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The Lightning Round Podcast #176: 2019 Draft Show - Cornerbacks & Safeties


On like, they mold. This is the lightning round podcast with your host Garrett sixty and Jamie voile charge skull. This is the light in Rome podcast draft profiles today. We dive into the db group of the upcoming two thousand nineteen draft class. I am at Garissa. Stay on Twitter. Jamie is at lightning underscore around recovering Cornerbacks and safeties today, but first big shadow to lighten around podcast. Biggest and most consistent donor. Yeah. Big. Thank you goes out to Marcus to regain for yet. Another donation, we really appreciate it as always, Marcus. Thank you. And like we always say, we appreciate anybody who decides to support us. Whether it's by listening to the show of chatting on Twitter participating through conversations through the app or donating especially donating, but we like everybody. So thank you very much. Thank you. And thank you, Marcus to continue to donate. If you want to be as big of a fan as Marcus. You gotta donate as consistently, and he does it about on a monthly basis. So good for you, Marcus preciado. It. So today, we're going over the group. Like, I mentioned we're gonna go over five corners five safeties will each give a sleeper. We'll give our top five. And then how these guys fit with the chargers. And if the turn should be drafting either position group in the draft, and where we think they should be targeting these guys in the draft. So let's go ahead and start with it. We're gonna start with corners to move onto safeties. Let's go ahead and start with the corner from LSU, greedy Williams. So Williams is a guy who obviously made some noise at the combine today by running was it a four three nine forty something on those lines. Greedy is a very physical and aggressive corner. Impress coverage. He loves to get his hands on receivers and really bully them throughout their route Williams a good job of locating adjusting to and making plays on the football. He has great closing speed Williams and Tippett's back shoulder routes and makes plays on the ball on some occasions on back shoulder routes. He makes some pretty impressive in game adjustments after getting beat on routes, and he will bait quarterbacks into bad throws quite a bit particular underneath routes Williams in my opinion can be a little bit too passive and late to break on ball zone. Coverage has a little bit of trouble kind of shifting out of that backpedal and driving on the ball underneath William show, some vulnerability vertical routes the recovery in long speed despite the fast forty looked to be questionable on tape there times when he gets deep show some vulnerability like I said, those deep routes Williams can get to. Abby down the field when he gets beat while he really doesn't seem very interested or eager and making tackles particularly in the running game. I think he's a bit of an ankle biter with a tendency to duck his head in lunge at ball carriers. Maybe hoping he's gonna miss he really only makes tackles when he has to and you can see repeatedly kinda throttling down and taking really long routes ball carriers particularly in the run game where he's basically just letting his teammates make the play and he's cheering them on behind the pile. Just not very physical guy. Not a guy who really looks like he's interested in tackling. I have a pretty high grade on greedy, not as high as some people, but I have an eighty seven on him. So early second round, I think when all is said and done he will probably sneak into the bottom part of my top thirty two so openly wind up being a first round pick. But in terms of value in terms of the score the number score. I have an eighty seven on him. I think he's a pretty sm-. Mart and aware corner. Obviously he has speed the route recognition is there the ball skills. Are there for me? The biggest knock on him really is that lack of willingness to tackle in the running game. I just think he's a terrible tackler not a willing tackler and just not interested in participating in run support. Yeah. We're we're pretty close on greedy. He played both corner spots at LSU. He's a long corner moves well for a size, and he's a fluid athlete with great recovery. Speed. He can run with any wide receiver Williams really makes his money press. Man. Like, you mentioned seems always being control when he's on the field. Plays the ball Gresley. When it's in the air. Also as a stiff jab, Atlanta, scrimmage, his aggressiveness gets the best of times. You kind of mentioned it. He gets flag late routes. He could probably stand adds some bulk to that long lanky frame of his I also thought in Greece game has changed direction and hit movement was kind of stiff, and I thought there was some bad reps when he had a flip hips and then. Actually kinda showed up today at the combine during the drills wish I could've got that out before that drill today, but greedy Williams was thrown in the starting lineup as redshirt sophomore or Rishard freshman skews me became a force in the SEC early on while tall frame of getting overrated in almost every draft class when it comes to corners. This is one of those exceptions, whereas play an talent level exceeds his NFL ready frame. I have a high second round grade on him to two points higher than you. I've got an eighty nine. There's a lot of talk about greedy Williams being the first corner off the board come draft time. So we will see I have a high second round low. I for were you bothered by some of the tackling issues in the running in run support. Like, I was the. Yeah, I think that's the problem with a lot of these DB's in there. It's pretty common theme. Yeah. So let's move onto the next one here in his de'andre Baker from Georgia now, bakers and other great athlete with some serious change direction. He is very good coverage is much better playing man than Joan another play like, greedy Williams that went up against some very good wide receivers fared pretty well. He's pretty physical corner to in coverage. And he's also when the balls in the air like, greedy. I didn't think Baker was a particularly good tackler. Either his jab at the line is a little hit or miss from Baker. But at his size, and let us his them. He's strong coverage. Put Baker and pressman packages. Let him clean up his tackling a little bit. And you've got the makings of a CB one on some team. I've got a high second round pick on him too. I've got an eighty seven on Andre Baker. So I think one of the big draws for Baker is it he's extremely scheme versatile. He's affected man's own. And off man Baker is a guy who has an advanced understanding route combinations. You see a lot of smooth transitions in. To of his backpedal. Like, you mentioned change direction isn't a problem for him like can be greedy. Baker and Tippett's breaks on throws before they're cut loose. A lotta times he has elite ball skills. Baker doesn't give up on a play until it's over he conceived fighting through the interrupts try to rip balls loose. After guys it make catches against him. And I thought he was one of the more effective corners and run support. In this class is his tackling isn't great technique needs improvement. And I think he could stand add some bulk and get a little stronger, but he is a willing a physical tackler when