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You're listening to the M. P. I.. Paranormal normal podcast. Where the truth is to be found a podcast exploring all things paranormal hunting? UFO hopes on they are members. Believe in the skeptical approach fought with an open. Mind just trying to make sense of it all and I do take my personal beliefs it today but like eighty seven. I Have Mike Skeptical side the proven another way. I don't really have a say on it right now because I don't know what the video looks like. I'm looking for the evidence. What's the evidence? A story to me is not really evidence because that's one person's experience military. Paranormal investigations is not affiliated to any plans the military still coming to you from north taxes on multiple platforms Bernas of race. Here are your house members the NBA and welcome to military personnel will vest. Gatien's podcast my name is Rob Mike. I'm Alison Dan and I'm Jeff Start by saying we are not affiliated any branch of the military. No but we definitely approve of everyone joining the military and serving and thank you for serving our country. You can find us at our website at military paranoia dot com. You can find us on facebook and you can find UNDIS- on Twitter Alison Youtube. Yes all right. Let's go on Youtube and when you're looking for us on youtube its military paranormal in almost all one word don't space in there because if you do it's going to bring it all everything just tell you want to check for military paranormal. All one word already so what we thought we would do for you. Guys as we're leading up to. Halloween is maybe tell you. Some of the most creeped out or scared times that we got not during investigations to kind of set the tone for the creepy finery usually we know we take things things pretty pretty seriously and we try to do things but not to say that we don't get animated at times though I'm guilty then nerves looking at me of course but there's has been sometimes you know when just kind of that feeling the whole atmosphere the the the setting that you're in whatever it may be it may not be the most scary times ETAP and two other people it may not be the you know the scariest thing that's going on but just at that point in time for us. It was kind of the creepiest times that we had. So we thought we would share this with you guys some. Why don't you go first Mike? Oh Gotcha now let me see. We were trying to get out to go first but all right the one time she speaks alrighty so I think a couple of good experiences and couple. You know I've been you know really animated on and Jeff and I were talking about one before and and But I don't think it was the scariest I've ever been We were doing this house. It was at an undisclosed location. We still can't divulge the side of it just due to some privacy concerns but little bit of the back story on it you know we get called in because they were Some people were saying some figures. Come down the hall. They were seeing some figures in their room they had kind of the creepy factor. That set the tone for it. If you've ever heard or watch the movie fourth the fourth kind When the when they're recording and there's like this alien talk in the background while they had set up a Dvr a digital voice recorder and set it up and And and listen to it at night and I think they were having maybe some night terrors. I'm trying to remember correctly was going on but while this was going while these night terrors were going on there. was this kind of unintelligible. Foreign Language haven't even know how to describe kind of reliable. I love this ad again. This this was with a you know are the It was the one that I even on this one. Yes okay. It was an remember the team that when we went in it was me and Jeremiah that we're on a team but I know it was me and Jeremiah Jeff F you misty else was. It House is a house it was right up the road here Okay oh I know talking about now. Okay yeah okay so it may have been that we had that audio audio recording because that was kinda creepy I mean it was a very unexplainable ADP that was captured while this was going on but I remember we went in and the house was nothing spectacular and I remember the first part of the investigation. I think it was my second time in The first time we went in one of the stories raise was we. We were That the kids that were in this bedroom they would see these figure standing in front of him so we were. I remember. We were laying actually laying in the bed. Kind of like they do at night when they were sleeping. And if you right in front of their bed was they had some posters up like pop star posters or something like that. So have you ever seen those those The optical illusions were you stare at the dot for so along and then you look at another picture and you see the dot so we figured that that's what was going on you stare at these pictures on the wall. 'cause you're scared and you're laying there and you hearing some noises and some some stuff may have been going on legitimate but we were staying at these pictures and then if you turn and look down the hall whenever you would hear this noise your eyes had that retina image burned Bryant of the posters in front of you so we kind of debunked that and I think that the other t you guys had gone in and it was the same time but I believe you guys it came out we'd county and because the cat. That was a cat that was left in the house. WHO's running around but anyway so it was when Jeremiah was with this and we we we had gone in and I would I remember? His Jeremiah was a Previously Ordained Minister He who's kind of our occultist if you will. He had all all the knowledge on on on the dark sciences. And that sort of thing. He's really knowledgeable in that aspect of things and he We were sitting being an China places for you so we were sitting in a rectangular room. it was skinnier looking across for me than it was long. Whenever we looked turn left and right it was kind of a long and then right middle of that room was the hallway? They went down beside the kitchen and the master bedroom's on the left the kitchen was on the right in the the hallway. Away dead ended into like the breakfast nook area is and it was really long. It was like the length of the