JONBENT: Business Grudges


Here's a photograph labeled twenty three twelve and just for cameras Brunson graph of real maisy found the scene and the something the kind of caught our attention from the standpoint of work on this and take a look at that. That's weird well ready note in three phases one. who was a guy from I? I was hard. What you have just heard is part of a police interview? You conducted by Jonbenet's father John Ramsey and lead detective loose-knit in the late nineties. They were discussing. A defaced photograph of John Found after after jonbenet's murder a photograph in which he was accepting a Boulder Colorado entreprenuer of distinction award could. His daughter's killer had been motivated by a business. Scratch where was it was found in the house. I'm not sure of the exact locations of morning you know you. Oh I'm sorry to say was found in the house residence. What are you seeing? That picture of Sir. Have you ever seen her before the tow have. Can you describe the writing. Looks a copy of Theresa's border kind well L.. I mean this was a very nice events a nice war. It wasn't a big deal for me. I don't even know we stayed in stuff as as bizarre away from you. It just shows a heart Lucia quite figure out with his face. Usually I think we the after picture. Well I think that you like but it's written munger futures. Well yeah most picture. This is John Ramsey well. I subscribed John Douglas's theory John. Douglas it is the fellow that set up the FBI. Crime profiling program is probably the world's expert in that field. He looked at our case and came back and said this was not about Jon. Benet this was against you John. Some of these either really ambridge you were Joseph. You in wanted hurt. You welcome to episode six of the killing of Jon. Benet the final suspects. I'm your host. I Danielle Robea. We've put together a new team of investigators led by season reporter. Doug Lunn Jeanie and Jon benet expert Jameson to track down. A list of ten suspects led by Detective Smith before he died and possibly finally solve a murder that has baffled the world since one thousand nine hundred sex in this episode. We're on the trail of two men. Both with professional grudges against John Ramsey. I can imagine I read anybody money. That angry I mean it's unbelievable. He saw you may not even known. They made his to be observed you've from afar. We were in the paper. The couple of weeks before Christmas Our company's name was achieving sales. School that we were proud of you know they had my. I don't picture with Ed. My Name's early in Edo so it was so boring for me to to think that this was because of something I'd done or said or how I treated someone. But he said you may not even know higgins competitor. That is Su- survive. 'cause we did well that's that's possible I don't know that would have been Jon. Benet was found dead in the cellar of the Ramsey home on the day after Christmas. Nineteen Ninety six. Initially John and Patsy Ramsey believe their daughter had been kidnapped after patsy woke to find a long ransom note on the staircase. The note had a very specific demand for money. Here's Doug Lumbini. You Know Jameson. The ransom note says quote. You will withdraw hundred eighteen thousand dollars from your account. Then it goes on to describe the what types of bills the hundred and eighteen thousand is but one hundred and eighteen. Thousand is a pretty odd number and I understand it. John Ramsey during nineteen ninety six earlier nineteen ninety-six had gotten roughly that amount as a a bonus for his work that excess graphics through Laki. That had a seem pretty suspicious to the police. I I really don't understand. And why because if I had just had a party and advertised world had new story saying business had passed a billion with a B. A billion dollars in sales that year are people in my community. Knew I was rich and he was. He had over seven million dollars. I would not pick a silly amount. Like one hundred and eight hundred thousand dollars for ransom. I would wanNA tell the world. My daughters were a million or a true. I thought that the amount being one hundred in eighteen thousand made it look like a bogus ransom knelt and his fire is that amount is concerned to begin with. We don't know for sure sure that that's where the hundred thousand on from. Maybe it's a guy's house number or is electric building a month. We don't know for sure what it was but Hello John Ramsey bonus in February. I leave in eighteen nineties. One hundred and eight hundred thousand one hundred seventeen dollars and fifty cents. It was listed on every pay stub for me up until the time of the murder and John Ramsey. Their house was kind of cluttered. Anybody wanted creepy. Be Crawling in that house and go look around information on the RAMSEYS spending it. I think most people would look at amount for a bonus as being almost insulting. People are struggling to get by and he bonus of that and I think our person saw and was angered by it and when he wrote this August note because the head waste time before they got home. Instead of did I think that when he picked reince momentum. It was a stab at John Ramsey. As John Ramsey you could not even stay here daughters length but the cost of board bonus I think it was a slap in the face never to intended via ransom but just slap in takes in every night. Local police departments across America received hundreds of calls from burglar alarms the vast majority of the time. They have no idea whether the alarm arm Israel all the alarm company can tell them is the motion sensor went off simplisafe. 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That was the idea that this which well well we were doing that. I didn't want that attention. Basically just got hang with. Someone is tweet. Don't do what was wrong. The attention business doesn't bother you this buying find your these aren't we had maybe one talker Lizzie is useful to your. It's I was. I'm not that usually Rosolino life that kind of person that went to be a person and I felt it was being boastful. It was it for you personally. Attention or your hair. Nothing in particular but I just was starting. We were starting to be more visible and Every time we listen I go get sued. You're becoming a bigger target. For whoever wanted they charge unless midst final list of ten suspects. There are two names that stand out. As having business related grudges against John Ramsey. One of those people is a man who's own computer software company had gone under due to the competition from access graphics. He also had some very disturbing accusations made against him him in the years following. Jon Benet Murder Doug Long Jeanie and Jameson sat down with John Ramsey and detective Smith case file to discuss his possible motives. Unfortunately one of the suspects discussed has never been publicly named the Jon Benet murder case and for legal reasons we have had to remove his