he has to do it. I think it's more an issue of technique for him than it is for an issue of willingness or desire is for greedy. And some of these other corners in this class in terms of negative on Baker. I like I mentioned I think he'd he'd benefit from adding some bulk and getting stronger, I think there are times where he's a little over aggressive on the initial move, and it can make them vulnerable to easy inside releases in double moves over the top Baker like I mentioned tackling technique could use some work, and he shows some vulnerability to getting deep. He ran pretty well at the combine. But I think there are some issues with him with recovery speed when he bites on that initial route he can beat over the top at times, but I like Baker. He's actually my cornerback. He's tied actually for my cornerback one. And I have a ninety two on him. So I thought he graded really well and pretty much all the categories really the only downside for him is the lack of deep speed and the tackling technique. But in terms of basic skill sets in the physical attributes that you look for I think he's got pretty much everything checks off pretty much all the boxes. So he was guy that I enjoyed watching. I liked him quite a bit. All right. So we got our first first round grade because from Jamie on Dion dre, Baker let's go ahead and move to the third corner on this list, and it is Julian love at Notre Dame. So love is a guy who might Pinon really excels in men endzone schemes, he Tippett's breaks on routes before the QB throws a lot of cases, he has outstanding closing speed. He seems to be able to run with anybody. Love locates attracts ball in the air attacks about its highest point the ball. Production was really great base was outstanding as three years as a starter. And love basically fights every inch on the field. He's a scrapper. He's a fighter. He's just a tough kid and he plays hard. He was a lot of fun to watch in my opinion. I think at times because he's a little smaller. He can get big buoyed by physical bigger more physical receivers. I think love has physical style and cause him to be excessively grabbed down the field at times. They're also times we're he'll get caught peaking in the backfield. Trying to -ticipant throws and get by double moves. Love can be a bit of an ankle biter and run support. Like, we said kind of a common theme in this class. And I'd like to see him be as physical tackler as coverage. Love was another guy that I liked. He is I think currently my cornerback four not mistaken. Yep. Cornerback four and I have. Amid round second grade on him. I have an eighty five on him. Yeah. I mean, he played all three corner spots Notre Dame. He does a good job reading receiver when the balls in the air, the kid get his hands full coverage. Love is the career leader at Notre Dame impasse breakup sophomore year, he had the school record for pass breakups in a single season with twenty well, he might not be as big as a lot of these corners in this class. He's got the speed. He gets a little bit too aggressive and was caught biding double moves. And you know, but overall he's got good technique paired with speed the helps them to always be around the football. I think love is a zone scheme guy where he can just break on the ball thing that really benefit him. Even though he didn't have a ton of experience. There were some teams that might even wanna play him inside. Just let him win with the speed and aggressiveness on the quick passing game. But I'm with you. I've got a mid second grade on love as well. I've got an eighty four so about amid Losec around grade on Julian love so next up here, and it just happened to fall into my. Laugh. My favorite corners of this class. It's Byron Murphy at a Washington now, he might be one of the stickiest corners in this class. He's good at getting his hand receivers to the line is excellent man and zone. He's particularly good zone where he lets his instincts work with him. And they are top notch Murphy's got the speed ability to flip hits and on a dime. He's got that chippy nature on the field to he loves to get physical drives low on ball carriers to upend them and often attacks the football as well caused a few incompletions by his timing on the ball. And also paired a couple of force fumbles by just getting his hand in there. Murphy is gonna get knocked because of small frame and while that could limit him as a tackler in the NFL. He's also redshirt freshman. So that kids just getting started buyer Murphy's, a flute athlete who can play press or man, plus instincts ball skills and allows him to get hands of footballs and coverage and plays on the field. In fact, teammates have praised as Al. Alpha metality anyone the teams weight room award as a redshirt freshman. So he was young and got in there and gain the respect of all the seniors there in that locker room. So this is to me the best corner in this class. And I don't know what it is about those huskies. But I always fall in love with them. We talk about veto Vale when he was out Buddha Baker sitting Jones and Kevin king were favorites. Here. I was a fan of Joe Mathis. I mean, there are so many who Hodgson players that we enter falling in love with pile of by remember fee? I gave him a ninety three. So he's got a low first round grade for me. He's my CB win of this cornerback class. We are pretty much on the same page. He's tied for CV one for me with Andre Baker. I mean, you set it all he scheme, versatile, excels and Mannion's own breaks on balls before the quarterback cuts them loose. He has an advanced understanding of route concepts and combinations. So he often knows where the ball's going before the quarter. Bac does Murphy is physical at the catch point. He drives on balls thrown in front of him. Very physical tackler in spite of his lack of size Murphy. Tracks locates makes plays on the balls on the ball like a wide receiver. It's not uncommon to see him make jumping catch in the back of the end zone along the sideline and get his double double toe tap down as he's going out of bounds. And I think the big thing is he plays bigger than his frame. They said he was listed one ninety in college. They said he put on fourteen pounds for the combine to get up to one ninety wouldn't surprise me. If he wins playing somewhere on ninety five in the NFL. So he looks small he's kinda slightly built, but kind of kind of short and compact and stout in that regard. There isn't really a lot not to like about him. I think the tackling technique could use a little bit of polishing. He's very effective run support. But he's small lack of functional strength and attack the technique and the strength could be improved. And the biggest concern with him is durability. People are concerned that he's going to get beat up playing against larger receivers. But in my opinion, Murphy is the smartest most versatile. Most NFL ready corner in the class. He does pretty much everything at or near an elite level really the only other knock on him. Is that he's not he doesn't have a lead speed. He ran a I think a four five four forty today, which is just fine in the NFL. And I think he's going to be a starting corner right away and probably played a very high level for a long time barring injuries. He's a guy who looks like he's got some Pro Bowl upside. And also like I mentioned tied for my first