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Yeah. This is MAC OS, Ken. Another possible push for iphone in India, some color for texture and apple news. Plus and swatch gives us fertilizer for the brain. It's Wednesday the third of April twenty nineteen. I'm Ken Ray. And this is news from MAC OS Ken brought to you by yours. Truly and sponsored by Eero. Get one hundred dollars off the euro base unit and two beacons package and one year of euro. Plus use offer code MAC OS, Ken at euro dot com slash MAC. OS cat. This show was also sponsored by squarespace your place online. Do you have a thing you want to sell or promote or show off square spaces up for it? I was going to say down for it. But that might send the wrong message. I've heard from all sorts of people with all sorts of sites over the years from blogs to. Stores to portfolios and more each loved how their site looked how easy their site was to build and the various extras that come with every squarespace site. Host a podcast. Help a nonprofit almost anything. You wanna do online? You can do what squarespace so get to it. Go to squarespace dot com slash MAC OS can for a free trial. And when you're ready to launch us the offer code mce. West Ken this ten percent off your first purchase of a website, or domain. I've been happy squarespace user for years. Try it, and I think you will be to start your free trial. And when you're ready to launch. She was the offer code MAC west candidate ten percent of your first purchase of a website or domain at squarespace dot com slash Moco. West Ken and the big thanks to squarespace for spa. Countering this week show. On the hills of word that production was underway for iphone seven in. India comes news of much more recent rap broad. Bloomberg's says Foxconn is within weeks of starting trial production of the latest iphones in India. This could be big for a couple of reasons I phone produced in India wouldn't be subjected the twenty percent import duties levied on iphone sold their currently and second. They also help apple hit the thirty percent local sourcing role that would allow the company to open some of its conic stores in India now all they need is for the trial to go smoothly. Secret sources say if it does the Indian assembly lines could serve both the local market and export markets by the time apple announces the next round of iphones in the fall. Of course, it had to be secret. Sources neither FOX nor apple offered comment for the Bloomberg piece from the couldn't call it. Unexpected file cult of Macron apiece on Tuesday saying that apple news plus blue by texture and its first forty eight hours of availability that news would likely come as surpr-. Size to squirrels and moss may be texture obviously had something going for it. But not nearly as many people know that name as no the name apple. Plus apple had an event. Again with the secret sources this time at someone telling the New York Times, a notable holdout from apple news. Plus that the new news service had over two hundred thousand paid subscribers within the first forty eight hours while that said to be more than texture had at its peak. It's also not true the two hundred thousand plus people who signed up last week are trying it out for free for one month. I have no doubt that a lot of them will convert to paid. But I don't think he can really call them paid subscribers until they actually start paying quick aside. Did you know that the free trial for apple news plus works differently than other free trials in the app store with other free trials at least the ones I've tried. You can start the free trial, cancel it immediately. But still have access to the content for the length of the free trial try that with apple news. Plus, and you get a notification that says access to the content goes away. The moment you cancel the trial. It kind of makes sense though, that also seems kind of hypocrites goal. One of those kind of actually doesn't belong there. Assuming it's accurate. It's interesting league from the secret. So and so on the one hand that shows charge out of the gate on the other hand two hundred thousand people is not a lot of people were apple is concerned. Of course, it's early days. It's also interesting that it was the New York Times, the got the scoop. More play for Apple Pay macrumors says Apple Pay has expanded the more banks this week, including Westpac in New Zealand. I n g and Spain consorts bonanza and via by in Germany Bank millennium in Poland RBIs during his lawns. Bonk and Spar Nord and Denmark and Octavia in Finland. Additionally, the P says Apple's contactless payment solution has added support for monas- card holders, and Belgium, men Belgium. Then Mark Finland France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. And I'm sorry for all of those names that I just missed pronounced. France. And they use Davor apples Iowa's video app. Clips not pro level. Or even pro Sumer apple says the free app, let you make fun videos to share with friends and family. It's specializes in stickers and filters and posters and such an added. Those offerings this week. Among the new features a new camcorder filtered. A trash the perfect video your device, you ta- fun retro sort away. Actually, really like that filter eight new posters, including solid backgrounds. Colorful, vintage designs classic blue camcorder recordings screen, and an animated globe. To celebrate Earth Day. Three new live titles styles new eight bit and three styled stickers the ability to add music from garage, band and other music apps to new or existing projects. The ability to duplicate and rename projects class kit support for integration with the schoolwork app. And the ability to share projects by airdrop or Email. Save them to files or upload them various clouds with share extensions. I said it's not pro or pro Sumer, but the music additions and class kit integration do make it a fairly hard core tool. Anyway, I assume they