LADS#131 - North London Penalties, City Goes Top, and Fan Questions


Guys. Welcome in happy Wednesday. We got a jam packed episode for you today. We're be talking Northland and Darby. We got the mercy Darby all sorts of Darby's. We also have Chelsea Fulham briefly. We have Manchester United just wonderful goals in that match against Hampton. And we also have man city taken top of the table with their dominating win over bore myth, even though scoreline won't show it if you will get right into the stats, which you know, we're not big stats guys. But before why are we saw out of breath before we start this episode? We want to give a quick shot out to overtime media. And also, stay tuned to the end, we have a brand new sponsor, which I am fucking geeking out about biggest sponsor of the show yet, no fence or other sponsors. But personally, my my fair sponsor they'll be starting next Monday. So before we start this episode check out this ad, and we love you. If you're drowning in IRAs tax. Debt? 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Call now one eight hundred four seven zero four eight eight one one eight hundred four seven zero. Oh, four eight one. This is the overtime podcast network. No, no. No. Thing. Hey, I'm competitive, and I'm Martin Frazier. And we are loud Americans discussing soccer better known as. All right today is March six happy Wednesday. You're listening to lads podcasts on the overtime media network. Martin. We have all sorts of good stuff to talk about before we get into that. How you doing bud? I am out. Sick of winter kept. I'll tell you what it's like forty degrees here. And I think I'm I think I'm dying either therapy or something then I'm cool. Do you I- fricking bites into work this morning in twenty degree weather because I refuse to take septa because it just filled with filled with bedbugs and also real bedbugs like fucking the people in their man terrifying. It's like you were like, oh like Philadelphia. Like, you know, the people like are they as bad as they seem what septa at seven in the morning. Yes. They're exactly what you think. They are but sites that. Yeah. I'm pretty sick. I saw that. You know, we're not gonna talk MLS at all that happened this weekend. But I saw that the most the coldest game ever was played this weekend in like five degrees. I just remember seeing that picture on social media like a referee, literally, his eyebrows and knows his snot was coming out like fucking icicles. So again MLS how about you know. I don't know. I it just it just hurts my head. Sometimes like, I I know it would make sense for them to play during the like same time. It's like all the other top five leaks. But to start your league literally in the winter. I I I don't know what the tell you. But. Yeah. MLS happened in scored a goal, and I think Philadelphia union lost. I actually don't know. I, you know, we said we'd be covering more MLS. But you know, we're going to stay on brand and say we didn't watch any MLS this weekend. So I'm sorry to all our molest fans out there. So. Yeah. That that basically sums up my feelings about Ebola MOS in its entirety. I I was on Instagram. I think like Friday night Thursday night whenever the opener was for analyst and was Bleacher report a bunch of songs sites that I follow all posting about to start of the MLS season. It had fire emojis explosion emojis smiley faces and literally my only reaction was cool because I I might watch maybe two or three games this year. I'm trying to watch more of it. Can't man. I just can't. And if you playing if you live in Minnesota, and you have a soccer team haven't endorsed stadium. Like, there's a reason Iceland, Sweden, Norway, all these Scandinavian, countries and cold countries. The reason that their soccer games, especially they're international soccer teams have gotten so good in these past five ten years as because all these countries have put for the program of building indoor other stadiums were parks for kids to play practice and watch soccer. So look if you live in a state that is negative twenty degrees at any point in the year. Inside stadium or don't play soccer. I'm sorry removed. Harsh like just get that move. Just get the fuck out of that state. I don't know what you're doing. I mean, I I'm miserable here in Philadelphia which goes without saying the city itself, but I'm just saying like guys like come on. But we have all big big filled. You know show for you today. We're going to be talking to north London Darby. We got Everton Liverpool. Drawl we got a new league leader right now by one point. Maybe even some L classic go. I watched that. I just got wasted this weekend. More in from lake Saturday at like seven in the morning till I went to bed I was like drunk. So it just that's what happens when you start the Northland into RBM seven thirty. That's that's good. That's their fall. That's obviously therefore I was just in a daze. I went to the warriors game the night against the Sixers, and I was just completely my little cousin. I was just heckling the whole night just just Philly trash all day. And you know what? I'm that's fine. That's just you know, I'm just staying on brand. But before we get into that. I do want to do one thing that turned out to be our biggest social media hit on our Facebook. It was this tweet by at final third. He said, this is so American soccer and the most American soccer thing to ever happen. Atlanta. United isn't playing their Champions League match at home because their shared stadium is hosting a monster truck event. Wow. It's that stadium also hosts regular football games. So I think if if we collectively as a group of soccer fans, ended Americans international fans, and all all you people. Listen to us if we can collectively say that is the most American team in the MLS, then I think this world would be a better place because first and foremost expansion team Jones right in second year in the league wins the fucking MLS Cup. And they also have to Atlanta Falcons playing in the Mercedes Benz stadiums. They've got Gucci made. They've got fucking monster trucks. Apparently that also played there. I said, I mean, also you're screwed scripture. Yeah. What skirt? Yeah. We get we get all this guys. Thank you. I I'm trying out for migos. The one cheated on Cardi B. So he might be back together. Isn't that offset? Yeah. I think that is offset. I don't know. There's also at Cueva when the other guy. So I'll say Cleveland the guy who don't matter. But yeah, he just goes. Yup. So that's I'm trying out for my thing. I can make it. Though, I kept kept Quito Kevin. Okay. So let me know how I do guys. I think I really got a shot so more. Let's start this shit off. We got the north London. Darby lots of controversy quite a north London Darby to reminder, ending one one. I was just on the who kicked corner-flag podcast last night. And it was a game show between to Tottenham supporters. I was on the arsenal side. So we talked on length about it. But I gotta sorta off with this is the Orn Ramsey curse. True. I mean, it has to be now it is just like we've always joked about every time Arn Ramsey scores. Someone dies. Luke Perry's dead the star from nine zero to one oh and some other show. House. Riverdale river river face that show river face heard is really good. He's dead. So he go through the history. There's something going on. There was some deal with the devil. And it just ended up every time. He scores. You like, I think all these people shook hands with the devil. And they're like, oh, I own Ramsey won't score that much turns out he does. And they're all dead. So so let me just throw some stats