WokeAF Daily 4.29.20 - Black Lives Don't Matter


Only Good Morning folks and welcome to woke up daily with me. Your Girl Danielle Moody here. Live from my bunker if I sound a little bit down. It's because I am last night. I was watching the news and while hard stop there you can understand why I was down but it was watching the news and the beat with our melber and they threw up a an incredible graphic that really struck to my core The graphic Red Cova nineteen has disproportionately affected African Americans and it lists out some of the seven major areas. listing out the percentage that African Americans make up of the population and then the percentage of deaths and I want to read you a few Washington. Dc African Americans make up forty five percent of the population. They're making up seventy five percent of the deaths. New York nine percent of the population. African Americans make up nineteen percent of the deaths. Louisiana African Americans make up thirty three percent of the population. Sixty five percent of the deaths Michigan. Fourteen percent forty six percent of the deaths Missouri. Twelve percent of the population African Americans. Make up forty four percent of the depths. Wisconsin seven percent of the population thirty nine percent of the deaths South Carolina twenty seven percent of the population fifty five percent of the deaths last night. I tweeted and I asked this question. And it's one that I really want everyone who is listening to okay. F on a regular basis To think about if these numbers reflected how the corona virus was averaging white people. Do you think states would be rushing to reopen? You think there would be protests about. Stay at home orders. America always finds a way to remind us. That black lives do not matter. I read those statistics and my heart is extraordinarily heavy because it is always so unsettling depressing startling. Just how little white people care about black people's lives and how much they do not matter. Black folks will care for your loved ones in the nursing homes. That you shove them in and beyond the front lines at the grocery stores janitors cleaning up your hospitals caregivers. Mta bus drivers subway conductor's it's like we're invisible and the only way that you know that we're there is because you're putting your foot on our fucking backs so that you can step up one more wrong and I realize that I really am starting to believe that this country is just don't I don't know if it's ever GonNa get any better you know if you're a religious person maybe you're clinging to scripture in this moment you know if you're a person that doesn't have any faith if you're an atheist you know maybe this the way that humans are treating one another Right now is just you know further proof right that there is no God when I think about what. This virus is making us all see. It isn't just the disparities right. It isn't just the fact that American American exceptionalism is bullshit and that so many areas of our society are broken from our healthcare system to our education system to our economic system. It's all broken and I don't think that it ever occurred to me really genuinely right because I believe in democracy and I believe when I tell you all the time that people really do have power. It's why end the show each day with power to the people and to all the People Power because I believe it. It's not just a mantra. It's not just something to say. But when I look at these numbers and I think about the systems the systems the systemic racism and oppression that is oh apparent and I think about the faces of these white trump supporters screaming about their fucking rights and their liberty wanting a fucking haircut and walking around with ar. Fifteen and gas mass. And I think about the black people that are probably dying alone in their homes because they don't have healthcare right and Or going to a hospital and being told that your symptoms are not that bad so then go home and then you go home and die and I ask myself truly like when is the Arc GonNa Bend when you think that in times of crisis that people band together but what I realize now is that if these numbers if these were white people there's no way that trump would be rushing to open the country. There's no way that these governors in some of the hardest hit places would be thinking about reopening when we still don't really know how the actually works in moves we know that it's killing black people and left the next people and the elderly and I realize now that they're all people that Republicans feel are dispensable and our don't really matter anyway. Why do you think for years? We've had to chant black lives matter because they fucking don't why do you think that Serena Williams most famous athlete in the world? She's given birth in a hospital a couple of years ago and she's telling the doctors and nurses that she has a pre existing condition. A clotting problem and that she is on medication for the treatment of blood clots and that she could feel that she was losing breath and she had to be her own advocate and get the treatment that she needed. But if she wasn't Serena Williams she would be one of the one in five black women that die from giving birth in the wealthiest and most industrialized country in the West. How is that so I just realized that in the rush to reopen that Republicans in these conservative White folks? Don't give a fuck about who they're trampling on the faces that I see outside of these stores that are screaming and banging on the steps of City Hall to get in. They look like Lynch mobs. They might as well they might as well be saying death to black people. Death to the poor death to the Latino community you know if you are a religious person. I genuinely ask you to pray because I don't know what's going to happen to us. We have a white supremacist in the White House. They are currently people children in concentration camps in this country. We haven't even been talking about. How the corona virus outbreak is faring in these detention centers. We've talked about prisons. We've talked about nursing homes but no one on major news. Networks has talked about the detention centers. Which were already seeing outbreaks of the regular flu? That was