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Hillary Clinton, Diane Keaton


Hi It's Ellen Degeneres welcomed with my podcast. We're GONNA listen to some of the best moments from the show. Oh and it's GonNa be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on Today's episode of Ellen on the go. Hillary Clinton is back on the show and the timing is that she appears on the day that Donald Trump is acquitted in his impeachment trial. Also Diane Keaton is here answering some burning earning questions. five-year-old's Zander Reiner Sohn. This kid is like no other kid we have ever had on our show. Oh my God. Is he a door super cute. That hair is want that hair also ellen meets an incredibly inspiring Delta Airlines Gate agent. Oh she was gave a beautiful missile speech at her gate. Awesome on a very tough Monday morning flight from JFK to lax. And what was fate would have it. No Oh we have a while ago we did a contest called. I WANNA get rear ended by ED. I can't believe we have the winner Lydia Benjamin in and how she well she's not she's not with us yet she's GonNa make an insurance really but she's she's here in the building maybe one of our she's one of our biggest podcast hot cast fans correct well with this fans any there's seven of them and they were all there all equally big fans. Yeah what do we know about once. We got like a one page document on live from our esteemed producer Daniel leary. Let's check the leaves no stone unturned and and she watch our show on K. C. O. C. TV in Orange County sheriff twenty four years old and this week my favorite book is that any on the enemy. Oh yeah this is one of my favorite lines of her bio Lydia is a huge fan of the Ellen show. She says some of her favorite childhood memories include watching the Ellen show in writing off did not feel like I was when I read that too late to cancel Lydia. Let's talk let's bring in all right. We're going to send super cute. I'm sending my staff out together now. Oh my God your staff your staff number number pillow here. How do you structure their days? A I'm letting my the biggest celebrity of met so far. Oh my God so far I would say yes but I'm feeling fantastic fantastic because I just heard ed laugh. Is this room as exciting as you thought it would be. When do you envision where the podcast happened? It's a cool room. It's cool I think Nerve Center of the show Lydia Right. There's so much to look out in so many the secrets that I can see if I can't talk about. Oh Wow share just pointed at share on the Board Caserta Christie. So that's our show. Each of those blocks is a week of our show and our show of course unfolds folds in seven acts so all seven acts are on the board. And there you go. That's the next three weeks. And then these are the following. You can see just gets lighter and lighter as you go further out we don't plan to bring any merch. You want me to sign anything I did. Think about bringing my Andean friends. Jackie obvious obviously I have one. I think I'm probably the only person who bought one. So you know. No I'm wearing delayed because crew are you L. A.. Are you Orange County Orange County so for those out. That means we're Los Angeles. What we're Disneyland? Disneyland is Kevin Spacey Place on Earth where in Orange County are you irvine okay got it up so hewn from Laguna Beach. Yes correct yes and I went to school at Chapman University. The reason I chose Chapman during the tour they say oh it's only fifteen minutes from Disneyland so people go to Disneyland in between classes which is why I chose Chapman. Fan a big Disneyland. Do you understand that. It is Kevin's wins. Is it job dream job though. It's just his happy. Nobody loves Disney more than him crazy. Someday I want to retire so ice cream. 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That's right for you. vistaprint wants you to be able to own the now in any situation which is why our listeners will get free rushing on all business cards any style and equality just go to vistaprint dot Com and enter Promo Code Ellen for free shipping on all business cards words any style any quantity limited time offer own the now at vistaprint dot Com Promo Code. Ellen tells about you we want to hear everything. What is your age? I am twenty four years old. And what did you major in Chapman. Communication study really good school all seven. Yeah I wish I could go back. It's an orange orange and correct. You do what now. I work at a nonprofit so I do program evaluation at Girls Inc of Orange County Girls Inc.. We offer after school in in school programming girls. Kindergarten through twelfth grade in our tagline is inspiring all girls to be strong smart and bold. You could've used. Mary could've used earlier in her life. Two out of three yeah. Those things turned out different. If you to start at Girls Inc yeah exact- Mida cool so you you you help people. Yeah Yeah Okay. I would like to think so. I've been there for three years so I started as a volunteer