to to confirm this deal with the devil hypothesis. So of the sixty five goals that he has scored for arsenal and Cardiff City. Twenty one. Of those goals are cursed. It started in November twenty one. Yeah. It started in November nine. What like third a third of people. Let me let you know who are in Ramsey has personally killed Osama bin Laden, Steve nice, Steve Jobs and Ghaddafi Whitney Houston. Oh rubin. Hurricane carter. Robin Williams debt, David Bowie. Allen Redmond Nancy. Hated who's a motorcycle? Excellent. Roger more Greg Allman manual. No, no Riga Keith Flint who died yesterday and Luke Perry. So this guy's a straight up. Assassin murderer no near him like don't get famous solely because he might score one day, and you're just immediately dead, dude. The Welsh dragon strikes again Jesus Christ. But again mazing solo goal by Arn Ramsey and up to this point my boy burnt Leno was having a phenomenal game. So I guess let's just jump to the controversial offside not offside penalty given to Spurs Mustafa. He's an idiot. I'm just going to say right now. A lot of. Yeah. Yeah. It goes without saying arsenal fans will point to the fact that Harry Caine was off side. And I'm getting all these like Spurs fans chirping in my ear because apparently more by the letter of the law. It would still have been a penalty if he was off side because they went fucking bureaucratic government like section a fine print to that. Apparently. If before the ball is played in the player is fouled and he didn't play the ball. And even if he's off side is still considered a penalty, which makes no fucking sense to me. But apparently, this is what I was told last night on the other podcast that is letter of the law shit. So, but I don't even care like I just really care that Mustafa is so clumsy and so horrible. He's been the worst signing arsenals had in the past five years. I'll say thirty five million for that German. Fuck it's ridiculous. And the fact that we spent so much money on him. From Valencia is. I don't even know how much money we could get out of him. If we sold him like five million ten who wants him who wants him. I mean, it's it's real bad. When legends of arsenal are straight up critiquing him in talking shit about him. I mean, Emmanuel Petit said my dad. Yeah. Your father said that Trump din Mustafay is the king of bloggers and that is a direct quote. He said, quote, I was surprised to see Moustapha pick for that game. Because he is after all the king of blunders, even though it shouldn't have been a penalty because there was an all sides. It's Mustafay gives the penalty away again. And again, so man, look, I think it's kind of obvious that Arsenal's defence has the need for rebuilding for the past couple years, but the players who feature Mustafay cool schone is cannot be the players for. Future. I was supreme disappointed when y'all slow to Calum chambers. And rob and rob holding doesn't get a start. I really enjoyed well Ken rock Amerson raw robs a rob Rob's. Hurry. Yeah. Rob got memory like tours ACL. He they said he might be out for eighteen months. So I I know and I love rob. He was remember when it was him in. What's it called Diego? Casa go at it and FA Cup final. And like he said you all over easy fucker. Yeah. I I was really holding seemed really promising. He had a pretty high not crazy high ceiling, but it seemed to get a lot of potential. It was that was a real bummer when he got her earlier this year because I was like fuck now we got to put in staffy shit here. We are. So let's fast forward to the second penalty given to arsenal by what's it called Sanchez filing? Bob young in the box. And I just wanna lay this out. Just so so Spurs fans listening to this just know that was not a penalty first off do I care that? It wasn't. No, not at all -absolutely. Not do I care that. I felt like it was an eye for an eye because they got the first call wrong. So they're like just making it up for for arsenal fans. But again, I'm not even mad about that that bomb. Young flopped like a fish. I'm more upset that he hit it like a wet sandwich. Play the fucking even the commentators. I was screaming like what a soft bitch. They're saying what a soft penalty. I'm like, I know. That is ridiculous. You got an Hugo Hillary's hasn't even been in great form of -ly Martin. What is what why why what is what is going on? So people will point to Tolkien running in early again if you're going to try and get advantage like a bum young did by going down like a silly bitch. Then. Yeah. Of course, you're going to go for it. Because it didn't get cold. So arsenal fans are going to be real beat up that we didn't win this game. But at the same point it's the same errors you've seen all season long. Yeah. I gotta agree with you right there. And I think it's it's not just vomiting. I think it's both. Your strikers lock is the end of Omni there were multiple points. Especially in the first half that arsenal could've put this game away. I thought y'all should have been leading by like two or three goals by the sixty fifth minute. I thought you guys deserve better. But the the ability to finish chances and expensively a chance that is so quote, unquote, easy like a penalty kick to completely flood it not just miss not just rocketed right at the keeper off the post but to limp dick that ball towards the goal. I think I think that a bomb Yang should absolutely be embarrassed of himself and to your point about yelling for talkin. Okay. I could give two shits when a player is in the penalty box when the either. Yeah, that that should have nothing to do with the penalty unless the guys like running in front of the gold like a chicken with his head cut off. If yet for Tommy starts running at the time that a bomb Yang starts his run-up. And all the polls like a pod. Bush slow road up out of nowhere or something yen rebellions momentum is going to carry him into the box. And I do not think that should require a penalty penalty to be retaken even in this circumstance where Yan we're told him God that crucial blog on a Bum Yang after after the rebound and a bomb Yang had a chance to put it back in the net. And we're talking stepped up and made that tackle. I do not care. If ver- told me should have been in in that box when he was all on saying all of my critique right now right here is a balmy because one he flopped like a motherfucker. To dick that PK three. He got beat out by defender that started six to seven feet behind him. Even though he was still in the box. So about meeting arguably, the fastest writer got beat out by giant giant Belgian? I don't think there's any excuses for Bombay. In this game, however overall for arsenal especially in midfield. And and in the goalkeeper position. I thought y'all were brilliant. I thought y'all deserved to have the three points. But you guys did essentially essentially and finally a race any kinds of questions about Tottenham being able to challenge for the title. I don't think there's any chance that they can't at this point. Yeah. Exactly. I just think daydreaming man like he just looked like he wasn't there in the game. Gamely? It just looked like he was shook. But I totally agree with you. I think if we would've won this. I think the big thing that hurts now is because we go to we play you next week this coming weekend, we got the lads Darby against Manchester, United and. This would have been a crucial three points for top four spot. You know, I mean, this would have been knocking Spurs out a little bit more, and maybe solidifying us more towards a top four spot. And now, we gotta go to you. Earn. It's at the Emirates. Sorry. Sorry. It's