corner in this class. All right. So let's wrap up this cornerback group before moving on sleepers. Let's talk about raucous in from temple. So Rocky's in. He's a guy who's very effective in press. Coverage. I think you send frequently runs out hitch routes with and for the receiver. Meaning he's beating guys to the ball. He has great closing speed. He has deep speed to run with pretty much anybody you send plays bigger than his frame a lot. Like Murphy doesn't get big boy by big receivers a whole lot and aggressively plays the ball until the resort. I think he there's a little bit of a delay in his reaction time in zone coverage. It can be a little slow to drive on balls in front of him. You send is slow identifying react in breaking routes. He'll miss the occasional jam and let let free. Inside releases and you sent is reluctant to contribute and run support. And he's not a very technically sound or reliable tackler. I did think he was fun to watch. He's got length. He's got some speed coverage technique is good. And he's really competitive all those things work in his favor. Also, smart and has good ball skills. I think you're going to have to answer questions about the reluctance to tackle run support and whether or not he can function in zone off man schemes where it seems like he's a little slow to react. I've seen people project him in the first round he was listed on the top five corners, which he may be one of the top five corners. But in my opinion is not a first round pick. I have an eighty on him. So late second. Maybe early third round grade. Just not not feeling the not smell the rockets cooking there. Good one. That'd be the line of the podcast. I'm with you. But I'm way more down on your sin. The new are down on him. You know, he's another one of these tall. Lanky corners technique is pretty good. Especially man, coverage displayed some good ball skills as well. He really jumped up for this play mobile teams were praising his ability to go at deebo Samuel. And you know, just seems to me he's not very quick he has troubles with quicker receivers during the season. You send also is in good with contact. I didn't see him press much in the run game. He'll do the minimum to bring a guy down rocky sin as a guy who has a ton of experience on the field. But only one at the F B S level. He transferred to temple early last year. He came from a D to school. He's got some room to grow still needs some work. He's not bad has some desirable traits. But I like to see him and some cover three let them read and react because I think he's going to struggle impress man. This is a guy that I like you mentioned people were talking about the first round. Matt Miller says it's time to talk about him in the first round. I'm not talking. About him until third round. I've got a seventy on him. He's a guy that I might take a swing day three. It's just seems like he's got something's going, but not a lot. It's kinda hit or miss with a lot of his trait. So I think there's some better corners in this class. He did make my top five, but we'll get into that in a little bit. Let's go ahead and talk about our sleepers, and you go ahead and give me your first. All right. So my sleeper is Joe on Williams from Vanderbilt Williams, a big tall lanky, physical scrappy corner. I think there's a lot about him. He's got the ideal height weight speed combination for NFL quarter. William suffocates receivers. Impress press coverage. He's got good route recognition shows billion bait. Bad throws. Excellent closing speed Williams can run with pretty much. Anybody drops the hammer and run support gets his hand on hands on a ton of throws. I think the knocks on him. He didn't appear. To play tennis zone coverage in college Williams doesn't finish as many plays with picks as he probably should he can be slow to get his head around. And find the ball downfield at times Williams will probably draw a ton of flags early in his career because of his physical style he has some Atlantic limitations. It could make covering shifty polish receivers challenge. But I think he's a guy that you can kind of line lineup on a wide receiver to have impress have kind of suffocated guy beat up beat up on them. I think the thing that I like the most about him that made them really fun to watch is the guy just plays with a ton of confidence. And he super chippy ultra competitive. I mean he's talking to guys during wraps. He's talking to guys between reps every time. It breaks a pass you can see head bobbing. He's talking trash to the guy. Just he just robbed took a pass away from. I mean, he's just tough physical guy. And he's guy who I think is going to have a place on on an NFL team. I've got an eighty on him. I think he's probably more of a third round pick. I've got a late second round grade. But a guy that I think has some upside and guy who in the right system could really flourish. If he's allowed to get his hands on people in boy down the field. Everybody to tell at chief of the verge. I host podcast every week called the verge fast. 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We answer your questions regarding the latest news and headlines of the world of professional finding find us on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. All right. What we got different sleepers, which is good. My sleeper is the corner and a Penn State, money or aware and aware Lia is tall corner uses sized vantage does a good job boxing out receivers in high pointing the football. He's played really good ball skills. Get eight interceptions twenty pass breakups in his college. Career money has good awareness and technique. He's not a guy you're gonna fool very often. He stays very disciplined Monte gets physical times, but will need to be more dependable at the next level, and you could work on his tackling. But if you're looking for a good tackling corner, you came to the wrong class. So. So Amani is is among them guys that need to work on their tackling. He's uses linked to advantage making him a tough customer on the boundary. He's got good ball skills technique awareness, all with only one low near experience. He showed good progression each year. And it looks to be still growing as a player. I've got a mid second grade on area. I liked him. A lot the five that we covered. A kind of the seems to me that consensus top five those are the most popular names in this cornerback class. This is a guy like a lot the guy that snuck into my top five. So let's go ahead and get into it. And you kind of talked a little bit about it. Tell me about your top five. So my top five I have Byron Murphy and Deandra Baker tied at ninety two. So they're kind of one a and one b than I have greedy Williams than eighty seven as my second third corner. Julian love has an eighty five and I had a bunch of guys tied for. For my my corner. Five I had Trayvon Mullen, Joon Williams and your guy Omonia war. We all tied with an eighty so I actually considered award as my sleeper. What back and forth on it? But I've seen a lot of buzz on him leading up to the combine. And he kind of broke out at the combine. So yeah, I didn't really wasn't really sure it was fair to use him as a sleeper. So I I didn't and I kind of figured you'd use them too. So I went with the different I went with a different name, but I had three guys tied in that fifth spot. And