and worked my way up to court. Those girls like grow and see imprint print on the masonic. Okay I explain to us why you wing it and coming to the UAE. Why why why would you? I have a unique perspective. Live okay about your being here today because I I think I'm the only one in this room who has actually been rear ended by a story the started the competition is the story that started the competition. So having so you're the only one on staff so so having had the experience yes us. Why would you enter a contest entitled I WANNA be rear ended by it and remember? This is a family podcast doc. The title honestly could have been anything got it and I would have entered. Yeah I'm very competitive person so if to me. It's just about about winning so it wasn't necessarily wanting to win some of stone from their right but it starts. It's that way every day. Yeah so I wanted to win. It was awesome prizes and for me all the contests I try my hardest to be the best entry you've entered who'd entered every single podcast contest that we the commitment whereas kind of loyalty we're talking about is only entered like five of them. Yeah to be listener to be fair. We've told Porsche. She's not eligible for many of the country. But let me just go back to the I want to get your ended by it. Yeah if you were to get rear ended I immediately take Ling. You do true and want to get into an accident with. He might even pay for it with cash. He may not want never know. You never underwrites. You never know what I'm GonNa do is get out of the car and blame it on you. That's not what I do. It was my fault. I rear ended. Mary I I paid are still paying. Now what is it about our show in the podcast. You love so much right so I have been listening to the podcast since the very first episode Royal Fan and for me I love. I Love Television in general so any behind the scenes thing. I'm all in on so especially the Ellen show since I've been a longtime I am viewer of this show but I keep watching because of honestly because of all of Y'all and the relationship that you have with each other I mean for Crying out loud. We do really care better way to start our day than Lydia needs to be here every day. It was Wednesday a- and you can be totally honest because we're honest in this room. Were you a bit taken aback. At how heavy Kevin when their the moment where. There's definitely a moment where I'm like. Kevin is not exactly a full on Kevin's a handsome man. Very handsome diet pills. You know. This actually makes me happy. 'cause we sit in here doing this podcast and sometimes I really believe believe. It's for an audience of nobody. People listen people. Listen now that we can. We can do the podcast for Lydia Porsche. We know we're doing it for Porsche. My crazy to she look a little bit like Sarah when she gets older. May My daughter. She Sarala Yeah I when she came in I thought a little Lorber Talon maybe yeah interest maybe interesting also a compliment. Okay I'll take. I'll take tapings about that. who was on the show? I've been to three tapings actually ticket toss title so the first one was in twenty thirteen and Ashton Kutcher. Was the gas then recently saw Melissa McCarthy uh-huh a big deal and David spade so really knocked it out of the park with those are good taping three shows. No extra tape three interesting when you start watching Ellen. Oh I was in the third grade. My Gosh which I believe I season so my parents introduced us to Ellen with her here and now specials on. HBO Solid One right right before the US. Yeah that's how I became a fan of her because at that point I think it was eight years old. Thought it was funny And then I started watching the Ellen Ellen show on my little. TV In my room. That had the bunny ears so we got local channels just pause. The second que- industry was in third grill when we were all already already working fulltime third grade. And we're getting here and we're still here and she's gone and done a thousand other things. Yeah helping anyway go ahead so I started watching the show every day after school because I loved it so much and I love that she was making people laugh who the show so I would take notes on the funny thing. She would did you because I wanted to make people laugh just like she people laugh. I love this man neurotic do you have and in this is putting you on the spot. Then then we'll just edited out. Do you have a favorite moment or two that you remember writing down I'm I don't remember specifics. Because this is an eight year old taking notes so see now I think more of you than than the than yeah I do. Remember specifically on the Sandra Bullock moment where she hits on bad Santa and remember that still stunned just for about five years and she ate the pepper right exactly so I thought that was hilarious. I remember giant that down now. Did you ever want to go into comedy. Did you ever was that something you ever goal in. Life is always to make people laugh. Off that's what my get