at the Emirates. But again like you guys are flying high which will transition to next but a couple other highlights Torrero with the crazy red card. There's an argument that Danny Roche should've had one when he was going after the ball and like essentially spiking burnt Leno in the chest. Again. That's a fifty fifty call if he's given a red card. He is. And this is my opinion. This is just my opinion. He's trying to play the ball. I understand. I think someone last night and the other show I was on with saying how goalkeepers and quarterbacks are really protected in this now and in this day and age, so I get the argument that like you should protect the goalkeepers. But at the same point like the guys just trying to play the ball terrar- is was just reckless and shutout to Paci for going to him after he tried to go like chirp into the referees ear and kind of like pulling them off being like come on, man. It's it's it's it's fine. It's game on it's not worth it. It's not worth it. So after he recently just got fined for chirping in a referee's era like deed for my team. Yes. Yeah. Always like, but yeah, that's all I have for the rest of this game. Do you have anything else for the it was an exciting north London door bellies? Yeah. I mean, it was super exciting. It was violent which I always love to see in in some controversy. Controversial violence goals. Scored tears cried giving all that shit in Darby mix. It all up in a pile of drama and then getting bang, boom. You have the perfect perfect watching desert, and I thought this. I thought this Darby and the Darby that will get to later in the show Everton Liverpool Darby, we're just fantastic arby's there. They were fun. They were gritty they were tough fault. There was some controversy. There is some you know, gritty Fouts. And I love it. When football is football soccer is soccer. There is an anything going on except what is in that pitch. And every time there is a north London Darby, and in particular, I feel like it does not fucking matter. If our first or last if there's no is first or less, the only thing that matters that match is beating the shit. Out of each other. And I love that about this Darby so perfect RBM. I in my opinion, especially as the United fan because both y'all drew suppose, y'all got loan point. That's perfect storm for me, baby. All right, whatever let's move onto your team and more in. I gotta say you put out the perfect tweet about this game. You said nothing but big dick energy goals all throughout this game. What just it was? I think one of the commentators or someone I watched said like this is a perfect like highlight the show in American like the show someone about the Premier League late drama ridiculous goals. My first question to you, though. Martin does Manchester United have a striker issue. No, not at all. Who's who who sorts rash? Lukaku rash? I'll answer that with my own opinion. I registered should get the story. But there are ways to play both of them right now. Fluctuates basically doing a four three words Scott because of the injury crisis. He's got. Well, Alexis hurt now too. So fuck me. Sorry. Go on it. Don't have we can't play her front three right now because we're to hurt. But what what soak our did. Once Lexi got hurt and new call if you had to come in from the winger position into a more centralized role is he changed the the formation from a four three two four four two or I guess you could say. A three six two. With two Stryker. That is my brain hurt. That'd be. Three in the back. Then win win Bex. It's a three five to they're often. Okay. Sorry. My three just like that was way too much math. It sounds like I'm talking like pep Guardiola in the middle of him changing tactics. Like what the fuck are you doing? Like what I confuse myself to be fair. So basically what folks are has done is he has paired. Lukaku with Radford as to centralized strikers who play off each other incredibly. Well, if you remember back to the nineties Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole did it brilliantly for that Manchester, not a team. And I think the Radford at new caulking partnership works wonders especially in this game. And if you look at new Kach use his his first goal Radford mates. This critical run inside past the goalie which pulls to defend IRS off of Lukaku, which frees them up to receive that pass from Fred and turn and shoot without even touching a touching the ball. So I think the partnership of Radford mkaku is not the primary partnership. But I think it absolutely does job. You see it here in they in the Southampton game because Radford in the Caucasus are very different players, but they can call him any other very easily because they both demand. So much of the defenders attention. So I don't think new cough, you should start in a four four three. I think for the players that Manchester, not currently has I think it should be more. She Bradford then guard, but in emergencies tomorrow against PS, gene. I hope that it's a three five two or four four two with Radford and Nuku doing that dole striker position because I thought it worked brilliant. Megan southampton. So tell me about the game. Would you make the game? I mean ridiculous goals by both sides. Yeah. I mean Valerie, I tried to find a gif of any wine house sitting at Valerie to post that man Fabri score that risky. But that aside I was never in doubt that Manchester. United was going to win this game. And that's conceited. But that is how I grew up feeling when I watch Mantas not there were so many times rematch is night. It was down in the eightieth minute, eighty eight th minute ninety minute. And yet you could still send something was coming. And that especially is what I think soldier brought back to this Manchester side this Manchester United fandom where we're down one zero in the twenty six minute matches. Not it doesn't equalize into the fifty third minute that little twenty five minute window. I was not worried every single time we scored upon or scored on somebody else. When radio was head. I was constantly worried. Watching this manches not a team. But this manches not a team under soldier does not crack under pressure does not crack under under going down. Become the quote, unquote underdog there mentality seemed to be the same in the first minute as the last minute. So in my opinion, my humble opinion. This was in damn near Poona, fixing old school, Manchester. Not a game. This is old school Manchester. Not at threat through is furry time through enter this is a big man scoring eighty eight minutes after people have been criticizing him for the past six seven months. And also look in lean as fuck looking yet looking he used to be a thick boy, I think he's lean boy now so Martin is it is a soak short time. Can I change it yet? Is it is it still like that? Is that is that too? Is that too brash phrasing on for okay? For your time. Even soldier would say for Utah. I would hope so. Well, I know I know so because that man is in love with, sir. Alex on soldiers final day at wearing Manchester United shirt, he was given that, you know, retirement ceremony and everything and he basically profusely thanked, sir. Alex, Ferguson, and at the end of it. He said I am now going into coaching. And if I haven't learned anything from you that I can't learn anything from anybody. Thank you, so much yada, yada, yada. And I can't believe I've that line memorize, but fuck me it folk good deed or again God. I love that old school United's back. Yeah. This team even with all the injuries. I'm really worried even as an arsenal. Fan facing you at home this coming