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Crunchyroll Remarries Quickly & Lifting the Sonic Embargo


The. What is up everybody? Welcome to the anime podcast of some sort. It's exactly what it says. Don't over think it I'm David majors also known as DJ AM Mico host who spends way more in more time on Instagram. He handles the Instagram. I handle the Twitter. It's Jack Diaz to what's up, Jack. Oh, man. I have just been drawn up a storm aided, and it is a little bit of a national holiday. I might say at the time of this recording. That's right, folks. In cartoon news today. It's your boy Donald duck's birthday. So isn't that marvelous? We have blessed. We have a blessed spirit of a mentally aggressive cartoon duck watching over us as awesome respect his Japan. Emissions. Veteran. It's true. It's true. He served in the navy. Troops. I love the guy. I love the guy Donald. You know, it's been a while. Let's talk anyway. Well, let's talk about the Disney. Let's talk about the Japan. Emissions, and what better way to transition from a Disney character to talk about a first story on the podcast involving Warner Brothers and Warner media, and this is actually some some some big big news, Jack this is actually something that I saw a couple of days ago. That Warner media the company that controls Cartoon Network, adult swim, and boomerang will be reorganizing under all of those networks under one global kids and young adult unit. So they're putting all of these under one conglomerate as it were. So they'll be working together, I suppose and to continue this story later on we got some new. News a couple of days later that crunchy roll had announced that they will be officially partnering up with adult swim and to NAMI. And all of these networks are starting to converse again, as we as we know earlier with the great split of twenty eighteen with a mation AT and T and crunchy roll and their parent company. There was a split. But now kind of like, the mob bell AT and T telephone monopoly of the eighties. These companies are all reorganizing and repairing again, Jack. So I see a lot of consternation over this. And I'm someone that believes and trust to keep abreast of technology. News and business news to a certain degree. And I'm of the opinion that this is all pretty good. Because honestly, crunchy role is going to have a partnership with adult swim into NAMI that means more crunchy roll anime is going to be in front of more. Is. And that everybody is a good thing. What do you think Jack has very good thing? No, I think that that part of it is very much positive thing. You know, just getting getting stuff out there for, you know, for lack of a better term for for the normies to see, you know, we want everyone to get a chance to accept a this previously, extremely obscure content. Well, it it depends. I'm seeing a very very blissed here on you know, the enemy they've licensed. But I think the thing that scares people is just, you know, the general idea of, you know, conglomerate acquisition and also I mean Time Warner Cable company is. I mean, I can't speak for them. But I mean, that's probably the reason why I can speak against them is it's not great. But I mean, I guess I guess I'm opposed out there the opposing opinion on this one because almost all of Time Warner's properties, I'm usually very into or a very big fan of. So having a giant like this behind something like crunchy role to me? It's a good thing. It makes me feel like they understand Time Warner understands that anime has an audience that is to be respected. And to me. That's a good thing. I genuinely believe because a what? Just one more point. Because you remember Jack for a while adult swim in seemingly Time Warner's animation side of things they were really shying away from anime for a while until as we all know, the giant bring back to NAMI campaign happened and on top of that v the appreciation of anime in the west has done nothing, but grow, and I think Warner Time Warner recognizes that and they're willing to give it some backing. And I think that's a good thing. I think that the only thing I've seen is maybe some people are a little afraid of their little enemy bubble having a few more people aiming getting a little bigger but other than that. I'm I'm struggling to find a bad side of this. No, no. Honestly that was me just like trying to think of. Something like, I definitely agree with you that, you know, all these properties. These are. There's a lot of them that I adore in love. And of course to NAMI is just a fantastic block. I'm so happy. It's bag. There's good things all around. I'm simply talking about, you know, away from the IP's for a moment. I'm talking about just the cable provider. Time Warner that might be what's freaking out a little bit. Because that's the big problem. You know, I mean in this streaming world, you know, everyone, you