Bonus Podcast: Jupiter Ascending + Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


The phone buds podcast is made possible by listeners like you go to the phone buds dot com slash donate to download our premium shows or donate directly via paypal or Patriot on that's the film buds dot com slash donate donate. Thank you <music>. Hello everybody welcome back. This is the eighth film Buds Bonus Show and my name is Henry and no Khloe this time around although she will be back for episode ninety-one recording tomorrow on the Lion King and ten things I hate about you but <hes> joining us once again on our own cop little spinoff podcast is my friend Jacob Hours so Jacob thanks for come back on once against his or carbon out a new a new space here yeah a new podcast yeah and so this time around. We're going to be doing something a a little different. I guess we're GONNA be discussing box office. Bombs and <hes> I offer we're going to be reviewing to kind of misunderstood commercial flops which is Jupiter ascending from twenty fifteen by the Wachowski Hausky who did the Matrix and then Valerian and the city of thousand planets from twenty seventeen by Lupu saw and then after that we're just going to be doing kind of open discussion on the current the state of movies maybe why some movies are flopping as bad as they <hes> have been because a lot of the summer have been flops out say and then the future of film everything Jacobson. We're just GONNA be covering it all and we also have won the future of film in General Yeah Yeah Yeah Just Cinema Jacob. How're you man good yeah? What <hes> what made you select ten things I hate about you go along with sewing so khloe chose that one because they are both inspired and or adapted by Shakespeare <hes> yes connection yeah and so and also tomorrow she's going to be the host the lead host host for the just for the fun of it so she's GonNa be running the show so make sure tune in for that about time yeah so ninety one yeah yeah yeah <hes> yeah we'll Jacob anything going on with you man just same old same old yeah getting ready to move <hes>? Do you know when that's going to be to South Korea. Oh that has <hes> I've slowly been figuring that out in and letting people know that that's been pushback oh <hes> by six months. Oh Wow yeah this guy. <hes> I explain this maybe before you probably did this guy like backed out on on leaving out. Oh that's right yes yeah. Let's see bad yeah sorry but at least it's I mean lease. It's not an indefinite. It was just a complicated thing to figure out like a you know we're working out the details of job from so far away yeah for sure but <hes> just my Lisa's innings. I'm getting made to move out of our carbon. Okay cool slow perfect timing move in with with my sister for for the next six months. Oh Nice cool go where life takes me yeah well. I just got an email. I ordered this this rocket man Elton John Shirt like a week and a half ago <hes> <hes> on from the website along with the little bundle with the eager to rocket man shirt and the soundtrack to the film and they said Oh yeah we'll email you when chips and I clicked standard shippen sells okay well in a few days okay at the email. Guess what you know email so I emailed the customer service days go by days go by finally just got an email saying hey. WE'RE GONNA trouble sheet this for you and we'll let you know when the problem is solved solved. Where's my shirt? Jacob spent my hard-earned money on this. You know so yeah you know it's <hes> that's how it'd be so we'll keep you updated on that one hour to a shirt from the United Kingdom once <hes> five years ago and it still hasn't shown up. I wouldn't keep up hope for that. I didn't hear or anything back from customer service. Even though I emailed in chatted and called many times I couldn't get a refund. Just <hes> could still be out there somewhere. It's the U._K.. For you right yeah yeah it's so far MARLA things from China and they've arrived. It might have taken three months but they've arrived Yemen. This show spent five years. That's a pretty big late fee out. You know thank they should give you but who knows aren't well. Maybe we can start off <hes> like we have with some of the other shows about just maybe not I exposures to box office bombs. That'd be weird but just maybe just some first thoughts on it. Do you think that more films are flopping than they happen or do. You think it's Una- kind of steady stream. I think it's kind of a confusing question. When you look at like the hard numbers <hes> I'd say that things are there are more flops but <hes> I think if you went out and ask general audiences this <hes>? Have you been enjoying most of the movies that you've been seeing recently or do you think the most of the movies that are in that are in the the theaters right now are look good or like. Would you go see it. I think most people would probably be pretty agreeable. You know I think I think films this cost too much to make and that's why they're flopping. Yeah you no because of a flop its budget based right. It's not necessarily like low low scores right you know because a movie can make tons of money and get low scores uh-huh but a flop is coming in under under budget not making its money back more it you know they might look at these numbers and see this as a as a see it as audiences <music> sort of changing their cowdrey they go see movies in changing their opinions on movies and see this as a shifting viewpoint for audiences but maybe it's not maybe it's just the movies are getting more and more expensive to make <hes> which you know and then movies with original ideas are making as much money so executives are getting too scared to really make those so. They're just pushing the big well known built in Stoja tough. You know everyone's a whom sequels and reboots everyone's complaining about that all the time people cares seagulls man <music> but <hes> I guess to to to bring it all in be more cohesive here. I'm getting started getting everywhere and ended off as I think movies are getting more expensive to make which his possibly giving the impression that we are having more flops than we used to when I think movies could be doing better if they budgeted better so bright movie the accountants to their job yeah yeah well. I mean even the the Lion King for example two hundred sixty million dollar budget yet. It's like that's a lot of money although it is doing very well but still that's a lot of money for one movie uh-huh and it's like you know. What did you spend that all on the creating? The movie literally started from Scratch T._G._I.. All that whole movies C._G._I.. Yeah so yeah so that's that that takes the question was is was making that movie a worthwhile in Dover. It seems so you know what would life be lightly what if what if all movies are just C._G._I.. And the in the future no more actors well. That's what some <hes> reviews have been saying is that in a way this is kind of the future movies is that you can completely recreate up a completely believable world with this virtual reality technology in so who knows this. The Lion King could be the very beginning of it all and Yo- C._G._I.. <hes> people are getting a lot better yep. <hes> you look at the video game market. It's a big example of that that that's difficult. That's a whole nother topic but you know engines or copyrighted copyrighted and so a certain company might have control over an engine that has lightyears beyond c._G._i.. Technology than another engine Neil so rendering people will look better in one place in it does another but I think the movie industry at least shares a lot of their the effects companies so <hes> but you know you look at something like marvel. They've got they've just got endless money and <hes> fully fully Lee C.. J. People like I don't like the scrolls in and captain marvelous. They just look you wouldn't even know right so analysts. Were fully C._G._I.. Movies on the way it's going to be an interesting couple years. You know coming up so all right well. Should we jump into some reviews Jacob all right the waters nice and warm. Yes indeed so all right well. Let's get into our first. I Retro Review which is Jupiter Ascending from Twenty fifteen and we have a club. Let's take a listen Stinger said the you attacked and entitled once Stinger talks too much is it doesn't matter I'll do things we can't explain and my jeans defect. March could explain a lot the things about me by the fact that I haven't uncanny ability to fall from Tom Fall for me. Maybe I have to engineering and if that's the case surveys anyway affects you Royat now. splashy don't understand what that means. I have more in common with a dog that I have with you all right so jupiter ascending like I said was released in two thousand fifteen and is directed by Lana Wachowski and lily which Hausky or just the wachowski housekeepers. I guess they typically go by and stars channing tatum meal Kunas your phone. If it's too close to the Mike it's misbehaving listen to Mike Khloe. Does it all the time so that's fine channing Tatum Mila Kunis Sean Bean Eddie red main Douglas Booth Tuppence Middleton. That's about it I guess and the synopsis is a young woman discovers her destiny as an heiress of inter galactic nobility and must fight to protect the inhabitants of earth from an ancient and destructive industry so yeah this one did not do great <hes> when it came out it grossed one hundred eighty four million against the budget of somewhere in between one hundred seventy five and two hundred million so was a a pretty big financial flop and the reviews were also pretty mixed pleasants on the bed. which is you said it made one hundred eighty four million against a budget of one hundred seventy five between two hundred million so it it yeah I've heard of worse flops than that? There's an we'll get into we'll get into all right but I mean barely made its initial budget back so that's not too good for movie like this and yes so we'll Jacob. What did you think of Jupiter sending where I I saw eddie red main and seeing him in anything before this I knew brutal was wasn't? He and I don't know my timelines. It wasn't the Danish girl out around that time this was after he had been into theory of everything and the Oscar where Jupiter is ending. I think so let me check check. Let me check check your facts. Keep going but yet but anyways I thought he was great. I thought he was the best part of the movie twenty fourteen for theory of everything so he's this before or after okay okay yeah so I thought I thought he was brilliant. Brilliant Bill in just man. That's a heartache really everybody hated him. He got he got a Razzie my friend I think really Oh yeah I was not aware Oh yeah. I thought he was great. I you know I love me some red main. That's that's fair. I mean He. I like them generally as