fulfillment from so comedy. I've always seen it as okay. You can either be a writer you can go into stand up comedy not really interested in in stand up comedy. I mean it's out to all the people who are horrible. Heart Cath so it's more on a local level. Not Me Right now comedy and through social media just like making people laugh. Will the person you're sitting next to over. There is head of all comedy ready at this show. He does that all. He's our head writers president of comedy producer. Some Tony Stuff you've seen on this show. You walk down the hallway and comes from me. He's a right uh-huh clearly failing also of course when you see like half the you you ought to take off of work. Yes yeah they do know that. I'm here it's a big deal. Boss made sure I was saying Girls Inc.. Think of Orange County girls in Kasese boss's name Jessica Jessica Yu like the employees the day leading adding Lydia. So thank you so much for that cell phone number down now area code. It's Ohio. Is that where you're from Where where Columbus Area Columbus Ohio daughter going right exactly Togoland which is not far? Yeah so when did you come to Orange County money for school so I was actually born in Dallas and then moved around a whole bunch of middle school. We landed in Ohio so I say I'm from Ohio but because because of that I felt like I could go anywhere school so then I heard Disneyland's fifteen minutes away from Chapman and I've been here ever sows your family. Still in Columbus part of them are My Dad actually lives in San Jose and my older sister's in Dallas. So we're sort of all split up. Okay we love Jack Hanna. Who of course was the Columbus Blue and we love? And we'd love Ohio we'd love Dayton the great city of Dayton. Ohio's one I'm going to grab a cell phone with me if you want to grab. A selfie with Komo sounded creepy. It's I'm used to it and she's not asking she did now. You're asking no Asked this like she told you about her. And then you're like oh I'd like it was GonNa Sweatshirt that sometimes you meet your heroes. Let you down the story of mine. There's nobody looked down. I I yes I did. What did you think I thought they were? Great I'm glad that parasite one almost all of the great i. I don't know if gal saw knives out this weekend. To people told me that I got to see it Yeah I felt like it should have been included in some of the Oscar nominations and but I'm really happy for parents when the people told you that you said you should see knives out. Did you offer to take selfies with them. Fans who told me to pokes. Did you see two popes. I watched that no good. I watch it on Friday watching stuff about the Catholic Church because I have raised Catholic and I have this sort of. It's really good. It's more of a human life. We're you know it's GonNa be about all the trouble looks better than I like the clips. I liked them but I thought I thought one of the most incredible movies I had ever seen was nineteen in seventeen. I have not have knocked my socks off shocked that it didn't get best director of World War One movie. It's it's a movie yes warm but it's more like a tale of these two guys journey. It's it's it's not like unbelievable. Yeah it's not like your standard war. Movie Denike Dunkirk or saving tourists. Who are Torah? It's basically two young men charged with delivering a message to the front line. And it's about following doing them to the front line and it's if you're saying you're sitting there in that room last night you know you're winning best director. You've got your speech ready you are. There's no chance you're not GonNa win and then you don't like it's just a lot of shots. Were the point of view. They built these giant Trent. Lott of it in one. Take Doc. That's cool. Yeah those videos take music videos remember. There was okay. Go okay go yeah. It's a lot like that domino's Domino's roses domino's their soldiers took sometimes with Andy. You got to find a frame reference that he can do and then the marble falls in the basket and the basket knocks don't like you what's slipped in a lot of these. Was Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton guess. What did you did you see that? Oh yeah thought it was great and knowing what she went through and twenty sixteen. I know how we probably all felt the day after everything happened so to see her. Be Able to speak so eloquently about everything. That's gone on documentary. I can't recommend enough watched comes to Hulu and March and just forget. Get the election like forget the election for a second. What this woman started doing in college the way she spoke up the way she was like singularly focused on advancing women and women's rights is just? She's incredible but it also talks about the election and the misinformation Disinformation and all that. But even if like even if she has a part in this it doesn't really matter to me like the way people hate on her is indicated it on her since her husband was the president it. Yeah just defies