that was like I said Trayvon Mullen, Joe on Williams and Amani aware aware now. Okay. So talk to me, let's let's make a decision here. Now, you've got one one b you're taking one corner in this class taken by remember, you're taking de'andre Baker. It's murphy. Yeah. Take murphy. Yeah. So one smart, man. Number one for me Byran Murphy had a ninety three and my only corner with a first round grade, greedy Williams had an eighty nine just outside. The first grade de'andre Baker had an eighty seven Amani aware Lia had an eighty five. Julia love number five with an eighty four of just below. So let's talk about. Fits for the chargers because they might need to start looking at a corner. Yeah. I mean, this seems like a draft. They might need to think about drafting a corner. And you've got you know, there's a good chance that they may not resign. Justin barrett. Or Jason Brett he's been gone so long. I forgot his first name. Twin brother they. So there's a good chance. They won't resign. Jason barrett. You know, you've got Trevor Williams who's going to be restricted free agent. Now, he is a restricted free agent. He'll be Syria. He'll be unrestricted. Next offseason. Michael Davis will be a restricted free agent next offseason. They've got a contract negotiation coming up with king in the very near future. So a lot of things happening at the corner spot and you've got Casey, hey, we're getting older and maybe slipping a little bit in terms of production. So. I would say. I would say they definitely need to look at a corner. I would say you're probably not looking corner at a corner before the third round maybe fourth round kind of sweet spot. And in that case, you know, I would take a look at Joon Williams. Maybe maybe Jillian love sneaks into that range. Hopefully, but there I think there are some a lot of good options towards the middle the middle rounds air for corners. But I like to take guy with some length guy was competitive fire and a guy that they can kinda mold. So I would I'd like to see them get their hands on Joe Williams. But you mentioned Jillian love I think that'd be a good fit in their scheme. Lots of good options there. Yeah. Yeah. I think you're right. I mean, obviously with Trevor wings being restricted free agent. Jason be an unrestricted free agent. Casey Hayward, maybe off a little bit at least a dip in production. This year this past season to the season before that Michael Davis heaven, a contract negotiation coming up does king like you mentioned. Mentioned there's a lot kind of up in the air. I mean, obviously, some of those could stick, you know, they get Trevor Williams, maybe they signed Jason, you know, you don't know. But I think the third round is probably the earliest looking at a corner, I think John is a good choice in the third round. I like Julian love could be they're wary of could be there in the third that might be a sweet spot for a high end lengthy corner there, and I kind of liked that. But you know, I would mind them waiting till three to get a corner. But I think the very earliest you can start doing that as round three. And since they're drafting at the end of the round, you might just see it. You know, maybe a wary as the or whoever whatever corner they have on board is the highest graded and the one they reach for their. So it's kind of it's kind of a weird spot to be in right before the beginning of day three. So they might reach there and go for a corner because it's the top guy on the board. But I think you probably not going to see a corner in the first or second round probably look in third round and on. Yeah. I would hope you're not seeing a corner on the first second. No, you know, it's more of a predictive need an immediate need. So. Yeah. Hopefully, they're not reaching out and jumping on that too soon. But it's certainly something that should be in consideration in the middle rounds. I would say, yeah. Yeah. Definitely. Okay. So let's go ahead and move on to the safety class. This is a good one. So stick with us here. We'll talk about this with charter of. Well, let's talk about these five safeties got on this list. And the first one is they Thomson at Alabama. So thomson. Is a smart instinctive safety who routinely diagnosis plays before the ball snapped. You can see moving teammates around even he's walking down on the box to to play a bubble screen or a pitch to a running. Back Thomson is highly effective and both the single high in two alignments. He's able to diagnose and closing. Hurry. Making a huge threat is a ball hawk covers a lot of ground. He has incredible skills frequently high pointing balls and making plays most players can't get to Thomson is able to cover tight ends and receivers in the slot without missing beat. And he is a violent ferocious aggressive hitter. Who flies down healed flies downhill excuse me, punishes receivers and ball carriers. I think there's a lot to like about Thomson from a flashy playmaking standpoint. But there's a lot of things that kind of not red flags, but a lot of things that should at least give you some pause. I think Thomson doesn't appear to have ideal long recove-. Speed. He can get beat over the top. Let's guys run by even as a single high safety at times he can be a little bit too reliant on watching the quarterback and be a tickly to react Thomson's route recognition needs some improvement. He's very reckless tackler. He can be completely out of control and miss tackles. As a result. The tackling technique is awful with long lanky frame. He definitely benefit from adding bulk bulky might have some durability issues with his size and and lack of bulk than the way throws his body around and the ball production doesn't particularly match up with the ball skills. You like to see him get his hands on more balls. I think Thomson people talk about him being a versatile Chesapeake moving around playing free safety in the playing free safety playing strong safety in the box in my opinion. I think he is a free safety. I don't think you want them in the box because he's not a particularly good tackle. And he might get beat up trying to run a bigger receivers and cover tight ends and trying to tackle those guys on a regular basis. And because he's so challenged in the running game. He's not much for providing run support in my opinion. I don't think you want ask him to be trying to chase down running back. Wchs and guys in the whole like that with a four hundred steam, I just don't think it works out well for him. So I would say he shows the range and flashy ball skills to be a big time back in playmaker needs to improve the tackling and continue to develop the route recognitions and his path to the ball. Sometimes as routes to balls can be too shallow and cost and plays on the ball. And I'd also like to see him at some functional strength. I liked Thompson. I thought he was going to wind up grading out a lot higher than he did. When as I was watching him. But I I have an eighty five on him. So kind of amid second round grade. He's a guy who I think has some upside, but also have some challenges in his game and has some things he needs to iron out. Yeah. I mean, he only had one year starting experience. So I think there's a lot of growing to do here. But if you're grading. Yeah. On that one year, there are some shortcomings for sure he's a player. There's always looking to hit