weekend. I'm I'm pretty worried. I'm sure the odds will be an in Arsenal's favor at home. But the way you guys are playing with such confidence. And the way you guys have Jen on such a terrorist and socialist taken over it's just so nice. You guys playing so free flowing in like doing like the things you want to do instead of being like robotically forced by Marino. You know what I'm saying? I feel like soak SARS really opened up the personalities and the play at this at this squad. So big win for Manchester United is there anything else you'd like to add to the match Martin, not really only two more points. You guys are slated. You guys are giving given the forty one percent chance to win against mentioned not at this weekend. That aside one of my let me just let me just fall in love with mentioned, not a tiny tiny tiny tiny bit more one thing that has also been brought back to the Manchester United. Squad way of life. However, you want to look at it is playing the young guns since soldier has taken over. He's given eight debut to James garner who is a seventeen year old fucking fee nom with our youth Kim team is also given debut to Temitope Chong who is also super young fucking amazing. So I think there is one more one more coming in. I cannot remember his name for the life of me. But all three of those kids who are part of the youth team have stopped traveling with the youth team. Because now they're part of the first team. And if it meant has not it is not built on their youth academy. I don't know what mental is not it is so my heart's bubbly. I'm in love again. Kev, a might propose. I I'm nervous of tiny bit about next year. But this was a perfect weekend for me United fan. Yeah. I think you can't go out even though like someone say like giving up two goals, you always felt comfortable, and I feel like if you're if you're a United fan, I would be very happy with the stadium club for one especially after the past couple of weeks, but also after this match and staying in fourth and being in the top four. Let's briefly I have nothing really. I didn't get the watch the Chelsea Fulham game. I only read about is. Awesome highlights. I just want to say I I didn't watch us game. I don't care that Jorgihno scored. He's still sucks. So can we disagree? We'll just agree to genius still not good. That's it. That's all. I got. All right. Do you want to go onto the next match? Yeah. When he wanna hit Manchester City or the big bed. Everton Liverpool before we get into that. Let's break for an ad right now guys, let's talk about sex good sex. Remember the days when you were always ready to go. Now, you can increase your performance and get the extra confidence in bed. 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This is the overtime podcast network. All right. We're back so Martin. Let's talk about Manchester City. We'll save the mercy side Darby for second. Am I saying that right? Always really I've said it both ways. Mercy. Mercy son. Yeah. Okay. That's yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I just for some reason I feel like I've been saying both there's another way to say it, and I say someone got caught me on it one day. And I'm like fuck off that day. I don't know. Let's start off with Mary side. I think I said mayor side or something. Oh, yes. Okay. No, okay. I just wanna make sure I'm getting a right because God forbid, we get another bad, I tunes review. But if you are listening to this, you should give us an interview. Let's over man city man city beating board myth. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, you go. You got you take this. So did the Mets ended one zero. But let me just give you a readout of the stats real quick. So you can get an idea of how Kevin is fee for games are together. So Manchester City had twenty three shots to born the zero they had eighty two percent of the possession two-point as eighteen they passed it eight hundred and nine times compared to one hundred seventy six from their pass. Accuracy was ninety two fifty seven they had fourteen corners two zero corners. So this is like the most sneaky digging on eighteen that Manchester City has ever frigging done. I cannot leave this. This was not a, you know, a six zero seven zero typical four myth Manchester City game. However, I'm going to shout out some huge credit to foreign biz backup goalkeeper which Bork Blida. Bushwick. I'm calling him book because it sounds weird. Yeah. That's right. I I'm just getting the I'm gonna tell you. You're right. It sounds. It sounds ethnic. It's else fancy. So people are going to assume it's creek. He was a beast this entire game. He's been a beast since he's come in to start for born. So shut up to what he's been one of the fin fantastic bore myth players this season along the Josh king. Brooks Nathaniel Klein, who's they are now Ryan Frazier. But all of that talent on that board of team in all of their great results. This year could not just make a dent on this Manchester City squad. They just destroyed them. Yeah. I watched this with Ryan LaRosa, our good friend who he did a Saturday special podcast with that was just posted. And I remember saying to him after watching this match that pet is going to be pissed like even though he got the three points pep is going to be absolutely livid that they didn't win. This like six nil brilliant goal by Mars, and also you had the ultimate D like overhead like almost bicycle kick, which would have been fucking ridiculous. But yeah, or myth just couldn't do anything. I mean, man city was literally like if felt like it was like eleven on five, you know, what I mean like they were just everywhere. And I was worried I know man city fans will be upset because Kevin Debroy got her at some point in the game. But does it even matter Martin like when you have so many weapons that are all again as we've said so similar that does even matter that the player that could have been PF a player of the year last. That year, and is essentially, I don't I know this will upset you kind of like their Paul Paul. But where the offense sometimes goes directly through them that it doesn't even matter. You know what I mean? I look at some stats like how does team win when you're on the field and Kevin Debroy like compared to Paul Paul GPA. When Paul doesn't play. I like Manchester United is a lot worse. But Kevin O'Brien. I think all the cylinders are just firing fine without him. And that's seem with that. Manchester City squad this year when debris has been out with injury, and and debris. Unfortunately for a player of his quality has been plagued with some injury bugs this season. And so it's unfortunate to see it happen. Once again when it went push comes to the shove in the title race. But I absolute agree with you. It doesn't look like they miss a huge step. Without Katy b I think pep has has really perfected the idea of teen. I individual later because this is the one team in the prim than I consistently see playing as a team not a bunch of into individuals, not even not even midfielders and forwards. It's all collectively one unit. So I think the KGB injury is lessened because of that system that that Guardiola has put him. Place. And I don't think they will miss a beat if anything I think they at this point in the season. Strawberry chance but Liverpool to go out and win this title, even without KDB. However, I I kind of if I'm a city fan. I always want to have some Katy b my back pocket because he can play that brilliant brilliant, one of a kind bowl at any point on the pitch so stupid, his switches like I really watch him. And I'm like how fucking switches like everybody's