracks gave come on. For me pain. All right. So again, the tire thing. Confusing but t pain. That's disturbing. But okay, never say, you love all music say you love horrible music, and then some other music, you cannot level it's an attack. All right. But do not worry a heavy backup. Key-fobs think? God in the house. Okay. So we moved. Right. Except for we don't have the actual key-fobs in the house. We have the pouch. We have the leather pouch that the key fob comes in sitting and my little stand that I made for all the trauma traumatic the keys, but it's missing the five art. What do you have? Well, I call then Lynette, and I asked if you have it on you because before I tear the house apart. Before I start pulling drawers, tearing everything out of tours. Flashlights and batteries where we're gonna fire up where I add to my seven year loop of looking for shit. Before we get to that. I'm just want to check and see if you have. And I'll part of me will be relieved I won't have to tear the house apart. But she did not have the key fob. So we do not know where the second key fob. So now, I'm gonna show you a picture now. Now, here's here's the best part and have a test drive away. It's better. It's better. It's blocking my car. The best part is I hang up with Lynette and the Talia calls, and she goes are you at home, and I go, yes. And she goes, I forgot my lunch. Can you bring it to school, and I go no, I can't. Because. My car is trapped in the garage. And she goes take mommy's cargo, I can't do that either a budget to know why that called max, Pat, and I did twenty minutes on it is when people fuck up other people's lives. They have no idea the impact of oh, we don't have the extra keys forgot my lunch, or like could you whatever it's very impactful on other people's lives peop-, please everyone around me get it together a little bit because I'm working too many jobs, and it's unfair. Did you call Chris to bring Natalia lunch? I sit in Italia. I'll show you a picture of Mike garage in the car. I said I might be able to seventeen point turns yourself and get my car out of the garage Talia. But I'm going to have to give it a try, and then I did a seventeen point turn with L, by the way with the modern cars like me me me me. Won't even. And I'm like, I get it. I get it. There's a car there. There's a fucking garage. I get it. I get. Yes. Getting what's going on? I cannot move this object behind me because I ran over the two hundred and fifty dollar five earlier this morning. So I finally got out and as like Natalia, I'm bringing your lunch. You could open the refrigerator and remember to bring your lunch it's discussed on a daily base. The people do this stuff have no idea that they do it all the time and how much it sort of infringes into other people's lives around them. But I shouldn't turn I'm bringing your lunch. I'm leaving now be out front and then. I guess he was prompted on time. I then got in the car. Cruised out front of the school. Drove is slowly could I did one like super slow pass in my car? You can see from outer space nothing than Natalia. Call and went like where are you? And I'm like, I'm front of your school going for miles an hour. And she's like, oh, I thought you were going to call. I just went please the front please stand on the sidewalk stand on the sidewalk of your fucking school. Just go do it. Now, just come out in the aren't you state? Why aren't you to standing on the curb waiting for me people being done a favour for? Oh my God. It's like it's fucking endless going out of the way out of their way on their behalf. You know what? I mean. It's like whatever you need me to do to make this easy. This is a societal societal problems just as big as all all of outdoor. So anyway, dropped her off. And you know, now the long and winding road of trying to obtain a key fob. Did you back? I didn't want mustard. No, she actually she doesn't Italian doesn't get on her heels, very often, and I didn't swear. But when she called like where are you? I'm like I'm out front of the school. Where're you? And she's like I thought you would call just go saying outside. It's just walk out. And staying on the stand on the curb with you, please. So I could see you something you the quiet yellows. Pretty intense hard. Oh, my God grit teeth grit yell so anyway. I'll keep you keep up with did leave. I'm a little upset that. Although in a weird ways sort of satisfied that I said to max, Pat, a you go out front with your piece of shit and see if you're key-fobs let you start the car up when you put it on the tire, and it will not let you do it. Yeah. Victory. In a weird way. It's probably the difference between somebody making cars for seventy years and somebody making cars for ten minutes. Just that little thing, you know. And yes, it should not let you get into the car press drive and take off with it physically outside of the cards a pretty big theft loophole. Also, there's weird trouble. Because what am I drove the kids to school and then got out of the car and walked away? I don't know how you back in like what would seem like you'd want to prevent that. Anyway, anyone's gases to where the second came up is and the t pain