killing kids. I don't know what this moment is supposed to teach us. I honestly I am losing my grip. On what the lesson is supposed to be and I constantly say that when we're looking at trump all you need to do is follow the money but you need to follow the money any need to follow the racism and you need to realize who the Republican Party and White folks think are expendable and who. Isn't those numbers. I don't give a fuck if you're black or not. They should be startling. Because you're not fucking immune. I don't know why this virus is ravaging my community. I you know I know intellectually but in my heart. I don't know it's like how much more can vulnerable populations take you know? How much more does this country want us to bear for their economic prosperity right? The building of this nation was on the backs of enslaved Africans who gave their fucking lives for railroads and buildings and plantations and agriculture industry. And you're asking us to do it again. Some four hundred years later without even fucking flinching. It's disgusting it's despicable and it should be fucking called out on a day to day basis every hour every God Damn Day. It isn't just about reopening the country. It's about whose lives. Are you willing to sacrifice in order to do it? So say fucking loud. Just say that black lives. Don't matter just say you don't give a fuck about immigrants. Just say that. Latino community doesn't matter because this rush to reopen. That's exactly what it is about. You want US black people brown people once again to lay down our lives for your enrichment. That is the legacy of the trump administration. And you know what it's baked into the foundation of this country. Trump didn't make up racism. He just exploited it. I always look forward to welcoming back to walk a half hour Wednesday contributor author Jonathan. That's all of dying of Whiteness and the Director Center for Medicine Health and society at Vanderbilt University. Jonathan Welcome back every day I always. I look forward to Wednesday's because I have the opportunity to chat with you about so many things that I think that we are missing in this moment of the Kobe crisis and just the crisis of this administration. One of the things that I want to talk about today is this continued war that the trump administration is waging against the World Health Organization. We know that they have already cut funding in the midst of a global pandemic to the World Health Organization. I also want to know. Where's all that money going that we're no longer sending to them because it's not showing up in the states and it's not showing up. In our stimulus packages that are dried up as quickly as they are disseminated You brought up an interesting theory to me as to why there is. This continued drum against the World Health Organization. And it's not necessarily what we think. Tell me what what you have found as you've been researching What's been happening right now? Well thank you. That's a great way to begin the conversation. Let me say first of all that. In a time of global pandemic you need a global corporation. We've seen this again and again and again over the course of this crisis and other pandemics You need as much global cooperation as you possibly can. Because countries need to be only sharing information and sharing knowledge but also coordinating their responses or. That's the virus doesn't flare up in one place and then they another place more vulnerable. That's really what the World Health Organization does it's an organization that coordinates activities and it's been Very active really from the get-go really from the very beginning of this of this current virus crisis has been sounding the alarm vocally on for a couple of months. When the trump administration wasn't even paying attention juice I'm an has been coordinating research Kind of an umbrella organization corporation on everything from masks to vaccine research And so why in the world but anybody would have went up and that an an and that's what we're seeing with. The trump administration is that trump. I kind of caught a lot of people by surprise cut funding to the World Health. Over in his ation. But that wasn't enough Now they're trying to strip All any kind of resolution. Take the hotel clerk. Innovations name of everything and the we'll hope it goes Asian again overseas a lot of efforts and so what the trump administration is trying to do is is kind of go around. Who by funding a bunch of different smaller initiatives? That may or may not be politically motivated. Sounds familiar. That's also what they're doing in the United States and really kind of append any kind of centralized authority. I mean we can talk about it in a little bit but it's really gone to really appalling levels. Some I have a lot of friends have her work with the. Who scientists who robbery. And I can give you a few examples. I'm and so. Why would we do that right number? One and number one is that it's a deflection right. Trump timing again has been trying to say. This isn't my fault that somebody else's fault he's very good at passing the buck I it was the China Virus Now you've noticed you're not really using that language anymore but he needs kind of an kind of voting rights and and the other very often as a racial is other and so two. Who with a link to the world that likes to Europe with conveniently person of color who are kind of easy of image to convey? It's a very easy. It's very easy kind of Boogeyman in Iraq Now I'm not saying that. W razors perfect. It's a very large multinational organization And you know it had some problems earlier with the with the Volta Crisis for example where it was Ju- slow but that is not nothing the case here and again if there's some other organization that has reached in all of these areas You know bring it on that. They're they're really and so that's number one is that it's very convenient just election for trump. But we remember to the DOJ Jonathan because we know number one. We know that Donald trump consistently defect deflects from his wrongdoing. We know that he consistently will find the most marginalized group or or the right racial tone right to hit in order to get in order to draw attention away from his failings around