Pompeo Wants Missiles For Turkey...To Confront Russia In Syria


Hello everybody and thank you for tuning into the Liberty Report with me today his Daniel McAdams our co host. Daniel good to see you. How are you this morning? Dr Paul good to go for our new week. New Week wasn't problems. I think we'll talk today about foreign policy every once in a while mentioned foreign policy which is a big deal because a lot of people don't pay that much attention especially if there's a virus to worry about the stock market crashing but still foreign policy is is pretty important and there is an event going on in all places. Syria of course series been around for a long time and we've been involved especially politically since Hillary you know stirred up trouble there but is ongoing and we have had Assad on the ropes a couple times and he didn't have much control and finally what got him. Out of trouble was A Putin and the Russian we have to admit that they come in there and rescued him and actually except for we have troops protecting our oil bill A lot of Syria's been returned. Assad except for one key area has been in the news. Ad-lib that's up. In north western part of Syria on the border of Turkey and a battle has been going on between the Turks and And the Syrians right now but They're not exactly fighting a Assad Syrians. They're fighting. Who's going to control this area in the fact that there's so much attention right now. I think it looks like Assad maybe winning this fight and they're sort of desperate and the neo cons can't see this happening because they don't like Assad and and they wanted to make sure that He is injured so they're now Looking at it. And they're talking about weaponry believe it or not you know. And we've reported on this fact win. Turkey wanted weapons and they defied US and S. four hundred from Russia. And here we're in. Nato air buying weapons from Russia but there are friends. We have to defend them. But now we're still supposed to defend our NATO allies. But they're in there. There's a little bit of problem now and The the Turks Want the Patriot missiles. So here here. They have Russian missiles now. They want Patriot missiles and guess what our Secretary of State Pompeo he thinks He thinks that's a good idea. State Department wants them but some of the Pentagon says hey go easy. This could be dangerous in the first my first reaction from all this is why. Why are we doing this? Is this going to bring about peace prosperity? And they're lining up to take over the province in there are side struggling. How do we defy? Assad what this is in Syria that we're getting too. It's such a mixed deal. When you think it's SORTA proves the silliness of NATO and the silliness of a of of what we're doing now and pretending that we're leaving Syria at the same time you have the fight going on in the State Department They say we want more weapons for Turkey so we can defeat Assad and others are saying Pentagon has some responsibility so they say hey you better slow up a little you know and my concern was If things don't go exactly as they hope I mean there could be me a confrontation break out between Turkey even though they bought weapons from Russia and the United States could be involved in accidents happen so it is still a mixed bag but I think that It might be resolved If we if we were non interventionist not stirring the pot and I think we do a lot of that and And that's what remains to be seen so I don't think there's going to be announcement this week and say well Assad God total control of it live although he has done that with other cities you know taking over and has things settled so I think I my my feeling is let Syria be Syrian. Let them take care of it. Well you know. We learned a lot in the In the impeachment hearings and not exactly what they intended us to learn what I learned a lot and we already knew it really but is when you had not only Colonel Lindemann but over and over the former ambassador over and over they came and sat before Congress and they all said the same thing well well trump was was defying the policy position of the Inter Agency and therefore he was wrong. You know and so that more than anything taught us that no matter who's elected As as Tom Woods said no matter who you vote for John McCain you know so trump is essentially continuing the policy of of Obama which is Assad must go. He's not saying it himself out of his mouth but the people who worked for him that is their policy. That is the interagency policy which can't be changed and that is why we're in trouble. That's why we're probably closer to war with Russia than at any time since the end of the Cold War because obviously we want us all to go the Russians have been backstopping. Assad since two thousand fifteen. When as you as you mentioned in your opening he was almost he was on the ropes. That jihadists almost took over Syria and then they got help. The reason why we're talking about it now as you said. Is that over the past? Couple of weeks. The Syrian army has made dramatic gains in Italy province which even? Us officials admit is the last bastion of Al Qaeda in Syria. This is the last area. This is where they all escaped to when they left the other parts of Syria. This is where they are. But the Turks Dot WanNa let go of their policy of overthrowing Assad like we don't and so they did is they actually embedded Turkish troops in with jihadists in Syria. So this whole thing blew up on Thursday when when Syrian government and maybe even Russian airstrikes ended up killing about thirty four Turkish soldiers inside of Syria fighting against the Syrian army. The Turks are acting as if they're the aggrieved ones. You know just like just like we're in Syria. They're in Syria without being without being requested. So they'll say oh no. This is terrible. We got our guys killed. We need to have some patriot. Missiles NATO they call the NATO meeting. We need help. We need help and So this is what we're talking about now and the administration the the State Department while. Hey let's give them whenever they need in the Pentagon saying wait a minute. There are some implications for this that we need to think about so a few months ago we were trying to sell them something. And now we want to give them something you get involved and Of course the Russians sold them S. four hundred and now we at the Turks for doing this you know and we broke ranks with them on because they supposed to be