know, has their streaming services. You know, I've got Netflix and Hulu for one like and were looking at Disney plus right now like David or really lucky. It's not a Disney podcast, which I would probably shoot myself if it were despite my love of some of the properties, God damnit Disney. Plus anyway point being we're in a point now where cable is pretty much on life support. But you know. It's still nice to have cable. I just worry just very vaguely about Time Warner for that. But I don't feel like, you know, there's going to be any big drastic thing. I'm really just again. That's the only thing if I had a rack my brain why people are so apprehensive because it's like now it's haven't had anything happen yet, man. Just wait. You don't have to be scared all the time. And I feel like, you know, the the the statements philosophies that are all being presented here about this acquisition are all really good. Like, I really like hold on gonna pull it up real quick preparation. Be prepared. I really appreciate what Kevin Suji Horace said about just. Just going to quote this here. Other media speaks loudly effectively to the millennial jen's e audience and brings together highly passionate communities through content, bringing are conic brands infrastructure and library to with authors, creative talent reach in diverse. Communities will help us grow this important audience segment for Warner Brothers, Warner media content and services. So these guys know that these creators, you know, rooster teeth, crunchy roll all this at the like it matters. And hearing, you know, a chairman of all things say that, you know, just it's a little thing. But acknowledging the little guy, I appreciate that. I really much appreciate that. Is specially going so far is to say it's calling it passion driven digital media. That's really just making it to me feel like this is very new frontier for the entertainment industry. But I mean, I'm I'm glad we says he hasn't driven media. Because it sounds like a big company recognizes that while something may not generate a billion dollars. It sounds like they understand that it still has merit. And that is a great thing. Yes. Two thousand nineteen. Absolutely. You know, he gets a lot of flack for many things as he rightly should. But I keeps coming back to Disney. I'm sorry, David. But Michael Eisner, you know, very famously put we're not in the interest of explicitly making a statement to make art to make any kind of message. But in order to make great films. We will sometimes make a statement or make a great art. And I think that is very important thing to acknowledge that, you know, just make the damn thing. I don't and this news. And being a facilitator for great art is a great thing. Now, Jack what I'm hoping is that our next story does facilitate something great because it is something very near and dear to my heart. We discuss on a previous episode of the podcast that there will be. Be a mobile suit them live action movie in the not too distant future. And. Yeah. Yeah. I suppose so but the gentleman that has been tapped to write and Beatty executive producer for this movie is Mr Brian k Vaughan now if some of you are out there are not entirely familiar with that name. I looked up and in the story that we had in the show notes, it he had been involved with X, mocking awesome. Why the last man pretty, okay and runaways? Your mileage may vary. So that's these are properties that are well known well done and have pretty decent following see. He's this guy has some writing chops and producing chops. Also, the overseer of this project that will be working directly. What sunrise will be kale. Boy her who is producing detective Pika chew. Okay. That's garnering some buzz which. And he was a producer on a little movie near and dear to my heart called Pacific rim uprising. So this man clearly has respect for the giant robot? Jack in the wake of battle angel alita turning out as well as it did. Am I wrong to see this story and be a little bit more hopeful? Like, I know we're still in the age of pooh-poohing most anime live action adaptations, but seeing the credentials of the people behind this and reading in the story that they will be working directly with sunrise, regarding mobile suit Gundem is it wrong of me to say, okay. I'm willing to keep an open mind. I've I've fallen for this before keeping an open mind. So am I crazy Jack am I crazy? I don't think you're crazy. I think this is a little less disingenuous marketing than say, I don't know making your trailer. Look really really good for a mediocre movie. That's how they get you. But good good people on on good projects potentially good projects with, you know, a Nykanen IP like this and yes with, you know, producer of Pacific rim uprising. Hey, I feel good about this. Also, I really liked the last man. So I have a good feeling about this. I read this initially