song really added to it on a happy note. I came up with an idea as far as my tat crows go that I'm out of my mind about all right? The school shooting thing was pretty good. That was year that was. This. You know? Unsolvable problem. That's that's an answer. That might actually I've lugged wings. Yeah. That was good. And I was a little bit in the vein of that the next one RJ bell on the blower, so tease it for second. I'll tell you guys about. I got bet online dot AG always calling in to forty. Okay. That's no, no, no. That's that's his hard out. Oh, sorry. Hard out there. RJ Bill bet online dot AG. We're reaching the mid way point of NFL. I think we're their college football season each game becomes that much more important NFL ram saints Teves patriots. Everyone's looking good, especially well, you know, the pats are coming on. And you know, the saints are always good come on Ramses. Anyway, college football, Alabama's clearly best team in the country. Again, the only one place to get all the action and get in on it man bet online dot AG. Don't wait use the promo code podcast one. Get fifty percent. Sign up bonus that's podcast one. And you get a fifty percent. Sign up bonus bet online dot AG promo code podcast, one get that fifty percent. Sign up bonus. Right. Let's see RJ. It's online. Hey RJ there. Hey, this is what I need to say. The atom is for everyone out. It's a hard out for you. It's soft love that. I love that. You're flaccid for me. Sorry. I made you wait. But it's such a crazy confluence of circumstances. This morning with. Yeah. He fobs. It's incredible. Your your Jags are some of the best thing things on podcast, I level. Well, I it's there's a certain point in life where. Again, I always like to say don't put your sombrero on my keys, meaning like, I'm gonna lose my keys. Let me lose my keys, but don't fuck my shit up for me. And it happens to me a lot. All right. So having somebody some burgers in the house, buddy. Do I think Gabe should've probably said to me. Should've sent me. I should've guac. That's right. He probably should've sent an Email saying here's for the Keyser pass it along way communicated where those were and also. If he thought well, I'll just hand the key fob off to Adam when I see him at work later on today. I wouldn't have slapped it out of his hand and yell drag. This thing home, I would have said. I would have said thank you. Next. All right anyway. And this might be a little personal. So you can pass but in Vegas. There's so many guys in the mid fifties into their late sixties who they have like no women in their lives or their kids are grown, and they look back, and they say, you know, they were married for seven years right from thirty three to forty and in hindsight, you can tell they never should have been married kinda did it because it felt like expectation and then when they kinda got out of it. It was like, wow, I wasn't meant for that. Obviously. Obviously, I'm talking at all about your wife anything specific. Yeah. But do you ever get a sense that you should just been sick single? And that that that the enters all the strain of trying to beat domestic is a lot for you. I have I drain into his house. I used to think that way literally used to think that way, and then I had this thought of well, all just get married and all this have kids, and then I'll just coach up everybody and everything will run smoothly because the house sort of as a business. It's like it's a little bit of a business like everyone has to kind of do the role and do their stuff. But I didn't think I'd be taking fingernail polish and putting it on deadbolt locks. You could see it was locked and telling people not to leave lights on for the seven thousand time. And I didn't know that I would end up being the sort of shop form and with the keystone cops. No, so yes. And but. But. If if I coach everyone up, I think it'd be fun. If everyone were more like you life would be so much simpler, ten percent more. We'd be living. All right RJ, by the way, the website pregamEcom largest digital media company covering loss, Vegas news and odds and also the dream preview every week on podcast one. All right. You split it again last week with the bills and the bears and the Steelers and the ravens you're now at fifty five plus percent just a little bit over fifty five percent ten and eight overall for the season. So it's time to get back into their your winning ways. Play it. Jays or lay? Figgers insider RJ bell. And remember guys we all our goal is to make money. That's our go made money last year making money this year two picks. I one we're gonna go yadda against the Rams yadda. Plus, and why well Rams the type of team we like to say 'cause everyone's excited about them. But they did lose last game. Right. They game against the saints and teams typically have a letdown after they lose an undefeated season. When you get midway market a season. You start thinking could we do it sixteen to know when you lose there's a little bit of a Latin out Rams don't have a great home field advantage. You guys know that? Additionally, this seems tired off of a tough game against hold on home field advantage. They have the gay