reason. Just it's just visceral people just don't like her and she's had had to contend with that was Obamacare Hillary Clinton. When Bill Clinton became president in his first term was trying to write healthcare in this country and I mean people people just did not did not appreciate it and and I think she is a great relationship with Ellen? And here's a little bit of Ellen. And Hilary Clayton and having a chance. Laurie hi I l on the last time you were here. You are sitting here saying that win your elected you're GonNa let us do our show in the White House that's right. I did say though. Yeah Yeah we didn't get to do it and get to know we did not but there is a different different kinds of show going on there is there is a show going on. I'm sure you're watching out talk to whoever's next and see if we can't get that done all right the deal. Yeah Yeah I wanNA yeah exactly me because I would like to do the show in the White House. Yeah Yeah Yeah I would love to do it. This is an answering to keep more dancing more Dan more dancing in the world. That's what we need happiness and dancing This is a big week. You're here the president was just a trump was just acquitted by the Senate of his impeachment. And does that surprise you. Did you expect that well. I wasn't surprised because it's a it's hard to get sixty seven votes to convict and remove somebody but I was still disappointed. Pointed that not more of the Republicans were willing to take the stand that Mitt Romney took Mitt Romney Romney. Yeah absolutely the extraordinary speech on the floor of the Senate talking about why. He felt the weight of history on his shoulders and that he was going to vote to convict on one of the articles of impeachment. Look the evidence was really clear. There was no doubt by the time it was all presented that actually the president done what he was accused of in fact. He admitted that he had done what he was accused of. He just didn't didn't think that anybody would hold them accountable. So we're now moving on but I hope that voters and Americans of all political stripes stripes actually pay attention and say to themselves. Hey you know. He has to be held accountable. And now the way to do that is in the election. Yep Yep Ellen on the go is presented by Disney's new original movie timmy. Failure mistakes were made a twenty one eight twenty Sundance Film Festival official selection about a young detective. Timmy failure in his partner. A fifteen hundred pound polar bear total in elementary school oddball the the clueless but confident. Timmy must navigate the world of adults around him all in his quest to become the best detective in the world. Timmy failure mistakes were made is now streaming only on Disney. Plus you know what was fun about the Oscars for me last night was seeing Diane Keaton. Diane Diane. Keaton is just Chris Stein. Keaton is. He's been on the show seriously like probably fifteen times a lot of a lot of a lot. I feel like she's never them sober. This is our seventeen season. And she's been on at least fifteen th yes just is she. She is hilarious and she is uniquely herself and and that's so refreshing in fun to see someone come on our show who is just from their own little planet and is Leeann podcast. Mind God in heaven. What did she do on this appearance? Mary played burning question. Play burning questions that was really good and she historically very much does not wanNA play Games Games on why she's nervous very nervous and I think she just thinks it takes her sort of out of I don't know she genuinely things also genuinely thinks she's not interesting. She thinks she's boring. She doesn't understand why we keep booking. It's almost like you have to do something. And then when he does it he ends up right. Yeah Yeah unlike that anyway. Here's ellen playing burning questions rollet. When was the last last time you had too much wine last night? Okay okay yet. It seems like you're winning already. Finish this sentence saying Keaton is. She's troubled naming young star. We're who style you love. I think I know who you're going to say. What are you saying? I think Billy Irish Amen. I just know you would like her. Her she's amazing. What is one thing you tried that you will never do again? A Kiss Chris Christoffersen. Do I leave now. I'm sailing know exactly with explain that he's a long time ago. It was a mistake. I think he was very attractive at the time. Time in and you'll never do it again. You know he didn't want to feed in Kansas. Sorry I have some wine. What's the sexiest food sexy food? Sexiest food what do you stick your tongue in. It's Gooey what do you stick your life Jello Jello. You can't really stick your tongue in go there. No something like Bags soup that's congealed that that does sound sexy like a bad. It's the right it's got the right color. What are you talking about Green? Isn't that what. Now we should talk about zander hander. Zander I mean oh my gosh producer on our staff whose name