Is Paul Heyman a Genius?


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And we're going to get that matchup at survivor series at the end of the month. We also get into seth rollins no longer longer. You're universal champion and added crossroads. What's next for set and can triple eight? Bring something out of Seth Rollins and then we get into the ridiculous and the ridiculous of raw is rousseff. Lana and Lashley. We know could get more out of them. But I gotta be honest with you. I'm actually enjoying some of the say all that right now on the busted. Open podcast when you look at brock lesson. I guess you'd have to go back to what we saw last week. And how smackdown started with brock listener. And you think you'd be in a good mood after winning that. WWE W. E. Championship. Not The case because of what Ramos Stereo did after the match with Cain Velasquez and he wanted off a smack down. Just quit smackdown. I quit so he can now go over to Monday night. Raw and Chase Ramos Stereo and it brought up a lot oughta questions bully because let's face it. There's been a lot of questions about previous drafts and about these exclusive rosters and about people jumping around net horrific wildcard rule that kept changing weekend and week out. We were told by. Stephanie McMahon during the draft process this last time that that this was not going to be the case exclusive rights. You weren't going to see people jumping around but now we're seeing brock listener. quit one brand and jump over over to the other and before I get your comment. Let's go back. Courtesy of WWE DOT COM and listen to Paul Heyman's explanation on why Brock is is jumping from one brand to the other rock. Listener has a no cut contract because he has to burn advocate and can fire brock. Lester and W he has a substantial investment brock hustling. You're the benefit of that investment so brock listeners contract has been signed China Monday night. Long Roman reigns quit. SMACKDOWN doesn't mean Seth Rollins can quit law branch WanNa know why Brock is. There's different brock listener leverage brock. Less a special brock is and I. I told to whatever the hell he wants to rock. There is better than each and every one of those bitches and back that. They're tough if you took a shot. Every time I'm Paul Heyman said brock listener. You would die of alcohol poisoning before the end that APPROPR- rock under another shot at Jack. Never tell a navy man daryll. So what do you think about the explanation from Paul Heyman. It's a bit loose but I get it. They had to do something the brock listener that I know would never chase somebody like Ramos Stereo but I guess it was enough to Piss brock off. I mean brock did make very short work of Cain Velasquez and then ray comes in and starts beating him down at the chair so maybe that pissed off brock enough where he decided screw smackdown Matt down. I'm going to get my revenge because if I'm GonNa let somebody get one up on me that guy's not going to be five foot five and a little thorn in my side it. It seems like David pissed off. Goliath in Goliath decided to chase Amman over the RAW. Like I said a little loose when it comes to brock but I get it. It's okay it works brock's over there now. I hope it's the last time we see somebody jumping brands for a while. Because as is Stephanie told us we're going to stick to this draft but the Promo does help because the Promo is so true everything that Brock said. I'm sorry everything that Paul said is a straight one hundred percent shoot. I wish Paul would have referenced finch. McMahon's Promo from earlier this here. Where Vince basically went out there and said yes? Brock does get paragraph preferential treatment. Because he's Brock Leser. Heyman coulda backed up everything that he said by saying. Even Vince McMahon said it. Even Vince McMahon said that brock can get away. Hey with whatever brock wants and that pisses fans off and that pisses off all of the other bitch wrestlers in the back who do nothing behind behind social media. It's like ricochet went on social media. I basically called out brock for being a part time wrestler again like I pay money now just to see brock throw ricochet into at a tenth row and kick his frigging teeth in. Yeah I agree. I don't think he did himself any favors. Because I agree with you when I saw that I was like God. I want to see brock listener. Forget his hands on ricochet exactly and I guarantee you guys like guys like that who take the social media and Berry Brock are the guys that walk in the opposite direction when they see brock at the show or go sit at a different table when they see Brockett catering actually brock doesn't go to catering he has more catered in and stays in his room all day and seeds and things about who's GonNa kill next and you know what feeds into what we know about Brock Glasner. You know these are the complaints that fans have about brock lists or so why not use that and employment did a great job of using it and a great job of explaining not only why he could do it but how he could be the only one who doesn't he mentioned seth rollins he mentioned Roman rates those are two top stars in the WWE wwe. He said they can't do what brock and do so. I think after saying that. I don't think we're going to get anybody jumping over from brand two brand unless there's some kind of an explanation and at the end of the day bully. You know why they're doing this. They're doing this because you can't have both world championships on the same show. Absolutely and if I'M GONNA see people from brand to brand right now. I'm intrigued to see what they do with annexed like last night. They told the Seth possibly seth coming over the next day so so dyes that were in gals that were in. NFC who might WANNA Jump back over to next. I dig that story. 