well <hes> this is where I learned that channing tatum you know could be these actor and twenty-one jump streets probably more <unk> imagined micro probably better examples of the Hawks Catcher as well well. Oh Yeah Yeah since Steve Curl movie is Mark Ruffalo was well. That's right movie was weird yeah of course and nuhere from back in the day what catch beyond that I thought it was I thought it was visually beautiful. It is it looking very beautiful though the wedding at the end with all the white and the red <hes> and <hes> aliens yeah I think one thing about this movie and it's kind of relating to our discussion is that I think if this movie had made eight hundred million it would not be viewed as poorly by people <hes> as if it had gotten the exact same reviews and and the the loss of money that had had I think that there are some really interesting inspired fired visuals like you said I think some of the costumes are great and I think that when you compare it to something like marvel they are essentially the same kind of film in terms of how they're designing things and then people will happily Lake Sept- gardens of the galaxy with talking trees and raccoons but then they'll laugh off everything that the Wachowski is injected into this movie and for no really good reason you know L. and <hes> I know I was just going to say and I feel like even though the Matrix was successful the Chelsea since they have had a lot of big flops now people just associate she ate that name with almost like laughing them off even though they clearly have some really interesting artistry to their filmmaking <hes> The I think it's inescapable vicious cycle where <hes> not very many people to my knowledge speak for everyone but now on see a lot of people these days just being like Alex kind of interesting. I think we'll go check it out or took it on C.. I like it. The numbers burgers influence the reviews reviews influence the numbers. It's just it's it's vicious. You know someone sees it. A movie got a six hundred ten. They're less likely to go see it makes less money. If someone sees that a movie is making not very much money they'll probably gonNA leave it a bad review <hes> you know but but a movie not making that much money does not quite it to just being bad yeah. No I've seen plenty of movies that I've thoroughly enjoyed that it came in under and there's so many reasons why a movie would come in under budget not necessarily just because everyone thought it was bad you know there's there's so many different reasons and <hes> sorry I had some examples of those reasons but that's okay but but yeah come back to US come back to but yeah it just I feel like <hes> I mean not too too much into what we're going to be talking about later but it just it really is kind of puzzling as to why I mean not as to why some obese flop and why others domed but the kind of again the stigma of a financial flop equating to being a bad movie or being more deserving of being picked apart while others just like it remain untouched by or relatively untouched by kind critics and and everything just because they made more money but I mean with Jupiter sending I think that there are nevertheless some pretty goofy stuff in it like I mean I am on the opposite of Eddie red main in S.. I thought I thought he was pretty horrible. Let's just say he operatic performance voice and the the look yeah. It's just the Ansi his lips are weird in this but it's like he just has this very quiet whisper and then told US Shriek out at times it. It just felt very like the Wachowski were kind of directing him in that but I I could be wrong. I don't know but I'm not crazy about him. I think Mila Kunis and channing tatum are a good pair although I don't think either of them are given that much to do in this movie but I still think that they can carry it decently enough and I agree with like the wedding stuff. It looks amazing and I I like the action sequence where at Ed I she goes are those flying boots then she'll have the flying boots yeah good one but I think that they try and their ambitious to fault really like though inject all these different fantastical names of like kind of species and classes and some of them land and then also I think they're just they're not really delivered that well by the actors and so they come across his noticeably goofy and a little flat you think is planning this to be a like a series. Originally I could see that for sure. They're trying to another matrix route yeah a little bit and I and I think they are also pretty decent at building being a world. I think they aren't really appreciated for that much. I think in this they create a pretty interesting world <hes> but it's just yeah it's there. It's a little long as well and I think that some of the Wachowski goofiness does weight down at times but I still enjoy the film equally to a lot of current blockbusters that people may be see more favorably assembly for whatever reason but when the less you watched it last week it's just podcast right now. Let's pouch it Papa John Man. I wish I had the four K. at that. It will look really good on four K. but as watch it and then with a freshman our minds will come back. Let the people know definitively. Should they go see this movie well they can. It's it's out of theaters Jacob sadly four years now almost as long as you're you're. You're your shirt wait so has really been on. Yes I remember where I saw this movie and who has with time flies my friend. I didn't see it in the theater. I'll I'll say that I I saw it on BLU ray a friend we had walked six miles to get to the mall Lord severe pretty far outside of town. See I used to walk. I think I walked a few times to the theater when I was in Greensboro and I went on some pretty interesting journeys by myself just Kinda through downtown Greensboro. This was in Nashville. Oh well regardless <hes> we got to the mall. We you know we hung out forbid and you don't WanNa go see a movie and I was like yeah why not because the mall in Asheville is a theater like directly across. I've never lived somewhere with a mall that was cool enough to have a theater inside the mall but by and you have the mall here is like adjacent to the theater right but there's a theater directly across the mall so we walked over there and we looked at what was on nothing really now garbage show we went to see Jupiter is ending yeah and the rest is history at a similar experience with my sister and Kingsman <hes> the secret service. We didn't know what it was dinner. What we're getting ourselves into and then I we were dislike Holy Shit and which is you know she <hes> during that the faint the famous church seen and yes she looks over at me and she's going on yeah? I don't know Scooby's awesome yeah now. Have you seen the trailer for the PREQUEL COMING OUT NO I. I'm not very good trailer watcher. I there too long these days. I like to sort of I mean I don't know about that one super long. It's slow to two minutes. Okay just Kinda. Just carry on just like you could fair enough fair enough. I saw the Milan alon trailer when I went to see the lion king and it was like that that one did very short. Oh does the point. I'm GonNa make <hes> sorry revealed very little. You know I think to to just to get slightly away from topic now. Just people are used to that. I think that production companies are worried that people won't go see their movie if they don't put almost everything into the trailer. I'm sure everyone's heard this argument before. I've seen tons of people with this argument trailers along these days but merely think they are plus movies have like like here's the second trailer who's the third trailer here's come forth trailer. WHO's the seventh trailer for enough right chapter to dislike all man that that new trailer though does look at but <hes> and then things will sort of be revealed where I'm just like Kinda wish I could have gone to see the movie the and seen that in the theater kinda would've had a different impact because I don't really like spoilers? Some people don't care. My girlfriend doesn't care. She's like tell me everything so I can prepare emotionally for it right me. I'm just like no don't tell me anything and so I I kind of just stopped watching trailers because <hes> you know because especially if the comedies to they'll just front-load all their jokes and then Yugoslav movie and you're like she like one joke that you didn't that you didn't <music> seeing the trailer right so and out of fear that <hes> that they're not gonna no one's GonNa come see it unless really give them everything want just just fill them up with all of this stuff in some ways there right one second of movie to see yeah now mean here's a question I'll lay on you could be does a if movie has a spoiler in it that you learn beforehand. <hes> will that ruin if or if a spoiler can kind of ruin an experience of a movie. Is it a bad movie like no no okay well when you lie or like if if you watched the sixth sense knowing that Bruce Willis was a ghost spoiler everybody but like does that mean that knowing that beforehand does that make it a lesser movie that knowing that ending does what do you think that ruins and experience I think in that case since such a big twist knowing that would ruin my ability to enjoy the movie but it doesn't mean that the success is a bad movie <hes> but was guys recently. I was spoiled on the entire plot to guardians of the galaxy three because there was a leaked script apparently <hes> I've also had some pretty interesting. I tend to get spoiled a lot but I kind of an interesting not really a spoiler where before I went to see in Game I saw this article goal that game informer had put out and they were like basing it on on the progression of of the story that marbles trying to tell could captain America Wheeled Floors Hammer in this movie. I was like maybe and then it happened was like that really a spoiler had me thinking about it. Apparently Marvel had or the rousses had wanted Thanos to decapitate captain America Erica will in the original. which would that would have been awesome? I would have watched that for sure I mean the ending in in game is better if the kids that's all right so but anyways so getting back to Jupiter ascending it's I mean it's I think it is like Valerian. It is a space opera. Kinda has the the cheesy romance and some of the the very over the top styles to it which I mean for the most. Expert I I like and I appreciate and I wish they were more original films like this big big budget Sifi films but again space operas yeah exactly again. We're kind of like with Valerian airing most recently were losing that pretty quickly because people are just like for example I was talking to people about I can't remember which movie maybe earlier in the year that didn't do that well all and they <hes> Oh no mortal