is Chris Coochie Yup and Chris Coochie if he had a specialty. What would it be? I'd say Quirky. Yeah his specialty is Quirky. He's great where kids books magician. Would you say hang out. He occasionally comes comes down. Sometimes you can't make his feet work but other than that of super super has magicians in the Korpi stuff but also got the kids who were trapped in in the case he got the tie. Yeah ties soccer. Team just finds them and he produces them and so anyway books they all end up on his holiday card that but he I found this kid zander who he was unlike any. I mean we've had a lot of kids on the show. We had Sophia Grace and rosie increasing chance and this kid was unlike any other kid we've had on the show. He was a true a lot of the kids that we have on what they can do is memorize blog. And that's impressive. I guess you know I still can't memorize but this kid is just actually brilliant. He knows it in him and his thing is science and his thing is astronomy and chemistry a little a little bit of biology. Say that he said his interest was mainly in the solar system or the galaxy or outer space because it never ends. Yeah that's what he said right so then more more ellen asked him a question about the life cycle of a star. Gosh and I will life cycle of a stars complicated. Sometimes you win in an Oscar in your star rises Zander Zander head. This answer covered holy cow. Here's Ellen and ZANDER chatting Rollet Lydia. What's the life cycle of the star? Okay you lift. They live far. Is I guess crowd. Dennis starts rotating then the Corgan talk then do produce. Our produce started doesn't have much by their math to create clear Your food to then. It's a yen Dur. Dur have enough math to create nuclear fusion. Then the phone giant. Some jarring is like a mixture here between the New York giants giants next day and then it turns red jarring so if you place direct giant in our folks to them that I thought well our son will and like a building years or so it fun well and it was up all the plan. This Tamar intern planets. We have live do gooder it also giant is. They're very a big. And do some of the ask for it would suck up and lick thousand asteroids from from the ask you gotta hear the start over. Okay I'm listening go ahead starts to rotate the in that one. You also have to watch. Because as I mentioned his hair his hair asked horrible. And then Ellen did this hilarious thing where she called twitch in the middle of it which is reaction and what happens during all those big laughs right so funny. I'm so glad I had the idea to let her cubicle. Don't show yeah yeah. Nobody's way you come up with the idea to put twitch in a cubicle where no one could see to it that that scared me. There were a lot so multiple times between rehearsal and show. I pitched to the head writer. Who That day was? Not Kevin that maybe we just make it a little lower so we could see him and she resisted rested that Lauren pomerantz bless her heart and We just we just had faith in her and turns out they were right they were lauren. Help firm whose idea was it to get rid of twitches mine. EJ Mine Mine Writer. I can tell you who's it wasn't the writers but it's been years. I mean years at that equipment has done it is plugged in it is during rehearsal. There are the lights and there's Songs there that from two thousand six loaded up on them but that's all it does nothing but anyway I can you like it. Oh yeah I'm loving it every day. What's the the new booth Nice? That's what Kevin Kevin wanting. That's what he hopes for now. We should do one more thing here. Why should we should we talk about courtney the Delta Gate agent how inspiring we need right now we need her so so there's this gate agent at JFK? Who handles what they call premiere? Flights which I guess are cross country cross country to La. Very you know big marquee flight. Big Marquee flight and she takes to her microphone the the the the morning after the terrible helicopter crash that took Kobe Bryant and G G and seven other incredible souls and she. We knew that this this crowd about to board this plane might need some extra inspiration. And here's a little bit of what she said. It was just know that we're here with you and now that you have your life so there's someone you had his focus incident call them. Somebody had reached out to awhile. I don't know no no. We've got phone up and solar reach out Goto House now. You're you're never something great alleged. Remember the spirit is still always happy life commuting it and its Kevin said we need more of her in this. We need more of her now. UNBEKNOWNST TO US believe unbeknownst to US yes which which was on that flight twist gate area and heard that yes and she was Ellen's idea that was ellen's I've l. l.. Have you seen this on. CBS Morning News. I want this woman ellen loves. CBS Morning News. She loves Gayle King. She loves everything about CBS morning. News Allen sought on CBS morning news. And so we went out to this woman