'cause maybe that's it's a story of loyalty because hey we came up and this is where we cut our teeth this where he paid our dues and I might have a loyalty to that company thus I want to go back there. But as far as Ron smackdown leave it alone I get what they did with brock. It worked Heyman's Promo tied it up. Nice pop in huge. When he said you know you gotTa do who for a lawyer? Tweet tweeted hey. I heard you paint houses a little inside mafia stuff right there now. The story is between Brock and Ramos Stereo Brock dispose of Cain Velasquez. Who knows the next time? We're going to see him. He did it in two minutes. Ten seconds so now the story is fully. I guess where it should be with Ray Mistero because it was ray son that brock attacked and now Paul Heyman again courtesy of WWe Dot com had had this to say about Ramos Zero someone here. Who's where mysterious go? There's nobody sorry that's bad enough. In this coliseum arraignment locker room the slap back Brock Leser and coach right Stereo Ooh punk Song Dominic onslaught of the Bass Brock. Who is for someone tonight is going to Sammy? Kershaw vinyl Ramos Stereo. They're going to give them up begging poured Out is going to commit Dante wrong right. But Stereo promised promised these principles embedded rapist Aereos career. Apollo I hope nobody from the Godley family was watching Monday night raw. Last night. I drunk just hearing him say that Brock Laser this or that much dotty family who can be hot. Godley family did not like that Promo for volume in last night. I thought it was pretty good though. Yeah it was especially especially in Long Island. Yeah especially in Long Island which by the way who who all deserved to be executed. Yes like they. Whoever had had tickets to that show last night should be told? You can never go to a Monday night role ever again. I gotTa tell you though. It's par for the cost with Long Island. The national snap that because I heard in in Jersey are always hot shows why is Long Island. Only so dead. I have no idea Dave. It's I'll never forget. The first first time I perform there how excited I was and I was like wow. This crowd is is definitively different and it has nothing to do with. Oh well well we're getting a crappy show. I'm talking attitude. The garden I mean the Coliseum was a bit flat at times if not all the time the two the to places that I really never got excited to wrestling was Nassau Coliseum and in Pittsburgh because the people were notoriously flat and last night they were flat and it wasn't because they got a bad show. I mean the show is decent off the charts but there are a lot of things that they just they just this warrant up for at all. They're I guess they're just a harder audience to entertain and to please. I blame that Billy Joel. If view listen to the busted open podcast which you should do on a daily basis. You know that I am addicted to moines. 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That's a pound founded the finest ground beef on earth in every one of your moines boxes for an entire year for free offer ends November fifteenth. Spelled am Oh I N K box dot com slash busted box dot com slash busted. It is confirmed for survivor series. Brock Lesnie your WWe champion. Going up against Ray mysterious show and I love the way you really started with Paul Heyman. I love the beat downs in the back. I actually wish that would have gone on longer. I would've liked to have seen that go on. Throughout the show were Broccoli was searching for Ramos. I was Kinda surprised that they had it. Come to a conclusion so quick it would have been great if it would've lasted longer Qassim Brock. Be a complete dickhead. Bully and just beating up every random person he can possibly find and then eventually going back out into the ring and going. This and Paul saying this is BS. We know that somebody here knows where Ramos Stereo is and then ray comes out and do the dirty work. There could have been a lot bigger of a build up especially with raw who sometimes lacks a good thread throughout the shown the story throughout the show they could have threaded this a lot longer. And I'm not saying that they could have stayed should have opened with brock. And Ray and closed with Brock and ray but they could've at least gone into the second deep into the second hour with it. I would have liked to have seen that. Yeah Yeah I think that would have been a lot of fun because I love what I was seeing. Just I mean man. Brock does not hide his aggressiveness. At all I mean. I don't know who these people were in the back. I'm sure they're indy. Wrestlers local indy wrestlers. That were taking those shots in those F.. Five but man he is. So freaking a Gr- it's hard not to watch Brock Leicester he he di he definitely he grabs you. There's no doubt but let me ask you this. Have you ever heard stories of Brock leshner putting his hands on any of these indie windy guys or or backstage security any of these guys in and these guys getting seriously hurt no brock lesser knows. What the hell? He's doing Brock Leser. Noses own strength you take care everybody what do you think of. Do Madden. We've seen the last of him after that at five now he'll be back next week. I WANNA see him back well. I'll say this bully and you brought this up after I think week one or the day the first episode of the season season. And you're not crazy about the commentary And I said we gotta give it time. We got to see if they can build some kind of chemistry together. I think that has not happened. And I can't put it all on and that would be unfair. I'm Jerry lawler. Hasn't been great either it just it just not meshing I. Just don't I don't think they ma- they mesh well just just doesn't seem to be a