engines that I had mentioned to you last year the Peter Jackson produced kind of steam punk action movie and they're like Oh yeah. I heard about that but I didn't really feel you like going to see it and so I looked good l.. It's good it's good but again. I think it's this people are not if they're not familiar with something like if if it has marvel stamped on it they'll go see anything but if it's not attached to a kind of iconic I._p.. It's not gonna unless it's like you know even Mad Max fury road. Did I mean it did pretty well but I think that we're really losing original movies pretty quickly which sucks and there's a super clear reason for that you know one hundred percent obvious answer for that will give it to us is don't don't keep persuading the studio heads in and the people that that <hes> run the projections in and get the money and make the budgets. They're just like you know they see how well Disney Sneeze doing and how well all these big budget blockbusters are doing in the in the sequels and the reboots and they look at an original screenplay and they're just like we'll whereas the guarantee yeah exactly always the guarantee. You like you said you stamp marvel on something you throw it out there. You don't need a guarantee. No you at least gonNA break. Even you know you <hes> you look at an original screenplay and you're like we have absolutely no guarantee that this is going to you know and then they look at all you know the flops and they're like I just even worse. That's that's less less Moolah for us. You know by the beach homes anymore. I think people tend also just sort of pre pre visualize what what they're gonNA do or or you know they. They make decisions beforehand like when Valerian first trailer come out came out I saw tons of people commenting talking about it and they're like Oh. This is GonNa flop like so hard like this looks awful and it's like well those people I'm GonNa go see it <hes> so yeah of course it's going to flop if you're saying they sound like it's going to flop and you don't go and again it's like this question of what's the difference between Valerian and all these other sci-fi fantasy movies that they everybody goes and see HAP- up sees you know biting their ticket on <hes> opening night you know it doesn't make a lot of sense really because they are pretty much the same kind of film in many ways so spikes star wars in the Valerian Marion city of dozen planets Yep. That'd be like damn except maybe not. I don't know when I saw that trailer. I was like I'm there. I and I and I did see it. I think right so yeah I did not see late in the war not two billion yet but no I'll say yeah save that for a little little later so jupiter ascending I mean I are now. Are you a fan of the which house keys in general are you a speed racer fan speed racer yeah. I never saw them. That's another one of their big disease lops for sure not doe that they did that. Yes Oh yeah I am <hes> the Matrix of course <hes> great uh-huh. I've I'm even pretty big fan of the second and third one. I do think they get a little ridiculous but yeah I think some people rag on the the sequels pretty hard but I like him <hes> or are they doing nowadays. I guess I'm coming up ah they had that sense eight Netflix shoop but I think that got cancelled as well. That's really good. I watched Mr Okay. It's very good yeah so again. It's like people are afraid to watch their movies now because some of their films have flopped financially and they're like no that's I mean it's gotta be terrible but no I mean clearly there some fans out there <hes>. I just think that a as a creative person you know if you're a director a rider if you if you have a real hot streak in the new SORTA a couple downers it's it's hard to come back from that. It is because the masses will start to start just be like this guy's he's losing it and he's losing his edge. What about Tim Burton? Why would we support this guy anymore? Tim Burton Yeah. I wasn't really under the impression that he was on the downturn. Hoya I mean dumb bows. That's another Disneyland Action. I have not been I mean that was kind of a not a huge flop but not nearly as successful as a lot of the other live live action Disney and then also Miss Peregrine's home didn't do great he should <hes> he should do some more innovative movies his innovates stuff's. I'd love that up there so he kind of he's Kinda just drink in his own special sauce right now a little bit blow bit man so but <hes> our Guy Ritchie show is a good example of just after his early hot streak. People were just like this get him out of here. Did you hear he's not directing. All My guy yeah I I was talking with slow upset. I was talking with Chloe and the other Henry on the last show. They didn't care about Jeez. I like you know it's just I don't remember the guy's name but apparently it's the guy who did rocket man. That's right extra Dexter Fletcher. Apparently he's a very good friend of Guy Ritchie's. He's a really they knew each other when they were younger and they have worked together a few times like a very small ways and I hope that means that Guy Ritchie's going to at least be some sort of consultant betty will be producer. I hope it will be like a producer yeah but I hope I was Livid Jacob. When I saw that I was left I hope this this dexter character knows what he's doing? Sounds like trouble sub guys you know the homes man deserves better the Downey the law they deserve better yeah. The film Buds Dot Band Camp Dot Com is the place where you can get our Guy Ritchie bonus show. The Jake was was was on the two of us through so go take a look yeah listen take. Are you go all right well anything else about Jupiter sending <hes>. There's a great scene where <hes> Mila lacunas or channing tatum goes. I have more in common with dogs than I do with you and me lacunas goes. I love Docs. It's just like there. Are these weird little <hes> <hes>. It's a weird chemistry a weird sense of like are we supposed to be laughing at this kind of thing is it's supposed to be creepy and it just so some things like that. I think do fall fall kind of flat and hurt the movie but it's astigmatism canine years. We are not not great not great <hes> Yeah Yeah channing. TATUM's look in this is not very good. He was like I bet he can just. I wonder how many and I'm not trying to generalize here but I wonder how many people went to see it. <hes> just you just because channing tatum probably a lot he's outside. It's got the body yeah. He's got that starpower man yeah so I mean I'm sure a decent amount so <hes> but and people went to see it for Mila Kunis maybe through. Perhaps you know why don't have much more to say about it. I think plot wise it's pretty standard already. Yeah you know on unforgettable notes pretty forgettable <hes> I don't remember much earlier eddie red main handsome like siblings or something we're also you will yeah but <hes> yeah but I mean yeah. It's just the visuals <music> are can be really good. <hes> and it's yes very underrated not a masterpiece by any means but still worth a luck. If you like sci fi movies you know so all right well out of five Jacob. Normally I'm like right. They're not today. Take some thinking three three okay all right right down mentally or right above it's a three point five for me so yeah so all right well cool. I guess we can move on to our second Retro Review which is Lupu San's uh-huh Valerian and the city of thousand planets from twenty seventeen and we got a clip. Let's take a listen leaving excess pace three to one easy's. We're Leitner Wilburton dead. You WanNa drive could put your in Beckham joystick blooming your hands back on the joystick for illegally please your hand logistically. Stop complaining about my diving absorb gray driver. You're the best destroying the entire us all right so Valerian and the city of thousand planets came out in July twenty seventeen and as directed by Luke Basan stars Dane dehaan Cara delevingne Clive Owen Rihanna Ethan Hawke <hes> might be about it and the synopsis is a dark force threatens Alpha avast metropolis and home to species from thousand and planets special operatives Valerian and lower line must race to identify the marauding menace and safeguard not just Alpha but the future of the universe so yeah <hes> this one is was a little more well received out say than <hes> Jupiter sending was but it still has not enjoyed this one a lot more yes as did I and in terms of financial a natural <hes> numbers it against a budget of around two hundred million it grossed two hundred twenty five point nine million so it was a pretty big flop as well which is too bad <hes> and so it's it is based off a famous comic book or <hes> Graphic Novel series French from that I believe started in the sixties sixties and I've actually read a few. I read a few back. Maybe at the beginning of the year and it's a really really good interesting and inspired sci-fi series and it's actually the one that that most inspired George Lucas for star wars because this <hes> the the comic books predated the Star Wars films and so he really drew a lot from <hes> from these stories for that yeah and this one is also a kind of epic space opera as well <hes> and when I when it came out I didn't know had never heard of the series or anything and so I kind of went in blank but I I I love the film. I think it's this may be a hot. Take Jake about Oh. No I'd say it's would be in my top few SCI FI movies of the last decade I <hes> I loved. Did I. The only thing that was keeping me from from sort of considering it. Near perfects was just just a few minor things that I will get into won't were there. Get into it man. I've I've you you've said like the cast in the budget and everything yet looking looking up to see what I had like scored it on letterbox. I guess I missed it. Yeah <hes> Dane dehaan. We've talked about that guy before four. Yes bonus show. We talked about him. We did yeah <hes> all right so didn't see this in theaters. I think the only reason I didn't see it in theaters was because I couldn't afford to or something thing like at the time or did time harsh times wanted wanted to see it but so then I sort of forgot about it until like February of this year on on on Amazon just scrolling through looking for what to watch going through a little bit of depressive period where tons of movies evolve in their man watch like fifteen movies and three days like off Valerian is like I never watched that I'll go ahead and watch it was on primes free. Oh so damn no that's awesome. GotTa love it yeah so so I gave it to watch and I really enjoyed it <hes> Dana hyme. I thought I thought John and Kara Kara delbene were both very <hes> goodness. <hes> sorry my dog <hes> Dana Heim as we said before in the last moment shows a little bit hit or miss yes <hes> I think he's I think he's mostly a hit