the headline really quickly on the notes here. And I have to point it out because I think it's really funny that my brain thought this. But I almost accidentally read it as Matthew von, and I was really excited to see what the director of Kingsman. The secret service was going to do mobile suit gun. Oh, really would have been something. I I would I'd want that immediately. I can I just say like, I I feel like maybe a really punchy director. Why would be really great? This. But we have writing credits that sounds really good. And you know. It doesn't matter if it's a different bond that I initially thought I feel good about this Dave, and I feel like you should too. Also, just as a side note, the trailer for detective peak and shoe is they're looking really good. Can I just say, I know played a genuine Pokemon game in my life. This looks like absolute fun. I don't care if I'm an idiot or child, I don't like this is a great. This is a great gateway into Pok Amman. I've dabbled as I've said in the past and most recently, I've been a little bit more intrigued by the pokey man's again. And I think this will be a good gateway for people that may not be too familiar or a great little piece of nostalgia for everyone that oh, maybe stopped after gen one. I'm looking forward to that. And yet, I think I'm looking forward to this gun to movie, I think, I think. Movies. They're getting better there. Did you see Leo Jack? Did you see a leader? I act. I unfortunately, did not I meant to before this podcast. But I am very excited to see it. I I can't bear. It is good is good. And I'm seeing sort of an upward trajectory every few years dragon ball. Evolution was bad. Ghost in the shell. Not terrible alita who was pretty damn good open. Maybe there's room for hope with Gundem. Maybe there's room for hope. Yes. And they're certainly seems to be hope with detective Pika chew. So we're back with the we're back to ways Jack, we are back to our positive ways on the enemy podcast sort. Really? I know jarring ascraeus hasn't it? And I'm are you checking out anything from this upcoming season yet, Jack? I ha I haven't but I'm going to pull it up right now. And see what we got. That's right, though. I know I'm probably going to get dragged into the watching the fruits basket remake with my friends. Although let me just go ahead and take you on a little bit of a story. David. You know that Anna anime in manga were pretty tough to come by. You know, for I say, maybe like up until recently, maybe this last decade, it's been much better. But you know, it still had some kinks to work through with DVD's and such. But there I am in the high school library checking out my requisite six books. Like do. I read a lot. Okay. Oh was a door and and an actual segment of shelf not a whole shelf because they certainly didn't have enough. But there was a tiny little shelf that had maybe two or three random volumes of death note, perfect for high schoolers and the entirety of fruits basket, and there are a few others. But I can't really think of them off the top of my head now. But David when that's what you have to go on. That's what you pick up, and it's cute. It's fun. And I really feel like the end an amazing that. That originally adapted the work is it doesn't look great. It's very much that kind of we we really dried we really try to get the start style down. So you know with modern animation. I'm feeling very good about this images. Look great of why don't you tell me about some of the animates that you're thinking of checking out this season? And I will continue to look down this list. See if anything else pops out to me, Jack. Here's what I was thinking. Actually, why don't we save the big a poss- spring twenty nineteen spectacular for the next episode since we already know the next episode will be pretty special. Let's save it for the next episode. Oh, podcast tease. Everybody pot cheese. How about that? It'll give me more time to look at some stuff. See what catches my eyes so podcast t's? I like it on the next up sewed of the enemy podcast of some sort. And yes, it will be big. It will be big. We'll do our spring. We will do our spring anime thingy. Jackie. You're actually watching something on an on Netflix. These days. I'm usually the one preaching the good word of net. Flicks. What if you got? Well, I mean, I've gotten just a lot of extra time to draw as recently lot of great commission work and saw leaving some anime on the background, the usual suspects been re watching listening to castle Vanya cocky, Gueroui catching up on the strange life of psyche K, but the breakout series this this time has got to be David. It's got to be backstreet girls. Do you know anything about the anime, David? Is this like a gender? Swap of like, a brand new male idol group that I missed. I believe you are correct in that. I was really hoping you were going to say is