lot of chemistry and they haven't been able to kind of build any momentum hearing them last night was is like I was hearing them week one. I don't think they've gotten any better together. Am I wrong is that what do you think I'm giving you my opinion as a fan I. I'M NOT I'm not into it either. I don't believe they're bringing anything to the table. And there's just not a lot of enthusiasm there's not a lot of piss and vinegar in their voice. There's not enough passion to me. Dio has a phenomenal look. I wish things things would have worked out for him in the ring man when he stood up to rocky you saw. How big that man was? He towered over brock and then brought just disposed of him. I think they have some kinks to work out on commentary. I'm sure they will. Hopefully they do let me ask you. How did you feel about about raised beatdown? And how did you feel about raise promo afterwards in the back. I liked both to firm me. I you know listen as a as a wrestling fan you can kind of hook onto something I like it. I think they can build on it. Obviously you have a great story with the beat down on his son Dominic. I'm sure we're GONNA see more of Dominic before we get to survivor series. So I'm actually really looking forward to that matchup. Listen Brock is at his best when he's with an undersized babyfaced like gray I mean look at what he did with Daniel Bryan look at what he did with. Aj style some of of his best matches that we've seen in the last few years it's because the dynamic works big guy. Little Guy David Goliath. It always works. It's a story in pro wrestling. That's very easy to tell it always wreck now and with ray mysterious should be even easier because ray is genuinely. He loved by people that Chicago Crowd for survivor. Series is going to be very hot. They'll be interrupted. Especially if they use these next couple of weeks to tell a good emotional all story where you want to see ray get his hands on Brock Leser. And here's the thing. I don't want it to revolve around dominic too much because after a while it can get a little bit. What's the word I'm looking for here? Dave Overdone Passe. over-kissing yeah it's overkill overkill. I've seen you beat up. Dominic now WANNA see beat up right. I- LEGIT WANNA see Brock. Just Destroy Ray. Put Ray in some really uncomfortable comfortable positions you know handcuffed dominic to the ropes and forced dominic to watch the destruction of his father other. You know maybe this goes the different way I mean maybe maybe this this could be a complete beatdown or maybe and that you always say this bully you. You don't like to see to bruisers together. You like that clash and styles. This is the ultimate class in styles with Brock and Ramos. Therio so this is what pro. Wrestling's all Abou- how completely different style when you look at Ramos Stereo. You know maybe we are going to see something similar to a j styles or a Daniel Bryan. I know raise obviously obviously a lot smaller than those two. But again you're talking about somebody who's going to be a first ballot hall of Famer and his alleged. I think we're going to be very very. Are you surprised by this matchup at survivor series. I won't be surprised by because I know that the two guys in there at twenty twenty five year veterans who know how to work a smart Martin Match Ray Brocker vary very smart when it comes to psychology there. They're going to tell a very good story. It's going to be a great eight-match there's going to be moments in there where you're think ray is GONNA win. I'm sure they're going to get dominic involved. Who knows maybe you get a dominic turn? Maybe Paul gets into dominant ear and you see something that happened. Could go a bunch of different ways with it and and for that reason. I'm intrigued to see what they do. And here's the other thing too we. We preach combusted. Open all the time and this is the prime example of it is emotional investment. You Love Ray mysterious. There's very very few wrestlers on this roster that the fans love I mean you look at Seth rollins it's fifty fifty. Maybe even less than that now when you look at it with Roman reigns. He's finally starting to build that crowd out today. Absolutely love them. You don't have to worry about that with ray mysterious. It's a good story so there's going to be that emotional investment and that's going to intrigue everybody and listen with Ray. It's that old school baby face. Love raise been around for so long. You know successful in W with this incredible matches with psychosis successful sessile and WCW with his incredible matches with Dean Milenko or anybody else that he was in the ring with obviously successful in the wwe becoming a wwe me champion standing there with the likes of the big show and Brock Leser Ray has twenty years of love in the bank with the WWe We universe so when you get somebody as loved as ray somebody as hated as brock. That's when the Best Magic Happen Michael. You're hearing catch. Basset Open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Siriusxm Channel. One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius. Xm An APP. Seth rollins no longer universal champion after the loss to the Fienberg wide in Saudi. But now we're seeing a different. Seth rounds owns and he addressed the crowd for the first time after that loss to the fien Bray Wyatt and courtesy of WWe dot com. Let's listen to what Seth said last night about his future. What concerns me? Is that everything that I've worked for for the last year to get that title off of rock listener to change the culture on Monday nights to give guys like a j style and Braun Strowman and hell even bear in Orbin opportunities to step off to the next level. That's all awash. That's all gone. Feels like we're starting from scratch all over again. And I I know my thing is redesigned rebuild reclaim but what. I don't know if I've got the energy for it this time. So what's next. Percents rollins guys for the first time in a long time. I don't know interesting. 