flag. Airbrushed in their end zone with. Parts of the logo on their God. That makes me mad. Yes. That was the last week. I'm with you Rams could skid a little bit here. And see hawks are always good just I mean dangerous. They always have entered hun. Right. And are getting ten point. And point that take number one. It's a good pick. I hit number two Monday night football. We're going with the New York Giants plus three getting a fuel go here. Listen forty-nine steak. Stake team. But they look great last game. May remember against the raiders on Thursday night. They played amazingly well with an undrafted rookie quarterback. Who had a great game. He's starting again. His name is Marlin you might say. Oh RJ. Hey, this guy looks great. Except remember the backup quarterback got hurt the week before. And they still made it a game time decision of forty Niners. If were gonna play mauling backup his name that has played not well at all. And they still wanted him in heard over mall. And so the team knows more about Marlins than the one game shows that oh by the way, the forty Niners without Jimmy G last thirty one games or three and twenty eight straight up. Now, they're laying reports to a giant team off a by who obviously is not gonna make the playoffs. But they haven't new coach and they're still behind him. I believe the giants play. Hard. We take the three points Monday night. All right, R J. We'll we'll be watching. We'll talk to you next week. And again, you can dream view. RJ bell punch us out. Gambler RJ's parlay. Things have gone worse. I had my neighbor owns a pizza shop and parlour and. When we put parlor behind anything else. All just a little. Nice cream. Yeah. But there's no Chinese food parlour Italian pizza Nash. So unique to parlors. Yeah. Anyway, he said. Rain into them a few weeks ago. And he said, hey, man, I want to bring some pizza pies by the shop too. For your for your crew. And I said man, so I gave the address to the other one because the figures people are counting carbs over here. And. Walk through the door. I saw a bunch of pizza boxes on my table. And I was like God damn it such a shit day. I'm having a slice of something. I said what's left on like open one? It was empty open the next one empty. There was one that had a full pizza in it. Let us can meet lover never do. You can never guess it. Never get off resigned salad on top or something like that. I will I will buy you one more minute. I'll talk about this impli safe. You'll never. Oh. All right. Never. But I'll let you try simply safe. Here's why I'm a big fan of SimpliSafe home security prepared for anything. 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There's a few spent there's few spent boxes, and I said God, what is the pizza place figured out? I'm gonna give them a plug, gene. I'll find out. Yeah. Open the box. And rob rob said, yes, just one is one pizza left. And I said, okay. And he said, yeah, you're not gonna like it. And I said what is it? And he said marshmallow, what's my brain? Because my brain because I think like an human being I went. I like mushroom pizza because there is no such thing as marshmallow pizza. You oughta autocorrect it like there is mushroom pizza, and I like mushroom pizza rob probably like meat on pizza, but I'm fine with the mushroom pizza. So he's like there's marshmallow pizza and I'm like. I like mushroom pits and open it up and it's marshmallow pizza. I don't get it. They must. They must have dessert. Toasted marshmallows tomato sauce. You're when your mouth is so ready for a nice piece of pizza, and it's a it's a gimmick desserts. Divorce? Yeah. Someone said would you like smallest pizza? I'd be like interesting. But if you're like, I need Pete as Marsh fell homes. Did you try? No, by the way that that. I took. There's a missing slice will Brian eat it. Yes, he will. Ryan eight it only took it. He tried it on if you liked it. All right. So let me plug Giorgis. That's right and lock in yadda, goodguys, George pizza dot com. I didn't eat pizza and now you can see in the picture. There's other pizzas. This picture was taken before. I got there by the time. I got there. There were no more pizzas or anything. Just the marshmallow pizza. I did have that weird moment round. Like, I like mushroom. The only sense. I I'd never even heard of it. All right. We got Bollywood Brad Williams is here. Oh, my tax. All right. I'll say what quick break we'll come back with Baldy. The holidays are fast approaching you know, what that means. It's time to eat drink and fight with your family. 