like David Beckham esque where he just like foes right at the foot of the player like from like with seems like a hundred yards away. You know, like, it's it's ridiculous. Great win for man city. They go top of the table with this win over bore myth or the cherries. I do want to point out something Marin before he moved to Liverpool. Everton, okay. Brendan Rodgers is back in the Premier League loses. I believe on his first match. But isn't it kind of a coincidence? As soon as he comes back to the Premier League Liverpool star slipping. Also in some Brendan Rodgers news. And I'm so glad you brought this up. Did you see what Celtic what Celtic fans had a banner in their stadium. Oh my God. Yes. All right. So for y'all who have not seen this banner hands down the best banner that I've ever seen in my life. Go online. Search Celtic fans banner about fucking Brennan Rogers or somebody. But it said you traded immortality for mediocrity never felt always a fraud. And I'm sorry. If that's not a dagger to the heart. I do not know what is like fucking. God bless you. You crazy. Scott's like well done. Well, fucking done. That is the dude where's she near that? I've ever all gotten is that everyone hates Brendan Rogers. No one everyone just booking. His loves of ripping on Brendan Rogers, which I'm sure he's a nice guy. So. Actually that gives me more recourse that hate him. I don't know. Yeah. That's actually more fuel to the fire. All right. So this is now man cities win and the draw. This is now man cities championship to lose. So let's move on to the mercy Darby. A no, no affair and more. In ought to say is I think Everton matched up really really well with Liverpool this match at Goodison Park. But the big thing I hear is which has been like what seems like a problem is just an out of form front three that just can't finish their just their finishing right now is piss poor. And I just don't know what it is. And you there was stat that came out with Mohammed Salah's against the top six and the big games this year. And it's like a lot of zeros on that board lots zero goals in a cyst. So I don't know what's going on with him. He's going through a bad. And like this is not me saying like, you said most law was bad. No. I still think HAMAs is fucking brilliant. I think he's one of the best players in the world. I'm just saying he is having a very bad run of form. Yeah. I think it's. Really important to look at some law as an individual in this front three. I think Bobby from menu has definitely slipped off is is beautiful form still rate him incredibly high highly. But I think Monty has sneakily become one of one of the best players at Liverpool. I would rate him higher than from me. No. And and Salah at this point Salal against Manchester City, both times you're goes Eurosystem United both times your goals zero says PSD both times you're goes era says Napoli zero zero SIS taunt Nazir go zero SIS joke. Okay. We don't. We don't have to go through all of them ease just been like, it's not not like beat up. I'm not dead horse. But like, you know, it's not kicking while he's down. But yes, he's obviously he just you you want to keep going and keep going. Six or seven more games. But what I'm saying is it's okay for a player to have kind of a dip down in their form. And I still rate Muhammad's law as as one of the best players in the Premier League. However, I think his run of form when compared to his his run of form last season is that he did not have a problem against topside oppositions and in big games. And this might be a stretch feel free to fucking rip me a new one online. If you think it is. But I think that he is playing somewhat scared because of the injury he suffered. Sergio Rambos this past summer. I don't see him go into tackles as hard as he is. I don't seem with that rootless ability to finish in front of the net anymore. And I do think that injury as was the amount of criticism that he received post injury has something to do with his road form. And I I've really think Liverpool desperately needs to figure this front three especially Salal from menial problem out as soon as possible because December tenth they were in the lead of the title race by seven points. Now fast for three months city is when he hit by one. So this is a problem that needs to be figured out and figured out quick. And my fear will not fear. But what I think is happening is that complacency and that that little bit of scared nece is seeping through the squall. And it doesn't stop at the front three. It doesn't stop at the midfield. It doesn't even stop it coach. There's. There's that Liverpool. It's that twenty nine years of no titles or no trophies. It's that. Oh. No not. Thank you. I forgot they won against these Milan. And then one in twenty eleven no premier leagues in twenty nine years that drawer slip the. All these criticisms of all of these stories all this shit talk about Liverpool. I think is getting under their skin. I think from everybody from salon to clock. There is a shade of nervousness, which is causing them not to be as ruthless. And as brilliant as they would be. If the pressure wasn't completely on them. You know? No. And I totally agree in some aspects of that, I still I'm sticking to my guns. I still have Liverpool winning the league. I know they are one point behind if man city wins out wins all their next nine fixtures that cannot happen. But I think both sides. Do you have a decent schedule? The end the rest of the season. I believe I'm checking right now that man city. Sleaze tons of harder. Yeah. And the big reason is they have to play you guys Manchester United at Old Trafford. So I think that game which is going to be a lose lose for you Martin. So so so Manchester United beats man city you're going to be like, yeah, we're probably going to make the top four because it's so late in the season. But also fhu we may have just gifted the title to Liverpool which would probably eat you up inside. So pick your poison Martin. Would you rather have? What would I rather have rather lose to Manchester City? Oh, come up mitt Manchester. Manchester United fans are rolling in their in their I guess, they're not dead. If they're listening to this. I hope you're not dead listening to this because this is a say on spin. But Martin I you wanna win the game. It's that Old Trafford. Right. Do I absolutely do one win the game? And I absolutely want the players to do everything they can to win the game. But if I had the powers of God if I could shift things around and make things happen. I would take him Manchester City when over Liverpool title every single day every single minute every single second of every single day. Because I I've lost Manchester City I've seen sitting win titles. I've seen win city win trophies. I have never speaking. Personally. I have never seen Liverpool when trophy I have never seen Liverpool fans is static and marching the streets after they've won a trophy ender. Woken the their fans back home. I can make fun of city for having no fans on their parade through Manchester. I can't make fun of like, I just can't fathom Liverpool winning the title lose the city every single day of the week to have your you're absolutely ridiculous. And I love that. So long got believe it's all about the low game baby. But you know, it's it's cities league leaked lose. Now. You know, I know Liverpool fans a couple of months ago where what like seven nine points. Up and now. Holy shit. I, you know, I don't want Liverpool fans the panic. I know they are. I know you guys are please have faith. I think your team can pull this off. I think your club is a