The Great John Cage Project - in Lockdown Trailer


John Cage was an American composer theorist and philosopher. I'm one of his. Most famous pieces was a piece called full minutes. Thirty three seconds performed in the absence of deliberate sound musicians she presented the world could nothing aside from being present situation specified by the title. The competition is not four minutes and thirty. Three seconds of silence rather the sounds of the environment heard by the audience during the performance. Full minutes and three seconds is a gentle reminder to embrace your surroundings if you treat every sound as you would music it just might hear something unexpected. Something beautiful at his core four minutes. Thirty three seconds isn't about listening to nothing about listening to everything in this age of lockdown piece of music seems more relevant to our lives so never before each week you'll hear recordings lasting four minutes thirty three seconds from all around the world people recording their environments and sending them and for us to share.

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