America's response to cove in nineteen and the fact is right that at the same time that he's blaming the WHO we're learning from the Washington Post through the presidential daily briefings that he was being briefed about Colvin. Nineteen back at the end of twenty nineteen in December. And so how is continue to allow him to get? I mean he's using the same goddamn playbook it's not like he's trying something new and the playbook works right. It's it's not my fault. It's somebody else's fault somebody else's not somebody who looks like me. It's not an organization. That looks like us. So he's creating these categories of self and other and and and it's effective apparently with good numbers of his vase now without knowing anything about what the WHO does or doesn't do You know doesn't realize that the. Who is warning the United States from the very beginning about this virus? I'm and not only that. The United States wrote many of the rules governing. The center does so all these rules. That trump has now protesting were written by us as the third thing. Is You know. Who doesn't really have any actual power? It doesn't actually make anybody do anything it's like it's like the host of a cocktail party for all the countries right and so in a way trump is making. It seem like the. Who doing all of this evil in the various other show doesn't actually do anything right. It's like the United Nations or other kind of basically happening right and encourage courage this cooperation. Oh my God what. What do you need more than anything? Is that right now? And and so you know again. If there's this kind of go it alone mentality. We see the same model in the states. Actually rare you need a kind of uniform response because this virus spreads everybody's not working off the same playbook and so undermining the centralized authorities creating the conditions of racist which then gop kind of moves right into is exactly what it's doing on on the world stage The other important thing about the WHO? He's I encourage people who think w show some kind of evil empire just to look on the. Who on a website? I'm with the. Who does is again. It's coordinating vaccine response. It's doing a lot of very very very important. Reports about masks about antibody testing where it brings together the world's leading scientists. Another important thing. That's who does. Is it organizes efforts and places like sub Saharan Africa where the virus is really going to be a major issue and also. There's a lot of other illnesses like malaria sub Saharan Africa. And so in a way. What it's doing is trying to coordinate responses. So that so that they aren't major outbreaks in very very vulnerable countries. I'm countries were most people are not right conveniently and all and And also because I'm because the risk of of other kinds of illnesses there are ones that really shouldn't be forgetting about so this fact that this is an organization that also deals with with South America with immigration with Africa that might be great red meat for for trump space but ultimately it's short it's literally a looming disaster in terms of just what what's going to happen on other continents and also what's going to happen to. I mean a pandemic means everybody in the world's facing the same crisis And so it's it's really. It's completely completely upsetting. I I mentioned before that I had a couple of examples the WHO for sample had a massive Kind of all hands on deck and Bringing together all the all the vaccine. Scientists sold a vaccine trials. Everything like that The US didn't even send anybody into other jobless Switzerland so and so did us didn't even spend anybody from on a government role Bill Gates was there But nobody from the. Us government can't even though the the the Us Console in. Switzerland is right next door to show effectively and so the all. These other countries are moving at lightning speed. And it's leaving the United States behind. Because we're not for not cooperating with the idea here right is my assumption is that America is not cooperating right now because of trump and the Republicans concept of isolationism right. They have moved us away from collaborating with our allies from working in lockstep and coordination on issues whether it be right now in the midst of a global pandemic whether it was climate change any of the weather's trade any of these big the understanding the concept here is that we have ceased to be an island upon ourselves for generations at this point but trump's idea of making America great again was essentially burying our heads in the sand not caring about or paying attention to or participating in let alone leading any of these global efforts right and so because of that we there in this particular moment no one is even looking for our leadership because we have become so deficient in that on the world stage over the past three and a half years. The world is just moving without us really. I mean it's such a massive advocation of our global role not just as leaders but we're both citizens and so really what's happening. Is that the rest of the world. Just moving on I mean th th the draining of authority and has it's unprecedented particularly from where we were a couple of years ago to now in terms of all of these issues not just science and development public health and just being a moral voice in the world. It's it's it's really gone away and it's GonNa take a lot of work to get that back I mean. Can you imagine it played during World War Two? We had acted this way for example. We we'd all be living introductory rule right now. I mean we we and but that aren't like in so people always think that I'm being hyperbolic but aren't we like aren't aren't we in this? Aren't we under trump? Aren't we living under the most oppressive regime? I mean the rest of the world is watching in horror and also deep sadness right over the loss of what they thought. Right was this idea of American exceptionalism. Like look they always route this young scrappy country right. Relative to other nations in the world has been able to be a global power. But they haven't done so on their own we've done so with the with the understanding like you're saying of our role our ability to collaborate our ability