stick someone on the field. He's a high athlete you can really cover grounded. The deep safety is ability to click and close the best in this class. My opinion is got the size length SP. Lead to make any play on the field. He was also one of Alabama's best special teams players Thomson had only one year experience and he had outstanding beginning of the season. But as those games kind of progressed he started fall off a little bit. You started really hot cool off for the end of the year. Like, you mentioned is tackling technique is a mess. He struggles in the run game. And he is much better as the center fielder than he is as strong safety in the box. He's a rangy center fielder who can cover from silent sideline. He's all tr- aggressive can contribute major snaps special teams as well as tackling needs work. He's only got the one year starting experience. He's got a lot of room to grow. There are some flaws, but some that can be earned out over time. I've got an eighty seven on them. So we're not too far off high second round grade. Deontay Thomson is kind of being touted as a first round safety and the best safety in this class. I have some things to say about that. But definitely a talented player for sure a guy that seems to be just growing too. So. And we'll talk about this overall class in a little bit too. So let's go ahead and move onto the next guy in its Cianci Gardner Johnson at Florida, and it just so happens keeps hanging. My favorite players land on me. And I get started Cianci Gardner. Johnson. Played all of the field for the Gators. He can cover some ground working silent sideline really closing speed on ball carriers. Very good instincts, especially zone, Cianci's a leader on defense. He's always setting his teammates up pre snap. He's almost like a quarterback on defense. When he's on the football field in the run game. He does tend to stick the blocks a little bit too often. And sometimes because he's so aggressive is I disappointed a little off, and you can get beat over the top at times. But he is a versatile piece of teams can move all around. He's so good off, man. He would be a major asset Nikko with his instincts. Just letting him make plays in front of him. His jump between your show truly progression. And a player that is really starting to grow into a true playmaker. This is my favorite safety in this class. He got a ninety two from me, which is a first round grade. Not a guy people are really putting. The top making that leap Chauncey Gardiner Johnson is a playmaker already. I like him a lot. He got a first round Grady got ninety two from me. This is a guy said yesterday that was going to test through the roof and really start to see his stock rise at the combine. I loved him. Just so happens. We have the same great on them not exact same number, and he is. There are a lot of guys in this class that are called versatile because they get moved around because they're they're coaches can't figure out what to do with them. There are very few guys in this class who are versatile because they can literally do everything at a high level Gardner is a guy who literally does everything in a high level he plays single high. He plays to DP plays strong safety play dime. Linebacker plays in the slot. Something he might make an excellent outside corner. This is a description that if you remember last year a lot of people were using this particular description to describe Derwin James, and he is in my opinion, the closest thing in this class to James, he he obviously isn't during. But there are a lot of similarities, and I felt like I was watching one in some ways watching Chauncey garner. James? He's that good. You call them, Cianci gardener, James. And that's. Because it is almost look to James Cianci Cartner Johnson. Thank you for catching that slip there. Leave it. He's an explosive athlete. Very fluid. Sudden change direction like you mentioned understands route combinations routinely peels his man and makes plays on balls and other parts of the field natural hands and elite ball skills, Cianci's extremely effective Blitzer off the edge, which is something not all these safeties can do he's the most reliable in this class, in my opinion, and run support impressive closing and recovery. Speed. I mean, he does everything a high level. I think when you're talking about things he doesn't do. Well, you're kind of nitpicking extent, you mentioned his idea 'plain is a little off and he can get stuck peaking in the backfield and let receiver sneak by times his angles ball carriers can can occasionally dimiss tackles because like you mentioned use ultra aggressive and sometimes he will over pursue overrun guys. He's not of not as effective in single high as he is strong safety and in too deep alignments, but I think that's a skill that can develop based on his athleticism and. And playmaking ability. He will occasionally bite hard on initial moves. And MRs tackler get beat on a throw and I'd like to see him wrap up all the time. He has a tendency to drop his head in lunge at times. Now when I first started watching him his seventeen tape was not all that great. A lot of mistake os was sloppy form a lot of loan assignments. And it was kind of learning, and I almost turned it off. And then I started watching eighteen tape, and I really fell in love the eighteen tape. Like, you mentioned the progression is amazing from where he wasn't seventeen to where he finished the year eighteen completely different player really making use of all of his skill sets. And he's a guy who like I said, he's my he's my number one safety in this class. I think he does pretty much everything at or near an elite level. There are some things to clean up for sure. But he's going to be very very good player in this class. I think he shows an advanced football IQ high level route recognition to go with legitimate versatility and ball skills. I think with more experiences. Reads will get better the routes ball carriers and the football we'll get better and the tackling improve. I think you know, like we mentioned with some of the corners. This is a guy who is athletic enough to be a good tackler, and he is willing. He wants to be a good tackler, and you can already see that in his tape and the progression from seventeen eighteen and I think is I think this is a guy who's going to work really hard and just continue to get better. So he can play free safety strong safety slot outside corner. This is a guy who I mean, you talk about fits for the chargers if they're looking to replace a certain number thirty seven in the back in the back end of that defense because of everything he does. So well, I think he's such a perfect complement James. I would love to see him go to the chargers at the end of the first round. I doubt it happens. But man, do I love Chauncey Gardner Johnson. Yeah. Yeah. And we'll we're gonna talk about fits in a couple of these safeties too. So we'll get into all that. And what we like out of these the safety group. But that kids so good man and surprisingly, not getting as much buzzes. I thought he would you know, he had a great combine today. And he said he met with all thirty two teams. So I assume I don't know if he was kidding. But so we hope that charges made that visit obviously one of thirty two and he was asked today, you know, like why he didn't sit out his bowl