name from the episode episode. One of the guys that is guiding says here now just had a known grudge against the ramseys due to being put out of business by John Ramsey K. He then working for a software company. Maybe even in win your business came into town plus That would be the motive. I could not see in loose files that anything had been done as far as handwriting fingerprints. Or anything like that. We need to explain the loose spreadsheet has names and then has kyle's a rose for alibi what would it be tested. Nothing was done on this man Deaths the reason why he's on my list because he was he just looks like a person they had the background in every from tippy it was a quote competitor at the very least we need to try and talk to the suspect who appeared on loose mitts original possible suspects list. Monteiro has a lead on his whereabouts and tries to call him. We've disguised the voice in the call for legal reasons world. You're working on a story on a Jon Benet Ramsey. Well we're working with a bunch of investigators and at one point they were looking at you for having a possibly being involved with that case worker. Okay well what happens is sometimes windy. Windy a high profile crime. You get a lot of people that start calling in tips and they start turning people in and I guess at some point someone had called up and in Accused you of Molesting a kid. So that's how your name came up on the radar screen with these cops and investigators while you then situations like this. You always gotta go straight to the Horse's mouth so I figured you know what I call you up and I'll talk to you and see what's going going on I mean. Have you ever been accused Molester. Somebody Margareta answered talker relevant digital. Well look you gotTA figure out not as to why your name POPs up on investigators files for the Jon Benet Ramsey case royer. I accused of molesting my children and then an agency to look into it. Ghana rated me including records so social service mortgage into it and my children lived with me and he subsequently come out that they were both coached. They remember being coached whether mother Tom Curb. Freakish wise and okay Purdham over all right. And then everything went through the the county court and there's papers air indicating that it's These if these were false allegations correct they as much as I love researching and talking to you all about true crime. Even then I need a break sometimes when I need to unwind and refocus. 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That's friends without the best teams in the years before Jonbenet was murdered John as CEO and president of access graphics fired. One of his employees named Sandra Henderson after a financial scandal. Here's former boulder resident. Michael Kish who was friendly with Sandra Henderson's ex husband. Bud Sandra who was a heavy duty major league. Petty Embezzler was suspect and her boyfriend and then apparently sheep. You fingered her former husband Bud and but a new pretty well. I knew both of them through a a Conservation Charitable Group in town and. She had taken taking money from that group. This well I was on the board of that group when she embezzled from it and she's jail at one. Oh that was after. I knew her eventually eventually. She got caught where she went to jail. Here's reporter and Utilit- so Sandra was operations manager of Henderson Tech back which was ordering equipment from access graphics. She was in charge of paying the bills and keeping the books bicycling and then in Nineteen ninety-one access Sydney placed a credit hold Henderson technology. After they had discovered they were owed one hundred forty five thousand dollars in unpaid invoices but Henderson claimed to have been completely ignorant of the unpaid money and when he was shown a promissory note with his signature on it he said that wife Sandra must have forged his signature. So this is where it gets. It's a bit financially technical. But in brief the Hendersons owed access graphics hundred forty five thousand dollars but Henderson say's Sandra agreed to pay off the debt then defaulted after a single payment. After it was discovered that she had tried to alter the Henderson tech account at access graphics to delete the outstanding balance. John Ramsey Ramsey fired her access for one hundred thousand dollars from the company that under them and the balance of forty thousand dollars was supposed to be paid by bird. Sandra Henderson only paid four thousand thousand dollars and then nine hundred ninety five they divorced and the remaining thirty six thousand dollars were split between them. Eighteen thousand dollars each the whole thing was very messy messy but in a nutshell. I think Sandra despite being very clearly in the wrong phobic John Ramsey heads in some way ruined her life. Our team put put that question to John Ramsey. Well one of the untold important things to look for a motive in any killing and this one person worked for my company was caught embezzling fair amount of money and we terminated her she eventually might understanding was was onto another company did the same thing and then was put in prison so we thought well there's a a motive for a relative husband angry whomever got her put in prison and so there was some interest in siblings. Assembling 's one sibling left town fairly quickly after the murder went to France and stayed to monitor two years. That's pretty bizarre coincidental. Yeah maybe but circumstantially it OUGHTA raise red flags. which did rush the next time on the killing of Jon Benet the final suspects so I started looking around and when the ransom note came out I started picking up little pieces of paper that had his writing on there and I started to put a little book together and I convinced myself that he wrote the ransom note? So that freaked me out. I I sent off some letters. All the other people to see if they could analyze the handwriting for free but You know that kind of backfired on me they. They are go maybe I was. There's a killer. They looked at my handwriting. It said all he could have written ransom note in the killing of Jon Benet. The final suspects is hosted by me. Danielle Rowe Bay executive produced by Dylan Howard and Matt sprouts. And is a production of broaden water studios and endeavor audio executive producers also include. Tom Freestone Doug Lunn Guinea. Susan is in Bennett James Robertson. Andy Tillett the series is written by Dominic gutten reporting by Doug Montero the series is mixed and engineered by Sean Crave of it and Sam Ada. There is so much more to this story. And you don't WanNa Miss Anything I can assure you. Subscribe to the killing of Jon Benet. The final suspects were ever. Are you get podcasts. If you have information that could help investigators and the ramseys identify jonbenet's killer. Please email us at tips at justice for Jon. BENET DOT COM.

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