here. <hes> car de Levin only think she's he's been in that many movies yeah. It was a surfers movie now. She is in suicide squad before this. Oh of course of course <hes> I mean she's she's more like she comes from like a modeling background. That's yeah that's her main career if he does music maybe a little yeah. There's actually a I don't know if it's actually in the movie or not but she does a song. That's on the soundtrack for this movie. I'm sure I talked about how much I love her in D._C.. Bonus show but right. I I really Lakers well. I I think she's great in this not as much not an everything she's in but I really do like in this yeah yeah and Jake <hes> she's pretty easy on the is if I if I may say that's true that's true. She's a good <hes> female psychic there to be sidekick sidekick. She's their partners right yeah. That was the very poor word choice. I Apologize Yeah partner <hes>. I don't know if I mentioned this in the in the D._C.. Bonus show but she the voice actor for the D._J.. Of the pop station on grand theft auto five issue I don't know that little <hes> cameo right yeah yeah other other yeah <hes> voice actors for for hosts on the on the radio in that game or Kenny loggins Danny McBride interesting anyways but I I really liked her in this so I really like in this <hes> Dane dehaan great sidekick <hes> he's a sidekick riana thumbs amazing. I thought she was great in as well yeah and Ethan Hawke Cowboy Yeah Yeah really good <hes> see who else really bizarre that Herbie Hancock is in this movie yeah because I was like I was like Herbie hang like jazz musician Herbie Hancock right like the Herbie Handgun <hes> because I I you know the the viewers zone the listeners don't know this but I've a jazz background. Do you played saxophone for seventy eight years. Wow I don't know that I still have one but I picked it up in well. <hes> <hes> and and Osama fan of Herbie listened to quite a lot of herb you back in the day <hes> still do watermelon man. It's a song by him great one by. I was like interesting so he's in his movie. Yeah you know we've Basan can do what he wants and he just <hes> had the movie Anna come out the spy yet once it's good but <hes> I like movies consort of Sucky into their world. You know I think Valeria in the short amount of time it had does a very good job of world building. Yes not just one world but too I thought that the the whole thousand planets shake the aliens or they called the Pearl the people on at the beginning Yes the Pearl a world. I can't remember the exact name but it's like yeah. The sequence is amazing thought they did a lot of world building for for for that world aliens world and then world building for the world. We mostly take place in in the space station. <hes> it was amazing. They're going through all this part of the space. Station is for like banking and stuff all the robots and then this one's underwater all these like electrical jellyfish and this is where the humans are in the opening sequence the movie M._a.'s Seto <hes> David Willie's <hes> space oddity yeah yeah yeah we're all the you're seeing all these different creatures come through and each one is just vastly different in terms of design and personality and you you expect them to be or they expect them to be violent towards them but then they're making these peace agree yeah. They're all making friends you know <hes> and <hes> just saw's really invested in the world is really suck right in. Yes and <hes> is a lot of fun head a lot of fun watching it yeah. I think more movies need to do that with the world. You can't just if you're going to have a world. That's not our our world in our time period. Now you know because a lot of movies are just set you know in in the where we are now <hes> you're going to have something. That's not that you know. You really need to do some work. Not It is not a a lot of work being done now. I mean even like we did our John Wick bonus show freaking love those movies <hes> and a lot of world building is done but it's not like the the entire movies are not sort of off focused on just that right and <hes> you know that that that's okay for for those movies but <hes> yeah just just great I was I was like I wish I wish I was there for sure yeah others little three little aliens that had all the information. Oh yeah those weird little things. Those were great. <hes> now the only thing I'm GonNa Review my starting early here. Okay the only thing that caused me to give this like a four point. Five instead of a five was was <hes> there were these I thought that Dan Tuhan and Carl Levin or great in this but then they these random moments where all effort we just drop out out of nowhere especially for Kara like the one scene where Dana Hawn is driving that spaceship into the radioactive zone <hes> and she's trying to locate him with the tracker trying to get them to come in her voice becomes like the void of emotion and like her eiser dead and like she's just doesn't really sound like she's trying in like he's responding to her and he's only sound like his trying and that whole scene which is weird to me I was laying. Where is the acting? It's gone there. Were just a couple of moments like that I just sort of phased out and <hes> and that's really it and <hes> another couple of great scenes means were <hes> the super the the <hes> the big mall or whatever was in another dimension. Yes Oh shopping yes marquette yeah yeah the money and he's crashing shing through the different floors and there's like a different completely new kind of design of everything and all these new creatures and everything it's amazing and the way that I worked was just so interesting with the received just running around the desert but than he's he's got the sorry. I got the gun thing that that's one thing with this movie is there are so many interesting new Sifi ideas sprinkled throughout this movie just they're not at the same time not to <hes> overtaken Jacob Beyonce Fun <hes> they're not over explained whereas other movies similar to it will take twenty minutes to explain this new piece of technology or why they're doing this but and this is the one with the almost like the jellyfish over the head you know were they and they can see into Oh. Thanks stuff like that is amazing and it's not you don't need to know the backstory of it. You can just kind of get little hints since <hes> of the end be I love the kind of virtual it is almost like a virtual reality kind of thing. We're when they're in the market as well so that's one thing I really appreciate this movie for that. Many others like do not half just all the ideas are really lame so yeah and <hes> the that sort of dinner feast scene where they're bringing food to the the king the gas giant hat but it's actually like a plate <hes> it's gonna eat her head yeah and the scene with Riana dancing against changing all the outfits is incredible great as well and yet. It's just I'd say an all. Go ahead and reveal my star rating Jacob. That's okay the reason that this is not that this is a a light five at five not a heavy like five at a five is that I feel like in the final twenty minutes or so kind of drag because it is essentially just becomes a pretty typical Sifi shootout kind of action resolution and it's just not that interesting to watch whereas everything before it is so new and fresh but then they spend this very long amount of time I just with very kind of lame or not lame but pretty generic <hes> shootouts and and action sequences and but <hes> one other thing I do love is the where he's running through. I guess it's after the scene that you were talking about with car Galvin Cam phasing out but the scene where he's running through all the different worlds. You know it's like he's. I guess it's on a I don't know we'd call it like a like a jail kind of tunnel or something where he's running running through and there's all these different <hes> almost universes that he seeing Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah great world boating that like underwater one yeah yeah and it's like it yet great world building and you don't you need to know every little bit of it. It's just really interesting and I really wish there would be a sequel to this movie. That's one sequel I really WanNa see but yeah and I would recommend the comic books as well. There are really really cool. <hes> I might actually back and keep reading them because of this discussion so thank you Jacob for that. Ah Psalms sort of dip into Sifi was like the fifth element and then Yep so the have this you know yeah and then you could say that you don't have to Leon the professional he sort of decided to go do ana you know he's yeah and healer got his and before that he had done <hes> Lafon Nikita so he's kind of dips into sci-fi and and a lot of spy action movies as well so although he does have a lot of Mrs in his career <hes> whereas I mean the things like Valerian and the professional laughing Nikita are great there are a lot of not so good movies and his <hes> filmography but you know having Valerian in there is pretty good Jacob out say yeah. I don't really early like Fifth Element that much GonNa know a wreck. I recognize its merit but I'm not I'm not a fan. I like it I would. I prefer Valerian though for sure I think the fulfilment Romanticize is the whole so <hes> born c yesterday trope <hes> interesting well after review that one at some point get into it you know she's just like I'm an alien I. I don't know how things work WanNa see me naked yeah. I don't know that that's the wrong thing to do. Yeah I don't know it's just she feels very like infantile and yeah for sure centralized angry then you know Priscilla says he is <hes> all right well anything else about Valerian Jacob do a Milla Jovovich punish. Oh sure we we didn't review the new boy so we can throw that one in their own. Do all the revenue movies. I've only seen I think I've seen too. I haven't seen talk about <hes> Monster Hunter coming up. Oh Yeah I've seen all of the resume of movies because I wash with my friend. Do not remember why like any of them. Yeah I remember parts of three. I remember windings. Everyone says that's the best one and I'm like well. That's not really saying much and then <hes> I remember the the final chapter 'cause I saw it in theaters and we couldn't stop laughing and this guy was like shoot up. I'm trying to enjoy the I was like I'm sorry but not because we're we're talking but because you think you can enjoy this movie. This is actually good yeah that was that was the year that John Wick to came out and triple X. The return of cage classic because Ruby Roses and all. All three of those movies Oh issue but <hes> where we're going oh yeah she's also in that movie. The fourth kind I haven't seen that says really bizarre sort of is that that murder one about aliens all right. It's