game because a lot of the top player set out his bowl game. And he said he thought it'd be disrespect to his team in that gave me a tuner -ception. So. He didn't hurt his stock playing that game at all. So let's go ahead and move onto the next safety because we could probably talk about garner Johnson all show long. Let's talk about this Mississippi State safety Jonathan abor. I don't want to want to keep talking about Arte Johnson. To me too. So Jonathan Abram. He's kind of flavor of the month. I've seen him listed as high as the first safety in this class by some value waiters. He has the look and the game of NFL enforcer is big and he's fast and he's violent hitter. He is a really good matchup tight ends because of the size and speed. He has great closing speed fees. Very physical tackler who looks to blow. People up Abram is effective when covering half the field or asked planner needs zone as a strong safety. He makes a ton of plays near behind the line of scrimmage. He is one of the better players in run support in this class. And he is ineffective Blitzer. I don't think the spite his speed. I don't think a guy you want playing center field and covering from sideline to sideline. I just I don't think that's his game. He can be slow to recognize and react arou- concepts. I think Abram has a tendency to get out of control really out of control and miss tackles. He's very tight hit and change direction can be an issue for him. So anybody who shifty or can suddenly change direction is going to make him with on a tackle? With the way comes flying downhill and the footwork can be choppy because the tight hips Abram can be very. Slow transition out of his backpedal and the ball production wasn't really there. Like, I said, I'm not as high on his some I've. I think he's probably going to be limited to box safety and or kind of a dime linebacker role the next level matching up primarily with tight ends. He did run while at the combine. But he doesn't look that fast on tape unless he's coming straight downhill. I think the biggest thing for him is he's a you know, that you hear people use this term as A1. speed one direction player if he has to change gears or change directions, he's pretty much fucked. So this is not a guy you want. I don't think this is a guy who won the middle of the field at all. So I have an eighty one on Jonathan Abram which is a late second early third round pick. I think he's being way overvalued for his physical book and build and the speed and people aren't really looking at what he's doing on tape in my opinion. I do not think he's a guy who should be taking in the first round. And I don't think people should be talking about him as a versatile piece who can move around and play multiple positions. I just don't think that's his game. I'm using collagen. Nate Sloan songwriter. Charlie harding. We're the hosts of switched on pop the podcast where Charlie and I breakdown pop hits to reveal how the music works. And why it matters. It's our job to help you find those hob moments within the music, whether you're a pop fanatic or a skeptic a teenager or an octogenarian non musician or professional composer every music lover. Will discover something you're opening in switched on pop. Yeah. And we think you'll have a lot of fun with us because you're going to get to hear from amazing guest musicians. Song writers producers journalists listen to switched on pop. Every week starting in March on the apple podcast app or wherever you get your podcasts. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from SP nation. And I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart it seems smart as a show about people doing things that for some reason or another seem smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine and driving a bike up mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it tell a friend, I'm Spencer hall. Don't do anything smart. We agree here. Because this feels like the rockets of the safety class being way over hype some first round love. But I do not think he's worth versa grade. He's a hard hitting safety when it gets a head of steam. It's the lights out is better than your line of scrimmage. He's aggressive in the run game can also get after the quarterback. He's got the NFL frame for the position as well. With the speed of physicality. He's got the making of a potential special teams ace Abrahams early tape was outstanding didn't quite make the leap this past season that I was kinda hoping for he still had a good year last year, but I was expecting eighteen to really propel him to the top of this class is instincts are average and gets caught being aggressive way. Too often and instincts are the big knock on him. He's a safety with bad intentions. His best spots going to be at strong, safety work, and Lenin services and the run game cover tight ends. With the threat to blitz off the edge, his instincts and route awareness need work. He has some good traits. If you can course, correct aggressiveness because like you mentioned, he's just, you know, a big full head of steam boulder rolling downhill, you move out of the way, and he will be you. So he's got a chance to be a player. I've got a seventy nine on him, which is high third round grade. We're in the neighborhood here. I'm not seeing much of the first round love, and we agree on this one. So let's go ahead move onto the next one. And it is Taylor rap at a Washington rap is a great a run defender. He diagnosis quickly and plays downhill. He's a physical match and coverage and ramp is another guy who likes to lay the would he's a smart kid who understands route concepts because of Washington moved him around. A lot rap is a threat to get to the quarterback. He's much better. Closer to the line does possess long speed. So free safety wasn't his strong suit. Because he didn't really run that good with people downhill, especially in the. Vertical routes that lack of top in athletics. Ism. He's not very good silent silent either. So Taylor rap would be good in the box. You can he can hold up zone. If you let them uses aggressive. This physicality Atlanta scrimmage planum him at free safety isn't going to do him favors. People have projected him as a free safety. I think that would be bad news. So he's versatile because he played everywhere. But he's not that versatile. I've got an eighty three on rap sounds like I'm being down on him. But it just everybody's talking about him playing center field, and I just don't see it. So I've got an eighty three on him, which is a mid low second round grade. I liked I agree with what you say about him playing free safety. I don't think that's his thing. At all. I've seen people again talking about him as Chesapeake, and I don't think he is like you mentioned the athlete to be able to do that at the next level. I completely agree there. But I did like him a little bit more than you did. So I think like I mentioned he does pretty much everything. Well, I don't think he does anything. Really outside of his instincts or his route recognition at what I well. I guess is run his run defense to at an elite level. He has a very high football IQ. He's always where he's supposed to be a rap takes patient intelligent pass to the ball and run support. And in coverage. He's big enough to match up with tight ends. He closes quickly wrap always finishes his