to build right together and yet here we are now and so my fear is one that we are not looking at trump's deflection. In the way that we should be. We're not talking about trump's deflection in the way that we should be. We're not equating. What is happening right now with the world or with the World Health Organization to his perpetuation of white supremacy right. We're not look. We're not connecting the DOTS. How do you think that we begin to connect the dots and when I say we I mean Democrats? It's it's so hard right because trump has this bullhorn right now and so we can't see I mean. Loss of Global Authority is something that people may or may not care about But the other part is that the the domestic implications of the failure of leadership are profound but But they never seem to fall back on trump. I mean closing the borders having no immigration on screening multiple kind of crises in in other countries. But it's also causing a lot of prices points in the United States farms for example. I read this morning that there is a shortage by one hundred thousand workers on many farms and for people who kind of picked produce. The people need and fruits and vegetables. So it's It's going to create a food crisis for example our immigration policy And so the fact that The fact that these things are happening because of these horrible GOP policies within create the conditions of despair It never we never ended up closing the loop right. We ended up playing events Because trump is out there saying aren't protecting America and then he'll stick the you know over there so food on the table back on the Democrats when really resulted from his administration's policies So it's it's tough when he's got this bullhorn right now and I you know I again. I think it's important for the Democrats to seize the initiative. I think that there is a kind of larger more argument to be made about what happens when the US leads world which we have clearly lost. I think that you know. I think that there needs to be a very aggressive kind of economic of message from from the Democrats which is a unifying economic mess as raising with they can go on the offensive but it's hard because every day. Of course trump comes up with something more outrageous it. Just you know you have to eat. People feel like they have to respond to every day and they probably do but it does make it hard for me. Ariston catch if you were whispering in the ear of the Biden campaign right now which you know. I gotTa tell you. I don't know where they are right. I I really don't and I'm paying attention like you are to the news every single day and I don't know what they're doing so if you were to whisper into the ear of the Biden campaign on this particular issue. What would you say that they need to I would say W W td which is well hunter? She was understood. Ismaning right he would be using the It would be seizing spotlights. Every single day He would have a counter guy every single thing that was happening big kind of critique now I understand it's hard because there's a real reluctance to There's a real reluctance to kind of hundred mine of of a leader during the war. The war effort and things like that. But it doesn't make any sense to me why the Democrats haven't created their own kind of counter press briefings You Know Ma. Massive show of leadership. Here's an alternative vision. Maybe they're waiting for some later date and seeing how this plays out but I would say that just have to be ways to kind of seize the headlines for they've abdicated every single headline trump and and i. I really think that there needs to be a massive push to not just like. Here's our economic plan but actually in specifics figure out ways to to create a kind of counter narrative which really has been has been absent. Maybe again maybe. They're waiting waiting waiting for twenty two more. I'm twenty two million MORE AMERICANS TO FILE FOR UNEMPLOYMENT. Are they waiting for For the number of Corona virus cases to double to two million in the United States the number of deaths to double to over one hundred thousand I. There is no like the present to take action. And yet you to your point. I'm looking around and I'm saying why. Are we the only ones talking? Why isn't there a press conference every single day but other than governor Cuomo Governor? Cuomo to me. New York is the only person who has a counter punch and point and conversation then Donald Trump does he is literally the only Democrat that has to be the model in particular I mean. How can you channel that? It's it's just. I've been waiting every day for that to happen. And there's also a lot of right now democratic infighting that I find concerning kind of re re-litigating the primary And and so in a way now is not was not the time for that. The stakes are incredibly incredibly high. I think it has to be top down. Here's the coherent message. Kind of thing but I do think that I initially. I thought that the governor Cuomo was modeling what the Democrats were. Were then going to start doing a party and I it for me. Is You know I I mean. Hopefully there's a plan but I I personally have not seen and and again the open the paper any day. Every single headline is trump. And so there has to be a better strategy for you. Guys you're saying doing doing the CUOMO strategy or nationalizing Harkin nationalize the CUOMO press conferences. Something like that. I just you know I I am very worried. I'm very worried that Democrats are kind of resting on their laurels. And think that. Oh we'll we'll just let this play out. We'll let this plane this plane nosedive right and then people will wake up and be like Oh. I'm in this. I'm in this mess. I'm in this situation. Because of an imbecile in the White House. Because of his lack of globalization his lack of understanding his basic inability to understand facts and science. And that's why I'm here but to the point that we may before we even started. The interview is that that's not what the poll numbers are saying right. And so if you have this rabid forty percent of the population that will literally follow Donald Trump off a cliff and you don't have a counter narrative to this idea that opening up the economy is more important than saving lives that the