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The Ocho: Zimmer talk | Still waiting | Wildcard picks


No no what up. World Welcome to another episode of the Ocho presented you in partnership as always blogging. The Boys Dot Com arju Chawla of course from bTV and from writer as you're humble host on the show. It is Saturday Saturday. January fourth two thousand and twenty and we have brought in a very special guest for you today. The first day of the season the first Saturday of the year the one one and only my best friend Papa. Ocho what is up my dude. Hey just here just trying to see what's happening with the with our team. Well welcome back to the show for for the first time in two thousand twenty. Is it any different than in two thousand nine hundred. No no not at all saints. Same thing just different ear. Yeah You were in Sedona for the last week You posted a lot of photos. You played a lot of Golf I right now at the time the recording. I just did a hit on. Espn Honolulu and they were talking right before they brought me on. They're giving away tickets at the Sony. I'm it's golf season. That's the one positive with this this time of year. Golf season's starting up. Yeah absolutely and You know I'm I'm big follower of golf so yeah I'm watching now. All of the golf tournaments Starting up and as you said Yeah. I was spent a few days in the desert canyons of Arizona. Had A great time to be back though. I'll hold your feet to the fire right now. Name one major winner name a guy who's going to win a major this year Tigar. WHOA really we hadn't talked about that? Tiger has reached another level in his forties I really think You know he's GonNa win another major. I don't think it will be the masters though. I think he's finals winning the open. I don't even know about that. I'm aiming more at the at the PGA You know but he's going to contend in all of them I mean he's just Reborn born in his leadership at the Presidents Cup was awesome. And we'll be at the Ryder Cup in the summer and that's actually now. We can say this summer because it's twenty twenty. That's right so since September. Actually but I mean it's this. It's this summer of golf season. The September still some. Yes but yeah. Wow so okay. I'll write I. I was GONNA say Brooks but brooks is a good choice as war sander and and then. I'm actually thinking that Ricky may break through this you know. He's he's do now. Okay I'm just playing the laws of probability. Uh He's due on the subject of guys who haven't gotten it done. Jason Garrett is a for now at the time of this recording which has been necessary to say a every time we record this week We're recording this late Friday night and despite the verbiage that sportscenter used in their tweet tweet. We haven't had an episode since that happened on Thursday night. Despite that verbiage there was no formal announcement of any kind from the cowboys all all throughout Friday. I'd imagine we won't get anything over the weekend just because a it's the we can be. There's wild card games going on But so the the the only known things and I'm talking to known beyond a shadow of doubt technically right. Now Jason Goes Head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. What I I mean what is what's this week? been like for you confusing frustrating. I mean because that's what a lot of people are fed up there like why. Why hasn't the shoe dropped? But I mean we're we're all asking the same question. Yeah no I mean. It's been very puzzling and You're right I think For some people. It's like you know whatever it is. Whoever it it is just you know me? Just put me out of my misery instead of waiting as we. We have been doing But Yeah I mean I'm just puzzled. By what the You know the delay has been and You know what's interesting is that You know the cowboys aren't in the playoffs. But you know they're still The very top of all the headlines All the drama and I think Jerry likes that to a certain extent. He likes being in that spotlight since he's not in the other spotlight of the playoffs. They are but No I I I don't know how long he can drag that out But I think you know this week. He's enjoying it to some extent And I would say working working very diligently behind the scenes as to what's going to happen. Well that's one of the possible explanations and obviously we don't know it's is impossible to know so that the explanation you buy the most the Jerry's Justin joined the moment or do you buy that. Jerry is playing defense is trying to prohibit jason good from maybe land in the job of the New York. Giants obviously isn't GonNa land a job at Washington redskins Ron Rivera. got that Or do you buy with the cowboys have been trying to sell that. They're that they're just. This is paying ultimate respect to Jason Garrett that he's like family so they want to honor him they wanna give him time to say all of his goodbyes. It's been widely reported that to this point. Even he still has not conducted olive his exit interviews. I mean what what of those possible explanations is the one that makes the most sense. Is it the drama one for you or is there another. Well I I think You know maybe a combination of multi variable situation here with all of the above. But I think I would lean more on what you you said. Maybe the family You know variable there the the you know try. He's so close to Jerry in the family and you know these are the holidays and he doesn't want You know the Jason and