brilliant. Coach. I think your front three will snap out of it and Martin we only have nine games left. Holy fuck, isn't that wild? I just screw it through Google that I'm on. And I came up on the bottom of the page way too quickly and on kind of scared. I'm not ready for it to end because we don't have anything in the summer to, you know, keep us keep us occupied except baseball. So I know I'm going to turn into a baseball fan around July for like three weeks until the premature. Okay. Whoa. US US women's national team dole. We got the World Cup. So still fucked baseball baby. I cheap watching soccer. Thank you very much. But I got some more questions for you. Ooh. Ooh, about Liverpool number ten, first and foremost. Let's you want to start off with kind of a snide Liverpool question or do you want to start off with an average in question? Give me. The fuck Liverpool one. I all right. All right. I know you kind of agree with me on on this because we're kinda we've talked about it before. Your cloud. Kef. He's turning into Marino. I've already sent it to the group message. He's clopping. Yo this man is blaming the wind. He's blaming dry grass. He's blaming Manchester. United's injury crisis of for losing drug. This man is getting a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny bit too, much like renews, worst antics. All right. The whole it was too windy, which he has used before as an excuse is bullshit. And I believe Liverpool fans would agree. You can't be given all these excuses, but I will admit it's also marine you as he's tried to put the pressure on himself and take it away from the players. Who were I would. I think Liverpool fans would agree were in bad form that game ever to now done them. They they matched up. Really, well, and we haven't really given that much credit Everton Everton played their balls off out there. And you know, and I agree with you. I see. See some aspects more than I think Liverpool fans would agrees Marino, marina 'isms. So I agree with I've I've pushed back against you. But after this one and after a few other times, I'd have to agree with you. Yeah. I just I thought for a lot of things, but I always respected the piss out of the man, I still think the piss out of the men and and his tactics but seeing shit like this man, you know, the path you're going down. Don't go down that path. You see you see crazy Marino over there working on DVD. You don't want to end up there. You're again, get normal getting just given out free hoax. Man. Be that. We will be weird. Well, I think Liverpool fans love hit way more than United fans would would ever loved Marino. So for sure we'll see what happens after this season say they don't win the league how Liverpool fans will feel but do you wanna touch upon classical at all? I watched it that Fatos Irish pub center city Philly with a bunch of friends this weekend. Got absolutely trashed. And let me tell you Barscelona just has Real Madrid's number at San berno bow. I think the quote is that it's far slowness. Training ground. I forget who said it. I mean, it was all over, Twitter and social media. It's like the ha ha like or owners home is the Camp Nou, but their training ground is the burn Abou. Goal by wreckage a little controversy a lot of chippiness between. So did you Rama's and messy? I really don't have much more to add I was kind of drunk key during this time. I remember just like yelling allot, but that's about it. Yeah. I unfortunately, did not get to watch this game. But I kept up. With through the Twitter verse. And and yes, yes-men and all the cool little phone apps. And the only thing that really stuck out to me, and this will get more into this movie talk Real Madrid in the Champions League on our Thursday podcast, but I genuinely genuinely genuinely think that Real Madrid their management. They're the board of directors that president their staff their coaches, their players are fun. Only. Finally, finally understanding the true impact of Rinaldo leaving because you can you can get around Rinaldo when you're playing like Alvis or real suicide dad, but when you're playing athleti severe bar Simona, especially when you play or Simona three to four times a year this specific year, you need a player like Rinaldo you need a coach lights. Cinna don's a day. And I think this classic. Oh, and obviously the Champions League is showing Real Madrid fans Madrid east does the true just whole that this summer has left them in and on top of that Gareth bale. Was jeered the entire game. He was never welcomed into that city or team. So I think we're gonna see the end of Gareth bale coming this summer court fall is absolute fucking as vice and Laurie continues to play him. I do not know you have now novice play him. I just I just think this is a horrible horrible horrible. No good very bad year for Real Madrid. Yeah. Sedan Renaldo saw this coming in. They're like, I'm out. Yeah. They did they wanna know part of this whatsoever. And they saw the writing on the wall from like a mile away. Yeah. And I just saw air fails agent come out and rip on the what's it called Real Madrid fan saying that's disgraceful. How much they've brought to Garrett. And I think some of the criticism by fans Real Madrid fans is fair. But I also think they're they're being kind of harsh. I mean, he has has some crucial goals in Champions League finals in big games. And you know, like I like their expectations were so high because they were saying he was going to be the next Renaldo or like right under own because of how much they paid for him. And it just, you know, injuries plagued him look another Welshman, I know on my team on Ramsey. So, you know, it's just I guess it's just the Welsh. I don't know what to tell you. I thought they were tough. They played. No, just The Wilshire noon for the rugby. I thought they were tough guys. I don't know. Apparently, not the soccer players. My question is about bail. He is obviously leaving this summer. I think that's all being confirmed by his agent end. And and Real Madrid's president. Would you want him at your squad, would you one Gareth bale because he is linked to a couple of clubs in the most notably taught him and and mentioned nut as United fan. I did not want him at maj. As knotted. He's twenty nine. Oh. He's the reason. Listen, listen to the reason though. Is twenty nine years old. He is in drew slaked. He just spent the last when did he go to derail Madrid twenty eleven twenty thirteen. Yeah. Something something like that twenty thirteen. He just spent the last five years in law day go where he was injured at least once or twice a year. He has had issues with his fans zone fans is twenty nine years old. He does not really have many golden years left. I don't even think he has one or two golden years left. I think bail is done dude unless he can get on that talk team. I think taught him would suit them, well, but any other club man, I don't want him at United Madrid of these doesn't want him. I've heard any rumors that any Italian or French or other Spanish team once and looks like his goal is or bust. But if I am in charge of building eighteen doting eighteen not maintaining it team. Like, I think he would work wonders on Manchester City, but that team's already business that if you're trying to build a team like arsenal Tottenham and mention dog right now, I would not want him on that team. That's just me. Yeah. And I get your argument if you're trying to build up it might be a risky move, especially at his age injury prone. But you can't deny the talent. When he is healthy. I mean, the guy is a fee nom when he's healthy. So I get your