'cause I liked the start of that. And that's just a snippet of what we heard. We heard a lot more from seth rollins last night and then like you said the triple h involvement. But I like that. He's getting a little bit hot I I. I liked the fact that you're getting a little bit of an attitude from Seth rollins but at the same time I don't know if with this rebuild reclaim name and the loss of energy. I don't know if those are the right words that are GONNA get people to get emotionally behind him. Did you hear people getting emotionally actually behind him now. So is it working. Well I mean I am. I wrong saying saying he's on the right track. Yes he's on the right track in tone. He's on the right track by not smiling. He's is trying I just when he's a baby face. I don't see it working dave. That's why I asked you. When have you seen the most anger? When have you seen being the most angst well at least showed a little anger? I mean for weeks. Believe in show anything and then I saw I liked it. I liked the fact that he was a little pissed off. I'd be pissed off too. You just lost your championship. You weren't your ass off to get that title off a brock listener and now all of a sudden Broccoli's there's there's back which he shouldn't be he should be on the other brand but because it's brock leser. He appoints himself Monday night raw. And now we're right back to where where we were before. That should get you angry. That should get you frustrated but it was the follow up. I didn't like first of all. He used the hold the whole rebuild re-build reclaim like I know by tagline is. I'm the architect and I rebuild I reclaim. No it's not it's burn it down. So now you're talking about rebuild reclaim men. That's not your tagline. Your tagline is burning down. Your tagline is F. This I'm taking control and and I'm GonNa completely changed his environment. You know I gotTa tell you. Every time we talk about seth. It's the same old thing it's like. The definition I should've insanity you just don't like him and the way he comes off. It doesn't seem like seth can really do anything to make you. We're happy you're just not a seth rollins fan. Maybe a you know what and if you say that that's fine. Here's where and and and bully. There's a part of me that just wants to say you're right and just say it out loud. But there's also a part of me that love I love seth rounds in the ring. And there's a part of me that loves what Seth Rollins is done in the past and yes boy. There's a part of me that heard him over. The last two weeks leaks. Were Mike Day ago. That's what I want to see from you. That's what I want to hear from you and I can see it in your eyes. You're going someplace but then when you finish it with like I just don't have the energy for it. That's where you kind of lose me a little bit and and bully. It's not just me because you lost the crowd you're talking to because you mentioned you asked me did you. Did he get the crowd's attention. I think at the beginning of Promo. If you listen to the crowd they start to stir or a little bit but then he lets them off the hook he lets them off the hook and they're gone and you'll lost them. Dave Avid theory. That's really really out out of left. Field promise to seth. I WANNA get your opinion on this. We it's hard to put our finger when exactly you know people started it to lose a little interest in south. Obviously he lost you a long time ago. Do you think that a portion in majority of the WWe universe is pissed off. Because he's with Becky. Jim I be there might be. I don't think that storyline when they tried to. And we thought enough about storylines storyline in real life. Do you think that fans are like becky belongs to us. Becky's our girl but now she's your girl the wwe university think die. Hard fans are pissed off about fat. There might be a small portion but I don't I don't think that's I don't think that's that's the majority like I think that because you were added that lack of emotion for all that time I think he lost the audience begins. Maybe that's all the emotions got in him. Maybe he's and that could be it some people. Just don't resonate you know. The the best characters are natural extensions of our own personalities. Maybe that's as turned up at seth gets. Maybe we get them a little bit more when he's a he'll but maybe this is. This is it. I never I've never known seth to be like you know a louder dude or the more amped up to. He's kind of just a a chill laid back. You know this. This is probably his personality as turned up as it gets and listen. Not every wrestler has to have that turned up personality. Daniel Bryan was Kinda like that. That guy that was the underdog and he didn't have a lot to say but when he did say something bent something and he was the underdog that you could get behind seth. rollins is difficult guy to get behind. He what else he is. But you know what else on fortunate for Seth. I didn't mean to cut you off. But but you know what. The biggest problem is for Seth rollins and has been for a long time. Let's he doesn't have a he'll he doesn't have one legit he'll that he's standing across from the insurance hell ain't one brock lesbian. Sure as hell ain't and one yeah they WANNA see Brock lose but brock is not that he'll if it was up to me. If I'd have the Pencil I would. I would have somebody go in there and bloody seth up really really really bad. I know you can't do that. I have somebody beat the shit out of him. So so bad and I'm not talking about the brock beat downs. I'm not