involved in the F. Thirty five they were. They were actually building things so It looks to me like that. The weapons manufacturing businesses must be motivating law. This making profits on. This is another thing but I don't know whether that would ever entered the minds of the Russians but I would say they probably does. But maybe not quite like the neo cons in this country because they're driven by war profits profits I think the sad part though is is that trump position had been one that we could support this come home. That's leave and started leaving until he said well but we can't. We can't just leave the oil so we have to stay and he was talking to keeping some troops there and thought he could sit. Back in. This whole thing would be settled. But it wasn't likely to happen and So he he is. He's sympathetic. You know with with probably giving the weapons to Turkey. You know for diplomatic reasons. Yeah and he's not going to help us on no no in stepping back a little further to why. Why is this happening? Why why are we talking about it? Of course the US the US neo cons run Washington. Her acting as if Once again as if Assad just got a wild hair and decided to start killing a bunch of civilians were even as US officials. Admit that it's al Qaeda that runs the place. But why are they doing it now? This is the last bastion of Syria and Saudi. His as we would as any country would he says. I'm going to get control of sovereign control over my entire territory but back in twenty eighteen. Erta one and Putin met in such e and they came up with an agreement because this is the last time the Syrians were saying. Hey we gotta take this back. We don't want to help our country. They made an agreement. Turkey promised that it would it would send in troops would send an observation areas it would get involved but the purpose was to separate what they claimed are just moderate rebels and al Qaeda It's renamed several times but essentially al Qaeda. That's what the Turks promised to do twenty eighteen. It's now a couple of years later. And they have not done it on the contrary. And so. That's why the Syrian army because and we should have had a map. I forgot to put one up. But what's critical is the m four ineffective highways in five particularly goes through that area and it connects Aleppo which is the industrial center of Syria and the capital. Damascus road has been controlled by the hottest for years. Now the Syrian army got back control of that last week now. One critical city has fallen. And they've lost control but this is the back and forth so that's what's critical is get that m five highway. So the Turks didn't live up to their obligations of getting the jihadists away. Probably because they couldn't tell the difference because they're both the same and so the Syrian army says. You know we've had it's been two years. We need to go in there. The Russians have been helping although you know tr- Russia and Turkey. Were Toyoto head to head a couple of days ago in the situation was. Who'S GONNA BLINK? I think Putin blinked a little bit. But we can talk about this later but on Friday they will be a summit meeting between Putin and Erdo one in Moscow. They claim. This is gonNA solve all the problems. We'll have to see what happens so I think it's only going to be temporarily solved. That may come about soon but the only way there could be a reprieve on this would be that gets it live back and has has control that that would would set a lot as as long as you know. The Turks don't decide well we're sending in the troops or something but they say that trump That that Saw Does get control of this? And there's another victory for his Russian allies. They still have some problems with Syria seeking their national sovereignty because We we have Have this this thing going on? Even though we are position is we're leaving. We're leaving Like trump wanted to do but he's except for we. WanNa keep the oil. It's any oil. We have to keep. I would think if I were a Syrian and dedicated to Syrian sovereignty. I would say you think that we should just forget about a company a country coming in and all of a sudden a little fighting goes on and they put some troops on their. This is our oil. We gotta get paid for all our work so we have that but then then we still have Have the Kurdish situation too. And that's that's been around for a long time and that could be mixed but for now you know for making the next step and deciding what they're gonNA do really depends. That's why I think This meeting is pretty darn important. You and then the decision will be made. It doesn't get settled down. I think I think the Russians and the allies sought are going to get pretty rough. Yeah we'll get rough for sure and the other thing that I want you to over the weekend. He launched not only a lot of weapons into it but he pulled the trigger on the refugee weapon and that could be the biggest one he said over the weekend. Okay we're no longer going to keep these refugees and force them to stay in Turkey. We're going to open the gates and you saw some Collins probably over stated but you saw some collins moving toward Greece Certainly the rest of Europe. The last thing they want is another huge wave of refugees Hungary which blocked the other last wave. Said you know you're not coming in here but this is a big deal because the Turks Act as if they're somehow they should be thanked for housing all these refugees this whole time but the question is who created the refugees. They weren't refugees coming before the Turks and the Americans and the Europeans decided Assad must go. They created the problem and now they want some sort of credit for dealing with the problem they created but the Europeans are in would be a no move to have huge waves of refugees. Probably not that. Many of them were Syrian. Who KNOWS But that that is a weapon that's launch and I think that's meant to send a clear signal. Hey if we want to invoke Article Five of the NATO Treaty. We need you guys to come down here. No you better do it or you're gonna be sorry and you know. The refugee problem is related to the foreign policy. A lot to do with our foreign policy but now that we have the corona virus thing to be concerned about you know even if the country had been very very tolerant of refugees. Coming in. There's going to be a real clamor because the The fear monitoring that's been going on and The question how do you handle a problem like it becomes