family to remember these holidays as you know the time it got fired so I mean even though inevitably early it will be to some degree but you know at least he's leading the you know the Christmas and the New Year's holiday specifically you know pass by a little bit and I mean that's why I'm saying I would say you know he could still like. You're saying go through the weekend and maybe part of middle of next week just to you know ensure that cushion well so I didn't mean to like hook you in but like Bay too but so I wanted to talk about this and we didn't plan this for what it's worth but it just worked out that way first of all aw. I don't really buy that because it's it's not like you know. Let's say it was that it's not like Jason Garrett is unaware you know like he can't he didn't open presents on Christmas morning or you know Tow Champagne and eat twelve grapes at midnight. On New Year's you know at peace with his work life you know what I mean. I mean like the decision seemingly inevitable whether it has happened or not is moot in fact I would argue myself. It's probably worse. I would feel worse to just be dangled bike. This and that leads me to my next point went anytime people throughout the family being this. Actually I don't think is kind all Jason Gear. Because I don't think that either of US think Jason Garrett you know if he was in the running for the browns job or the panthers job or whatever job if you WANNA call it and it was him versus Matt Rule Him versus Mike McCarthy him versus Lincoln Riley. We both got the cost. It's an emotional situation. You mentioned since family time actually. I'm not as sick as the last time we recorded. which is right but Anyway if if Jason Excuse me of Jerry truly really loved Jason the way that take is spun would he not allow him the best opportunity possible to go get another other job 'cause if if not his just being selfish and to be clear. I don't think it's terrible if he's being selfish. Because if Jerry Jones truly does believe yeah I think everybody would disagree with him but if he truly believes that dude could go coach the giants today and he could turn them into a super bowl if he believes that. Okay you know what then. Yeah you should to keep that from happening because you can control that that is a strategic move in some sense but then it is not a favor of being done out of kindness for Jason Gary. It's a strategic move on behalf of Benefiting The Dallas Cowboys which should be the objective. But that's why I don't I don't buy the family thing. Well I mean I only buy it because you know I think that You know they want to come out of this Looking like they're not bad guys is I mean you know like the way they fired Tom. Landry sure but but you know nobody is GonNa you know a year from now you know. Forget this you know what I mean like. NOBODY'S IS GONNA look back if if they do. Let Jason Gertz contract live at. Its Full Life Ryan the then the clean side of this is oh. His contract expired bad. We didn't fire him. You know what I mean like. Nobody will remember it that way. I mean the the damn the painting is the same thing regardless of what the material is you know what I mean. Yeah no and that's why I said I didn't think that was the only reason I just said I was. You know you know if it's a pie with eighteen slices. Well you know this might be the bigger of the slices is but you know again I think you know one of Jerry's You know approaches here might be to just let a little bit of information out every other day or so just to you know to keep everyone hanging that. Although I gotta believe that by now Jason Garrett knows what the final decision Israel's Israel You know but for whatever reason there Planning in the way they're doing by just giving you a little bit of Bait every day I WANNA to get more into this but we have to pay the bills plus we might have to cost so nobody go anywhere. We're going to take a very quick break through your award from our sponsors. I'm Jillian Weinberger bigger. Who's to the impact to a podcast from vox about how powerful people affect the rest of us this season? We're looking at the big ideas from all the people running for President President in twenty twenty this opioid crisis head on public option. move away from fuel to energy efficiency. And it's GonNa be a Great Wall at is going to work a lot. What if those ideas have actually been tried before like that? Wall trump wants to build the gallon. Zona has had one on its border for decades. I don't understand why individual people have a right to have a fence and yet a country can't Senator Senator Warren's proposal to end the OPIOID crisis it's based on what we did to fight the AIDS epidemic. We would like to name it the Ryan White Care Act and the green new deal Germany. You try something similar in two thousand this solution this season on the impact. We have those stories. How the big ideas? From twenty twenty candidates it's worked or didn't work in other places or at other times. These are the stories that will help us understand what might happen if these proposals get rolled out here here in the next four years. Subscribe to the impact on Apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP to get the first episode on Wednesday January I welcome back. it is a special episode of the Ocho Special Special Saturday episode as our first Saturday episode with no cowboys. Football game Behind us or ahead of us I should say Pop Ocho