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Get firm doughnuts. Literally. You can leave us a message at eight six three four one seven four four. Bad fluffing firm is not ban not bad at all. Okay. Quickly before we get to Bollywood attack crows. As you know. I am. It's probably from growing up in trashy houses with trashy people, and sort of trashy cars and trashy lawns and trashy everything. And it's also having a little, hyper vigilance disorder. I don't like when things are junkie, and like trashy, I just it makes me depress. You know, they talk about well, you know, there's no there's air pollution. There's noise pollution. There's I feel like there's a visual pollution that. When you're look if everyone loves a hike on a trail off of Malibu where they're looking at the Pacific Ocean. And oh my God. There's a humpback whale and the distance in the wind's blowing. And there's flora and fauna if that's that will then driving down the stretch of five with all the broken down shit, and the super sad Tableau of the kids toys that are like on the side of the way knocked over up. Well, then that's the opposite of male. Just majestic and everything else. There's a range from good to bed. Yes, I agree with me and agree with Brian. Which is yes, if there is a part where a therapist is saying you need to get out of the city and go walk along a country road and look at the ocean. Wherever that clears your brain. It's good for you man, when you return from that long walk down Malibu there. You'll point Dume you'll come back, you'll be a new person. But if there's that, well, then there's the opposite of that, equal insane, depression and LA's a garbage can. And there's trash everywhere in this graffiti everywhere, and it drives you nuts. And I thought wait a minute attack rose. My tech crows for graffiti artists because what I can. Children. They do the come out like a luck and all the overpasses in the freeway signs and all the construction materials, they don't do it at noon on Wednesday. The come out at night, they probably come out at Sunday night in the wee hours of the whatever they hop up on the whatever, and they do all the all the tagging, whatever it is where ever it is. If you have a hot spot like a new newly constructed construction site of the bunch of cinder block, you know, big old template for them to paint on top of whatever it is. Just put. Dispatch couple tack rose three or four crows. When they hear the sound of the rattle can the paint the handshake when you hear that can shake it's going to be dark outside it. Just fly ahead you fly right for that thing. Whoever's planning on doing tagging is gone are star tonight banks you killed tragically. Right. How town LA willing either way? You get a okay. And look it's two in the morning. It's Sunday night. And you got the Randall Cain out. And you're standing by the side of the freeway. You're up to no good. You're no good tack crows coming after your head, by the way. Once once just happened at night. What's the legend? We'll the word got out. I would initially probably start out as Kavre. Because they wouldn't know what was coming out died night. All they knows they rattled that Cannell son felt talents like on top of their head, and they're running and pecking and calling and everything else. I'll use these look if they can use those crows, I think it was in the Netherlands or somewhere whatever smarter part of Europe was to patrol the park and pick up cigarettes. Why can't they patrol the park for graffiti? And this is such a specific sound, they're not gonna Tak the wrong person. Exactly that's down the shake. AM put a little bit of spray. Net. I will train them. I will train them that it has to be dark outside. Okay. So some guys doing maintenance, and he's got a template and he's spraying the gymnasiums one hundred feet err on the ground or something. No problem. Oh only at night. I feel like I don't feel. There's a lot of graffiti going on in the middle of the day. Certainly a lot less lot less. Well, okay. Hack crows since we're talking, but ideas, Ivan sitting on this one for a while, and I'd like to run it past both you real quick if you don't mind, so chore falls, Jimmy Kimmel is still trying to get something going in Vegas for the comedy club. Right. Yes. Okay. Trying to get something going. He's gonna he's working on a club there. Yeah club. So I have no idea for him. But I wanna get your your opinion. First before this goes any further everybody. I don't think it exists. I've done minimal research. Listen to this at the club. I'm so ready for this to be the. Slots on the pot toilets. Lots. Pretty while. You're in there. You don't have to stop playing. You can keep chasing that dragon while you're on the toilet. Yes. Slots on the toilet slots. I liked the name. I like to tissues that I feel like my thing about the toilet is turnover. I want I want to burn them burn up. Right. I don't want people and they're like all right hot hand. And you're banging on thing going to not Joe's lettera today money. There's gotta be a way around that. Because you are leaving money on the table if they're going to take a bathroom break, why not get them while they're in there one minute pug induces like where your head's again heads at? I just feel like you're you're enticing people. Spend a lot of time on the toilet. There has to be some sort of way that when the that the slot shuts off. So you can't be in there all night shitting and slot. Your pitch it to Jimmy. This is really. You have different take into seriously. We absolutely should the only logistical problems. I believe every game the casino has to be the eye in the sky has to see it. Hey, man privacy issue in the bathroom people. Give that up to not have to stop playing through way birth sit on it now. Oh, we're gone tell Jimmy after