more complicated in you know here seems like we should it be smart enough how to sort it out and in the United States but over there when you think of the refugees and their lineup on the borders and tens of thousands of and of course they said that there were a million refugees from it? Lib that may or may not be true. Probably it's a little bit exaggerated but they're still. They're still a lot of people movement and They're not going to be able to. They don't even have the task yet for Corona virus. You know they said today. Maybe there's going to be a company that that comes out with. It can get what I wonder about is when you get into all this testing what if it's fifty percent test. Positive have never had never will again. He symptoms what are you GonNa do. You know it. It's A. It's a problem that they have yet to solve. I know this is off topic but you brought up corona virus. I don't know if you saw this this morning but remember when the Chinese built that hospital in a couple of days it was amazing. Did you see that they are actually closing that hospital now? They've they've discharged the last thirty four patients because there's no more outbreak. It's gone like you like you said from the beginning. I've taken a position where I consider it very very serious and people can die from it but it's nothing compared to influenza and I you know we always have sympathy for president trump when he takes a controversial stand bringing the troops home. I'm doing this and all the things that we like moving in the right direction. But he's taken the position because he has some scientific advisor saying you know we don't know that this is the end of the world and he says maybe in a couple of months. This won't be a big deal. This is one place where I'm cheering for him. Because they want to blame the virus on trump which makes no sense and they WANNA use it to gain control but aside from that aside that I wanted to bring that up. But what's happening right now. I'm just GONNA throw one scenario. Which makes it very very disturbing and I actually just our friend. Colonel Paddling just posted something on his site sic semper horrendous but what's happening the Turks of course. After they lost thirty four troops they went. They went all out. They started firing like mad. They killed they say they killed two thousand Syrian troops. I think that's probably most people think that's exaggerated but what they're doing is they're firing these multiple launch rocket systems from Turkish soil into Syria and killing Syrian army troops and that is devastating right now to the Syrian army. That's operating there. And they're in Turkish soil and this Pat Lang wrote normally what you would do and you could literally. Simultaneous instantly is determined these batteries where they are in in hidden back before they can move but becomes a little more complicated because they're in Turkey so if Syria fires into Turkey and knock out some batteries would that trigger article five could the could the Turks say hey listen series attacking us attacking our soil and so it makes very difficult. That Turkey is basically hiding behind his borders. And it's a big. It's a big deal. Would Europe go to go to war against Russia for a Turkey that they've been really thrilled about anyway for a long time In would the question would be would. Russia continued to back Syria. If this happened if if Turkey Turkey wanted Article Five statement last week in NATO's you know they gave him some positive words but didn't WanNa go there but if this does happen if you do start knocking out some of these batteries in Turkey which normally you would do because it is an act of war for Turkey to fire into Syria. It's like you know you put someone in the face and they punch you back and you claim that you're the aggrieved party here but there are a lot of real big question marks and it was pretty serious and I think that's why we're trying to talk about a little bit too. It's a big issue. You know over the many years that we've talked about this and I try to point out the closeness over the issue of economics as well as foreign policy. Because you have to spend a lot of money and you have to get involved in international trade and all these things and you don't really separate the two the immigration we already mentioned Can Be compounded by by the foreign policy and and that that is a serious problem too and this whole idea of sanctuary cities and sanctuary countries. And how the European Union was handled. And now what what? Greece's putting up with right now. The potential hundreds of thousands of running back in and these are all I think secondary to bad policy and and yet they don't seem to want to change it. We have you know this whole thing about sanctuary. Cities really is really is annoying thing for me because the people who really really believe in sanctuary cities and open up the doors and let him sleep on the streets and do all this money. Nobody talks about the violation of the neighbors neighborhood and the neighbor and and their neighbors property But the people who most likely push this leaving gated communities. I don't know why they can't find a way pretty close to a gated community in let them put their tents up there and maybe they would understand. What's what's going on but foreign policy is very important. If we want a peaceful prosperous society we have to talk about a non interventionist foreign policy. We have to talk about assign monetary policy and we have to talk about not using government force to try to bring about social changes and that is not part of what a free society is. All about I think the answer there. I don't think there are difficult and I think if we continue to do what we're doing. The situation is going to get much worse. Fortunately a lot of people are waking up. Believe it or not I believe that to be the case and people want to do the right thing and they understand what we should do. But you'll never believe that if you listen to presidential debates Joe here now in down a little bit of demagoguing it goes on and not getting the truth so we hope very sincerely that we can contribute to bringing the truth to the people to find out how to understand what a free society has like so that we can move and progress toward a free and prosperous society. Want to thank everybody for tuning in today to liberty report. Please come back soon.

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