this the answer to backstreet boys, which you know, I wish I really wish that anime was out there trying to recreate the nineties through idol groups, but. Follows is. I'm I'm sorry. This follows three Yuccas the tops who screw up so badly with their boss that he decides. It's this. Yes, they they start a band or. They are forced to start an idol group again with the satirical. Idle anime David, I don't know they're trying to get me. But I'm not gonna watch love live. I'm not like I actually mean that this isn't going to Gilligan cut to two months later where I'm telling you, I really like Niko or whatever didn't we already bets. Didn't we already do the no love lifing thousand years ago? It's true. It's true. But backstreet girls, you know, it's it feels like it's more about the the bit it because these girls that have, you know, come back from this sex change operation, and, you know, rigorous psychological training to forcibly become the moneymaking idol group that the boss wants them to be there. They're not great at it. They're always sitting around with their legs apart. And by the way, David they don't call attention to their panties. It's always shot from an aerial angle. Wow. I'd mind actually blown. No, they they really there's some titillating things. Like, I mean, you know, they're definitely not averse to their new hot bodies for one thing. But I mean across the board it's mostly about how they're taking their innate Yuccas in nature towards violence and crime and general had assery and just trying to make it work on a level to be charming. And sweet. And I you know, it's tough to talk about the comedy. I'd say it every time. But you know, I think pretty good litmus test of how much this might be enjoyable to. You is. I wanna say it's episode three. They have an interview alongside of very popular idol group. They're trying to, you know, rub elbows get in there. And does so. The regular idol group is saying things like, you know, I really like Nado and. You know, I don't know the standards of Japanese food. But apparently that makes the main lead singer of the popular idol group feel like an old, man. Apparently, that's something that falls too old men taste. So the guy makes a comment about that. And they go. Oh, wait, we could just be ourselves. So then the Indy group comes up with the toughs, and they all go, man. I get hairs around my nipples and my pubic it's the weirdest thing guys on the radio. So I mean as one if you're looking for that kind of shock humor. Yeah. I mean, hashtag relatable. But. It's a lot of fun. It's glorious. And I mean, if you need if it were feeling bad because you think that the premise feels a little I don't know wrong. Like, I mean, look, I'm not give you your pass. It's fine. I don't care. I'm not offended. I'm laughing. It's great. No, no problems here. Backstreet girls. Definitely riot just net. Flicks man, sitting all these excellent series, Owen, double men, rewatching devil man and trying really hard to not just stare at the visuals and forget what people are saying. I go round. What do they say? What are people saying? No what the characters are saying. I mean like, I'm so destroyed. This is his look so good. A wait. They said something back ten back tens there. There are things happening. Yes. Just like just like what star treks to Jack just like with Star Trek discovery. Yes. It does. Look, really cool. But things are happening. Do have to open your ears a little bit. It's true. But I'm loving it. I am loving it from start to finish again. And I'm really excited for Cauca gracie's season into because apparently there's a character whose voice by Romi park. Of course, most known for voices Edward elrich in full mellow missed in the Japanese sub. I'm ready, David. I'm ready for this terrible excuse for gambling to show up and make me feel psychological terror. Outstanding. I feel like we've been saying that here on this podcast for for a while. Now that Netflix is picking up some really enjoyable anime. If you're looking for things that aren't necessarily within the the normal anime conversation, so yeah, get your Netflix on everybody. You don't even have to chill if you don't want to you can watch some anime. And I mean real quick there's there's just a lot of animation in general, not just the anime. Of course, the anime podcast of some sort would advise towards the anime. But I mean, there's some great and other stuff on there too. Like Hilda was really impressive. I also just finished that alongside my my anime binge-watch. So this is a really great time for animation. I'm very excited for that. Passion driven digital media. That is backed by giant companies with lots of money. Indeed, not a good thing, Jack, sometimes when large companies back animation projects sometimes day, they go wrong still they they still go wrong and true I've decided than I am fishery lifting