tackles, and he is a punishing hitter on the back end when he's looking to break up a pass. Wrap had very limited ball production for three or starter. Especially when who played a lot of free safety Taylor's ranges solid, but I wouldn't say it's outstanding certainly not elite does not possess elite speed or athletic system. His Lorraine is too limited to be a single high safety in my opinion. He will almost always opt for the hit versus playing or playing. The man overplaying the ball in coverage rap struggles with sudden change of direction. He's not as effective when he has turn and run down the field in the slot. Like you mentioned I eighty six on rap which is kind of a mid second round grade. So a little higher than you. I think there's value to him playing that that strong safety role playing in the box matching up with tight ends coming downhill and filling against the run coming off the edge things like that. Kind of letting him like you mentioned play in the short zone and be aggressive read and react uses his instincts to his advantage. I just don't think he's going to be a high playmaker. But I think the flip side of that is he's not gonna make a lot of backbreaking mistakes. And he's really not gonna hurt you. He's always going to be where he needs to be. So I think there's a lot of value in that, even if he's not going to get his hands on a lot of football or force a lot of turnovers he's going to save you more than he's going to hurt you. So I think there's value to that. And I like him I've got an eighty six he is my third. Yep. My third rate a corner at the moment. Or safety. Excuse me. Okay. Let's wrap this safety group up before sleepers, and let's talk about in a seer Adderley at Delaware. So Adderley is a springy explosive athletes who makes everything looks look africanus. He plays bigger than his frame willing to make plays run support. Take on blockers and drop the hammer and coverage Adderley possesses speed and range to play free safety. He plays the deep safety the box safety and slot and plays them all pretty well. He attacks on its highest point with leap ball skills. I think the thing that really stood out to me with him as when he high points the ball. He really high points of all the guy looks like he's the little brother getting double launch on the trampoline. Just kind of launches himself off the ground. He's an accomplished kick returner. And he will add value on kick coverage teams as well. I think our lis mental processing can be a little slow. He can be slow to react. He gets caught watching the quarterback at times and confined himself behind plays in his area needs to improve his functional strength. I think he slightly built. So you may have to restrict them to free safety to keep them healthy and the route recognition could use some improvement. I think he's a true NFL free safety who can also work as a slack. One is needed early has Speen has exciting speed range and ball skills. The one thing I noticed though is I heard people raving about how good he was. And while he's obviously good football player. I didn't think he popped on tape as much as you'd like against the guy who played against low level competition. You know, he had some splash plays here and there, but he didn't stand out consistently for four games at a time game to game. It was a play here play there where his. Lettuce stood out. But he wasn't really he didn't always look like the best player on the field to me. Still good player though. I haven't eighty seven on this year Attlee. He's my second rated safety bright inbetween right in between rap and Chauncey Gardiner Johnson. All right. So is DB that play both corner and free safety in college. In fact, the reason he moved to safety was the team had a big hole in the roster. And he took it upon himself to move positions to help the team. He's very good in the run game can read diagnose also shows that good ability to tackle when left alone space. Sears range is in the building he can run and cover anywhere on the football field because he played quarter looks very comfortable and coverage when lined up anywhere. He's a top and athlete even though he didn't compete at the combine he's a little bit undersized for the position, but Adderley also gets caught in between a little bit too much when having decide between the ball and the man. Sometimes you see him think about a little bit too much. But is an athlete. He plays all over the field. Tough in the run game can cover everywhere his weakness or fixable, and there's so much like about Adderley. I was ready to not like him because most players that charges Twitter slashed onto aren't very good charters, Twitter, likeness, your Adderley, and I do too. I got an eight on him which is a high second round pick. So let's go ahead and go on a sleeper, and I'll go ahead and start. And unfortunately, it's a guy that just kind of blew up combine his want Thornhill Virginia me too. His best trait is his ball skills. He had thirteen or sections in college. And when he's got the ball on his hands. He's always trying to take it to the house. In fact, even set the school record for interception return yards last season. He is great getting into the backfield. The run game can shoot gaps quickly recorded twelve tackles for loss through his career Thornhill has pretty good size and has great closing speed. He played every db spot of Virginia, though, he's going to be a safety in the NFL Thornhill just tested as a plus athlete at the combine he almost broke the record for the broad jump and record the third highest vertical at forty four inches is lettuce shows up at times, but he doesn't play that fast. I mean, he was an elite athlete, but I wouldn't say he plays that fast on tape. He wins with speed in the backfield. But I will say his tackling is pretty shoddy want hill has high football IQ. He's a top athlete. True ball hawk the position. I've got a mid second round. Great on Thornhill. He's got an eighty four from me. We're. Pretty much on the same page. I thought I was going to get you with this one. So I mean, you mentioned it thorn hills real strength is extremely smart. He understands route concepts and where the ball was going very good with the ball in the air. He locates tracks in just Thornhill high points the ball consistently. He is a decent tackler. Not great. I think most of his issues your technique based. He is at his best in short intermediate zone schemes where you can drive underneath routes. He has elite ball production to matches ball skills. Thirteen picks and twenty six passes broken up in three years as a starter as a corner and a safety very good in run support. You mentioned it. I mean, he tested really well, but he does not play that fast on tape. So initially when I wrote my notes on my said he lacked elite speed because he does not play that fast. But he ran very well the combine so he's a little slow on tape. Somebody pointed out to be on Twitter that it might be because he was learning the safety position this year. So he was thinking things through on the field. But I thought he played a little bit slow corner to at times. So. The place speed is not always match the testing speed which hopefully that catches up at some point. I don't think you really wanna match them up a slot receivers on a regular basis. He probably doesn't have the range a