talking about that stuff. I'm talking about red equal in green. I'd have I'd go very real life with this. All right beat the shit out of him. Bring Bring Br br bring becky into the story. Make people feel bad for him. And don't bring Becky into the story where she gets involved. Just bring her up enough. I I don't know if they're ever going to go down that road because the last time they tried it. It was a disaster. But you know what bully what you said and this is this is my for you kind of vocalise localized and I could see it in your facial expression. That's where I am. That's where I am in the fact that I don't WanNa feel this way about seth I you you know every time we've we've I know he blew us off the last time he was supposed to be on but when he's been a guest on this show he's been great. I love them with ring of honor when he was tyler black. He's he's amazing in the ring. I don't WanNA dislike Seth Ron's but he doesn't bring me and he doesn't grab my attention and you know what you just said that he. He doesn't have that he'll to go up against well right now. He's got another problem. WHO's the face that he turns on? Everybody's saying I WANNA see Seth Rollins as a heel. Well all. Who Does he turn unless Becky Lynch who the hell can he turn on to get people to like hate seth rollins? Dave all I know is this is if you had A. He'll stand up to seth rollins right now especially last night because last night he's like I don't know the direction I'm going going in. I don't know where I am. I don't know what I WANNA do if if I was to come out last night and getting Seth's face I would look Adam and I would tell him. Don't you know what your problem is. You're a failure and he would look at me and he would say how could you call me a failure. Oh you're I beat brock listener twice for the world heavyweight championship. I beat them at Wrestlemainia. I did this I did that. I'd say it doesn't matter what she did. You're still a failure. And when he was questioning why he was a failure. I would say despite all of your accomplishments and all your gold and all your money and even the fact that you're engaged to Becky Lynch your a failure because because you're a failure in the people's eyes now watch this the minute he'll tells the baby face that he's a failure in the people's bulls lies. Now I'm speaking for the people and thus I would be wrong but you need a real. He'll to do that because the fans are going to be like screw. Oh you bully you. Don't talk for us. We Love Seth you deflected you put it on him without the fans even realizing assessed really a failure. No use your universal champion. and He's you know the biggest star in the WWE as his girlfriend but go out there and you lie you call him a failure you tell him that he has failed in the people's eyes and now people are GonNa go. Hey wait a minute bully. Shut shut up man. We liked this guy. He was in the shield he pete Brock Lizard. He's a good dude. Set your failure as a wrestler. Your failure is a man and I'm sure when you lock that hotel room door you're a failure in bed. Wow when you start hitting notes like that now when I say say that I'm not going down the line of Bobby Lashley road which was just to entirely over the top. You're striking at a man's the cords of his heart by calling a Maala Ella failure. Not all you're you're a failure in the eyes of fancy you're a disappointment in the eyes of fans fans will will immediately start to love seth because you have a hated heel telling the fan how to think all right. So can you do that now. Bully because I like where you're going can you can I but can you. But can you do that. Now after what we saw last night. Because Seth Ron's in that Promo said hey guys guys I know that you're happy about the FEM- Bray Wyatt beat me for the Universal Championship and the crowd pop and he said I really don't care what you think then. He followed it up by saying that he doesn't have the energy anymore so when a guy says to the crowd I don't care what you think. And then he also Kinda it says. I'm defeated. I don't have the energy to fight this fight anymore. Where do you go with that and to you? Got Hunter going out there saying that. He's got more energy than everybody and on holidays double is age. And you know what I'm glad you mentioned triple h because we did see triple h right after that and courtesy to see. WWE DOT COM. Let's hear what triple a tad to say to seth rollins next funny. How history repeats itself? So whenever are you don't seem to know what's next or pads cross but are those things that you did for me. Were they from my benefit or for yours. Does it really matter because at the end of it every time you walked away champion to. I want to know what Seth Rollins is going to do next. Because what Seth rollins does next. Well that'll affect what I do next. You know how this works because you are either with me or against me. Basically triple eight said. Are you ready. Are you ready already getting back to what I just said about having that. He'll to cut that Promo on seth that I just thought about calling him a failure and disappointment appointment. Hunter could have been that Guy Hunterston. Cut that Promo. If that's the road that they wanted to go down Hunterston Tort Turn Seth Baby Face He could have done that now. Go ahead please. I liked what I heard with hunter. And Seth because I felt like it was a good story. I enjoyed where hunter was going but I also had a problem with it because once again who is the focal point of the of the story triple H. It's not that it's triple H. I don't want to single out hunter as he's the problem the problem is it's an attitude era guy. Well it does it does center itself back around triple h because he just said he kikinda said. I'm the guy