the embargo as of now. It's no secret everybody. But boy David matrix thing is a big big fan of sonic, the hedgehog. And since the announcement and certain visual cues for the live action, sonic, the hedgehog movie. I've taken a bit of a personal embargo on all things sonic, it just it's just been. We've locked it up. Like the Disney vault. We've we've locked it away. We've just gone radio silent. The only thing that I've done is. When I went to go see a leader. There was a poster for the movie in the theater near my home. I took a picture where everyone could see that. I was very very very crestfallen at visible that I was seeing. Say sorry, David. I'm so sorry. This looks on the holy. That's the only that I can use ever gave me. It's drew it actually generated a flight or fight response. In me when I saw it the first time I nearly fought. That's what I nearly. I nearly chose to fight and just throw the movie poster on the ground. And you know, what it's rent time. Because David I have to talk to the sun fandom for second. Listen here, sonic phantom. You did this to yourselves this grotesque? Thing that is supposed to be sonic, the hedgehog. It is the byproduct of your nonstop memes. It is the byproduct of your fan art your fan fiction. It is the byproduct of all of your original character. Do not steal memes. It is the byproduct of a warped and twisted fandom that hasn't had had of good video games and comic books and animated series. So it had to warp and twist and make its own weird content. That has spawned this. Now, far be it from me to knock people for their creative expression but sought a fan w did this to yourselves. You did this to yourself. This is our fault. If we just kept things a little less weird. Yes, they are anthropomorphic characters. But for God's sakes. Did you really have to go all that way? You sick sick weirdos? This is our fault that this this live action movie in I'm trying my best not to peak on the Mike. But my God man, this movie is our fault. It looks terrible. It looks grotesque in all of the ship posting and complaining that everyone does about how bad sonic is for so long. This our fault we've done this. And and now we have to live with this sonic was on a good upswing for a few years. And now this like everyone kind of white sonic, boom off the map because the cartoon was really good. But. Now, this the games in recent years aside from sonic, boom. We're all pretty well praised sonic forces. Somewhere in the middle. Mileage may vary. But now, we have this this this thing that is supposed to be sonic, the hedgehog that people saw the legs and nearly peed themselves in terror. And then saw the rest of it and was were horrified and the original creators of sonic at sonic team, Japan saw this like hell, no in Japanese. But you get my point not them. We are responsible for this. This is our own undoing and God damn it. We deserve every bit of. You didn't ask for this? David. And I certainly didn't consent to seeing these posters everywhere. No, no. I didn't consent. It. No one did who would consent to this. This is what how this looks. This is what happens when Meam culture becomes just culture when there's nothing left, but the memes and the shit. Posting is is what comes out, and you know, when to blame but yourselves. I think David what you're what you're getting at here is to say. Have consequences. And so does your shit posting I feel like I've been saying that for about two three years now your shit. Posting has consequences like the sonic the hedgehog live action movie that no one will be able to escape from. Now, david. I'd like to pull you a little bit back from the void of despair for a moment, and and walk you and a couple of, you know, our listeners, let's just walk through what what went wrong, and I think the main thing is. You. This far along in the game. You can't go. This is an initial design. You can't you can't that's the equivalent of the fourteen year old on db in art. Who goes it's my style. No, no. This is not your style. This is the homogenized throwing Alvin and chipmunks the Smurfs all of those godforsaken live action CGI hybrids with a cute adorable. I say that, but I can't I can't finish it with the presumably cute and adorable mascot from previously beloved IP. That didn't ask to be destroyed like this. That's the style. That's not any individual. This is an algorithm make enough fucking movie, David, and it really sucks because if there's one thing that I've learned from my love of the sonic. Oh VA from a few years ago. I really enjoyed watching that really. The open my eyes to the the aesthetic that really really captures my imagination from the sonic franchise. And then playing some classic games. You know, sauna to has been great tales miles per hour is my son. I know that everybody throws at around on the internet a lot. But he's act chilly. My son. Like if