and we fell in love with her and this woman works for Delta and should this isn't the only species given she gives speeches regularly but this was an important speech that she gave and so we header on to meet her and get to know her and celebrator awesome. She's awesome. Here's here's a here's a little bit of her exchange with Ellen. I just think you're awesome. I I saw you actually on the CBS morning show. I saw that I then twitch told me he saw you and twitch was actually he was on that flight data. Yeah Yeah it was it was it was one of those honestly. I'm so glad that you're here. Because I gave you a hug hub before I go to fly. We didn't even know each other like that but like what she did was so special. Because as you know like that day was really devastated in a kind of leaves you in this place where you kinda questioning a lot right in your mind's going all these different places but your heart and your and your bold energy just is spoke with exactly what we needed to hear before we got on that flight. I'm sure you've heard from other people when you do things like that but it must feel so good that to know your you have an impact on people especially when they're getting on a plane no matter what day it is but especially that day. It's as soon as I found. A Co worker told me while I was working on another flight so felt like one by one the lights in the world. We're going out and I just had to bring the positive so I took fifteen minutes. I said it's time to shine now. Because they need me. La Needs me. The people need me in. Thomas Spread that light and give the love. And that's that's so grateful to be able to do it. That's what we should all remember number. I mean unfortunately sometimes it takes a tragedy like that to make us all remember that we better start shining our lights on other people in loving other people. Because it's it's very necessary but you spread positively you dance so what happens. Where do you go and dance in the airport for so as we know? Traveling is very stressful. Yes so once you get through. TSA HARDEST PART WE LOVE UTSA but the hardest part so somebody can go downstairs. duty-free the free there's a DJ playing right there. And I started dancing. You feel the vibe you feel the love and I actually do that on my off time. So that's not on my shift. I worked my entire Russia. I clock out. Oh there's dancing body so that's the one way to do. Aside from music is dancing. Is that universal language of I love. They feel it. We feel it in a lot of times. We don't speak the same language but when we're dancing it's one. Yep that's what does she lithium. That's our podcast works. What are your questions for us? Yeah you must know something about me. Mary crush honors seriously any questions nations. About how we do the show. I do want to know because this is now what you've done over one hundred podcast episodes but how how. How has your experience recording the podcast change from the first episode? Till now I feel like the first episode. We did in the music dressing room right. We're here we're here. We did it there because whenever Ellen God forbid we make ellen walk the a two blocks to the off I think we saw us rich with all the downloads. We thought it was GONNA make you. Don't get that much thought changed our lives finance finance. You know you have to remember. By the time we started the podcast. All four of US had been working together for what sixteen years already so. I think the relationship hasn't changed much. I think obviously absolutely the fact that became sort of the head host. No one saw that coming. It's unbelievable what I'm just saying. That they would then become just junior hosts didn't NC that but they fall in No I think I think like our relationship has always been we did not anticipate will first of all all this all seems like a hilarious joke that we podcast. I mean it's just like that's how much do you get paid for the podcast. Oh if I carry one in how many do we do we do to a week. Yeah and we've done over one hundred. Yeah so is zero. Yeah thanks Ellen. That's weird because I have some income from it so so it's hilarious that we have a podcast but we have a whole lot of fun talking about the show because obviously the show is so meaningful to us and it means so much and the four of us make each other laugh all the time we did not anticipate andy going rogue rogue and deciding to take this honest just his podcast. Yeah he really wants to be a celebrity and he's aging quickly so we're trying to they're trying to make me a podcast star. Andy Rooney Kevin very early on did not think think. I think we're all amazed that we actually still have this thing I like about it. Is We do sit in these exact chairs for all hours every day and this is basically what it is without the microphone right. Yeah we just speak to Mike and so and so the notion that people might like it when it's just what we shocking tim say kind of anyway is and you work with crazy people for