is here I I WanNa talk about something that I don't think gotta lot of flack and I don't know that it deserves a lot of flack but I didn't WanNa talk about it at least a few years ago when Tara Matthew was a free agent The Jones family was reportedly. I forget where it was. It wasn't Kabul that would have been might have been cobbled but they were on vacation occasion when free agency started and everybody you know just hated on them like how could you be there when you're supposed to be you know brokering deals whatever the case may be. It was widely reported that that they spent New Year's in Aspen Aspen. Nice that'd be nice place been news. No denying that I- I saw the ringer wrote about about this though and put it this way. There is a strange decision. And they when the center of your five billion dollar company is you know Influx so do you do you find that odd at all or did you find that to be Hegel live your life. I mean maybe it's some combination of both. But I find that interesting that you know I mean and they clearly must feel a large level of peace with whatever's going to happen that they could take that timeout but I mean I was just surprised that that wasn't talked about more. Yeah no I agree. You know because is yeah I mean you know if if you owned a conglomerate like he does I mean you you should be worried right now And you should be as I mentioned earlier working diligently to get something done as soon as possible because every extra day you give the the new coach. Assuming we're going to go on to get one is is is a benefit to start putting together his staff and working towards next season but yeah I mean you know it is. is somewhat puzzling perplexing on and why they do what they do sometimes and You know but we shouldn't be surprised right now. Everything we're saying is guessing trying to connect dots. It's trying to put the puzzle together so in the spirit of that. Do you think it is a coincidence. That of we've heard you. You know in Rappaport Adam schefter reporting. Everyone's reporting Eric Be enemies going to do an interview with this team. You Know Greg Rome going to interview with this team. Josh McCann even with that team do you. I think that it's a coincidence. That Lincoln Riley's name has not been connected to any team the interview because I know that Oklahoma got blown out by the eventual all national champion. Lsu Tigers last week I know that they have not lived up to a lot of hype in the playoff era. In general under Lincoln Riley but he still merits parrots consideration to be a head coach in the NFL. Given what he's done especially what he's done with quarterbacks with the sooners I mean do you find it at all interesting or coincidental and all that he has not been linked to anyone. I find it interesting. you know. Maybe he has declined in the interview offers but we Russian we found out Matt ruled declined the Browns and you know what I mean like I just I find it on that nothing life. That's gotten out with him. Yeah no I mean I would. I would believe that he would be sought after. But you know by the same token we haven't heard much about urban Meyer. That's true You know participating in any interviewing So so yeah I mean you know while interesting. I don't think it's you know a shock. I think you know there's probably some you know predetermined or known tone Options that Lincoln Riley may have considered maybe his agent or whatever you know has made those very clear and so you know you're the Cleveland browns him and you know you've talked to his agent. He's just not interested now. WE'RE IN CLEVELAND. Then you know don't they don't even go forward with that now. The timing gene of Monday if there is a shoe that drops or even if it drops over the weekend I I don't think it will have the weekend personally but It will make sense because at this point at any time it would happen when makes sense because you're well past the point that it makes sense however as of Monday morning four teams will join the cowboys in the offseason right the cowboys in nineteen other teams by the way so I mean who do you think wins. Vikings Saints. Let's saints. We both think the Saints Win. And I've talked about this lot. I wrote about this a lot on Friday. I personally I find find it very interesting. That Mike Zimmer has been connected by as many insiders as he has to the Dallas cowboys. And if I'll never connected him Jato pro pro football talk. ESPN it is everywhere. And because when when there's a an NFL team that needs a head coach. There are certain archetypes right. You get the in House Promotion Guy Right. That's a common archetype. You get the hot coordinator. That's the Josh mcdaniels. The Greg Roman the Robert Sala or you get the college guy. That's up and coming call it Lincoln Riley call it whatever. Those are the general archetypes. Mike Zimmer does not fit any of those archetypes Mike Zimmer. Is the the head coach of a playoff team. Mike Zimmer is under contract through next season like nothing about what Mike Zimmer has going on is normally connected to head coach openings. Let alone a head coaching job. That is not even technically open at the moment that you and I are having this conversation. He's not being connected anywhere else. Nobody's saying thing Mike Zimmer could be. The panthers coach could be the browns coach. It's only the cowboys that this unique person is being connected with. And obviously he has a history with the cowboys