great range to be a single high safety. I think is Rangers pretty average. But with his speed and his instincts that could improve over time as you watch us more tape and and figures out route combinations. I think while Thornhill played outside in college. He isn't athletic enough to play outside the NFL to see him wrap up more consistently instead of dropping shoulder, and he would benefit from getting stronger and improving his tackling technique. I think Thornhill looks like a pretty fun safety. I initially when I I thought that he didn't look that fast on tape. I thought he might be a box safety. But now I'm thinking he might be able to play some free safety at the next level as his instincts in his play speed increase. So I I have an eighty five on him. Oh, yeah. So we're the neighborhood. All right. So I'll go ahead and give you the top five, and you can give me yours number one. Like, I mentioned earlier it's going to be Chauncey Gardner. Johnson has a ninety two in my only safety with the first round grade Adderley has an eighty eight he's number two just outside. The first grade Deontay Thompson is number three for me at eighty seven one or hill. The sleeper is number four at an eighty four and the Washington safety. Taylor rap is number five for my five my top five or Chauncey gardener Johnson with a ninety two near seer Attlee is my number two. Eighty seven Taylor rap is my number three with an eighty six Deontay Thompson and one thorn. Hill are tied with an eighty five for the number five spot. All right. And of course, this is going to be a hot topic for the chargers because free safety is a big knee come this off season. And it's an obvious concern. And the chargers are gonna be set up with maybe three very talented safety staring them right in the face. We're talking about Cianci garner. Johnson. Sierra early Deontay Thompson, all three excellent complements German James like you were talking about earlier, you know, they each kind of have their tackling shortcomings, but all athletic versatile would just be killer for this. Chargers defense. I mean, my order we both agree garner. Johnson is the best safety in this class Syria. Adderley would be very good to be excited about deonte. Thompson all three would be great. And the great thing about having a guy like Gardner Johnson, even Adderley and to an extent Thompson as well. Is that they're all pretty versatile that? Like if you've got a guy like garner Johnson Derwin James who could basically flip-flop positions. You never know where it's coming from. You don't know where they're playing. You don't know who's blitzing off the edge. There's so many things you can do with those guys because they're both those chess pieces on defense that it would be insane to have those two guys on the field. And it would really open up this defense. I think it would just be amazing. Now, there's probably at least one of them that's going to be there at twenty eight if not all three depending on how the how the board falls. I'm not saying the chargers will draft the safety drafted German James last year. But you know, it's gonna depend on how the board falls. But man, it'd be a shame. If a guy like Gardner Johnson sitting there twenty eight and you know, we haven't gone over tackles and defensive line yet. But man garner John's is going to be high on my list if he's there at twenty eight. Yeah. Me too. I mean, it'd be. Really problematic. If Jalil die prevented the chargers from drafting Chauncey Gardner Johnson. Let's put it that way. Yeah. That would be alarming to say the least. But yeah, I mean, if if Gartner Johnson outerly and deonte Thomson are there at twenty eight. I don't know that they take them. In fact, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't take any of those three. I don't think they'll take safety two years in a row in the first round. But if those three guys there, they have to at least think about it. They've gotta get a die off the field. I don't think Jenkins is a free safety. I don't think they wanna move Phillips out of that dime linebacker role. So it comes down to a die, and Jalen block is really for the free safety spot and call me crazy. But I think I'd rather have Gardner Johnson outerly or Deontay Thompson back there than either one of those too. So something it's something they've got to at least be discussing. Absolutely. It's gotta be a strong discussion too. I mean, I think you know, when we were talking about the things that they could do on offense. If they got TJ Hopkinson, I think, you know, there you might you might draft based on need because there's going to be a lot of talented players there, and you at least have the conversation go, well, maybe defensive line is more important or maybe tackles more important, or maybe even safety because there are a lot more important players that position at least more important positions at that number twenty eight. So, you know, just seeing one of these three guys. Fall there. They have to have serious discussions on why they need to go in another direction. If you can have a guy like Adderley or Gardner Johnson or Thomson to rotate with German James because I know they have leaks in the middle of that defense in linebacker is going to be a big need. And you know, there might be a talented player on the board then but. Man, you know, if you can clean up that back end on free safety, you're going to cause a lot of troubles for offenses when you can mix these guys with James of flip-flop them and run them in all different angles. Yeah. And I also think there's just more value to having a playmaker in the back, and there is to have a linebacker. I mean, they need linebacking helper. Sure, I think there are other ways to address the middle that defense like maybe more defensive tackles bigger defensive tackles. But I mean, garter Johnson and Adderley in particular Thompson, all three of those guys are gonna be makers. Yes level and talking about interceptions. Maybe you know, feel position flipping interceptions if not touchdown scoring turnovers. So I mean, there are a lot of opportunities to make big plays by making a big change in the back end of that defense. Will they do it? I don't think so. But I would if I was in their shoes. Yeah. Definitely definitely. And we'll talk about it as we get closer to the. But that's going to do it for us today. Guys. I am accuracy sixty on Twitter Jimmy lightning underscore around. And we will see next time back to everybody. My name is Spencer home by name is Jason Kurt. My name is Ryan nanny, we combined. We form the shutdown full Tron keep telling you this forecast is technically college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disaster regional grocery stores. We love Tennessee Batman, homeowners associations bears video games. Pittsburgh Batman the hell of being trapped into group. Text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches, having used contracts coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double as saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot, and it escaped and it wound up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay. If you wanna take call. Football exactly as seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts. Like this one cast. It's not voltron unless it is. Cam.

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