quote Unquote pro-life Party has become the death party willing to sacrifice whoever and whatever in order to make a buck literally. If you're not doing that then where do we see ourselves in November? I wish I could talk to more political consultants. Obviously because You you know you and I have real conversations but I've been asked and number of media conversations what people ask me like. What deaf number would it take for? Republicans to turning on trump. Because you know we're we're GONNA have some very we have never wanted terms of death for from corona and the numbers are GonNa go up is the state and you know ridiculously reopened with no plan. And I keep telling them. There is no such number but that's a liberal fantasy to think that people are going to change their mind. In fact the more more desperate people people become because of trump's China's policies for they're gonNA follow trump if there's no alternative narrative and so in a way it's not like just letting the numbers speak for themselves. It's GonNa work. It's GONNA make people more ideological racists more More you know more willing to follow him because they don't you know it's hard to see that he's created the conditions of despair. Which then he drives from his whole playbook in my book rightness. I showed a precursor to that that basically people were dying from not having the affordable care act and made them more against the affordable care act because of the racial script that the GOP. But over it at all about the Obama and obamacare. And I think we're seeing that again and again. Now it's not like people are just. GonNa wake up and I think the Democrats should not be wait for that. They should be very clearly articulating. A Better. A better path forward. And also you know highlighting all of these problems and the other part of this is what we were talking about with the Health Organization which is trump is a master of destruction. And then all demagogues are. It's not my never my fault somebody else's fault and he and he picks the right target every time for for his base. He picks a target that morsels all of these underlying racial ideologies of these Biases fears. And so there's also just this continued to flex and narrative of nothing ever being my fault and picking just these kind of Straw man race alive Straw then Organizations like w show you know things like that and so in a way until the Democrats can Steve to counter narratives. And I think that we're just we're just leaving this for for trump. Well Jonathan. We're GONNA continue as always to keep our eyes on. All of the new said is unfolding. But I have to tell you that you know just a few days until May I'm not feeling very good about where Democrats are in this moment and the the idea that we're just playing this waiting game it's either we act or we're going to witness not only our demise through a very vicious virus but through our political ineptitude and also just. There's so much pain and suffering and loss right now. I've spent the week going to you. Know Zoom funerals last week. I mean there's so much to steer right now that I think a you know people need some hope right now and so in a way that I think I really do think there's an opening Not just you know politics just life. I mean there's there's we're we're in a moment of crisis remember number of trauma and we need some awful. I hope we'll continue the conversation as we do to try and figure out exactly what that path forward is because like I keep saying time is of the essence Jonathan and Mezzo. Thank you so much for for your conversation and for your contribution to walk. Afc daily on a weekly basis. We appreciate you so much. Thank you thank. You always excited to welcome back to the show. Kurt Bar Della no is an MSNBC MORNING JOE NBC News and USA Today Contributor. And I'm lucky because he is one of okay fs contributors as well current. There seems to be pivots happening in this White House. And one of them notably yesterday was the of the doctors at what was not labeled a Cova de briefing that we have come to know but the ramblings were still present but Dr Falcon. Dr Burkes were missing. We're being told a reports or telling us that they are no longer going to have a public facing position that they will still be attending the meetings behind closed doors but that the president and the trump administration are making this pivot towards hard reopening an economic all economics all the time. What do you make about this? I think that what president and his allies have finally. I think realizes the current virus isn't something that you can be with lies. It's all you can be with hyperbole. In tweets in bullying and all of the things that we've seen trump users prevents throng has presidency to overcome a mostly self inflicted challenges in this case that that doesn't work because this virus is spreading. Its its death. Toll is escalating in no wishful thinking or delusional. Thinking can change that and so rather than talk about the medical and health realities virus I think the president and the Republicans have now decided that they are going to pivot away from The medical facts and focus instead on the economy and even still trying to advance this blame China narrative to try to distract away from all of the failures in competencies that we've seen so far from the president the fact that are states Republican governors. Who are now moving to reopen their states and relax social distancing guide on the NC of any medical healthcare professional. That's aware of what's going on right now tells you that they are. We more concerned with the public optics. Public health advocates a huge risk. This president and these Republicans are literally gambling their entire political future on the idea that if they let people out right now the one else is GonNa it sick. That virus will start spreading Even more widely again that are asking their their supporters to put their lives and the lives of their families in their hands. And I just think that's going to end well based on everything that we know about this grammatical health standpoint. I love the fact that you use the word gamble right because I honestly do think that. That's what they are doing. They are gambling