For what it's worth. Vikings owner came out on Friday and issued a statement of support for him. It was later reported by pro football network that that might not necessarily even matter that the vikings reportedly feel like Zimmer has worn out his welcome in Minnesota. I don't know I mean. Do you find it strange that someone in this particular situation that Mike Zimmer is in has been connected to the cowboys as often as he has been over the last week while his team gets ready for a playoff game. Yeah I mean I I find it strange To a certain degree. But you know I think people are just trying to Come up with options up with theories. He's in and Mike. Zimmer fits that theory I mean you know he was It was well liked In Dallas and you know. I think that you know what he's done. In in Minnesota Ota is is respectable I think that You know he's kind of guy that maybe if Jerry is going to relinquish some control in authority pretty then I would think that he would do it to someone who has a background with A relationship previous relationship with and and so maybe you know the people that are you know I would say speculating on that. Have considered some of those variables as well. And maybe that's why my Zimmer's name MS connected. These are kind of our final minutes of of this episode. And I think the next you'll be back will be Round the Super Super Bowl probably probably are super bowl postgame episode and so. It's very possible the cowboys have. I mean if the cowboys don't have a new head coach by the time the Super Bowl comes around there will be some rights. But so I'll ask you two final questions one predicted. I know that's crazy but I mean I mean it's difficult predicted. WHO's it going to be the coach? Yeah I I still am leaning towards Urban Meyer. And we'll like you said well. Although the discussion strong rumors going on I would say my number two would be Mike Zimmer. Okay something gets worked out in on and like you said there's there's no You know he's not under fire under stress in in Minnesota. But you know if he wanted a dairy wanted the worked something out but I'm still leaning towards urban. It does make sense and to add a little bit more to the picture. Kevin's defence is the Vikings offensive coordinator. He's interviewed for Head Coaching Jazz before the Vikings you know. Maybe they're at a point where they feel like okay. We could lose him. Let's let's get rid of Zimmer and will promote Kevin Stansky and yes the the Vikings could technically trade Mike Zimmer and. I'm sure any vikings fan would say. I'd Rather Trade Mike Zimmer than and get something from nothing from if we fire him right however you know maybe if. Let's assume the vikings loose right to the saints on Monday morning. The clock starts ticking. And Kevin's defence can can go interview for the Cleveland Job. You can go interview for the Carolina the job and the longer that the vikings could take to try to trade Mike Zimmer Kevin's defence could could get his own head coaching job elsewhere. So they might say you know what a third round pick or whatever ever we might get isn't worth it you know compromising potentially the most important position within our entire organization. Let's just fire my zimmer release him promote Kevin and then the cowboys can get Mike Zimmer outright without having to pay anything that's a whole different hypothetical it's just adding adding more detail. I well I'll be on this show obviously asleep between now and then so I'm not going to predict who I think it'll be but I think those are both have been great now. Everything has to be considered. It's an interesting time but my last isn't isn't really a question but this is probably the last time you'll be on the podcast. Where Jason Garrett is the head coach of the Dallas cowboys if all things are going to go in the direction action it seems like they are and it's it has seemed that way for a long time? What are your thoughts on him and his tenure obviously didn't get it done? Nobody's going to deny that. Yeah but it's it's just it's unfortunate. I mean your your final thoughts on Jason Group. I think Jason's Class Guy I put him right up there with Peyton manning Terms of class you know has always been respectful to the entire organization and the players. Then you know maybe two to a fault if you will with the players But I think that you know that's a credit in very compassionate to credit attribute to him And I really hope that you know he. He lands somewhere where he can Be a strong contributor to the success of another team You know and I think that's you you know maybe a lot of the sentiment that You know many articles that I've read and comments inside at blocking the voice dot com. Of course logging the boys DOT com. Yeah and You know now that's the sentiment you know he's just a really You know outstanding individual in person and and human being and You know everybody. Nobody wants to see him. Land in a situation that is favorable to him and his family But yeah you know sometimes you know you got a square peg in a round hole in. That's maybe what we have here. I agree with that. I think You know point about Jason Guard. I mean it's time to move on neither of US denying that. But you know you should should talk about how nice and honorable. The guy was because he he gave it all he had. I don't think there's any denying that But a point that I haven't seen mentioned enough that I really liked liked Our friend Cowboy