like it's like a documentary but like fictional documentary not like a mockumentary because it uses it uses like real footage of things that actually happened but like Milla Jovovich plays the fictional therapist or something. I don't know it's really weird. They use live footage of of this thing that happened where this guy. I thought that his family had been abducted replaced by aliens that looked like them so he liked killed. His whole family shot himself police footage of it happening through the window like from a distant so you can't really tell what's happening but that's in the movie and then actually happened while it was really weird. I happy film you know it's funny her husband the director of all the resident evil movies and upcoming monster Sir Paul W s Anderson her movie yeah everyone's like Oh. That's that's like other did boogie nights now he also did POMPEII had no idea that the guy that did boogie nights also did resident evil crazy man crazy such a difference in quality yeah yeah he he also did Pompeii with Kit Harrington and Emily Browning which is about the POMPEII volcano disaster terrible rebel film terrible wasn't going to say train of thought. Oh yeah so this poll recently clean. It was like not really a poll. It was just sort of like what do you think is the best opening to a movie and I put him Boogie Nights. Oh Nice <hes> the best but it's one of the best yeah for sure. That's a good question what the best opening a lot of great openings yeah all right well evill area and is <hes>. It's a great one love Kara and this. I love Dane in this Clive Owen as well. He's a crazy fish man yeah what no no fishermen submarine Dude Oh he he's like a military guy. Oh man who plays the they they go in a summary to go. Get the deal or not that you'll the jellyfish. He's like really weird. <hes> that's a good question. I don't know off offhand but it'll both great. I apologize again for the side kick comment. That's okay just kind. I don't know what I was saying though forgive you don't want like like fifteen years when when fame has found me yes hey Rebecca Twenty nineteen <hes> when Jacob settled this solicitors are are going GonNa take this little audio flip out of context and they're just GonNa you know going to James Gunn me but hey guess what you'll still get direct guardians three. He did a lot worse than me though yeah the plot plot to guardians three sounds good but don't spoil it. You know about to say everything right now while I'm I'm more excited for suicide squad and then you say you'll cut it out but then you won't get spoiled yeah. We'll have to wait and see yeah so this has got to be good. I think I think we've talked before about how he he sort of makes weird. <hes> weird characters like good. You know uh-huh for sure it's like King Shark is going to be in King. Shark is not the most well known of Batmans villains and Ryan such as good just kind of weird. We do like he could put it. He put freaking. I'm like quilt man and they're probably make a good condiment man. That's another Batman calendar man all great name all of them their calendar man cooler than he sounds is he. He commits mass murderers on on specific holidays and he has like a calendar tattooed on his face quilt man. She's like strangles people with a quilt or something that seems very illogical. Entrepreneurs like a quilt flies around with it. I don't know condiment man. He killed people like catch up ketchup mustard but they like acid in them. Okay that's pretty cool. That's cool Great Guy Yeah Royal Class Act per man bat in it yeah. I hope that <hes> we don't have the plot details yet but I hope that rid losing this one you know because he's in the the original suicide squad storyline. He's <hes> he's sort of like the the leader almost like he's working directly with Amanda Waller where like he's still a villain but he's he's like like I can get you these. These villains and I can like help lead them. He's a facto leader. He still has one of the explosive callers on any sort of like a de facto leader for the rest of the the villains kind of like how <hes> why don't they didn't really have a leader in the last one but yeah that's Kinda. They kind of do that storyline in the Batman Telltale Games. I don't know if anyone podcast is going to go to know I'm talking about there for sure. They'll know <hes> <hes> they kind of went with that plotline plus the religious the fave you know so hope he's in it. Yeah hope they just get Jim Carrey again yeah well. We'll see I don't know. I don't know who else completed Taylor yeah. I just hope games gun doesn't cast his brother again now. I'm not a big Sean Gunn Fan nepotism in get outta here crag when all right well out of five for Valerian Aaron Jacob I saw that I give it a four letterbox but upon further review. I'd say we're point five five from me man five for me. I really want to a five but they're not one scene certain. It's just feel off. Ammon what can you do. The VALERIA acts like a real womanizer in this yeah. He's a he's a ladies man or lines not having any of it no way but now I think they're a good pairing so both in terms of actors and also just the character dynamic sir pretty interesting so far what he just gasser Mariam totally serious yeah. She's just like shut up great great reenactment so all right well cool. I guess what the reviews done we can just kinda jump into the open discussion on <hes> on cinema on box office bombs on <hes> how we think things are going to go <hes> so Jacob Wet. Where are we in cinema? Are We is cinema dying buying our theaters going to be gone in ten years. I hope not but <HES> I think they might be. You know a lot of people have these projections where they think that you know people are going to the theater or less and less than maybe in the future. We won't have any theaters anymore. You know people people stop going. Everyone never wanted especially with this. I think ludicrous plan to release movies on home video or or video-on-demand the the night that they release in theaters all right so if you don't WanNa go to the theater US watch at home that's ridiculous. I understand some some people don't want to go out and deal with all the people because you never know what kind of theater experience you're GonNa have now. I've got some bad theater cases but I've had some really good ones you think they have someone's GonNa go to movie. They go to sit down and be quiet and watch the movie the enjoy it but no some people go to have a conversation I had some third in front of me on her phone during the lion king same check in every ten minutes with their boyfriend I had the riddle fill in front of me with her phone on which most of the time I'm like whatever people use their phones. I don't really care even if like the little light doesn't bother me like if they're just on their phone but she just refused to turn the volume up it just kept digging Ding Ding and I was like just turned. Turn the volume of what do you do this like the whole movie which is going off and always like. Do you know where you are seriously but when I went to cease firemen homecoming there is some jerks in the back of the laser pointer on my putting it on the screen theaters. Let's get rid of them. Why you know you know I think an and so I understand why why they're going in that direction and some people also just want to watch things in the comfort of their own home by themselves when their loved ones and streaming is the way to go some people might have crazy home setup that they think is better than what the theater has but <hes> I value the Cedar Experience and I think they are are still a lot of people that do that? I worry that over time there aren't gonNA be enough. I like go into a movie in especially all the theaters around here of those recliners now and I liked his Leeann back on my leather recliner with a bag of popcorn. Learn watching a movie on a giant screen really just not assigned seating really late sound the one that I was going to assign seat. Can't that's why I always why I buy tickets ahead of time. It's just because there's only like four receipts parole or something so but then the one at the mall doesn't have the recliners yet so there's like two hundred seats auditory or something because they're all like really small seats. Oh all sides. Someone kept kicking my seat in the lion king too brutal. Get the phone going off. The kicking manners are out the window. Maybe that's why I couldn't enjoy them every man for themselves these days and you got babies crying and I'm like just enough don't enough don't bring the baby of the movie. Don't bring your baby did see tipple. I'll please go and they'll bring your baby to see John Wick Sea Lion King. Oh Yeah I mean Lanqing is more understandable not not not deadpool but I get it you know but I would I would say don't even bring your baby to see like see the Emoji of your something like if your child's not old enough to to really understand what's going on or no where they are and what they're seeing for memories of it. Just stay home. Yeah Matt may be the issue because then they'll start releasing things at home and less and less people go to the theater so maybe we should have those kids. Let's go to the no matter what way we can keep theaters around. Definitely didn't want to see these sacrifices must be made. You know that you know my solution is to become very wealthy build my own house <music> and just build a movie theater right there in my house <hes> with with theater seating projector speaker system popcorn dreads. I never have to go out and see movie again. You know the if they <hes> if they do this thing where they're releasing it on on vied on the same night then I just pulled up on my own theater at home be just like over the movies bobby all by myself because I I guess an issue is even though you know some something like a avengers in game which is very close to becoming the biggest movie of all time financially I think if pe- if most people had the choice between watching that at home and watching it in the theater they would pick watching at home. I think so interestingly enough the fourth time I went into see it. I was one of only two people in the movie well. It's been out since May or April. It was a fourth time I went to see it was in like like the end of me really no well there. It's doing pretty well out say regardless but at the end of me but getting hungry oh you got that chicken waiting for you. The whole house smells like chicken yeah puzzle this talk of Popcorn Me WanNa go get some top but I think that you know there have been just this year a quite a number of flops like men in black is one who the new x-men Dark Phoenix that flopped it's pretty hard and I mean there are kind of an increasing number and these big financial financial flops and I think that again like we've talked