would if I did video and why don't I it's made so easy with clips which is free. The data version two dot zero dot six is available now and the app store. If it's a day that ends in. Why it must be time for another lawsuit against oppo? Apple insider says the Cupertino company is being sued that cues of ignoring an issue with swelling batteries in apple watch in the complaint. The peace says the plane that bought a series three watch October of twenty seventeen and that in July of the next year. It screen suddenly detached and cracked during charging her daughter tried to push the screen back in. But the watches reportedly been unusable sense. Actually heard of that with series zero. Never heard of it with series three doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Of course, the peace as as evidence of a broader trend the complaint points to more than a dozen similar anecdotes on apple support forms over a matter of years. It also suggested the situation as a potential safety hazard as some people have already suffered cuts and burns. While this may be a real problem for some people this whole thing feels a bit Hanky the peace as the law firm and the suit by the New Jersey filed a similar suit last year in California that suit was tossed when the attorneys couldn't identify a responsible defect. They've tried to tackle that this time around citing aging or otherwise faulty lithium ion batteries or else other defective components that might impact them. According to the peace. I did say they tried to tackle the previous deficiency didn't say they succeeded. Not surprisingly the suit seeks class action status. If approved that would cover any New Jersey resident who's a present or former owner of a series one two or three apple watch bought in the Garden State. More news in a moment. But I word from Eero the home wifi system that goes anywhere and covers everywhere. Nearly two years later. I continue to be impressed by my Eero between the speed added in the coverage at brought to those wifi dead spots in my home Eero made my wifi much better. And now they made their offering better with Eero. Plus Euro, Plus offers the ability to block malicious unwanted content across your entire network. Keeping you from accidents visiting malicious sites keeping your kids from visiting inappropriate sites and keeping your whole family from being annoyed by pesky pop ups and adds VPN protection from encrypt dot MI password management from one password antivirus software from malheur bites. The combination of Eero and Eero plus provides complete protection for your network and all the devices and those who use them as they go online. Never think about WI fi. Again, get one hundred dollars off the Eero base unit and two beacons package and one year of Eero plus visit Eero dot com slash Muko. West Ken and at checkout, enter MAC OS can. Be as happy with your wifi. As I am with mine. Get one hundred dollars off the euro base unit and two begins baggage and one year of Eero plus at E R O, Eero dot com slash Muko. West Ken using MAC OS candidate checkout and a big thanks to Eero for sponsoring this week show. Apple's putting its mouth where the lack of money is CNBC's has the Cupertino company is among the inaugural signatories and the California lead push the close the gender pay gap in the Golden State. Jennifer, Siebel Newsom an award winning filmmaker and the wife of democratic California. Governor Gavin Newsom is spearheading the initiative the peace has Siebel Newsom saying the thirteen inaugural signatories agreed voluntarily conduct an annual company-wide gender pay analysis as well as review hiring and promotion proceess to reduce unconscious bias and structural barriers and promote best practices that will close the pay gap to ensure fundamental equality for all workers. While it sounds like a long way from here to there. At the start the peace has our Ella. Gross. A professor of law and history at the university of southern California law school saying anything that brings attention to the fact that this still exists, and especially gets a high profile effort to get companies to make the commitment to pay equity is encouraging. Other corporate signatories include Airbnb AT, and T and Salesforce and finally today looking for a story that tick you off swats this. The kind of feel bad about those ponds, but they're too easy to ignore. You gotta pick the low hanging fruit. You know what I mean? Of course, she had doubt. Because I haven't told you the story yet macrumors says a Swiss court has sided with these Swiss watchmaker swatch and its bite with apple over the tagline tick different apple argued that that trademark unfairly referenced it's nineteen nineties think different ad campaign. Amazingly, the court didn't think so saying that appeals think different campaign wasn't famous enough in Switzerland to warrant protection for its part. Swat said the tick different tagline grew out of an eighties swatch campaign with the tagline always different always knew the company says any similarity between its tick different and Apple's think different is purely coincidental. I kind of want to spread that argument all over my flower bad. It would likely do wonders. Macos can brought to you by me and sponsored by squarespace. Get ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain with coupon code Moco, west can at squarespace dot com slash mecca. West can the show. Also, sponsored by euro, get one hundred dollars off the Eero base unit and two beacons package and one year of Euro Plus use offer code Moco west Ken at E R O Eero dot com slash MAC OS can advertising handled by backbeat media online at backbeat media dot com. You can reach me a couple of ways in fo at McCoy, Wisconsin dot com or call seven one six seventy zero four zero eight zero. We will talk again, the Morrow until then that is news from MAC OS, Ken. I'm Ken Ray. Chow?

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