stats graphics. The Great Cowboys analytics account has a new newsletter. By the way it goes sign up for. Try to get him on the PODCASTS. At some point this offseason. He tweeted out that he appreciated how Jason Garrett had such a reverence for cowboys history in everything that he did and he cited. I thought this was a great point. The fact that Jason brought back the Landry shift before victory formation. These I mean that was really cool. You know Jason Garrett brought back and sure I mean it it it would have been awesome and Jerry talked about that a lot but it would have been awesome if this chosen son of the organization had been the one to bring it back to promise it would have been a great story and so I think that Jason lived up to the story part part of it in terms of who he is person it the football of it just just never materialized. So that's unfortunate. There will be a lot of think pieces and we'll talk talk about it you know. I'm sure throughout the offseason. What's what's your favorite Jason Garrett game? Jason coached game. I mean I know I'm asking you to pick one over the course the last almost decade. But what Kinda sticks out. I know you we've talked alive. You know we've said Gareth. But what what game sticks out to you off the top of your head head. That was a great game that Jason Coached. Well I think You know one of the best games we ever went to was Cowboys Denver in twenty thirteen India and You know I thought that You know Garrett coached a fantastic game and and you know there were playing a supremely talented team. The aforementioned payment yeah exactly and Having one of his best years and so you know it I thought that They were well prepared for that. They you know when toe to toe with Peyton and company and You know that was a tribute to him you know and he You know probably did a lot of spend a Lotta a lot of time that we coaching up Romo and what they needed to do. And you know ultimately I think Romo threw a pick and what what sealed the doom for the cowboys. But you know I to me. You know I enjoyed that game very much and you know I to be honest. I didn't think that you know The cowboys could go toe to toe with them. But you know that's You know that that at at that point in our member thinking awhile you know. There's this team can really go somewhere. You know coach and everybody in so I would say that That game where what was as a final score fifty one forty eight or something like that. Yeah but yeah I would say that game. I mean like I'm saying I'll we'll have you know episodes devoted to this when the shoe finally drops but While you and I are both here I think of games that we've been together my answer to that would the cowboys at Pittsburgh. Three years later in two thousand sixteen because he went. It'd been on the subject of reverence for cowboys history. I mean he went to to the Burger of you know to the to the banks of the three rivers with his rookie. DAK In his rookie. Zeke and that was writer Dez. Bryant had lost his dad. I mean you know in and he took that was Pittsburgh before they imploded. You know that was sure and Antonio and Levian and I mean that was the best shy and beat them. I mean yeah. That's the cowboys. Don't go to Pittsburgh all the time. Obviously which is why we went. I thought that was just an remarkable that was on on the subject of when you thought this is a special team a special coach. They can do something that was when I had that thought the strongest yeah. No that's That's another good one for sure. So okay this is episode for Saturday. We'll do an episode. I'll tape it tomorrow on Sunday after the game so we'll know all four wildcard winners in there for the division around mattress. We'll get a little bit into that. And you know. If there's any more Jason Garrett now gets Your last prediction win. Do you think it happens day. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday the next week or after that do you think it goes all the way to the fourteenth which is apparently the expiration of his contract. I do I think they're going to drag this out and like I said I think they're going to uh you know just put out nibbled little nibble nibble a little nugget In every other day or something and like I said I do feel like Jerry. You wants to have this spotlight You know so that when they do name a coach that You know he's GonNa be he's GonNa come into a lot of pomp and circumstance. I mean you know. And if he had done it This past Monday right. After you know what just got you know would have fallen behind a lot of other storylines and so he wanted to be he big he wants to. You know to everybody to be on their last breath You know anticipate of anticipation and and he's going to give them that. It's going to do a big show like he. He does for a lot of things. Well there's the prediction. Everybody have a great Saturday. Have the best Saturday of all time. Oh so let's do real quick. You pick the saints Bills Texans I like Texans me too. I've said on the side. I WanNa hang over several times. They're going to the title Game Patriots. Titans Titans Patriot. You're not going to be one of the people that take the titans no not this weekend. I agree I'll take the pass to We both took the saints at home over the Viking checking seahawks Eagles seahawks are too strong for especially what I saw. Sunday night You know I think they should have won that game against San Francisco You you know they They gave