about it is partly due to bigger budgets but also it's the idea of studio execs thinking that they're a franchise is more precious than what people actually think of it like like men in black. You know people love the first one the others are okay out say at best and like but then they're like. Hey let's spend one hundred fifty two hundred million on this new men in black people are GonNa love that thus bringing new people and all that but no it's like we don't care about that that kind of stuff and am I be twenty-three still would have been a great idea was the twenty one jump street men in black crossover hand yeah it might be twenty twenty three and and also one thing Jacob <hes> with the film mortal engines which I like quite a bit and there have been some others and actually dark phoenix as well. I'll oh throw a little question to you if you were a studio exotic all right and your little suit in your board room but you are you not one who's actually out there making bad decisions visions if you had two hundred million dollar film and you're trying to pick a director what would be the qualifications that you would like to have well. I mean I I'd like a director that has directed a lot of hits right so in other words experience right well director yes so in this case with X.. Men Dr Phoenix while Simon Kuenssberg had written a a lot of the recent x-men movies this was his I bake film Dr Phoenix Mortal Engines First Time director forty-seven Ronin which was another film that we were considering reviewing with Keanu reeves which is one of the biggest EST flops of all time the Samurai fantasy action film again. It's like a two hundred fifty million dollar budget or something like that and it's a first time director who had done like a short film before that the Great Wall Flynn on that flopped but there wasn't an experienced director in that one what about <hes> goes on the show that that that was kind of a flop not a huge one but I I think it didn't but I think those more the whole whitewashing in controversy as well yeah but there are so many of these huge big budget films and original films that are being given to first time directors who have no idea how to bring bring it to worse like a normal audience would enjoy or make it a good quality movie for for what it is and so there that's another reason I think a lot of these big budget movies are flopping is because <music>. There's IT's getting poor reviews because the directors don't know what they're doing. I would say there's a couple instances. I can think of two were like a director will have directed just absolutely amazing knockout you know film further their first film and on their second film just doesn't perform well at all really but is still good. I guess we'll two examples. I have Hara. I was his name director of nine crawler. Dan Dan Gilroy night crawler generally considered to be amazing doing great movie then the second movie with Denzel Washington that he did <hes> what what is it as as Isaiah yeah that keep going. Ah Yeah that movie Con Con just didn't really well at all like wasn't it wasn't reviewed very well. Roman J. Israel esquire yeah yeah but and then he most recently did velvet buzzsaw with alcoholism reviewed very well no <hes> but it's difficult to to say with Netflix films whether they fought you're not because they don't really reveal that much but plus when they do. There's no way to vet it so it could be fake. <hes> you have like Alex Garland with X.. Malkina Amazing Yes annihilation which I also think is absolutely amazing. Yeah just didn't do well. You know although the budget on that one wasn't as big right something. I want to go back to when I said earlier that people sort of predetermine like they see something like this is GonNa flop. I'm not going to go see it already. Make their decision instead of going to see it and then making a decision which I understand not everyone wants to do that because that's not a very affordable way of doing things like I don't know if money to go see movies all the time it'd be the first to say but <hes> I think they they have enough to pay the the Hulu subscription or Amazon prime. They got that money train of thought there <hes> people don't have money to go see movies that I wasn't really low okay Palestinian original aside train but <hes> people making up their minds before they go see a movie. Oh at the same time though I think that you can sort of predict what is going to happen with a movie you know like you can sort of look in and be like on the Guts GonNa do very well right like a the most recent Kevin Hart comedy or something you know you look at that in the school or something that you look at that and you're like well not that I can't possibly do very well. Yeah you know although the budgets on that are pretty small so it's not like it's a a huge but then he's like great in Gimondi. I'm Andrea so it's like what are you doing Kevin so it is it is sort of easy to predict whether a movie's GonNa flop or not but I think it will help if people would stop making up their minds before they even give it a chance Terminator Dirk fate flop or coming out in September or October. I think see I've never really been the biggest terminator fan directors. I don't think I did deadpool right now because I don't like them and not because I'm like it's not because I think they're bad because unlike them. I've just never really been like yes did we'll again. I think that's similar to something like men in black. It's like they're these two hundred a million dollar sequels <hes> being hashed out because people think there are or these studio exacts think there are is more care from audiences for these things things than there actually is like I think if you talk to most people into the poll if there's like a yes or no like would you like to say Terminator Sequel. It's like I guess it's like you know probably no. I think there's been enough enough. There's just not that much to explore and same same thing with men in black. It's like if I had a choice between that and something else it's like no. I don't think I would choose a man black sequel. I've seen I've discovered enough about that world all too now. I really liked what I saw. When I I saw the trailers that's another thing I think movie studios production companies would ever have gotten very good very very good these days at making good trailers yes? Are you see a trailer and you're like while I'm in and you see the movie and you're like what the Hell Shit you know so I because is which is it's probably it's probably intentional you know but gotten very good at making good trailers. Yeah you know we've had a run of these song. These re purposed <unk> songs or or or covers that are very these like dark slow. <hes> kind of ghostly covers like in a terminator dark fate or I don't know if that's a cover or not but it's this kind of <hes> dreary <hes> unsettling music that they play in same thing with that new will Smith Film Jimmy Man. There's the a cover song or cover of a song in that and then same thing with X.. Men Are Phoenix as well that trailer had that and so there's this this trend and I think it works. I I like it. I'm sorry my dog sorry about that. Everybody duty calls but yeah I and so I agree. I think there are some I love seeing a good trailer. You know and like just going Thomas. I'm like I just WanNa Watch the trailer need times. Go see the movie after I've seen the movie and I'm like well. That wasn't really well. I was expecting like I saw him the trailer for knives out recently and I think that looks great and also <hes> <hes> that movie about hide-and-seek like where the the woman gets married and oh his his rich family plays this game right every time yeah one of the Mary's like hundred down and killer earlier she survives then yeah it was called watchout or yeah and have you seen the trailer for this new. <hes> Blunt House movie called the hunt. It's like this <hes> kind of cat and mouse <hes> hunting humans for sport does that are we talking. I think we're talking about the same movie. No this is different. You sure yeah okay <hes> this one is yeah that one looks interesting as well so but I think I mean I think movies will always be around because something like Blunt House. Who Do all these low budget for films? You can make a very decent movie for little money holly in terms of Hollywood terms I guess but <hes> I think again I think mark the marketing is pretty crucial these days because we are so oversaturated with content that it's hard to <hes> can get your market. If you don't have a massive amount of funding <hes> with Godzilla King of the monsters that's another another cloud lutely brilliant trailer but <hes> and that that flops well not. I didn't think terribly but I loved the movie. I'm just a big Godzilla fan but <hes> I think all all that was really great. In it was the monsters they're designed. Totally there the fighting between them you know the effects but then sort of like the grounded human plotline had the same problem that Godzilla had <hes> where they focus on the sort of human plotline that just isn't very good and they sort of waste based Millie Bobby Brown and cow Chandler and <hes> Sir Paul's and Vir for Amiga Sarah Paulson yeah they started just waste waste those people yeah and <hes> but liking looks amazing awesome yeah yeah I saw that in amax solid I one and I max the the yeah because Eli all that and I max but <hes> just all this one in regular can't be a can be afforded Nymex these days. Oh No it's it's it's tough man. Last movie I saw an Imax was actually I think I saw saw like I saw infinity Amax by myself like the third time but <hes> the last movie I thought was worthy of three. I'm ex was a doctor strange. I could see that probably could have also seen far from home in Three D. I.. Max those mysterious visuals were pretty pretty good pretty Kenya. I've seen him I have I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I thought Jake Joan Hall was amazing. I and I I liked his villain as well a lot <hes> and the else just a really solid spiderman movie for sure as it gets a I. I don't know where else going and so I think it's interesting that magic exists in the mobile cinematic universe but all of the sort of magical <hes> villains in heroes they other than doctor strange they sort of taken like <music> a tech route mysterious not magic. He's just using like allergy why guess in a way they're trying to keep it more grounded in a way but it doesn't really work but then your doctor strange it's not grounded at all no which which is interesting to me because mysterious OHS canonical power said is magic you know but in this it's like oh it's <hes> yeah but anyways for from home spoilers. Oh Yeah I might I'll probably. Hobby bleep that out because that's still pretty new yeah so that's okay