we are paths A. We seem to cross when when you're at the crossroads my biggest problem with what triple h said last night triple H has has put himself out there. In the forefront of annex t we just like Paul Heyman put himself out there at the forefront of e c w the leader the guy that everybody will kill themselves for. It's like that. Annex t roster is is very loyal to honor and they will go out there and do whatever it takes to get the job done four hundred correct yes just like we were back in e W for Paul so so it's that very it's like that mind control thing and I think it works well. Hunter is a part of x t to the fact like last night he came out. And it's Titan Tron. He he pointed to the tea letters hunters the guy that put an X. T. together we get it you're the head guy of Annex T. It's your baby but last night I didn't WanNa hear hunters say you're either with me or you're against me because then it makes it the too much about him. I wanted to say you're either with us or you're against us. Because now he is an equal to everybody else in t he endeared himself to the Gargano House and to the trump is and to the to the Rear Ripley's into the Shayna bazars and the coals. Now it's like despite the fact that I'm triple. Ah Hall of Famer and this big deal in the wwe. I'm with these cats over here. I'm equal to the annex t roster when he says you're either with me or you're against me he now becomes bigger than the Rossel. Let me ask you this. Because obviously there is is a history between triple h and seth rollins so he could be referring to that history but at the same time and you said it when it came to Adam Cole last night maybe theaters a lot of fans who watch Monday night raw. That doesn't really know an xt. Could this be that introduction because it is triple eight that they know so could this be the start of that and then we're going to get where you're saying when it comes to that brand well. Great then to your point I would have. I would have had hunters said to seth. You're either there with us or you're against an X T. That's how you make annex t the focal point of the storyline. It's funny how it was completely lately different than what we saw in Buffalo. Think A- Daniel Bryan and something that didn't take place in the ring. It took place backstage now. I know you're talking about Daniel Bryan. WHO's one of the the most beloved wrestlers in a wwe? But it wasn't that long ago bully. I mean that he was the most hated man on smackdown so you see him in the corridors walking when Daniel Bryan looked at AAA DJ face to face you heard the emotion from the crowd you're outside in that arena even though that was taking place backstage and I know for myself looking at them face to face date didn't have to talk about their history. It came to me like that and they teased at. It could be triple H. Hell they teased Shawn Michaels. Because show Mike took off his sweatshirt that he's like oh it's golden put back on. There was no disappointment when they said that. Name Adam Cole on Friday completely. Different story with Seth. Rollins Steph thrones owns is now been the face of Monday night raw for a while. He beat Rob Brockley. They're not once but twice. He goes out with Becky Lynch. There's no emotional involvement album with seth rollins in that crowd so I actually think that triple h is going after the wrong guy when it comes to Monday night raw because you got to go to the guy that there's some emotional involvement with there. Isn't that person in south rollins. I'm sure they're trying to find the right thing to do with seth right now to get the people completely back on his side. And maybe they're hoping that if seth can do something with an x t that will light light a fire under fans ask just like lit a fire for Finn you know going back to an extent was a was a great thing for Baylor and the people people were so into him. That turn worked great getting back to the thing with Becky real quick the those those couple of weeks that seth was on TV with. Becky really didn't do seth any. No because it seemed like a masculine so whether it's in real life life or on TV. The whole seth and Becky thing I think hurt seth in people's eyes as far as hundred going after after the right Guy No I like this story. Because Seth is tormented right now and he doesn't know what to do all right. I like it because then maybe we could have seen in a different. Seth rollins at the end of the show in that main event against Adam Cole. If you don't know Sirius. Xm Than Listen Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars they're just go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius. Xm Dot com slash plus did offer available Donelson new siriusxm streaming subscribers siriusxm. No car required. I do WANNA get your take on Lashley rousseff and Lana now now. I don't like the whole story line. I don't like the way they're using Lashley. I certainly don't like the way they're using rousseff. It's getting a reaction from the crowd out some places bigger than others. I was actually texting back and forth during that segment with snake of skid row last night because because it was so ridiculous that we were entertained by like beyond ridiculous. I mean Bobby Lashley coming out there on. Crutches demands obviously never used crutches before because he couldn't even at least for a second make you believe that there was a problem with Bobby Lashley and who knows bully. Maybe that's the point but I don't know what the point is. Where are they going with? This ridiculous story rely between these three. I have no idea and I'm not sure they know where they're going. I I mean eventually I guess you're GONNA WANNA see rousseff kick Bobby Lashley ass. I mean he started to beat them up a little bit last