right. They are putting all the chips on the table and they are basically saying they are willing to gamble the two to three percent that scientists and doctors have told us are at risk of death right if contracting this virus that they are gambling on the fact that those people are expendable and that the majority of Americans will be happy with going back to work even though they don't know if they will fall among two three percent or even if they don't meet their maker that they won't be completely and totally impaired by the virus in hospital for a month at a time or in quarantine for for weeks at a time which has been known to happen with this virus that we're still learning about even the protesters. There are signs that say you know. We shouldn't shut down the economy for the weakest among us. I saw that with my own eyes. What is that say about a party that has been based around being pro-life when they're willing to sacrifice two to three percent of the population? Now I want people to understand because I've been talking about this on woke af for quite some time that if the country is made is the population in total is around three hundred twenty eight to three hundred and thirty million people. You're talking about sacrificing upwards of six to eight million people in that two three percent. This isn't that's that's six to eight million funerals six to eight million families friends and loved ones that will have to bury a loved one. Because of this decision how do they? How do they rationalize this? You know it's it's like everything comes down to. I think you're commish of economics in class warfare. I think that if we've seen time and again throughout this entire period of time that disproportionately people of color are the ones who are suffering the most low income economically disadvantaged families that are the ones that are bearing the brunt of this and we know that this is the people that Republicans don't care about at all they don't give a shit about these people yet And these are the same people that they target with their with their with their racial profiling policies. It the same people that they They call people from Schiphol countries yet. have no problem with white supremacists. Tally instigating things against this community. Of course they don't care if they go to work die They view them as A. It's almost like extension of servitude. A that that to them to the to the White Party. these people are the they are truly an engine that makes her country go. They do all the things that allow these rich entitled. Ceo's to to to have their private jets to stay in their vacation. Homes to escape the realities of of this virus. They don't care if they send those people to work at the slaughter because to them they're just an expendable cog in the wheel of a of of of their economy. And you notice I don't see Donald trump up there with all the masses. Oh that's right yes and how this rallies right down down with social distancing up with viruses even the Miller or Kaley macaroni or or Kellyanne Conway and Mark Meadows. And all of those people that are making these policies. I don't see them hanging out in crowds of people so long as always it do as I say not as I do. And if a couple of million people will have to get get sick and die in the process to trump. Oh well that's okay. We'll just replace them with other people doesn't matter but you know current apart so a part of Donald Trump's base is those wealthy elite one percenter. Right right the people that are. They're not going to have to sacrifice themselves or their young or anything. They're going to stay up in their ivory tower while everyone else on the ground does their bidding right in order to enrich them. That's how capitalism works in America but another part of trump's base are indeed the white workers right. Didn't he ride into office on this on? The the myth of the aggrieved white working class. So why do you think that these people are willing to sacrifice themselves for what they perceived to be the greater good? That's what I don't understand. This has always been the great. I think scam of Donald Trump. The idea that this billionaire lives in in in these in these towers were his golden toilet seats and all of that that somehow he is the the the the man of the Working Class. The patron saint of the working class saw it. It it it it. It's the clearest example of people actually voting against throw self interest that I have ever seen and for for that Middle America southern America White America. that celebrates trump. They somehow don't seem to understand that if they actually do what he tells them do. They're going to die. If you inject yourself with bleach it's not gonNA end tool for your and I I pay had against the wall honestly when I see that Fox News audience You know this white audience cheering and and and and hollering and Hooton for Donald. Trump won the things that he is prescribing. But kill them all and they are the ones who are going to experience hardship if they go back out there in places like Georgia or Wisconsin An Texas. They're they`re. They're putting their own welfare health in harm's way thinking. Oh there's no way that Donald trump or these governors would ever tell me to do this if it would hurt me so They like to make this almost a mocking type of all those liberals are always crying and whining and they're afraid we're strong and we're toughen. We got our garden our Second Amendment our freedom fries and that's going to be enough to stave off this endemic Which again if if Tom Hanks can get this is Chris. Cuomo can get this If no injuries alma if celebrities deeper all right you can get it. I don't understand how anyone else thinks that somehow because they carry a gun that's GonNa make them from the suddenly. That's I mean it it really. I am always dumb struck. By the way that that sect of trump's base unwavering base thinks about themselves. It's like as if they think that their whiteness prescribes them with some type of lottery ticket that they're sitting on that they're going to be able to cash in at some time now look white. Supremacy is real and like and in some ways is currency but when we're talking about a global pandemic that actually doesn't see borders