argument. And I think it's a very good one. I think it's very fair one which I wasn't expecting so so kudos. But now, I think he's still obviously not worth the money that he was bought for every Madrid. But if you can get a good deal, maybe like a short term deal. I think you'd be I think it'd be good. But you know, how these soccer contracts are they're just fucking ridiculous. And especially his name alone will probably go on there a lot of money. Yeah. Yeah. If we can get him for thirty thousand dollars. I'll take it wouldn't pay a pen. Okay. More than okay for. For. Yeah. Bicycle kick winning there at Bill pay more than thirty thousand dollars. Fuck him nine. I you know, I I love watching Bill. I think bill's a fantastic player. I just don't think he is for the future of any team. He's twenty nine years old. I'm telling like a broken record gets hurt a lot. I just do not see in bouncing back and having a nother brilliant campaign him, no matter where he goes, you can't have a brilliant campaign law that you get any thinks he can go to eat PEO where I mean. Sorry, all but the quality of the competitors is higher in the and if he can't do it in law that he good he sure shit can't come back to EP L and have a absolutely brilliant campaign. Yeah. Well, we'll just have to you know, as the stupidest thing, I could say is what does that have to wait and see pretty stupid of me to say, let's move on to fan questions. But before we do that we're going to break for quick add, this is the overtime podcast network. And we're back. We're here on our Twitter at lads underscore podcast. Please give us a follow or about to break thousand hopefully followers. First question comes from Corey Andreas twenty-seven he says in regards to the officiating the Northland and Darby if the Tarare tackle at the end of the game was a red card. Why didn't they checked any ruse when he puts duds into Burt Lynn chest earlier in the game. Well, we touched upon it earlier. I think Martin and I were kind in agreement that he was trying to play the ball. I kind of see it as a fifty fifty call. I think the officiating was rather shit, obviously during the game there was there was two penalties that should have been called. So you know, it just throw it on top of the shit already officiating. But if you have got sent a red card I've been like, okay. But as you know, I'm all about the grit and the intensity of the game. I could see it also not being a red card. Yeah. I'm I'm I'm right there with Cathy. I think that the red has a difficult decision to to, you know, see your out the intent of the foul, and I don't think tweeden. Or or Danny roses Phalsbourg purposely made to injure the goalkeeper, and I just think tornadic out the wrong side of the shake. He got the bread. Dang rose. Got off maybe reference block. But I agree with caviar. The ref was the refereeing in general from the lawns. Judges to the Senate ref. It was atrocious shit the whole gang. There were mad fouls. And I enjoyed it. Just because I love that chaos and software, but the refs the entire game did not really do anything to try and control the game. So I think you can blame the ref on this one. All right. We're moving over to our Instagram at lads podcast, please give us a follow. First question comes from our good friend who graduated with from the Virginia Military institute. Chris davis. He says everybody's sleeping on Chelsea. But even with a game at hand against Brighton. The unofficial gave capital of UK. Thanks, chris. They're right there in the top four. What do you think they need to do or not to or not do to secure a top four spot? I think being more on our boats in agreement here too, which is annoying. You know, you want different sides. But I think we both think that Chelsea's not going to make the top four with how arsenal and United are playing. And how I don't know what I'm gonna get each week of Chelsea especially against the top six. I don't know if saris going to change a system up enough. And you know, you got a lot of players who are probably on their way out this summer. So I don't know if they're playing, you know to get some higher transfer fees for them or hire contracts. So I really don't know what I'm gonna give Chelsea what they might need to do is. It's just trying to change it up. We've said before you can't keep playing a four three and think it's going to win every single game. Yeah, they're consistent at being inconsistent. And I think that is their biggest problem because one week they can play like the kings of the world the next they can be beaten four five zero by born myth. And it really does not matter which players are out on the field. It's there's just no consistency. And and there's no changes in the sorry tactics. Even after he's he's been embarrassed by these tactics. So I think I think that Chelsea is going to struggle to get into the top four this season, especially given the fact that they have to get through Liverpool and Manchester United into league. So if they drop wants to one of those teams, either horse or United will be able to snap that back up. And so at the end of the day, I actually have United finishing fourth or snow right behind United and Chelsea unfortunately rounding out the group in six days. Yeah. I think that sounds. I think that sounds about right. We've onto the next question from or Harare three. He says who's the galactica Madrid needs to right the ship sedan. I would probably I would probably say Mugabe, I think he's got galactic written all over him. I mean, Martin spot the lie. That's true. That's true. I've been here in mad. Rumors about three players, obviously at an hazard is heavily heavily linked with Real Madrid. Fucking name or is deciding to follow the hazard have and just flirt heavy with Real Madrid. So apparently he might be included in Real Madrid. Galactic, oh plans. But I think Killian Imbaba is the number one target for them. He is fucking. He's still kiddies night. What nineteen years old, and he's just crushing shit in France and four friends, and if you look around the world right now, you'd be hard pressed to find someone that does not have a higher ceiling in Zimbabwe. And who's crude that he can do it in France for France and in the Champions League? So my man is ticking all the boxes for that next big store for Real Madrid. And I would I would love to see him. Then because I don't think he would do any team in the EP. Oh, that'd be my old other desire. For him. No. I totally agree. I think the dribble just seems perfect for him. And he's been rumored there for number of years since he was like seventeen or so, but yeah, he is twenty now Martin we can't say teenager. I know we keep wanting to say nineteen years old guys. He's he's an adult. Now. He's not as good as he was when he was a teenager. So. All right. Let's move on from L daily ten. He says will sorry be fired. Ooh. That that's kind of you know, best thing about Liverpool. Not kind of dropping out the top of the premier Li's where we stopped talking about this shit show dumpster fire that was Chelsea. So we stopped talking about saris job. So martin. What do you think? Do you think sorry is going to keep it at the end of the year, or do you think Abramovich is going to pull the trigger? I I think he's gonna keep it. I think you know, kind of be given that radio west chance and in the next summer or in the next season where if he's just absolute dog shit, and there is no improvement from twenty eighteen twenty nine thousand nine hundred twenty nine thousand nine hundred twenty sorry, then they're going to pull the trigger real fucking quick out talking to