The Dems Went Down to Georgia


Does anyone actually know why mail chimp is called mail chimp. I have no idea I mean it's a pretty random sounding name for a company that offers an all in one marketing platform. That'll help you jump. Start Your Business with easy to use tools like the number one email marketing solution website builder social posts scheduler find out more male. CHIMP DOT COM. If you have an idea let me know I'm Sean at Vox. Dot Com at Rama's firm on twitter's. Why is it called mail chimp? We're we're in a battle for the soul of America ready to fill this majority after so much impeachment inquiry over the past few weeks. I gotTA commit. I actually felt relieved to see all the Democrats roll out on stage last night in Atlanta for their fifth debate. I don't even really mind the totally ridiculous Of vendors style INTRO ON MSNBC JAW humanity can do and then after that intro. They went straight into impeachment. We're in the middle of the fourth presidential impeachment proceedings in our nation's history so we didn't really learn learn anything new on impeachment. Ella Nilsson is covering the twenty twenty race for Vox senator. Warren and Senator Clutch our asked on the top about it. Warren has been very clear that she has supported impeachment from the beginning Sanders was asked about it and he sort of said yes. Trump is a terrible president but also oh and then pivoted to his message of we need to address these. You know more systemic inequalities so I think that it was kind of a good platform for everybody to just say what they've been saying for a long time. I don't know if I'm projecting because he's beginning a lot more attention lately but it felt like Pete. Buddha judge was very very prepared for this question and came came out swinging with his answer more so than any of the other candidates. We are absolutely going to confront this president for his wrongdoing but we are also each running to be the president cool lead this country after the trump presidency comes to an end one way or the other Buddha judge kind of benefits from not being a creature of Washington. Here I mean. He's the mayor of South Bend. Indiana which is a relatively small city. This is kind of his pitch for his presidency is that he is not of Washington. He is from America's heartland heartland. He understands the challenges of of regular people Washington. Experience is not the only experience that matters. There's more than one hundred ears of Washington experience on the stage. And where are we right now as a country and I think that while everybody else is embroiled in this. This impeachment went debate. He was able to to touch on it and then kind of launch straight into his own pitch about his candidacy. The experience of knowing what is at stake as the decisions made in those big white buildings come into our lives our homes our families our workplaces and our marriages and I would submit that. This is the kind experience we need not just to go to Washington but to change it before it is too late and I think that the impeachment as a backdrop to all of this might be you good for Buddha judge more than anyone else especially given that the senators that are running for president may actually have to come off the campaign trail to you deal with an impeachment trial so Buddha judge benefits no matter what on that. I feel like we didn't actually have that many robust conversations on policy he last night but we did have some revelations about the candidates through sometimes superficial conversations about policy so I wanted to focus on three of those income inequality equality the environment and race. Let's start with income inequality and this conversation was sort of about income inequality in the country but also about the candidates on stage. Yes Tom's tire and his plaid tie got attacked for being a billionaire last night and actually then then injuring leapt to his defense. And you know it was like Geico. Com Star is a good billionaire. He cares about the environment. It was kind of an interesting illustrative moment because we've had plenty of candidates railing against millionaires and billionaires but but last night it was kind of an interesting dynamic because Amy Klobuchar senator from Minnesota talked about kind of her humble beginnings and so brought it's more of a personal experience to it. I am someone that doesn't come from money. I see my husband out there. My first Senate race. I literally called everyone I knew and I said what is still an all time Senate record. Thank you raised. Seventeen thousand dollars from ex-boyfriends and I'd like to join expanded because the field is so large and like there is still no clear front runner. We've lately had Tom. Steiner entering the race is a billionaire. who has brian organizations like next Gen and need to impeach former New York City mayor and billionaire. Michael Bloomberg is talking about getting in and of course like these guys as Klobuchar kind of whiz nodding to sort of have a little bit of an unfair advantage in that they can just sell fun. They don't need to go out and fundraise and worry about you you know hitting their their quarterly fundraising numbers. Because they just have so much money so Yang defended style as a billionaire who's dedicated a lot of his wealth in means to you know fighting climate change but then Biden went after him pretty hard on climate change so yes oh on Wednesday night climate finally sort of got its