right. That doesn't see age. We were wrong in the beginning when we said that it only was going to affect the elderly. Yesterday I heard reports about a twenty four year old woman who was pregnant who they were. They had to have an emergency C. section. The baby survived. The Mother did not and she was twenty four. We've heard stories of the first child that has died from the corona virus in the United States. That was five years old right so we know that what we initially thought is not true but the numbers do show us that it is disproportionately affecting and killing black and Brown people. Do you believe that if those numbers were not like? Why do they believe those numbers right that? Oh it's only that. But they don't believe the overarching numbers. That fifty five over fifty. Five thousand people have died in the United States in the past two months. Right even Tucker. Carlson got on air on Fox. The other day and said the economies are reopening in some states because the virus is not as bad as we thought is close to sixty thousand people dying in two months. Not that bad again. This is a reminds me of the response that we saw drastic difference responsibly. Saw when you hurricanes devastated San Juan but then when they came and storms taxes right and for trump the Republicans. It's well this is really hitting New York and vic cities and urban areas. It's not hitting in their minds. Oklahoma or Arkansas or or or South Carolina or Alabama If it were I guarantee you if if six deaths of corona were were white people in America they be approaching this whole whole lot different And and you see just in how they're reacting to this and the and the type of protesting you're seeing people in like Wisconsin You know in Georgia in this. You know our rights versus. There's the victim and tell us what to do. You all this nonsense you. It's totally driven through a racial Lens. And I think that if the situation were reversed it would be dramatically different You know it's it's always easy to be cavalier when it's other people's lives always easier to be dismissive on. Its own those other people over there not here and the irony of courses by rushing out there prematurely they're putting themselves at tremendous risk Of having this happened to them of having how it spread in highly populated like New York And places like Maryland That's going to happen in Jordan. Wisconsin if they foolishly go out there and act like nothing is going on. There's no harm to be out here. And they'll heavily themselves to blame. Honestly they blame themselves. Kurt we we know that. Oh of course not it will be something else. There's always an excuse. Always a reason not to Hold Donald Trump accountable. And I think that the one thing that trump keeps doing though that is beyond stupid is putting himself center having these these press briefings In in in giving the American people a daily reminder of who is in charge right now you know during previous crisis. You'd never see deliberately. So the president of the United States Front and center every day during the Curio. Bola they'll president Obama's eight for very delivered only two or three times because they wanted the medical professionals and scientists center and drive the response. Not The politics of it and here. We've seen kind of a reversal of that script. And Donald Trump making himself. He took a a a two day. Break for these briefings. We'll call it Before he couldn't help look back out. Her pregnancy began together so he is setting himself up failure by making himself the face of everything as he can't help themselves because he's a narcissist but also when this thing go south mobile right of course it will. I mean it's science because it's IT'S SCIENCE. It's a certainty. It's not a matter of if it's going to happen in the state of Florida or the State of Texas these places that are beginning their reopenings. It's just a matter of when and I think that you're gonNA see a huge backlash in the hall when this go south When people went out there 'cause they they. They thought that it was safe because their political leaders told them so and it turns out that they all get sick and die You know the the blood of those people will be on the hands of Party so let's look at a piece written by Morning Joe Joe Scarborough in the Washington Post this week. The cost of trump's deadly state of denial. And you know in the Peace Joe goes through essentially a time line right. A time line begins back in February when I mean excuse me begins back in January when he writes this trump said the corona virus was quote. One person coming in from China quote. We have it totally under control. It's going to be just fine. But the president's intelligence community had been warning him for weeks about the about the coming threat when he made that spurious claim he goes on to talk about in February. That trump predicted that the virus would go away by April. Well at the end of this week we're going to be in May right in trump. Send this it's like a miracle it'll disappear. Joe says that reckless prediction also came weeks. After the White House staff warned the virus would imperil millions of Americans lives while costing the US economy trillions of dollars. He calls about talking in this piece about trump's magical thinking we hear other Republicans come out in defense of this president and saying will. He is a cheerleader. He is about optimism. Is this optimism. Is it magical thinking or is it stupidity or a combination of all three well? First of all I. I've never heard anybody. Donald trump is an optimistic guy. This is someone who we use and weaponized. Paul fear is a racism to advance or radical in racist agenda imposed on the most vulnerable in our society the optimist about Donald Trump Secondly Joe's right that that that basically donald trump has been bumbling his way through this entire process frantically searching for some sort of a message that he can hold on to try to avoid. Accountability AREN'T THROUGH. Avoid being held responsible all while also trying to stave off. A you know Joe Biden who is appearing stronger stronger every day. I think that the idea that anything trump does is actually truly thought out deliberate. Is I think we've seen time