night. It just. It's such a it almost feels like one of those trashy she romance novels and I guess that's what it's supposed to come off as I don't I don't particularly like it. I don't hate it and I think I'd the reason I don't hate. It is because I like the people involved. I like Bobby I like recieve. My interaction with these guys over. The years have been very positive. Drew and Rousseff could have had a much better match each than what they had last night. Of course it had to end with the wonky finish. Yes I guess we just have to wait and see it. It just doesn't you know you got you got you got llamas. Complaining that all rousseff wanted to do was have sex. But what is Lana doing with bobby just completely always having sex to the point. Where La Lashley's injured with a groin injury because all they do is have sex sex? Have you ever pulled your grind from having checks no unfortunately unfortunately no even with yourself youth wrong with you or just a question. Yes or no thank you sir. The answer would be no okay with my results or others so you did you find last night to be so quote unquote bad that it was entertaining. Yes like I. I first first of all as soon as Lashley came out with the crutches. I laughed out loud because these basically it was like a three stooges skit like he's basically walking walking like holding up the crutches and every once in a while he put it on the ground and then walk more and then put the crunch on. It was fantastic. I just thought it because the jeans were painted on those who some of the tightest I've ever seen but the bottom it's entertaining it's it's funny. It's ridiculous it's stupid. But at the end of the day rousseff and Bobby Lashley could be main event wrestlers Bobby Lashley could be in a feud with brock lesser. I think everybody would buy into and Rousseff at one. Point was the biggest. He'll on your company like I mean you can't do that reuss you could rousseff will never be a main event wrestler again. Ever ever Biz. Nothing else like this on the show. Oh so I guess this is a good trashy story line for raw since we don't get any of this on any of the shows. This is very attitude era reminiscent of what went on with you. Know Vincent any of his affairs or Curtain Stephanie. Or triple H and Trish or any of these you know romance or love Stories Salacious you know trashy romance novel Type Stuff. They could go anyway. WHO KNOWS MAYBE LLAMAS GONNA turn on Bobby and go back with Roussev? Maybe the three of them are going to get together one night. Maybe maybe maybe she's GonNa for a second there. When drew came out? I thought it was GONNA start making withdrew to yeah. Why not ruin him in the process? I I I don't know I guess what it's this bad and when I mean bad I don't mean the players I mean kind of like the a story I guess it you know what it reminds me of shark NATO. It's so bad. Let's make it worse that it gets over hip again like if you look at shark NATO those were like with like see list celebrities but my point is if bad that it got over. I I guess but this isn't getting over like in. By the way like STA First Shark NATO was ahead and then they started making more shark NATO's than it completely died a very painful painful death I think in the next shark nature the shark dies because he listened to your power rankings But we are forgetting getting. These are great wrestlers. Yeah but they're all being used as entertainers right now doesn't matter that they're wrestlers. Vincent care that they can wrestle. He wants them to anti-god go out there and we'll have you cheating on your husband with this other man then you're going to be in bed with strawberries and and whip cream and then you're going to be at a restaurant in Cleveland high old steamer. I've been there myself. I would you ever do this story. Line with brock listener. No no unless unless what it was with sable. Yeah I mean hey I mean there's there's nobody in I I could seve Vince trying to pitch that storyline the brock. Hey Yeah we're GONNA have you know eight in English in bed with with your wife. I get that would go over. It would never happen but listen if you did something with a guy like brock. You'd have to make it believable. So you'd have to find somebody that was with sable sable before she was with Brock in the business and that who can say. Hey I was with your wife beforehand if you throughout a name and I figured out a way to make it work. Would that ever happen absolutely not. Could you make it work. Yeah with Brock. Ever go for it. No no he's going to be like. Why would you do that? I'm like Khameini Event Wrestler Champion. Why would you? Why would you do that? If you'RE GONNA wind storylines like this happen especially in two thousand nineteen with social media and everybody knowing what the what the truth is about things you have to make it legitimate. So that's why edge Lita and Matt Hardy. Hardy worked so well because people knew it was a straight up shoot. We don't know that there's a strain of shoot lot of and Bobby Lashley never had a relationship on on the side but if we had heard rumors that Lama how to release you watch this. Why did Jeff Jarrett Taryn Jarrett and Kurt Angle works so well because it was real as real as real debts and they were able to let calmer heads prevail? Oh and they were able to do business with it. That's why that worked. She'll like Oh my God this is. This is legit and when you have legit stuff stuff like that. It comes off much better on TV. We know this is not legit and I don't I don't know what the caller said there were so many families in attendance last night. I'm not exactly sure that this story line is the best for families. But there's no other story line like this gotTa give the adult something to it's kind of