big moment and one of the things that I I noticed. Was the the questions on climate like went to Tulsi Gabbard and Tom Style. None of the like leading for candidates got a question climate which it seemed a little off to me but anyways so Tom Star gets a question on climate he immediately said the only person on this stage who will say that climate climate is the number one priority for me but he kind of immediately got a job from Joe Biden. Who pointed out that style? Steinmeier used to invest in coal mining. While I was passing the climate change bill and that sort of facts said was is a game changer while I manage the ninety billion dollars recovery plan investing more money in infrastructure that relates to clean clean energy. And anytime we've ever done it. My friend was more coal mines and produce more coal around the the world according to the press then all of Great Britain producers and styles tried to defend it and said that ten years ago he came to the conclusion that climate has a huge problem and has since spent a lot on environmental cause as it was like a rare moment of tension which didn't feel like we got as much last night with people like de Blasio Joe and Delaney and and Hickenlooper out of the mix. Another one came up of course on race. What was that conversation like? There was a sort of a two-pronged pronged discussion on race. One came when Mayor Pete. Buddha judge was asked about kind of significant hiccup in their outreach to you black voters a notch their plan that addresses racial inequality in America used stock photo of a woman from Kenya as the main image and Kamala Harris as the only black woman. Running for president was asked about that for too long. I think candidates have taken for granted constituencies that have been the backbone of the Democratic Party and have overlook those pictures and have you know they show up when it's close to election time show up in a black church and want to get the vote but just haven't been there before I mean you know the would there are plenty of people who applauded black women for the success of the twenty. Eighteen election applauded black women for the election of a senator from Alabama But at some point folks get tired of just saying oath thanks for showing up and and say well shot for me and it's kind of worth noting that even though she had a powerful argument last night she's been struggling in the polls including in South Carolina where Joe Biden is clearly early. The candidate that is foreign away like running away with the black vote right now so he has a huge coalition of support. And that's you know partially because he was Obama's vice as president he has ties in South Carolina. He's just like a known entity in the state and meanwhile the two candidates that were on the debate stage last night. They're actually now now. Three black candidates running with divall Patrick in the mix but cory booker and Kamala Harris have not been doing as well with black voters so last night. It was really notable all that booker like went after Biden especially on racial issues on drug policy around marijuana. I have a lot of respect for for the vice vice president. He is sworn into. My Office. Is a hero this week here. Literally say that. I don't think we should legalize marijuana. I I thought you might have been high when you said it because marijuana very wanna our country is already legal for privileged people biden did take a moment to clear up his views. And I'd say that he does believe in decriminalizing marijuana but then if this was a moment to sort of look good on race he kinda shit the bed because he said listen. I come out of the black community in terms of my support if you notice. I have more people supporting me in the black community announced for me because they know me they know who I am. It's three former chairs the black caucus the only black African American woman that ever been elected to the United States Senate a whole range of people. Now my point is I forgetting about Kamala Harris Existence. When she was on the stage right there with him did not look good? Buddha judge also had to answer a couple of tough questions on race which I think is sort of his biggest challenge right now I mean this. This is something that he knows is an issue campaign noses an issue and there have been issues in south bend with with race relations between the police and members of the city with housing with Buddha judge. Firing the city's first black police chief after he took over and so he talked about the concept of racial inequity equity in his own city. I think he sort of admitted that like as a white man. He can't really relate personally to that struggle of of black Americans Akin's but he also tried to pivot and talk about the fact that he is a gay man and that he understands how it feels to be a marginalized member of society wall. I do not have the experience of ever having been discriminated against because of the color of my skin I do have the experience of sometimes feeling like a stranger ranger in my own country. Turn on the news and seeing my own rights come up for debate and seeing my rights expanded by a coalition of people like me and people not at all like me working side by side shoulder to shoulder making it possible for me to be standing here wearing this wedding ring in a way. That couldn't have happened happen to elections ago. Let's just how deep my obligation is to help those whose rights are on the line