Oh. That's okay hopefully put out so yeah but it's <unk>. I think that in terms of theater going I think that there is this and I think both in terms of maybe what's out there and then also money. I think just for a lot of people they're gonna go see the especially if they're I guess part of maybe bigger family or group. They'RE GONNA pick their three or four movies that year to go see spend as much money you know as they want popcorn drinks soda used to be for me yeah and then and it's probably going to be <hes> Star Wars Marvel <hes> maybe a one live action Disney movie be and then maybe like Harry Potter movie. If it's out that year you know but other than that people are going to stay home and watch something from you know I think for better and for worse I think it's interesting that <hes> You you know the the movie industry in the movie movie theater experience and all that is really only for like <hes> senator files and people who appreciate cinema 'cause like I wouldn't call myself as in a file but I I definitely I just want to stay home all the time and and watch stuff but <hes> I'm not an interesting that you have like people who review movies for a living like it's their job. They are a critic that works flora site or they worked for company or something that review movies so they go see every a single movie that comes out review it but then they're also people that just do that guy I fall some people on letterbox. They're not they don't review for a living but they they go see everything and I'm like. I don't WanNa do that as WANNA go. See what I WANNA see. I want to Goosey Stupor Flavor man. Now I will say this summer. I have gone to seem most movies and I'm in. I mean now I we do a podcast so I see pretty much at least one new movie a week for it but lately like aside from Stupor and like one other. I've seen everything in theaters right now what I haven't had the chance to see yet midsummer. Oh It's good it's good yeah and as I just don't like my friend I was supposed to see it together but he he just continues his keeps bailing on me over and over again which is weird because he he always sees movies with me but him on that Guy <hes> I. It's not a media I really WANNA go see by myself pretty intense so yeah like after I saw hereditary win wanted to see that by myself you know yeah but <hes> but I think that <hes> it's so again. I think that people if they're not if it's not and again Disney is taking over everything so like pretty much movies that people are going to see our Disney properties in one way or the other yes article about <hes> there was sort of running down and they were like the the highest earning movie of two thousand eighteen was this it's owned by Disney. The highest new view twenty seventeen owned by Disney twenty sixteen owned by Disney Fifteen fifteen owned by Disneyland friends like Man Yeah. He's got it all yeah and so I think that if you I mean people yes people are still going to see movies like I mean avengers in game is is an example of that. It's made over two and a half billion but if you look at so many other films the like financial <hes> intake is pretty low out say for a lot of them and so pretty much catch marvel and Disney films keeping it afloat yeah and I think that and so again people will they would rather go see captain marvel because they're familiar with that world or aren't they've heard of that that name before but then when <hes> mortal engines comes along or a of Valerian comes along there like now that looks a little. I don't really know anything about it. I so I think I'll I'll just wait and see see that one on Amazon prime rather than going to see it which I mean obviously that that's fine but I think that that's becoming more and more of a of a trend with people at least in terms of all the people I talk to like at work and whoever else like the marvel films are what they're going to see and I'll say yeah I saw Godzilla King of the monsters and like oh I'd even know there was a new Godzilla and she's like and and so they're they're seeing what they wanna see and everything else is being captain the dark so to speak you know I honestly I have no idea how much longer people are gonna go. You see the marvel movies <hes> per- personally me. I'm GONNA see him as long as they're out museum till I die yeah every time I go the move them. The theaters packed yeah <hes> so I can't really predict but <hes> do do you think if marvel movies I just come up with movies in general because the DC movies are still very popular on what you know the the remaining carcasses of the Fox movies of kind of popular <hes> do you think if those experience decline or an eventual death that that will sort of just equate just the death of the theater experience you know because the live action dizzy movies and the marble movies is are pulling in a huge portion of the theater going population right now huge portion. You know you go see a movie that isn't one of those and in the theater we'll be relatively full but it's not going to be going to be packed. It's not going to be sold out. <hes> marvel is known for selling selling other theaters not selling you know so I think if that ever goes away way that are gonna take a huge hit. I agree but I mean because now we have. I guess marvel is going to be announcing their new slate or next phase of movies pretty soon in Saugus. That'll time time will tell how much interest people have because you know we've spent ten years with these huge characters and stars and now that's all over for the most part and so now we're going to have to either continue that in one way or the other or <hes> kind of <hes> introduced new characters that we may be less familiar with and again. That's a whole that's an issue going on right now like we've discussed his. If you're not familiar with it for the most part people aren't going to go see it or at least in huge numbers and so it's going to be interesting to see if it does end up being that way I think it could really kill the the industry because there will be. It's either going to have to be just a death and I don't know what will happen. After that finish their first sort of saga they call it. The Infinity Saga far are from home was was the real end. They say you know like in Games like the big huge thing but that far from homes lead the CAPPER <HES> and so they're going to have to sort of start from scratch you know they've got the built in audience but if they you WanNa do another arc of their you know that's GonNa spend another ten years than they're going to have to put the work in yeah because they can't just do stand-alones urges random dotted. Little movies are sequels equals to what they already had for the next ten years. That's not going to hold up <hes> <hes> but yeah it's it's going to be interesting to see because like I said it's either going to be a complete death of the industry or maybe maybe there will be some kind of rebirth of people being like Oh. I guess there are other movies <hes> coming out besides marvel that could be interesting so who knows we might see a kind of a revolution at some point or we might just see cinema diaw in the theaters Jacob so but I mean movies will always be made regardless but the theater experience i. I don't know I hope it does I. I like seeing movies in the theater except for all those very rude people on their cell phones talking I wanna be. I want to be part of the generation that watched cinema die me. Neither man me neither so that's why I'm GONNA see movies a lot. You know yeah so so something I meant to mention when we were talking about Valerian did you have you seen the trailer for carnival row is Cardi Levin. I Have Orlando Bloom. Yes Amazon Limited series. What do you think it's it's hit Miss I am going to I'll watch it? It's like a fantasy kind of game of thrones ask but it has a lot of interesting creatures and out say you're the teaser for it when they were sort of on the train. I was like I'm in yeah. I watched the trailer and I was like now in terms of some of the effects not always great I thought but it does look interesting and I mean I'm here for for Delvin so that <hes> that show that <hes> is hitting Amazon soon the boys. Oh yes really good yeah. I know that's also based on graphic novel. I wasn't adaptations but it's as drawn wick is it isn't it. I don't think so. I think we had this. I think they've they've turned it into one though yeah okay. I'll sort it was the other way around yeah so but yeah it's it's going to be. I think we're Peta Crucial Time Jacob. We're GONNA see and also I'm curious. I saw some article recently where they said the next two weeks are some of the most important for film moving forward because as we have the lion king coming out or is out and that's you know a completely c._g.. Film and then we have Tarantino's once upon a time in Hollywood and that is star studded completely live action and I quote unquote original film and so they're like is this if that if that kind of film flops that has everything going for it I don't. I don't think it's GonNa flop but Tarintino exactly at the end DiCaprio Brad Pitt I mean it's it's going to do well. I think it didn't flop. I don't think it did as well as like inglorious bastards on Django. I'm definitely excited for me to men and so I think I I think the hype for this movie is there but they were like you know if if that kind of movie flops than we might be at a pretty <hes> <hes> time of change for sure but I I think that movie of all the film's coming out will do well <hes> so did you see bad times at the royal I did. I did not really like it so yeah but I I mean I've talked to some people that did so we. I'm curious I mean this is also why <hes> a lot of the reboots are happening. You know because yes because they know that that's a good way to make money because <hes> <hes> you're familiar with the Bilton nostalgia you know <hes> I mean quite a few of them. Don't do very well because people don't care people just want what they want. The original and of course you can't just like full-on Avalon was about to say you can't just remake exactly what the original was but you know that's already happened batons with like the lion king beating the beast right but but also I think but with those I think especially with the Lanqing is the technology of it draws and people like I one of the reasons I went and saw the lion king is because of the technology and then a lot of times these these reduce actually turned into. It's actually a sequel you know yeah yeah all the new chunky movie Chucky ducky movie and that's that's that was a full reboot. You know I wasn't okay. People people people like it or they don't like it. <hes> I've had friends say that they like it because it is like a completely different thing and they're like it's good for what it is you know but then people