like go into these. It's kind of like going to watch these new these new cartoons and they come out in the movie theaters. It's like the Disney cartoon Throw in just enough adult humor. Yeah keep the keep the adults district movies. They always have a few jokes in there for the adults that the kids go right overheads but the but the adults will laugh who. Let's let's see what they do with it. Listen Bobby Lashley guy looks phenomenal. Well you would think like a guy like bobby Lashley is so inventive. Wheelhouse that you would think that they were doing so much more with him. That's that's what I mean. If if this was a no offense but if this was like Zack Ryder you know I would. I would probably buy into it a little bit more because what sack rider are doing right now. You know so. I was rescue a Monday night. Roller I'm glad I could throughout Curt Hawkins and Zack ride at a break up the annex t they were they were there the long island woo writer had on more baby oil and he was a lot more than he normally is. Curt Hawkins another guy. You know all right. I'll buy into that a little bit. This just doesn't work for me. 'cause a what you just said Lashley's a guy I can seeing the ring with brock lessner. Dave I've been talking about Bobby Brock forever just because of their real life history of both being in the you you know taint Cain Velasquez Bobby Lashley come on. Give me a break. I especially from what we saw. I was in shock by what we saw absolute shock and I'm never really shocked anymore but it was crazy in Saudi to see Cain the guy that can actually do some stuff in a wrestling ring. Do absolutely nothing and Tyson fury. The Guy who has no business wrestling doing wrestling spots Tyson Fury Braun strowman bothered the hell out of me. Basically they did what we talked about. Them could not do exactly what they did. I didn't really mind the CAIN Velasquez Brock Leser as much. That didn't really really bother me as as much as the bronze Stroman Tyson fury. Why what was the point of it to me? It was like in in in the world of MMA Kane beat beat Brock's ass but in the world pro wrestling where it's his debut match in the wwe first match ever in the wwe. He got his ass kicked by the unbeatable. Readable Beasts Brock Leser. I don't have a problem with that. Yeah sorry that wasn't an ass kicking an ASS. Kicking would have been brock spearing him F fiving him punching him in the face and pinning him but again that's an aspect but you know what buy into the story that call was talking about Michael Cole said Hey. Cain Velasquez is a striker and whether he succeeded at striking brock lesser but then he also mentioned that. He's not good when it comes to submissions. He's not a submission specialist and he got caught in a submission from brock lesser. I never problem with the bully. They could have given me a five minute match and they could have did four and a half minutes of Cain. Being a striker and striking brock. Brock did not do well against Cain aimed Velazquez in the octagon they could have had cain mirror that same stuff that went on. You could have had cain taking down brock. Cain doing this the brock rock that debris looking like he was a threat and then Broccoli hooked him. I could've got more out of it. I mean they could've I. I really didn't have a problem problem with it. But you know what I would love for his next opponent after ray mysterious to be Bobby Lashley but I don't think that's going to happen. All right one thing we do know at survivor adversaries. Like we talked about. Were getting champion versus champion versus champion. We talked about that. Sit Down Between Shane. Obeys Ler. And becky Accu Lynch which I thought was fantastic. Let's listen in to what courtesy of WWE DOT com. We saw on Monday night raw. I WanNa make something very clear. Vecchio Lynch I'm not Ronda Rousey and survivor series. I'm not gonNA take my eyes off Bailey but I wanted to come here and tell you that I am going to pin you or I am going to tap you out. The only thing you'll have to think about between now and survivor series is which one of your limbs limbs. We'll be long to me. Are you looking to be face to face with the shop. And why don't know you so. I have decided whether I respect back killed or whether to slot the head off you but I'm glad we got this chance to talk so that you can feel the same doubt that Rhonda fell because warring with me will change and you like it did the rest of survivor series Shayna but I am coming directly for you awesome. I mean awesome from both from Shane. Obeys Ler and from Becky Lynch you know. We talked earlier about Seth rollins and he doesn't garnered at emotions. You're not hanging on every word word even listening back here. In my headphones I was hanging on everything Shane obeys ler had to say. And she's been in this business for a cup. The coffee compared to Seth rollins. And then you get becky Lynch. Who is the superstar and I liked what she had to say? I don't know you girl so I don't know if I should respect you or some great job by both those women last night on raw completely agreed. And what should happen in the next time Bali he is on smackdown so I guess it can happen. Maybe it can happen. They gotta do. It barely meets the lay. The both of them out. It's Bailey's the odd one out here. It's GonNa it's GonNa be hard to get people to buy into Bailey. Being in this match up they got they got a couple of weeks to sell you on it. It's going to be tough because for me. I probably hobby rather just see becky and Chenab as low right now. If they want Bali to be anybody in this match she's gotta lay them both out and see and going off the verbiage. They just said Shane and said I'M NOT GONNA take

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