show. Sorry, we're going to get hemorrhoids. Baldy was. We'll tell you. Brian, we'll fix that. He. Screen. Fix. Spend we member. That train wreck shit too. Kenyan prep city is Fillon theaters. Now, it is directed by Bryan singer, sort of here's the director of usual suspects, which everyone loves including me, and many of the X men movies. He also left mid production. Among some I don't know exactly what the scandal was AJ benthic at Filton next time. He's here, but he left mid production. And the film was finished by a man named Dexter Fletcher. Who did at the eagle and the upcoming also a bio pic are on the same era rocket man, the old John bio-pic and left in a sort of dishonorable way. The controversy. When I when I heard initially that's shebang Cohen was going to do this a million years ago. I was excited. I was I and then I saw the commercials and stuff and I was excited, and then I saw the reviews, and then I heard some people, and I'm not sure what the thinks God. So yes, supposedly earlier incarnations of the film fell apart because it focused too much on, Freddie. Mercury not enough on the band the band or co producer. I think Brian May. And is it Roger Taylor are co producers on the film didn't focus on the band. Of course. Earlier incarnations Sasha baron Cohen, David fincher, one of my all time favorite directors. Wizards a dream. Wow. What a great story. But a great cast. We have coming together. What it right director? There's going to be amazing at all fell apart as the band feeling kind of like chopped liver. Like, hey, we're still here to hear our story the story. I don't I don't know for sure but supposed to do the legend is, hey, this is about Queen not about, Freddie. Mercury. And so we get Romney Malik as Faruk bull. Sarah, AK, Freddie. Mercury. It's ironic because it is. Impossible to get a film that anymore. That Freddie Mercury. The film that I saw rhapsody he is in every scene. He's in eighty eight percent of the frames that are on the screen. It is the, Freddie Mercury story. I don't know the ban could of what could the possible earlier story have been that the band didn't like I can't imagine any more, Freddie, Mercury version of this movie. Here's a typical scene of the movie. This is once the movie has three types of scenes one in the studio where the band comes up with an iconic timeless classics song and minutes, and then form the song. And that's part of the movie. And then FREDDY does Freddie stuff the rest of the movie here's a scene where they come up with a dead classic on the spot. I want to give the audience song that they can perform. So what can I do? Imagine thousands of people doing this. What's living? So I like that. Yes. The film's got going for a couple of things an admirable effort by Rami Malik. He he's in a tough position. He's he's taking a role that was all on purpose should have been knocked out of the park by an amazing once in a lifetime talent admirable job. He's acting as balls off out there like every once in a while you get a bad movie with a really good performance. I don't have you guys are familiar with the council Eric and not a couple of years ago. It flopped. But Michael fast bender is performing his balls off in this movie. But it wasn't nowhere. It's just he's doing his best. And that's kinda we have here and the concert scenes, which which there are many are really well done they incorporate a lot of special effects the crowd in there and make it look of the Aira it's well done. But this this is this is a TV movie. There's this is a very top level. They could not have pack more cliches into this movie where we're at rotten tomatoes where right at sixty percent of the critics like ninety percent of the people sixty ninety four something like that. Yeah. And people asked about like have you ever seen a movie I've seen movies with the bigger discrepancy? But sixty ninety four there is a crowd pleasing element to this movie. There are lots of rock and roll lots ways, you many rock and roll scenes, and they're well done, I suppose there well staged it's like watching lip sync battle away with great costumes, but it was too much of that the story is very top level. People are like, oh, he's he's he's he's guaranteed. Not an Oscar nomination. It is so far off the table. Think about the best actor Oscar nomination. It's always a huge star. And on the rare occasion, it's not a huge star. Timothy shell a may or Daniel do from get out. It's someone who's in a really well reviewed movie and knocked it out of the park. And this just this just isn't that? So he's no lady Gaga on terms of that are now it's night and day. Terms quality. No what no reasonable person could you what rotten tomatoes number? Would you give it between sixteen ninety four? What you? Be lower than sixty give me a second. I'm curious about let me ask you a question what you're older than I am out of January about the same age. What was your? What is what was your impression of Queen growing up? There you Queen fans what was your relationship with? We will rock you. I didn't like at all. Madan song to me grew up loving Queen songs like bicycle and cut yourself bicycle and keep died. Like I liked