house this hallway. That kind of went down in in that at the end of that that hall where that table was there was a set of blinds outside. The window was a street light. And you could. You could see the streetlight out. There encounter. See through the blinds. When you'd law the lights off and we would go dark all the lights were off but you can still see that glow through the through the blinds and I remember Jeremiah our sitting there? If you remember when you guys set up you set the record or on the mantle. Yeah an opposite heard get out upon entering the house I mean it was. It was instantaneous. When we riding up we were sitting there and What I remember was it was very uneventful to that point and then all of a sudden is worse in Jeremiah? I was on a couch looking. Why was on the right side of the cavs looking down the hallway? Jeremiah was on the love seat on the less out of the love seat. There was a coffee table in between us but he was off to my left and as we were sitting there the I remember it just we were asking some typical. EDP work questions and everything was going normal and then it was like you turn to the pressure in the room. I mean where US kind of Yuki Kinda I feel and here again I go in your ears and Kinda ears ringing. You kind of felt like the pressure of a headache. Come on and what I remember was it. Is it got dark. I mean it got really really dark and in the light to the blinds went out and if I remember we were talking with ops and opposite acknowledged knowledge. The same thing was going on on the cameras it got really dark and but what I remember is is is again. It was dark but you can still kinda you kind of see through it all but what I remember is a figure like a shadow figure shadow man. If you will. It started coming up the hall. What I remember is it's not like it walks to to me? It would be like it was at the end of the hall and then it was halfway up the hall and then it was like right on top of me and I remember I felt this presence of this. This shadow figure figure kind of standing over me and he kind of stood over me and then it turned and and I could literally see the figure jump between me and Jeremiah and then it was standing over Jeremiah and at this time Jeremiad got an I. I had gotten really quiet and we were kind of like okay and we remember. We started calling to ops. Hey we probably need to come out now but you guys if you remember you guys were like Doc. We need you to go down the hallway. Because y'all were seeing was that the light had gone dark down the hallway right. We had a laser setup and we did read a laser grid and But it was kind of where that happened and so we went down the hallway and then it was just the most forboding sense dance of dread that I remember we walk down the hall and finally Jeremiah was like I. I've got to get out of. I've got to leave. We need to tell them. We're coming out and I'm like I'm with you one hundred percents where we're gone so we called and we came out and you guys came in but I remember. We did our debrief in Germany. German had the same story. This figure came down. The Hallway walked over to me and it walked over to Jeremiah in Jeremiah. said it kind of pulled either on a sliver as leg. I can't remember on his pants or his shirt and kind of pulled on it and then I wish we still had this footage over there was an MVP and it said something to the fact of. You're not the one or you're the one you're you're you're not. The one is what I think it's really was. You're not the one. Yeah and then the figure turned around and left and then that's when canister to come back but at this point in time we were kind of overly overly worked so anyway but German and I had the same story because it you gotta understand how we do things we kind of we try to keep that information separate separate we. We're we're working as a team in but when we come out we do our DB separately so when we tell the story we can bounce information to make sure it's not some destructive acted construct of what the entire story was happening. We want to make sure that that evidences is secure And we also record when you come out of the house at that time. We had the record camera up to where we record as we did. A video interview basically bring on the vendor video debriefs In our story was the exact same thing And I didn't of course e pull on him but does what Jeremiah felt but I remember walking over to him and anyway it was It was quite a quantity we found out after the and after that they were doing mini seances Ouija board work and some things like that. So so my theory on it all along was that you know Jeremiah was a practicing minister. I believe at one time he was ordained in the in And and of course he had studied on this where he kind of knew some things but my theory is it was something bad and then it came. It came to me kind of insignificant -nificant sitting there I was like I was still fairly new at one of my as far as investigate. Yeah and then it went over to Jeremiah and it. I think it was testing him. I think I think it was. You're not the one you're not who's here to stop me and it left. That's that's my theory now again. That's all speculation and in a pure conjecture but that's my theory on kind of what was going on again. We found out later on. They were doing some stuff that they had kept from us and kept out of the interview. Process But it was. It was interesting not mistaken the reason that we went to that one because it had kids involved kids involves yes yes and that was the thing and we kind of debunked the stuff with the remember. They saw like a figure in the shower right. Yeah the bathroom and So anyway I had a lot of things going on with some creep back there. But that's that's probably the cared scared. The you actually scared during that one. That one was a little creepy. Yeah it was again. It wasn't necessarily that there was a figure figure in front of me. I mean again. y'All seen my excitement. That's where I was going. That's where I was gone without. I've seen one where you've been like really excited. You did. Yeah and that we saw you know figure an apparition it wasn't to me. It wasn't necessarily scary. I mean because you were excited for sure. It was a but what what got me at that one. I wish