again that that that's not true. He is an impulsive person with the with the impulse. Control of a six year old in he just doesn't says whatever comes to his mind at any given point in time just again the other day the fact that we started the day with the White House saying there's not going to be a press briefing. We got through the day and then all of a sudden you know what we're gonNA doing in the Rose Garden as it turns out you know. And when he made those absurd comments about legion disinfectant. It was will i. You said it then it was well. Medical professionals are arguing studies. Then it was. He was joking he was our attic about it. They changed the story so many times in just one day. You can't even keep track on bit. When asked her just because again he said for the second time that he takes no responsibility when asked by a reporter. Do you take responsibility for the fact that poison control boards around this country are excuse me having to field field thousands of calls about whether or not they should papa tied pod or instead of wiping their surfaces with the clorox bleach maybe wipe their bodies with it thirty people. There are people around this country that again believe everything that he says and he told the reporter. I take no responsibility again. So how do you put yourself like you said as the face of this pandemic the things that you are offering have no scientific and medical merit whatsoever? People follow that get sick more people die but you take no responsibility for something that you've made yourself the face off. How does that work? You know. It's the same people? Ironically enough that follow this guy who also doubt you know the science of Climate Change People who are routinely used to not who following our guy doesn't know anything about fact or science and who doesn't place a priority or value on untruth. This president WHO's told Gordon. Ten thousand lives since taking office any lies. Everything about the is trivial is crowd sizes at inauguration which really cares about that You know to the very important such as our public health during carnivorous. But when you follow a guy who just lies as easy as it is the brief Yup this this. This is what you get you know. It's it's clear that his following they don't care about the truth they don't care about fast They don't care about honesty if they did. They would've voted in support of Donald Trump Throughout his entire political career here. So it's like you get what you asked for sometimes in life and you know the the people that support him in blindly follow him and the people who enable helmet defend him You know they're they're about to find themselves in in a world of their own making and ultimately it could cost them their life. You know it seems to me that the only thing that trump cares about is the election and money right in order for him to continue to secure the bag as the kids say he needs to secure the White House and in doing so doesn't care about who he's putting in harm's way so long as the gamble pays off because trump has been gambling his entire life. What do you think about how November looks? At this moment there are polls that come out that are still coming out. Some have his approval rating up. Some have them down most have biden ahead. Some have trump ahead. What is you know every week? I'm going to ask you. What's your prediction based on the bullshit? That has happened this week off and where we will where we will end up but in in the recent polling what are you what do you think how do you? We're GONNA fair. You know I think if you if you look at where things stand at this moment. You Know Biden. Violence has an eight point. Lead over trump among twenty twenty zero election voters by two trump forty four Very rarely in any. Since the beginning of the trump presidency ever see the president break Above really forty five percent which is incredibly troubling for incoming president under even the best than serious. You know there's even a slightly larger university self identified Republicans who say that they vote for by about one time Which is When you look at the you know people forget that trump. And he's still lost the popular of three million votes and and it was against the candidate. And who forbid or worse? There is no Republican. Who would who would vote for Hillary Clinton for a myriad of reasons that's that's different this time And you know there are Republicans you know and and even though it might only be one ten if that actually happens in November that's enough to change the election frankly and then when you look at the Independence Biden has a double digit lead in this Hagman over over trump for for the better part of the year at all hypothetical matchups You combine that with the fact that trump's approval rating on his handling of the current upper outbreak has has has basically been training our now. There is kind of initial Sapporo leader Bass earlier. Which is what people do. But now that's going back down onto the forties again and the interesting thing is You know it'd be number of Americans who actually watched these briefings has been declining over the past at Wo- coin I think it was something along. The lines of fifty four percent. Said said they watch it And in about two weeks ago that number was sixty four percents so we've seen a ten percent drop in viewership of these briefings and just two weeks in because people are just. I you know again the matter whether you like the president fell your I think people are. They're not getting what they need when it comes to public health information And things you need for your kids who are sitting right there with you by the way because there's no way you can go. I think people are are changing the channel a little bit now and I think that benefits Joe Biden. Well we will see current bar gala. Thank you so much for joining us and giving some insight into the Republican mind like do I appreciate you so much. You have yourself a great week. Stay healthy and will autism. Talk to you soon. That's it for me here. Folks as always power to the people and to all the People Power get woke and stay woke his faulk and remain healthy and safe as fuck.

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