are good nothing like the old ones and it's like well. It's it's it's estimate point in a way you know is it supposed to but <hes> reboots and sequels and Disneyland Action Movies and marble movies it's too much you know so people talk about like superhero fatigue or whatever because of all the comic Book Movies Right. You don't feel it feel it. Although I have talked to a lot of people who do feel that so I I I know that feeling feeling is out there. I'm kind of Guiltier so yeah yeah. I'm kind of I'm in the middle. I mean all see them for the most part of it but I if ten years from now I go to see a marvel movie <music> opening night and I'm the only person there I'll be so well any one thing I I will mention about third. Keep on bringing up up mortal engines but at least adjusted for inflation fan yeah. At least I checked. I mentioned this to you adjusted for inflation. It is the biggest financial flop of all time I could be wrong but apparently it lost one hundred and seventy five million dollars and marcus. That's like its budget was almost two hundred. I guess that's because like <hes> or that's like a room trying to say because I I've I've heard of like some movies. May maybe it was on the indy market or on like a like a completely different market from like big big blockbuster Hollywood stuff but there's some movie with Al Pacino or something that only made like like a dollar seventy five. Oh yeah the only like like one person bought a ticket or like two people tickets and I was like well that feels like that has to be the biggest financial. Maybe maybe so but I think you know like you said Justice for inflation you know if if if you're movie cost two thousand dollars to make someone buys a ticket for five dollars and that's all the money you make it see that's quite different from two hundred something million dollars and only making like one hundred million or something losing out on like fifty percent of your your budget yeah because like where does that money go you know you you spend two hundred million dollars to make a movie only make one hundred million dollars that hundred that other hundred million gone yeah never get back people lose their money yeah so big investments and then I mean and there are still a few original films that are making a lot of money like but again. I think that's a big name name. Draw like Christopher Nolan like dunkirk was a hit for sure but that's I mean Christopher. Nolan is has a huge drop because of dark knight trilogy and Inception. He's got his <hes>. His new movie coming out tenant Hans Zimmer rejected it because he couldn't say no to Dune. Yes so I mean I I'm. I'm here for Doumen now. Do you think Dune will be hit. That's hard to say directed by the Blade runner took forty nine director which was a flop financially because I love later on in twenty four nine but I can see how that wouldn't reach modern audiences much like I think the original blade runner wouldn't really reach modern audiences and Dune. It's going to be interested. It's very thick I've seen the original Dune and I've read Dune and it's very like modern audiences. I don't think they're going to I'm not saying I'm above of them because I enjoy it or understand it but I don't really think they're going to enjoy it. I think it'll probably fall you heard it here. I have to see <hes>. I think it's going to be amazing though so value yeah you're gonNA look great is Roger Deakins on it. I don't think so it could be wrong but he finally won an Oscar for for blade runner he did so well deserved yeah all right well anything else Jacob cool all right well. I guess we can just kind of end off. If you haven't heard the some of the other recent bonus shows before we we'd like to end off these with our top five highs and lows and so we're just kind of picking the <hes> our top five in bottom five <hes> moments or or aspects of the film's we've discussed and so in in this case usually there are more than two but we're just going to be <hes> tackling Jupiter sending an end Valerian so Jacob you you kick us off your with your five highs. <hes> uh-huh is in no particular order car de Levin in Valerian. It's really love her performance and just the fact that she's acting now how you doing a good job deign to Hans performance in Valerian 'cause like like I said he's hit or miss and <hes> it's nice to see him. Being the hit rather than a miss <hes> Eddie Red Main Jupiter is sending gravity boots from Jupiter ascending and the world an Valerian the world building the the university sort of presents to you in sucks you into takes you along for the ride really enjoy that a lot of malaria and stuff love that movie yeah. Hey Me to men me too so how about you starting with five and working my way down so five highs would be the world building and Jupiter sending and in Valerian especially in Valerian just so fleshed out and so interesting and inspired four the Riana dance sequence in Valerian amazing visually <hes> music wise as well I three like also like you car de Levin in villages to really interesting fun performance and <hes> I I really like you're an as well as well as the character of Laura Line and just a Sifi context then the sci-fi ideas mostly in blaring some Jupiter ascending but more so an envelope marion just wanted emissions yeah yeah like we said just kind of sprinkled throughout very interesting to think about and <hes> they don't over explain themselves they just let the world be as it is and then one the originality Aveer of Valerian and the non franchise oriented style of it's just a its own thing and while it is based off a comic books series it just feels very standalone and just telling one story you know and I love that so all right well lows Jacob. It's time for lows those that one scene from Valerian that <hes> that I feel that the acting sort of just drops out of the movie <hes> you know pure at home pop a new d._v._d.. Player and check it out. Check out that scene yeah chain tatum's dog dog ears Bertel flu rough yeah little rough <hes> he's always so much more so much difficult Nicole talk about love in the movie Yemen. Have you read me. The fact that Jupiter is sending was kind of just just like forgivable. I feel like as opposed Valerian. It had a big opportunity to build this a really interesting side world in it. SORTA just didn't yeah <hes> keep the more like positives you want me to only go to more all right. The fact that Valerian could not be a longer movie sure more to do you in that world yeah or a sequel more. Perhaps couple more hours okay three three and a half hours long. Yeah probably something else about Jupiter is ending probably just what I have one that maybe you'll you'll agree with so <hes> one five for me is that I had forgotten to mention it in our review. It's the A goofy like Russian family of Mealy Kookiness. Oh the beginning just terrible so over the top and unnecessary yeah so that's Jacobs number one so yeah just not enjoyable not really that funny unnecessary. Four is like you said channing tatum's look in Jupiter sending just not very lame and silly dog man yeah the ears are terrible his hair <hes> all that stuff and then the final sequence in Valerian that just kind of falls into pretty generic <hes> storytelling and resolutions and then also the goofy script dipped in in in Jupiter sending the idea of just these injecting weird ideas for the hell of at which at times works and I applaud them for doing it but it needed to be handled with little more finesse than it was and so ah the goofy script combined with the week direction some of those sequences just didn't really help build the world and took you out of it and then number one Mr Redman and Jupiter sending so that's it controversial their complete opposite ends of the poll heartache. Take take about heartaches here so all right well. I Guess Guess about does it Jacob anything else you WANNA throw him. Good show. Yeah can't wait for the next one Yemen and so yeah I guess that about does it for us this time around mixture to follow us on social media donate to the show. Oh on the film Buds Dot Com and you can follow all of our upcoming episodes and all that stuff and I run at all myself so you can just keep a you know. Give it a click. You know give those posts a click every once in a while and so yeah tomorrow which I guess is is Sunday. We're going to be a back during the regular show on the Lion King and ten things I hate about you and chloe will be back as we as we mentioned and <hes> The music buds this is still coming up. We're GONNA try and maybe do that on Monday. <hes> couple of days from now and so you know plenty of content coming your way in one way or the other and <hes> so that's going to be some stuff to look forward to and I'm not sure about in terms of our next bonus show. I don't really know just yet. <hes> maybe Jacob few WANNA come back man. We'll figure out another one to do. I don't know she go see movie tonight. Maybe men because he crawl all owed. I saw crawl. It's good it's good no genuinely it's good yeah right. WHO's isn't it directed by Sammy produced newst it's done by Alexander Aaj who did horns and the hills have is remake the one with Daniel Radcliffe? He's an I saw a trailer. Have you seen the lion king yet. Yes I saw a trailer before the Lion King for Playmobil the movie you know the <hes> now it's it's that brand of toys that mealy show you because we've got like the lego movie now right and <hes> emoji movie. I feel like this is definitely because of the the popularity of <hes> of the lego movie yeah we have angry birds as well now got good Lord. I mobile the movie I have not side at a Nazi the the trailer for that James Bond Looking Guy. Here's the main character wealth by Daniel Radcliffe interesting okay well. I'm sure Khloe will be in for that so it's a real interesting yeah so cinema at its finest you you know Jim Gaffe again. Okay there. You go there. You go but yeah so not really sure about what the next bonus show will be but we'll keep you updated and if you haven't ideas film buds podcast G._M._O.. Dot Com is where you can send us your your questions comments if your first time listener or if you've been listening for a while we'd love to hear from you and if you just want to say hi say hi you know or if you want to give us a suggestion about anything please do rate the show on itunes. help us get a more exposure well. Jacob man is always. It's a pleasure. Thanks for taking the time taking the drive. You know it's always great to see and I guess we're going to go enjoy little chicken. Are we not gracious mother generosity yes of the fair days of Henry's family. Yes thank you so much. Hey you're moving in tomorrow now so all right well. We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did and I'll see you next time.

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