that they had a kind of a sense of humor. You know, the fat bottomed girls and stuff like that. Queen on the radio back in the eighties. Right. And then the three songs they play now. Right. The three the big three anthem songs. I don't eat. But there like that a sense of humor about themselves, and there were kind of funky, and they wrote like, I not novelty sounds, but like fat bottom sing gay guy. Sing about fat bottomed girls. Kind of novelty bisexual Ottomans by so sorry didn't see the movie. So when I was coming of age musically. It was a little after Dawson like it was the Nevada era, and I wasn't really intimate on it. But that was what was cool at the time. It I never bought a Queen. Right. But what I'm saying is I grew up with the Queen to me was the band that did that song for Wayne's world or that's on the stadium. Right song idiot sang when their team on the championship. They weren't they were novelty band in my perception, not saying, correct. It's just what they were. What didn't have the same relationship with them that I think a lot of people had I don't know who this is four like this is a summer popcorn movie masquerading as an Oscar movie. Like, this is this is a good time at the theater. This is a candy corn move. But it seems like die hard classic rock fans. Die hard, Freddie. Mercury fans are taking issue with some of the inaccuracies funded by this. Because like, oh, it just takes. It's the problem with a lot of music bio-pics where consolidate so much India, two hours. How do you tell that story of one man's life? Let alone the band and this marshmallow pizza. Not a mushroom pizza thing. Saying I I don't know who this is four if you liked. I don't know maybe entourage. This is sort of your alley like that to write the moon. If you like the movies. This is sorta up your alley. What would you go? Would you go between sixteen ninety four? No, I've go a little below average movie. I go I want to give credit cards to some of the scenes are Welsh shot and well done formats is worth noting. But otherwise, it's not that good. I would go a little less than fifty maybe like a forty five. A crowd pleasing element to this movie that some people are going to do I loved it. I'm sure you did. Adulation? You must love life. All right, Brad Williams going to be in a second. I I'll tell you quickly about Castrol edge, heat, friction viscosity breakdown. Rob your engine of maximum performance. Friction results in Las reports up to ten percent Castrol edge engineered with fluid. Titanium technology physically transforms would be stronger. Under pressure helps fight friction deliver maximum levels of performance for your car. Three times three times wrong against viscosity breakdown. Leading oil Castrol edge unlock the true performance. We're going to be Anaheim grove of Anaheim November thirtieth doing a live pod with rob at Rickles come on out and say hi that Lynette since she gets back town. It's going to be sending out those Corolla drinks Christmas. Crates about two three folks right seeing Corolla Christmas, crate dot com. Cellphone phone one. Good gift for fan. Lots of good stuff in. There was stuff. Packed with stuff and use the promo code cowboy for twenty percent off your three bottles or more Corolla drinks com. Brad Williams, always happy to see Brad Williams being one sec quick break. Right back Brad Willett. And now, quote, real man greet testimonial. Well, Hello there. My name is mutt. Hatteras 'em UT. Mutt? Rams with. I'm a cowboy from the past in the late eighteen hundreds where I come from. It is the paramount importance to be a good shot. That's a skill on never much acquired because of back that I grew up without a father. He left us when I was about two years old. I never got a lot of tutelage from him raise my mother and fourteen sisters. So I never really was a maestro with a sex shooter. That wasn't till I had my first sip of green. Ever since that Broza touch. My lips shots been sharp is a needle McGrath hoppers hay bale. You know what I mean? Anyway, just wanted to say thank you to add them Carola and to Mongolia. I can't appreciate it enough from all yells. Thank you. Head to curl drinks dot com and enter promo code cowboy for twenty percent off orders three or more bottles. CNN reporter suspended onto McGuire with an AP newsman at the White House suspense oppress pass of CNN White House. Correspondent Jim Acosta suspension follows a heated confrontation between a costume and President Trump today. Because it's a hoax, are you? That's enough. Put down the mic president. Are you worried about indictments coming down in this? Mr. Tell you what CNN should be ashamed of itself having you work in for them. You are a rude. Terrible person. You shouldn't be working for CNN at the Justice department. This evening. Applause for now former attorney general Jeff Sessions as he left. He resigned as President Trump's request Trump has named sessions chief-of-staff, my Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer, attorney general whether this one or another one. Should not be able to interfere with the Muller investigation. And I'm Tim Maguire.

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