anyone genuinely hates him in the year of our base, God twenty nineteen you're going to have to listen to me because he's a good boy. And he does good things. Also knows he is a genius. And a great pilot. He is objectively a better pilot than launchpad Macuac. But all that being said, David, here's what here's the sonic movie. I think that y'all deserved picture this. And I'm going along before real that. They absolutely have to make in a live action setting. The can't just go full anime. So we're going along that template that Hollywood just loves during dry. So you have the live action area. And it looks like from that horrific poster with just a legs like the Golden Gate Bridge. So let's just say we're in San Francisco, and we're following a young maybe their couple, you know, I'd say just a guy and a gal dislike roommate. Hanging out all thing, and they are EKO friendly. They try really hard to be green. And then through some sort of haphazard, whatever a wizard. Did it the universe collided, whatever sonic shows up? And this is the important thing. David. I like sonic is very much like that kind of classic rubber hose cartoon character with that modern ninety cents ability and two so why isn't he just hand-drawn? Yes, it's expensive. But that work soon much better than what you've already got out there. So sonic shows up. He interacts it's a lot of great excellent production. You know, he's interacting with the live environment and the people like who framed Roger rabbit all over again. And then he reveals that Dr egg man or robotic I don't know followed him from Moebius, and he knows that this world is in danger of going to pot because of the environment. So you get a little bit of that green spin on it. And you get you know, all of that plastic lower from those games that people love, and you get to be able to follow the standard Hollywood formula. Will they do that? Now Shota they yes, they absolutely should have. And that. David is my gift to you and the sonic phantom. I'm sorry. I can't fully get the funding to give to you properly. But that's what you deserved that is the sonic fandom doesn't deserve gift. They really don't. I'm I'm so upset with this movie. Jack. I think that I'm pretty close to saying to sonic phantom. I think we need to see other people. I'm so close I'm so close to just saying sonic fandom. We're. I'm not gonna do it. I'm not going to do it. But but just no I'm I'm staying at a hotel for the weekend because I just I just need some time right now sonic fan. I need some time sleep on the couch. No, I'm getting a hotel room for the weekend because I just need some time. Okay. I need some time in I will call you when I call you. But in the meantime in between time, Jack while I'm getting my things what you to tell me that you've been enjoying some sonic stuff lately. I absolutely have David. I very much have and before I get into that. I have one more question to you about the fate of sonic phantom thing in general the franchise. I once heard someone say that they think that sonic at this point is on salvageable that there is no hope of it ever being good again, and whether that's from fan outcry and the fans of self or just because of. The fluctuating quality do you believe that? I absolutely do not because sonic was as sonic was good as recently as not even five years ago. Yeah. Mania on sonic was always at its best. There's contact out for that. When there's games and when there's cartoons. And when there's comics if you just stick to those you'll be okay, the sonic mania games were universally acclaimed sonic forces. Sonic, boom. The cartoon was well received the sonic mania adventures YouTube series was well received these were all fairly recent. The thing about the sonic phantom. Is that it's it is always up and down. There are always peaks and valleys and we had a peak. Now, it's looking like we're entering valley. Give him that sonic forces wasn't as well received as one might have hoped and giving what this upcoming movie looks like. We're entering valley. Kind of what the sonic phantom has always been since the Dreamcast and since. Sonic excise oppose adventure? Oh, wow. It's really really been wheels to me like the three has been like the main divisive factor. But maybe that's just me looking at it from an outside. It absolutely is the three D because some people just never want to let go of the idea that sunny. The head shock is only supposed to be one thing. I'm not one of those fans tomato never worked in three D. But sonic has sonic has it sauna caz like come on, sonic, boom. I understand what you're saying here. But it's only tomato pasta MRs fault. It's not sawn expelled. Sonic works three D it does. And I just think that will be entering a valley, and we'll come out of it. Hopefully with less dumb memes. Hopefully, so yeah, David I've been playing some games. And I gotta say