end of September quick. But again, if I if I am Chelsea I am Brahma bitch. I would only one out only one is in it onto deigned to come in afterwards. So I would lock up that French beats and then fire saris us. Yeah. I'm not sure right now, you know, it's kind of gone quiet on the western front about sorry. So people feel bad for him. Because of what kept but did event like everybody was just like wolf. Okay. Temple just destroyed. This man, we've got. Playoff sorry for a little bit. But I'm do his own thing. I mean, even Fulham even Claudio or R P Claudio, even their caretaker manager was just like, okay. Sorry. You can have your to worst players score hick, Wayne, and George very go. Here's a boost. Sorry ball forever. I feel bad for him at this point. I'm I'm sorry. Sorry. Yeah. Maybe the Kappa thing was the best thing that ever happened to him. This'll a little PR switcheroo PR one-to-one by us. You know? I'm just saying like we may have just flip this right on its head. All right next. Question comes from Mark Morgan. He says reality shitting the bed. We're gonna talk more about this with the Archie are Champions League recap on for Friday morning. But let's just say Real Madrid's cancelled we have officially cancelled Real Madrid. They are dead. They are not good. And there's a lot that needs to happen. Real Madrid is canceling their own season. Danny Carbajal declares that declared that their season is over after they lost to high accent. We're eliminated from the Champions League. So Real Madrid fans. Shut up to y'all y'all my faults and prayers Madrid easter's don't do anything wild. I'm sorry. This season has gone to absolute hell next question comes from a hood rich eight oh five he says, what has been the worst excuse from club? We were just talking about that. I would say for me would be. He's blamed the pitch is blamed the snow is blamed the wind. But marred I think we have to save the Manchester United depleted squad. Excuse were that was probably the most bizarre one thing that an injury written Manchester United. He wasn't prepared for has to be one of the most bizarre excuses. We've ever seen. Took me by surprise. I was. You're blaming are injuries for thrown off your rhythm. Okay. Dude. That was a wild one. I was going to say that. But for the sake of variety I'm gonna throw in that West Ham game. Do you remember that with him game last month where city or city Liverpool was given a offsides goal to Saudi Amani? Because I think the law that had that brilliant footwork on the side and then sent James motor down the sideline, but he was all sides yada, yada, yada. And then clocked said it presser net the rest fucked over even though the rest gave them a goal and then took a goal away from West Ham. So that was just a complete hypocrisy to the facts that was bad. Bad one. That was a pretty late on the does. Yeah. Final question Instagram. It's not a question. It's just kind of like, I don't know what the call it. He just put Boettner overpay late and I'll say, yes. Trabi Asli bet ner played in a more competitive time. We don't know if Palay could have scored in this age or how would have done. I I mean who knows I'm not going to say, but I did see Lord Benner. Do it. So better do it from multiple teams in the print pen. They even scored a goal in England. So Lord Ventner also party fucking animal who gets arrested for shit would been get arrested for was that taxi driver. He broke his jaw mar. Okay. Still Lord banner even with that little caveat Lor. Vancouver polite every single day. All right. Let's move over to our discord channel we'll wrap up with this. Or discord channel is a chat room. If you want to join just message us on one of our social media's, and I'll send you the link. No problem I've been doing that for weeks keep getting one or two more people week trickling in. So we appreciate people talk about beer soccer, all sorts of shit. First question comes from Kranj is MC basketball. Ooh, I'm not going to have any answer for this. I don't think you will either Martin who will win the US Elvis season. Will Louisville Charleston weaponry. I know that team move battery will Louisville city get a three peat sure will Phoenix rising get revenge. Others revenge in the USO. Oh shit Marin. I think we gotta I'd rather be a US L guide than an MOS guy. Think I down with that you want to be US guys. All right. I'm looking at the team names right now. Kev. I'm getting get. Okay. Three teams. We're going to pick one to root for. Okay. Fuck me. There's like Don dams thirty sixteen okay. Picking random ones Reno. Eighteen sixty eight. North Carolina FC and Swope Park Rangers. Oh, Swope Park Rangers. John Swope swoop. Will you? Will you you feel this? I'm so Swope right now dude that he does slope dude, I'm already fucking. So I'm all swooped up. I'm smoking Swope. Yeah. Giving you great there. Harken gets walked with some Rangers. Dude. I dude I think we gotta make swap shirts now. Okay. So they answer your questions. Swope Swope will win it next question. This isn't a soccer question. But people the people want to know from super agent extraordinaire Logan who helped to make our discord channel. He said since we never talked about it the over under on Robert Kraft's dick size five and a half inches. You know now under I mean every single day. Well, the cunning stunt aka Kevin stepdad, another great user in great name for discord. Channel says it's gotta fit over six rings. So how big are the rings at least half an inch each. So. That's still that's still short. But I think there's got to be I think you gotta there's gotta be some room leftover, you know, but if he's circumcised who I think that changes everything. Well, I just go to over under on crafts. Dick's is to see if there was an actual betting pool. There's not so I think we should start that point five under at five point five all the let's let's on Robert Kraft sticks is then I'm pretty sure he s to Toews. But how big is dick is because he had sex with a prostitute. I think that's verse. Well, how many kisses on the lips from Tom Brady? Does he get before we measure that was the prostitute? Oh, well, I mean, I I think it it could equally hard truth. Okay. Well, well, this has been a real I love how we finished out this episode. This is good guys. Speaking of betting, I want to announce you've been hearing all the sponsors. We wanna thank or sponsors Trevor blue shoe, but we have a major announcement which I texted Martin about. I'm freaking out about starting next Monday. Our newest sponsor is my bookie, and I. I can't fucking believe it. I've been using my bookie I've talked about. Choking on my spent. All right back. I'm so excited. Now that we're finally being sponsored by actually gambling website that I've used I love my bookie. We're not even getting paid right now sponsorship the ad run doesn't start till next week. But that's so fucking cool. I can't believe that Martin. And I are actually getting paid to talk to you guys. So we just want to say thank you again. So fucking much for liking downloaded subscribing to our show following us on social media following in on this like shipard of journey, and again that that's all I I don't know how to close what I was going to say so Martin should we just end this. I think I'm just so very happy. Yeah. You guys all go. Check out all of our stuff. And as always you ever wanted to talk soccer talk randomized shit or drink beers together at his up on the soc on young kid now. So I say soc Joe stood up. Oh, that's swoop. Yeah. Let's. All right, guys. We love you. Bye.

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