every day even if they are nothing like me in their experience I think it remains to be seen if that is going to be sort of an effective pitch to African American voters but last night we sort of saw him trying to shoe attempt to make an effort to bridge. That gap did it feel to you. Like he found a new gear last night. I mean got more attention from the moderators and even from other candidates and thus he kind of had to defend himself a little more almost a little surly. At times I would say it was an interesting juxtaposition to what we saw in the October debate when Buddha judge was the one that was doing a lot of the attacking right like he was going after Warren on Medicare for all kind of tag team that won a little bit. But you know the Buddha judge campaign is kind of entering sort of this new phase a new profile but that comes along along with with distinct challenges both on the debate stage and off the debate stage and in a minute the rise of Mayor Pete how it happened whether it means anything today. Explain a lot of people out. There have great ideas right. But what if you don't know how to get that idea to people like there. Was this whole incident recently where this dude was like. Walking down the street in Jamaica Queens and he found an in and out Burger on the sidewalk in Jamaica Queens. The thing that's interesting about that is that the closest in and out Burger to Jamaica Queens is like in Texas there are no in and out burgers in New York City and yet this guy was walking by on the sidewalk looked down and saw this perfectly pristine in and out burger just sitting there on the sidewalk in a rapper and he was like how did did this happen anyway. He commemorated this moment of finding an in and out Burger on the sidewalk in Jamaica. Queens with these t shirts that said Jamaica Queens with the outlaw Ghanem all the proceeds to charity like this guy had a great idea. I wonder who built his website. It must have been a lot of work to market. These t shirts is to build a website to sell these t shirts to distribute all these t shirts out. I Bet I bet the guy who did it all could have used an all in one marketing platform for help and mail chimp offers one of those. So if you're like making a funny t shirt based on an incredible story that happened one time and you're ready to be your own boss us while you're doing it and you're kind of asking yourself. How do I do this? Start with mail chimp. They got an all in one marketing platform and you can find Milton. Dot Com is now the leader in Iowa which gets the twenty twenty devoting underway in. Just eleven weeks a lot of the other main candidates in this race. They were sort of very well known before the Primary Started Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. Those were sort of big heavyweight celebrities. Pete has really sort of had to bootstrap campaign like literally. Nobody newly was when he started. It seemed like a joke candidacy. Hi pronounced this mood me. Get get again but a bank. And what do you think it means. But but yeah but that scaled but but he was incredibly available to the media. He went on all kinds of podcasts. Everywhere he went on the weeds he is the mayor of South Bend Indiana. He is a candidate for president in twenty twenty and in lieu of further introductions. Just please bring out mayor people to judge and then he became quite popular with donors. He raised a ton of money and and now he is running TV ads strategically in the early states and the ad seemed to be working as a veteran and as a mayor. I've seen what we can achieve when we have each other's backs you know he's still behind obviously but it's been a real kind of success story out of a very big field. So what's Mayor Pete's appeal. I think something compete appeals to is people who like the idea of a more moderate Democrats somebody who will not frighten voters with radical positions. But who is still something of an outsider. Something of a fresh face ace right that you know. There's a sense that you need somebody who is not part of this system and not part of the establishment but also isn't a frightening radical at the same time you you hear incredible hostility to him from like members of Congress right Democratic Party elected officials really see him as a guy who's like jumping in line. It offends their sensibilities ladies as professional politicians to see somebody that young with that thin resume. Something on top of the polls for Iowa caucuses is his resume that then I mean. He's a veteran he. He is an elected official. He speaks like more languages than your average American. Is He unqualified. It's an impressive resume right. I mean if you were talking about a candidate for statewide run right. If you were talking about governor or senator. You'd say this is great. This is a young guy with a great resume for somebody in his mid thirties right. I've I've got more experience in government than the president of the United States got more years of executive experience the vice president and I have more military experience than anybody. Who's right I behind that desk? Since George H W Bush I get that. It's not a conventional background. I don't think this is a time for conventional backgrounds in Washington right now but as a resume for president bent. It's very unusual. I mean south. Bend Indiana is a small city is the fourth largest city in Indiana and the idea of making the leap from there to the the presidency with nothing