Everyone name's Josh. And I'm dillon. Hi everyone together we are the host of Scaffold. Skylines entrepreneurial podcast. We're podcast about successful entrepreneurs across all spaces initiatives we sit down to chat with those who have walked the talk and paid their own pass turning ideas into realities. We're going to be discussing the exact how to approach these by guest to provide our listeners and that guide for their own entrepreneur desires. Exactly what Josh said. Do you WANNA know how. They made their dreams. Come true and start really living well. So do we josh and I were to thirty year old guys. We have somewhat basic nine to five college military professional backgrounds. We've managed this by being okay with being normal which served our twenty just fine. We're ready to take the plunge input are better years towards bettering ourselves. Our pockets and everyone around us as scuffle. Scholar has a podcast. Unlike any other if I of this kind and all you need to all you need to help yourself start living a life. You have always wanted for yourself. The world of entrepeneurship like our content truly knows no bounds and competition can expect. We'll be a step-by-step gold on how to our guests entrepreneurship in Bitcoin. Investing growing influential fitness man or even e commerce business. That took off the things. You can't Google in the age of information we're going to be covering this on all platforms all social media. Where already on twitter? We're on instagram. We've gotTA facebook page. Go like a stay in tune stay updated if you need to go to the website subscribe to the mailing list. Maybe that's maybe you're in your inbox than you're on your social media. These are all going to be your direct ways to get to us and the new episodes go. Don't do this right after episode Zero Zero Zero N so until the look for tour next episodes are GONNA be coming out every Monday Wednesday and Friday later and stay hungry.

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