we had the footage though. Yeah what got me. In that one was it was the sense of dread. I mean it was an overwhelming almost like weighing on your heart. That's all the way I know how to describe an and you could feel it in your head like your head was like it was almost like you were experiencing major magnetic like a magnetic field right right that was Kinda on what what I had out of that it was it was this and that's the way Jeremiah t and Jeremiah had been doing this awhile and and this was it was it was I think he it said it was his most frightening time that he had had to Adam I remember the investigation but I didn't have anything in their Thank you were strictly ops. I think I was doing. That's what I was saying. I think I was doing obstacle in the video. I remember you guys. Were calling US trying to get us to stay in and we will yet again. Yeah we got to come out that I was seeing like. Oh I need an investigator in their go stay. I'm pretty well. I think the picture there was a picture down there. Yeah and so then picture and moved and then it got dark and the laser broke. And y'all were trying to get us to go back down there and we're like kind of like when you and I were at right That state park. Yeah coming around and we had that dark miss coming at us and stuff and not in all talk about that. Oh that's your story for one of my my story. You have several as well. Okay Yeah and if we do multiples I have another one. I got to go well. We'll do it on another why this this is yours. Allison shows you. This is yours. This is your one time story that we're going to come in and help you with. And then the next one will be allison's that will come and help her next. We'll all right jeff. We'll have his and then we'll go to Alice's I'm pretty pretty sure she'll say I'll be next. It'll be our last will so the other one I guess would be in our building that we always stuff in and it might be worth storage. Yes yes yes the other one would be. I don't know if you were on this one. I can't remember a few rooms. I was on every single one up there. You're we're one with the with the guy. Yeah so anyway the guy that's a different story nevermind nevermind desk so anyway. We are talking about the same building right okay. So when we had gone up and it was I think it was one of Allison's first occur San investigation instigation with us. Because we did the the camp and then we did this one okay. We're talking about two totally different buildings. I have no clue what building your downtown. Yeah you've done investigation with this downtown at that. Yes it was her Lori and so we we had gone up. I guess I'm unforgettable. Yes so or. I didn't realize that you're with us that long. Because that was like some of the first one like twenty years ago you believe it so so we we we had gone in there and everybody kept thinking. It was allison stomach because he kinda kept coming even from her area. There was this growl it was on whatever that was that wasn't what the creepy factor was. But it just kept happening and we would ask questions and ask questions and then we had a certain an individual that was a guest investigator that was kind of instigating In this growling kept getting more and more intense and it kept coming and I do remember now. Now Yeah Okay Yeah Okay and then what I remember was so it was. I think it was me and you guys were downstairs and I had all these new guys with with right so we were up there. What I remember is this kept going off and then we were in this one particular room and he was dark? The windows knowing this is dark and We were in there in this grou- would go off and then care of saying it was allison stomach and then it changed for my left ear tomorrow ear and I was like I almost feel it behind. Yeah push on me and was growling and I thought this ain't right. I mean we. We've been in that building a lot and we you've had in you. I'm sure you'll know you've had some aggressive stuff. Yeah I don't think what it was was malevolent and like I do in that House that first story house in the first year. That was something bad. I don't know what that was but I really think that was something malevolent but I don't think it was bad but when I can almost feel it like it was kind of pushing and I could hear that growl I thought you access when I called it and I said. Hey we're coming out. You know. We had some other stuff that was going on. Yeah and I was a it was like we gotta come out. There's something we until we figure out what's going on and then if you won't get one of the little well I wanna I wanna add that that because I do remember that very well with it being my second investigation and it freaked me out. I pissed me off because everybody was us a in my stomach and I kept saying it's not my stomach here too and then finally you said you know we gotta go and I was like no because I wanna find out what the noise is and for somebody being a Newbie of investigating needs to understand that you really should have have someone knowledgeable to tell you went to get out because I wanted to stay in there because I didn't hear what you heard in parliament thing was we've been in there a bunch and we've had some great. What I think is a grumpy ghost? And when we talk about four if you're a butthole in real life and this and that you're got to be nice and afterlife but we never had anything malevolent when what what got me was it kept growling and it kept growling rallying and he kept growling. This went on for what ten fifteen minutes and it would happen. Like every fifteen or twenty seconds for like ten or fifteen minutes and I'm like something's got this much energy it in if it's got enough energy to keep trying to manifest in that way and keep trying to manifest in that way that it's in it's interacting with us. It's not some sort of doc right you know reproduction badly. It's something that's it's happening jealous. Intelligent diligent haunt in. Its mad at us for being in there. If it is something bad we need to step back from exactly. Somebody's making it upset. At that time we were. We had a guest with us and he was kind of challenging And and I just I was afraid afraid something was going down right on path and that was why pulled everybody out because something was going on