right now, I am I have not really touched too, many of the three D properties played a little bit of generations that my friend Patrick's house, but so far it's been mania sonic, one on hiatus for however long sonic to which I also recently put on hiatus because as much as I have been enjoying it a sonic CD really captured my attention when I realized this is the one that had the time travel mechanic and various your future past world's. I really wanted to see this action. And I'm only on the first level still because it is. I don't know. I feel like I've got. Location blindness or something, but it's a lot of fun. The music's been great just it's not a bad franchise. It's just got a lot of bad press for no reason. And it just makes me feel bad. I don't feel bad for the ridiculous corners of the phantom. But I know folks like you David p bull who are just enjoying it for what it is. And they don't deserve this. They absolutely don't I'd say sonic fans. Don't deserve this the sonic fandom as a whole. I'll leave it to you. Or a leave it to you day that you're the one who calls the shots on that. If they deserve it or not. But. I'm like in a lot, you know, Sonoko VA. Of course, I love the character designs and everything from that. And it worked so. Well, looks just like the game. It's charming. I love it. It's no surprise to anyone. Who knows? I loved the position. You know? I might love me some cute Disney style characters. But I also love me. Some some weird stuff that maybe doesn't really fit with that kind of happy motif. So I love the idea of this ferry nineties kind of a static universe. That's just fairy. Man, it's just so mechanical and futuristic and all over the place, and then you also have these great sprawling natural. And and I love it. And then he's classic rubber hose looking characters. It's just all fun. It's really fun. I'm having a good time. David. I'm really glad in. I cannot wait for you to get to sonic, spin spindle. Well, maybe Sonics pinball can be very polarizing you either love it or hate it. There's no inbetween and sonic three. Of course. The the masterpiece I'm really excited for you get end knuckles. And I will I will wait excitedly for you to tackle those now Jack wrap up right in the pre show. You had a brilliant brilliant idea. And absolutely love it. And I think it will be great going forward with our next exciting adventure. So tell us about this little idea that you had Jackson. All right, folks. We're gonna have ourselves our very first anime podcast of some sort on test. It's gonna be real simple. And all you gotta do is at one of us on Twitter just make up a hypothetical anime any kind of characters. John Rao premise that. You can imagine get real creative. The only thing is that both David and I have to love it. So come up with an anime that both David and I will enjoy an Addis at call me DJ 'em or Jackie Tyler d on Twitter with your answer. And this is the best part. The winner gets a prize. And that prize David is going to be a hand-drawn poster interpretation of your winning anime premise as drawn by me. And I'll even mail it to you. If you want how cool is that a posse Jack will draw your enemy and send it to you in. All you have to do is come up with something that we both like. All you gotta do and yell. No. I'm not nearly as much of a jerk as I see Mon Twitter when it comes to stuff that I like him. I'm really not. I'm really not. And and Jack, Jack definitely not a church. We all know that. It's why keep him around it softens, my image, everybody and. Send us your ideas. Give us what you got at us at us. We'll keep this going for a few weeks of this will be great for when we make our big news, tease tease where were teasing something. I I messed about it. But yes, send us your ideas. You you have something that you've written or you wanna get creative. You've writers you feign artists. You fantastic writers. I swear I don't hate you as much as I sounded like a little while ago that was just for sonic that was just for sonic. That's it. But the rest of you. They'll ahead. Go nuts. Dazzling gifts and send us a tweet out. Call me DJ m net Jack d Tyler D. And until then thank you for listening to the anime podcasts of some sort where an eye tunes constituent Spotify. We are now officially on soundcloud. Yes, I I put down the money for it. We're we're on the soundcloud with the soundcloud wrappers, I don't think jacket. I are going to be getting tattoos on our faces anytime soon, but we are on the soundcloud slip for social media posts blows up you'll actually to drop API on soundcloud anime podcast of some sort in all pot catchers, look for it by name Winky Winky. Thank you so much for listening, and we will talk about cartoons possibly somewhere else. Maybe in a studio. A real live podcast studio in the not too distant future.

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