in between is very unusual. Trump has obviously changed the world of the game but to people who've made careers in politics. Right Amy. Klobuchar was has district attorney. And now she's been senator for a long time and now she's running for president and there's this guy who has been mayor of a city of one hundred thousand people and now he's like I'm I'm going to be president and it rubs a lot of people the wrong way. What does he actually running on? You know he early on made a big deal out of political reform. He talked a lot about the importance of changing the filibuster of looking at changing how the judicial system works and it really emphasizing the need to democratize the political process will first of all. We've got to repair our democracy. The Electoral Toro College needs to go. Because it's made our society less and less democratic than on policy substance he's offering. What would have been considered a very progressive agenda agenda ten years ago but looks moderate today? And that's a big sort of public option plan. He calls it Medicare for all who wanted to increase funding for college and other educational subsidies. He's he's got a sort of What he calls? Douglas Plan for Black America. It's addresses red lining a lot of issues like that. It's not shocking stuff righty. He's very very much from the center of the Democratic Party today. What was distinctive about him in his early presentation was really that emphasis on political reform? which he he has emphasized a little bit less more recently and instead has drawn the contrast on healthcare with Sanderson born just for the fun of it? How do you think someone like mayor p might match up against someone like president trump in the general election? I think in some ways. He cuts an appealing contrast with trump. Right he's young. He actually served in the military. He's like physically vigorous sky against oldster. He's very good very quick on his feet. You know good at answering extemporaneous questions. He seems knowledgeable in a way. That trump isn't at the same time you know if you're thinking about trump's key electoral wins with white working class voters in the northern Midwest. Buddha judge you know. He will emphasize his mid western ties. And the fact that South Bend is a post industrial city. But really. He's the mayor of college town right and his whole biography is is in sort of elite professional circles. Right Harvard McKenzie. He goes back to his hometown. Abbott didn't grow up there because his dad was a retired auto worker. His Dad was a college professor. Sir and you've got to wonder. Does Pete have the connection with the right kind of voters to come and win. He's very weak in the primary with African Americans. And he doesn't seem to have the persona sort of get those white working class obama-trump switchers. At least that would be my concern about him more than you know Kinney Goto verbally with Donald Trump. I think absolutely that being said he is doing well in Iowa with a lot of middle class voters in the early states where he's advertised. He's doing doing very very well in national polls he does well with sort of white college graduates that sort of his core base of support. So so you know that works in an Iowa Caucus it works. Potentially in the New Hampshire primary and the question for him is going to be. Can he broaden that base of support right. If he wins in Iowa he he will get a surge of positive coverage that should give him a boost elsewhere. But how big of a boost and in particular can he make any kind of headway with African American voters because you see polls like of South Carolina where he's getting zero percent to the black vote and that's not a winning strategy in a Democratic primary that being said he's come a long way he's doing well on Iowa which is like what two and a half months away at this point. Is there a chance that you know a a surge in Iowa could mean that mayor Pete's going to be a lot more prominent player in this race. You never want a discount. The Guy who's leading in the early states that that's a big deal. It means something means other candidates will go after him. You know at the same time to keep it in perspective right but you really have. Here's a fascinating story. This guy. Nobody had heard of this small city mayor. Getting into the conversation is much more interesting than the former vice president kind of hanging out at thirty percent for months but still eight percent is not thirty percent. Joe Biden is the guy who's in first place he's been and in first place warring and Sanders are nipping at his heels. Pitas way behind gripe the odds of him. Winning still seem pretty low to me but it is the most interesting adding political story by now was how has this gone from nowhere to somewhere but then the question is can he go from somewhere to actually winning. That's a very uphill battle. Uh Matthew yglesias writes about politics here box. I'm Sean Rotherham Room. This is today. explained a no tall. The side. Hustler's out there you can make your side-hustle your main hustle with your main chimp mail chimp. I'll let you know where that name came from as soon as I find out. Mail chimp offers an all in one marketing platform. That has everything you need all all in one place to give your new business the strongest start with just the right marketing and you can find it at just one website. MAIL CHIMP DOT COM.

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