seventeen years and still like each other is very very lucky we genuinely we care about each other outside of the office and we're really really lucky. We know we know that this system works we solve every problem that comes up or try to solve it from right here in this office. We spend more time together than we have with our Vegas and these guys sentence saying dinner to the room to my sweet before we went out to the clubs and you can tell show. What were you saying listening to the PODCAST? You can tell that you'll love each other and respect poke fun on each other. Yeah I wanted to set with the gods. What else what we what we might right? You know they. He refers to Handy and friends. We we think we might just call it insufferable with any last night true story. These are my only family friends. That's not true anything else that's true. Yes and you were at the Super Bowl recently and I follow you on on instagram. Yes obviously we all know about the slow walking. We know that I entered. The rear ended by walking in video. So imagine my surprise when I'm looking at your content from the Super Bowl and I see that you are slow walking in place. I spent two days trying to get to the gym at that hotel. That never happened and I ate so much bad food that weekend that we we were there so early that I said I'm just going to keep moving for a little bit stadium. I've decided is a good place to go for things. Just just being in a stadium you end up getting a lot of exercise going up and downstairs and you know when Kevin comes on me something. He usually carries me upstairs. But but yeah I felt like I need to exercise and I wanted to inspire the movement because when you're head of a movement like you have to think of the people even in the most exciting times of your life which is being at the Super Bowl. You still have to go. I have an obligation. Are you guys familiar with Deepak. Chopra Finish your thought. I just decided to walk. And then and the best part about it if you watch it. It's Kaelin making fun of me the entire time so that was enjoyable. Sometimes it's fun to just you see. This is let Andy Start talking. Just keep letting him talk right. 'cause weird happens just keep letting him know Andy. We haven't seen war of the worlds but thank God. You're ROSCA. Yeah so your question. What's Oh yeah so yeah? That's what I just want to know where you got the slow walking in place because that was my because I you are a bit bit bit. My submitted walking in place we picked and then he took it the material. We have a scandal first podcast material. WHOA it was? That paper is way for your service. That's a big deal when oh you owe her an apology. Why don't you do something? The purpose obviously slow walking lydia so you so. She won for slow walking in place. But you're slow. Walking in place was totally independent. I didn't pick a winner. You think I picked the winner. You picked win. We all pick the winner video. We saw piece of paint you saying Lydia shouldn't want us right here with us. She's fantastic. We just try. Try this right now Eddie. I'm really sorry Lydia. I'm really sorry I bit. I do need to think the slow walking movement. I know Miss Nisa by without it I would not be sitting here. Good Point Day point good point so that's sort of the story of and he gives and he takes away takeaway. Anybody else has good ideas from my. Because I'm really running do you. Do you have a sense of your numbers in the movement. Yeah yeah but I can't discuss it. It's like Netflix. Really know the numbers we don't share. Don't share yeah. Do you think we have more listeners. On the PODCAST or people in your slow walking movement. It's probably the same nine people all right well friends. Should I close the when you're on the Sierra me say Lydia a great guests Nice Ari. I'll come around anytime very very Nice Jessica at Girls Inc.. You're very very very lucky. Lydia working for you know. It's usually an annual review but but for all the pr she did today. It wouldn't kill you to bump percentage just a bit seems to us just today that maybe she's a do a promotion so yeah like me. I didn't know what girls INC was. But now because of Lydia I do and so to all our listeners so Jessica. She's done good for you and I think I think it's I think it's really amazing that it based on the fact that Andy took years slow walking in place bit. I think is fantastic. That you're making a donation to girls inc sweet and that's sealing really nice today on Apple podcasts spotify or wherever you're listening right now and don't forget to watch Ellen Weekdays for even more Ellen Fund. Yeah there you go we would love to know more about to hear Ellen on the go please head over to wondering dot dot com slash survey. It's a really short survey. That will help. Make this show better. The wonder we DOT COM Slash Survey W. O. N. D. E. R. Y.. Dot Com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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