there. That was like we need to back up a little bit anyway. It wasn't the cut everybody short short it just something was like no and that's why we never go in there alone and we always have an experienced one with an less experienced person stuff. That's that's why I don't bag on. TV shows. I really don't but when you send someone in there by themselves curious asking for trouble you really are. If there had been something really malevolent blunt again what you see on TV and in we said this before. I think we have done very very few things that may have had any demonic qualities. Holidays to it. I can think of one or two instances in the ones and stuff. We've done to to to buy. Maybe that one that was talking about and then the other one with the pictures and so I would say three then I would say three because they park. Oh that other voice. uh-huh yeah Maybe that relates back to. Yeah my found that Jeremiah. I'll let you tell your story in a minute. I wasn't with them. I wasn't and neither. Yeah we we. So it'd be like is telling what they heard but yeah I wasn't with them because you and I were together at the jail cell. You have the time you want to. What bill it real quick okay Basically at the one of the state parks that we went to and investigated We had three crews out. Jeff you and I were believe at the old jail or the armory. Yeah I think we're at the armory because there was three other individuals that went outta Outta the believe was Joe Jeremiah. And Sean Sean. Yeah had gone out towards the town because they had the army post there and they were going out towards the town and They heard something like really it. I don't know if it was a grumble or they. They just heard something that was just out of the ordinary and then when they turned around and everything there there's this huge huge buck according to them. Now the reason I say was huge was because you could hear on the audio because back then we care audio equipment with this and you can hear on the DVD or the EDP with them saying. Oh look at that buck. And it was the way they they described it. This huge stag Buck humongous atlas. And they're like Oh man look at that and they didn't hear anything when they're saying that but then when we went back and started reviewing the footage during the that timeframe you can hear inbetween them talking this demonic voice and I remember the name it says it says I am. Tom Is Age Zagan Day. Something when Jeremiah went back and researched it was the horned beasts right the horned beasts a big would would appear as a big horn beast and everything is what the demon would so would them not looking at it they would just think it's a deer and everything but when they looked away was this I am big. I believe it's taken a believe it was I am seeing almost demonic. aww Man all right. I'm done here. Look I sure wished your mind. Was that here. But now he's out enjoying the farm life. If you ever get kitsch facebook and everything. He's enjoying farm life. Big Time farmer now out there up in the north. Oh no I didn't know that. Yeah yeah he's at the big old Harry face and everything l.. Earning he. He's enjoying Pharma but yeah it was just stuff like that. That would be one of the things that I would think would be there and then probably probably your story Because when I tell my story I gotta same thing up there but not saying things you but a little bit more intense. I was stupid. I'll element that going in their loan. How stupid But Yeah I don't really want an investigation that we were just in the building setup when when that yeah yeah we'll go there after after But yeah those would probably be the only diamond. I mean. There was one case that we had were. They thought it was demonic and They'll also be one of my stories as well but turned out that it wasn't but going in there thinking Bennis demonic him back then we we were we had Jeremiah and everything and we. We didn't care what type of case we took. We were GonNa take anything and then going in there to do the RECON and everything Was Probably Pretty intense for me going down there knowing that I was the only one going alone and doing it during during the day looking at all this stuff and I'm thinking I have two hours to ride back here and I'm thinking Oh my God what are we just get into her solace only Ali scratches and stuff and I was like. Oh yeah but I think it I think it was. I am Zagan. Yeah I'll let's L.. Tell me how that went in a minute. And then we're Allison's going so when we do our other okay the auto that night so Yeah like we said what we're going to be doing is just doing little. It'll eighty-one so this will probably be one night so Yeah thanks for listening to Mike Stories and Weren't we're going to get you in on Alison. We're we're we're going to get in on it. Okay so I guess that's about it for deception and then we'll get another zone right. I think so. Don't forget you can find a set. WWW dot military paranormal dot com. You can find us on our facebook and I believe it's like a you know Terry. Paranormal I don't think there's an underscore. Yeah I think you can look up pretty much. Where the only military investigations on their same thing with twitter and then with Youtube be like I said earlier. It'd be all one word. Don't put a underlying or anything like that and you can also so. MLS At contact. NOPE NO PODCAST at military parable DOT com. And if you have if you have your own scary story yeah definitely please let us know get let us know and we'll we can go ahead and record you over the air record you somehow and then put your little story on the air as well. But that's what we're GonNa are we doing. We're going to be leading up to the different Different stories and getting us on Find out exactly what some are most scariest investigations were so. Listen listen to every night. We're going to try and lead up to Halloween for that. All right all right thanks a lot have a good evening happy Halloween. Thank you for listening to the paranormal. podcast this podcast has been brought to you by military paranormal investigations. Hope you we all enjoy the shop. Don't forget to connect with us on facebook twitter and Youtube until next time the truth is to be found.

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