that could have gone either way. Whoever had the ball last and it was an inch or two that they didn't You know Get in there but No I don't think the eagles can hang. You know. The seahawks are not cowboys or the giants or the redskins that you know Got Ahead of them and then let the Eagles Eagles back in the will actually Dallas never got ahead but you know but the point is You know the seahawks are not GonNa let these guys Survive and you know e Phillies Phillies phillies harden like we said they're missing their receivers and some corners and they're running back's going to play after all he's so yeah I mean you know it it Seattle is that you know then It's going to be a weird Playoff run for for everyone else. I like Mile Sanders. It is I have we. We started a dynasty league with some family and friends. And I've got miles there. I also have Russell Wilson there the other guy they got now Scott or whatever Scott Hall of Famer. Oh yeah he's just like you know. Wow where did they find this guy. I mean you know he He reminds me of Darren sproles. Yeah but You know he's so he's a keeper. I mean you know he certainly did a good job. This past weekend to On the subject of Dynasty League and WHO. I have also have Russell Wilson I've said before Kurt Warner for is my all time. Favorite Non Cowboy Russell really make an charge for that and I All every cowboys fans rooting hard for Russell. You know what I mean. Just yeah go go get rid of these dudes as you know. Yeah we'll have a great Sunday night of of Seattle can put Fairly out of their misery and again you know. I don't think it's going to take much. I think if Seattle Saddle just plays their average game the they should you know they should be able to prevail. I know I keep saying lasting. This really really is the last thing because we won't have you on. Tell all the Super Bowl Post game show. Who Do you hope the two super bowl teams are and who do you? Hope wins it as a cowboys fan. Just as somebody who wants to watch something cool well well you know from the AFC side. I I don't have to think much about it. I like Baltimore like sheriff done this year. I like their coach. A Lot John Harbaugh I like what What Lamar's doing Mark Jackson? Nobody has found an answer to the Mars in our club. He's in Ocho. Yeah exactly and so you know I mean I think that you know they're they're pretty much on a on a strong run to the super bowl so I think they're going to represent the AFC You know the chiefs might give them a little bit of trouble but I think think they'll prevail on the NFC side I really think it's GonNa come down to this. What are we saw this past Sunday night all? NFC West match yeah Frisco and Seattle those are the two teams that I like I think Green Bay again like we talked. Last time I was here. They struggled with Detroit. Oy they struggled with Chicago. They struggled with us. They struggle with everybody now. They've found a way to win. But you know again Frisco and Seattle or not going to be on when they played Frisco school at the time we were in Boston that night we watched the game you know. They got clobbered. So you know I. I don't see I think Green Bay all you know maybe when I don't well it depends where they play that They may not even survive the divisional. Now I think Green Bay is a little bit of a paper Tiger but planet lambeau helps Who who is it? Then I guess there I think on a rematch. I really think that Seattle will beat San Francisco. It'll they won the game at Frisco Scott and this title game would be there. Yeah so I think they prevail. I think you know they They're very strong and they know Frisco very well so I would say it's associated versus Baltimore. Baltimore wins well if Seattle Versus Baltimore in Baltimore wins for your prediction to happen. Seattle Seattle would obviously have to win and so would minnesota because if Seattle would go to San Francisco in the divisional round not the NFC title. Game I'm not saying that it has to play that way out. Okay I got you saying that. You know Seattle San Francisco will happen is what you're saying. Thank some point. Yeah Yeah I like that I I would love to see seahawks ravens I probably would. I mean that's one of those like I don't care who wins type thing you're Batman so either I wouldn't care but I just you know Baltimore. Nobody has an answer for him right now. I think what were the off season. There will be an answer for him. I think next year you'll you'll see a lot of stunts a lot of different You know stuff that Defensive coordinators will have a chance to put together but You know I don't see it happening before super bowl well well and if it is Baltimore Seattle not to get too far ahead of ourselves. We've talked about it. Those are two of the cowboys. Eight road trips next season. We've talked those. Those two could be the ones we takes as we go be seeing the ball teams pretty cool. Yeah absolutely Emerald City and the charm city. I think is Baltimore. I could be wrong. I don't I don't I don't know what they're you know. They're sitting names. We'll get some crafts. We'll get some crafts okay. That was good discussion. Okay everybody have a great Saturday. Thanks extra stopping by Dude. Have a great rest of your weekend and everybody have the best weekend of all time you know why because you deserve this so with all that being said assuming Yana my friends always go cowboys. And peace out in

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